Busty blonde camgirl shows her sexy body

Busty blonde camgirl shows her sexy body
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if you liked part one then i hope you will enjoy this. i am always happy to receive new ideas and people i can use. i mean place in my upcoming stories. after this, still trying to get an idea for my next story. recap, wasp gave hulk the ultimate handjob, using her body instead of her hands As Wasp tossed her clothing into a pile on the floor she looked over at the Hulk still standing there nude.

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She was taken aback to see he still sported an raging erection. He smiled at her, waving his hips causing it to wave left and right, bouncing up and down. Wasp was tempted to go ahead and jump the Hulk, but she was worried his size was too big. It had been one thing to get him off, but to try and take that monster inside her she worried it would be too much. Then they heard footfalls as someone entered the room. There stood Thor mouth agape at the sight before him. He didn't take long to adapt however.

"Lo Wasp and Hulk. Perhaps thy activities could benefit from the joining of the god of thunder." Thor belted out in his usual boisterous manner. Hulk retorted, "Stay out of this Goldilocks, Hulk here first." Wasp stood between the two of them, still dripping with Hulk's seed and nude.

"Hold on boys, no need to fight over little old me. Let's all have a good time together." She smiled at both of them, they grinned back sheepishly, and their smiles only got wider as Wasp went down to her knees between the pair.

Wasp couldn't believe the attention she was getting. She thought herself attractive but Hank Pym never seemed to really pay her much attention. Now her was a Norse god in the flesh with a massive erection dangling in her face just for her.

Then there was the Hulk. He might not be quite the looker like Thor, but he had an equally impressive cock right there within arms, or mouths, reach.

Smiling up at the grinning duo she teased, "I don't see why you two have to argue over who's strongest so much. From where I'm kneeling you both look plenty strong." She lifted one hand to Thor's throbbing cock and her fingers lightly slid along it's length, feeling it twitch at her touch.

Her other hand went to Hulk's cock, green and long and hard. She wrapped her fingers around it, they could barely make it all the way around. The same was true with Thor when she did the same. As she began to pump both of their cocks in her hands Wasp saw the drip of cum clinging to Hulk's tip. Leaning in with her face towards it she stuck out her tongue lapping that drip up. Smiling at him she kept her tongue stuck out letting him see her savor his gift.

Then she slipped it inside her mouth and swallowed it down. Her eyes looking up right into the Hulk's Wasp leaned in and kissed the tip of his cock now. Her lips parted as she did so and she began to push in with her neck allowing that massive cock head to enter her mouth. Her mouth was stretched to it's limit to let the thick green cock in. Her eyes never left his as she began to bob her head up and down on him. It scraped against the top of her mouth as he thrust in and out.

She ran her tongue around the tip of his cock teasing him with it. That's when she felt his giant hand, with it's thick fingers, grasp the back of her head.

For a second she was worried, Hulk was amazingly strong and if he lost control he could badly hurt her. Instead he was surprisingly gentle, yet forceful. Guiding her down the length of his cock she choked a little as he pushed on into her throat.

She fought back against her gag reflex and began to accept him deeper yet. Even as the Hulk fucked her throat Wasp was pumping up and down Thor's length letting the god of Thunder enjoy his time waiting to feel her oral talents.

Hulk was thrusting with his hips, pushing on deeper until his entire length was in Wasps mouth. She could feel the bulging ball sack against her chin as she swallowed him down.

Wasp was proud of herself being able to take the mammoth cock all the way. She could feel the excitement at the thought of these two inside her, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she envisioned it. Pulling her head back, Hulk's cock slipped from her lips. Wasp paused a moment to breath deep before she turned and looked up into Thor's eyes. The god nodded as he spoke, "Tis my turn to experience what our green friend just has." Hulk snorted then said, "Fine by me goldilocks, Wanted to try something else anyway." Picking Wasp up from her kneeling position so she stood once again Hulk gently guided her to standing bent over at the waist.

Thor's cock dangled mere inches from her lips, tantalizing her. Wasp licked her lips as she leaned in to close the gap. Her tongue peeked out running around the tip. Thor shuddered in pleasure at the feel of his teammates mouth on his member. Wasp began to run her tongue now up the length of his cock until she reached the blonde hair at his base. Moving her tongue to run underneath him she began to lick around his base, leaving a wet trail all over his shaft.

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As she stood bent over the Hulk grabbed her arms at the wrist with both of his hands. Holding her up like this he began to rub his thick wet cock against the slightly spreading lips of her pussy. This sent an electric jolt of pleasure as well as surprise through Wasp's entire body. She was so ready for it after the experience riding Hulk's cock in her shrunken state earlier. "Oh god Hulk, do it! I want it so bad!" Thor meanwhile was watching Wasp's face, his cock rubbing up against her nose and cheek as she was bent down licking at his balls.

Her tongue was quite agile as it lapped up against them, sometimes stopping to take one into her mouth and suckle upon it. With one hand he reached down and stroked his cock as it rest against her face. Slowly Wasp licked a line back down his entire length, this time focusing on the underside of his cock. Thor commented, "Wasp surely thine teases are legend in all of Midgard and beyond. Even the Enchantress could not give such." Wasp grinned at the compliment, delivered in typical Thor manner.

She opened her mouth wide as she reached the tip and accepted his thick cock again stretching her mouth once more to accept the girth. Thor eagerly pressed in feeling the wetness of her mouth wrap around his shaft.

Hulk was all too happy to do exactly as Wasp asked. His cock head pressed against those wet pussy lips. With a grunt he thrust pushing himself inside of her. Wasps eyes went wide as she looked up at Thor. She had never been entered by anything approaching what was now moving up inside her pussy.


She wanted to moan but it was muffled by Thor's cock deep in her mouth. Hulk started pumping slowly, working his way in and out with little thrusts of his hips.

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Wasp couldn't believe how full she felt, her pussy spreading wide to accept the thickness that opened her right up. Hulk began to pump harder, taking a faster pace as her body got accustomed to his fucking. Now his balls began to slap up against her as his powerful thrusts rammed his cock inside. More grunts issued from him as he claimed her pussy, feeling those soft folds massaging and teasing his cock. Watching Wasps head bob up and down on his shaft Thor was grunting himself. He was amazed how once again she had mastered her gag reflex and was taking his cock fully into her mouth and throat.

With a thrust of his hips his entire length would disappear into her wanton mouth. Then he'd watch it emerge as he pulled back, only to press in once again. Her blowjob was such that soon he had to pull himself from her lips so he didn't reach release too soon. Thor coveted another part of his teammate and wanted to experience it this day.

Hulk started to complain as Wasp pulled away from him but she put a finger to his lips, "One sec big boy, you'll be right back in there." She turned to the Hulk and he picked her up with a hand on each hip. Lowering her onto his cock he pushed up inside her once again. Her breasts, so soft and perfect, rubbed against his muscular green chest as she rode him.

While Hulk was helping himself to her pussy Thor stepped up behind Wasp. His large hands cupped her round ass, rubbing it longingly. Thor complimented her, "Truly thou are as divine as any goddess I have met." Spreading her ass cheeks with both hands Thor was the small puckered asshole of his teammate open before him. Pressing the tip of his cock against it he gently pushed feeling her body start to spread to accommodate him. Wasp shouted out in a mix of surprise and pleasure, "Oh fuck!

Uhhh!" Her cry turning into a lusty moan at the feeling of being taken in both holes at once. Thor began to pump his hips driving deeper into Wasps tight ass. As she felt the pleasure of both men at once Wasp wrapped her arms around the Hulk's thick neck, feeling both their chests pressing against her at once.

Both of the men grunted in time as they pistoned in and out of Wasps holes.


Her body was wrapped so tightly around each of their cocks, as if it wanted to milk the seed from each of them. Wasp's head hung back against Thor's shoulder as they fucked her. Wasp was the first to hit orgasm, crying out as the twin pumping shafts pleasured her to the point of release. As she moaned out a guttural cry in her release the male Avengers likewise reached their limit.

Hulk roared, the vibrations of it reverberating through the air around them. Thor cried out, "By the gods!" Cum spurted out deep into both of Wasps holes.

Hot thick fluid filling her pussy and ass. Wasp was too far gone to worry that Hulk had just flooded her pussy with seed. Instead she just gasped for air as she felt the torrent of seed fill her up. It was a ridiculous amount of semen, truly the load of a monster and a god.

She could feel it swirling around inside her, feel it dripping down around their cocks and out of her. They remained inside for some time before slipping out of her.

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Hulk let her down gently to the floor. Kneeling there again Wasp smiled lazily up at them. First she leaned in towards Hulk and licked the cum still clinging to his cock up, swallowing his shaft as it started to flag. Turning towards Thor she repeated the exercise, cleaning him of cum as well.

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Pooling it up in her mouth she swallowed it all down. Wasp triggered her powers, shrinking down to her diminutive state and sprouting her wings. Fluttering up near the mens faces she beamed a big grin at them. "That was the best team building exercise ever guys.


We might need to try that again sometime." Her voice was bright and chipper as always. Thor chimed in, "Perhaps I should delete the recording in the security cameras." Wasp giggled and replied, "Why do that. I'm sure Tony would enjoy it if he watched and it would serve Hank right if he happened to see it.

He's never shown the interest you two just did." Wasp fluttered over to each of her teammates faces and planted a tiny kiss on their cheek. "Thanks for showing a girl a real good time you two. Time to hit the showers." Hulk grunted in agreement, "Me too." Thor nodded and headed that way as well.