Lovely japanese gives superb ramrod engulfing pleasures

Lovely japanese gives superb ramrod engulfing pleasures
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THE HONEYMOON CONTINUES DAY TWO AT THE RESORT After a wonderful lunch the four of us returned to our room and changed into shorts and tees to wear down to the nude beach. We hooked up the lesbian foursome and the couple Barbara and Jim at the beach.

We all sat around chatting but no one discussed the previous night's activities. At one point Rita, Erin and Jean went in the ocean for a swim and Joannie decided to join them. They were in for quite awhile when I noticed the Rita and Erin were sitting on a raft in the water and that Jean and Joannie were still in the water but between their heads were between the other girl's legs.

You really could not make out what they were doing but it seemed as if Joannie was eating Erin's pussy and the Jean was eating Rita's quim. "They really look hot don't they Marla?" Naomi asked me breaking my concentration. "Are they doing what I think they are doing?" I asked Naomi. "Most definitely, those horny little cunts Erin and Rita can never get enough," Naomi replied. "Well I would put Joannie in that same category," I said and we both laughed.

Naomi got up displaying her beautiful nude body and asked, "Want to join them?" "No thanks, I am still recovering from last night and I need a little more rest," I told her. "Okay, come on in if you change your mind," she said and then went in the water and swam out to the other girls.

I lay back in the sun and closed my eyes and thought to myself, "I had more sex in one day then I would have expected for the whole week." As I lay there I could hear the conversation between Biff, Jerry, Jim and Barbara. "How are you feeling today, Barbara?" Biff asked her. "My body aches all over from the pounding it took from you three last night and I feel constipated," she answered sounding almost annoyed.

Jerry said, "You'll get used to it. A cum enema will make you feel that way the first few times." "Oh and you know how it feels to have a huge dick and three loads of cum in your ass?" Barbara retorted. "Absolutely, Biff has fucked me in the ass many times with that monster and I admit it took some time to get used to it," Jerry confessed.

Then Jim asked in disbelief, "Let me get this straight, Biff has fucked you in the ass before?" "Oh yeah many times and he has fucked my wife Joannie in the ass and my mother Marla in the ass as well. We all love it," Jerry added. "So are all of you screwing each other?" asked Barbara in amazement. "Not only that Marla and Joannie get it on with each other as well.

In fact they partied with the lesbian foursome last night while Biff and I were at your place," Jerry told them. "Unbelievable and I thought that being with three guys was pushing the limit," sighed Barbara. Jim added, "Man that is so hot and so cool. I would love to see Barbara make it with another woman." Then Biff chimed in, "Not a problem, why don't you come over to our place tonight and the six of us will party." "No way will I make it with a woman," Barbara said firmly.

"Oh come on honey I bet you would enjoy it," Jim pleaded. Biff added, "Barbara I bet you will enjoy it. Marla had never been with a woman until Joannie and now she loves it. You can always stop if you want no one is going to force you." "Oh yeah and I should believe you after you showed your monster cock in my ass last night," Barbara said with a snicker.

"Well at least party with us and see what happens, I promise you that no one will force you to do anything that you don't want to," Biff replied. "Please dear, can we party with them tonight?" Jim begged. "Okay but on one condition. I want to see you fuck Jerry in the ass," Barbara said firmly. "Deal," answered Jim. By then the girls were returning from the water and Joannie plopped down next to us and exclaimed, "Man those girls know how to eat pussy!" "Hey Joannie," Jerry called out; "Jim and Barbara are coming over to party with us tonight.

"Cool I am in the mood for some fresh meat," she said laughingly. "You are always in the mood," Biff joked.


So it was set after dinner Jim and Barbara would come to our room to party. THE AFTER DINNER PARTY Jim and Barbara arrived later that evening dressed as we had become accustomed wearing shorts and a tee shirt with no underwear. It wasn't long before we were all naked and fooling around with each other. 'Remember you have to fuck Jerry in the ass before we do anything else," Barbara reminded her husband. Jerry got some gel and lubed up his ass for Jim and got on all fours.

Jerry looked over his shoulder and wagged his ass at Jim and said, "Come and get it. Give me a good ride." Biff offered encouragement to Jim, "Doesn't he look just like a girl from behind with his hairless smooth bubble butt.

Every time I fuck his ass I think I am fucking a girl's ass." The Biff offered his cock to Jerry who immediately gobbled it up in his mouth. Jim now sporting an erection got behind Jerry and eased his cock into Jerry's asshole. He looked surprised at how easy it went in and probably how good it felt.

"Do a good job and I will let you fuck me in the ass too," quipped Joannie. Then she added, "In fact I'll let you fuck Marla in the ass as well." Barbara looked on in amazement as her husband fucked my son in the ass and my son sucked Biff's big dick as well.

Joannie moved over to Barbara sitting on the bed and started stroking her body. Barbara's nipples stuck out like little dicks from her chest she was so turned on. Joannie then leaned over and took one of Barbara's nipples in her mouth and rolled it around with her teeth. Barbara was moaning with the tit manipulation. Jim had really gotten into fucking Jerry's ass and was now pounding into him.

His hips slapped into Jerry's buttocks impaling him on Jim's cock. Jim was running his hands all over Jerry's smooth round ass cheeks as he fucked him. Every once in awhile Jerry would take his mouth off of Biff's cock to encourage Jim. "Oh yeah, fuck my ass, fuck it good, I want to feel your cum in my ass, give it to me." Joannie stopped sucking Barbara's tits and dropped to her knees in front of her.

She pried a reluctant Barbara's legs apart to get at her pussy. "Please don't," Barbara whispered. "It's not going to hurt, just relax," Joannie urged and then said to me, "Marla suck her tits she has great nipples." I moved over to the bed and sat next to Barbara. I played with her tits and then began to suck her nipples into my mouth. She loved having her nipples sucked and nibbled.

The attention to her tits allowed her to relax enough to give Joannie access to her pussy. I knew she was in for a surprise because Joannie was such a good cunt lapper. The action on the bed with the male threesome and my loving of her tits broke down Barbara's final barrier. She emitted a very audible gasp when Joannie plunged her tongue into her pussy.

"Oh my God, yes, yes, oh this is going to be a quick one," Barbara exclaimed! Just as Barbara's body rocked with a volcanic orgasm, her husband Jim announced that he was cumming. Barbara and I watched as Jim stiffened and fired his load into my son's asshole. Jerry then used his ass muscles to milk Jim's cock dry. Jim shivered as his cock was squeezed in Jerry's ass and then it slipped from my son's hole with a trail of cum following it.

Joannie had moved up along side of Barbara and kissed her deeply allowing her to taste her own pussy nectar and then said, "There that wasn't so bad, see how good you taste?" Barbara just nodded and then lay back on the bed recovering from her first orgasm with another woman. Biff had not cum so he removed his cock from Jerry's mouth and walked over to Barbara. He pushed his cock into her pussy slowly as she gasped remembering his size.

Biff worked her with long powerful strokes keeping his cock in constant contact with her clit. Barbara was breathing hard as she worked herself up toward another orgasm.

Joannie got up on the bed and straddled Barbara's face lowering her pussy to her mouth. "Do to me just what I did to you before, eat my pussy, come on get your tongue in there, find my clit," Joannie kept yelling out instructions.

Biff flooded Barbara's cunt with cum and she was rocked with another intense orgasm. Barbara screamed into Joannie's cunt and we only heard the muffled sounds. Barbara was spent and lay still as Joannie dismounted from her face. "She needs some more training," Joannie said obviously disappointed in Barbara's lack of pussy eating experience.

"Come on Marla give me some of your magic," Joannie urged. Joannie and I got on the other bed in a 69 position and we began to lap each other's pussy. We started to finger each other's assholes as well. Jim was totally turned on by this display of female copulation. Then I heard Jerry offer, "Jim let's fuck them in the ass, who do you want, Marla or Joannie?" Jim in a weak voice said, "Joannie." The two of them joined Joannie and I on the bed and my son slipped his cock into my ass as Jim slid his into Joannie's beautiful bum.

Joannie and I were licking each other frantically and chewing on each other's clit. The anal penetrations only accelerated our orgasms.

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We both came in each other's mouth relishing the taste of one another as the cocks filled our asses. Joannie kept right on eating me after my orgasm and I followed suit. We continued to eat each other toward another orgasm when I felt my son spew his load into my ass setting me off again. I squirted my juice all over Joannie's face. Joannie's body also rocked in orgasm as she felt me squirt into her mouth and Jim shoot his load into her ass. The four of us lay coupled together for a few minutes until the guys cocks softened and slipped from our asses.

"That was unbelievable," said a recovered Barbara as she sat next to Biff with his stiff dick in her hand. "Man that was something," echoed Jim. "Just think, Jim you just fucked a husband and wife in the ass the same day," chuckled Biff.

We all took some time to rest so we had a couple of drinks and chatted for awhile. The guys decided that Jim would fuck my ass next but that I would also be triple fucked. I would experience the pleasure of Biff's big cock in my pussy while Jim fucked my ass and I sucked my son's cock. We got into position and within seconds I had all three cocks in me. Joannie and Barbara sat next to each other on the other bed and watched the four of us get it on. Since the guys had already cum it took longer for them this time.

They seemed to pound my three holes forever. I orgasmed countless times before the first of guys lost his load. My son Jerry was the first to cum filling my mouth with his sweet tasting seed.

I sucked it all down not wanting to waste any. I continued to suck on his pecker until it went soft in my mouth. As I nibbled on the cock head my son shivered and pulled away, collapsing on the bed. Jim was the next to cum filling with ass with his seed. He continued to fuck me moving cum around in my ass as I used my anal muscles to squeeze every drop from his cock. Soon his cock deflated and popped out of my asshole. I could feel his cum trickled down my inner thighs toward my pussy where Biff was pounding my cunt.

I was so turned on that I rode his cock like it would be my last fuck ever. Biff pushed up into me as I crashed down on his body. Then he stiffened and fired a barrage of cum into my womb.

I could feel it bouncing off the walls of my vagina and then running back down to coat his cock. He fucked me for a few minutes well after he shot his load bringing me to the brink of an intense orgasm. Then I lost it my body shook with tremors and I felt chills run through me as I had my most spasmodic orgasm ever. I collapsed on Biff's body and he wrapped his arms around me holding me until my body stopped quivering.

"Are you okay?" Biff asked. "I think so at least now anyway," I answered him. I just lay on top of him and he continued to stroke my body in an effort to comfort me. I felt like I could lay there forever. I thought to myself, "If I never have sex again this was an orgasm to remember." Finally we gathered ourselves and sat up. Biff mixed some more drinks and we realized that Joannie and Barbara were gone. We just assumed that they went down to the nude Jacuzzi so we relaxed.

It was weird how I had become accustomed to sitting around naked socializing. Here I was with my son, his best friend and a man I just met with all of us naked and sipping cocktails. Jim wanted to hear our story about how it all started with the four of us. So we each told a part of the story. The story was really a turn-on for Jim and he was amazed at the turn of events leading up to our trip to Jamaica. I noticed that he was getting hard again.

Biff noticed it too, "Everybody up for one round?" he asked. Biff suggested that I sit on his cock again. Then Jerry would fuck me in the ass this time and Jim would fuck Jerry in the ass. Just describing that got the guys hard and then we were back at it. Biff fucked my pussy, my son fucked my ass and Jim fucked Jerry's ass. This round really lasted a long time before the guys came again.

I was exhausted and just lay on Biff and let him and Jerry do all the work. Eventually Jim came in Jerry's ass which triggered his orgasm into my ass. Biff finally came into my overused and soaking wet pussy.

"Nice show you guys," remarked Joannie as she and Barbara returned. The four of us uncoupled and sat up on the bed and I noticed that Barbara looked exhausted and drained. "Where did you girls go off to?" I asked. "Well I told you that Barbara needed for training in pussy eating, so I took her over to meet Erin, Rita, Jean and Naomi," Joannie replied.

Jim said. "I'll be damned did you get it on with those Lesbos?" Barbara looked embarrassed and humiliated. She also looked like she was totally out of it.

She spoke to Jim, "Can we please go now?" "I want to hear all about it," Jim said ignoring her request. "I'll tell you about it when we get back to our room, please let's just go," Barbara whined.

Jim and Barbara through own their clothes and headed back to their room without saying another word to us. "Well that must have been quite a session over there," I said to Joannie. "You wouldn't believe it the girls turned Barbara into a wild woman. I think she is embarrassed by everything she did and how much she got into it," Joannie replied and then went on, "She ate every pussy, she fucked and got fucked with dildos, she was double and triple penetrated, and it was quite a scene.

I fill you in on the details over breakfast but right now I'm going to bed." We all went to bed and slept soundly that night. In the morning we took showers and Biff fucked me in the shower and Jerry fucked Joannie when they showered. Then we dressed and went down to breakfast. DAY THREE AT THE RESORT The four of us were sitting around having our second and third cups of coffee after breakfast.

Joannie was telling us what transpired when she and Barbara went over to the lesbian girl's room. "Well it wasn't so much what Barbara did as to how she reacted," Joannie started off the story. "She really didn't do much more than Marla and I did the other night. The girls really worked her over at first sucking her tits, nibbling on her sensitive nipples, eating her pussy and rimming her asshole.

Barbara had cum so many times that her body was like jelly." Joannie continued, "I never expected her to be so vocal she seemed so demure but once she got going there was no stopping her and no shutting her up. We girls took turns fucking her with strap-on dildos and alternated sitting on Barbara's face. She was coaxed and trained in the art of pussy eating and by the time we were done with her she was an expert and loving it." I said, "That's unbelievable given her first reaction to girl girl sex." I know said Joannie but it gets better, "We then began to double fuck and triple fuck her with strap-on dildos making lick her own cunt juice off the one fresh from her pussy.

The most erotic sight was with Rita fucking Barbara's pussy and Erin fucking Barbara in the ass.

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Erin's ass is so hot that I couldn't leave it alone so I fucked her ass at the same time. Jean and Naomi knelt on either side of the three of us and played with our tits and nipples." Biff chimed in, "I would love to fuck Erin in the ass. I just love her shapely bubble butt. Joannie, can you set that up for me?" Joannie smiled and said, "We'll see." Then she went on with the story, "Naomi started talking to Barbara and calling her our slut bitch and our slut whore. Barbara answered back saying that she was a slut and a whore.

She yelled out to all of us fuck your slut whore, fuck me in my ass, fuck me in my pussy, let your slut taste your pussy; she was insatiable.

Then we really worked her over pounding her pussy and her ass and making her eat our pussies and lick the dildos clean. It was wild." "God no wonder she looked so beat up when you got back to the room," I commented.

"Yeah and that was after she rested for awhile and I had to help her walk back to our room," Joannie added. "Then on the way back it hit her about what she had done and she felt ashamed and humiliated. I tried to console her but she went into a deep depression which is why she didn't hang around for awhile." "I bet Naomi and the girls are ecstatic with their conquests so far this week.

First you and I and then you and Barbara," I said. "You bet they are and they are pretty worn out themselves," Joannie said with a giggle. "Listen Joannie about Erin, I know you can set it up. Hell she has already had good sized fake cocks in her ass, why not a real one?

Tell how great it feels to have your rectum filled with cum and how much better it feels than a fake cock that doesn't cum." Biff tried to convince Joannie. "Okay, okay I'll work on her but if I am successful you will owe me big time," replied Joannie. We finished our coffee and headed back to the room and then down to the nude beach. All of us were really getting tan, darker than we had ever been with absolutely no tan lines. None of the lesbian girls were at the beach yet nor were Jim and Barb.

As we were sunning and talking Biff reminded us of the Reggae party tonight on the regular beach. Then two very effeminate young men walked over to near where we were sitting and sat down. They looked over at us and smiled.


It was obvious that they must have just arrived because they still had tan lines and a very light tan. From the back these two looked like young girls with hairless bodies, unblemished skin and shapely legs and asses. They had their hair cut in a page boy style covering the nape of their necks.

I could see that Biff was interested in their asses. The young men started putting suntan lotion on each other almost in a display of eroticism. They were openly gay with very feminine mannerisms and manner of speech. As one put lotion on the other one he glanced over in our direction and noticed Biff's prowess.

He whispered to the other one and then they both looked right at Biff's meat. I swore they looked like they were starting to get hard. Then they walked toward us and asked if they could join us. We invited them to sit down and they introduced themselves as Michelle (not Michael) and Brandy (not Brandon).

They shared with us that they had just started dating and that this was their first vacation together. When we explained our situation to them they applauded our sexual openness but they were clearly turned on by our arrangement and they both showed hard.

Michelle and Brandy had long thin cocks probably about seven inches long and three inches around. "Down boys, nudity on the beach is okay but no display of sex allowed," Biff cautioned.

Both boys grabbed their cocks and Brandy said, "I hate when it does that." Then he and Michelle giggled. "No sex on the beach huh, what do you call all the pussy eating that took place on the raft yesterday," laughed Joannie.

Then she told Michelle and Brandy about the gay girls we hooked up with. "You guys are so cool," remarked Michelle. "Let's get something to drink Brandy, do you guys want anything?" he asked. "I'll go with you," Jerry said and jumped up, his prick semi-hard. The three of them walked over to the nude bar and I noticed that the three of them fondled each other's asses as they made their way across the sand. There was no one at the bar yet so the three of them hung out by themselves talking and drinking.

Joannie and Biff went for a swim and I walked over to the bar to get something to drink. I didn't see Jerry and the young men and I didn't have a clue where they went. I got a drink and decided to head over to the nude Jacuzzi.

As I approached I saw Jerry, Brandy and Michelle in the Jacuzzi. Brandy was on one side of Jerry and Michelle was on the other side. Brandy and Michelle each held one of my son's ass cheeks in their hand and fondled his chest and nipples with the other. Jerry was stroking both of their thin long hard cocks. As I stood and watched them I reflected on my first voyeurism when I spied on Jerry and Biff.

Brandy sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi and Jerry leaned over to take his cock in his mouth. Michelle got behind Jerry and slipped his cock into Jerry's ass. Michelle also reached around to stroke Jerry's cock.

It wasn't long before Brandy came in Jerry's mouth and Michelle came in Jerry's ass. Jerry in turn shot his load in the Jacuzzi water. They cleaned off their cocks with the Jacuzzi water and headed back toward the bar. I hurried back to my place on the beach and awaited their return. The three of them walked back and sat down as if nothing had transpired between them.

"Did you enjoy your visit with each other," I asked. "Immensely, Jerry is wonderful company," Brandy replied. Jerry looked toward the water and saw Biff sitting on the raft with Joannie's head bobbing up and down between his legs and he said aloud, "Looks like Biff is getting his pipes cleaned." We all looked out toward them and all though we really couldn't see that well it was obvious that Biff was getting one of Joannie's signature blow jobs.

She must have been at it for awhile because soon after we spotted them they changed positions.

Joannie got upon the raft and spread her legs and Biff got in the water and put his head between her legs, obviously eating her pussy. "God I am getting hot again," remarked Brandy. "Let's swim out to the raft when they are done," offered Michelle. "Do you want to come, Jerry," asked Brandy. "Sure I wouldn't miss it," my son replied. After Joannie and Biff were done getting each other off they made their way back to shore. As they swam back Jerry, Michelle and Brandy headed out to the raft.

Joannie and Biff plopped down in their chairs. "Well it looked like you two were having fun," I teased. "Was it that obvious from here," Biff asked. "Well you really can't see anything except your positions and your bobbing heads, but it was somewhat obvious," I said smiling.

"Now the boys are heading out there." While the three of them were out to the raft I told Biff and Joannie what I had witnessed. They weren't surprised that Jerry got it on with them they were just surprised how quickly it happened. "They are both very pretty boys," Joannie admitted and then asked, "Are you going to fuck them Biff?" "Well see, right now I'm not in the mood but maybe sometime this week if the situation presents itself.

Right now I can't get Erin's ass out of my mind," Biff responded. The three of watched as Michelle and Brandy sat on the raft and Jerry was in the water. It looked he was moving to one cock and then the other until they both shot their wads in his mouth. Then Jerry was on the raft and Brandy and Michelle were in the water taking turns sucking Jerry's cock. It appeared that after he came in one of their mouths that they kissed each other sharing my son's cum.

Shortly afterward they made their way back to the beach and their chairs. I thought to myself, "You need to get some binoculars." "Well it looks as if you three are getting along," I teased them. "Yeah you two have cum stains on your face," laughed Joannie.

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"Joannie you shit," cried Jerry. We all laughed and settled in to talk again. After awhile we decided to go and get some lunch and agreed to meet back at the beach after we ate. When we returned after lunch we were joined by Michelle and Brandy as well as the lesbian girls. Naomi told us that Jim and Barbara let the island and went home early.

Apparently Barbara couldn't bear to face anyone after the sex marathon last night. Our conversation then turned back to sex.

Naomi asked Biff and Jerry how they got started and when did Joannie enter the picture. Both Michelle and Brandy pulled their chairs in closer to hear Biff and Jerry tell their story. We all put our chairs in a circle and we made quite a group the family foursome, the lesbian foursome and the gay duo. We were all beautiful people that shared their sex stories with each other.

Biff started the story, "Well Jerry and I were roommates in college. By the time I had entered college I had already fucked my share of asses both boys and girls. Jerry and I hit it off and we started hanging out together and we double dated a lot. Sometimes it worked out that one of us would not have a date and we fucked the same girl." Jerry added, "Yeah, the one girl Marilyn we fucked for a long time.

She loved to be double fucked all the time. She loved it in the ass and we fucked her in a lot of different positions.

She was experimental too and she was the one who got me into anal sex." Now Naomi, Jean, Rita and Erin were really listening, "Tell us what happened?" asked an excited Erin.

Jerry went on, "Well one night Biff was out with a date and Marilyn and I were back at our room fucking. She brought along a good sized dildo to use on her pussy while I fucked her in the ass. Marilyn had fingered my ass before when she sucked my cock and it felt pretty good but now she wanted to fuck my ass with the dildo as she sucked my dick.

I went along with it and she gradually worked the whole dildo into my ass as she gave me a mind boggling blow job." Then Biff jumped in, "It gets better. I came back to the room with a set of blue balls after having been shot down on my date. I walk in the room and here is Jerry on his hands and knees with Marilyn fucking him in the ass with a strap-on dildo.

Up to then I had never thought about Jerry sexually although I always admired his ass. When Marilyn saw me see smiled and yelled out look who is home and then asked Jerry if he was ready for the real deal." "I had always been secretly attracted toward Biff and I had always admired his big cock but I had never thought about us getting it on until then," Jerry said and then continued, "Marilyn told Biff to get over here and fuck my ass and then I repeated it asking Biff to fuck me.

Biff took off all of his clothes and his big dick was fully erect. He knelt down behind me and eased his cock into my ass." Biff added, "Marilyn pulled the good sized dildo out of his ass and then handed me some lube for my cock. I greased it up good and then pushed it into Jerry's ass.

Marilyn had broken him in very well and my cock went in easily. I really started to get into it and I started fucking his hot ass with long deliberate strokes. It was the first time I really looked at Jerry's ass with a desire to fuck it. I molded his shapely cheeks in my hands as I fucked him." Jerry said excitedly, "I couldn't believe that I was able to take that ass buster but I did I loved it.

I was hooked on butt fucking from that moment on. Marilyn had slipped under me and took my cock in her mouth and I leaned over her body to eat her pussy as Biff continued to butt fuck me." "I knew I wasn't going to last very long and when Marilyn licked my balls, I shot my wad into Jerry's ass," Biff added. "Oh man what a load it was Biff just seemed to keep cumming and cumming.

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I could feel cum bounce off my bowels and fill my rectum. It was backing out over Biff's cock and running down my legs over my own balls. Marilyn lick up Biff's cum and went back to sucking my cock and then I came in her mouth," Jerry told us. Then Biff continued, "It was wild and when I removed my softening dick from Jerry's ass it made a loud popping sound and then a large wad of cum hit Marilyn in the face.

Marilyn gobbled up my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. I sat back on the floor with my back against the couch and Marilyn continued sucking my cock. I started to get hard again and I thought I would cum in her mouth next." "But Marilyn had something else in mind and she told me to come closer and watch her suck Biff's cock.

I moved closer and then she took her mouth of off his dick and told me to try it. I took hold of it and began to lick the head and then eventually took it in my mouth.

Biff groaned so I new I was doing a good job which turned me on and now I was anxious for him to cum in my mouth. I kept sucking him deeper and deeper tasting my gag line and I was proud of how much of his cock I could handle.

Marilyn got behind me and fucked my ass again with her dildo until Biff blasted his load in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and I loved it." Jerry said excitedly. Jerry had gotten a hard-on telling the story and when I looked around everyone appeared sexually aroused. I knew I was and then I noticed Michelle and Brandy with a hand on the other's erect cock. If we had been allowed I am sure that an orgy would have started right there on the nude beach.

Jerry finished the story, "That's how it started and since then I have been hooked on Biff's cock. We continued to date girls and fuck them together. Marilyn was always available when we wanted as well.

I met Joannie later in our senior year and we started to date.

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She is insatiable as we all know so I introduced Biff into our relationship. But that story can wait for another day." "I'll say I don't think I can listen to another story," Rita said, "I am so fucking hot right now does anyone want to eat my pussy?" she joked.

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In response every hand but Michelle and Brandy went into the air and we all laughed. "I think we all need a swim to cool off," suggested Naomi. Everyone headed for the water and let the cool ocean bring their body temperatures back down. We eventually returned to our chairs and conversations. "So Brandy and Michelle are you into anal sex or just oral?" Naomi blatantly asked them.

They smiled without embarrassment and answered, "Yes we are into anal big time and we do like group action." "Have you guys ever been butt fucked with dildos like Jerry was?" Naomi continued her questioning. "No but it sounds erotic," replied Brandy and Michelle nodded in agreement. "We have dildos with us which Joannie and Marla can testify to. Would you two like some of us to fuck your asses with our fake cocks?" Naomi asked in a very sultry tone and then added, "I think that would be hot don't you, gay guys getting fucked by lesbians?" "It sounds delicious and it would be even better if we had some real cocks for our mouths," Michelle answered this time and then hugged Brandy as they giggled.

"How about it Jerry and Biff are you two willing to help out?" Naomi teased. Jerry was first to answer, "You bet I am." Then Biff replied, "I think we can work something out. I'll play along if I can fuck Erin in the ass." Naomi was now on the defensive, "Well I don't know about that," she said as she looked toward Erin who was shaking her head "No".

Then Joannie went over to kneel next to Erin's chair and began to whisper in her ear. Erin stopped shaking her head and listened to whatever Joannie was telling her. Erin then nodded a yes to Joannie and Joannie smiled and kissed her. Erin then sheepishly said, "I'll do it," Shocking the other lesbian girls with her agreement. Then she added, "What's the big deal it's not like I'm an anal virgin." Naomi then said, "Well then it's a date. How about after the Reggae party tonight we all meet back at our room?

It is our last night on the resort so let's really party tonight." Everyone agreed and I thought to myself, "This is going to get very interesting tonight." I also made a mental note to get Naomi's address so that we could stay in touch and maybe meet at the resort again in the future.

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