My ex sends me her rich tits

My ex sends me her rich tits
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A smile spread across the older black man's face as he watched the cheerleaders from afar. Normally had someone been staring so intently at the young girls, they would've been noticed, but not him. He was a lowly janitor, practically invisible to most of the people there. He was practically scenery and that's how he liked it.

Especially since Savanna had joined up. Savanna was a pretty young white girl with a pretty face and an amazing ass. It was thick and jiggly yet firm enough not to move too much. Just the perfect amount of jiggle on an ass that white girls typically weren't graced with.

Especially white girls as young as Savanna. The black man smiled as he continued to watch her strut across the gymnasium floor. Her sexy ass, bouncing with each step, barely contained by her black lycra shorts.

After a few more minutes he walked off to continue working. A smile spread across his face, as he knew what young Savanna had in store. Savanna was one of the last girls to hit the locker room.

She'd been having a few problems with the routine that they were working on and wanted to try a little bit longer to get it down.

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Most of the girls had already left by the time Savanna had walked into the locker room. She quickly got undressed and headed into the shower. Just as she stepped in she saw the last two girls walking out. They said their goodbyes as she put hanged her towel outside of the stall and turned on the water.

She let out a sigh of relief as the water cascaded down her young lithe body. As she cleaned herself, she found her fingers drifting between her thighs. She closed her eyes and slowly started to rub her tender, young slit.

It had been a while since she'd got a moment to herself. Between her parents, her friends, school, and her boyfriend she barely ever even got a moment to herself, so despite the inopportune location Savanna decided to enjoy herself.

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She started to rub more vigorously. Soft squeals escaped her lips as she continued rubbing herself. Finally she slipped one finger between her spreading lips. The janitor watched as the last girls left, leaving only one car, Savanna's. He quickly made is way to the girl's locker room. He could hear the shower going. He was almost trembling with excitement. Many times he'd imagined himself plunging his thick black cock into Savanna's thick, sexy little white ass, but today he was actually going to do it.

He slowly pulled his keys out of his pocket, making sure they would make as little noise as possible as he unlocked Savanna's locker. He thought about just letting it go. Rubbing his cock in her used shorts and leaving. He probably wouldn't get caught or risk jail doing something like that, however the allure of Savanna's tight young body was too much. He grabbed another lock and switched it with Savanna's. That's when he heard it. His cock immediately got hard as he heard the loud moan erupt from the wash area.

He knew that whatever happened at this point, Savanna was his. Her phone, clothes, and car keys were locked in her locker. Savanna had no chance of escape. All that was left was for him to take her. He crept into the shower as the moans continued. He didn't even bother to look, instead he slipped her towel off of its hook and walked out. Savanna's young body was trembling in pleasure as she leaned against the wall, two fingers buried in her sopping pussy.

She pressed her fingers inside of herself even deeper, vigorously banging them inside of herself as she pinched her pert nipple. She bit down on her lower lip to keep herself from moaning as she felt the pleasure building. The shower was raining warm water right on her clit as she fingered herself until finally she couldn't contain herself any longer.

Savanna's eyes rolled back into her head as she collapsed, letting out a loud, sexual moan on her way down. As her eyes slowly started to refocus she tried to stand. Slowly her shaky legs started to push her upright.


She grabbed her body wash and again cleaned herself, before heading out of the shower. She reached around to grab a towel only to find there was nothing. Sticking her head from the stall she looked on the floor, hoping the towel had just fallen off of the hook.

After not seeing the towel she sighed and rolled her eyes, assuming that one of the girls had sneaked back and stole her towel.

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Panic raced through Savanna for a moment as the considered that whoever stole her towel might've heard her. "Hello!", Savanna called out. "Alright, this isn't funny!" she called out again after a minute. She waited another three minutes before rushing to her locker.

She barely managed to not fall down as she made it to the actual locker room. She quickly put in the combination and pulled down. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing. A third time and nothing yet again. Savanna started to panic.

"Alright Savanna, calm down." She said to herself as she tried to stop herself from trembling. This time she slowly put in her combination. "FUCK!", Savanna cried out as the lock again failed to open. Savanna leaned against the lockers completely unsure of what to do.

Savanna's heart jumped in her chest as she heard the footsteps. "Hello!", she called out before immediately regretting it.

No one should've been at the school at this time a night. No one who was supposed to be anyways. "Hey, hello, can you help me!" Savanna called out, through chattering teeth. She knew that it could be someone who would hurt her, but if that was the case, it was already too late, she'd called out, so whoever it was, good or bad, already knew she was there. She just had to hope it was someone good. Savanna ducked behind the lockers, hoping to conceal her nakedness. She gripped the edge of the locker tightly as the footsteps stopped at the girl's locker room door.

She heard the door open. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw the janitor walk in. He smiled warmly and tossed her a towel. It landed on the bench. "Oh my god, thank you." Savanna said, covering herself as she went to get the towel. "Somebody stole my towel and now I can't get into my locker." She said, putting the towel on. The janitor walked up slowly towards the locker as Savanna stepped back and quickly put the towel on.

As he got closer, something didn't seem right. Savanna could just feel it in her gut that something wasn't right. "You really should leave with the other girls." The janitor said, as he turned towards Savanna, completely ignoring the locker. Savanna started to back away. "I thought you were going to open my locker for me." Savanna said, continuing to back away. The janitor reached into his pocket, but instead of a key, he slowly pulled out a knife. He smiled as he slowly flipped the blade open.

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Savanna took off running, into the shower area. The janitor slowly followed. The loud thud, brought a smile to his face. He walked in to see the panicked Savanna starting to stand up from having fallen. "There's no way out of here." The janitor called out as Savanna scrambled to her feet, only to slip and fall on the wet floor again. The janitor grabbed Savanna to by the ankle and started towards the restroom.

"Get your fucking hands off of me!" Savanna cried out as she tried to grab hold to anything she could to keep from being dragged off. The janitor dragged Savanna into the bathroom area of the locker room.

He walked passed her and slammed the door shut as Savanna got to her feet. Savanna's eyes darted around frantically looking for a way to escape, but there was none. Savanna did the only thing she could do.

She lunged at the man, hoping she could get to his eyes or maybe knee him in the groin, but her offensive was short lived. The large man caught Savanna by the throat mid lunge and rammed her into the wall. Savanna cried out in pain as she banged against the wall. He spun her round then bounced her off of the other wall. This impact knocked the wind out of Savanna.

He easily tossed the young 16 year old girl to the floor. Savanna hadn't even recovered from the impact of hitting the floor before she felt a boot to the stomach. That last hit drove every bit of fight left, out of Savanna, as huge tears started to well up in her eyes. The janitor grabbed the fallen young white girl by the hair and dragged her into the bathroom stall.

Savanna could barely put up a fight as he shoved her head into the nearly full bowl. Only the prospect of drowning brought out the fight in Savanna as she struggled to push head out of the toilet. However, Savanna was far too weak to push her head out and found herself losing consciousness. The janitor smiled as he looked down on Savanna. She was barely struggling at this point. He pulled the young girl out of the toilet and looked down at her naked body.

His cock was instantly hard as he looked down at the contours of her waist and how her hips flared out into her perfectly round little ass. He could hear Savanna gasping, trying to catch her breath. He lowered himself down behind her and pressed his hardness against her bare ass. "No…no…no…please no." Savanna whispered to herself over and over as she felt the janitor's massive bulge press against her plump, sexy ass.

Savanna hears the zipper go down and starts panicking even more. The janitor slowly rubs his thick cock between the globes of her fleshy white teen ass. "Quit your whining. You know you want this, you dirty little cunt." He says finally lining his cock against her tight little virgin rosebud. Without a second thought, he drove every inch of his thick 7 inch black cock right up her tiny little asshole. Savanna screamed and bucked wildly as she felt her ass tear.

"This is exactly what you fucking deserve. Wearing see through shorts and thongs. I've seen you strutting around campus you little fucking cock tease." The janitor said as he began violently thrusting his cock up Savanna's ass. Savanna continued screaming until the janitor shoved her head back into the toilet bowl. As he pulled Savanna's head from the toilet she sputtered and coughed. "Please& more!" Savanna managed to say as he continued raping her.

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The janitor gripped her thick, bouncing ass and started pulling her back into his thrust, driving him even deeper inside of her, tearing Savanna's channel even more. "Fuck me back, whore." He demanded. Savanna was too dazed to even respond. He shoved her head back into the toilet, holding it under until Savanna nearly passed out. "Fuck me like you want it, slut." He said, pulling his knife from his pocket and holding it to Savanna's throat.

Savanna could feel the warm rush of urine pour down her legs as the blade pressed against her neck. She started slowly and awkwardly pushing back. Savanna bawled as she fucked him back. "You're a dirty little cunt aren't you." The janitor says, suddenly stopping.

Savanna doesn't respond at first. Only the bite of the blade against her throat makes her respond.


"Yes!" Savanna cries out, hoping that appeasing him would make him stop. Savanna felt hollow as the man pulled his massive cock from her gaped open ass. Without warning he jerked Savanna backward. Savanna caught herself before her face landed in her piss.

However that quickly changed as she felt the janitor's boot press her face town into the pool of urine.


"Clean it the fuck up!" the Janitor demanded. He grabbed his cock and started pissing on Savanna's face as she laid face first in her own piss. Clean it all the fuck up!" he demanded putting more weight on Savanna's head. Savanna dry heaved at the idea of licking up her own piss, but it was either that or die, so Savanna started licking.

He stepped off of Savanna's head and stepped back. "Keep cleaning!" He warned. Savanna looked up at him and saw him with a camera. "No!" Savanna cried out. The only thing worse to her than what was happening right now, would be everyone knowing what was happening to her.

"I'll do anything you want. Just turn the camera off." Savanna pleaded.

The janitor smiled, before putting the camera down. He put his foot on Savanna's face and shoved it back into the piss, before rolling her on her back and laying on top of her. "You want this fucking dick, don't you." The janitor said pinning her petite body beneath him. "Yes, I want your big black cock right up my ass!" Savanna said.

It felt like her soul was being torn apart as those words left her lips, but she wanted to do whatever she had to, to make it through this. "Please fuck my ass!" Savanna said, trying to sound seductive. Her request would be answered as she again felt his cock tear into her thick underage ass. He pushed her thighs over his shoulders and nearly folded the young girl in half as he used all of his weight to drive his cock deeper into her ass.

Every inch deeper tore Savanna's ass more and more. He tucked his forearms against the backs of Savanna's knees, pinning her yet allowing his hands to be free. He slowly wrapped his big hands around the young girl's throat. His hands felt like vice grips as the closed around Savanna's throat. With her hands pinned on the outside of her thighs, there was little she could do but sputter, being choked to death as she was being violently sodomized.

As much as her lungs burned, all Savanna could feel was her ass burning and tearing. Tears rolled down her pretty white face as her body started to convulse. Everything started to go black.

Then suddenly she could breathe again. She gulped in as much air as she could, which wasn't much as each thrust knocked the wind from her young body. She could feel her ass gripping his thick cock as she tried to squeeze out the massive invader, but to no avail. Again Savanna felt the janitor's vice like grip. Savanna started doing as much as she could to pull herself up into his thrust.

As much as it hurt, driving his cock even deeper up her torn open hole, she knew, making him cum was the only way she might survive. She could feel his cock swelling, as his cock swelled up he started using long deep strokes, his expanded cock tore her ass even more as he pulled out and shoved himself back in. Savanna's body started to go limp.

She couldn't even feel herself breathing anymore. The only thing she could feel is the heat of the janitor's thick cock buried inside of her. Her mind slowly started to fade away. Savanna slowly drifted into unconsciousness, the last thing she felt before her completely drifted away was the heat of the janitor's cum as it exploded inside of her thick, sexy ass. The janitor looked down at the unconscious girl and smiled. He pulled out his cellphone and took a few pictures of Savanna as she laid, unconscious in a pool of piss, cum dripping out of her ass.

"Who wants a piece." The janitor types into his phone. Immediately it starts to light up with replies. "Looks like you're gonna have a rough few weeks." He smiles down at the unconscious teen girl.