Heiley is a cock whore

Heiley is a cock whore
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The school bell rang, and the students piled out into the hallways on a Friday afternoon. Alexandra Russso walked out of the classroom into the halls of Tribeca Prep. Her fine young ass swayed from side to side and all of the boys turned to watch her walk by. Her nice, young, firm ass bounced as she walk to her locker. She loved the attention, but hated that all they wanted is to pop her cherry.

" Hey Sexy". It was Alex's boyfriend the wide reciver for TriBeCa prep's rival school, Waverly Place SPARTANS. ( Who always win The State Chapionship and kill TriBeCa prep) " Hey, what are you doing here"! Alex said happy and surprised.

" Nothing just missed you and wanted to come see you". I said as I wrapped my arms around her hips and puuled her close. " Man, your just like all of them". Alex said with a giggling smile as she pushed him off.


Justin Alex's brother saw and called Alex. Alex Alex"! " What Justin I'm talking to Jason"! " I don't know why your dating that guy, he's a trouble maker Alex".

" Because I love him and he loves me, and it's non of you business who I date or why I date him"! As Alex was talking to her brother I saw some guy was staring at her ass.

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" Dude what the FUCK, why fucking staring at my girls ass"! I said putting him against the lockers. "Jason stop what are doing"? "I'M about to kick this kids ass for staring at your ass".

"See Alex i told you he's nothing but a trouble maker". " God Justin just shut up I don't need your input". "Jason stop you'll get in trouble". "What troble Alex I don't go to this school".

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I said as i hit him in the face and broke his nose. "You see Alex he's a careless trouble maker he dosen't care how he hurts". "Shut the FUCK up Justin you don't know what your talking about I love Alex and i wouldn't do anthing to hurt her". "What do think your doing now look at her she is traffied of you and who's do thinks going to get in troble for this here"? "Oh shit Alex, sweetheart i didn't mean to scare you and I won't let you get blamed for this".

I said as kissed her on her head.


"I'm fine I don't know what Justin's talking about"? Some of the gut from my school showed up.

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"Hey J we need to get back to school, lunch is almost over and we have coach after it". "Alright Jon thanks". "Ok babe I got to go i'll see you soon ok I love you". "Alright love you to". All day long Alex had to lissen to Justin talk about how she shouldn't be dating me and how I'm a bad guy. That night Alex dremt about me. "OHHHH OH" she said as I was licking her pussy. Which tasted so good.

"OHHH God that feels soooo goooooddd".


"AUUUUUU I can't take it anymore give me your big meaty 9inch cock" "I want it inside me all the way"! Just as the tip of my cock touched her pussy Justin walked in. "Alex it's time to get up". "God Justin it's Saturday nobody is up at 8:30 in the morning"!

"Hey don't blame me it's that troble making boyfriend of your he on the phone for you, now if you don't mind I'm going back to bed". "Hello" "Hey sexy sorry to wake up but I need you to open your fount door". "Why"?

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"Because I have a supprise for you". Alex thought it was going to be a teddybear with roses or something like that. But when she opened the door I was standing there in shorts and baby oil all over my sixpack.

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" Sweety what are you doing here"? "Coming to see you". " With your shirt off and baby oil on it"? "Oh yeah Coach has us put baby oil on before we work out so the sweat just falls off our bodies". " So you work out at 8:30 in the morning"? " No, I work out at 7:20 to 8:15, that's how I got this sixpack your staring at". " Alright you want to come in"? "Nope I want you to come with me sexy".

I said as I grabed her hand. " Where are we going"? " You'll see". I said as we got in the car. Me and Alex had been driving for about 35min. " We have driving awhile where are we going"? " Were here". "Its so beautiful"! "Thanks it's my house and I do me mine my parents put it in my name because there always gone so they call this my house to". " Wow, so what are we doing here"?

" We are going inside a going to sleep". " What"! " Ya, that's the suprise". "But it's 9 something"! " Your telling me that you would be awake right now if I didn't wake you up"? I told her with unbelef. "Come on let's go inside". We came in the house and Alex was amazed by it.

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" Oh my god this is the most beautiful house I've ever seen". " thanks now let me show you the bed room"! I lead Alex to the bed room where I brought her to my bed and slow started to kiss her neck as we started to lye on my bed.

" Jason, I don't think this is right". " Ok then I will stop". I said as I stopes kissing her".

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" No but I don't want you to stop I want you to have sex with me but I'm not sure if your not just another one of he guys that's just what to be the one to pop my cherry"!

" Alex I'm not and I'll want if you want me to we don't have to have sex". "But I want to"! As soon as she said that I jumped on top of her. I started to take her clothes and she started to take my off.

As soon as I got her top off I sucked and played with her nipples. "Ohhhh ohh God that feels so good"! Then I went to her hairless untouched pussy. "Auuu Don't stop Ohhh ohh God". "Auuu I want your cock"! So I got up took off my pants and brought my cock to her.

"Holy shit your cock is huge, how big is it, I don't think it will fit"! I laught a little and said "it's 9inches". "I don't think I can handle all 9inches it's my first time".

" Its going to be painful no matter what".

I said as I put the tip of my cock at her pussy. "Your right give me you big hot manly cock" Alex said as sexy as she could. So I did. "mmmh" "Are you ok"? "Yes" After a little she started moaning again. "Auu ohhh ohhhh"! "Your cock is so big I can feel every part of it ohhh" "Oh ohhh ohhhhhhh god I-I'm cumming"! We layed there her in my arm and we fell asleep.