Barbara de shortinho roxo em casa muito safada e gostosa

Barbara de shortinho roxo em casa muito safada e gostosa
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Suspicion By Blueheatt "How come your late, where have you been!" she asked. "I was attacked by this girl, I'll tell you all about it tonight," I told her. Her face lit up as she kissed me, and said: "Was she really hot, tell me ,tell me now!" "No, tonight, right now my dick is tired." She said: "The phone man came today, and he was so cute, and I could see he got a boner talking to me, in my see thru night gown.

Finally he just grabbed me and threw me on the bed."…&hellip. I said: "Stop!""Tell me tonight, but&hellip.did he rape you?" "Yes!, and made me give him oral sex too!" That night we got naked in bed and got all ready for the story's of our day.

I said lady's first, and she began. --------------------- "The phone guy came early and I wasn't dressed yet. I had on my see through light blue night gown. (my girlfriend is 5'2", nice 34c tits, long blond hair and great figure.) He stared at me in a naughty way, I quick covered up with my arms. He went to work on the connection, he was sitting on the floor. I squatted down beside him.

I saw him trying to see up my gown. I said: "Why don't you just take a picture, it will last longer". He never said a word, just looked at me with those nasty eyes of his.

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I told him to hurry up, because I wanted to take a shower. I stood up and pulled up my gown, to scratch my hip. His nasty eyes watched me. I said: "Your work is down there, not up here." Still he said nothing. I got down on my knees to watch him. He looked right down my gown at my tits. I said, "These aren't for you mister, just look at your work." He stood up, he was tall with dark wavy hair. He smelled good and had a great build.

He put his hand out to help me stand up. He kissed my hand! I jerked it away. I said "These hands are for my husband, buster!" Still, he never said a word.

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I got in his face and said, "Are you though yet, boy?" His filthy eyes scanned my body. I said, "What are you looking at, take your lusty eyes and leave!" He had a huge boner in his pants. I looked and pointed at it, I said, "How disgusting! Can't you find a girlfriend, phone boy??" His face got red, he was getting real mad now.

Before I knew it, he had my arms held behind me and was kissing me hard! His hot lusty breath in my mouth.

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I couldn't move or yell out. He put his tongue in my mouth. I could have bit it, but I didn't, for some reason. His tongue was warm and wild. He was holding my arms behind my back. I was helpless. I stopped her story to say: "Why that son of a bitch, I'll have him in jail, and get him fired!" She said, "Oh no no no!, I don't think he ment to, I'll handle it dear. He's coming back tomorrow, I have a nice talk with him and I'm sure he'll say he's sorry." "He picked me up with his strong arms, as I kicked my legs trying to get away, He was still kissing me so I couldn't yell.

He tossed me on our bed, took a roll of duct tape off his belt. I said: "What are you doing!" Before I knew it he taped my mouth and then my wrists behind my back.

He slowly began to take his work belt off, and unzipped his pants. My eyes were open wide as I stared at his huge dick. He parted my legs and lifted my gown up past my tits. He looked at me with his lusty eyes and started feeling my tits. He licked them, and this made me moan. He slid down and started licking my pussy. I couldn't do a thing to stop him dear." "Yes I know dear, you poor thing, please go on." "He then put his dick in my pussy and started fucking me fast, I couldn't moan out like I do with you honey.

He fucked me hard and came in me big, and I couldn't help but climax. He then got off me and set me on the edge of the bed. He held his finger up to his mouth for me to be quiet, and slowly pull off the duct tape off my mouth. I couldn't just yell out, now could I." "No dear, now go on." "Next thing I knew he put his nasty dick in my mouth, and started jacking it fast.

He grabbed my head and rammed his dick in deep and after a while I felt his hot cum flood my mouth.

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I swallowed it so as to not make him mad. He took the tape off my wrists and smiled. I told him "You better come back tomorrow and finish your work!", and then he left. I said "You poor thing, did he hurt you?" "Well, my pussy and mouth are sore, my tits ache, but no, not really." I said: " I had a woman pull a gun on me today in the mall parking lot. She said to get in the back of her van. She said for me to get on my back and keep quiet. She took my pants down and started sucking my dick.

She was so nasty. She held the gun to my head and said I'd better cum in her mouth or else! There was nothing I could do dear, you understand." "Yes dear, you poor thing." she said.


"She opened up her blouse first and made me suck her big tits a while, then lifted up her dress with no panties on and sat on my face! She turned and made me lick her pussy, against my will. She came in my face, squirting her juice and squirming all around while she jacked and sucked on my dick.


She made me cum big right in her mouth. Then she made me get out of the van and just drove away, no kiss goodbye, no nothing." With our stories told, I jumped on top of her and told her I didn't buy her story. "You led him on you little cheater!

I'm just going to have to punish you for telling lies". She grabbed my dick and stroked it and said: "A lady in a van? Bullshit!, you've been messing around on me, you fucker! No pussy for you tonight!" I whispered: " what if I fix your phone?" She whispered back: "wanna ride in my van?" She slipped away from me, and ran out of the bedroom. I was right after her. She tried to hide in a closet, I found her. Down on the floor we went, she started giggling. I said: "I'm here to plug in your phone lady." I held her down and kissed her tits.

She moaned and pulled on my back, then put her legs around me. She was out of breath, and put her tongue deep in my mouth. We gasped and kissed over and over. I whispered: " What's all this 'no pussy tonight' stuff?" She said to shut up and fuck her hard. I felt her hot legs and wet pussy as she lifted it up high, trembling. She moaned and pushed my head down to her pussy.

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She moaned loud…"OH gezzzzz".as I nibbled her clit. I whispered that: "I was the phone man, gone crazy with desire, I had to have her." She squirmed and put my dick in her.

She gasped out: "I have a gun, and you better fuck me good!!!" Our stories had made us so hot we started fucking furiously.

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We both moaned out as we knew what was on the way. "EEEEhhhhhh.oh god oh god OH GOD!!" she moaned, and clamped her body to mine and buried my dick in as deep as it would go. I felt my sore balls churn and pull up tight. She yelled out "OH BABY!!

YESSSS!", as my cum shot out stream after stream in her soaked pussy. She clamped her pussy walls down on me and shook over and over and cried out in moaning pleasure.

After a long while, she rolled me over. She wanted more, and turned to suck on my dick. The juices intoxicated her and she started to jack me for more. I had her pussy in my face, licking her clit and probing her with my tongue. All I heard was mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMMMM and she deep throated me. I couldn't hold back and let go with more hot loads in her mouth, running out the sides as she tried to swallow it all.


A few days later, I came home and in the evening I ask her:, "How was your day dear?" She said: "You won't believe what the paper boy did to me today!" I said: " You won't believe what your SISTER did to me last night while you were asleep!"… We smiled and went straight to bed&hellip.