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Girl eats my side bitch pussy
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"This sucks," I thought to myself. I never thought in a million years that mom and dad would be getting a divorce. I'm 19 and I've got enough problems as it is - but it was happening. It just came out of nowhere. One day they seemed so much in love, then last night, in the middle of sports highlights, I saw mom storming out of their bedroom crying hysterically.

She told me that she caught dad cheating on her the night before so she's kicking him to the curb. It's been a month since mom and dad split and she's already met another guy - his name is John and, like mom, he's divorced too, but so far that's all I know; I've never met him and now I'm going to be living with him. "Adam!" she yelled from downstairs. "Are you done showering, yet?

We have to leave soon to beat traffic!" she continued. "I know mom. I'm almost done," I yelled back. It's been a while since I've masturbated in the shower - I'm a virgin and I'm horrible with girls, so porn's been doing the job for me. If I'm in the mood for some shower-jerking, though, I like to watch a little porn while I gently stroke myself before I get in.

As I'm masturbating, I let go moments before climax to tease myself - to build up the sperm; maybe five or six times, sometimes even upwards of ten. This way, when I do finally orgasm, it's much more intense, longer, pleasureful, and the sperm is ejaculated with much more force and volume. I'd stopped after the seventh tease, though - mom interrupting me kinda ruined the moment, as I couldn't think of anything else but her as I was stroking my cock.

The car ride was uncomfortable. We had somehow crammed all our stuff into mom's car and we were on a two hour road trip to move into a stranger's house. Great. "You're going to love your new home, hun. It's a lot warmer than home, better schools, lower crime rate - they've done studies, you know.

And John is such a nice guy, I know you guys will get along great." "Well mom, that's funny you mention that because I'm not too thrilled about moving away from all my friends and stuff. especially with school a month away." Mom didn't respond. If she did, I wasn't paying attention and I just fell asleep anyways. I woke up as mom pulled up to the curb in front of John's house.

I yawned and stretched as we got out of the car and scanned the facade of the house - the sun was beginning to set, painting the sky a bright orange-red.

I have to admit, John had a pretty nice house. I was expecting kind of a shithole but it was a very modestly good house - if I had to guess, I'd say he makes between seventy and one hundred grand a year, give or take.

I must say, though, it's really weird because I'm a really shy guy but for some reason I'm not nervous at all to meet this guy who's going to be my step-father. Mom knocked on the door - rang the door bell a few times - knocked again. She looked so giddy and excited, like a kid at Toys 'R' Us staring down an entire aisle of shiny new toys. The doorknob turned and, as the door cracked open, I saw a man who, by most accounts, people would call attractive - decently tall, slightly muscular but probably doesn't work out.

Mom threw her arms around him and kissed him - I just stood there waiting for him to acknowledge me. He turned to me and said, "Hey, you must be Adam," as he extended his hand. I answered, "Yeah, nice to meet you," as I reached to shake his hand. He continued, "I know this is awkward for both of us but I really want this to work out." He looked at my mom and back at me, then finished, "Believe me when I say this: I love this woman." I just tried my best to smile as I nodded and said, "Thanks." "Please, make yourself at home, you'll be living here, after all," he said as he chuckled - mom laughed, of course.

she laughed at all his jokes. Mom and John went outside to get stuff from the car. "Well.

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I guess laughing at his own corny jokes is better than being a total asshole. I suppose I could get used to him," I said to myself, as I motion to follow them. Just as I finished the thought I heard something that caught me off guard - a girl's voice: "Is that them, daddy?" I turned to the kitchen entrance and looked upon what seemed to be an angel standing there in a sleeveless undershirt and white pajama shorts with pink flowers emblazoned on them.

I gazed at her slim figure: maybe 5"4' plus or minus a few, perfectly round breasts, 36-C if I had to guess, - her nipples gently poking through her bra and thin undershirt - long slender legs, her hair was a mix of soft brown and dirty blonde - her eyes a robin's egg blue, piercing at me through her horn-rimmed glasses, her face was cute - I like that in a girl, though: sexy body with a very cute face - sexy faces don't seem to age well to me, but who am I to judge.

And, either way, the glasses just put her way over the top for me - she was perfect.

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As I stared, dumbfounded, she smiled and said, "Hi there! You must be Adam, mom's told me all about you! I'm Brittany." She held her hand out for a handshake as she approached me.

"Mom.?" I thought to myself. "Oh that's right. mom's been here a few times already. How come mom never told me John had a daughter?" I shook her hand, smiled, and said, "Adam. My name's Adam.

Nice to meet you, too." She released a soft giggle, so beautiful and soothing to my ears, "I know silly, I just said that!" "Ohh. right, sorry. I think mom forgot to mention you," I shyly responded. Brittany answered, "Awww! No way! I'm going to ask her about that." As mom walked back in, Brittany walked up and hugged her, playfully saying, "Mom, Adam just told me you never told him about me! Is he lying or are you just that cruel?" Mom picked up some boxes and began to carry them across the living room and said sarcastically, "Well if he wasn't so busy playing that damn Xbox 360, maybe he woulda heard me.

I told him in the car, too, but he probably wasn't paying attention either, that boy." "I was asleep," I added. Brittany shot a look at me and smirked as she crossed her arms, clicking her tongue: "Tsk-tsk-tsk, Adam. Always listen to mom!" John interrupted, "Alright, alright let's stop picking on Adam." Brittany pulled on his arm, "Aww, come on dad I'm just kidding." Her dad finished his thought, "This is a pretty big day for all of us, so I think we should eat out to celebrate." Brittany's soft blue eyes grew wide, "Yay!

Let's go to Applebee's - no, no, wait - Chili's! Oh my God, let me go get ready!" She ran up the stairs filled with excitement. I couldn't help but stare at her breasts bouncing as she ascended each step. I can't believe how perfect this girl was - so sexy, happy-go-lucky and carefree - and she was going to be my new sister. As we sat at the table looking at the menu, nothing changed - I couldn't keep my eyes off her for more than a few seconds at a time.

After the waitress took our order, Brittany excused herself to the bathroom. As she stood up and turned towards the bathroom my eyes wandered from her hips down to her ass - perfectly rounded and hugged so tightly by the jeans she wore - I pressed my hand down to my cock as I could feel it beginning to grow with thoughts of my step-sister rushing through my mind.

"Shit," I thought to myself as I jittered around. "All that teasing in the shower this afternoon, I'm basically creaming in my pants just thinking about her. What's wrong with me. she's going to be my step-sister, but all I want to do is fuck her - that can't be right." After we got our food, I continued to observe my step-sister as she cut a piece of steak, placed it on her tongue, and pulled it into her mouth, licking her glossed lips as the food cascaded down her throat.

She reached for her glass of water and as she brought it to her lips, we made eye contact and she smiled - I smiled back. When we got back home, mom and John went upstairs to their bedroom. "Good night, Adam, Brittany," mom said. "Night son, night Britt. Don't stay up too late," he laughed. "Hmm.


he called me 'son.' well, he's not a bad guy I guess, and his daughter is such beautiful eye candy. I guess I could get used to this new life," I pondered. As I began making my way up the stairs, I heard that soft and soothing voice: "Hey, Adam.

We didn't get dessert at the restaurant. Wanna have some ice cream?" "Sure!" I responded instantly as I turned back down the stairs. "Let me just change back into my PJs," she said as she passed me, hurrying up the stairs. As we sat next to each other on the couch watching TV and eating ice cream, I spied her out of the corner of my eye pretending to watch the screen. She stood up and began walking to the kitchen, "Hold on, be right back," she said cheerfully as I watched her ass, barely covered by those pajama shorts.

She emerged from the kitchen a few moments later with a popsicle in her mouth. My cock nearly hardened instantly at the sight of her sucking on it. "Oh, I'm sorry I forgot, do you want one, too?" she asked innocently. I shook my head, still staring, "No, thank you, that's okay, this ice cream is enough for me." She sat down next to me again, this time closer - her thigh against mine, still sucking on that incredibly lucky popsicle.

I couldn't take it any more. I grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. I turned to her. "Brittany--" "You can call me Britt," she said playfully as she turned to me, licking her popsicle. "Britt." "Yes?" she answered, smiling. "I'm gonna be straight with you - I think you're incredibly sexy - ridiculously sexy.

In fact, it should be illegal to look the way you do. So, if we're going to be living together - brother and sister." "Step," she interrupted with a smirk.

".step-brother and sister," I continued, "I just wanna throw it out there, I think that you're very, very attractive." I could see her blushing even though the room was very dimly lit. "Okay. and why are you telling me this?" she asked, as she shyly turned her head away.

"Fuck" I said to myself. "What the fuck were you thinking?" I frantically searched for words to put into a sentence, stumbling over them: "Uhhh. well. I just uhh. thought it would be better for you. to know. I guess." "Oh. okay then.

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well. thank you, I guess," she whispered in a soft cooing voice. "Great. Way to go Adam, fucking moron." I thought to myself, as we sat in silence for what seemed to be the most awkward eternity.

I finally stood up and began walking to the stairs, "Sorry," I said, "I shouldn't have said anything. Good night, Britt." "Wait.!" she interrupted.

"Uhm. do you. do you want to. see my room?" she asked gently. She could ask me to kill someone, it doesn't matter, there's just no way I could say no to her. "If.

it's okay with you?" "I asked you first, silly," she giggled as she stood up and walked towards me. She grabbed my wrist and lead me up the stairs and down the hall to her room. I can't believe it. I'm standing in her room.

I looked around as I saw things that made her more girly - even more attractive to me. A teddy bear on her bed next to a throw pillow shaped like a heart - purple sheets, a neatly organized desk in the corner with a modest laptop and notebook, a diary on her nightstand and a dresser with makeup and cosmetic products on top of it.

I imagined rummaging through her dresser, finding her panties, closing my eyes and holding them to my nose, taking in her sweet smell with each deep inhale. "You have a really nice room, Brittany." She giggled as walked up to me, "You can call me Britt," she whispered again, as she placed her lips on mine.

"This can't be happening - this can't be happening," I repeated to myself as I felt her tongue entering my mouth. "Stop being a fucking prude and do something," I told myself. I closed my eyes and began to suck on her tongue as I felt it swirl around my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her and slid them down to squeeze her perfectly shaped ass as I began to slide my tongue into her mouth. "I can't believe this.

My first time is going to be with my step-sister." Suddenly, she pushed me onto her bed and began to undo my pants. "Oh God," I said out loud. "Let's see what's hiding in here," she said, grinning at me. As she pulled my pants and underwear down, my cock sprang up - the expression on her face was one of surprise, hopefully a good sign. "Oh my God, Adam. it's so big." Before I could formulate a response, I was interrupted by a sudden rush of ecstasy. I watched as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and began to stroke the shaft as she sucked it.

The suction of her lips paired with her tongue circling my head sent me into a vortex of pleasure as I dropped my head back onto her bed.

Just when I thought this was as good as it would get, I felt her repositioning herself and then, a new sensation - she was deepthroating me.

I could feel her lips press against the base of my cock - my head pushing the back of her throat. As she slowly pulled her head up, I watched as her saliva mixed with my pre-cum hung from her luscious lips and slowly descended to my cock as she continued to stroke it. She spread the thick substance over my entire cock, still stroking, forcing me to moan as every muscle in my body tensed up. She brought her head up to mine, still reaching down and tugging on my cock.

"You like that, baby? You like when I'm dirty?" "Fuck yes," I said without hesitating. "Open your mouth," she ordered. As soon as I opened it, she puckered her lips and slowly released her saliva, letting it hang and finally land on my tongue. I grabbed her head and pulled her lips to mine as I forced my tongue into her mouth - I could feel our tongues pressing against each other with the thick spit making it even sexier.

She pulled her head away and went back down, taking my entire cock into her mouth again. As she came back up, she asked very seductively, "Do you wanna fuck me?" "Yes," I responded quickly.

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"Say it," she commanded. "I want to fuck you." "Say it again," she ordered. "I want to fuck your pussy," I said, submitting to her. She pulled her pajama shorts and panties off, revealing the heavenly pink slit, completely shaven. On impulse, I grabbed her and threw her onto the bed, spreading her legs.

Without hesitation, I buried my head into her warm spot, my lips wrapping around her clit - sucking. I kept sucking, sometimes stopping to rub it and watch her arch her back moaning in ecstasy as she played with her nipples. I began sucking again, this time sliding a finger into the incredibly tight hole; I heard her gasp and drop her head back.

I began sucking harder and thrusting faster - her mouth was wide open as she looked at me, but nothing came out. "You like that?" I asked, rubbing her clit. "Y-Yes." she answered, trying to catch her breath.

"You like that, you fucking slut?" "Yes! Y-yes! Oh my God, talk dirty to me!" she begged. "You fuckin' slut. Say it. Say you're a slut," I barked. "I'm a slut.

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I'm a slut, oh God, please, don't stop!" As she said this, I stood up and, without warning, slid my cock into her tight pink snatch and began to pump in and out. "Oh my -- oh my fucking God y-yes! Yes, oh fuck don't stop, please don't stop, baby," she whimpered.

I mounted the bed completely, with better position to fit my entire cock inside her. Each time I pounded it into her, I could feel her pussy tightening around me.

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I began thrusting harder, hearing and feeling my balls slapping against her ass as she moaned breathlessly. "You wanna cum inside me, baby?" she whispered. I was shocked, but I didn't stop fucking her. I began, "But --" but before I could respond: "I'm -- on the pill, s--sweetie. Oh yes, baby right there," her response interrupted by my constant thrusting.

"Come on.


it's ok, shoot your hot sticky load inside of me. I know you want to," she whispered. "Let's cum together," she said to me. Just hearing that already put me on the road to orgasm.

I could feel it coming soon. She reached down and began to rub her clit as I relentlessly thrusted in and out - in and out, the sperm from earlier in the day eagerly waiting to release. "Oh - oh G-God. Oh God. fuck my brains out, Adam. right there, right there, don't stop! Please don't stop, you're gonna make me cum, baby! Y-Yes! Yes!" Her back arched as she opened her mouth, trying to scream but with nothing coming out - I felt her pussy tightening around me - and then I could feel it.

I was going to cum. "Oh God. Oh my God, I'm gonna cum, Britt, I'm gonna cum." As I panicked I tried to pull out, but suddenly, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me deeper into her.

"Inside me, inside me please, baby," she said. "Fuck -- oh God, fuck I'm cumming, Britt -- I'm cumming inside your pussy," I said. I felt a rush of intense pleasure like nothing before spread through my entire body as I began to feel my cock throbbing - pulsing - releasing my sperm inside my step-sister's pussy as it squeezed, tighter and tighter. Having not ejaculated earlier in the shower, I was still shooting with great velocity and in equally great amounts.

"Fu--fuck, Britt, look," I pleaded, "look what you're doing to me, you slut." She kept arching her back, "Oh my God, baby, I can feel it -- oh fuck, I can feel you cumming, yes! I can feel it shooting inside me! It's so fucking warm, baby, fill me up! Please, fill me up! I can feel your cock throbbing in pussy!" As I lay on top of her, I slowly pulled out and brought my cock up to her, allowing her to suck the last drops of cum from my head.

"Oh my God. you're still hard, baby?" she said as she grinned. She slowly turned over onto her stomach, and propped her knees up - raising up her perfect ass.

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I watched as my cum slowly oozed out and dripped from her stretched and worn out pussy. She held her hand out and caught some of the dripping sperm, brought it to her mouth, and placed her lips to it, slurping the entire handful. "Mmm. you taste so good," she said as she looked at me seductively. Then, when I thought it couldn't get any better, she reached both hands back and spread her ass cheeks.

"Adam? Do you wanna fuck my ass?" she asked innocently. "Yeah," I said to myself with a grin. "I could definitely get used to this new life."

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