Miyuki who is excited to be seen by everyone who is tied up and having sex

Miyuki who is excited to be seen by everyone who is tied up and having sex
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My sister is back home. and sis is ten years older. We had a love/hate relationship before she got married -sometimes we loved each other sometimes it was hate.

Now she has left her husband and come home to our parents place. She misses all the sex she had but she cant date guys until her divorce goes through. I have heard her frigging her own pussy, real noisy like and I have tried to get to see her but she keeps her bedroom door or the bathroom door securely locked.


When she was a teen at home she used to annoy our parents by strutting around the place in a bra and briefs. When she saw me looking she would push her hips out and rub her mound then laugh. Once or twice she pulled a tit out of her bra and licked her nipple just to annoy me. I would have been around eight or nine years old. At that time I knew what sex was about so I wanted to see her naked and touch her tits and pussy.

The other morning she was hammering her pussy in her bedroom and getting noisy. I tapped on the door and told her to keep the noise down. That night when our parents were out and I was fresh out of the shower sis called to me. When I pushed open her door she was on the bed. All she wore was a tight tee-shirt that showed her nipples. On the bed was a couple of vibrators.

Her hips were covered by a pillow but it was obvious that she was masturbating because I could hear the buzz of another vibrator that I couldn't see.


I nodded to her hips and asked if she was. 'Wanking?' she asked. I nodded. 'And if I am?' She asked. I told her to get a man. She said, 'you know I cant.' Then she indicated for me to come over to her. 'What's under the towel? That's all I was wearing as I was about to get ready to go out. 'For me to know and you to wonder.' I laughed. Her arm flashed out and in a second I was stark naked. Too bad that my cock had got a little firm and she knew it.

Sis grabbed my cock and before you know it its fully hard, it felt great. 'Give me a BJ I dared her.' Tearing off her tee-shirt sis was off the bed a tiny vibrator still in her pussy, on her knees and had my stiff cock in her mouth.

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Wow! I reached down and started groping her tits. Even at twenty-eight years old her tits were nice and firm and her nipples got hard.

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She was real good at BJ. Better than any of my girlfriends. She wanked my cock as she sucked it and the excitement was too much for me, my wad hit her throat but she just swallowed and grinned. I asked if I could fuck her but she said, one thing at a time brother, we are not supposed to, but if you're very good who knows. She did promise that I would have to eat her out before she would even think about letting me fuck her. I wanted to do it right then but sis said no, another day maybe.

So I am waiting for sis to call me to her bedroom. soon. I thought my sister had changed her mind about having sex with me, well letting me eat her pussy anyhow.

It had been two weeks and for part of that time she didn't even pound her pussy with her fingers, or not that I knew of it. Turns out she had had her cycle as women call it. In that time she kept teasing me by flashing her tits and humping my butt, even when our parents were around.

I tried to grab her crotch but of course she made sure that I didn't. She did let me feel her tits a couple of times but only for a second or two.

She really tortured me with the prospect of having sex with her. The other night I was at home and bored so I went to my sister's room to see if she wanted to play a video game.

Her door was open so I just pushed it and looked in.

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She wasn't there so I went to the bathroom and listened. I guessed that it was her taking a shower so I gave up and went back to my room. I sat with my back to the door working on my laptop when suddenly fingers were held over my eyes so I couldn't see.

I knew straight away that it was sis. She has slim, cool fingers. So she whispers, close your eyes and turn around. Fuck! When I opened my eyes she was fucking naked. Shit, she has a gorgeous body especially when its glowing pink from the shower. Sis held a finger to her lips to indicate that I keep quiet.

I was near to blowing my load in my shorts. Silently my sister mouthed to put a chair against the door. I got real excited at that because I could see she had something in mind.

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When I had blocked the door she came over and pulled my tee-shirt of over my head. She ran her hands over my pecs and tweaked my nipples. When I tried to grab her tits she slapped my hands away. In my shorts my cock was hard and trying to burst out. Then her mouth was on mine. Fuck she is a great kisser using her tongue too. "Come to the bed" she whispered.

And pulled me across the room. With a hot kiss she laid on the bed and whispered, "Eat me please, bro'." Then opened her legs and ploughed her puffed cleft with a middle finger. "Yeah I said but I want to fuck you sis, please let me, I cant stand it any longer." "Eat my cunt brother then I will let you fuck my ass.

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No pussy fucking yet. Now make me fucking cum and hurry I have been masturbating thinking of you but I didn't cum so that you can be the one to do it. Sis pulled my head down to her pussy.

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It was oozing juice and smelled fantastic. She had shaved her mound since last time I saw it. Boy was it gorgeous. I stood up and ripped off my shorts.

Sis's eyes nearly popped out of her head at the size of my rampant cock. She reached for it and although I was desperate for her to hold it I thought 'no bitch, now you can fucking wait.' I went down on her gorgeous pussy.

The first taste was so fucking good. I buried my nose deep between her puffy lips and pressed it hard on her clitoris.

She held her hand over her mouth to stop the moans. We were both scared that our parents would hear and ask what the fuck was happening.

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I reached up with both hands and grabbed her meaty tits. She wriggled hard as I pinched her nipples and I swear that her pussy contracted at the same time. When I pushed three fingers inside her pussy my sister whispered "Oh bro finger fuck my tight cunt, do it hard, I didn't have a fuck in weeks." "Then let me fuck it sis, please!" "No!

Turn around and fuck my mouth while you finger fuck my cunt, maybe I will let you fuck me another time." I fucked her mouth till she gagged on my fat cock and I shot my wad down her throat but not before I made her cum twice with my fingers and my mouth and my finger in her ass.

I swear I will fuck her tight pussy one day. She wants it too.


What is holding her back? My sis said that she didn't want to let me eat her pussy out too often as it might get boring. Not for me sis, I said.

She has the best tasting pussy, honest, better than any of my girlfriends. And she wont let me fuck her yet even though she keeps saying that if I do it good, eating her pussy that is, she will let me. She let me fuck her with a dildo but that is shit, I hate that, when it could be my prick sinking right to her womb. Yeah, and of course she gives fucking awesome head. And she don't mind when I blow my wad in her throat. I asked her why she dumped her husband she just grinned and said that he didn't have a cock like mine.

Then let me fuck you sis, I asked. Soon, she said. A week ago I thought I would never get to fuck her when she brought home this other girl that she met at a bar. If it had been a guy I would have understood but a girl? And she wasn't exactly the best. I mean she was curvy, not slim like my gorgeous sis and she wasn't that pretty. I was in my bedroom next to my sisters and playing video games with 'phones on. When I took them off and went for a piss as I passed her door I heard sis moaning like she does when I eat her out or when she wanks although she hasn't wanked recently as she has had me to do it.

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Thinking that the other girl had gone and seeing as our parents weren't at home I just walked in her room. Fuck! On the bed with her ass in the air and almost in my face was my sister. Her ass and the rest of her was naked her sweet ass and pussy inviting me to fuck them. Her head was at the other girls pussy and geeze was she going at it. The girl had her eyes closed tight shut and she was moaning like she was in pain. I thought, this is too fucking good to be true so I dropped my shorts and pulled on the old fella and had him hard enough in seconds.

As I kneeled on the bed sis must have noticed she looked around at me with my hard prick inches from her pussy. NO! She yelled. Fuck off, you're no fucking me I brought Liza home for you she will fuck you. Yeah like fuck you did sis, you are eating her out like this is the last sex you will ever have, I said. My sister stopped shafting Liza's pussy with her fingers. Liza, she said, you want to fuck my bro now babe? I grabbed my cock and stroked it hard again.

Liza opened her eyes and looked at me. Yeah, okay she said, as long as I get your cunt again hun. Sis moved and told Liza to get on all fours then lay down on the bed and opened her slim thighs she pulled Liza's head down to her pussy and said eat me babe while my brother fucks your tight little cunt.

Liza wiggled her bare ass at me and just before her mouth attached to my sister's pussy she said, fuck me mister, fuck my cunt hard as I make your sister scream with delight.

Oh man, was this one tight, a real fat, tight pussy that almost wanked off my cock. Although I hung on to my wad as long as I could I filled her full before my sis finally yelled as she came. I asked Liza if I could fuck her ass but she said no mister but maybe next time your sister brings me home. Yeah but its my sister's pussy I need so badly to fuck!