Curvy Slut Bends Over For Cock

Curvy Slut Bends Over For Cock
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Just before summer break last year, I got together with a girl named Kate at my badminton club. At the time, I was fifteen and she fourteen. She had long, straight blonde hair, cute eyes and long, slender legs. As we were still in school at the time (and going to two adjacent, but different schools) seeing each other was set for any free time we had.

So I suggested that we sneak out of school at lunchtimes and meet up at the park, just a little way away. So, the following Saturday (which was the day badminton club occurred on), we decided to go on Monday. Monday came and it was soon lunchtime. I crept round the back of the old woodwork buildings, and out across the train tracks. Walking up and right I came to the tree where Kate would meet me. I removed my school blazer to hide the fact that really I should have been back at school.

This was great, my heart racing at the prospect of being caught with an awesomely hot girl during lunch!

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A few minutes passed and finally Kate appeared round the corner. She was wearing her pink and white uniform blouse and grey skirt, but had stuffed her jumper into her satchel.

She grinned at me and ran over, embracing me as we met; our mouths meeting, our tongues dancing, her breasts pushing into my chest.


We broke the embrace and looked at each other. "Ready then?" I asked, a grin flickering across my face. Kate, nodded and I held her hand as we walked off in the direction of the park. After crossing a busy main road we made it to the park. We walked and talked 'til we reached the edge of the wood which bordered the park where we dumped our bags at the base of an old oak.

"Let's run!" said Kate, taking my hand and pulling me away from the tree. So we did, running across the field of browning grass, arriving knackered at the fields border where the grass was longer and wilder.

Together, we fell down into this grass, panting and staring at each other. I kissed Kate's forehead and moved the strands of hair that had falled over her face. She smiled at me and we kissed, my arm holding her to me. I could feel her bra strap underneath her thin blouse. I moved myself closer to her so that she rolled off her side onto her back. Now, still kissing her, I moved my hand to her left breast, still underneath her blouse and bra.

I massaged it and her eyes opened, as we kissed, meeting with mine and her cheeks turning red. I stopped kissing her and she looked up at me, shyly.

She reached out her and and held mine, moving it to the top of her blouse to where the buttons started. She let my hand go there and smiled. Slowly, I began unbuttoning her blouse, her perfect skin showing more and more with each button. I could see her breasts bulging out of the padding of her bra, the line which ran through the middle, the strap holding the two cups together.

Two buttons to go; her tummy button and flat stomach show. And finally, I pulled the two sides of her blouse away over her sidestretched arms, revealing her wonderful slender body to me. She was wearing a black bra, through which I could see evidence of her nipples.

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Her chest was rising and falling fairly fast and she was gazing at me with her cute, mossy green eyes. I reached forwards and ran my hand from where her hair had rested on her shoulder, over her left breast and down over her stomach, to the eaist band of her skirt. I removed my shirt, leaning formard and kissing Kate again, feeling the rise and fall of her breasts against my chest.

She put her arms around me and i moved my left leg in between the two of hers. I moved my left hand down over her again, this time not stopping at her waistband but moving down to her left leg. As I stroked it, I felt her legs tighten around my left leg, but I kept stoking and kissing her. I began to move my left hand up to where her skirt began and started pulling it up over her legs.

Her breathing was getting heavier still, I could feel her nipples through her bra now. I kept pulling her skirt, up, up, up, over the tops of her thighs, up and up.

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I felt it give nad realised that I must have brought it above her hips now. I released her from our embrace and we both looked at each other, love between us like electricity in a wire.

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I looked down to her waist and saw her skirt now inside out and pulled above her waistline, her amazing hips, her pretty white panties covering her pussy, my leg between hers. I shifted myself from over her, resting on the leg between hers. She propped herself on her elbows, her chest rising and falling heavily. She moved one of her legs to and fro, teasing me as I looked at her panties.

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I reached forward and grabbed the waistband of them, and slowly pulled them down to reveal her almost hairless, fourteen-year-old mound.

Only a few blonde hairs showed. I pulled more and revealed the rest of her pussy, which made her close her legs as well as she could.

I continued to pull her panties off, over her knees and over her feet, dropping them next to where I'd put my shirt. I looked at Kate, now completely naked apart from her bra. She looked at me - me still wearing my trousers. I unbucked my belt, and pulled my trousers away, revealing my boxers and evident erection.I slipped my cock out of them and let them fall to the floor.

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I held her knees and began parting them, pushing them towards her body too. I could see her pussy, already very moist and becoming wider as i parted her legs. I put my arms through onto either side of her hips now, pulling my hips towards hers.

I moved up untill my face was level with hers and kissed her. I rested on my knees and used my hands to push her bra up and reveal her perfect breasts, each nipple erect as I carressed them. Kate let out a sigh and closed her eyes. I looked down to her hips and saw my cock throbbing, waiting, her legs up above my hips, bent at the knees.

I lowered my body towards hers and touched the tip of my penis to her pussy, which made her tense up for a moment, then relax.


I did it again, this time using my right hand to guide my cock to her dripping hole, sliding it in a little way. Kate let out a little squeal and opened her eyes, her breathing now harder than ever.

I pushed into her with my cock forcing my way further into her and meeting with her hymen, at which she let out a gasp. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and I pushed again, this time pushing through into her unexplored depths. Kate was whimpering now, so I kissed her and she kissed me, her whimpers fading, her pussy clenching my dick. I began to move in and out of her, moving my hips against hers.

I raised myself on my hands and watched her breasts move in time with my thrusts. I loked down to Kate's pussy and saw my dick stretching her lips. She was moving her hips to meet mine, her breathing getting harder, her legs tightening around my hips.

I looked at her face, her eyes closed, her cheeks flushed, her mouth letting out little 'uhhs' at every thrust I made. I was going to come any minute! "I'm going to come Ollie, I'm going to come" gasped Kate, as her pussy tightened around my penis causing me to release my cum into her.

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She was letting out screams as she bucked against me, finally the two of us a heap on the grass, panting. *** We did get back to school that day, in time for our assemblys too! Me and Kate are still together and enjoy each other just like that first day.