Hatsuka loves going to her gyno for her yearly pussy checkups

Hatsuka loves going to her gyno for her yearly pussy checkups
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Stepping out of the limo Lacey relished the cool night air on her flushed body. Leaning against the cold metal for support she tried to calm her racing nerves. Never in her life would she view a limo the same again. Every inch of her screamed in need and demanded completion. How could he do that to her. He seemed so heartless sometimes.

Bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop and leave her hungry and unsated. Looking over at Antonio as he stepped out he looked so calm, unfazed even. Bastard…She couldn't help thinking to herself. Before the night was through he was either going to fuck her or she would have to take matters into her own hands.

Literally! He looked so sexy standing next to her, staring at her with his chocolate eyes. The stark desire in those dark pools as they raked up and down her approvingly had her ready to melt. Extending his elbow she looped her arm through and entered a nearby restaurant.

A cascade of smells assaulted her. Her stomach growled in protest. She hadn't even realize she was hungry. The room was crowded with people talking and laughing while enjoying their dishes. She had never been here before but immediately recognized the Italian dishes. The hostess greeted them politely with a smile and led them to a dimly lit alcove where a small table sat alone. The table was beautifully adorned in rose cotton and white lace under a glass top.

A single candle burned in the center with two crystal shakers beside it. Seating them she gave them each a menu and set the table with their utensils. He placed an order for a bottle of wine and she left to retrieve it.

"This&hellip.everything is so beautiful. Why are you doing all this for me?" She had to ask. The corset, the dress and jewelry. Now this. What had she done to deserve all this. She was just a regular girl working regular hours trying to survive in a regular…well maybe slightly ran down apartment.

When she was with him she felt like a queen. He always made her feel so special, important for a change. "Am I not allowed to spoil my ladies. Your beautiful and should be treated as such. Just relax and enjoy your evening. Trust me its only just beginning." Antonio's devilish grin put her on edge. What was he planning? She was scared only for a fleeting second instantly replaced with excitement.

She needed this. It was time to take her mind off work and everyday life. Letting him take control and completely letting go would give herself nice reprieve. If the time they shared in the limo was any indication of things to come she was in. Whole heartedly. She would let him do whatever he wanted. Glancing at him one more time she picked up the menu and started skimming the selection.

It started low. A faint fluttering distracted her from the menu. It felt good whatever it was. Looking around the room she tried to find the source. Nothing. What in the world? She went back to the menu but the sensation continued. After a few minutes it had increased enough that she again had to put the menu down and really concentrated at looking around the room. Where was that vibration coming from. It felt really good actually.

She had just finally calmed her nerves from the limo ride. She was still very aroused from that gel he had put on her. Every movement she made sent tingles through her pussy. Shifting in her chair that's when she felt it. The bullet!!

She looked at Antonio with stark realization. "Not here.

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Please Sir not here" She whispered, pleading with him already knowing the plan was set in motion. It frightened her, it excited her. Glancing at the door she thought about leaving. How would she get home? She didn't even know where she was at.

Still he kept increasing the speed ever so slightly. She starting shifting in the chair trying to ease the building ache. That only fed the sensations flowing off her clit. The bullet kept on vibrating, the gel kept on tingling. He kept on looking at the menu as if nothing was going on. If she wasn't such a lady she would reach across the table and slap that sinful expression off his face.

"Are you going to find something to order? We have somewhere else to go after this." He asked so calmly so matter of factly. The smug look in his eyes and the mischievous smile tugging at the corner of his lips told her he knew exactly what he was doing to her. "How the hell do you expect me to concentrate when you are doing this shit to me? Get me out of here or turn this damn thing off before I take it out. " She said it even though she didn't mean it.

But it was out and she knew she was in trouble. Antonio put the menu down and leaned forward a dark menacing look in his expression. Oh no!! Just then the waitress appeared to take their order. He spoke calmly. " Well to start with I think we will get an order of the Calamari." Looking at the menu again he added. "Ill have the Pastello Di Pesce with steamed broccoli. No salt on the broccoli and make sure the fish is cooked thoroughly. For desert I want the Timballo Di Pere, light on the cream sauce please." He checked the menu one more time to be for sure.

Still glaring at Lacey he spoke to the waitress. "I think that will be all for me. I do believe its time for this lovely lady to order!" The waitress didn't catch the undertow of warning in its depth but she did. Taking a deep breath she started to place her order.

"I'll …Ohhh" He turned it up full blast. She jumped so hard she jarred the table. Holy shit it felt good. "Ummm.I.I think" More deep breaths, smiling as politely as she could at the shocked waitress. CONCENTRATE. "The same pleassse." Reaching under the table she squeezed his knee hard., digging her nails deep for emphasis.

He gently pulled her hand away and placed it higher in his lap. Feeling the bulge in his pants only made it worse. Looking at him she threatened him with her eyes. How could he be so nonchalant about this. He just sat there with that shit eating grin on his face.

She was going to kill him later. If he didn't kill her first. The lady looked confused by her weird change in mood but jotted down the order. "Salt on you broccoli maam?" Lacey could care less bout some damn salt right now. She wasn't about to be rude to the waitress though.

"Ummm&hellip.I.I don't care." GO AWAY LADY. She screamed in her head. She was going to cum, right here right now. She shifted in her chair again, gyrating her hips to match the pulse between her legs.

She didn't care who was watching anymore. Her clit throbbed through the opening in the corset, the cool air brushed against her spread lips, tickling the jewelry attached to it. The intensity of the bullet was to much. The constant vibration was lashing at every cell in her body.

Her pussy quivered tightly around it pumping hot fluid over the corset. Feeling it flow down the tight crevices and tickle her ass she couldn't help moan a little. Her juices were beginning to make her legs sticky. Her nipples were covered in sweat, turning into hard hot little knots. Clenching her fist she tried to clear her blurring mind.

She looked at him, headless of the poor girl next her and begged him. "Stop…please stop…ohhhh" The waitress shifted her weight.

Looking a little flushed she finished writing and left. The vibration ceased, she collapsed into the chair. Seconds later she was still barely able to sit up. Whispering not to draw attention.

" How dare you do that to me. There is no telling what that girl thinks of me now" She honestly didn't care she was just trying to maintain a little dignity. "You wont threaten me like that again Lace! I don't give a damn what anyone in this room thanks." His voice low and passionate under the hum of the restaurant. Careful not to draw his attention she inched her hand beneath her dress. She had to touch, even if only to wipe the gel off. The vibration might have stopped but the ever constant tingling hadn't and she was almost at wits end from it.

Closer, closer. She cautiously watched him as she started to spread her lips ever so slowly. Home stretch. Antonio looked up a warning in his eyes. She saw his thumb move just as the vibration hit full blast. She screamed and bit her lips. Drawing a few glances from the curious guests.

He smiled reassuringly and they returned to their meals. Leaning forward he got right next to her ear and practically growled at her. "You try that again and it will remain on the entire time you are eating. Do not try my patience. You will regret it if you do." Grabbing her roughly by the chin he forced her face up so their noses almost touched.

Staring her straight in her eye with such unmoving intensity. "Do we have an understanding Lace?" Trembling she nodded her head "Yes Sir" He kissed her soundly then. Right in front of everyone. Rough at first then gently. Savoring the taste of the wine on her lips.

He ran his hands down her arm, down her back. Rubbing the tension out of her neck. She leaned into his touch savoring it while it lasted. Time stood still while he touched her.


The noise faded away, the tingling stayed. The bullet lay calm now. Her heart did not. She was going to have endure this torture till he allowed her release. She hoped it would be soon. She needed him inside her. Deep and hard, thrusting savagely. Only he could sate this desire, so strong and passionate. She just hoped her treacherous pussy obeyed. So far she had kept herself in control.

But how much longer could she endure? The waitress arrived with the steaming appetizer. It looked and smelled delicious. She hung around a couple minutes chatting with the couple. Making over about the weather, business flow and the like. Lacey wasn't all that interested in the topics but didn't want to seem rude. She munched on the food, drowning the two of them out.

Antonio's warm rich laughter occasionally caught her gaze. Filling her like an elixir to her libido, keeping it alive and raging. The waitress finally walked away to place the remainder of their order. It wasn't to long before the main dishes arrived.

Again the waitress lingered making conversation with Antonio. They must have known each other some how. They never directly revealed a connection. It was just a feeling she got.

One of the waiters waved for her and she left.

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Over the next few minutes they ate in silence, enjoying their dinner. The bullet on its lowest setting didn't give her much piece but she ate ravenously anyway. She could only wonder what was going to happen next. *** The waitress walked over to pre bus the dirty dishes. Smiling innocently she continued on with the earlier topics.

Lacey noticed for the first time the girls name was Madison. Pretty name. She wasn't all that bad looking herself.

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Freckles dotted her pale skin that didn't appear to have a trace of make up. Her carrot top hair barely touched her shoulders. Straight flat hair that wasn't all that appealing. The uniform hugged her petite form. Slender hips and waist with perky little B cup tits. You could just barely see the tips of her nipples straining against the tight cotton.

She averted her gaze before either of them noticed her staring. She sure liked to talk though. If she had known what was happening earlier she didn't let on to it now. She was very friendly, almost to friendly to him.

They almost acted like they knew each other the way the talked and flirted with each other. She walked away and he stood. "I'll be right back" She watched him as he walked towards the restrooms. Hell even his back side was sexy. Madison came walking around the corner and stopped. What were they talking about. She was smiling a lot and kept looking over at Lacey.

What were they talking about? Whatever it was made Madison seem really excited. She placed her hand out and he put something in it, raising it to his lips he kissed her fingertips. Smooth, like he could actually hide the fact he just gave her something.

But what? He turned then and caught her looking. His features remained calm but she could sense a difference in him. He seemed more focused somehow. An air of pure male arrogance surrounded him. What was that all about? Whatever…she shrugged and turned back around taking a sip of her wine.

She wasn't the jealous type. She knew she wasn't the only woman in his life. She didn't know much about him. What she did know was he had money, power and with that more then likely a horde of ladies.

She couldn't deny she had feelings for him. She'd be lying if she said she didn't.

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But to fool herself into thinking she was his only conquest would be down right stupid on her part. She bit down her pride and allowed the open friendship to have its way with her.

Hearing his footsteps get closer she looked back. He was standing right next to her. Extending his hand he helped her stand up. "Go to the bathroom and freshen up. Do what you must but make it quick. I'll walk you to it." Antonio's domineering presence beside her made her uneasy. Something was up but she didn't know what. He had her a little nervous. At least she could wipe this blasted gel off her clit. But damn this corset. Its rough lace scratched her sensitive nipples.

The opening in the crotch rubbed her tingling exposed clit. Walking was agony, was ecstasy at the same time. Guiding her towards the back with his hand on her back they walked in silence. When they past the ladies room and continued down the hall she looked at him in confusion. They . stopped at a door with an "Employee's Only" sign on it.

He opened it and ushered her in. It was a small sitting room. It wasn't overly fancy or big. A table, water cooler, TV and couch were all that occupied it. A door opposite the room was open. The lights were out but she could clearly see the toilet and hand washing sink. She went in and closed the door. She didn't need to use the bathroom but she did anyway. It didn't take her but a second to wash the gel off.

The tingling was finally fading away. Her nerves were walking a tight wire. It wouldn't take much for her to cum at this point. She was so close even with the gel gone. Leaning back on the toilet she spread her legs. Through the opening of the corset she rubbed her puckered lips. Spreading them she gently touched her sensitive clit. It jumped under her touch and she moaned. She shouldn't be doing this, she knew it and yet did it anyway.

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Gently she tugged on the jewelry, sparks scattered under her skin. Her legs shook and her tight pussy quivered tightly against the bullet. She wanted the damn thing out but knew better.

She liked the torture she was getting. It was so exhilarating not knowing what was going to happen next. She heard moaning coming from the other room, sitting up she adjusted her dress and walked to the door. Listening for a moment she heard it again.

It sounded like a man, like him. She opened the door and stared in utter shock at the scene in front of her. Antonio was laid back on the couch with Madison between his legs. His shirt lay open exposing his bare chest, heaving for breath she was clearly sucking out of him. She watched as his cock disappeared in and out of her lips. Glistening with her spit and his pre cum. His head was resting on the pillows behind him with his eyes closed.

Lacey leaned against the door jam and drank it in, running her hands along her body wanting to go lower. He looked at her through lust filled eyes and moaned "You can touch" then grabbed a fist full of Madison hair and shoved his cock in so far she gagged, fucking her mouth hard.

Lacey hiked up her skirt and started to rub her swollen clit. He watched her as he fucked Madison's mouth. Barely able to talk he moaned the words more then spoke them. "Come here" She did. She lay back on the couch and raised her skirt above her waist. He had turned the bullet on again. Slow and steady it vibrated inside her. As she played with her clit rubbing little circles around it he speed up the tempo. Madison was still sucking and pumping on his thick cock.

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He was thrusting in and out of her mouth, moaning and gasping for air. Groaning she could only watch as he got devoured by that little bitch between his legs. She should be doing that, not that stranger. She inserted two of her fingers into her tight pussy. Her fingertip tapped the edge of the bullet. Curving her fingers just enough had the vibrating intruder nudging her G-spot.

She moaned loudly and he gently pulled her fingers out of her pussy. "I didn't say you could cum yet" He told her with no remorse.

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Whining she reluctantly complied. He replaced her fingers with his own. Rolling the tight little bud between them. She arched her back and gyrated against the friction.

"Please Sir… I cant…take it… I got to&hellip.please Sir…let me cum" She gasped the words, cried the words. Begging and pleading. Enduring his torture while watching him being pleasured by another woman. Madison's shirt was open now and her perky little tits bounced and heaved with her efforts.

Sweat glistened along her creamy flesh. She lapped at his juices, licking the head and jacking with her hands. He moaned and clenched her hair, shoving his cock in over and over.

Pulling Madison off his cock he led her around his knees, crawling on her hands and knees, to rest between Lacey's. Both ladies looked at him confused. Before either could question the change of events he shoved Madison's face into Lacey's crotch. Lacey jolted at the soft touch. Fire raced through her veins. Thrusting her hips forward she forced Madison's face to go deeper still. Without even requesting permission she reached over and started stroking Antonio's cock in her hand.

He allowed her, pinching and caressing her hard nipples. Making her squirm beneath his rough fingers. Madison licked and nibbled and sucked till Lacey's juices covered her face, the couch. Lacey's moans full throttle screams now. So close, so close. Just when the colors started to build behind her closed eyes Antonio pulled Madison away.

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"NO…" She screamed at him eyes raging with pure fire. "No no no, not again" The bullet lay silent and she gasped for air. Madison just sat there on her knees, looking rather ruffled and really turned on. Antonio stood up, hard cock bouncing in the air, and helped Madison up. Guiding her to the couch he gently pulled her shorts down to her knees. She didn't argue with him, just followed his lead. He helped her on the couch and had her sit on the back of it, leaning against the wall she spread her legs.

Grabbing Lacey he had her kneel in front of him on the floor. The licking and sucking continued. Only this time Lacey was licking and sucking Antonio's cock as he was eating Madison's pussy. Moans and fluids flowed.

The musky smell of sex filled the room. Madison's moaning and breathing picked up till she was bucking and arching her hips so much the couch was inching forward. Raking her claws down his back she screamed and flooded his mouth with her hot cum the same time he emptied his hot load in Lacey's waiting mouth. Antonio and Madison collapsed on the couch, Lacey still so turned on and ready to cum sat there on the floor close to tears. Antonio helped her up and kissed away the moisture.


When he kissed her on the lips she could still taste Madison's sweet cum. Reaching between them he gently rubbed her throbbing clit. Holding her now, her knees to weak to support herself and whispered in her ear.

" Soon my toy. You will not suffer much longer" And with that he reapplied the gel. The tingling started and she could only lay her head on his shoulders and shiver in anticipation.