Mi cabeza en sus manos

Mi cabeza en sus manos
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(Here's the second part of my story, it continues on exactly where the first part ends.) " Seconds? " Her body limb laying on my chest, my hard member still inside her, her breathing hard from the intense orgasm.

She looked up at me, still exhausted and smiled in the girly adorable way she always did for me. So I laid her down on her back and spread her legs wide, my hands firmly massaging the inside of her tights as I pushed my cock inside her again. I was eager to cum now, because I was already giving deep strokes.

With how wet she was, I could easily just pound it in from time to time. Her only response was to moan even louder then before as her perfect breasts bounced with each hard push.

I leaned over her body giving her goosebumps with each breath over her skin, now covered in sweat.

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First over her breasts, then her collar bone, and finally her neck, barely letting her feel the tip of my lips on her skin. Kissing her neck, I gently licked her skin in a small circle with the tip of my tongue. Again I kissed her neck, a little lower this time, closer again to her collar bone, before sliding my tongue gently right above it.

I kissed her lower and lower until I was kissing her nipple, sucking on it as I moved my head back a little. My free hand firmly massaging her breast, I kept sucking as I let my tongue go wild over her nipple.

When I moved over to her other breast, she gasped my name loudly and I could now feel her fingers combing threw my hair. I looked up for a moment wanting to see her face. Her eyes closed, and her lips parted in a constant gasp of pleasure, she seemed to be in total ecstasy as I grinded my whole length inside her while giving her breasts some thorough care.

Her loud moans were slightly muffled by her index and major, which she was now sucking and licking vigorously. The sight was so exciting I couldn't hold back anymore. Pounding away, I lost myself inside this beautiful woman, her every moans numbing my mind.

It felt so good I knew I could cum any minute, but that's when I felt her legs wrapping around me, holding me tightly so I couldn't pull it out anymore. Still Pounding it inside, I tried to warn her in between gasps of pleasure. " I'm gonna. " " Me too! " She answered in a weak gasp, as if she hadn't meant to say it out loud, but as soon as she said it, her legs tightened up around me even more and her moans turned to squeals and screams of intense pleasure.

Needing to cum so badly I kept pounding inside as hard as I could. As her screams reached their peak, her insides tightened up again, making me reach my own limit. With deeps strokes, I shot my load inside of her. The sensation of cum inside her was too much it seems. Shooting back her head, her body shook violently, sending powerful pulses threw her pussy, squeezing out every last drop of cum I had in me.

Her second orgasm made her almost scream out loud, but she buried her face into my shoulder at the last second. For a minute, strong spasms shot all over her body, making her moan every time her still sensitive pussy grinded over my cock, which she still held firmly inside her with her legs. When the spasms subsided though, and the muscles of her tights relaxed again, I could feel her legs letting go and her feet fall onto the bed.

I very carefully slid out my cock, making her gasp one last time, before laying down next to her, my arms to my side as I was catching my breath. Her own breathing eventually calmed down but I felt her moving away from me, rolling on her side, turning her back to me. " Sorry. " Whispering in her ear, I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and waist holding her back to my chest.

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I felt her fingers move over my arm, before holding on to it, her other hand letting my fingers slide between hers. We both remained quiet, keeping each other warm as the sweat dried off our bodies.


The moment was tainted with regret but peaceful and marked with a calm satisfaction, as if we had both fulfilled some old dream we'd forgotten. As always though, the mushy peace had only lasted a moment, because now I felt her ass softly grinding against my still half hard shaft.

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" O rly? " " Ya rly " She simply answered, laughing bashfully as she hid her face in her pillow. I smiled, seeing her relaxing so quickly, much as it were made easier by the alcohol and the last few orgasms. I began gently kissing her, where the shoulder meets the neck, making her shiver with each kiss.

Still holding her hand, I slowly began moving it gently across her stomach in swirling motions, making the tip of her fingers rub over her sweaty skin. Around her belly button, then her stomach, then her lower stomach, before moving right above her slit, making a soft moan escape from her lips. I moved it right over her pussy, not letting her touch it, before firmly rubbing all the way down her tights. I could feel the motion of her hips quickening against my hardening shaft as I brought her hand back up over her leg, then over her ass.

Grabbing her cheek, I firmly massaged it in circles, making her gasp every time I pulled her cheeks apart, helping my cock slide deeper each time between her soaking wet tights.

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My fully erect cock now rubbing directly against her slit, I moved her hand back up over her hips, then her stomach, moving achingly slow toward her breasts. Her hips, which at first moved slowly, increased their pace as she realized the new sensation over her pussy. My teasing must have been testing her patience as well, with how sensitive she was. Reaching her breasts, I gently pressed one with her hand.

I slowly made her rub it in a circular motion, pulling her hand away from time to time to tease her hard nipple with her fingers. After barely a minute she was rubbing her breasts on her own and gently pinching her nipples, until she didn't even need my help anymore.

My hand now free, I slid it slowly away from her hand, over her chest. Slowing down as I reached her neck. I began following the movement of my fingers up her neck with my lips giving deep kisses and sucking gently on her skin as I pulled my head back to kiss further up.

My lips stopped right beneath her ear and my fingers over her lips.

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Feeling her warm breath over my hand, I slowly teased her lips with the tip of my fingers, her tongue seemingly moving of it's own as it licked slightly her lips and my fingers. Her mouth even began moving of its own, slowly trying to suck in my fingers. Letting them slowly sink between her lips, I began kissing up behind her ear, before catching the top of it between my lips, licking and sucking on it gently. Though as I did, she surprised me, I hadn't noticed that her free arm had slid away from mine and down at her tights.

Her fingers were now gently rubbing the most sensitive spot on my cock as she pushed my head more firmly against her quivering pussy and hard clit, trying to push it in herself with each motion of her hips. Feeling her impatience, I decided to move back my hips, letting the head move back over her hole.

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Slowly she pushed it in herself, with how wet she was it would've probably slid in of it's own if she hadn't been so tight. Once all the way inside, she began moving her hips again, letting my cock barely slide in and out as she enjoyed the feeling of being so full.

I began following the movement of her hips, pulling it further out before pushing it in more firmly. Still sucking on her ear, I could see down between her legs. Her hand was still there, rubbing her clit at the same speed as I moved inside her. With each muffled moan that vibrated threw her ear, she responded with a loud moan of her own, her hips jerking a little harder against mine each time.

Her lips were parted wide in ecstasy but her tongue still licked my fingers vigorously as I played with it. My own lips letting go of her ear, my breathing strong from the pleasure, I began pushing it in faster.

Her partly limb body tensed up once more as she increased her own pace on my cock. Looking down, I could see her fingers also increasing speed over her clit as her other hand now firmly held her breast, pulling on and rubbing her nipple erratically.

Her insides were squeezing me so tight and were full of both our juices, I felt like I couldn't hold myself long. With how fast she was playing with her clit now, I doubt she minded. I began giving her, deep and hard thrusts, making her moan loudly each time I pushed it out all the way in, the pulses of pleasure running threw her pussy driving my hips wild, making me hold back a moan next to her ear.

As I began doing her fast I noticed her fingers becoming erratic on her clit. She tried to close her mouth again around my fingers, to hold back her loud moans, but each time she tried I gave her the firmest thrust I could muster, parting her lips once more as she held back screams of pleasure.

Her breathing was erratic and her insides were almost crushing me now, I could tell she was about to cum. After a few more strong strokes, I pushed my cock all the way inside her and with my free hand, stopped her from playing with her clit. She tried to squirm with her hips, but I easily kept all 8 inches inside her as her other hand tried weakly to reach her clit, her body trembling with the need to cum.

She tried playing with her breast more, but it only made the urge stronger.

" Don't you dare regret tonight. " With those words I looked her in the eyes as they begged me for release, a smile at the corner of my lips. After a minute of holding her quivering body against mine.


My hips began moving again, strong hard thrusts right away, making her scream into her pillow as I now rubbed her clit faster then she ever could. Her pussy pulsed with a powerful orgasm, making me shoot all I had left inside of her. I kept thrusting as I came, not wanting the amazing feeling to end as I pushed my cum deep inside her, that's when she became even tighter and screamed loudly into her pillow, the feeling of all the cum inside giving her a second, even stronger orgasm.