Gorgeous Blonde Teen Best Friends Getting Banged Together

Gorgeous Blonde Teen Best Friends Getting Banged Together
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Angelique looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror hanging on the wall of her hotel room, as she prepared to finish dressing. She regarded her reflection intently, wearing only black hold-up stockings and patent leather high-heeled court shoes. Drawing her hands up to her breasts she teased her nipples with her fingertips until they hardened, then rubbed the gel into them that would freeze the flesh into place for a few hours, ensuring that her nipples would remain prominent for the rest of the evening.

After wiping her hands with a tissue, she let them stray to the pink folds around her vagina. Spreading her labia gently she slipped a finger in, and stroked her clitoris slowly until she began to feel herself moistening.

With a shiver of nervous anticipation she knew that right now, in a room on the other side of town, five men waited for her. Five men she had never met, but had been hand-picked for her, the selection criteria including their looks, their physique, their penis size and their sexual prowess.

Five men who, she knew, were waiting with a supply of lubricating gel and Viagra. Five men who would, in a few hours time be thrusting their cocks into every orifice of her body. Picking up her dress from the bed, Angelique slipped into it, pulling the zipper up so that the shimmering black dress wrapped itself tightly around her curves, so tight that it would be obvious to anyone looking at her that she wore no underwear at all.

She noted with satisfaction that her nipples protruded visibly through the front of the dress and, as she looked down, the shortness of its hem would allow a hint of the black lace of her stocking-tops to slip into view as she walked. ***** In a room a few miles away, an assortment of men and women sat in semi-darkness in front of a bank of flickering screens, surrounded by computer terminals. They wore headsets with built in microphones, and chattered quietly to each other.

One of the screens displayed the image of Angelique, taken from the hidden camera behind the mirror with which she regarded herself.

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*****     At the sound of a noise from her Padd, Angelique turned away from the mirror and picked up the computer tablet from the dressing table. Angelique read the message on her Padd, which told her that her car was outside, and that her guards were waiting downstairs in the lobby to escort her out to the street. She slipped the Padd into her clutch bag, which had lain on the bed next to where she had earlier laid out her dress and stockings.

She walked to the door and, taking a last look around, she exited the room. As she walked towards the elevator, a CCTV camera high up on the ceiling of the corridor behind her whirred as it panned around in her direction. Hearing the sound, she exaggerated the natural swing of her hips, pouting and wiggling as she tottered in her heels. *****     In the mysterious darkened room, a man smiled as he pressed a button. The image on the screen before him filled with a close-up of Angelique's rear as the camera zoomed in on her behind.

When the doors opened, Angelique stepped into the elevator. At the press of a button, the image on the man's screen changed to one of another hidden camera, this time located in the floor of the elevator car, and the image displayed a view up the dress of Angelique as she stood there.


She descended to the ground floor, where two burly men in suits were waiting for her. As the doors slid open, she took a deep breath, then stepped out into the lobby. The men assumed positions at either side of her. Her face level and serious, she said quietly "Ok, let's go."     *****     A thousand miles away, the Bachman family sat down in their lounge.

As usual, Mom and Dad took up their places on the three seat sofa, eldest son Tom bounced onto the two-seater whilst youngest son Carl settled himself into the armchair. Mrs Bachman lifted her head upwards and called out "HOUSE COMPUTER!" A whirr and a quiet beep showed that the microphones discreetly located in the coving on the ceiling had recognised her voice.

"DIM LIGHTS - SETTING TWO!" she shouted. Obediently, the computer circuits located within the walls of the house dimmed the lights in the room. Electric candles flickered into life in all six corners of the room, imbuing it with a cozy, warm, homely light.

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Mr Bachman lifted his Padd and, waving it in the direction of the blank wall which the family sat facing, he pressed its surface. Projectors in the wall beamed a large holographic image into the room. Colours swirled, and the image of an attractive female newsreader sitting at a desk appeared. An audio burst into life: ".elcome to GLOBALVISION! You're live with us here for the Evening News, as we go over to Ian at Beverly Hills for an update on the preparations for this year's Winter Olympics!" The image became that of a handsome man dressed in a ski jacket, talking directly to camera.

Behind him slopes gleamed white with fresh snow. His booted feet crunched in the snow as he walked. As he began to speak, the camera panned away down the slopes to a frozen white tundra below. " Good evening! You're with me here in Beverly Hills where, in just a few months time, President Bieber will officiate the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics number thirty-three!

Down there," he pointed to a distant construction "on the site of the former Electric Fountain, at the end of what was once Santa Monica Boulevard, the Olympic flame will burst into life once more. Hard to believe, but only thirty years ago, before climate change ran riot across the whole continent, this was the site of some of the most expensive real estate in the world!

It's a sign that the re-generation of California has reached the point whereby it has become hospitable once more, and the hardy citizens who have remained here may even witness its return to some of its former wealth!" ***** Sitting in the back of the air-conditioned limousine as it whispered along 8th Avenue, Katarina checked her make-up in her hand held mirror.

Opposite her sat a smartly-dressed middle-aged woman, and two large men in suits. "Ist mine hair ok?" Katarina asked nervously, hands tousling her heavily-sprayed hair, her clipped accent giving away her Eastern European origins. "Yes, it's fine honey, really. For the fourth time. Ok?" the older woman answered tiredly. She looked Katarina up and down as the car pulled almost silently to the kerb, its electric motor inaudible, only the sound of the tyres interrupting the peace within.

Kat looked good, she thought, her dark hair teased up in in a classic, very fashionable twentieth-century manner, and her long dress with its dramatic split up the side exposing her long, smooth legs. Her arms were bare, and the backless dress showed off not only her trim, slender body but also the fact that she was bra-less.

The gleaming alloy car stopped, and from outside someone opened the door. The sub-tropical heat of a New York January wafted into the cabin, accompanied by the screams, cheers and cat-calling jeers of the crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk, held back by two lines of security men and police officers. In the darkened room a woman barked orders into her microphone. Down on the street a cameraman responded to her commands and closed in on the open door of the limo, just in time for a good shot of Katarina's legs displayed by the split in her dress as she disembarked from the car.

The roar of the crowd reached fever-pitch as Katarina stepped out into the warm night. A motley crowd dressed in mostly vests and t-shirts yelled at her, some with praise and accolades, some with derision and insults. Flags of both the Republic of Russia and the United States of America were waved by the various factions. Kat held her head high and smiled as a barrage of photographers snapped away at her, the flashes of their cameras temporarily blinding her. When her eyes recovered, she proceeded towards the doors of the large structure that loomed above her.

As she reached them she paused at the top of the steps, turned and gave a wave towards her fans, then entered the building. Behind her the melee gradually settled down, as the crowd quietened, in anticipation of further arrivals. ***** In the Bachman household, the family still watched the images in front of them. The female newsreader was now concluding her sports report: ".and that's it from Wembley Stadium in London, England, where Superbowl eighty-four will take place next week between Winslow Indians and Carmel Chiefs, the first time it has ever been held overseas, celebrating the growth of Gridiron as the world's number one sport.

Now stay tuned, after the break. It's Finals Night!" The two younger Bachmans shifted uneasily, the impatience of teenage youth all too evident as they grumbled out loud. "This is bore-bore-fucking-bore-city" muttered Tom. "Bore-fucking-city" echoed Carl, resignedly. "Shut the fuck up!" said their father with a smile. "But this is dumm, dumm dumm dumm!" complained Tom. "Trezz dumm" his younger brother agreed, nodding sagely. Still grinning, Mr Bachman said "You scrotes don't realise how lucky you are to have Vision on demand all the time, and you're not used to watching ANYTHING live like this are you?" "Exactly!" exclaimed Tom, "why can't we just watch it whenevah?" "Whenevah." repeated the younger sibling.

Rolling his eyes, the oldest man explained slowly "Because it's Finals Night tonight and we want to vote, and if we're not watching it live we won't be able to vote will we?" "Oh yeah." muttered Tom. "Yeah" reiterated Carl. Their father shook his head "Do you know, your Grandad can remember a time when you had to watch everthing live, at the time, or else you missed it, there was no way to get On Demand or save it, and it was all in 2D television." "What?" Tom said "What if you was like texting or see-two-see-ing or cyb'ring or something?" He spun his head towards his brother "And don't you repeat the word 'something' either, wankbag!" "Wankbag." said Carl, deadpan.

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Anxious to avoid the boys fighting amongst themselves yet again, Mr Bachman hastily interruped "There was no texting back then, no see-two-see, no Facebook, not even any Netvision. They hadn't even invented personal cellphones for fuck's sake!" "Oh my fucking god!" exclaimed Tom "It really was the dark ages wasn't it?" "Dark ages." mimicked Carl. Mrs Bachman interjected "Will you gonads shut the fuck up - it's on!"     *****   Grace blinked as she stepped unsteadily into the light.

As her eyes adjusted she focused on the tall, muscular, handsome man standing before her, with his arms folded and a gentle smile on his face. The tall, muscular, handsome, naked man. The tall, muscular, handsome, naked man who's oiled body glistened under the beams of the lights, emphasising his proud erection.

Grace's eyes widened at the sight before her. "Oh, wow, bonzer!" she whispered under her breath as she stared at the penis. A wry smile crept onto her face, and she licked her lips with anticipation. She carefully took two paces forward, her heels clicking. The shoes were difficult to walk in, with high platforms under the balls of the feet, and even higher heels at the back, but nevertheless Grace was still shorter than the large man standing silently in front of her.

His eyes traversed her fit and tanned body, from the long blonde hair that rested on her shoulders, down across the large breasts, encased in a purple and black-laced bra, down across her trim and flat stomach, past the matching garter belt and panties, and down her long black-nylon encased legs. He unfolded his arms and wordlessly pulled Grace close to him. Turning his face downwards he planted a kiss on her lips, his tongue forcing its way into her unresisting mouth.

He allowed his tongue to retreat from her mouth, where it was pursued by Grace's own tongue, looking down he watched as their tongues licked and caressed openly. He slid his fingertips down Grace's spine, to the small of her back, then his wandering hands crept forward around her waist, tracing the outline of her ribcage before gently passing over her breasts.

Grace trembled with pleasure at his touch, then sank obediently to her knees. She slowly opened her mouth and, extending her tongue once more, began to use its tip to circle the head of the penis. Her soft hands grasped it at the base, holding it steady as she licked the purple head. She extended her tongue, driving it along the line of the bottom of the bulging head, and then flicking it across the spot where the fold of skin joins to it.

A particular pleasure spot, she knew, and she gave the man the benefit of that knowledge, by spending much time licking and stroking it.

He breathed deeply, and a low murmur of pleasure escaped his lips. Now she decided it was time to step things up. Angling his cock towards herself, she turned her head to one side and began to run her tongue down the length of the hard shaft. Repeated strokes, quickly and lightly at first, then slower and heavier.

Grace began to use a hand now, alternating strokes of her tongue with strokes of her hand, beginning a hand stroke as her tongue reached the bottom of the shaft, then replacing the tongue as the hand finished its journey down the now throbbing member, so that there was continuous stimulation.

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Whilst she did this she gently manipulated his gentials, stroking them, and cupping them in her warm, soft hand. Now she used both hands on the cock, long, deliberate strokes down the penis, beginning with the right hand as the left one finished, and vice-versa.

She lowered her head, extended her tongue and gently touched the tip to the swinging balls. Beginning to breathe heavier, the man placed his hands on the top of Grace's head, brushing her long bleached tresses to one side, allowing him to better see the sight as he grasped her head and, with a surge of his hips, thrust his cock deep into her mouth.

Her red lips were pressed against the flat of his pubic area, she could feel the curls of his pubic hair against her them. The bulging tip reached the top of her throat, and Grace fought hard not to gag, choke or urge.

Small choking noises began to emanate from her, and the man loosened his grip, but began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth, slowly at first but then, firmly holding the sides of her head, faster and harder. After many strokes he released her head, but speedily scooped her up in his arms, and carried her over to a padded dais a few feet away, where he placed her on her back.

Grace looked up at him with a mixture of fear and admiration, as he pointed at her bra. "Take it off." he commanded. She climbed up onto her knees, reached behind her back and unclipped the garment, pulling it off and tossing it to one side.

Her large breasts swung free, an absence of strap lines displaying the fact that her suntan was all-over. The man leant forward, resting his knees on the dais. His left hand cupped her right breast, and he lowered his head towards it. Taking the nipple into his mouth he began to suck on it, pinching it gently with his teeth then releasing the bite back into a suck.

His right hand found its way between Grace's parted thighs and began to rub at the strip of material covering her pussy.

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Grace knew she was already soaking wet down there, she could feel the clammy warmth of the saturated lace sticking to her outer labia as his fingers stroked to and fro. He changed hands and breats, now giving her left breast some attention whilst his left hand sought the moistness of her crotch.

This time, however, he used his fingertips to push the sticky gusset to one side, and slipped a finger inside Grace's eager pussy, eliciting a gasp of suprise and pleasure from her. As his finger began to work in and out of her, she matched the rhythm by thrusting her hips forward and back, her eyes now tightly closed with pleasure.

Her breathing shortened, her breath now coming in gasps. "Fuck me!" she panted "Fuck me NOW!" She broke contact with the man, threw herself back flat on the dais and extended her legs upwards.

Grasping the sides of the panties, she dragged them up to her raised ankles, when the man then grabbed them. Pulling them from her feet, he threw them over his shoulder then grabbed the ankles of her still outstretched legs. Forcing her legs back until her bestockinged knees were almost touching her bare breasts the man lined up his penis with the sparkling slit of Grace's vagina. He paused for a moment, staring into Grace's sea-blue eyes, then plunged his stiff cock deep inside her.

Grace shouted out loudly in ecstacy, not words but simply incomprehensible noises as she felt the stiffness of his member penetrate her repeatedly, long strokes all the way in, and all the way out. He began to take shorter strokes, speeding up the pace. Grace continued to moan with pleasure, her moans rising to screams as the man withdrew from her soaking slit, then pushing first the tip, then the whole head, then the entire shaft deep into her anus. After several strokes of varying power, she felt him pull out of the anus, then the cock returned to her throbbing pussy.

Several strokes later, the man again pulled out and penetrated her ass. He worked expertly, pussy, ass, pussy, ass. Eventually he withdrew altogether and, roughly pulling Grace around up onto her knees in the doggy position, he ignored her sopping wet pussy in favour of simply ramming his cock into her gaping ass.

A hand slipped around her body and began to play with her swinging tits, whilst the other found its way to her crotch where fingers plied her clitoris. Almost helpless with pleasure, all Grace could do was to gasp "Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohmygod!" Suddenly, she glanced up. She struggled to focus on a clock on the wall as her body rocked back and forth. Alarm ran through her mind - 'Two minutes, that's all I've got left, I have to finish him off!' she thought to herself.

"Wait, stop, stop, stop!" she managed to pant. The man ceased his ravishing of her hole, as Grace pulled free of his grasp. Spinning round on her knees she looked up into the expectant eyes of the man, then lowered her gaze to the stiff, twitching cock directly in front of her face. Taking a deep breath, she plunged her mouth over the hard member, secretly glad of the time she had earlier spent ensuring her anus was spotlessly clean, in anticipation of such an event.

She sucked hard on the cock, wrapping her tongue around it as her head darted up and down, eliciting groans from the man. She slipped a finger into her soaking pussy, lubricating it thoroughly, before slipping into the man's anus. His groans grew louder, and she released the cock from her mouth, raising herself up on her knees so that she could wrap her breasts around the cock, forcing them together with her hands and jiggling up and down. His groans became shouts until finally, a torrent of hot cum shot out of the end.

Grace quickly opened her mouth, catching some of the load with an extended tongue, whilst some splattered onto her face, causing her to shut her eyes rapidly. She jiggled her breasts around the cock, and some more jism dribbled onto them. Standing up, with cum dribbling down the side of her face Grace wiped it away with a couple of fingers.

Licking a little off, she spread the rest over her breasts, rubbing it around so that they appeared shiny under the lights. Motioning towards the dais, Grace spoke to the man. "You lay down there now - it's my turn!" she commanded. A puzzled line furrowed the man's brow as he complied with Grace's instructions, laying himself out flat.

When Grace straddled his chest his smiled as he realised what her intentions were. Kneeling on his chest with her thighs apart, Grace used her left hand to hold apart her labia, then began to stroke her clitoris with her right hand.

Faster and faster, her fingers became a blur of movement until finally a soft whimper escaped from Grace's mouth as a stream of clear liquid shot forth from her, spraying across the man's chest and face, and even splashing up onto her own inner thighs.

Panting heavily, Grace stood up with some difficulty and took a couple of steps backwards, her hands shaking visibly, her body still trembling with sexual pleasure. Her knees were close together, whilst her feet were slightly apart.

The man stood up also, wiping the juice from his face, looking down as it ran from the dais and pooled on the floor. The lights suddenly dipped, as a storm of noise erupted around them. *****   The Bachmans watched intently as the image of Andreas Volltt, Globalvision's main anchorman filled the air before them.

"Good evening America!" he spoke enthusiastically, "It's Eight pm Eastern, Three pm in Europe, guten tag, saluton, Mid-day in Russia, previette, and Six am in Australia, G'day to ya! NuqneH? tlhIgan Hol! Welcome to . FINALS NIGHT!" Behind him the large audience burst into applause, at least partly at his words, but mostly at the large LED signs discreetly located above his head out of camera shot, that flashed the word "APPLAUSE" in big illuminated letters.

Andreas continued: "Over the last twelve weeks we've seen the contestants at work and at play, training, rehearsing. We've seen the sweat, the tears and even the blood, we've seen them happy and sad, joyous and in despair, victorious and defeated! Fifteen competitors began, twelve have suffered the indignity of eviction after losing out on the public's vote!" More applause erupted. Tom Bachman yelled at the hologram in front of him "DUMMASS! Get on with it!" "On with it." muttered Carl Bachman, laconically.

As if in response, Volltt spoke once more: "As you join us here, the competition has already started, we'll bring you the action so far, then we'll be Live Across Nine Continents here on GLOBALVISION!"     *****   Angelique twirled her fingers nervously as she sat in the back of the limousine, whilst it smoothly glided through the dark canyons of the city. In her stomach, butterflies tingled as she thought of her destination.

Deep inside her she felt the warmth of sexual tension, as her vagina began to ache at the expectation of what was to follow. *****     Katarina stepped into the light. On a bed before her sat a beautiful blonde woman wearing a stylish long white nightdress trimmed with lace. Kat's dark hair flowed across her shoulders as she approched both the bed and the woman sat there.

She leaned forward and whispered breathily "Previette." "Hello honey! My name is Anne." answered the woman. Their lips met softly, and Katarina's hands smoothed the woman's hair back from her face, hands that then slowly and gently slid down across Anne's neck, straying across her shoulders and then on to her breasts, pert and jaunty under the fine satin of the nightdress. They continued to kiss, tongues now exploring each other's mouth.

Katarina's hands moved back up to Anne's shoulders and slid the slender straps of her nightdress down over her shoulders, exposing her breasts as the delicate material pooled around her waist. Anne's hands lifted and slipped between the folds of the split in Kat's dress, caressing her smooth legs, fingertips stroking her calves and knees, working their way higher up her thighs.

Bending her knees slightly the standing woman tilted further forwards, lips seeking the exposed pink nipples of Anne's breasts. Finding them she began to suck gently, first the right breast then the left, then repeating the process again. Anne's hands had by now reached Katarina's crotch, and she parted her legs a little to allow the probing fingers to stroke the moist lips of her pussy.

Breaking contact for a moment Kat gently pushed Anne back onto the bed, slipped down the nightdress, pulling it clear of her feet, then kneeled on the floor between her parted legs. Her head dropped to the glistening moistness of Anne's sex, her mouth meeting Anne's outer labia and her tongue probing between them, allowing her to taste the musky flavour of her flowing pussy juices, then teasing Anne's clitoris with the tip.

Anne moaned softly, closing her eyes as Katarina pleasured her. After a while Kat stood up straight. Anne's eyes opened and met those of the sultry Russian beauty standing before her. Without breaking eye-contact Katarina's hands raised behind her neck, unclipping the halterneck of the dress and allowing it to fall gracefully to the floor.

Stepping free of the material she climbed onto the bed above Anne. Anne's head raised as she realised it was her turn to pleasure Kat. She now lapped at the damp slit of the woman above her, as Katarina's hands held her head in place, pushing the head closer to her groin. Anne's hands stroked the crack between Katarina's buttocks, fingertips lingering around the crinkled opening of her anus, then finding her slit, first one finger, then two inserted into the slippery, wet cunt.

Suddenly Katarina broke away sharply. She swung her body around, the bright red of her high heeled shoes glimmering in the light displaying the only remaining vestiges of clothing that the two women wore.

Anne shuffled herself fully onto the bed, lying on her back as Kat arranged herself above her, her knees either side of Anne's head, and her painted red lips close to Anne's pussy. She lowered herself down so that now both women were able to lick each other, arms, legs and bodies pressing against each other.

Both began to push tongues into each other, soon joined by fingers as together they sought the release of orgasm, finally managing to reach that state of nirvana almost together, Anne succuming first, her cries of pleasure muffled by Katarina's sex pressed firmly across her mouth, then Kat too joined her as the sensation of Anne's naked body writhing beneath her triggered her own ecstacy.

Eventually, their lusts spent, the two women laid beside each other, each holding the other in a warm embrace, exchanging tiny loving kisses as their mutual excitement dampened down, their rapid breathing returning to normal, their pounding heartbeats slowing to a regular pulse. Unknown by Katarina and Anne, back in the darkened room, a brief smattering of applause issued from several of the people who had been intently watching their intimacy.

*****     As she stepped out of the limousine, a roar of approval greeted Angelique. The crowds pressed in on either side, and her minders quickly followered her out of the car, fearing that the security cordons might not hold as the crowd whistled and hollered.

They hastily hustled her towards the building, Stars And Stripes being waved in abdundance. Angelique's heels clattered, and she stumbled. The two men grasped an arm each and lifted her swiftly up the steps and inside, the cheers of the crowd echoing behind them. *****   In the Bachmans home, the family watched as Globalvision presenter Andreas Volltt chattered excitedly at them "As you know folks, we're currently broadcasting to you here on Earth with a twenty-minute delay, in order to let our friends out there at the Sinus Meridiani mining settlement on Mars take part in the voting - Hello out there, fellas, hope you can see and hear us ok, I hope that the fact we're only in 2D for you isn't spoiling your viewing, and a big hello of course to our regular friends up there at Peavy Canyon on the Moon!

All of you folks 'out there' will have to be quick on your Padds to vote, the folks 'at home' here on Earth will have up to twenty minutes more than you to make up their minds!"       *****     Angelique fought hard to avoid letting her knees knock together as she waited patiently. Her hands were clammy and she could feel a shiver run down her spine. She took a deep breath. She was unaware of the sudden burst of activity in the darkened room, as several people hastily hit a sucession of buttons.

As she stepped forward through the doorway, and out into the bright space beyond, a hidden camera zoomed in on her face, capturing first the expression of suprise, then the wry smile that curled her lips.


Before her stood, five men, standing in a semi-circle on the far side of a padded rostrum. All five wore formal evening suits, but nevertheless it was easy to discern that, as promised, they were men at the peak of fitness. The men grinned as Angelique approached them, her hardened nipples protruding through the clinging black dress, their eyes straying down the curves of her body to the dark lace of her stocking tops, and down her shapely legs to the shiny black leather of her shoes They made appreciative murmurs, and muttered various "Howdy baby." style greetings.

"Hello Boys!" Angelique replied, grinning herself. As she approached the podium, the nearest of the men moved towards her. Her expression became more serious as they made eye-contact. Holding her gaze, the man gently grasped her jaw and moved his lips towards hers.

She licked her lips quickly, opened them slightly and allowed the tip of her tongue to jut out a little. Her eyes closed in preparation for the kiss she knew would come. The man leaned forward but, instead of pressing his lips against hers, he merely kissed the air softly, about an inch in front of her face.

Suprised, she opened her eyes, retracted her tongue and closed her mouth, whereupon the man grabbed her around the back of the head with his free hand and roughly jerked her face towards his, forcing his tongue between her lips and into her mouth. Still he held her, whilst his tongue explored the inside of her mouth, pushing her backwards as he did so.

Angelique took a couple of steps to the rear, sitting down slowly when the backs of her legs made contact with the edge of the podium. As she did so the man released his grip on her, swiftly dropping his hands to push the hem of her dress up, first exposing fully the tops of her stockings, then the bare nakedness of her upper thigh and finally her pantyless groin, with her baldly shaved pussy already glistening in the light.

Once more he grasped her jaw with one hand, forcing her mouth to his, and invading her mouth with his tongue.


At the same time his other hand slid down her body to her moist opening. He used his fingers to open the lips that they found there, and began to stroke her clitoris, at first slowly but then quicker, occasionally plunging fingers inside her, then back to stroking her clit.

Angelique's breath quickened as he did so, her excitment rising. He released her, and held his hand up, fingers outstretched. Obediently, Angelique took them into her mouth and sucked them, savouring the familiar taste of herself. Tearing herself away, she spun around the podium on all fours, her dress still up around her waist. All the men now stood around her, and she could see from the bulges in their trousers that each had an erection, and she knew that each one of them wanted her, and wanted her now, but she was going to make them wait, not long, but long enough to make the inevitable sex even more frantic, more furious.

Turning from one to the other, one by one she caught their eye, and briefly gave them a stare, and flicked her tongue around her lips. The men grinned even more. One of them stepped forward, and grasped the back of her dress. He pulled down the zipper, and roughly dragged the open dress upwards, over her head. She momentarily lifted her arms to allow the dress to be pulled away, then resumed her position on all fours, naked apart from the hold-up stockings and shoes.

She arched her back, exposing her ass and pussy at the rear, accentuating the sight of her hanging breasts and stiff nipples at the front. Moving like a cat she prowled around on all fours, her nudity accentuated by the formal dress of the five men surrounding her. She blew kisses to each in turn as she revolved until finally one of them stepped forward and wrapped his hand around the back of her head. His other hand wrenched down his zipper, and his hard cock sprang forth.

Angelique knew what to do. Her mouth opened wide and she took the length of it into her, sucking and slurping hard. Her head was held in place for a while, as the cock slid in and out of her mouth slowly. Eventually the grip on her head was released, and she looked around to see that all the men had closed in around the platform, and that all had pulled out their erect penises. She changed position around the rostrum in order to take each cock into her mouth one by one.

The warm wetness of her pussy, and the longing for fulfilment began to grow inside her as she involuntarily flexed the walls of her vagina, heightening her pleasure and expectation.

Angelique sucked as best she could on each cock that was presented to her. She became unable to distinguish between which one was which, as the parade of cocks appeared before her. She knew she had sucked each one at least twice when suddenly she felt a movement behind her, a contact of flesh, then hands strongly grasped her hips, and she felt herself be penetrated - she gasped as the hardness of the prick slipped into her. Whoever the man was, he rode her for a while, her breaths coming in pants with each thrust.

Eventually he withdrew, leaving a burning aching inside Angelique, her pussy throbbing for more. She didn't have to wait long. Within seconds another cock replaced the first.

The cock in her mouth retreated and was in turn replaced by another. Angelique recognised the musky sweet taste of herself, and realised that this was the cock that had most recently been inserted deep inside her. When that cock withdrew, so did the the other from her vagina. She felt herself rolled over onto her back, and yet another hard cock was thrust into her pussy. Simultaneously her head was tilted back, and a man crouching above her head forced his cock into her mouth.

The strange sensation of it pressing down into her tongue made her momentarily shudder, but she began to move the tongue to and fro in order to further pleasure the penis in her mouth. As those two cocks pulled out of her, she felt strong hands grasp her waist and propel her upwards and sideways, on top of yet another male body. A cock slid upwards into her sopping wet vagina but after a few strokes withdrew. Angelique gasped as the cock, lubricated by her own pussy juices, rammed itself into her anus.

Although she was used to anal penetration, the suddenness of it took her by suprise. The cock slipped out from her ass, and slid into her pussy once more. After the intital suprise and discomfort, she relaxed and began to enjoy the moment, closing her eyes and succumbing to the sensations. However, her relaxation was short-lived, as she felt a weight suddenly press upon her. She opened her eyes and turned her head to see one of the men above her, lining up his hard cock above her exposed ass.

He plunged down into her as she groaned with the force of two men ramming her from above and below. Their thrusts were not in time, and she felt her pelvis twist up and down and side to side as their crude strokes hammered into her.

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Her head was suddenly grasped by a third man, and another penis was slid into her mouth. Angelique now fought to control the rising feelings of panic as she lost control of her body and what was happening to it. Nevertheless, despite her fears and misgivings, she felt her pleasure rise. She could feel her orgasm approaching and, as it came, she lost control completely, gasping and screaming randomly. Her body shaking she was powerless to resist as all five of the men took advantage of her every orifice.

The real world became a blur of ecstacy to Angelique as they manipulated her into numerous positions and penetrated her from every angle. Her ass, her pussy, her mouth, her hands, between her breasts, between the cheeks of her ass, every possible part of her body was used relentlessly by the men. Unable to speak she became an object. She heard herself be spoken about in the third person, as though she was not actually present, as if she was merely a commodity, some kind of plaything, a doll existing for the pleasure of the men, which, even inher heightened state, she realised coldly, she was.

Eventually, they released her. Her sweating body, shaking from pleasure, slumped back onto the bed beneath her. One by one each man masturbated himself to ejaculation over her - spunk rained down over her open mouth, her face, her hair, her breasts, her stomach and her groin. Through her closed eyelids Angelique felt rather than saw the lights above her fade and dim.

*****     The Bachmans watched with rapt attention as Andreas Volltt spoke to them once more. "And there you have it folks - all three remaining contestants have completed their performances in tonights Freestyle round.

They've come on a journey, a long journey of self-discovery over the past twelve weeks - we've seen them at their best and their worst, and now it's down to YOU, the viewers to decide on a winner. It's time - if you log your pads onto our GLOBALVISION site right now you will be presented with three thumbnails. Simply pick your favourite.NOW!" All four members of the family hefted their Padds, and pressed on one of the images displayed there. Volltt spoke again "Now, while we wait for our computers to count the votes, we'll have a very special message from abroad, but before that, a word from our sponsors, the Pfizer Corporation!" Publicity films rolled for the world's number one most recognisable brand, Viagra, followed by advertisments for Pfizer's newly-aquired subsidaries, Coca-Cola, MacDonalds, Marlboro and Toyota.

As the films finished, the 3D image of Volltt appeared once more in front of the Bachmans. "And now." he paused for effect ".a very special message from none other than . the King Of England himself, ladies and gentlemen, I give you . His Majesty . KING WILLIAM THE FIFTH!" Agape, the Bachmans watched with fascination as the English monarch gave his suprise message of praise to the competition, and wished its competitors the best of luck. His image was once more replaced by that of Andreas Volltt.

Smiling to camera he said flatly "Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks Kingy, good to hear from you." his voice changed to a more uptempo tone "Now, on to the serious business. Tonight's Winner!"   In keeping with the current fashion for all things Twentieth Century an old, old oldtime song rang out over the sound system - an ancient petrol-driven engine revved up, electric guitars blasted a tune, and the words 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' echoed around the arena as the three contestants marched onto the stage.

In keeping with the traditions of the competition, Grace, Katarina and Angelique had showered, and now simply wore bath-towels wrapped around themselves.

The music faded away, and the three girls glanced at each other as they lined up opposite Volltt. They joined hands, each whispering words of good luck to each other, as only long-time rivals and compatriots can do. Behind them the open-ceilinged, glass-walled room in which they had recently performed their various sexual acts could be seen, now shadowy and abandoned. It stood in the centre of the arena, occuping the same area where over the years a boxing ring had been the usual centre of attention in the Madison Square Gardens.

Volltt spoke again "While we compile the results, here's a look back at the highs and lows of the past twelve weeks." On large screens around the arena, and beamed into a billion homes across the Solar System, a medley of sounds and images showed the girls partaking in the variety of sexual encounters that had been their life for the last three months. More advertisments for Pfizer played, neatly filling in the remainder of the necessary twenty minutes to allow the votes for Mars to arrive on Earth.

As the procession of images ended, Andreas Volltt returned to the screen "OHHHH - KAYYYYYY PEOPLE! Here it is. tonight's winner is." he paused for dramatic effect ".uh!" he gasped, prolonging the expectation, and sending the crowd into a frenzy. They roared, a swelling mass of noise.

Volltt's microphone cut through the din as he yelled "IT'S. ANGELIQUE!" The roar of the crowd was deafening, as the girl in question leapt up and down, shrieking with delight, suprise and joy.

her towel fell to the floor as she continued to leap around naked, her wet hair flailing, her breasts bouncing. Grace and Katarina, both of whose faces had momentarily dropped as the result was announced, nevertheless perked up, and hugged the ecstatic Angelique. Amid the chaos, Volltt waved his microphone into the face of the naked girl. "So, how does it feel, have you any words for the folks at home?" he said.

The girl spoke quickly, her voice shrill with excitement "Oh my god! Oh My God! OHMYGOD! OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYFUCKINGOD!" she took a deep breath and continued, a little more measured in her speech "I feel as if I've been on a journey, a massive journey, and I'd like to thank all the people who have supported me, voted for me and been with me on that journey!" The crowd continued to roar.

Fighting to be heard over the noise, Volltt asked her "What was the most difficult time of it all, was there ever a time when you thought that you wouldn't make it through?" Angelique breathed deeply, fighting to regain control, then spoke "Uhhh, the Ess and Emm Week was difficult, being tied to that rack, whipped and double penetrated was tough, but worst of all was the Beastiality Week - I was dreading that one, but Rover turned out to be quite sweet really.

I may even meet up with him again when all this is over!" she smiled. Volltt turned to the camera and smiled "Alll-riiiight folks, there you have it! A popular winner, the local girl, from New York City - Angelique!" Above the din, Volltt continued "OK, Angelique, as winner of this year's SEX FACTOR, you have won not only the ten million dollars first prize, but most importantly of all .

for the rest of this year you have won the right to describe yourself as . THE BEST FUCK . IN THE WORLD!"     *****     The Bachmans watched and listened in the gloom of their lounge as the roars of the crowds on the image before them faded to be replaced by a compendium of Angelique's many and varied sexual exploits.

Carl Bachman hissed to his elder brother "Psssst!" Tom Bachman replied "What, dweeb?" Carl motioned towards their mother and, his eyes widening, Tom saw that she had slipped her hand inside her jogging pants. The outline of her hand moved rapidly up and down under the crotch of the garment, and the boys watched fascinated. Their interest increased as her free hand crept to the elasticated waistband of their father's trousers, slipped inside and began to manipulate his obviously erect penis.

Both adults closed their eyes, and emitted occasional quiet moans.

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Exchanging knowing glances, the boys stifled giggles, then each of them slid their own hands into their own trousers, and began to emulate their parents. On audio only, above the montage of Angelique's wild sex, the voice of Andreas Volltt cut in once more "That's it from us here folks, we've all had a great time tonight, I hope you're all enjoying yourselves out there!" As the 3D images of Angelique performed in front of them, so the Bachmans all enjoyed their quiet masturbatory pleasures.

***** THE END (Don't you just love a happy ending? It's nice to know that, even in the future, families will still come together around the television.?)