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Big breasts cam girl watch part uncut on wwwslutcamxxcom
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This is my first story so please rate and leave comments. Thanks and hope you enjoy! My names Viktor and I'm a 22 year old college senior.

I'm a business major and just looking forward to graduating and hopefully finding a job. Usually school is rather boring for me and I take the pleasure of napping in the afternoon between classes. However, one day my nap was interrupted in a way would never forget. The day started like any other day, rising before the sun to get a decent workout in before my morning classes.

I generally work out four to five times a week to stay fit and keep in shape for the ladies; and trust me, the ladies love my body. I'm 6'4" tall and I weigh 210 lbs, and it's all muscle. I've earned the rep of being the guy at the party who ends up taking his shirt off to reveal an 8 pack and a chiseled chest, and usually hooking up with one of the hottest girls there.

That's the one thing I'll miss about college, the parties.

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But this week was not the time to party, it was getting close to finals week and I had to pass my classes to graduate. Unfortunately, this meant my sex life had been lacking and leaving me to fend for myself. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was going about my day as usual.


Morning classes, then a break when I generally grabbed something to eat, did some studying, and took a nice peaceful nap in a remote corner of the library's top floor. After a delicious chicken breast sub sandwich and some studying for my ECON 480 final, I made my way to the depths of the library and it's comfy chairs. I managed to find a nice secluded area with no one else around, and 2 empty chairs, one to sit in and one to prop my legs up on.

Within minutes I was passed out, off in a distant land somewhere dreaming about playing guitar with Carrie Underwood in a secluded meadow.

This was a typical dream for me, but something about today was drastically different. All of the sudden Carrie Underwood was rubbing my dick through my jeans.

It took me a few minutes until I woke up and realized it wasn't a dream, someone was really rubbing my dick!

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Although I was slightly disappointed it wasn't Carrie Underwood when I awoke, I was excited to see a beautiful young blonde bombshell sitting on the floor next to my chair. She wasted no time introducing herself. "Hi Viktor, my names Brittany, your friend John said I could find you here!" John was always my best wing-man, never let me down and I knew I'd owe him one for this.

As I took in the moment I realized what a beautiful girl I had sitting next to me.

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She had beautiful, long blonde hair, with vibrant blue eyes and a body no man could turn down. My guess is she was about 5'5" or 5'6", with nice 34D tits, and the tightest ass I'd ever seen. But, she couldn't have been older than 18 or 19. Her curvaceous body wouldve given me an instant hard-on, had she not already done so from the rubbing. "Your friend said you could use a little release and some pleasure from a beautiful girl like me," she said with a look of pleasure on her face.

"Well yea it's been a few weeks since I've gotten any, but we're in the library right now." "i don't care where we are, your dick feels so big I want it right here, right now!" I was astonished.

This girl honestly wanted to get it on right here in the library, how could I say no? She unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and a look of excitement came across her face.

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"Wow I didn't know you'd be this big! It's amazing!" She slowly began stroking my thick, 9" dick and I could see the lust in her eyes. She began stroking my dick like crazy, going as fast as she could. While she stroked it like her life depended on it, I leaned over and began caressing her nice tits which were barely concealed by her skimpy tank top. I started pinching and playing with her nipples and I could hear soft moans coming from her.

Taking one of my balls into her mouth she gently sucked and teased it with her tongue, sending me over the edge. I pulled on her long blonde hair and shoved her mouth onto my dick, she started sucking like I've never had before and taking in my whole length. Within minutes I was ready to burst. I grabbed hold of her hair and pushed her head down onto my dick as far as it could go and my cum filled the back of her throat.

She didn't spill a single drop. Shot after shot of cum entered her throat and she swallowed every bit. "How was that baby? Ever had your dick sucked like that before," she said in a teasing voice. "Brittany that was amazing. If you can suck dick that well I can only imagine how well you can ride it." "Well big boy, let me show you." I hastily took my pants off and tossed them to the side. She stood up and straddled me in my chair. She leaned forward putting her chest in my face, then slowly slid down and kissed me like it was breakup sex.

Wow, I thought to myself, this girl likes it rough, I'm in heaven. She slowly pulled her shirt over her head revealing her amazingly perfect rack. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and slowly started sucking and biting. Her head went back and she arched her back, pushing her chest at me even more. She began grinding against my dick, and it instantly stood at full attention ready for action. Her Daisy Duke shorts did little to hide her tight ass as I caressed it through them.

She stood up and slowly undid her button, then unzipped her shorts. She stood right next to me, facing away, and bent over while slowly pulling her shorts down revealing that she wasnt wearing any underwear. I couldn't resist and I slapped her ass. She let out a little moan, letting me know she liked it. She then straddled me again and slowly lowered herself onto my rock hard dick. Her pussy was warm and tight, and I could tell she had never had a dick my size. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began riding up and down on my dick.

The only noises coming from us were her soft moans and the sound of her juices as she rode me. Faster and harder she continued to ride like crazy getting closer and closer to her climax.


She leaned forward and began nibbling on my ear while moaning softly and whispering all of her dirty thoughts. "I love your huge dick Viktor, please fuck me harder. Fuck me like a whore Viktor." Everything she was saying kept me going faster and harder, the sound of her ass hitting my thighs was getting louder, but I didn't care if anyone heard.

"Viktor I'm getting soooooo close. Please make me cum all over your hard dick," she whispered as she rode faster and faster. I was reaching around, both hands on her ass and helping her grind her sexy body on my dick.

This girl was amazing. When she came to climax I could definitely tell. Her whole body tensed up, her back arched, and her pussy grabbed a hold of my dick like it was it's lifeline.

She kept going while her pussy dripped cum all over my dick and balls and onto the floor. When she was done finishing she collapsed onto me and whispered in my ear, "I want you to bend me over this chair and fuck me like crazy Viktor." I gladly obliged her request and bent her fine body over the back of the chair. I had no problem slipping my dick right into her from behind, she still had enough of her juices flowing to keep everything well lubbed up. I started fucking her hard and fast, and my balls were slapping against her with every thrust.

She was now moaning louder and louder. "Oh Viktor fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harderrrrrr," she moaned as she began to cum again all over my dick. Her legs began to go weak, so I grabbed her hips to hold her up and kept pounding away. "You're so fucking big Viktor I love your big dick in me. Finger my asshole please, I love that." I wasn't going to pass this opportunity up and gladly slipped my middle finger in her tight asshole.

Once my finger entered her she started bucking like crazy on my finger and dick. This girl couldn't get enough! As i continued thrusting from behind I could feel my balls start to tighten. Going faster to bring me closer to finishing, I started fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Quickly, in one swift move, I pulled my dick out, threw her down onto the chair, straddled her face, and shoved my dick into her mouth.

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I couldn't exactly make out what she was saying while I fucked her mouth but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere along the lines of, "give me all of that cum baby, right in my hot little mouth." Then it happened. I blew the biggest load I've ever blown straight into her throat, and again she swallowed every last drop.

Once I was done finishing I stepped back and just stared at the young beauty I had just fucked. As I got dressed I watched her get dressed and admired her hot body. No words were spoken once we were dressed, she wrote something down on a piece of paper, slipped it in my pocket while giving me a kiss, and casually walked off.

After I came to my senses and stopped staring at her ass as she walked off I reached into my pocket and took out the piece of paper. It read. "Thanks for an amazing time Viktor. Same time next week?" .more to come if you guys are interested!