Pervert son fucks his busty teacher

Pervert son fucks his busty teacher
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The Tutor (Savannah and Josh, part 2) It was Wednesday, Savannah's new favorite day of the week. Why? Because that's when her new tutor Josh came over to help her with her studies and give her the proper motivation to do good with her homework. Josh was a married young man in his 20's who had recently given into his passions and kissed the young girl after they exchanged a few flirty comments.

Savanah was excited because her mom had to take her brother to football practice at the same time that she had tutoring with Josh and this would give them some time alone for more fun. Savannah came home from school Wednesday and took a shower to freshen up.

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She put on a knee length dress that zipped up in the back and dawned her favorite perfume that Josh got his first smell of last week. It smelled of fresh gardenias. Savannah's mom left with her brother just as Josh was pulling in the driveway. Josh had a pair of athletic shorts on and a collared polo shirt on and he carried in his backpack as Savannah waited for him at the door. "How's my pretty little student?" Josh asked as he enter the door.

"I'm not feeling very motivated to study today" Savannah said with a smile. "We'll have to fix that" Josh said as he leaned in to give her a hug. Josh loved the feel of her soft dress against his arms and her chest pressed slightly against his when they hugged. "Did you bring any more chocolate kisses or hugs today?" Savannah asked with a smirk.

"I did" Josh responded as he held up a small bag with a few inside. "You will have to earn them though if you want to have some" Josh added. They sat down on the couch and pulled out the books to start their session together.

Every time Savannah got a question right Josh would hand her a piece of chocolate. After a few times Josh decided to get flirty and tease Savannah by not giving her the candy right away.

He would move his hand at the last minute before she had a chance to grab it.

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The two of them giggled about it and Savannah grabbed his muscular arm with one hand and took the candy from him with her other. Josh loved the thought of her touch and also the idea of making her beg for it.

After a few minutes Josh grabbed the bag to get another piece of chocolate for Savannah when all of a sudden Savannah quickly grabbed the bag from his hand and held it out of his reach on the other side of him. "Hey!" Josh playfully retorted, you can't have all of them you have to earn them. He leaned over toward her to get them back and Savannah moved back in anticipation and held them over her head off the side of the couch. Josh leaned over more to get them back and he was basically laying on top of her at an angle.

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Savannah felt his hard body pressed up against his and was excited that her flirting had gotten them into their current position. Josh stopped and looked down at Savannah's face just as she was looking at him.

They were inches away from each other and Josh gave in once again to her beauty and kissed her on the lips. He pulled back and she came forward to kiss him back. "What would your wife think if she saw us kissing?" Savannah asked with a smile. "She probably would care, she doesn't really care about me or give me any time these days" he said back to her.

"Well that's a shame" she added "I'll give you all the attention you want." Josh kissed her again and moaned softly "I like that idea" he said. Josh tried one more time to grab the bag of chocolates from Savannah but she quickly moved her hand and in one move stuffed it down her dress through the top. "You can't get them now!" Savannah boasted boldly. "Oh yeah, you really think so?" Josh replied as he grinned at her.


He slowly moved his hand up to the top of her dress and put his hand just inside her dress feeling for the bag. "Mmm" Savannah said with a soft moan.

"Make sure you search really good to find it." Josh put his hand on top of her breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. He moved to her other breast and slide a few fingers inside her bra and touched her nipple with his fingertips.

Josh took his hand out and then silently grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over chest revealing her panties and bra to his sight. Her panties were black and had some decorative see-through lace in the middle of the little triangle of material with a solid ban around the waist and legs. Her bra was matching colors, the same one he had seen last week, but it looked a little too small for her heaving chest.

Josh had forgotten all about the chocolate now and was focused on her beautiful young body. He put his hands on her tummy and sides and leaned in to give her a kiss. As Josh leaned forward Savannah opened her legs and let Josh fall between them as she quickly wrapped her legs around his lower back as their lips met.

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Savannah felt the weight of his body press against her between her legs and she squeezed him gently with her legs pulling him into her more. Josh caressed her hair and held the side of her face as they kissed. Savannah opened her mouth, an invitation for Josh to kiss her more deeply and with his tongue. He slipped his tongue slowly into her mouth as it brushed across her own tongue and went deeper into her mouth. Josh felt her hands touch him on his chest and gently grab his well-toned muscles.

His hands blindly explored her chest as he was lip locked with her laying back on the couch. He felt her chest over the top of her soft bra. He pushed up on her tits and then pushed them together as he caressed them in the palm of his hands. Josh sat up and took off his shirt and Savannah quickly lifted her dress over her head and onto the floor beside the couch.

He leaned back down and began to kiss Savannah again but his bare chest was closer and pressed against hers.

Josh felt Savannah's arms reach around to his back and felt her manicured fingernails glide across his back to the sides. Josh moved to the side of her neck and began to kiss and lightly suck on the side of her neck.


"Mmm" Savannah moaned as Josh had found her sweet spot. Josh slowly moved down on her neck to her chest kissing and running his tongue lower. He kissed her just above her bra and in between her breasts. Savannah arched her back up as Josh pleasured her with his lips. Josh, in response pressed down harder with his dick which by now was hard and begging to be freed from his gym shorts. Savannah took a chocolate kiss out from behind her back and unwrapped it and put it inside her bra with a smile.

Josh took his hand and slowly slide her bra straps off her shoulder and then he reached behind her on the couch to unhook her bra. He leaned down and took the cup of her bra with his lips and lifted it off her dropping it to the floor. Josh kissed Savannah on the tops of her breasts and licked her nipples alternating between each side. Savannah took the chocolate and held it between her thumb and fingers directly on top of her nipple.

Josh leaned down to put it in his mouth and Savannah removed her fingers as his lips took position over it. He kissed and sucked her nipple into his mouth with the chocolate still in his mouth. After sucking hard on it for a minute he did the same to the other nipple. Savannah's tits were stimulated and her nipples were nice and raised from Josh's attention on them.

"Take my panties off" Savannah suggested. Josh went to the floor in front of the couch on his knees and grabbed the sides of her panties with both hands and slide them down Savannah's legs which went up in the air as Josh went further down her legs. Josh looked down are her nicely shaven pussy and it was nice and voluptuous showing her open pussy lips.

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Josh grabbed her legs on her thighs and opened her wide as she laid back on the couch with her ass hanging over the front edge of the couch. He lowered his head and kissed down her stomach closer to her pussy. He skipped to one side and kissed her inner thigh right where panty line would be on her legs. His nose caught a whiff of her scent and he could not hold back any more as he pressed his lips against her moist pussy. He could taste it and quickly wanted more so he inserted his tongue between her lips and slowly licked upward to her clit.

He pressed his lips against her clit and sucked on it hard as she moaned in pleasure. "Oh god yes!" she said "don't stop, please." Josh kissed and licked every inch of her vagina and with his hands under her ass he moved down and began to lick her asshole some too.

He pressed his tongue against her ass and would lick up and down her ass crack between her ass and pussy.

Savannah put her hands down between her legs and spread her pussy wide open for Josh to enjoy and he thrust his tongue deep inside her fuck hole between her fingers. Savannah felt his warm tongue slide in and out between her fingers as his tongue fucked her pussy for several minutes. To Josh's surprise Savannah took another piece of chocolate candy and placed it right at the opening of her pussy and held it there with her fingers.

Josh moved to lick and suck on the chocolate with the wetness of her pussy. After a minute Savannah took the chocolate and raised it to her mouth and looking at Josh inserted it in her mouth tasting the chocolate mixed with her own wetness. Josh continued to lick her pussy for several more minutes and then Savannah turned over on her knees facing the back of the couch with her ass now up higher allowing Josh to access her pussy even better.

He took hold of her ass with both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart while he quickly flicked his tongue all over her pussy and inside her vagina. Savannah got closer to climaxing when Josh would suck on her clit and then suck her loosened pussy lips into his mouth with his tongue pressed against her lips.

Suddenly she became more vocal and began to rock her hips back and forth against his face. Josh inserted two fingers inside her pussy and kept licking her as well.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum" Savannah announced. "Mmm, cum for me Savannah. I want to taste it," he said to egg her on. He fingered her faster and began to talk dirtier to her.

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All of a sudden Josh felt a rush of cum hit his mouth as Savannah bore down on the couch in pleasure. Josh opened his mouth to taste her cum and his mouth covered over her pussy and his tongue drilled down inside her pussy to taste the oncoming flow of her cum.

Savannah collapsed on the couch as she turned over on her back and Josh stood up with his dick poking out from the top of his boxers. Savannah quickly recovered from her climax and sat up on the couch with her hands feeling the outsides of his boxers where his dick was contained. She stroked his cock on top of his underwear and leaned out with her head more toward his waist. "Now it's your turn" she said as she pulled the top of his boxers out and down his legs.

Josh's dick was long and thick. Savannah had never seen an older guy's dick before in person only on the porn videos she watched to masturbate with. As his boxers slide down his legs Josh's dick bounced up and down landing pointing straight out inches away from Savanah's head. Savanah gripped it and began to stroke it while she looked up at Josh and gave him the sexiest look she could think of, biting her lower lip as she got faster and faster with her hand.

She leaned closer with her mouth as Josh watched her mouth slowly open and her tongue moved out and touched the tip of his dick and then Savannah ran her tongue around the head of his dick before putting her lips around the tip and closing around it while she stroked him off. "Mmm" Josh said with a slow moan as she took more of hi dick into her mouth.

Savannah cupped his balls with one hand and gently squeezed them while she continued to jerk him off and suck on his hard cock. Josh looked down in ecstasy as he watched this student pleasure him kneeling before him completely naked. He ran his hands through her hair and leaned back enjoying the moment wishing it could last forever. He thought to himself that his wife would never even consider giving him the time and pleasure that he was getting from the teen student.

It didn't take long for Josh to build up to a climax and he announced to her that he would cum soon. "Cum in my mouth" Savannah announced as she took her mouth off his dick and stuck her tongue out inches away from his dick.

She began to stroke him faster as she looked up at him in the eyes. When Josh saw her innocent looking eyes staring at him he lost the ability to hold it in any longer and shot several streams of cum in her mouth and on her flat tongue sticking out.

The last few squirts barely made it out fast and landed dripping on her tits.

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Savannah inserted his dick back into her mouth and cleaned off the rest of the cum that that had remained on the tip of his dick. Her lips on his dick sent a shiver up his spine as she clamped back onto his cock. They cleaned themselves up and got dressed.

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"I think that was our best session yet" said Savannah as he gathered his things together getting ready to leave. "Do you need me to come back next week" he offered with a smile. Savannah hugged him as he threw his backpack over his shoulder. "Oh yes, I don't think I've gotten a handle on it yet or have the proper motivation" she teased.

He felt her erect nipples press against his chest through her dress. They kissed once more and Josh walked to his car. Savannah went up to take a shower and replayed the afternoon in her mind again in the shower as she pleasured herself with the shower nozzle.

On the way home Josh looked over at his backpack sitting in the passenger seat. The zipper was open and he could see something inside his backpack that he didn't recognize.


He stuffed his hand in and pulled out Savannah's black panties. He smiled thinking about how sneaky Savannah was as he brought her undies to his nose and took at big sniff of them. He could smell the scent of her pussy on them and he licked them with his tongue and held them between his lips sucking on them a little as he drove home.

(to be continued…)