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Paula's Nipples - Intro: At my age some of my friends who got married early have daughters already old enough to have kids themselves, at least biologically old enough. Few 17 year old girls in our society want to get pregnant. "Paula" may have still been a virgin last summer, though if she was, she certainly didn't brag about it.

There's an obvious attraction between us. At least, her attraction to me is obvious to both of us.

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We silently agree to ignore it because I'm 20 years older than her. But I think it pleases her to know she can give me an erection any time she wants just by smiling at me. She's done it intentionally, as a joke, a few times in very inappropriate places. The last two summers Paula was legally old enough to be a consenting adult. As long as her boyfriends were also over sixteen they could have had legal sex.

But until she turned 18 last January, she would have needed her parents' permission to get married! In fact, this bombshell, who regularly sunbathes nude where there are hundreds of other nudists, couldn't legally pose naked for pictures until this year.

Just photographing her huge, beautiful nipples would be considered "child pornography"! She says she's posed for boyfriends since around the age of fourteen, no big deal for a girl growing up in a family of nudist.

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She and her admirers can pretend the pictures were all taken recently. I've known Paula's parents about four years, and met her and her younger sister almost immediately. But it wasn't until last summer when I went to visit them while they were vacationing at the beach that I got a really good view of the two daughters. A good view was difficult to avoid. Both of them, the seventeen year old and the fifteen year old were sunbathing nude, and they don't hide anything.

For that matter, I and her parents were also naked. Her mother is a beautiful woman, and was only 39 last summer. But with the two girls there it was hard to give her the attention her body deserves. Karla could care less, of course. I think she loves watching the bees being attracted to the younger honey. Of course, this left me as the odd ball, too old to be part of the camp followers, and Karla is my good friend's wife. I had to keep reminding junior that everything was strictly plutonic.

In the evenings, away from the beach, everyone wore clothes, though the three females wore very little. They seemed to favor very thin, translucent sundresses around the cabin, and even Karla skipped the usual bra and panties. If one of the three girls was looking in my direction I could see her nipples through the material.

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In fact, with them in these dresses I could still see quite plainly that Jennifer and Karla shaved while Paula didn't. And yet, the way they were dressed was modest compared to their afternoon attire. Paula acted as if she was dressed like a nun, as if she didn't still look like a riot about to happen. Even her younger sister could have started fights by smiling at two different boys at the same time. Anyway, it was relaxing not having to worry about avoiding an erection.

I wasn't, but with jeans on it didn't hit you in the face. I imagine even my friend noticed, and the three females obviously did. Paula assumed it was mostly pointed in her direction and was probably right. She likes that sort of thing almost as much as flashing her body down at the beach.

She would never discourage such a compliment by embarrassing her admirer. I quote her: "I don't think men like that type of embarrassment the way lots of girls do. I love it when I wet myself and the guy sees it!" For some reason Paula liked spending time with me when there weren't any boys her age around for heartbreaking. I would have gladly given her my heart to tear into small pieces, but we won't go there, nor did she. Instead she decided to become friends.

Under other circumstances, especially with someone this pretty and friendly but more my own age I would have been disappointed with mere "friendship". But with this young angel it was more than a thirty-eight year old guy deserves. Anyway, I told her about XNXX and that I'd opened a membership and was writing a lot of stuff, but hadn't yet posted anything.

Of course, I didn't actually show her the site, after all she was only 17! But I didn't try to keep any secrets and she knows her way around the internet better than I do. Apparently she'd already discovered the site but hadn't bothered exploring it and didn't even notice the stories area. This spring she e-mailed me a short essay about herself and asked me to post it. It sounds like she wrote it last summer but waited until she was 18 to send it to me. We didn't discuss me adding an intro, so she won't see what I've written until it gets posted.

Let me add this: Paula's a lot more of a knockout than she claims, and also more of a flirt. And her sister Jennifer is a very close second. Another thing large female nipples run in their family. Paula just has the biggest of the three pairs. ---------------------------------- Paula ---------------------------------- I'm a nudist. I'm not totally an exhibitionist, maybe just a wanna be. You see, a nudist takes off her clothes when it's socially acceptable. Some women only do that and don't have any urge to flash.

Most attractive young women at least have fantasies about doing bendovers in front of a male audience. I have those daydreams, and have done a little streaking. It's never quite as entertaining as I imagine it will be. But it's always more exciting than walking around naked on a beach where everyone else is naked and the guys are pointedly not staring at my nipples and pussy. (I assume they are checking out my ass in great detail.

They do it to every girl that walks by or even stands still facing the other direction. We know they're doing it and I, myself, love it!) There's not much unusual about my delta. Even last summer when I was shaving, my bare lips didn't attract much attention, at least not when I was looking at the man in question.


Any time you look away the guys are always taking the opportunity to check out your female parts. But most of the nudist girls my age were shaving, although most of their mothers weren't. This spring I didn't shave immediately because I knew displaying pubic hair would make me a bit unusual, at least for a teenager.

But I'm going to change that, maybe tonight. The hair may be unusual, but it also makes me feel less naked. There's also not much unusual about my breasts. They're average, C size and shape. Like a majority of seventeen year old girls, mine are firm and don't droop.


I'm hoping they'll stay that way as I get older. My mom's still look great! But no one pays much attention to my tits, because if you look at them you can hardly avoid seeing my nipples. They're huge, not my aureoles, the nipples themselves, a half inch in diameter and almost an inch long when I'm aroused. And I'm always aroused whenever anyone even looks at them, including me! I guess I don't know what size they are when I'm sleeping. Twice I've had pre-adolescence boys come up to me when I'm sitting on my towel and ask me if they can touch them.

They may have been too young to realize what it does to a girl when a boy touches her spigots, even an eight year old boy. One of these times was last year when I was sixteen, and there was a young man sitting next to me, a cute boy, about a year older than me.

I was really interested in him and was glad he'd finally gotten the courage to come over and talk. I should have been embarrassed, but he was blushing enough for both of us.

Until a young man gets comfortable with the idea that we liked being looked at, our nudity is usually much more embarrassing to him than us. And yet they all love looking at us. My new admirer was no exception.

I was holding my thighs a bit apart, so he could see my slit if he wanted. Like most males, he was taking peeks every time I looked the other way. But because of my unusual features, he was spending almost all of his peek time studying my nipples. Actually, looking at a girl's tits on a nudist beach isn't as inappropriate as her crotch. Sometimes the older, more confident boys will actually compliment you on having lovely ones, like they were talking about your dress or hair style in another situation.

And if you smile than you've given them permission to look all they want! If he has the balls to say something nice about your tits, it's a win-win for him. And it's a win-win for you if you like having your tits admired. I always smile back. In my case it's my nipples he means, even when he says breasts. He might say "tits" if he wants to talk slightly dirty.

The more confident ones seem to know they can make my pussy wet even quicker by calling my knockers "tits" instead of "breasts".

It's funny how among ourselves, girls my age use every raunchy word we know to describe our breasts, and I imagine guys are even worse. But in mixed company even having mine called "tits" instead of "breasts" is titillating.


When the eight year old walked up to me, the seventeen year old boy next to me had been acting as if nothing existed below my neck. We were both acting as if I had neither tits nor breasts. But the little eight year old had broken the shell, and neither Roger nor I could put Humpty back together. I certainly didn't want to, and hopefully he also welcomed this excuse to study my best points.

Naturally I let the boy touch them. I love having them touched as much as looked at. Even inside my bra I get turned on sometimes when something brushes against my chest.

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For me, just hugging a man is usually erotic. The boy, unfortunately, was only curious and contented himself with pressing one a little, then wandered off. It left me feeling weak and frustrated.

I turned toward my slightly older male friend looking at him for help and I knew I'd have to ask for it. If he understood my distress it only made him blush harder. "Roger," I said, "I have a problem and we need to go for a walk." There was a lot of open beach. The nudists, including my parents, my sister, and myself usually congregated in this spot because we enjoyed the company of other nudists. But all along the beach there were isolated groups, usually couples. Most of them were nudist, or at least naked.

There's a slight difference. I grabbed a towel and the boy's hand and headed south. Either direction would have been the same. We didn't take suits and in either direction you hit a public beach after walking about a mile.

The traditional meeting ground was right in the middle with the smaller groups of nudists spread out about a half mile in either direction. When Jennifer and I went for walks we always made it a point to pass the last nudist couple, making the two of us momentarily the two naked pussies closest to the public beach. Sometimes we actually went so far that we could see the lifeguards up in their chairs, and they could certainly see us. From that distance they couldn't see that we weren't simply wearing beige bikinis.

But they knew we weren't because we looked nude and had come from the nudist beach. However, the guards are all hunks, not much older than us. The cops who infrequently patrolled the beach were the only ones who'd hassle two attractive girls for being naked. With Roger in hand I wanted to go a short distance and find some semi-privacy. Less than a quarter of a mile away we found a spot where the nearest neighbors wouldn't be too close. Actually we could see them and they us, but we all gave each other as much privacy as possible.

As far as I could tell, no couples were actually engaged in coitus, but it's harder to tell when the two people making out are naked and you're trying not to notice anyhow. Although only about four hundred yards away from where the main group was, just being that far away and alone with a boy was a first for me.

I'd made out with boys before, but never on the nudist beach.

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I quickly realized that while Roger was a year older than me he was less experienced. I felt even more flattered that he'd earlier gotten up the courage to come over and say hello. As I spread the towel and spread myself out on it I was almost expecting him to jump on top of me and ravish me.

I won't say whether that would have been my first time. But Roger didn't jump in with both feet or with something even better. He just sat on the edge of the towel mesmerized by my body. Obviously I was giving him permission and he even managed to pull his eyes away from my record size nipples to look at my slightly opened pussy lips. But it seemed like he thought that was all I wanted. I wanted more, I just hadn't decided how much more or what I'd be willing to do where people could see us.

"Roger. The reason is that boy stirred me up. Maybe if he'd touched both nipples, perhaps tweak them, I'd be OK.

Now I need your help. Will you please lean over and kiss them?" I won't go into any more detail, but I enjoyed what he did and found a degree of relief. It didn't go as far as I'd have liked, or even as far as I'd done before. But having my nipples sucked is probably the thing I like most that isn't actually sex, not even oral sex.

And I have an awful lot of nipple to suck, two of them. I think my pleasure is proportional to their size. ---- ps: I'm sorry Paula didn't go into more detail.

But she's not an XNXX author. I'm surprised she's as open about herself as she is. Yet she did expect this to be read by more guys than myself because she explains a lot of things I already know.