I fuck my aunt in asshole

I fuck my aunt in asshole
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so this is my first time writing a story like this. please leave me any compliments or constructive criticisms so I can write a better part 2. It does start off a little slow but it gets there.

Hope you enjoy David was annoyed. He was annoyed for a number of reasons, the most of which being that he had to spend the day with Donna the old lady from down the street. Why did he have to spend his day with this woman? The answer was another one of his annoyances he had been suspended from school, again.

It was October and David being 14 had just started high school. David had been tall for his age most of the time growing up and also a little chubby.


He wasn't round and tall like some of those kids you will see who have the broad frame and round face. He simply had a bit of fat that stood out. He was about 6 feet tall, had medium length brown hair, and wore glasses. He was also going through puberty which led to a number of annoyances for him. First of all it meant that he had to keep his face clean always or else he would get a lot of pimples. In fact he had to keep a lot of his body clean or he would smell really strongly.

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Aside from the hygiene problem he was also really really horny, the type of horny that only a fourteen year old boy could be.

Here lied the reason behind his suspension. It was his third suspension in just two months based on the fact that the teachers and principle had deemed him a sexual deviant. According to David whenever he tried to explain himself he just had a lot of bad luck when it came to brushing past girls in the hall way or accidentally grabbing onto them when he tripped.

But David was well aware that even though his actions were made to look like an accident they were in fact intentional. He recalled the particular instant that had gotten him suspended.

David had been walking in the hallway on his way from first period English to second period Math when he noticed a girl walking toward. Now this was not unusual as it was between periods and there were plenty of people in the hallway but David recognized here as one of the girls he like to look at sometimes.

She was in grade 10 and he thought her name might be Maria. Maria, as David came to think of her, had an athletic body and played on the basketball team.

She was slightly shorter than David but only by about an inch and had fairly large breasts for someone so athletic, large B's possibly C's David thought. She had what appeared to be naturally brown hair with blonde streaks in it tied up in a loose ponytail behind her head and had brown eyes and slightly tanned skin.

She was wearing a blue shirt with a little bit of shiny around the chest and grey sweatpants-the kind that looked like they fit loose around her waist. Seeing these sweatpants gave David and idea. Quickly he moved himself so that he was on an intercept path with her.

Then he guessed at the distance between them, found a leg and deliberately manoeuvred so that he tripped. As he fell forward he reached out with a hand and hooked his fingers around Maria's sweatpants. He managed get them inside and also, with luck, on the inside of her panties. Then, with the motion of his fall, he succeeded in pantsing Maria panties and all down to her knees.

The sight and feeling of David catching her pants as he fell caused Maria to scream and drop the textbooks she was holding right onto David's head.

David managed to push her copy of "Biolife" away and caught sight of his prize. Maria's pussy was exposed for mere seconds before she pulled her pants up.

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She had hair there but not a lot, it looked like it had been shaved into a strip starting at the top of her mound and continuing down to the top of her slit.

David immediately felt his dick twinge as he was on his stomach on the floor and then Maria pulled her pants up and scrambled away. By now people were looking at him whether or not they had seen his pantsing of Maria and it wasn't long before a teacher was summoned. So here he was in Donna's house because his parents both worked and they felt that he needed someone to keep an eye on him and make sure he didn't watch TV or play video games or do anything that would take away from his punishment.

He hated it here. It wasn't that Donna was one of those old ladies who are mean or smell really bad, though the house did smell a little old, it was that Donna was very much an old woman and she did things differently than other people, and she was slower at doing things and this annoyed David immensely. "Okay David, here is your first task", said Donna putting a silver tray with what looked like a tea set in front of him, "I'm having a couple of good friends over later this week and I need you to polish this tea set so that it is ready for them.

Now here is the polish and here is the cloth you will use", she said handing him a cloth and a tin of polish that looked like it was from WWII, "make sure that you polish in circles and don't stop until you can see your reflection".

David sighed as he started to work first on the tray and then on the cups.


It was long, tedious, and incredibly boring work that seemed to go on for hours, but finally he had the tray and cups sparkling and he had to admit he was pretty satisfied with the effort he made. So he started to work on the tea pot, it was the grimiest of them all, but surprisingly after just a couple of circles it started to shine a bit.

Seeing that his task was soon to be completed he polished faster and harder and within just 10 minutes he had it spotless, well except for one spot on the handle which he quickly wiped off. When David wiped off that last spot he stood back to admire his work a bit and then something weird happened. The teapot started to vibrate a bit and then shake and soon it was rattling around quite loudly.

Bewildered, David looked around expecting to see Donna rushing in and yelling at him for making so much noise or breaking her set, but she did not and still the teapot rattled. Then suddenly it made a noise like it was spurting steam and sure enough there was steam shooting out from within, a lot of it and before he knew it the steam had gathered into a cloud above his head.

Just as suddenly as it had started, the teapot suddenly stopped rattling and was still. But David had only eyes for the steam cloud because it wasn't dissipating like he thought it should. It was in fact twisting and changing and forming into something. David gasped as it twisted itself into a person with just his upper body arms and head. The steam cloud was definitely a man but had no definitive features to give him any kind of uniqueness, and then he spoke.

"You have released me from my resting place", his voice sounded like thunder booming in David's ears, but when he looked around he Donna was nowhere to be seen as if she couldn't hear what was going on.

"Be wise, little man for you have awoken this Genie.

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I am here to grant you three wishes". Finally getting his tongue back, the first thing David thought of was a bit silly "But I thought Genie's only lived in lamps, you came out of a teapot", he managed to stammer out. "Do not question MY methods little one, for they are mine to keep.

Now, what will your three wishes be?" Working up a little more courage, David thought for a moment and then said, "How do I know that you're telling the truth and even if you are, how do I know there isn't a catch?" David thought that this was a smart question after remembering a program he saw on TV about Genie's granting powers but after they had granted the third one they would steal your sole forever.

The Genie laughed a big booming chuckle and said, " Very well, I will prove that your wishes will have no ill effect. I will grant you one wish now and after you've explored it a bit and found that there is nothing wrong with my ability, then I will grant you the others." David mulled this over and it seemed a pretty good deal so he said "Fine that will do.

What should I wish for?" No reply came from the genie so David thought a bit and the with a grin he remembered a particularly pleasurable dream he had had once and said to the Genie "I wish that I had the ability to stop and start time whenever I wanted to" The Genie looked quizzically at David and replied, "Unfortunately that is not possible, for time is something that is always flowing and even my power is not enough to stop it.

However I will grant you the power to alter the speed at which time flows. You will be able to slow time down so much that it appears to be stopped." And with a deep breath he exhaled and steam shot all over David. Coughing a little bit David looked up to see the Genie and all the steam had vanished and he was standing alone once again looking at the now sparkling tea set. Just then, Donna walked into the room inquiring whether her tea set was done yet. Upon seeing it sparkling she smiled and thanked David for his work.

When David inquired what she wanted him to do next she simply smiled at him and told him he could go home. Seeing the confusion on David's face Donna said, "Don't worry I was young once too and I made mistakes and I made up for them. I also had two sons who were your age once, I know what you're going through".

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Then she went to the door and led him out. "Oh and David, try not to do this again, I do have stuff to do in the week besides watch over you". With that she closed the door leaving David standing outside her house trying to mull over all that happened in there.

In the end he decided he must of had a daydream involving the Genie or something and proceeded to head home. One of the neighbourhood cats roaming the sidewalk stepping in and out of flowerbeds.

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David liked animals so he went to pet it, but the cat had no intention of being petted. Instead the cat streaked across the lawn with the flower bed and out onto the road. David turned and there was an immediate screeching of tires, and then everything seemed to rapidly slow down and then stop. There was no noise, no wind, nothing. It felt like a dream everything and everyone had stopped. The car on the road, the cat nearly under the car, and as David looked up there was bird frozen in mid air.

David couldn't believe it. Had he just stopped time-or rather slowed it down as the Genie had said? Impossible yet impressive, he wondered around for a bit trying to see if everything was stopped before he remembered the cat.

He jogged back to the road and bent down by the front of the car and retrieved the cat. It did not move, its limbs seemingly frozen but when he carried it off the street he noticed he could move it a bit and that it was not completely immobile. He put the cat down and without even realizing what he did he blinked and everything started to speed up and then once again the tires were screeching and the cat streaked across the lawn on the other side and ran into the side of the house.

It looked clearly quite confused but hopped up and ran off. Without feeling a bump, David guessed, the driver drove on completely unaware of what had happened and as David looked up he saw the bird fly past him only to poop on his shoulder.

David grinned, wiping the poop off with a leaf, it seemed he actually had this power and he couldn't wait to put it to use for what he really wanted.

Girls. David was home at about 3pm, 2 ½ hours before his parents would get home. He went and got some pop and chips from the cupboard and then went to watch some TV. He made sure to turn the TV off and clean up with enough time left that he could be in his room supposedly working on homework when his parents got home.

When they got home David's mom came to talk to him. She told him that she had spoken with Donna and was glad that she had said he had worked so hard, but that he wasn't off the hook completely. David tried to repress a grin as went back into his room. Apart from emerging to eat dinner David spent the rest of the night practicing his time slowing skill. He was quite thorough in learning how to slow time and speed it up again quickly and he even learned how to start slowing time and then reverse to sort go slowmo.

He soon grew tired and even though it was early he got into his nightwear, brushed his teeth, jacked off and went to bed.

The next day David was ready to put his new skill to real purposes and he got the chance in first period English. Today the class was discussing "Romeo and Juliet" which they had just finished reading.

David was bored and was looking around the room when his eyes fell on a girl named Natalie Mcgreggory. Natalie was hot, in David's mind. She was tall, almost 6'1" and fairly slim. She had brown hair pulled back in a ponytail like Maria's had been and had fair skin, brown eyes, and a few freckles. She was wearing dark blue jeans and a red top, but it was her tits that interested David the most.

She had big ones. David thought they were probably large C's and they stuck out from her body all round and curvy.

All David could think about was squeezing them.


So David decided that it was time. Time slowed. David's teacher began to drawl and then stop talking, a classmate's pencil hung in the air mid-tap, and another classmate was holding her phone mid-text. David looked up at the clock which was frozen at 10:04am. He rose from his seat and walked to the front of the room and waved his hands around.

Nothing. He went up and tapped his teacher on the shoulder. No reply. David went to the desk of one of the "tough guys" and open hand slapped him on the forehead.

Still nothing. Chuckling David deemed it safe and made his way down the row until he stood directly behind Natalie.

He put his hands on her shoulders, bent over and kissed her neck. She was warm to his lips and he kept kissing and sucking at her neck a little. Then he brought both hands down and wrapped them around her waist as he kissed her on her cheek and then her ear. Still kissing the side of her face he brought his first hand up to cup one of her tits. It felt really nice, soft but not too squishy and jiggly as he moved it up and down playing with it.

Still fondling a tit and kissing her he slid his other hand down her stomach and began rubbing the top of her legs and her mound through her jeans. David was getting pretty aroused and he almost had a full hard on.

He was excited and a little nervous and his breathing coming slightly faster and heavier. He brought his other hand up from Natalie's legs to grab the other tit. He cupped and squeezed both tits and moved them together and a part. David then moved his other hand back and undid the button and fly on Natalie's jeans.

As he looked he saw that she was wearing white panties with pink hearts on them and he rubbed her mound through her panties. He then bent himself further forwards and kissed Natalie on the lips.

Her lips were soft and lush and tasted slightly of chapstick. He sent his tongue forward inside her mouth exploring her tongue and teeth as he kissed her harder. David was getting pretty horny now and had a full on boner. He was also unconsciously grinding his pelvis on the back of Natalie's chair. David decided that it was time for the shirt to come off.

He positioned Natalie's arms so they hung above her head and he reached down and pulled her shirt off. Natalie was wearing an off white bra with a lacy strap which David also removed though it proved trickier than he thought it would. At last David had access to Natalie's tits and he was surprised that they weren't quite as big as they had appeared before.

David wondered if Natalie had stuffed her bra, but that didn't matter too much because right now he had a big soft 14 year old tit in each hand. He proceeded to jiggle them and squeeze them, there was nothing like it. He played with her nipples, he flicked them and pinched them lightly.

He drew circles around her areolas. Then he bent over as far as he could and started to suck on one of her tits. He took her nipple in his mouth and rolled his tongue over it. David continued to suck and kiss at Natalie's tit while one of his hands slid down her stomach and slipped into her panties. As if touching and sucking on his first teenage tit wasn't enough he was now rubbing his first teenage pussy.

Natalie felt like she did have some hair down there but it was fairly soft. David rubbed at her outer lips and along her slit. He then rubbed a little deeper into her lips and found what he assumed to be her clit which he played with for a while. After this David had such a big boner that it was hurting to keep it in so he decided to take his pants off. When his pants and boxers were off, his fair sized 6 inches stood right out in front of him.

David took the rest of his clothes off and went back to kissing Natalie. Unfortunately David's cock was now grinding against her chair which was uncomfortable. Luckily the chairs in the English room were the ones not attached to the desks so David was able to turn Natalie around and he leaned her back in her chair.

He then straightened her legs and pulled her jeans and panties off. He gazed at her for a while for she really was quite attractive. He saw that her pussy did not look like it had been shaved and had a fair amount of brown pubic hair curled around it. David decided that he didn't care how much hair she had down there because what he really wanted to do was taste her pussy.

David slid Natalie's hips so that her butt was at the edge of the chair and he got on his knees and put his face at pussy height. He then started by kissing Natalie's pussy fast and then slow and gradually started licking her lips and slit. Then he stuck his tongue out, just like he'd seen in porn, and forced it a little bit into her slit. He rolled his tongue around a little bit before pulling out.

Natalie tasted great, he couldn't really compare the taste of pussy mixed just a little with pee. David knew what needed to be done now quickly he straightened up pulled Natalie a little closer and guided his cock to her pussy. Gripping his cock he rubbed the head against her slit.

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It felt so good he thought he was going to cum right there. David backed off for a bit letting his juices settle before he attempted to penetrate.

Once he was settled he guided his dick back to Natalie's pussy and slowly pushed the tip in. She felt great a little moist and tight around his shaft.

He pushed in a little further and then pulled all the way out. David repeated this process several times before pushing in even further. He was moving slowly expecting to hit her hymen but surprisingly he had ¾ of his shaft in and he had not.

David wondered if Natalie was no longer a virgin or had simply broke her hymen with her fingers or a dildo. Soon he was able to push the entirety of his cock inside her. David waited a moment collecting himself again just as he had done a few moments earlier and then pulled back slightly and began to hump her.

At first he started out humping slowly, but very soon he was banging at her in earnest and already he could feel his juices building. There was no slowing down or stopping this time. David continued thrusting, moaning slightly and then suddenly he felt his balls tighten and his cock jump and with a cry he exploded and came right inside Natalie.

David could feel his body pumping out the cum, it was the most cum he had ever pumped out and it felt amazing. After he was finished cumming he simply collapsed resting his head on Natalie's stomach for a while.

When he finally built up the strength to drag himself up again he looked down at his still dripping cock and chuckled. He then proceeded to put his clothes back on.

Now came the hard part, he had to dress Natalie. Surprisingly it went better than he had expected. He had a bit of trouble inching her pants back on and doing up her bra but in the end he got her dressed and turned around facing her desk again.

He also tried to put her back in the position she was in when he found her. David sighed and went back to his desk and with practised ease sped time up again. Three things happened when he sped time up again. His teacher turned around to face the class room, the tough guy clasped his hand to his forehead and yelled "What the fuck?", and Natalie screamed.

It wasn't a scream of pain but rather a loud moaning scream like when teh scream David made when he came inside of her. David quietly chuckled as everyone turned to look at her and the tough guy being reprimanded by the teacher who told him to report to detention. David's teacher also asked Natalie if she needed to be excused.

Natalie was looking up and down, from the teacher to bewilderedly staring at her crotch. Embarrassed and clearly confused she said no and resumed looking at her crotch with her head down. The teacher shrugged and went back to writing on the board about Act II. David smiled, he now knew it was going to be a very good day