Best pussy I ever had Take a look

Best pussy I ever had Take a look
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The money that was rolling in from Donald's company was just phenomenal and within three months I'd easily banked well into a six figure sum and that just added to the big stash Fiona had already earned since becoming 'closer' as she was now known.

It was obvious from the huge sums I was banking that Alice and Sian were performing admirably and seemed to of settled into their new 'closer' roles with ease. The trouble is my whores were spending more and more time at the warehouse fucking and closing deals and I wasn't getting as much pussy as I'd liked and was getting bored.

It's not that I was unhappy about them being there because that didn't bother me at all, I knew come the end of the year I'd be moving on with my three whores and a whopping great bank account to boot.

I just need to get out and look for some pussy; so I applied for a job with a security firm moving confidential packages. Seven weeks after applying and undergoing a vigorous interview, I was offered the job and set to start the following Monday. The weekend flew by and before long I was heading the short distance to my new place of work.

There were two shifts in operation, a morning shift which started at seven and an afternoon shift that started at one. I was in at seven and arrived at the base at six forty five because you never want to show up late on your first day do you!? There was at least forty other drivers on the morning start and all stood around in little groups chatting away and it wasn't long before I got chatting to a couple of blokes.

They seemed friendly enough and they gave me a quick low down on how things went in the morning. The base manager would come round at seven and hand you your delivery sheet for the day and you'd then pick your keys up from the key safe and head off to your collection point, so far it all sounded real simple.

By ten past seven everyone had been given a run except me and I was called into the office. "Hi, take a seat" the dark haired girl behind the desk invited me to sit opposite her on the other chair. She introduced herself as Rachel the base manager and then told me she'd give me a quick half hour chat about the procedures we followed. To be honest she lost me after about five minutes as I was engrossed at looking at her beautiful face and perfect little tits that were be done justice in her tight fitted white shirt; her white bra with blue trim was visible if the sunlight caught her right and I could feel a little stirring in my trousers as my mind thought about what she'd look like naked.

About half way through the talk she got up to fetch some forms from a cabinet in the corner and I wasn't disappointed when she bent slightly; making her black trousers tighten around her small pert bottom showing me the clear outline of her knickers, which if I wasn't mistaken were probably French knickers. I figured that Rachel was around twenty six and a size eight, she was maybe five foot five with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes and I had to say a very fine piece of pussy.

Over the next three or four weeks I gradually made friends with a lot of the staff and found it real easy to get on with them and make conversation, it's during these friendly chats that I'd found out Rachel was single after being in a violent relationship and was well known for being a right cock tease, especially at Christmas parties where I'm told that when tarted up she looked stunning.

The more I heard the more I thought about fucking her and the more I thought about it the greater the urge became. About seven weeks in I was on afternoons and it just happened that Rachel was covering the late office shift and would be required to stay on until the last vehicle was back and she could lock up the base. On my way back from London I'd ended up braking down near Luton so had rang Rachel and told her I would be really late, like nearer midnight as it was nine o clock at the time and I still had to wait for the RAC.

"That's fine I'll still be here because I'll need to lock up just let me know when your back on the road please" No problem I'd said before hanging up and settling in for a long wait for the RAC.

Thirty minutes later to my surprise the RAC rolled up and within fifteen minutes had replaced a clip on my fan and I was back on the road. I juiced up the vehicle further up the motorway and hit base at around ten fifty.

"SHIT" I shouted at myself as I parked up and saw the light on in Rachel's office on the second floor, I'd forgot to ring ahead to say I was on route. Oh well I thought its too late now and looking round the car park I was definitely the last vehicle back. I hung my keys in the key safe and headed down to Rachel's office to hand in my delivery sheet and RAC repair notice.

"ARRRGHHH shit what you bloody doing get out" Rachel screamed as she swivelled round on her chair and ducked behind the desk. It was too late I'd already seen the dildo buried in her pussy as she was laid back in her chair with one leg on the desk.

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What Rachel didn't know about me was is that I never ever miss an opportunity to take control of a situation when the cards seem to be in my hand. "Now Rachel why the hell would I want to get out when I could stay and watch the show?" "Just get out will you, fucking pervert" "Pervert!!

You are calling me a pervert when you the one with your trousers and knickers round your ankles and a dildo buried in your cunt" I said approaching the desk that she was trying her hardest to hide behind. "Look just get out will you and I won't say anything" "HAHA Rachel I think it's me who should be telling you that I won't say anything" I said edging round the desk to her side as I pulled my phone from my pocket and activated the camera. "What……what the fuck are you doing?

Put that away" Snap, snap, snap, snap,snap.

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I fired off five quick shots capturing Rachel trying to shield herself but I was able to catch her bare legs, a little bit of her pubic area and the dildo itself that was now on the floor glistening with Rachel's juices.

She looked up at me fear and apprehension in her eyes a vulnerability that I'm sure she wasn't used to when she was prick teasing at the Christmas parties.

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I moved forward and picked up the dildo from the floor and stood in front of her holding it, she was looking at me and at the dildo the fear still visible in her eyes. The dildo was one of them six inch metal shiny ones with a black bit at the end to hold, just a nice size for a women's handbag if she ever needs a little fiddle during the day.

Rachel obviously had the urge for a little fiddle but didn't bank on me being back so soon. I then lifted the dildo towards my face and held it under my nose so that I could smell the juice her pussy had left on the dildo shaft, she smelt good. her eyes grew wide as I turned the dildo and opened my mouth pushing it inside and sucking her cunt juice off the metal shaft as I pulled it back from my mouth.

"Um Um you taste wonderful Rachel" I stepped forward so that I was almost upon her in the chair and used the dildo in my right hand to hook under her right knee that was over her left hiding her honeypot. I lifted her leg up and pushed it across so that when I dropped it down there was my left leg in the way; I was actually very surprised at the minimal resistance Rachel had offered up as I'd moved her leg but she'd dropped her hands in front of her pussy as the next barrier.

I again used the dildo to lift her right wrist and hand that was over her left and threw it to one side, again the resistance was minimal so I did exactly the same with the left hand and wrist by lifting it from hiding her pussy and throwing it to the opposite side.


Her neatly trimmed cunt was now exposed and I took a moment to look at its perfection. I bent down and lifted her left leg and placed it down my right side so that her heel was on the desk, I was now between her legs and her moist lips now totally exposed. "Has anybody ever told you that you have a beautiful pussy Rachel?" She shook her head as if unable to speak. I turned the metal dildo towards her and aimed it at her little wet entrance and found the opening with ease and slid the dildo back inside her tight little pussy until my fingertips touched her bald moist flaps.


I eased the fake cock out and pushed back in several times making sure each time the whole dildo entered her and my fingers meet her folds; after maybe ten strokes I stopped and told her to carry on fucking herself using the same strokes that I was. I watched her first three strokes until I was satisfied she was doing it properly and then I leant down to unbutton her white shirt after removing her cravat.

I unbuttoned the eight buttons and let her shirt fall open leaving her boobs covered for the moment by her white bra. I ran my hand over her gorgeous tanned flat stomach a few times before reaching behind her back and unclipping her bra in one quick movement.

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As I bought my hands to the front I pulled her bra from her breasts and she was now fully exposed and naked. I looked at the little label in her autograph marks and spencers bra and was pleasantly surprised at the size 36b, the white shirt didn't do these pert little beauties justice that was for sure.

Her nipples were small and hard like tiny little lego cubes and her small areola was really pink.

"You've also got a cracking pair of tits Rachel" I said just before I leant in and took her right nipple in my mouth and her left breast in my right hand which I began to maul roughly which momentarily made Rachel moan and gasp. The bitch was beginning to love this. That's when I stood up and pulled the dildo from her cunt and put it on the desk replacing it with my index finger, oh yeah she had a nice tight pussy alright as there wasn't too much room even with only one finger in her.

I pulled out and placed my middle finger next to my wet index finger and worked both my fingers back into her tight wet hole, rotating them and pulling them open a little stretching her a little wider bit by bit.

My finger work was having the desired effect as slowly my two fingers began moving in and out of her with growing ease until I was able to pump her hard and fast enough so that Rachel was forced to close her eyes and little out continuous little gasps. I was time Rachel had some fat cock in her mouth instead of her receiving the pleasure. I stood up and leant back against the desk and she opened her eyes looking first at her vacant pussy and then up at me as if I was going to immediately bury my fingers back in her cunt because she was my manager.

Think again I thought, I think Rachel was starting to think she was in control of this situation. I undid my belt and loosened it off and then popped open the button on my trousers before lowering my fly and pushing them around my ankles, my boxers soon followed and my stiffening six incher was growing before her very eyes.

I knew full well that the length wouldn't impress her as it hadn't so many girls beforehand but by the time I'd given it a few strokes and it was fully erect he eyes were wide and transfixed on the short very thick cock before her. I stepped away from the desk so that my dick was hovering in front of her about arm's length away but wasn't moving ant further.

"It won't suck its fucking self you stupid whore get up her and get your mouth round it" I think the change in my tone of voice and attitude shocked her from her trance and she sprang up almost hitting her face in to my helmet but with a slight readjustment she was soon opening her mouth as wide as possible and cramming as much of my helmet and shaft into her mouth as possible .After about a minute I didn't think her efforts were what I was used to so I grabbed her face on either side and forced my dick further inside until she gagged and spluttered so I pushed her away so she could quickly get her breath before I filled her mouth and throat again.

I enjoyed fucking her small mouth for a few minutes but soon wanted to get my dick somewhere wetter and warmer so I pulled her to her feet and lay her back across her own desk; sending paperwork crashing off the other side.

Once on the desk I spread her legs and pulled her towards the edge where my hard cock was waiting like a swollen battering ram. Once she was on the edge only centimetres from my helmet I pushed forward between her folds until my cock got squeezed as my helmet entered between her pussy walls. "God your tight" I said as I slowly fed my shaft inside her, her cunt walls gripping me all the way pushing my foreskin back all the way down until my groin bone ground into her body stopping my dick from going any further.

Rachel's face was screwed up with her eyes closed and teeth gritted as she repeated over and over "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" I held my myself inside her letting her pussy get used to being so full and after she'd stopped saying oh my god I pulled out and began fucking her gradually increasing the force and speed of my thrusts until I was pumping her at a steady pace.

She came for the first time about four minutes into our fucking and she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me deep inside as I felt every muscle in her pussy walls constrict along the length of my shaft as her body convulsed and her pussy leaked. The added lubrication only allowed me to fuck her with more freedom and I held her hips and really hammered her hard making her have another orgasm less than three minutes later; only this time her tight constricting pussy literally sucked the come from my balls and I unloaded a huge load deep inside her hungry hole.

I pulled out and pulled up my trousers and walked out the office leaving her spread-eagled on her own desk with a stretched out pussy leaking spunk. I was hoping for a late finish tomorrow…………&hellip.