Small cock twink gay porn videos first time I had just ended up with

Small cock twink gay porn videos first time I had just ended up with
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CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: Andy Williams; (AkA GOD NAME Orgasnick): A 18 year old soccer player with shaggy dirty dark blonde hair He has crystal blue colored eyes. Andy also has a pretty boy face. His body is completely smooth except for very light amounts of hair on his legs and arms. He also has a nicely trimed area of pubes that match his naturally dark blonde hair color. To couple this he has a 2 2/3 inches wide penis with a length of 6 1/2 inches soft.

When fully hard his penis is 3 inches wide and 8 in length. He has a NICELY DEFINED BODY!!! Which includes a nice 6 pack of abs and a outee belly button. Amazlingly defined legs and arms he has as well. He wears a shoe size 10. He is very extremely popular especially with the girls. He is a real player with lots of swagger. His race would be white but with a nice medium tan.

Nicolas Morales: He is 5"8" in height and dam FINE!!!!! He is Spanish and Caucasian mixed. With his dad having been born in Madrid, Spain. His dad had two fully Spainish parents. His dad immigrated to the U.S.A at 24 years old and met his mother. Nicolas' mother was born in Kansas. Interestingly enough both of her parents are southern and Caucasian. He is 19 years old and has a nice muscular frame with built arms, legs and calfs.


He has a six pack of abs that are clearly defined!!! He also has v shape muscle grove across his waist.

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His nipples are dark purple and notNicolas Morales: He is 5"8" in height and dam FINE!!!!! He is Spanish and Caucasian mixed. With his dad having been born in Madrid, Spain. His dad had two fully Spainish parents. His dad immigrated to the U.S.A at 24 years old and met his mother. Nicolas' mother was born in Kansas. Interestingly enough both of her parents are southern and Caucasian. He is 19 years old and has a nice muscular frame with built arms, legs and calfs.

He has a six pack of abs that are clearly defined!!! He also has v shape muscle grove across his waist. His nipples are dark purple and not ones. He also has exactly twelve chest hairs that match the color of his hair. All these chest hairs are located on his upper chest in the center. Nicolas has an inne belly button. His face is gorgeous he could easily have been a model.

Combining pretty boy looks with rough rustic looks. Nicolas doesn't look very Spainish but if you saw him you would know he was mixed with something. He doesn't have extremly heavy hispanic looks but some defined hispanic look to him. He has a very dark olive skin tone.

Nicolas has shaggy hair almost covering his eyes. His hair itself is very wavy black naturally. With what is called a cow lick in the front of his hair right above his right eye.

He has low medium heing a dark sea blue. Also he has no side burn or facial hair because he shaves it off regularly almost daily. In terms of personality he is a Nicolas Morales: He is 5"8" in height and dam FINE!!!!! He is Spanish and Caucasian mixed.

With his dad having been born in Madrid, Spain. His dad had two fully Spainish parents. His dad immigrated to the U.S.A at 24 years old and met his mother. Nicolas' mother was born in Kansas. Interestingly enough both of her parents are southern and Caucasian.

He is 19 years old and has a nice muscular frame with built arms, legs and calfs. He has a six pack of abs that are clearly defined!!! He also has v shape muscle grove across his waist. His nipples are dark purple and not ones. He also has exactly twelve chest hairs that match the color of his hair. All these chest hairs are located on his upper chest in the center.

Nicolas has an inne belly button. His face is gorgeous he could easily have been a model. Combining pretty boy looks with rough rustic looks. Nicolas doesn't look very Spainish but if you saw him you would know he was mixed with something. He doesn't have extremly heavy hispanic looks but some defined hispanic look to him.

He has a very dark olive skin tone. Nicolas has shaggy hair almost covering his eyes. His hair itself is very wavy black naturally. With what is called a cow lick in the front of his hair right above his right eye. He has low medium heing a dark sea blue. Also he has no side burn or facial hair because he shaves it off regularly almost daily. In terms of personality he is a major horn dog. Having screwed tons and tons of chicks. He does at the momment have a steady girlfriend to which he has been faithful so far.

Which isn't saying to much because they have only been going out for 6 months. Giving him credit though its the longest he has been faithful to anyone. Nicolas' girlfriend is Sarah Jenkins. However besides his ocassional nice, sweet guy, charming moments; he can be a cruel, heartless ass hole. Sometimes even down right vicious. Besides he is way cocky beyond belief. Of course it comes with his beyond amazing looks and experienced sexual bed side manner.

Powers: (UNLIMITED POWERS THEY CAN DO ANYTHING) EXCEPT: Make people fall out of love, make people dislike each other, murder any person or living creature also they can't over power any Gods or Goddeses that out rank them.

This type of rule goes for Andy who can't over power his father with his powerful abilitites not even if he tried. It just wouldn't be possible. The day after my trip to Cortle beach I decided to undue the pregnacy of Taylor.

When Taylor woke up an hour from when I got up she was no longer pregnant. Ironically though she and Matt ended up hooking up again and started dating. Interestingly that wasn't my intention but I was glad with the outcome.

I just thought to myself it was kinda boarder line fucked up since she was a girl. To give her that pregnancy However nothing would compare to third person I ended up blissing. Nicolas was dam sexy!!! With a gorgeous toned body and a perfected sex drive for sure. A pretty face worthy of being a model deffinately. However with that said Nicolas could be an ASSHOLE OR JUST PLAIN MALICiOUS SOMETIMES. Take for instance how I encountered him. I was walking past Nicolas' house. I was invisible and naked as always now lol.

Looking for my third bliss target I saw Nicolas. Nicolas was getting ready to get into his suv. When his next door neighbor's dog named Diva ran up to him and jumped on him and started licking his face. She is one of the most sweet affectionate dogs. Everybody in this neighborhood loves this dog. Diva was owned by the Petersons who themselves were nice and kind people. The dog was a female pure bread german sheppard age 3 1/2 yrs old.

Well when Diva jumped on Nicolas and started licking him he was still standing up. Diva didn't even knock him down or anything like that. Nevertheless Nicolas raised his right hand and back handed Diva in the face twice. All the time yelling STUPID MUTT!!!!!!!!

Then he started to kick her 3 times. Then it was all over. My urge to love fighting was just about to land me into knocking his ass out. From reading his mind he was more then just cruel to animals. He was vicious and had hatred for them. Usually there is something that happened psychologically that caused anger and hate to occur towards animals around you.

However nothing negative ever happened to him bad with animals. He treated them cruely simply because he felt they were weak and stupid and felt he was better. I thought to myself as I laughed I think I have just the idea to bliss this mother fucker good ha ha ha. The next day at 8:32AM 5/14/2011 exactly 3 days after the Cortle beach incident.

He would be the third person I blissed. I arrived invisible after flying to his home. I also made my wings stay invisible and become transparent. This Saturday morning was very very hot as I peered into Nicolas's bedroom window. He was shirtless in black pajama pants I walked threw his bedroom wall. Once I got inside I opened his bedroom window. I then controled Diva's mind to jump threw the window.

Which the dog did. Normally Diva would be licking me all over showing affection. At this point though I was in complete control of her mind. If you want to know where Diva's consciouness was to be point blank I had it basically sleeping in a wonderful doggy dream. It wasn't like Diva was awake and aware of what was going on scared that she couldn't control her body. So it was kind to do to her for I would need her as a vessle.

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I pointed my finger at his bedroom lights and they turned on. I made Diva lie down flat on the floor. Then I made Nicolas's black pajama pants disappear as well as his black briefs. Nicolas had a nice bed I had to say and I nicely furnished bedroom. Let alone it was a pretty big room too. His bed was agalnst I wall at the end of his room. His head had a bed board and a foot board. He had a full sized mattress. Covered in all dark navy blue sheets and same colored blanket; white pillow cases.

As he was lying flat on his bed with his head on his pillow completely naked I made my next move. I made Diva jump on the standing all fours. Her but was in front of his feet only 17 inches away from them. Next with Nicolas in a deep como like mind control sleep he sat up. Eyes closed he put both of his hands on the top of Diva's hips. Right now he was sitting up on his knees with his feet pointing to the ceiling legs flat on the bed.

His face was facing the end of his bed. Next I decided to take a more hands on aproach. I went over to Nicolas and opened his mouth with my hands and pulled out his tongue. With his tongue in my hand I grew it to 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. At the same time personalizing him for fun I made it turn more pinker 5 shades lighter then his orginal red tongue color. Looking at it I smiled at his pink lemonade colorer tongue.

Then made his tongue stand staight out as I used my left hand go behind Nicolas's head. I gently and slowly pushed his head lover. He was know hunched down as I slowly pushed his head to Diva's vagina. Until his entire tongue was inside dis bitch. Her tail rested to the side of his face. Diva still on all fours just stood there. Now comes the fun I laughed out loud histerically to see this ass guy proped for oral with this dog.

Still completely invisible and transparent I sat on a chair 5 ft away from the foot of his bed but at a slant to the left so I had 100% view of what was going on. He wouldn't see me or even know I was there. Last thing I did is I adjusted things in microscopic lengths inside his mouth so that he could fit his tongue inside his mouth confortable and speak with no slurring at all.

Not that he would be doing that now. For when he wakes he wouldn't be able to move his hand off Diva's hips. His face or tongue would be unmovable. Those 3 things would be able to change he would be stuck in that position. Yes he could try to sit up or stand up if he wanted. It would be hard though having to support your face and tongue deep deep on her vagina and having to support her with your hands on her hips.

Now with all said and done I said aloud time for the fireworks to begin. I was completely in control of all Diva's actions which for the most part would just appear to him or anybody would be dog like minus the oral situation. Slowly I made Nicolas's awake naturally from his sleep. His eyes lightly grazed open. He felt the nastiest taste in his mouth and felt bodily out of place.

He quickly opened his eyes. Nicolas's eyes bulged out of his head. When he saw hands on Diva's hips his face practically glued to her vagina. Then his yes widened more he felt his tongue all the way inside her. He made a loud inaudible sounding noises.

Well because his tongue was inside her it sounded inaudible but I knew everything he was saying thinking and feeling. He tryed to push his hand off her but. He was stuck like his hand were super glued to Diva's upper hips. He look confused as he tried again and again and again. At the same time trying to move his head away from her vagina. Everytime he did he saw in was futile.

Then after 7 trys of doing both these things he decided to at least trying to remove his tongue.


However he noticed something he didjn't first realize not only was ENTIRE TONGUE INSIDE DIVA BUT HIS LIPS WERE TIGHTLY SEALED AROUND HER VAGINA!!!!!!

Basically let's say somebody tried to grab his tongue out her they COULDN'T. His lips were like glued sealing entrance to her vagina but anything else but his mouth and tongue. He tried to move his tongue back inside his mouth but he would even budge. Like it wasn't even part of his body. He could feel it and taste the HORRIBLE TASTE OF DIVA BUT HE COULDN'T MOVE IT. Then confusion was replaced and anger showed in his face instead pure RAGE!!!!!! He muscled up all his strenth and stood straight up on his bed only to find his hands didn't move from Diva's upper hips.

Diva this whole time had her tongue out breathing a little more heavily then usual. His lips and the skin surrounding his lips pulled down from having gravity pull down on Diva. He tried with ALL HIS STRENGTH to pull his head back and try to rip what he felt was like his super glued lips off of her vagina.

He was creaming muffled screams inside her vagina. As each attempt failed. You could see straining his arms muscles were going threw seeing many of the veins being made invisble by a darker color. After 15 minutes he gave up and went back to the same positioned I put him in before I woke him up.

He had to rest he couldn't take the strain of holding Diva's weight up as well as the pain he felt trying to pull his lips off her. It felt like even if could even budge his super glued lips that he would rip off parts of his skin and lips themselves.

At this point back in the same exact position as I put his body in the first place he just stayed still. His mind was wild with ANGER HIS FACE LOOKED SCARY THEN DEATH SPECIALLY HIS EYES!!!!!

Inside his head he was trying to figure out how the fuck this happened? And WHY THE FUCK HE COULD GET HIMSELF FREE OF THIS SITUATION. He tried to think of some rational explaination. He couldn't of course though. Not being able to understand how somebody could have proped him up in this position and positioned his hand and head while he was sleeping and super glued his lips and hands like this without him waking up.

Never mind the fact how could anybody get inside his house. All the windows are locked and his parents lock the door everyday the leave for work. Even more odd then anything he thought to himself this could not be glue cuz he didn't feel any glue on the palm of his hands or lips.

THE MOST UNEXPLAINABLE WAS THAT HIS TONGUE FELT HUGE AND IT DIDN'T FELT DEFORMED. Plus a million more unexplainable things raced threw his head. Then I felt phase three should begin. While he was LOUDLY cursing inaudible curse words inside Diva. With his train of thought being angry with her and wanting to beat the crap out of her when or if.

he gets free. I transfered myself into Diva's body. My invisble transparent naked body continued to sit on the navy blue chair ft away from the footboard.

However I was now inside Diva's body. It felt so weird to be a dog. The shape felt so strange to me. Now I thought to myself enough of this tongue not moving shit. Slowly his tongue started entering mouth. This made him very happy but more freaked out that he wasn't controling it!!! He wasn't happy at all when his tongue didn't go all the way back in his mouth. Instead 4 inches was left inside my vagina. Then I made his tongue start fucking me. Lightly lightly licking my vaginal [email protected] tried to control his tongue but fortunately it was in my control.

He was about to stand up again desperate to try anything to stop this even though he knew it wouldn't work. However the split second he decided he wanted to stand I paralized his body.

He was now stuck on his knees feet facing the ceiling with his body hunched over with his hands on my upper hips. He was screaming FUROUS NOISES AT THIS POINT THEY REALLY WERE NONSENSE WORDS. Words with no meaning. I stayed completely still and started making barks of pleasure and began to breath heavily. Now I made him get into it. I made him eat me out the exact same way and routine he gives her girlfriend.

With passion and a drive to please. He body would go threw all the same motions but his mind would hate every minute of it. His heading started nodding pushing furth and further against my. Skin and his hands clutching me. He started tongueing me out more and more intensely.

He was furious screaming curse words. Laughing on the inside I thought to myself while his body is picking up pace GREAT!!!!! His whole body started started moving to the grooves of his head. His lips stopped all of a sudden being like super glued to seal my pussy and his hands were now able to grip and move around my upper hips. However I was controling his body and he wasn't going no where He gripped my hips tighter as his head was dipping in and out of me.

BARKING AND BARKING I WAS. AS ALL 7 INCHES OF TONGUE AND 3 INCHES WIDE SHOT INTO MY VAGINA. He twisted his tongue and went into a circle all up in my vagina. Sending pleasurable waves threw my body. It felt so amazing having a vagina. In some way was better then having a penis. It felt strange though at the same time specially being a dog.

Also though really kinky I laughed to myself. He was really going at me sloping up juices at the same time every move he was making I made him to just as if I was a human girl he was messing with. He was sucking up my pussy like dis dude had found love he was an animal in a good way. Dam he was going at it Like he wanted to swallow my entire vagina. Then slowed down and played tricks slowly moving the top of his tongue back and forth on the most sensitive spot of the vagina.

I was breathing heaving ass hell. In pure ecstacy I let out a loud howl!!!! In 2 minutes I would be cumming. I could have delayed it but I had even better plans.

Cum for him I was. I was going to force Diva's body to produce 1 gallon of cum. I made my vagina clamp down on his tongue so it couldn't move very much at all. Then I made his lips completely seal my vagina. There would be no wasting my cum. I also made him place his left hand on my upper hip. I made him grip it like crazy. Then I made him right hand go palm flat on my under side (stomache) right above vagina. I made his hand completely stuck in these spots.

Just in the same way his hands were stuck before. Only difference is they were now stuck gripping me tightly.

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Now one minute and 33 seconds left to go before explosion. I started humping at the air pulling his to head to bob back and forth with my motions since with his lips stuck while sealing my vagina it happened with no choice of course just simple force acting upon force.

While humping at the air I was humping his tongue getting myself all groved up on the inside with it. Then finally after 1 minute and 33 seconds of this I LET OUT A LOUD FURIOUS SOUNDING HOWL THAT WENT ON CONTINUOUSLY FOR 10 SECONDS. As I launched a non stop stream of my dog cum ito his mouth.

Right before I came the second before he knew based on the tighting I was about to. He started shaking his head right to left violently yelling inside my vagina NOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I then gave myself a beautiful voice. Sounding like somewhat ditzy but not very ditzy. Sounding like blonde sexy woman's voice.The voice sounded like somebody in there late twentys. As he yelled out no I yelled louder YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! AS I yelled I came with good force.

Cum shot out of me exactly like water out a garden hose at almost full strength. Shaking his head his mouth got filled up in 3 seconds. While I pumped my juices out with his right hand he felt my stomaching bobbing up and down. He felt my stomache pumping cum inside his mouth. He was pissed about everything that happened but above the nasty taste. It didn't taste at all human it tasted discusting and like Diva's cunt hand't been clean at all. Of course not she is a dog lol thought to myself. Finally at 4 seconds I stopped cuming all at once.

A full gallon of hadn't cum out of me yet. Just enough to fill his mouth. He wasn't swallowing. I said swallow it; be a dog. Lol he looked beyond pissed. He slowly noded his head left to right indicating a gesture of no. Then I said fine i'll help you I liftet my back leg up to a little above his nose. Then I clamped his nose inbetween two of my small toes.

I did this causing him not breath. In a sexual cruel sounding way I said when you swallow you can breath stud. His eyes squinted at of humiliation of utter defeat. He held out for 15 seconds before. In two big gulps he swallowed panting and screaming into my vagina pist as fuck. I then stopped pinching his nose and returned left leg down to the bed. I started empting the rest of my cum just as I did before. My stomache started pumping again. He just kept drinking it hating every momment his face looked beat from all this.

HE WAD DRENCHED IN SWEAT FROM ALL THIS AS HIS BODY GLISTENED IN THE LIGHT. He drank every drop once done I stopped pumping. He just sat there belly full of my doggy cum a look of defeat in his face. His brain wracked with wanting an explaination for what had just transpired here. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: German Shepard (Diva) Humanoid Morph: My body shape was that of a human female. Being 5"5" and 120 pounds. I was very cury and a nice butt and double dd sized perky breasts. I had human hands that were dark black and human feet that were dark black.

Excluding that though the rest of my body was covered in German Shepard fur that was 2 inches tall.

My head was was the exact head of Diva the dog. My finger nails and toe nails were painted bright red. My vagina was that of a dogs though. With his hands mouth and tongue still stuck to my body I wanted to really become creative. Yes this is creative but I wanted to become extradinary to him. I wanted to shock him even more then HE WAS ALREADY SHOCKED.

Yes I knew it could be possible I had to use more then just my imagination which had walked out pretty dam good so far. I had to be extradinary and so I was. I decided to change myself from plane old Diva the German Sheppar dog to. I guess to really be proper and do what I would say I became a just. I would have to say I became a German Sheppard Humanoid Morph. Diva Humanoid morph. My dog legs grew longer and layed down on the bed. They grew iinto human shapely curvy legs.

As well as my entory body morphed into the above description. Once I was don growing well. Let's just say Nicolas looked horrified. His hands stayed stuck to me as I grew as well as his lips and tongue. He felt the surrounding of his tongue tasted the same but with a more female humane shape inside. Because of the new form his was more or less wedged inbetween my legs.

Single my legs were flat but in the air held my waist and ablove up using my hands to prop me up. Still I faced the bed board directly. His arm was now overstrecthed to the near bottom of my leg still stuck.

His hand was over my belly button. I finally let him be unstuck from me and gave him full movement. He jumped up and stood 6ft away from the middle side of his bed. I sat at the edge of his bed with my legs crossed leans my arms behind my body. He yelled WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!!!! I WILL BEAT YOUR ASS!!!!! I said no you won't because If I can do what I just did to you you know I probably be capable of far worse.

He looked pissed anger just leeched out in his evil glare at me. With his lower lip biting his upper lip.

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He was holding back what he wanted to truthfully say and what he wanted to do. He said angrily what do you want and who are you more fucking importantly. I replied I am Diva the dog next door I have the power to manipulate things though. A witch put a spell on me long ago giving me some powers as well as intelligence equal to all human beings. Even your smartest scienctist. Of course none of this was true but fun to fuck with him I wanted him to still believe I was a female.

If I told him who I really was it just wouldn't make things as enjoyable at least not in this situation. I told him your are fucking hot and I had to have you going at the. This was the only way specially since you hated me.

As I was explaining all this he was spitting on the ground the taste of my cum. Then wiping it away his face with his right arm. Then he said look that was discusting ok!!!! YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED NOW LEAVE.I said not yet but we will be soon. You can't tell me you didn't get turned on a little. INSIDE HIS HEAD HALF WAY INTO EATING HER OUT I made his mind like it a little. However he refused to admit it of course.

Saying back to me HELL FUCKING NO. Now please get away from me ok you said don't threaten so I'm being nice I'm sorry I beat you. Ok I have learned my leason. I countered not yet not even close but you will. Don't move I said to him. He froze completely facing me. I got up from the edge of the bed walked up to his face and said I want to modify you a little. He responded WHAT THE FUCK? LET ME MOVE NOW BITCH!!!!! I made him unable to speak I shut off his vocal cords.

His lips moved but nothing came out. I said you know why your tongue feels funny. He shook his head gesturing no. I said stick out your tongue out popped his tongue. For the first time he saw it was light pink. Also it looked farmiliar it was a dogs tongue. Then I made him put it back in his mouth. Then I said to him your a real dog Nicolas in every sense of the word. You are cruel to all animals and always have been.

Just because you feel we are weak and stupid. Besides that your a real dog when it comes to woman or cheating never staying faithful. Yes you are truely a dog but. YOUR PERSONAILITY IS SO STRONG YOU DESERVE GREAT POWERFUL SEX. JUST BASED ON YOUR FUCKING HOT LOOKS AND HOW YOUR ARE A BEAST IN THE BEDROOM SO JUST THIS ONCE LET'S OBLIGE YOU.

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I laughed sexy. With that I made him stay in place but hover in the air. His feet were now 6 inches off the ground. Well don't look to worried I giggled sexily again. The changes I will make won't be as extensive as me I promise you that. Your are way to hot to be this. He looked a little relieved when I said that but not much. He penis slowly started vibrating as hard as a cell phone his balls too.

They were both vibrating in unison when ZOOP!! It started shrinking slowly by half and inch as did his scrotum till POOF!!!! It was gone. His eyes became as wide as saucers.

Then I cmade him close his eyes. As I ran my hand over his stomache. As I did so grew his new Great Dane penis. I rubbed his stomache for a few seconds as all his dog reproductive organs fell in place. His human reproductive organs disappeared. 10 seconds later after I started rubbing his stomache all was was complete. I let him stop hovering in mid air. Nicolas roughly landed on his feet wth a noise acompanying the landing.I let him be able to open his eyes.

He looked down and saw a hole. This hole was a circle 2 inches across and the hole itself was 2 1/2 inches under his outee belly button. This hole also was an entrance into his body some how. Right below the bottom of the hole layed to descent sized testicals. They didn't sag as a human males would. They were positioned firmly to him. His Great Dane penis which was inside its sheath (still inside his body) looked like the following.

It was 11 inches long and at the base 3 1/2 inches wide. With the width at the top being 2 2/3 inches wide. The shape was a bulbous shape all the way around. His dog penis was a light pink in color. The head was flat at the top in a triangular shape point upwards.They were light light pink in color with dark blue veins showing prominently. He rubbed his right hand over the hole and said WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME!!!!!! He shoot his head and locked at me.

I said if I compared you to a dog Nicolas you would be compared to a great dane. That is the kind of penis you have right now I laughed. He said awwww FUCK ARE YOU FOR REAL!!!!! Fuck! With elbows up he rested his hands on the back of his head shaking his head in utter frustration. I said look Nicolas you have a dog penis so let's fuck. Sounding very logiacally I stated. I'm dog like and you have dog parts it would make sense. In a wise as smirking attitude he said you think I would fuck you.

He started laughing. Nicolas said you are nuts I wouldn't touch you. He continued you are a fucking mut a piece of shit animal. I don't care what you do to me for saying this but I'm not doing shit to you!!!!!!!!

You are fucking discusting I don't know what you are I don't care.

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I JUST WANT ME REAL DICK BACK!!!!! That is all I want from you and to leave me alone. I promise in return I will leave you alone that sounds like a fair trade. NICOLAS SAID SO WHAT YOU SAY?!! I said laughing no I don't think so. You want to treat people and animals like dogs let's make you one. With that said I snapped my hands. After I snapped my fingers I stuck my but in the air. I was Ready for him to begin doggy style and again no pun intended. We were now in his back yard in the grass.

He was chained up to a dog house that was big enough for him to fit in it. The chain went around his Black collar. The collar itself was tight as hell.

Dangaling from his color was. and I.D. tage that read Nicolas. With my but bent over he smelled I was in heat. At the moment he was completely nude. I put his mind into not realizing he was Nicolas. He right now thought he was a dog. He saw his body looked human but of course having a dog brain felt he was canine.At the moment I made him have an itch on his head.

Which like a dog would with there hind legs began to scratch it. When he stoped and looked up to glance at me. His eyes were as wide as saucers. He licked his upper lips and kness to the ground walked on all four over to me. Out of his sheath opped his penis as he positioned himself to enter me doggy style.

His penis felt amazing so great. Inch by inch his dog penis entered me. Nicolas gave a light woof as he reached 6 inches inside me. He used his right foot for grip. Pushing that foot against the ground to push foward. Lol I made sure to make my pussy very very tight for him to enter. Finally he was full inside me and I made shocks of electrical pleasure shoot up from his penis up to his head.

He was on another level of esctacy. When he started slowing humping me I could feel his muscles against my upper butt and lower back. He put his hands on top of my back. Arms layed straight across my back they rested there. In the mean time. Still trying to get use to the sensation of having a vagina let alone being this creature morph.

I started howling as he pumped faster and faster. I made my vagina not just tighten around his dic but mold to its shape and every crevice. When he pumped himself into me my vagina pulled at his dick as if try to suck it in. Upon the first time this happened he lost his balance a little not expecting it. It felt so good though he exclaimed it by barking up a storm. He kept going I could feel his stomache and abs pumping in and out in and out.

Then he started to knot. A small baseball size pocket of cum at the very base of his penis formed. It slowly traveled up as he was punding me like the beast I knew he was. I was moving across the ground he was pumping me so hard. Finally His baseball sized knot formed at the top of his penis which was inside me of course. He wasn't able to take his penis all the way out and jam it all the way back in at this point.

This left him lightly pushing into me as far out and as far in as he could go. He dog his feet all the way into the ground for balance. Finally he gave one last loud HOWL!!!!!!!!! He came and so did I. I had my own doggy juices desgined to shot out of me. However the knot in his doggy dick prevented it from shooting out. However I was making him cum 2 gallons inside me and made his knot stretch out at the last minute to the size of four base balls. Right as he was cumming at the end of his howl I gave him back his human mind completely.

The ending of his howl went more like this. OWl!!.OOOO FUCKKKK!!!! WHAT THE FUCk!!!!! I laughed histerically an evil little laugh truely. However I had him shooting his cum out in a small jet stream only as big as his penis slit. So it would take 5 minutes for his penis knot to go down enough for him to be able to pull his penis out of me.

Until this occured we are stuck. Once he was done with those words he was moaning and groaning. He said what the fuck you sick fucking bitch. I prevented him in his mind from hiting me. Which this only made him more angry. He practically hoped backwards. Only to land on his butt since we were stuck together. I flew backwards too and landed on top of him with. His face on the ground and me faceing the other direction.

From the force of me falling on dtop his dick still attached we both let out a moan. His moan was louder of course. Then he pushed me off of sitting on his dick so we reverted back to the way we were before.

Nicolas with his knees to the ground and his dick still knotted inside my vagina. Me on me knees bent in front of him. He looked pissed and turned his head to the right.

With a cocky attitude he said why can't I pull the fuck out of you? Then he bit his upper lip when he was done saying that.

I explained a dogs penis knots itself and all this stuff and how long it will take. Shit after all he was still releasing jism in me. He looked down at my back and said that was fucked up. Then used his hands to feel he had a collar and was and turned around and saw that he was chained to a dog house. Not just that but chained in his backyard. Quickly he shot a glance to see if any neighbors were outside.

Little did he know I would put all this on a video tape and at every angle by using my Godly powers. Of course that's to be added to the story later. He had an equivalent of 1 coup of sperm left with that I decided to give him pure exstacy. He had one baseball size knot left of cum left in him. He would feel some what a painful amount of pressure from this. However However out of a bliss richter scale as I call it this would be a 16 out of 20.

His maind would be stimuted beyond the realm of ordinary humans. In 1 second he was going to shot that remaining knot of cum all in one squirt threw his oridnairy sized penis slit. He did as my powers comanded his body to do. And he did a mixture of moaning and YELPING.

With such a high powered burst that it even hurt me lol. And in 1 second in was over a few seconds later. He pulled out and collapsed on his back and passed out.


Drenched with sweat from head to toe and mud covered feet. He was soo drenched with sweet that his hair even was. It looked like he had just jumped inside a pool and just got out of it. It took me a few minutes to recover and I got up from my knees THERE WAS A HUGE BULGE IN MY STOMACHE WHERE ALL HIS CUM WAS INSIDE ME.

It was as was as hot as soup and it felt amazing. The ultimate tingle inside my stomache. I took my hand and pushed on it As***** the mixture of my cum and his cum flowed out of me. I just dumped it out of my vagina and I moaned uncontrolably. Once the ground was saturated I snapped and finger and we were back in his bedroom. Nicolas was now in his bed. I made him awake now.

His feet were still muddy and himself still soaked with sweat. I turned and looked right at Nicolas. I was standing at the bottom of his foot board. Dog fuck (Nicolas) was lying face up head resting on his pillow. He was lying flat on his back. Right hand cupping the head of his penis strongly. Nicolas who had a mixture of a shocked, discusted, and sexually satisfied look on his face.

Primarily though he looked exhausted and in utter disbelief. He glanced up at me TURNED TO SAY SOMETHING VERY MEAN TO ME LOL. However I shut off his vocal cords as his mouth moved with no words coming out ; I spoke. Before I spoke though I thought to myself I could just give Nicolas back his amazing human penis and let him remember this event.

With that said I would then depart. However fucking with Nicolas was. Well to be honest was an animal when it came to sex. Nicolas was a real beast no pun intened lol ha ha ha. With all do honesty he rocked sex matter of fact this dude owned it. I just wasn't ready to be done blissing him just yet. I said to him Nicolas you have been cruel to me and other animals. Here is your curse or blessing depending on how you look at it I snickered.

Whenever you see a female mammal (other then human of course) in heat your nose will pick up there bloody sent as if your nose was inside there snatch.

When this happens your male parts will change to that of the male species that would mate with that female species. If you do not mate with that animal. Well I laughed in the end you will become the male version of there species completely. Ergo you will become a animal.

You must not just mate with the animal you have adapted for. You will make love to them. The same you would a human female. Once your nose has picked up the heat signature you will have exactly 15 minutes to begin making love to them.

If you do not being making love with that anima within 15 minutes; I snickered. If you fail to do this Nicolas then exactly 1 second after 15 minutes you will become the male version of that species. Ergo you will become an animal PERMANENTLY!!!! Also upon first smelling scent of the animal in heat your clothes will disappear.

This includes socks, shoes, briefs even necklaces. Why? You might be asking to yourself. Well with your animalistic groin you need not wear clothes but need to exbrace your animal side. Once you are done makng love with the animal and cumming inside her seeding her. Well not long after you original penis will come back. Not your clothes though because you will remain true to your animalistic transformation. To make it easy for you cause I have no doubt you wouldn't making love to any animals giving it your all so to speak ha ha ha.

All you must do is make the first move whether it be pentration or whatever way you want to start. Once you have initiated the mating the curse will take over for you. You will be in no control like it or not. You are going to give it your all and then some. Last but not least this curse is not permanent.

Once you have reached enlightenment with this your curse will be over. I'm not going to tell you or what must happen to break this curse. You will have to figure that out as you go along.

Fucking her with her panties on

Then I made him fall alseep. I swapped back to my original body still sitting on the chair in his bedroom. I then made Diva jump out the window and gave her full control of her mind and body.

i also gave her no memories of what was done with her body. I made his body no longer sweating or muddy but just as clean as it was before. Basically I'm sure he would wake up feeling it was all just a crazy dream. Which he did naturally on his own I didn't use my powers to make him think this was a dream. What will be interesting I thought to myself is when he encounters his first animal in heat and finds out it wasn't just a dream.

Last thing I added back was his pubic hair. With that done everything was 100% back to the way it was before I arrived. Then I walked threw his walls and left him to wake up from sleep naturally on his own. Secretly excited about waiting for his curse to begin.TO BE CONTINUED.