Japanese Nurse Gives a Titjob

Japanese Nurse Gives a Titjob
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Kendra and Katelyn are my two stepsisters. My mom and their dad have been dating for about two years before tying the knot last year. I'm a freshman in college, Kendra is a senior in high school while Katelynn being the youngest is a sophomore. At first, our parents kept their relationship relatively low key, probably trying to be considerate for our feelings.

My mom divorced my dad five years ago because in her words, he wasn't financially dependable. I personally thought he was a great dad and that divorcing someone because they didn't make enough money made my mom out to be a gold digger in my eyes, especially since her new husband is wealthy.


He seems like a nice guy but something about him comes off as nothing more than a horny white guy with an Asian fetish since my mom acts like the typical Japanese pornstar sometimes. Every word that comes out of this guy is smug and rife with pretentiousness. I always feel like he looks down on me.

He's fifteen years older than my mom with kids younger than I am. I never acknowledge this man as my father, not even my stepfather. If it weren't for the fact that I'm attending school here, I would be living with my father. I thought about staying on residence but I rather save up the money. Thankfully my new stepsisters were a bit more bearable, especially Katelyn. I get along well with them. I've known Kendra for a bit now since we were in the same high school for three years before I graduated.

She's one of the more popular girls at school. You know the type, blonde, blue eyes, fair skin and a huge rack.

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I'm in good physical shape and was on the basketball team so she and I saw eye to eye more often than not. She can be a bit catty like most popular girls but overall, she's genuinely a sweet girl. Katelyn on the other hand is the complete opposite; a skinny little bookworm who only cares about her studies and unlike Kendra, she only has two friends she hangs out with on a regular basis.

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Though by high school standards, she's not on the top of anyone's list, she can be quite the playful teenager.

We have fun joking around in the house and she acts like the typical smarty-pants female best friend. We never argue, even when we disagree on any matters.

She's always plopping around on my bed and I can tell that she's had a bit of a crush on me at first.

The only thing in common between Kendra and Katelyn looks wise is their creamy fair skin, dirty blond hear and blue eyes. Besides that, one wouldn't be able to tell that they're sisters. Like I said, Kendra is bigger, with an amazing rack, one that I'm guessing is 38D in size and she has retained a bit of baby fat that makes her curvaceous. Katelyn is quite tall for her age, even taller than Kendra is, but she's a skinny little girl with longer face and a pointed chin compared to Kendra's round face with puffier cheeks and dimples.

Kendra's D cup breasts can barely contain themselves in her tank tops that are always showing off a hint of cleavage while Katelyn is as flat as a prepubescent boy. She's so flat that she doesn't even own a bra. No one at school really notices since she's always wearing a sweater. While most girls her age has had boobs since junior high, at fifteen years old and still flat-chested, she has lost hope.

I moved back to my dad's for the summer after my freshman year and when I returned a few months later for the beginning of the new school year, something seems different. Katelyn is not her usual chippy self and she seems a bit distant. She's always hiding in her room nowadays. With her birthday is coming up, I decide to get her a present for her sweet sixteen. I decide to get her an outfit that will highlight her fun nature, something that almost no one at school seems to notice.

Since we're in California and it's always nice and warm, she shouldn't always be wearing those ridiculous sweaters of hers all the time. I look around a few places at the mall and I find a nice pink tank top that will show off her slender figure.

A few days later, Katelyn is celebrating her birthday at home with two of her girl friends, who invited two more girls and two scrawny little guys, playing games like Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle.

One of them is pimply faced with braces and I wonder if the birthday girl was forced to do anything with him. That night, when the party's over and her friends leave, I decide to give Katelyn her present. I knock on the door of her room. I hear a slight grunt.

"Everything okay?" I ask her. "Just a minute!" she yells. A moment later, she opens up a small crack, poking her head out, wearing an oversized wollen sweater and sweat pants.

"What's up?" she asks, looking a little flustered. "Hey kiddo, I got you a present for your birthday. Hope you like it." "Oh, awesome! Thanks, Johnny." Just as she's about to close her door, I ask her "Aren't you going to try it on and see how it looks?" She seems nervous about letting me in.

"What? You don't have to be embarrassed. I've seen your unicorns," I joked. She relents and opens the door to let me in. Her room is pink all over with plush unicorns, giant bears and other stuffed animals all over. She has a pink bed with purple bedsheets and covers. "I'll just change in the bathroom," she says. She takes the bag containing the shirt and runs into her personal bathroom to change. She's taking longer than usual to change into a tank top so I pace myself in her room to distract myself.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary until I spot a tiny dildo on the corner of her desk, hidden until a plush frog. What is she doing with that, I wondered. She must've been pleasuring herself in the room before I came in and that's why she's nervous about letting me in. Poor little bookworm was afraid I would find out. Or maybe she wanted to get back to her fun instead of having me distract her.

"Katelyn, are you okay? What's taking so long?" "I'm…fine," she says. "Are you going to come out soon?" "Yah, just a minute." She opens the door and walks out in her sweater again. "I don't think it's right for me," she says. "What do you mean? I checked your size and I know it fits you. Come on, what's wrong with it?" I ask. "It's a bit small…" "No way. Let me see." "It's kind of embarrassing…" she mutters. "Katelyn, what's embarrassing is a pretty girl like you always wearing a sweater in the Californian heat," I tell her.

"If you really hate it, I'll return it but at least let me see what's wrong with it." After a moment of hesitation, she relents and she pulls her sweater over her head to reveal her tank top underneath. The now sixteen year old standing in front of me looks different. Her face is the same with her blond hair flowing down the sides and her pointed chin. But then I notice that her nipples are poking out from under her shirt.

Then, I realize what has been going on the last few weeks. Katelyn went through some weird growth spurt, and her breasts are now much bigger than before and now she's spilling out the top. Even on the sides, her breasts are swelling out from her narrow shoulder straps. Her nipples must have grown in size with them and are protruding obviously from under her shirt. No wonder she was shy about removing her sweater. It's nothing that a bra can't fix but as she's been flat chested this whole time and always wore a sweater, she doesn't have any bras!

The new tank makes her new boobs look like they want to explode. And with this new growth spurt, her hormones must be flying all over the place, hence the masturbation. Her chest must have been swelling more and more everyday. Katelynn looks nervous. "Holy…looks like I can't call you kiddo anymore." "Great, now you're teasing me too," she says.

"No no, I just didn't expect such a change over two months of being away." "I look ridiculous, don't I?" Katelyn's little hands try to cover her breasts unsuccessfully. Her nipples are rock hard, poking out and I find myself unable to stop staring down at her breasts, occasionally looking back up to her eyes. I notice that her hips have grown as well with fully developed thighs and a much more curvy butt.

"Guess that's why you've been playing with your new toy," I say, gesturing towards her stuffed frog, surprising her. "Johnny! You went through my stuff?" "I didn't mean to. I was just looking and I saw it sticking out from under the frog on your desk." Katelyn blushes. I look at my stepsister standing before me, her slender legs standing together. She's definitely going to be a treat for the boys at school now.

From what I can tell, her breasts are probably a large B cup but on her slender skinny body, they look much bigger than they are. My eyes are drawn to her chest. She looks like she has trouble breathing, as every breath brings about drastic rhythms of expansion and contraction on her chest.

"So when you were playing Truth or Dare, did that pimple faced kid get to see these?" I joking ask. "Ewww…Larry is gross. I would never do anything with him," she says with a smile, still blushing. "I guess so. A pretty girl like you deserves a better guy," I tell her. Katelyn is breathing so hard, it's as if her heart will burst out from the inside. I take my hands and cup her chest. Katelyn moans as I gently praze my thumb over the protruding points on her chest. "You like that?" I ask and she nods.

"They've been really sensitive lately," she explains. "Even putting a shirt on makes me feel really good." "Your hormones must be driving you nuts," I tell her. "Want me to help you relieve some of it?" I ask. She looks at me for a moment. "Are you taking advantage of little girls?" she jokingly asks.

"Do you want to be taken advantage of?" I ask back. She laughs. I gently brush my hand lightly against her bosom, indicating that I would like to pleasure her if she will let me.

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She nods. I give her a kiss as I cup my hands on her breasts. Her lips are thin but delicate and we playfully smooch while I gently massage her new rack.

The sensation from the shirt rubbing against her must be driving her wild for she's breathing harder and harder. I can feel a slight shudder in between her lips. I lift her arms and pull her shirt over her head, revealing a great set of large B cup boobs with diamond hard nipples that are pink and well defined.

Fully erect and poking out at one inch long, those nips are ripe for the picking. I playfully surround each one with the sides of my index and middle fingers, tugging at them gently. "Nice and pink, just like you room," I tease. I brush my finger tops gently over the erect nipples before bringing my head down and clamp onto Katelyn's right breast. Her warm creamy smooth skin feels like silk. She's now shivering and her areolas are forming goosebumps.

I swirl my tongue along the goosebumps on her areola as I put pressure on the protruding nipple before licking up the length of the nipple itself and putting my front teeth over it with just the tiniest bit of pressure.

Once that boob is fully in my mouth, I start gently sucking, pushing and pulling the erect nipple in and out from my teeth while licking the tip of the erection with my tongue. "You like that?" I ask with a boob in my mouth. "Oh yes…it feels so good," she moans. Katelyn is now in complete bliss from the pleasure as she cradles my head, her fingers running through my hair as I suck that delicious tit.

What a great boob. I start sucking hard now, drawing high pressure suction from inside my mouth.


After a few minutes, I release my grip and start slurping the tip. Her nipple is now bright cherry red, tingling and bruised. Katelyn looks at me and points me to her other breast. I repeat this cycle of rhythmic titty sucking, nibbling and swallowing that wonderful tit. Her nipples shine under the light. I pull off her sweat pants and soaked panties, placing my fingers on her fire-hot vagina.

Her small thin patch of silky pubic hair barely contains that engorged pearl of a clitoris. I stroke the crevice of her vaginal opening with my finger while my mouth is on her left boob.

Her chest heaves with every breath. I can feel Katelyn's vaginal vibrations forcing out spasm of juice and I pull her towards the bed and lay her down. I continue to work on her breast as I stick my fingers an inch into her pussy while using my thumb to rub her clit. By now, Katelyn's eyes are half shut and her face flushed red. "Oh Johnny," she whispered. "This…is…amazing…" I continue to lick her breasts, working my way up her neck to kiss her on the lips which she reciprocates with full passion.

Her breasts and both nipples are now swollen red and tender. I give one final gentle lick with my tongue, running it down her stomach towards my pearl buffet. "Wait til you see what's next," I tell her. "This will feel even better." "Better than my toy?" she teases. "Much better." I part her legs and kiss my way down her stomach towards her crotch. Her shiny wet clit is like an oyster in a clam, just waiting to be devoured. I blow a cool breeze on her damp pussy hair which sends shivers down her legs and she twitches.

I get on my knees and with my warm breath ready, I salivate at the sight of her juices clinging to every nook and cranny of her delicate folds. Katelyn is excited and moans. I explore her new slender legs, kissing my way up her left thigh that are creamy white and meaty. She has a really narrow slit with little protrusion of skin. I use my thumbs to widen her pussy folds to expose the inner fleshy pink lips as she spreads her legs even wider. I dig my face deep in and inhale.

The scent is quite exquisite and I reach my tongue out and start lapping up all the juices. "You taste so sweet," I tell her. "And you smell just like perfume." I move my mouth up and down that vaginal slit, concentrating on her clitoral button every time I reach the top. As I slurp up every ounce of juice, more and more come flying out. Her snatch is like a tiny little soup bowl waiting for me to devour. I notice her pink little butthole and using the tip of my tongue, I caress the anal opening, which surprises her as she didn't expect me to do it.

I flick my tongue in circular motion around her fresh and pink butthole, licking it as I use my fingers to rub her vaginal slit. It's not before long that I start missing her pussy again so I move up and start sucking on her clit like I did with her nipples earliers and that sends a shockwave up her body as it is now super sensitive from all the pleasure I am giving her.

I wholeheartedly slurp and nourish myself on such a delicious pearl. "Oh god, Johnny…you're going to make me cum," she says. With one hand, I put my fingers in her cunt and start pumping them in and out while slurping her swollen clit and the other hands starts flicking one of her nipples in rapid back and forth motion that overstimulates her.

Her trembling legs can barely contain themselves to remain wide open. "Oh, Johnny! It feels so good. I can't believe it!" Katelyn cries out. Her cunt vibrates as I ram my fingers in and out while licking up her remaining juices and without notice, she lets out a big scream with an explosive tidal wave of pleasure that blasts its way out from the crevice of her cunt all over my face and into my mouth.

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Her hands clutch my hair hard, jamming my face into her pussy as I swallow what seems like a gallon of pussy juice. I crawl my way back up to her and lay down, my tongue absolutely exhausted. "Wow, that was amazing! I've never felt so much pleasure from anything. It's like…what have I been missing all my life?" Katelyn pants as she curls up next to me.

She gives me a kiss on the lips and I proceed to make out with my little stepsister. After ten minutes, we both collapse on the soaked bed. I wonder if Kendra heard any of that.

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"Do you want more?" I ask her. "Of course! I don't think it's fair that only I got such pleasure," Katelyn says. She unbuttons my shirt to reveal my toned Japanese body, an athletic build of muscle and ab lines running all over. Once she lays eyes on how shapely I am, she gets excited.

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She kisses me all over my body as she pulls off my pants. I am now crazy hard for this girl and she pulls my boxer briefs off, practically ripping them off, exposing my penis. She looks in awe. "Ooh, I've never seen a real one before.

Only pictures," she says. She strokes the shaft to get it going. To help the process, she brings her face to my chest and starts slurping on a nipple. "Let's see if it feels as good for you as it did for me," she says. "I doubt it," I tell her. "But it still feels pretty good." She uses her tongue to rapidly brush around my nipple in a circular motion, occasionally giving it a quick pulling suck with her lips.

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"Do you want to lie down or stand up?" she asks. I decide to stand up so I can see her perform the deed. I can tell she's impressed with my cock. Standing at seven inches erect and nicely trimmed with a throbbing head that is smooth. Her mouth waters as she brings her face closer and wraps her lips around the tip of the head, giving the crack a gentle flick with her tongue, causing me to leak some pre-cum. Katelyn looks up at me with shining eyes as she sucks up the pre-cum leaking from his cock.

"Mmm…yummy," she says looking up at me. She places her hands on my ass, squeezing my butt cheeks as her head bops in and out while her tongue is constantly swirling around the sensitive tip of the head. I gently place my hands on Katelyn's head "Yes…That's it, Katelyn. You're doing great." She manages to get a little more than half of it in her mouth. She increases speed as she slides my cock between her lips. She wraps her lips around the base of the head and continuing to swirl the tip with her tongue, she applies pressure with suction, drawing my creamy cum out.

This feels absolutely delightful. I reach down and gently pull her nipples, which are still majorly sensitive from the workout I gave it earlier and she squeals with my cock in her wet mouth. I can feel the shaft getting extremely lubricated and moist.

I gently sway my hips back and forth to face fuck my stepsister. Katelyn brings herself up to kiss me on the lips while she plays with my right nipple and cock with her hands. I lay her back down again and spread her legs apart as I approach her to penetrate her missionary style.

"Be gentle," she says. "It is my first time." "I think your toy did all the hard work for me," I tell her. And my guess is right. She's tight but her masturbating has broken the hymen inside her pussy and I gently thrust my way past her lips into that warm tight crevice. I pin her arms down with my hands and I start slow, going in and out gently as she moans from having a full sized blood filled cock pumping in and out of her pussy. I could hear a slushing noise as I thrust from the juices that she's producing.

As I start to work faster, I decide to use my mouth to continue pleasuring her. I give a kiss at first before working towards her body again, licking the nerves along her underboob and moving my way up and around those swollen nipples. I occasionally nibble those erect nipples of hers, which drives her wild. I can feel the moisture from her pussy clinging to my cock. "Oh my god, your dick feels so good in my pussy," she cries.

I look down and my cock is now coated with her creamy cum. "Do you want to taste how sweet you are?" I ask her. She nods immediately. I pull out my dick from her pussy and kneeling over her face, I place my cock in her mouth and she licks up every bit of cream in delight. "How does it taste?" I ask her.


"Mmm…it's good," she moans with my cock in her mouth. "You're such a yummy girl," I tell her. A few minutes later, I can feel the pressure building in my balls and it's starting to run along from the base of my shaft. "Are you ready for me?" I ask her. "I want you to taste my cum too." Her wet lips glistened. "Yes," she moans. "Give it to me." Katelyn continues to suck my cock with pressure. "Open wide," I tell her.

She opens her mouth, sticks her tongue out and rapidly jerks me off. The pressure is now building faster and running up along the shaft. "Here it comes!" I announce to her. And after some quick tugs, my cock spurts out hot creamy cum all over Katelyn's face and into her mouth. I've never felt so much cum come out at once. It's insane. Her face is coated and she nearly chokes on the rush of the load going down her throat. Even then, she's not finished and she wraps her lips around my shaft to continue bopping in and out with pressure and suction, drawing blood into my shaft.

My hard on doesn't fade as a result and she doesn't stop. I'm doing everything I can to stay atop of her and not have my ass and balls fall on her face.

Soon, she scoots herself up from under me and takes her mouth to my chest, sucking hard on my left nipple as she jerks me off rapidly. I'm already overly sensitive from cumming once and now this is driving me crazy. Her lips are leaving traces of my cum all over my chest. I warn her of my second orgasm and she immediately brings herself back to working my cock with her mouth. Within a moment, a second small wave of semen bursts out and she swallows it all up.

"Delicious," she claims with a smile. "How was that, Johnny?" "That was amazing," I tell her. "You've been wanting that for a while now, haven't you?" I collapse on the bed next to her, completely exhausted from this. "Johnny…do you think we can do this more often?" she asks.

"For sure," I tell her as I tweak her nipples, causing her to whimper in pleasure. "Just let me recharge." "Me too. My nipples are so sore right now," she says. "But they hurt so good…" To be continued with part 2 about Kendra.