Watch these pov bitches get fucked

Watch these pov bitches get fucked
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HARRY'S LADIES part 1 Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling owns,not making money off this Ginny Weasley walked away from the room of requirment in near tears she knew that Harry would at least kiss Cho tonight and then start dating her. Poor ginny did not know how wrong she was. Back int the RoR Harry and Cho just pulled out of there lip lock and Cho could feel Harry erection through his jeans, "Oh did i cause this Harry?" Cho asked.

Well yea Harry responded red faced. Dont be embaresed Harry, it's only natural" then she leaned in to kiss him agin. cho sat in harry's lap and ground her pubic mound into his groin and moaned.

Harry could not belive that he was making out with cho chand the girl he dreamed about for two years and he also could not believe she was sitting in his lap. He could fill the heat radeating from her sex and he just let nature take over.

Harry pulled her closer and thrust his groin into her making her gasp excitedly and then he cuped her breat and tweeked her nipel through her shirt and bra. by that time cho had already taken harrys shirt offand started kissing her was down his neck kissing,sucking and niping as she went then all of a sudden she felt Harry had slid up her skirt and grab her bum Cho mound and sucked harder at his neck and then pused Harry to the ground and wispered "you are going to enjoy this" kissed down his chest and abdomen, past his navel and to the edge of his trousers.

Cho then unbuttoned and slid them off she gasped at his 7 inches and then started licking the head. Harry moaned when Cho started bobing her head up and down taking more and more of his leangh into her warm gullet Harry started to feel his cumriseing after a minute and started thinking about potion ingredents, qudituch rules even his uncle's lectures to stop himself from cumming too quickley but even that only helped for two more minutes." CHO I AM CUUMMMMMMMMMMIIIING.

Cho just kept bobing her head and drunk his semen as it came when he was done Cho lifted her head and and said "how did you like that?" To answer Harry filped chorover and quickly disrobed her when he got to her tits he sucked one into his mouth and started gently pinching the other one. Cho was sighing encoregments and instruction to Harry who followed them then Harry got bored he started kissing fouther down until he got to her skirt he ducked underneath it and pulled off her panties and her baled ,wet slit was displayed in all its glory Harry dove into it licking kissing and sucking on the pussy while cho thrust her pelvis harder into his face and wraped her leg around his head Harry cought on fast to what stimulated her more and had cho riding out a orgasem after orgasem.

Harry was sudenly turned over with cho giding his manhood into her dripping snach when the head enterd her she gasped and then dropprd hilt deep onto it Harry not expecting the great filling itwould give him gorund and started to thrust his hips into Cho, after about five minutes of love making Harry yells out "OH MERLIN CHO I AM CUMMING AGIN " " ME TOO HARRY" CHO SCREAMS Harrys semen fills chos unprotected womb and neather care or think that Harry might get her pregnat.

after excourting cho back to the ravenclaw commen room under his invisability clock Harry walks back to Gryffindor tower and sees Draco entering a unused classroom.

thinking that this alittle odd Harry rushes in to see Daphne Greengrass knelling infront of Draco her eyes glased over clearly under the effects of the imperious.

"Take out my dick and suck it like a good little dog" Harry quickly pulls out his wand and yells out "STUPEFY" Draco falls to the ground and daphne's eyes clear up and then she sees draco on the ground stind and harry standing over him she jumps up and starts kicking Draco in the crotch several times with high heels on she turns to Harry and says i cant believe i am saying this Potter but thanks.

After walking Daphne to the Slytherin commen room Harry now exousted says the pasword the the fat lady who scoulds harry for bring out past midnight walks into the room only to get tackled by Hermione asking were he had been Harry says tomarrow and walks up the stairs to the boys dormitory and falls asleep befor his head hits the pillow the events of order of the phoenix happen "Harry mate, we are going to see dad at St.

Mungos. Do you want to come?" "No sorry mate i got some more homework to finish." Harry replied. When Ginny heard that Harry was not coming she asked "Mum can i stay here?

I want to have a lie in. "Of course Ginny dear, your father wont mind. Ginny smiled and said "thanks mum " then she walked upstairs to her room and closed her door. About three minutes later Ginny walks in. "What are you doing here? iI thought you all left to see your dad." " I have come to talk to you. I know why you have been avoding us." Well i you had Voldemort possing you would you go near your friends?" "Well no but are you missing time?" "what do you mean" "have you found yourself anywere you dont remember how you got there?

"no" was Harrys curt reply "Then you know who has not been possing you, trust me i know. Harry then remembers the CoS incedent in his second year "sorry Ginny i forgot." Luck for you."then the next thing Harry knows Ginny is cring on his sholder" I still have nightmares about it she sobbs Harry driven by intuition wraped his arms around her and held her while she cried. "Its over Ginny its over, Riddle cant hurt you any more" Harry says.

After her cring subsides she pulls back and he sees the tears coming out of her eyes Harry whipes them away then slowly leans in and kisses her Ginny gaspes and opens her mouth to except his tounge Harry tries to stop but some unknown force drives him on to complet what he started. "What about Michel" Harry askes between kisses.

Michel can go bugger himself for all i care, he is a arse anyway" Ginny retorts now shut up and snog me. Harrys had finaly end up on her bum and then Ginnny suddenly jumps up moves over to the bed and takes her shirt off.

Harry wasting no time gets up and takes off all his clothes. Ginny lookes him up and down then Harry walks up to her and starts snoging her relentlesly while taking her trousers off when ginny is finaly naked Harry starts to eat her pussy this couses GInny to go wild bucking her hips into his face gasping and groning.

After about a minute Ginny screames HHHAAAARRRRRRYYYY I AM CUMMING. Harry recives several squrits of liquid in his face. Harry looks up at Ginny, Her face wild with lust pounces on poor harry and drives his dick into her leaking womanhood ripping her hymen, Ginny bites Harry's sholder too keep from screaming outloud all the while she never breaks pace with the thrusting having mutipule orgasems.

After about two minutes Harry takes Ginny off places her in the dogie style he rememberd seeing on one of Dudleys films and thrust his penis back into Ginny who sereached and thrust back Harry reaches around and starts rubbing her clit pushing Ginny over the edge again, Harry felt her musles tighten up whitch coused him to yell out I AM CUMING TO GINNYYYY!!!!!!!!

Harry' s semen shot deep into her womb Ginny thanking her mother for giving her contraptive potions every month. Harry came to his sences and wisperd oh no oh no no no NO. Shocked Ginny lookes at Harry and asked what? Just then Sirius and Remus walk in, Whats been going on up here? We thought we heard som.

Oh they both looked at each other then at Harry and Ginny who were still both very naked. Harry then grabed the covers nd threw them over Ginny to cover her up. What do you thank you are doing. What if Molly had found you. I would hate to thank of the shouting we would have to endure from this if she finds out. Harry then found his voice we never ment to go this far its just after we started snoging we could not stop, it was like somthing was compelling us to continue it did not let up until after the deed was done.

Sirus got an odd look on his face and ran off down stairs. He came back a few minutes later with a book in his hands, I know whats happening to you. Its an clause of magic that pertains only to the Longbottem and Potter familys if there is only one male left his magic will seek out the best compatible females with him to mate with and produce a heir. No contraptive charms or potions work, when ever intercores occers the female will get pregnant regardless if she can or cant concieve.

Harry stared at Ginny in shock and Ginny at him. Harry is there anyone else you had sex with. Harry did not want to answer but bravely said Cho Chang the night that we got here. Ginny started cring slient tears, But i did not feel the same pull as i did with Ginny does that count for somthing?

Yes it dose Harry, acouding to the book the person your magic first forces you to have sex with is your soul mate. So that means that you and Harry are legaly married now. OH DEAR LORD MOLLY IS GOING TO BE REVOLTING.About five minutes later a offical ministery owl flew through the window and Landed in frount of Harry.

He quickly grabed the letter and broke the seal Dear Mister Potter Congradutations on your marrage to one Ginivera Weasley Your Marrage lisenes in enclosed and there will be no annoucnment in the Prophet due to the nature of the cricumstances have a wonderful day Sencerly Grisilda Marchbanks, and Amila Bones Another owl flew through the window and landed in frount of Harry Dear Mister Potter Congradulations agin Mister Potter on your marrige to Miss Weasley i would like to talk to you in my office tomarrow if you can make it.

This matter is of great importanceplease send a letter back via this ow thank you Madam Bones rry got out parchment and worte that he would be there tomarrow around 12 o'clock. About an hour latter Molly, Ron, Fred and George came in the door Sirius called for Molly to come in the kitchen alone. When she got there she saw Hary and Ginny sitting side by side looking at some pappers Remus was looking through books.

She sat down and asked "what are Harry and Ginny doing here".Sirius asked "did you ever here of the end of the line clause for the Longbottem and Potter famileys Molly?" "No Sirius what dose it do with Ginny?" Sirius grabed the book and filped to the pages the subject pertaind to then gave it to Molly read it she read through the book and asked again "what dose this this have to do with Ginn.

YOU TWO ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE DOING ANY OF THAT NONSENCE, I ABSOLUTELY FORBID IT" Ms.Weasles screamed at the top of her lungs when she relized just what Ginny had to do with this Silenco Remus pointed his wand at Ginny's mum. Ms. Weasley was still ranting,Molly Sirius yelled sit down and we are going to discusses this like civilized people. Now Molly Harry and Ginny could not help it magic forced them to make love as soon as they shared their first kiss just be greatful that it was not in the middle of the great hall or Diagon Alley.

Remus removed the silencing charm the Molly said i would have stoped them if i had to." "Molly even Remus and I could not penatrate the shiled that protected them i dout even Albus could have done it, now Harry and Ginny are legaly married now and thers nothig we can do about it and sence they both are married they are also emancipated that means Harry has access to his familey valt and the valts he is heir to.

Harry you need to go to Gringotts to take the inheratance test we still need several ingredents form the apothrocry they are bloomgslag skin, aracomantula eyes, unicorn tail hair,and dragons blood. Harry and Ginny left the kitchen and went up to Rons and his room, Ron Fred and George were inside and George was demonstraiting a new WWW product they see Harry and Ginny and start asking questions "why was mum yelling" "what was mum yelling about" "why are you and Ginny holding hands"?

Harry throwes the book to George and says "turn to page 334 and read up on uncommon end of the line clauses." George read with Fred reading over his shoulder when they finished their eyes were wide and mouths hanging open "you and gin" George said "Married" finished Fred.

Ron just looked dumfounded Gred and Forge jumped up and shouted welcome to the family and huged him. Ron said well at least it is Harry not Michel Cornner Harry went over to his trunk and go tout his money bag the grabed Ginnys hand and walked back downstairs. Snape tells Harry about Occlumency lessons After Snape left Tonks and Emmiline and Madeye said they would take Harry to Gringotts.

Harry and Ginny got under the invisibility cloak Tonks hailed the Knight bus and paid for all five to get to the Leaky Caluderon. three minutes they were walking into the dingy pub and out the back the group made its way to the giant white building.

when they entered the bank was nearly deserted Harr ytook off the cloak and walked up to the Goblin at the teller who seemed fermilar to Harry. Hello Griphook nice to see you agin, the goblin looked astounded. Nice to see you agin Mr. Potter i am suprised you reconized me it has been after all four years after you frist seen me. Well I am herefor a inherantace test. Ok follow me.Harry walked with Griphook down a hall and into a door, Griphook knocked and then entard inside was a very old goblin the name plate said Reaver Mr.

Potter is hear for a inharentance test. Reaver got out a bowl and dagger Harry took the dagger when it was offard he cut his hand and let blood drip into the bowl the blood started swerling and writing appered on a sheet and the goblin handed it to Harry.

HARRY JAMES POTTER __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Head of house Potter 2 Head of house Crouch 1 Head of house Straight 1 Head of house Ravenclaw 2 Head of house Hufflepuff 2 Head of house Slytherin 2 Head of house Gryffindor 2 Head of house Ames 3 Heir apperent of house Black 2 Heir apperent of house White 2 Heir apperent of house Logan 1 Heir apperent of house Corbin 2 Heir apperent of house Peverell 3 Heir apperent of house Wallice 2 ABILITYS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Metamorphmagus (blocked) Gendermagus (blocked) Parcletounge BeastTounge (blocked) Areomouth (blocked) Magical sight (blocked) Natural at defence and attacking spells Naturaly retains all information (blocked) Natural linguest (blocked) Natural Occlumens (blocked) 50% power blocked __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Harry finished reading and asked "why is it allways me?

And how are all my powers blocked? Well the morphing gifts and powers were blocked by one Albus Dumbledore the rest were blocked by somthing else, we can unblock them for you for a fee of one milloin galleons which is barley a dent into the Crouch vault and it had the lowest amount of money. Ok do it please. the ritual was preformed and Harry was standing inthe middle of a circle seven goblins stood around him and chanted a strange language Harry felt smothing snap and a serge of pain then he blacked out.

Harry woke up a 30 minutes later with Ginny looking down on him smiling Harry felt better than ever he got up and kissed Ginny for a minute then said lets go get some Gold love they walked out of the infermary to the banks main hall and up to Griphook.

Harry asked can i go see my family vault please? Yes Lord Potter you can, i will take you myself he walked to the cart and snaped his fingers a cart with plush cutions appered and one wild cart ride later they were in front of valt #7 a Griffin was standing in front of it pacing back and forth Harry said to move in areomouth the Gryffin steped asside Harry put his hand on the door and felt a presance in his mind the he threw a shild up to protect it the he felt a knocking on the shiled Harry let it down and the voice said " Sorry about this but I need to verafy that you are a Potter real quick", the voice watched his first memories then backed out the vault door oppend.

Harry enterd the vault and found it was almost the size of the great hall at Hogwarts inside Harry found two trunks with the names James and Lily on them Harry took out his wand and shrunk them and put them in his pocket he then wonderd through th epiles of gold silver and bronze Harry found a desk with a Pensieve on it he took his dads trunk unshrunk it opend it up and out the Pensieve inside.

When Harry reached the back wall and found the most valuable treasure in the valt a picture of his mom and dad Lily and James were smiling radently at him his mother had tears in her, eyes his dad held her hand Harry touched the canvas hopeing to fall in to the painting.

His Mother then spoke "Harry my how you've grown you look just like James did at fifteen". His dad asked "How is Padfoot doing? Is he still sweet on the Abbot girl? Harry could not speek.

Just then he felt a hand on his back he turnd to see Ginny behind him His mother said "Is that a Weasley? She was a Weasley mum but now she is my wife Ginny Potter, James got a devious smile "just like me at your age arent you? is Mother looked shocked the smiled welcome to the family Ginny but why did you get married so young? I think dad can answer that somthing about the end of the line clause with our family and the Longbottems.

James and Lily got a odd Look on there faces then James started Laughing. When he stoped Harry said well we have ingredants to buy and its after six Molly will be worried we need to leave but i am going to shrink you and put you in a trunk so you can talk to Sirius and Remus agin. Harry did as he said the turnd to leave. Harry then spotted a libary he pulled out his wand and said "Accio books on Occlumency several books new and old flew at him "Accio books on DADA,Accio books on light magic about thirty books flew at him Harry then directed them into the trunk As the group was leaving they were stoped by Griphook agin he handed Harry a box and said that your signet rings are in there Harry opend them and saw several rings in it he put on the Potter onthen the Crouch ,Stright,Ravenclaw,Hufflepuff,Slytherin,Gryffindor,and then the Ames rings they Glowed then combined on one finger showing the Potter familey crest.

Then Griphook gave him a bottemles money bag and a muggle credit card that tied to his valts. Griphook then stated You need to set a date for your parents will reading, now that your emancapated you can have it read and also you have fourteen seats in the Wizengamont and can revote any bill you want to change thats has been passed while your proxy stoud in for you. Thanks Griphook we will have the will read two days after Christmas.

Also i want a thousand galleons put into a vault for each Hermione Granger,Fred and George Weasley,and Ron Weasley and Two hundred thousand galleons to Auther and Molly Weasley of the bribe price. Ginny gasped at the amount "Harry thats too much they will never except it" "well i dont care they will take it if they dont i will send three hundred thousand next time, you already mean more to me than all the money in the vaults. When their party got back to Grimmauld Placeit was past seven Molly was pacing in the kitichen Sirius was siting at the table eating Harry smilled then pulled the ingredents to the potion out and gave them to him.

Sirius smilled and said " I see you got your Potter family rings what other rings did you get?" Harry listed off all the names except for Ames. Phew the Potters were almost as well off as my family but with all those you could buy the Malfoys with out a problem, Just then Tonks triped over the umbrella stand which caused the portrate of Mrs.

Black to start shreaking Sirius shot out of his set to close the curtians. Harry went in behind him pointed his wand at the painting and muttared a spell witch caused the painting to fly off the wall leaving a gaping hole in it.

Sirius looked dumnfounded and the other looked on in shock. Tonks sputtard "we have been tring to get that portrait down for months and you do it in a second how?" i just removed the plaster thats what she was stuck to. What do you want done with her? Put her in the fire place. Sirius poored a bottle of Odgens finest on the canvas dissregarding his mothers shreeks and protests lit it with a nonverbal spell from his wand, after a few seconds the sceraching stoped.

Harry watched as Sirius patched the hole with a spell from his wand. Harry pulled out his fathers trunk and and and unshrunk it, "I have got the perfect set of pictures to replace hers with" "what do you mean Harry" the Harry pulled out his father and mothers Paintings then unshrunk them Sirius stoud in shock at seeing the friends agin "what's wrong Sirius cat got your tounge and why do you look so gaunt for?" asked James.

James, Lily you dont know how good it is to here your voice, but i have failed you i did not raise Harry like you asked the night you died i went after Peter insted of taking Harry. I caught up with him the next day he blew up the street around us and cut off his finger the curse killed thirteen muggles I was blaimed for it and Barty Crouch sent me to Azkaban without a trial Harry was given to your sister, Lily by Dumbledore".

We said specificly in our will that he was not to go to the Dursleys why was it not followed? Mum the will was not read the Wizengamount froze it you can ask Dumbledore at the next order meeting.

Is the war still going on? there was a thriteen year lul in the fighting becaus of your sacifice Voldemort's killing curse rebound but he did not die he was less than a gost for years but last year he returned to his boby. Bone of the father, fleash of the servant, and blood of your enemy was the ritual used to return himself to his body. Lily looked horrified she wisperd to James who looked equally horrified Harry take our trunks upstairs to your room Harry ran up to the stair and pulled out a extendable ear Fred gave him and put it behind Srius no wonder he did not die he made a Horcrux knowing him more well thats just great hes virtually indestructable untill they are destroied if we off him he will be able to just regain his body agin.

well the only way to destory one is feindfrye and Basilisk venom. Harry opended his Mothers trunk and found her wand sitting on top of journals and a box he opend the box and found a weading ring he took it and put it back in the box he also found two blank frames one in gold with James Potter writen on the metal on top his dad apperd in the portrate and asked did you use the clock to find out what we were talking about?

No dad I used a extendable ear and Harry pulled it out of his pocket i also have the Marauder's map. James smiled you nick it from Filch? No Fred and George did they gave it to me two years ago they did not need it anymore, they had it memorized.

Lilly appered inthe silver frame." Harry I want you to give Ginny my weading ring it belongs in the Potter family" " Like I could give it to anyone else mum". Well Harry in the wizerding world you are required to marry for every Head of Houseship you have so you have to marry seven more times and if anything happend to the Head of the other houses you are heir to then it would be thirteen times Harry. Why is it always me?harry asked noone we dont know why fate decided to make you its bitch but Harry you need to be strong.

Ginny walked into the room ron and Harry shared to see him sitting on the bed reading out of on of his mums journals he put his book down the patted the bed beside him Ginny sat down then Harry pulled her into a chaste kiss when they broke appart Harry pulled out the ring box the said "Ginny this ring was my mothers i want you to were it as a show of my love for you he opend the box and slid it on her finger the ring glowed the resized itself Ginny looked at it the tears filled her eyes she leand into Harry and captured his lips the kiss then esclated into a snog then Ginny was sitting on Harrys lap grounding her crotch into his pelvis Harry pointed his wand at the door which locked the glowed Harry slid down his slacks and underware looked up to see Ginny slide her knickers off leaving her skirt on Harry grew stiffer at the sight she spreed her legs.

Harry wasted no time sheathing his sword Ginny squilled bucked then slamed her pussy back down onto Harry's manhood Harry picked her up and slamed her aginst the wall and started thrusting Ginny was already close to a orgasem but Harry taking charge pushed her over the edge she bit Harrys chest to keep somewhat quite while her pussy gushed Harry then pushed her to the bed were he hicked a leg on to his shoulder then concentrated on leanthing his member and was suprised when it grew another inch and a half Harry quickly shoved it back into Ginny who moaned at the new felling Harry started thrusting in and out going faster and faster Ginny mussles griped him as she orgasemed again and again Harry the bottemed out gushing a load of his cum into Ginny they both breathed in deep.

a few minutes later they were in the kitchen enjoying some of Mrs. Weasleys cooking. Tonks could you help me lear to shift my body? Tonks looked up and said "sure Harrry but not today maybe tomarrow after your meating." Harry went to his room laid down on his bed a few minutes later Ron draged himself inside and floped himself on the bed across from Harry and fell asleep instantly. When she heard the snores pf her brother Ginny enterd and then pulld back the covers got in bed with Harry and sunggled up to Harry who wraped his arms aroud her they both fell into their dreams together.

Harry woke up first and felt for his glasses he found them and sliped them on Ginny was still pressed aginst him Harry leand in and kissed her awake after their snoging session Ginny got up and went down to her room to get dressed Harry got some clothes andwent to the loo to shower Tonks was just emerging looking warnout she said hey and truged down to Ginnys room to use a bed Harry went into the bathroom and into the shower a minute after he got in the bathrom door opend and someone came in the curtain opeaned and Ginny stood their naked she steped in Harry grabed the saop and started with her back wand worked his way down to her bum which he grabed Harry then menuvered his dick to were her pussy was and entard her from behind she gasped and braced herself on the wall in frount of her Harry keep thrusting in faster and faster he reached around Ginny and started rubing her clit she screeched the starded gushing HHHAAARYY I AMMM CUMINGGGGG!!!!!!

ME TOO GINNNNNNNNNYYY, Harry yells. Harry emptyed his balls into her she fell aginst the shower wall. They finished showering and exited th loo to see Ron standing there waiting to get in he passed and says dont forget the silencing charms next time. The duo the decinded the stairs hand in hand. they entard the kitchen to find Mrs. Weasley talking with Emmeline Vance. Harry and Ginny ate while Mrs. Weasley woke the rest of the household up.

Tonks came down the stairs at 11:40, wotcher Harry are you ready to see Madam Bones? yes Tonks lets just grab Ginny and go? On the way back down Harry an Ginny bumped into Sirius Is that what you are wearing to the meating? "Yes replied Harry" Sirius pulled out his wand and started muttering spells all of a sudden Harry was wearing a fromal suit with the Potter familey crest, then he pointed his wand at Ginny was now wearing a sun dress with lilys on it.

Thay said their thanks then went into the kitchen. When the tiro flooed into the aterm Harry imeadetly noticed the reporters hassling a group that stood around the foutian of magilcal brethren Harry and Ginny walked up to the security gard and presented his wand the gard droped cit onto the instrement then pulled out a slip od paperand thrust it on the spike like they other security wizard did when Mr. Weasley escorted Harry to the hearing.

Next up was Ginny he repeated the same process with Ginny. Then Tonks lead them to the lifts the group enterd a deserted lift Tonks jabed her wand on a spot on the lift then the lift decended rappidly to level two Tonks looked at him and smiled express spell only Aurors know it. Harry felt a slight pull at Tonks oh bugger Harry thought. The group exited the lift and walked down a corridor then through a set of dubble doors inside was the office that Harry and Mr.

Weasley went into to see Kingsley Tonks lead them to a door in the back then opend it for them. Inside was a waiting room with plush chairs behind a desk sat a Darkhaired young women wearing a lowcut blouse that showed off the ample cleavege.

Harry went up to the desk and said " Harry Potter to see Madam Bones. The girl jerked up to look at harrys scar then said one moment i will notify her. A minute later she came out and said Ms.

Bones will see you now. Harry and Ginny enterd with Tonks behind them then pointed her wand at the Derictor what was the order you gave me on my first mission? Stay alive. Tonks lowered her wand then smiled ok you two i will be waiting outside.

Women squirting on each other

Ms.Bones walked up two the pair and said nice to meat you on more fitting enviroment, "yes mam it is. How is Susan doing? She is fine for now but as you should know by now your magic had been looking for mates for you well Susan just happends to be one of them.

She is fine now but if you two dont well you know she will end up with a bed next to Fank and Alice Longbottem, I dont want her have have a child this young but the pro's of her doing this out way the cons. I would like her to marry the man that gets her pregnat but as you are already married, then Ginny enterupted well Harry has to get married several times the is the head of Crouch and Stright houses but he might have a better one in mind for Sue thats if he wants to marry her but if i remember the first child will be Potter regardless.

Mam lets talk to Sue and see what she says, Amelia noded the head yes and went outside told her assistant that she would be heading out to lunch and her guests and Auror Tonks would join her. The Bones manor was a lovley place and hand a beautiful garden than you could see but Harry was looking at the girl in frount of him Sue was pailer than normal and she looked tired Amelia and Tonks left them alone to talk Sue looked at Ginny and said congradulations are in order i thank but what happens to me now?

Sue Ginny nelt next to her Harry will do what he has to. I would not try to stop him if he can save someone he will do it I will watch and might even join you two. Susan looked shocked then smiled come help me to my room. Harry open the first door on the right the room inside was decorated in Hufflepuff colors and had a poster of the wierd sisters on the wall Harry and Ginny laid Susan down on the bed Harry sat next to her rubing her arms she smiled up at him Harry then keand in and kissed her.

Susan moaned at the fealling and some of her streangh returnd to her Harry ran his hands up and down her back into her hair she sat up and started pulling off his shirt. Ginny sat back and watched as Harry prepard to make love to another women, her pussy started getting wet she cressed it through her dress.

Sue, having the time of her life pulled off Harry's shirt she then started kissing down his chest. Sue herd a moan and looked behind her and saw Ginny rubbing her crotch Sue motioned for her to join them. While Sue was doing this Harry was unbuttoning her shirt Harry then unclasped her bra to reville her size c tits he gently took one in his mouth ans sucked on it Susan thrust he chest at Harry hoping to get him to takemor into his mouth then she felt another mouth start sucking on her left breast she moaned and looed down to see ginny sucking on it.

Harry then unbuttond her slacks and shid them down her legs, Sue then lifted Ginny's dress off and cuped hers maller breast and tweeked its nippel causing Ginny to shreek.

Harrry pulled Sues painties off and immediatelynoticed that she was shaved almost bare ther was a little patch of hair just above her clit Harry rubed a finger up and down her slit which caused Susan to shiver Harry then driven by magic put his penis at the entrence of her vagina and thrust in breaking her hymen Sue shreeked in pain but it only lasted a few seconds then she started thrusting back at this time Ginny was just watching Harry then she reached out and started rubing sue's clit in rappid session causing the redhead to shreek in pleasure Harry felt the tail tail sings that sue was about to cum Harry speed up his thrust to try to come with her Susan yellad out I AM CCCUUUUUMMMMMMMMMINGGG!!!

Harry just roared, thrust deep as he could go and spilt his seed they lay their panting then Harry leaned in and kissed her. Ginny looked on with lust in thr eyes and as soon as Harry pulled out she dove in and started eating out Susan at first sue felf shocked that another female was doing this then it started felling good and the taboo about it made it fell even better sue then decided to return the faver and started eating out Ginny.

Harry went around behind Ginny and started licking her rosebud Ginny groand into sue. Harry gently pushed his finger into ginny's rectum and felt ginny push back Harry then added another finger when he could have three fingers he pulled them out and then concentrated on lenthing is penis and making it thiner when it was about ten inches long and a inch wide he pushed it in her pussy stroked a few times to lub it up the pulled out and gently pushed aginst Ginny's splincher after applying more pressure it finaly gave way, Ginny shreeked in pain when it enterd her but she did not pull away the pain faded and gave way to extraordainy pleasure she pushed back tring to ram more of Harry's cock into her.

Harry could not believe the way Ginny's bum felt all the mussles contracting drew him to the edge fast then the pleasure Ginny was recieving became too much and she had the bigest orgasem of her short life. Susan was suprised when a gush of girl cum filled her mouth did not compair when the second or third hit her but she drank all she could get.

the Tiro laid in bed cuddling befor getting dressed. The group arrived in the kitchen to see Amelia and Tonks talking over a cupa tea Sue went and huged her aunt and said thank you for helping me her aunt just smiled and said theres nothing i would not do for you. Harry turnd to Amelia and asked how would i go about claiming my house seats? Well during the next session just be there and claim them simple as that.

Harry and Amelia talked alittle more of politics then Susan asked Harry can i come and spind the night with you? Harry looked at Tonks then answered " well i would say yes but we are not staying at my place and its also protected under the fedailus charm and i am not secret keeper but i could ask if you loan me the floo.

Amelia nodded her consent. Harry took a pinch of power in the fireplace and said Hogwarts headmaster office and dissapperd When he arrived Dumbledore was talking to Porfesser Sprout, he turnd to Harry and said Harry to what do i owe this plasure?

well sir i am sure that you know by know my situation. Well it turns out that Susan Bones was also affected well we did what we had to and now she wants to stay the night with me but as you know i cant tell her were i live. "but Harry do you thank it wise to let her see Sirius her aunt is the director of thr DMLE. Well considering that is is the mother of one of mt childern i think she will at least listen to me and i intend to show Madam Bones the memory of peter. Dumbledore sighed the wrote on a pice of paper then gave it to Harry.

Harry flooed back to Bones Manor and asked Madam Bones do you have a Pensieve? Of course why? well i have a memory our three to show you Harry pulled out the Marauder's map and said i somenly swear that i am up to no good and showed it to Amelia who stared at the map in shock this map shows where anyone is at anytime anywere that is on Hogwarts grounds a few weeks after i found out that peter pettegrew was dead i seen him on the map but this memory is of the night i first met Sirius Black Harry put his wand up to his temple and drew out a copy of his memory and threw it into the Pensieve Suasn just brought in Sue Amelia and Tonks entard the memory tewnty minutes later they exited white faced Harry then put the wand up to his head agin and drew out the memory of the gravyard and put it into too Amelia they all enterd then watched how Voldemort was reborn the death eaters arrival and how he and tom dueled and cedric asking him to take his body back.

Sue was sobbing by this time Amelia Horrified. Harry did you ever run into any objects that who know who came out of? Harry just drew out the memory of the fight with the Basilisk.

Amelia came out whitefaced and shaking she went over to the fireplace threw in a pinch of poweder and said "Connie get Rufas and Alge Croker hear now". Kids and auror tonks go now to your safehouse and be careful, i would tell you what i know but none of you know Occlumency and without it your minds an open book. The kids and Tonks Flooed to the Leakey Caluderon. Then Connie arrived with Rufas and Alge in tow." What is this about Amelia?" I need you to watch some memories that i just reviewed and tell me what you think.

the three of them started with the basilisk fight then moved onto the night peter was discoverd and then finaly watched the rebirth of Voldemort when the trio came out they were white faced and Rufas mouth was agape "the boy was telling the truth and Fudge had the evidence that he had returned and he did nothing.

I wonder how many were made we need to talk to Albus about this he should have some theorys about what objects he used and how many he made. Alge just stared we need to take the boy into the hall of propheys there is one their with his and the Dark Lords name on it the old unspeakable voiced he could be after the Porphecy and thats why he has not tipped his hand yet.

we need to find away to lift the Auror freeze Connie said. Well i believe Potter can help us there the is the head of Potter, Crouch, and Stright and possibaly more he did not say it but his wife Ginny sugested that if Harry married Sue that she would have a better name than eather of those.

Send Potter a letter and we will need to set up a time and date to take him the the HoP to destroy the record. We also need to talk to albus about the Horcrux i know their are more of them i just hope he has a inkling to how many there are would help and if he knows what objects the foul man used. We could give Potter a hit wizard badge so he could use leathel force and he could legaly own a second wand to counter the Priori Incantatem effect.

When Harry arrived in the Leaky Caluderon he decided to go shoping the group went to Madam Malkins robe shop inside Harry got fitted for Formal Dressrobes a set of Wizengamot robes causal robes all made in aracmantula silk with resizing charms the total was 400 galleons Harry paid her then turned to the lovely ladies accomping him do you want anything?

he asked them they smiled wicked smiles causing Harry to gulp an hour later Harry was carring several bags of shrunken clothes the the group passed a Jewlery shop Harry and the group enterd and looked around behind the counter a man greated the group. Hello is there anything i can help you with today? Harry was brousing the wrist watches and spied a nice gold watch he asked could i see that watch pulled the watch out and let Harry hold it is it water proof sir the last i had was damaged, there is a charm for it but it would cost extra ok i will take it.

i also need 14 titainum male rings with a ruby set into then and 12 female rings the same way and i want the lettars D.A. engraved into the stone. Harry then walked up to Ginny see anything you like love? Ginny pointed to a golden necklace with a ruby set into it Harry motioned to the man add this to my order with a pair of matching earrings then Man nodded then took it Susan was looking at a silver braclet and matching earrings necklace.Do you want that?

sue nodded and the man took it out to. Tonks was checking out a choker with a black diamond set into it Harry motioned to it also he man was just about skipping thinking about the bounes he was gitting this month Harry then aske laddies do you mind steeping outside for a while when the door closed Harry turned i also need a engagement ring prefabley white gold the man pulled out a row af rings to show him Harry selected one of the rings that he felt a pull to and gave it to the man.

I also need resizing charms on all please the man nodded. talleyed up the total the added tax and said your total comes to 98,000 galleons .Harry sighed pulled out a bank draft filled out the amount and handed it to the man. My names Dan Singer thanks for your custem Mr.

oh my names Harry Potter dan well have a good day and send those ring to me when they are finished please. and i will be back for more when i find out a few things Harry then left a shocked man standing behind the counter then walked out found this laddies lounging on a bench a few feet away Harry walked up to them and put his arms around Ginny and gave her a kiss then turnd to sue and gave her the same treatment, lets finish christmas shopping the group then went to quality quidditch supplies and picked up Ron new keeper armor and a nimbus 2005.

then they went to the trunk shop and bought a seven compartment trunk that has its oun appartment, library,and dueling/workout room. Then the group went to Florish and Blotts to pick up a few books for Hermione, Harry then picked up more books on DADA, death eater tatics of the 70's and a book on spell chaining. Harry looked at the watch he just bought and decided to leave. One wild trip on the Knight bus ater the group was standing outside of Grimmauld Place Harry hadded th paper to sue then set it on fire after she read it.

the group then enterd the house only to be tackled to the floor by someone with bushy brown hair Harry you were gone for so long we were starting to get worried and what is Susan doing here Hermione asked. Well Hermione we went shopping after our meating and Susan is here well because she was affected by my faimleys end of the line clause and we had to have sex or she would eather go insane or die.

Do you know who else is affected? no but Sirius should be finished with the potion tonight. Harry lookd at Tonks and said i am ready for my training. Tonks led him to his bedroom and cast a locking charm.Tonks said strip, Harry looked dumfounded at her she laughed Harry trust me please i went throught this alone but you have my knowlege to help you. Harry did as she asked, Tonks then striped herself she pulled out a bottle of oil and put some on Harrry's back and rubed it in then started taking you have to know how your muscles work and how they coonect you can only incress or decress your hieght by a foot either way changing hair and eye color is the easy ones her hands then reached his bum she started squezing and gently pushing on it by this time Harry was already hard enough to hunt with is manhood the tonks finished with his legs Harry then felt a strong pull towrd Tonks he tried to control it but he fliped over and grabed her face and gently kissed her.

Suprised at Harry kissing her she gave in not caring about the laws just about the young man under her. Harry lined his manhood up with her sex and thrust in and going hilt deep in one thrust Tonks went wild bucking and slaming down tring to get more of Harry in her Harry pictured his penis getting larger and wider he felt it do so but so did Tonks he moaned and continued bouncing on Harry tring hard to reach her orgasem.

Harry reached around and started pocking at her rosebud this was to much for her she Came squelling nothing harry could understand but her mucles contracting also pushed him over the edge. After lieing their panting for a moment Harry turned to her. Tonks could i see your base form please? Tonks shocked that someone asked finally let her hair get longer and darker her breasts grew larger her eyes matched Sirius's and she grew a little shorter Harry fell in love instantly.

he lended in and kissed her neck and grabed her now larger breast and tweeked its nipple Tonks moaned at the feeling Harry then took the other into his mouth and gently sucked on it Tonks was gettin randy again at this point sterted rubbing her hands up and down his back Harry let her tit fall out of his mouth the kissed her lips then wisperd i hope you enjoy this my little Nymp.

Tonks shiverd at her new nickname but was not botherd by it he then started kissing down her stomac to her sex Harry then started licking her libra up and down slowley causing Tonks to grunt in frustraition then Harry flicked his tounge aginst her clit causing Tonks to wrap her legs around his head and trap him their but Harry did not care he was to busy sucking licking and drinking her jucies to care Harry pushed in two fingers in her vigina and then concentrated on macking them longer and rounder, then Harry stoped all of a sudden and then thrust his penis slowley into her Tonks thrust back wanting more of him inside her Harry the decided to abulige her thrusting himself in to the hilt and passing her curvix tonks Shreeked in pain but kept grinding herself into Harry after a few minutes of this Harry yells Nymp i am cuming, Harry in a last ditch effort to have her orgasem with him thrust a finger past her splincher into her retum this caused Tonks to shreek out in bliss Harry and Tonks layed their for a few resting.

When the duo got dressed Harry looked at Tonks and morphed his hair longer and added a shade of red into it i am getting the hang oh it then they decinded the stairs and into the kitchen Susan was sitting their talking to Remus well Christmas is in two days are you going to stay here or are you going to open presants here then at your aunts or what Harry heard Remus ask well i am going to do just that but i hape that Harry comes with me.

at that time Harry spoke up you darn right i will Sue Susan then looked at him and smiled Remus sniffed the air then got a look of shock on his face then busted out laughing i see Nymphadora was affected to eh Harry OI DONT CALL ME NYMPHADORA tonks yelled hair turning red Sirius then appered yes she was their are several more people affected to and hear are their names Harry grabed the paper and read.

Ginny Weasley.x.m Susan Bones.x Daphne Greengrass. Nymphadora Tonks.x Hermione Granger. Luna Lovegood. Padma Patail. Gabrielle Delacour. Katie Bell. Hestia Jones. Alexia Smith. Tracy Davis. Alicia Spinet. Kimberly Anderson Shelly Sinstria When Harry finished the list he was shocked how could he sleep with that many wemen and have that many kids for that matter. And he was sure that Hermonie and Ron would get together.

This is going to cause some problems Harry voiced. I'll say Susan said as she read the paper over and who is Kimberly Anderson, she is a muggle from my old school said Harry. Whats all the noise about Hermione asked coming downstairs Harrys go the results of all the wemon that are affected by the end of the line clause all of them but one are familiar and Harry handed her the list she read through her eyes got wide for a second they she smiled and said " i expected this Harry and I cant think of anyone better I could be with".

Ron entered and asked is that the paper he snached it from Hermionie and read through his face pailed then he said Damn it mate why Hermionie? you knew i liked her. Well Ron its not somthing Harry could control and at one time i might have liked you but Ron we bicker way to much and you think you should not have to do your work, its not healthy and I see the way you treat people from other houses you can be as bist as Molfoy at times and just dont wait for the girls to come to you pluck up the courage and aske them dont just sit around and play chess our talk about qudditch.

At that Hermione stormed off. Well that was intresting Sirius said do they argue often? Oh about every other day two or three times Harry said as Ron marched off to the room Sirius had prepared for him. Oh Susan this is my Godfather Sirius Black Sirius this is Susan Bones Sirius gave a bow and said charmed.and mutterd what is it with Potters and red heads. Susan blushed, Harry asked could i get a different room mabey bigger Sirius said "sure pup Dobby the house elf appered could you clean the master room on the fourth floor and make the bed bigger the elf nodded right away Mr.

Black and move all of Harrys stuff in there to the elf dissaperated Harry i have also been working on the potion tp revel your animaugs form I brewed enough for six or seven people Harry got an excited look when can we take it? Right now if you want. Harry egearly said yes he turnd to the others how about you all he asked Ginny, Hermione and Sue all jumped up to fallowed. Down in the basement Sirius divided the potion into four different cups Harry clenked glasses with his laddies and said "bottems up" and downed it the potion was vile but it had nothing on polyjuce his vision clouded the he found himself in a open filed a snake slitherd up to him Harry noticed it was a basilisk and shut his eyes the the snake spoke yyouu fiiinally foundd yourrr formm.

Harry opend his eyes and the snake was gone Harry then saw what looked like a bird flying at him then he noticed it was not a bird but a Pheonix Harry was shocked that he could have such a powerful form, the pheonix faded and a lion came running out of the trees and stood with him thin it too faded the he was somthing he never wanted to see again a dragon flew out of the sky and landed next to him it resimbled a horntail but the color was blue it breathed on him then flew off his vision clouded again then he was sitting in a basement everyone stairing.

You have been in the trance for a hour Harry what did you see Harr said Lion, Basilisk, Some sort of dragon and a Pheonix everyone looked shocked, three magical forms Sirius stutterd Harry smiled its always me. Hermione said well my form is a cat of somesort possabley a kizzle. Mine was a lion too Ginny voiced, Mine was a unicorn Susan said everyone stared at her. Sirius then said well you have to come up with code names and all but that will be later right now you just got to study your forms anotamy and then start slowly changing but dont do it unless me Remus or another animagus is helping you ok i want no acidents.

The group truged back upstairs and found Molly putting dinner on the table oh i am glad i made extra, and your name is dear. Mrs Weasley asked Sue, my names is Susan Bones mam, Mrs Weasley smilled and said ok every one tuckin the others will be down soon. Dobby poped in the kitchen and said Mr. Black Harry Potter's room is done, Thanks Dobby Sirius said and fliped him a galleon Dobby smiled and dissaperated.

When supper was finished Harry truged upstairs and walked to the room Dobby prepared for him. The room was painted red and gold with a very large bed set sginst the far wall his mother and fathers trunks were in a corner his and Ginnys were at the foot of the bed.

Susan and Ginny ran to it and started jumping on it Harry watched them have fun then went and pulled out Occlumency for beginners and went to the desk and read the first three chapters before the girls got bored came over to him grabed the book and drug him to the bed. They each had a snog session before someone knocked on the door Ginny jumped out of bed and ran to the door opend it up Hermione was standing in the door wearing her bathing robe she came up to the bed and climbed up next to Harry and kissed him Harry opend his mouth to lety her tounge in, Harry rubed his hand up and down her back he manuvered himself on top and untied her robe and opend it.

Hermonie was naked underneath, Harry cressed her breast and started kissing down her chest he sat up and striped himself Hermione moand when she saw his penis.

Harry put it against her sex hand eased it in she jerked when it hit her hymen Harry met her eyes and thrust past it Hermione shreeked and jerked back. Harry stoped and waited untill the pain stoped Hermione felt the pain lessing then thrust up taking more of Harrys cock into her she now felt the pain leaving and the pleasure taking over she then grabed Harry and wraped her legs around him thrusting against him harder Harry grabed her bum and lifted her up he then withdrew and told her to get on all fours she did Hary got behind her and thrust himself back into her.

By this time Sue and Ginny were fingering themselves fiercley they looked on as Harry made love to Hermione they looked at each other and then sue took her hand and thrust her fingers into Ginnys pussy who moaned. Harry keep thrusting into his friend Untill the fellt his cum bubbling up he thrust into her roaring his release Hermione felt the semen splashing aginst her wall and it drove her over to the Came Yelling " OH MY GOOODDDD HHHHHHHHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRYYY!!." They both lay their painting for a few and still heard moaning and looked over to see Ginny and Susan eating eachother out on a 69 they both came together a few minutes later.

Harry pulled the all next to him Hermione and Ginny on the left and Susan on the right and they all fell asleep together. In the morning Harry rolled out of bed and walking into his bathroom attached to his room and did his business he then proceded to get into the shower a few minutes later Susan came and joined him. Harry washed her back and paid specal attention to her bum Susan then turnd around and kissed him pushed him back aginst the wall started trailing kisses down his chest and stoumic when she got to his penis she licked the head then inserted it into her mouth Harry moand at the fealling Sue bobbed her head up and down trying to get more into her mouth but falling to get it past her gag reflex Harry was in heaven breath throught your nose sue he said sue did as he said and she found that she could get more into her mouth she kept sucking on it untill she could relaix her gag reflex and then she took his entire lenght into her mouth and down her throat mucles ther dore Harry to the brink he yelld Sue I am cuming harry yelled and sue just tried to ram it father down Harry erupted down her throat when his orgasm was over Harry pulled Sue up off the floor Thanks love Harry wisperd is there anything i can do for you?

Yes tonight you have anal sex with me. Ginny seemed to enjoy it i would like to try it please Harry nodded that he would the cupple finished their shower. After they got out Harry went to the bed and woke Ginny and Hermione up they went to the bathroom after rubbing the sleep out of their eyes. Harry got dressed in some of Dudleys old clothes he looked at them and decided to go shopping for muggle chothes today. When thay all finally got downstairs breakfast was on the table Sirius and Tonks was their eating Harry went and sat by her Tonks can you take me and the girls shopping in muggle Londan today i want to get rid of these castoffs Tonks nodded her apprival and said not without Kinglesy though he will be here in a few.

The group finished eating Harry looked at his wrist watch and saw that it was only 8:43. Harry pulled out the Occlumency book again and started reading were he left off last night the book talked about sorting his memories into catigories of good and bad the putting the in a cabbnet or on a book shelf the hidding them in a place no one would look.

or you could put the in bubbles layer them with your most inportant memories inside and everyday memories outside and you could have bubbles that contain no memories at all that warn you when a legilimens was trying to read your thoughts in addition the read that it helped you keep your emotions in check that will help when Umbridge tried to goad me Harry thought.

Kingles came into the room when Harry finished the eighth chapter Harry jumped up and asked " Kingsley could you come with me and my Laddies shopping please Tonks wont go alone. Kingsley smiled and said shure kid as soon as I have some of Molly's excellent cooking "Sack" as Tonks called him ate then got up and transfigurd his robes into a black jacket with kaki trousers. The house was not every far form the shoping distrect so they walked about twenty minutes later they were passing a atm Harry decided to grab some cash stuck in his card and asked for 500 pounds the machine spit out his money and then the group went into a department store Hermonie picked out.

When they enterd the place a man greated them then told them they had a sale going on then bid them all a good day. Hermionie spotted a female worker Jessica she squelled running up to her and hugging her Hermione i thought you were sking with your parents. I was but i left of spend times with my friends from school and you know how i ski anyway she drug Jessica to the group and said this is my cousin Jessica Granger she works here Jessica these are my friends Harry, Ginny, Susan, Tonks,and Kingsley.

Harry here is needing everything, and were are burning those when we get back Mr. Yes mam Harry smartly replied Jessica led him through the store picking out shirts and slacks polo shirts sweters as she went. Harry had to prade the clothes for an hour before he could get away and only then by telling them to pick out what they wanted Tonks got two outfits for herself Hermione,Ginny,and Susan chouse two dresses a few slacks blouses skirts and min-skirts and a bunch of g-strings.

the group went to the counter and Jessica rung it all up the total came up to be 1235 pounds. Harry handed Jessica his card swiped it and handed it back to Harry who singed the slip and passed it back to her they took the bags and walked out the door they went around the side of the building Kinglesy pulled out his wand and shrunk the packages and put them in their pockets they then walked to a Harrold's after a hour of shopping in their and another 1300 pounds they started making their way back to Grimmauld Place.

When they arrived Mrs.Weasley was cooking and said lunch would be done in twenty minutes Harry Ginny and Sue made their way to Harry's room. Harry took all of Dudley's cast offs and threw them in a pile the striped and put on a sweter and a pair of Kaki's and his dress shoes. When all of their clothes were put away the three of them all made their way to the kitchen.

They all ate a good meal together then Sack had to go into the ministery. Harry pulled out his book and started reading again.

A few minutes later a Owl flew into the room and stuck it's leg out Harry removed the letter and broke the seal. The owl took off just as Harry started read Dear Lord Potter There will be a Wizengamont meeting that starts at 6:00 pm toinght.

As you should be aware Sirius Black was named House Potters Proxy but he was arrested and the Wizengamont let his closest next of kin vote for it so in other words Naircissa Malfoy has been voting in your set. I am lettin you know because their are several requests that I as Head of the DMLE mede that her vote turnd down as did several other bills presinted that would help muggle borns intergrate into our world.

Some of thes things can change by your votes if you claim all seats that belong to you even the ones you did not tell me about but you can only vote for two faimleys at a time. Yours senceraly Amelia Bones Harry looked at his watchit read 3:25 he then asked Tonks be his gard to escort me to the Ministery I have a Wizengamont meeting to attend.

Tonks just nodded Harry looked at Hermione, Sue and Ginny its time to pay another visit to Madam Malkins. Why voiced Hermione well i need to get you three Wizengamot robes because i cant vote for more than two faimleys at one time, so i need a proxy to do it for me.

They all flooed into the Leaky Caulderon then marched to Madam Malkins. Inside they saw Navile getting fitted for formal dress robes. He spotted the group and yelled Harry, Hermione, Susan, Ginny what brings you here?

Hi Navile the group said all at once we are here to get Wizengamot robes, Nevile looked stund then said but you are to young. Harry explained to him what happend Navile looked stund and said i always thought you knew who to control it if i knew i would have told you and got gran to show you howbut its to late now. Harry clasped his friend on the sholder and said dont worry mate you did not know.

Harry turnd to Madam Malkin and said these Ladies need Wizengamot robes the woman nodded and make a set for Navile to. When the robes were done Harry paid tow hunderd galleons for them and a nice dress for Hermione. Walking down the main street Harry noticed a empty building it was #94 he instantly thought of the twins Harry looked at his watch and it read 4:15 he then willed them to Gringotts inside he went up to the head teller and asked Sir i would like to speek to my account manager please.

The Goblin nodded then hed them down a hall into a corridor then knocked on the Door that read Spine Ripper the group enterd Harry then walked up to the desk then said i would like to buy #94 and see a list of all my properties. the Goblin nodded and said #94 would cost you 20,000 galleons and it will take a day to make your list up, we cant send it by owl it has to be picked up. Harry nodded then they left with the deed. Harry noticed a armor shop and went inside he walked up to the man behinde the counter a man stood writing on some paper, the man greeted them and said that his name was James.

What is the best armor you got Harry asked the man? Well it would be the hide of a iron belly dragon but ther all but extient, but horntail or basilisk armor is the next best thing to use but is very expensive and hard to come by, Harry noddes his head well I know were I could get Basilisk hide but it will be a few days before i can get it to you, but untill then i would like five sets of the best armor vests you have the man nodded he came back a few minutes later Tonks cast a detecting charm on it and then nodded Harry pulled out his money bag.

James rang him up and the total came up to be 7745 galleons Harry distributed the armor to Ginny, Susan, Hermione,Tonks and himself he man told him it is ridgeback hide and that it worked well against cutting and blasting hexes and curses.

Harrys watch now read 5:27 Harry turned to Tonks and said lets be off to the ministery. They arived in the aterm at 5:35 and made their way to the security desk wee is the Wizengamot meeting? Harry asked the gard the gard looked at his robes the said old courtroom 12 same floor as the department of mysterys. Harry thanked the man andhe and his group walked to the lifts.

Madam Bones got on their lift on level 2 and she started talking to Susan. After talking to Susan she looked at Harry and said be strong and firm but dont act like a child it will just give Fudge more ammo for the fire. they past the entrance to the DoM and Harry stoped short.

Whats wrong Harry? Amelia asked this is the place i have been dreaming about for months. When they finaly pulled Harry from the hall leading to the DoM they all but ran to court room 12 Amelia said let me enter first then wait a few minutes then come in. Amelia then enterd Harry waited three minutes then went inside. Potter what are you doing here Fudge sneered.

Harry looked at him and said It's Lord Potter, Minister and I am here to claim my sets. You are to young Umbridge said with a smile on her face. You would be correct Madam Undersecretary but i was emancipated about two days ago. Easley checked Weasley run up to Hopkirks office and bring back Mr.

Potters file Percy nodded and left the room at a run he came back five minutes later huffing gave the document to the Minister who read the paper then passed it to Umbridge who handed it to Madam Bones who said it is ture he was emancipated two days ago. The room broke out into murmmers well then I claim the seats to House Potter, House Crouch, House Stright, House Ravenclaw, House Hufflepuff,House Gryffindor,and House Slytherin.

The room was in a uproar fudge banged his gaval. Well you can claim the seats but you cant vote for them all. Harry said I entisipated you would so i brought some proxys Harry went to the door and motioned his lovers and friend in.

House Potter will be represinted by my me, house crouch and Stright will be represinted by Navile Longbottem, House Hufflepuff will be represinted by Susan Bones House Ravenclaw will be represinted Hermione Granger House Slythern will be represinted by Nhymphdora Tonks and] Ginny Potter will represint house Gryffindor.

Fudge had no choice but to except. Also i want to see every vote my Proxy made while i was absent a list was provided for him. Bill # zx345 i change the vote from yea to nay Bill # mb237 i change from nay to yea Bill # dg834 i change form yea to nay Bill # gh137 i change form yea to nay and last but not least i change Bill # af387 from yea to nay.

Umbridge looked outraged Fudge was red in the face Lucius Malfoy was pale Amelia and Augusta looked amused. Bill # zx345. Halfbreed reistration act Bill # mb237. Muggle born intergration act Bill # dg834 .

Hogwarts High Inquisitor act Bill # gh137 . Educational decrees form ministery Bill # af387. Auror freeze and pay reduction Fudge looked and stutterd now onto your first order of business Bill #as274 the Werewolf detainment act to stop the ever spreding dissise that is lycanthropy this bill will gives us the power to round any werewolf up and detain or kill them depending on the cases.

Madam Umbridge jumped up and said in hope you do the right thing and vote yes these cretchers are a danger to us all and must be elimmenated. Harry spoke up when the toad finished know wonder almost every werewolf jond Voldemort, you ruidicule them, hunt them and treat them like garbege they are just people that somthing bad happend to the Werewolfs like Greyback do need to be destroyed but you cant judge the lot of them by the actions of the few.

Lucius stood up and said the wise Potter has spoken maybe we should bow to him a few people laughed. No Harry said I want no one to bow to me or kissing my robes like your master Malfoy. Lucius flushed red then went quite. Ok its time to vote all those in favor raise your hands the votes were talleyed to 39 all opposed Percy talleyed the votes and came up to 45 all abstaining four raised their hands ok bill denied next bill Percy handed a paper to Fudge.

Bill #ty342 Muggle Born taxes the passing of this bill will alow higher taxes to be took form muggle born witches and wizards that enter our society. Lucius Malfoy again stood up and said I urge you to pass this bill the muggle borns are entering our world and taking our jobs our childerns jobs and they dont understand this world we have to carry them around and we should at least get more out of it. Harry stood several friends of mine are muggle born one of them sits in this very court room listining to this idocity Muggle born are treated like dirt at best outright tougherd or murderd at worst they take whatever jobs they can get if they join the ministery thry are lucky if they can get to be a asistant of a department head even if they are more quilified than the pure or half blood that runs the department Ms.

Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of the our age and she is treated horrible by that man's son belittled by our defence teacher. About 30% of muggle bornes go back into the muggle world because of the way they are treated keep it up there wont be any and we need them you might not like it or care about it but we do need them so i guess you know my vote.

Amelia stood and said I agree with everything Mr. Potter just said and i vote nay. Muttering broke out again Fudge slamed his gavel ok enough talking we vote all in favor 33 raised their hands all opposed 48 hands rose one abstained bill denied. Next is a request form the DMLE for additional funds of 100,000 galleons and new armor all those in favor 42 hands raised in the air all opposed 41 hands rose one abstaining motion carryed.

Next any bills to propose, Lucius stood up I propose a Centaur land reduction act Umbridge stood and said seconded, Fudge slamed the gavel bill noted and we will vote next session.

Harry stood up i propose a welfare act that helps needy famileys that cant pay their childerns Hogwarts tuition and help them get robes, books, and a wand, Madam Bones stood up I second the motion Naville stood up and said i third, Fudge slamed the gaval and said bill noted we will vote next session. Next Wizengamot session will be on the 15th of Febuary at 4:00 pm, Ajourned.

Harry and his enturage exited the lifts and walked to the floo but got a forboding feeling he looked at Tonks and shook his head. She understood and turned to the girls and said we are ridding the knight bus.

thry all nodded their heads that they understood Susan turned to her aunt and said come with us auntie we need to talk Harry flaged the knight bus paid for their way but told stan to drop them off a block away from Grimmauld place. When they got there Harry pulled out a pice of paper with the address on it and gave it to Amelia She read it and enterd behind Harry He introduced her to Mrs.Weasley and Remus Sirius was upstairs feeding Buckbeak HArry was still feeling odd but he shook it off and went upstairs to change When he arrived back downstairs Amelia was talking to Sirius Harry was still feeling odd Susan looked at Harry and asked Harry whats wrong?

I dont know but i felt this way sence after the meeting i tanks somthigs wrong. Harry then he saw Malfoy on his knees screeming as Voldemort used the Curciatus curse on him now why did you not pass that bill that i asked? My Lord, Potter he he claimed his house seats and those of crouch stright and the founders my lord he had twelve vote as well as the support of the Bones, Longbottem,and Lovegood i tried everthing my Lord.

Well send Wormtail to me. The mouse like man enterd bowed and kissed him masters robes. Wormtail go to Little Whinning and see if you can find those worthless muggles the boy lives with you can torture anymuggle you want just make it look like someone tried to steal from whoever they are Wormtail said at once master and scurried off when wormtail left voldemort called out Crabbe in here now Crabbe stumbled through the doors and Voldemort said you know what to do the bulky man undid his masters robes pulled out his dick and inserted it in his mouth Voldemort sighed and said I have been a good Dark lord.

a huderd miles away Harry woke up vomiting. That was by far the grosest thing i have ever seen Harry voiced alloud he then looked to his Godfather and said i know were Wormtail is or is going to be Sirius looked shocked then smiled "were pup?" He asked Little Whinning oh I think old Volde is gay him and Crabbe were gitting it on when i woke up.

Well at least you will have room for Molly's food now Sirius joked Amelia fire called Kingsley sent him to little whinning to look for wormtail. Ok now lets go eat some of Mollys food before she forces it down our throats.

They all cut up laughed and had a good time until Harry fell out of his chair howling in pain Wormtail he's. then Harry disapperated. He landed in a alley not six blocks from his uncles house he looked around and saw wormtail standing over a girl Harry would have considerd a knockout wormtail cut her with a dagger and asked were does Potter live i am sure you have meet him with his name scribbled al over your diarys Harry stood up and pulled out his wand and said try right behind you wormtail just as he cast a wordless stuner.

Peter turned and cought the stuner in the stoumic Harry fired a flair in the air signaling Kingsley Harry went up to the girl Harry pulled out his mothers portrait and said mum tell Sirius and the rest were i am and that i have cought Wormtail. hus mother nodded. Harry walked up to the girl she was still convolsing from the curse he sat her up and checked her wounds she had a long gash on her arm and a stab wound to the thigh that was squrting blood Harry put pressure on it then fired two more flairs in the air a minute later Kingsley came running up the put a charm on peter and a anti transformation charm then conjerd ropes that bound him.

He then ram p to Harry and checked thr girl over he then said we need to get her to headquaters so Molly can patch her up grab her stuff Harry did so Kingsley took wormtail and Dissapperated harry stood watch over the girl until Knigsley and Tonks appered in Tonks took the girl and Kinglesy grabed Harry the both dissaperated and appered at the entrance to #12 Harry got the girl ot read the paper she gasped whe th house appered infrount of them.

They livitated her inside and called for Molly who came running she pulledout a table and several potions. She gave the girl a potion for curciatus exposere a blood replintishing potion a few droops of essence of dittany onto her leg and arm the wound sealed over and looked days old rather than hours, then a sleeping potion.

The girl said thanks before drifting off to sleep. Harry asked when is wormtails trial begin? Immedatly Amelia voiced as she walked into the room we are heading to the Ministery as soon as the girl wakes up. Harry looked at his watch and noticed it was Christmas eve he was sitting by the girl he knew now as Kimberly Anderson from the name scribled in her books along with his. He figured she would already be up he drifted off to sleep in the chair next to her bed. When she woke Kimberly did not know were she was it was a strange place she sa up and rememberd the attack she looked at her leg and she notice the wound was already a scar and the one on her arm was the ame that was when she noticed the boy in the chair he loked fremiliar but she did not know wh oit was untill she saw the scar she had been saved by Harry freeking Potter the boy she had a crush on for a year now she had not seen much of him latley only in the summer but he suposadly attend St.

Brutus's. But she did not believe that he as too nice and well behaved boy he now dressed better she saw but his shitr had blood on it. Harry she called out Harry she shook him he awoke with a start pulling a long pice of wood up then he saw who it was.he droped it how are you he asked, fine now she said well lets go borrow one of Hermione's dresses she is the same size as you.

Kim could only wonder who Hermione was Harry helped her up then walked her across the hall into another room Hermione was just finishing dressing she turnd around smiled and said Kimlerly nice to meet you she huged her Mione she needs a dress to wear to the trail. Trial how long have i been out? Well about eight hours but this is a special case so we are having a emergancy trial and your parents thank you are at a friends house for the weekend. How did my wounds heal so fast magic was Harry's simple answer.

Seriously Harry how? Harry Pulled out a long stick pointed it at the bed and said Wingardium Leviosa and it rose into the air Kimberly sturderd how? I am a Wizard thats why i havent been going to stonewall high i have been going to a school called Hogwarts the reason your cuts are healed is because Mrs.

Weasley put essance of dittany on it. The memory of the attack should come back to you soon. Harry left Kimberly with Hermione to get dressed so he could go put on some robes when he arrived in his room a sight Ginny was on the bed with a very naked Tonks between her legs licking her pussy the sight aroused Harry so much he whipped out this cock came up behinde Tonks a slib it into her from behind Tonks moaned and thrust back but never took her face up from Ginnys flower. After a few minutes of fucking Tonks' pussy Harry spit on her rosebud and eased a finger into her rectum Tonks went wild thrusting back harder against Harry wanting more cock in her Harry screwed up his eyes and pictured his manhood longer and thicker Tonks was shreeking into Ginny's pussy so much it caused Ginny to orgasem Tonks drank all of Ginnys honey then yelled out FUCK HE HARDER HARRY Harry was happy to oblige Harry withdrew from Tonk's pussy and lifted his cock up to her backdoor and gently started putting pressure on her splincher until his head poped ni Tonk's went wild again and stsrted bucking and thrusting wanting all of Harry's cock in her Harry keep thrusting until Tonks screemed out in orgasem.

Harry felt Tonk's splincher tightend up it caused him to Cum deep inside her colin Harry withdrew kissed Tonks and Ginny then went to grt a shower. Harry renterd his room and went to his dressers opend it up and picked out plain set of black robes with the Potter familey crest on it. Harry walked back down to Hermonie's room knocked then enterd Kimberly was crying on the bed she looked at Harry and smiled then said you were right i do remember it all now Harry looked and Hermione had lent her a plain black dress that was concervtive and did not show off to much skin well lets go downstairs and eat breakfast before Mre.

Weasley comes up and forces it on us and i have got to introduce you to my real familey.Oh and we will have to talk after the trial it's somthing important Kim nodded that she understood. Harry arrived in the kitchen with kim in tow Harry introduced her to Mrs. Weasley, Fred and George, Remus then Sirius, Ron just stalked off to his room.

Harry and Kim sat down and ate Tonks Ginny Susan and Hermione joined them a few minutes later. The fire flaired gree and Amelia tumbeld onto the hearth. Harry, Kim,and Harry's laddies finished eating then went outside to with Amelia and Kinglesy acting as guards they walked a few blocke and summend the kinght bus Harry paied everyones toll the three minutes later they were at the visitors entrance of the ministery everyone cramed into the phone both Amelia pushed the numbers and the badge for kim was spit out.

Kmiberly gasped when they arrived in the atrium it's beautiful. Yep but expensive on the upkeep Amelia said. They walked up to the security desk and told the guard why they were their he nodded they all got on the lifts and decended to the department of mysterys.

Amelia led them to courtroom 12 she enterd the Wzengamot was their and they looked very confused Harry and Kimberly seated themselves in the whitness seats. When the whole Wizengamot was seated Harry stood up and said I cannot vote today but my Prozy will be Lady Longbottem Nevile's grandmother nodded Kingsely and Rufas Scrimgeour brought in Perter set him in the set chains bound him to the chair Umbridge said its Pettigrew someone git his Order of Merlin and unbind him.

Amelia said "no we have suffecent evidence that he is a Death Eater. No he is not responded Umbridge. Auror roll up his left sleve and everyone saw the Dark Mark on his arm and everyone gasped. He was apprehinded while using the torture cruse on this girl Kimberly Anderson she was moved to a safe house and healed i ask this court to authrize use of Veritaserum while questioning approved Fudge said.

Kingsley forced three drops down Peters foot. What is your name? Peter Winfeld Pettegrew do you serve He-who-must-not-be-named? Yes. Were you the Potters secret keeper? Yes.

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Did Sirius Black try to kill you? Yes. How did you escape? Shouted thst Sirius betrayed Lily and James then blew up the street with my wand cut off my finger and then tranformed into my animagus form and went into the sewer so Sirius Blcak never killed anyone on the first of november? No. Does he serve He-who-must-not-be-named? No. The Wizengamot was muttering loudly now. Fudge slamed down his gavel order he yelled.

For the partisapation in a known teriost organization, the use of a unforgivable,and the mass murder of twelve muggles you are hereby sentenced to the dementors kiss it will be abministerd in a months time. It seems we have a misscarrige of justace Sirius Black may be innocent of all crimes we need to catch him and set a trial to clear his name.

That can be arranged said Sirius voice from the back of the room Grab him came Umbridge yelled send for Dementors, you wont get away this time.

I believe I just heard you all give me a chance to clear my name Sirius said. Kingsley conjered a second chair that bound him as soon as he sat down. Veritaserum please Sirius said opening his mouth. Your name? Sirius Orion Black. Did you ever serve He-who-must-not-be-named? No. Did you betray the Potters? No James was my brother. Did you kill twelve muggals on 1 november 1980? No. Have you ever commited any crime? I am a unregirsterd Animagus. to vote him gulity raise your hands three hands rose.

Cleard of all charges most of the room rose there hands. Sirius Black you are proven innocent of all charges and will be given one million galleons for every year that you have been impresoned the amount for being a unregisterd animahus will be deducted. and just one more question. How were you thrown in Aakaban? Crouch threw me in their without a noted ok Kingsley relese him and we will move Peter in two days time. Harry, Sirius, and Harry's Laddies left Harry was wlking one arm around Ginny and the other around Kimberly.

The group was halted in the atrium by reporters wanting to talk to Sirius. after they got away the hailed the knight bus again and Harry told a address about five blocks away from Grimmauld place. The large group enterd the palor Harry turned to jhis Laddies. I have to speek to Kimberly alone and explain things to her. They nodded and walked to the kitchen.

Harry walked Kimberly upstairs to his room this is going to be hard Harry said aloud what is Kimberly asked I am the last Potter alive and their is a end of the line clause were magic makes me sleep with certian to give me heirs, and there will be regardless if the woman is baren the first time we sleep together she will concive, i had a potion brewed that gave me the names of all the wemon i have to sleep with your name is on it if i dont the women will eather go crazy or die.

Kimberly knew that he was serious just by the look in his eye. Well at least it is you Kim said before she Pulled Harry into a soul sering kiss Harry reached up under her borrowed dressand pulled doen her knickers and striped his slacks off he posistend is penis at her entrance and slowly enterd until he felt her cherry he withdrew untill only his head was in and thrust foward breaking her hymen Kim shreeked Harry stoped until she nodded he thrust foward kimberly moaned at the felling Harry caused in her Harry grunted her's was the tightest he had been in so far and it was causing him to have all kinds of feelings.

Eventually Kimberly started thrusting back gravating her hips Harry started going over quiditch rules in his mind Kim rolled over to were she was on top bucking twisting moaning Harmione, Tonks, Ginny and Susan came in to watch they dissrobed and got up an the bed with them Tonks and GInny pulled the dress off Kims brests and latched on to them with their lips and started suckingKim squelled Hermione started rubbing Kim's clit and susan started licking her rosebud This caused Kim to Go overborad She came shreaking incoherently Harry felt his seed spill into her he also felt part of his magic enter her Hermione felt the same thing as did all the others they all fell down together asleep.

A knocking at the door woke them up you all have been in their for hours now its 7:00 Kim's got to go home unless you want her parents to report her missing. Kim got up and hit Harry until he woke up what he asked Harry its seven o'clock he jumped up lets get dressed he said. When he got dressed Sirius opened the door Harry was thinkful that he had put covers on the other girls. He said we will be down in a minute He then opend his mom's trunk and pulled out a arithmancy book but when he did his mom's wand fell out and rolled away Kim picked it up and sparks shoot out of the end.

Oh kim said dropping the wand. Sirius and Harry staired "what" kim asked. Harry picked up a quill and layed it on his desk pick up the wand and point it at the feather, now visualize it levitating then move the wand like so while saying Wingardium Leviosa Kim did and the fether hovered for a moment the landed on the desk Harry turned to Sirius, we need to speek to Dumbledore i believe.Ten minutes laster Harry and his Laddies witch now included Kim telling Albus about Kim new found magic Albus looked at kim and asked my i have a drop of blood?

she nodded her approval Fawkes the bowl if you could please the Pheonix flashed out then back in a few minutes later Dumbledore took a few drops of blood Dumbledore swired the blood and then droped in a sheet of paper the paper came out dry but with wrighting on it. Dumbledore brows shot up beneth his hat it seems that you were a squib but somehow your magical core got jumpstarted and grew to the bigger than the size it should be for a fifteen yearold and you have gained a few of Hary's abititys such as Aeromouth, you are a partial metamorphmagus, retain all information,and you have partial Occlumency shileds.

What the bloody hell happend asked Sirius. Well we were forfilling the end of the line clause and when the end came i felt my magic well up and poor into her with you know said a red faced Harry, funny mine did the same thing Hermione said, mine to Ginny announced, same here Susan and Tonks said. Well thats the reason why she survived as soon as his seed spilt you got pregnat and that saved you Voldemort could cast the killing curse all day long at you and magic would protect you because you are carryig Harry's child.

Well we can sort you into Hogwarts if you want to come. Kim looked at Harry and smiled yes i would like that oh and Harry, Brutis White just passed away you are his colsest living familey so you inherate everything here is the Head of house ring Harry put it on and the ring combined into the Potter signet ring.

Ok we need to tell her Parents about her going to Hogwarts think you could spare Professer McGonagall to somewhat explain and i will take care of tuition books and robes. Harry asked Proffeser how many Muggle born students are their in Hogwarts right now? Last I checked was 115, now 116. 53 in Gryffindor24 in Ravenclaw,and 39 in Hufflepuff. The talk with Kimberlys parents did not go as planed at first because they always thought Harry a delinquet that attened St.Brutus's but when they listend to the reasons and that Harry was going to pay for it all they relented.

She stayed for Christmas but Harry would be their the day after to take her shopping for supplies and robes. Harry and Sirius decided to do some last minute shopping they went to Gringottsone wild cartride later Sirius withdrew a bag of Galleons.

He looked at Harry lets visit a wand shop I know about abd get coustem wands. Harry disguised himself and moved his scar to another part of his body sence he found out he could not erase it.they made their way into Knockturn alley down a side street into a wand shop.

they enterd a old man was behinde the counter ah Sirius Black I have been expecting you and young Lord Potter and i can read magical signatures Harry thats how I know who you are.

Ok wands for you Mr. Black you first the man opened a box. Pick the wood that feels the best to you. Sirius pulled out a piece ah wood of misery apptly named for it only chooses those who have been throught alot of it in their life. Ok now for cores choose the same way the man had led them in the back now and their were thousands of items to choose from Sirius choose a bottle labled Grim fang and another labeled Chimara venom.

Ok Lord Potter your turn Harry immedatly chose a black piece of wood and a a white piece the aged wandmaker whisled petrified black peach wood and petrified lifewood both trees are extient now ok the cores Harry wanderd and fealt pulls to basilisk venom dargon heartstring but the strongest was a scale a dark heartstring he could not idenify, and pheniox tears. the old wand maker looked baffled you just chose a golden dragon scale and a nundu Heartstring the dragon scale will fortify your defensive spells enormasly and your wand would also be able to cast healing spells because of the pheniox tears also the heartstring it will strenghten your offensive spells beyond that of even the elder wand i would think it will take three hours to complete the total for your wand Mr.

Black will be 289 galleons but yours will be 2598 galleons because of all the rare ingredents used also when you decide to get a staff just drop by i have a few more workable pieces of the woods you require but i am out of the cores you used but i could try to get more.

They left Knockturn alley and Harry revirted to his base form, Harry looked at Sirius lets male a quick stop at a jewlers. Harry walked in and someone he did not expect was behind the counter Alicia Spinet sat looking at a witch weekley. Harry walked up and taped her on the shoulder she looked up and shock crossed her face Harry how good to see you she scremmed jumping up and hugging him yea good to see you to Ali he said she coughed I thought that a qudditch would have picked you up by now.

And one would have but during tryouts another hopeful crashed into me knocking me off i broke me leg arm and three ribs had to be in St. Mungos for a week but next year no fluke will keep me from joining the Hollyhead Harpies.

Well i come to see if my order is ready, Alicia went to thr back and came out with a box yep right here thanks said Harry pockting the box. Ok Ali I need to place another order she pulled out a form ok shoot Potter i need 53 yellow gold rings 10c with rubys set into the facing, 25 bronze rings with saphire set in its face and 39 in silver with topaz set in its face make them so they are uni sex and witha resizeable charm. Ok Harry, Just then Sirius turned to Harry i will be right back pup and took off out the door.

Harry could you come back here please, Harry pulled out his wand and opend the curtian Ali stood their robes hicked up with no knickers on. Come and get it Mr. Potter. Harry walked up and started kissing her he droped his paints and revilled his throbing eight incher I did't expect you to be so well endowed Harry, he smiled and ictured in growing it rose to ten inches Ali moand and said stick it in me now.

Harry thrust foward sheathing his sword into her, after ten minutes of pumping and mutipule orgasems from Alicia Harry came with a roar they lay their panting Harry withdrew from her. Harry looked at her and said talk to profeser Dumbledore about joining the order that way I could see you more i will she said well lets get back before Sirius gets back and wonders were i am.

As Alicia was walking through the door Harry grabed her bum and squezed She shimmed her hips and walked up to the counter.Their is somthing i should have told you Ali, dont worry George already wrote to me explaining everything about the end of the line clause and you marring Ginny dont worry it wont upset me.

Well Ali i dont think he told you i am the head of several ancient and noble houses Alicia looked shocked the overjoyed you mean we could get married? Yes we could Harry voiced when are you getting the ring Potter? she asked in a playful attitude when you least expect it was his repliy Harry picked out a Nacklace that he thought would accent Kims fechers Ali add one more gold and ruby ring to that order please, oh this necklace and matching earrings plus anything you want Ali choose a pendant with a emerald on it.

Harry choose several watches rings and necklesses for his Ladies and presents for The Weasleys. Ali added the total up just as Sirius came in the door with a grin on his face Harry filled out the bank draft for 44,000 galleons. Sirius and Harry entered a contracter office Sirius told them what he wanted built on some land he owned, A castle with five floors two librarys a cupple hunderd rooms with bloodstones to power the wards and secret passages glore a qudditch pitch an infermary, two ballrooms a ritual chamber.

Harry wanted a massive bed a t.v. with satalite a bath like a prefects one in Hogwarts a hottub and a nice shower and thinks to several of the workers being muggle born he could have them. The Grand total came to be just shy of 5 milloin galleons and it would be completed in three months Sirius decided to get a new wardrobe and went to madam Malkins after leaving there they went to the pet store and bought two more owls and a female cat to occupy Crookshanks.

Harry spotted a odds and ends shop and drug Sirius in with him. Inside was dusty but Harry saw several things he might need he bought a new snekoscope, a foe glass, another Pensieve the was looking at a jewlery case when a locket with a ordnate s on it on a whim Harry asked how much is this?

500 galleons the man replied i will take it too please. The man totaled Harry's order Harry paid him the money then he and Sirius left. Harry went and got a librairy trunk then went to a second hand book store and bought several hunderd books to start her out then to Florish and Blotts and bought more books. There three hours were up and Harry put on a different disguise and walked behinde Sirius a little ways when they got to the shop and enterd the wand maker had two boxes on he counter Harry picked up the box and opend it when he picked up the wand the felt the inedate difference that that of his old wand jets of gold black and white sparks shoot out of the end the wand maker gave them a wand houlster each and sent them on their way.

Outside and up the alley were three men blocking the way the each had their wands out. One said Potter you are coming with us now.

Before any of them could even lift their wand Harry had lifted his and fired an reducter curse off followed by a percing hex and a ribbon severing charm the reducter cought the speker in the leg blowing it into a red mist the other two raised shields but the power of Harry's new wand ripped through them and the pircing hex cought the one on the right in the gut and the ribbon severing charm removed the last death eaters legs while Harry was fireing off his spells Sirius had fired off one slashing hex two eye gougers and a flame hex the flame hex the the now legless man and finished him off the slashing hex hit the man with the gaping hole in his midriff removing his arm but th eye gougers missed when it was over Harry throw the invisabilty cloak over him and Sirius both then they hussled to the apperation point.

When they Apperated in frount of Grimmauld place the two of them hurried in. As they closed the door Harry removed the cloak and ran into the kitchen through a pinvh of floo powder into the fire stuck in his head Amelia was sitting at the table Madam Bones me and Sirius were attacked by Death Eaters outside a custem wand shop in Knockturn alley I think two of them are dead but one may still be alive if you hurry you could catch him this could prove to Fudge that he is back She nodded Harry then backed out of the fire he fell shaking onto the floor Ginny came and sat by him.

After a minute he got up and kissed Ginny once and said I have got presents to wrap. After he wraped them and placed them under the tree Harry went back into the kitchen and found Sirius waiting alone with a bottle of firewhisky in frount of him he poured two glasses and passed one to Harry who picked it up and downed it the liquior burned his throat but burned feeling back into him.

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I know how you feel Harry and dont blame yourself for trying to stay alive they would have took you to Voldemort and he would have killed you.He is right came Amelia's voice they all had the mark but none survived the one the was missing a leg was nomed Benjamen Warrinton he passed out before he could carterize the wound and died form blood loss the other two were Crabbe and Goyal Sr.

they were dying even before the flame or slashing hex hit them I was going to give both of you these the other day but here they are now She through Harry and Sirius badges with the words Hit wizard on them and Harry a badge with Unspeakable Omega status not even the Minister can look at your file and both of you can legaly carry more than one wand now.You will also have to go through Unspeakable training in the summer it's hard and strict heres your cloak.

Sirius can i talk to Amelia alone please Padfoot got up and left Amelia i plan to ask Susan to Become Lady Hufflepuff tomarrow and i want your premisson to ask Amelia smiled and said i will gladly give it to you Harry.

Harry stood in the shower and the the hot water beat down on him Susan entered and started soaping his back and masauging his back his tence muscles unkontted he washed her back and hair for her and wispered in her ear i believe i have a promus to keep for you. Harry shrunk his cocks girth and used soap as lub he applied pressure to her rear enteance.

He felt his head enter he stoped until she got use to it the slid more in sue moand and pushed back taking more inside her. Harder Harry she said her voice rough with lust. Harry oblidged and really started pounding into her bum sue was squeling in pleasure at this point. a few minutes later she had a orgasm. Harry keep on pounding into her rear until Sue came again her splincher tighting up this time caused Harry to go overboard with her.

Susan turned off the now cold water left the bathroom naked with Harry and crawled into bed about thirty minutes later his other Ladies joined them naked in bed that night Harry made love to them all at least once before falling asleep in Hermione's arms.

The next day Harry woke up to Ginny tapping on his sholder he stretched and kissed her good morning, "Happy Christmas luv let's hit the shower" after drying off Harry woke Tonks, Sue, and Hermione they all got a shower while Harry and Ginny got dressed.

Harry read his mother jornals on anchent runes and Arithmancy while the others did there morning ritual Ginny did some homework that she left latet thirty minutes later they all decinded to the kitchen Sirius sat in his usual set with Remus across form him, Hey Pup late night?

Harry went red, you forgot to recast the silencing charm. Well after all of that I imagen that you needed a big breakfast so Dobby he called the elf appered snaped his fingers and the table was ladden with bangers, eggs, tos,t porrage and vairous other dishes Harry loaded his plate as did the other Ron enterd the kitchen and sat down across form Harry.

Mate I am sorry for the way I have been acting I know it is not your fault but i could not help it i like her alot, Harry smiled well at least i know somthing you dont.

What? Lavender likes you. She does?! Thats what i heard just try to ask her to go out with you on valentine's day ok mate i just might. Ron then loaded up a plate started eating. After everyone ate they met in the palor and sat around while Dobby passed out presents Harry got his Weasley swetter and some of Mrs.Weasleys homemade fudge Ron got him a book on Qudditch Fred and George gave him assorted WWW products Ginny Gave him a picture of him and her and a new photo album Hermione gave him a book on Anchent Runes since she found out he was intersted Susan gave him more pictures of him with her and vairious Ladies and Sirius plus a nice chess set with a book on chess rules and various stratages.

Bill gave him a book on curse breaking (he was their visiting) Tonks gave him a Auror grade wand Holster with books on Auror training. Remus gave him his fathers Marurders journal and prank notes. The twins were speachless when he handed over the deed to #94 Ron was cluching his Nimbus 2005 like it was made of gold he keep saying think you over and over Mrs.Weasley sat stuned at the jewles she got from him Ginny was jumping up and down when she got a firebolt, a broostick servising kit and the other jewles he and Sirius picked up Hermionie Shreeked when she opened the trunk and saw all the books saying thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou in one breath and starting up again when she saw the necklace.

Tonks smiled when she got new necklaces' rings and the extra foe glass form Harry. Susan Opened her present fom Harry and laughed when she saw tissue whats this for Harry. For when i give you this Harry got on his knee Susan Amelia Bones will you Marry me and become Lady Hufflepuff Sue sat stuned the shouted YES and kissed Harry everyone in the room clapped.

Harry felt a joy he never knew then glowed white a phoenix sat in his place looking around it was Black as night with a Harry's scar but it was white everyone gasped Harry Changed back into his human form and sat painting. Harry his Ladies Fred ,George, Ron, Bill, Remus, Sirius and Mrs.Weasley all walked down the street to St.Mungos to visit Mr.Weasley the group entered the hospital and they mad their way to Mr.Weasleys' room they went in single file Mr.Weasley was proped up reading the dayly phrophet.

He smiled then said hello everyone and Harry welcome to the familey. Mr.Weasley opend his presents which included new robes new muggle clothes a screwdriver set and a new wrist watch Mr Weasley was estatic about the items. A oel landed in frount of Mr.Weasley he untied the letter ah finaly they sent the statment, who dad?Ginny asked Gringotts Ginny its the monthly statment Mr.Weasley opened the letter and started reading.

Moll-Molly dear he handed her the note she read and promptly fainted. how? who? he picked up the letter and finished it he looked at harry, it's too much he voiced. Hary smiled dont try to give any of it back if you do I will add more and dont think I wont it's more than a far trade anyway.

I am going up to the tea room anyone wanna come Ginny, Ron and Hermione and Tonks ended up going with him. events from the OotP happen untill Lady Longbottem have they ever tried pheniox tears directly from a Phoenix before? No i believe not Lord Potter well follow me close the curtian she did and Harry morphed into his animagus form Naville looked shocked and Lady Longbottem cluched her chest Harry sat above Alice Longbottems' head and started crying healing tears several of them splashed onto her head in her eyes and mouth her eyes flutterd and opened Harry cried over her for ten minutes then switched to Frank he cryed over him for about the same amount of time when Alice opend her eyes.

Augusta she asked when did you get a phoenix. Neville gave a stargled sob and latched onto his mother holding on for dear life saying mum over and over again Alice's eyes clouded up and she said Naville? Yes mum how did you get so big and were are we?you are in St.Mungos Alice you and Frank have been here for the better part of thirteen years the Lestranges and Crouch jr. put you and Frank under the Cruciatus curse for too long you both went insane.

Just then a nurse pulled back the curtian it's time. your awake. coherrent yes alice said good then hear drink this said the nurse Harry looked at it and saw a black Arura around it he screeched and knocked it out of her hands the liquid spilt on the floor which started sizzleing Tonks quickly subdued the woman.

Frank then started stiring he sat up Were are we? he saw a Phoenix a young man that looked like him and his mother the Phoenix transform itto the spitting image of James but with Lilys eyes Mum whats going on here?

Naville explained to his dad. Bloody Hell Frank exclaimed what about the nurse? She was tring to poision you sir with aracmantulas venom i expect she was the one that delayed your recovery.

You must be Harry Potter yes sir harry said. dad he was the one that thought of Phoenix tears. Just like Lily always having strokes of brillance. Well we have bad news now, what do you mean?

Voldemort is back he returned last year, Fudge is making it difficult because he prints in the paper that Dumbledore's senlie and i am a attention seeking prat, so old Volde has had almost a year to build his forces up while Fudge turns blind eye to it all.Well no rest for the werry lets get out of here before another nurse tries to do us in Frank said. Ok but Remus, Sirius,and Mr. Weasley are downstairs i might try my tears on him to.

Harry there you are we were starting.Frank.Alice. Hey Sirius how are you? How you were said incurable. Harry what did you do Phoenix tears oh and Tonks is taking a nurse in for tring to kill them. What? Well we were pulled into the long term ward by Lockheart we saw Naville i asked had Phoenix tears been tried Lady Longbottem said no so i transformed and cried on them and it worked now lets try it on you Mr.Weasley Harry became a Phoenix and Molly pulled back the bandges and Harry cried on them but it did not work Molly quickly closed the bandages Harry trandformed it should have worked he said the tears cure basilisk venom.

Unless the tears are just flowing with the blood Hermione looked at him if they are injected into the blood stream it might work.

Harry transfigured a pen into a seringe, the transformed back into a phoenix and cryed into a bottle Hermonie filled the seringe with the tears and injected it into Mr.Weasleys blood. A few minutes later Mr. Weasley removed the bandages and saw that the wound had closed Harry transformed back.

A healer came in time to change your bandges Mr.Weasley but he saw that the wound had closed how? was his simple qusetion. Phoenix tears injected directly into the bloodstream. Were did you get Phoenix tears? thats for us to know and you to find out.The Healer left muttering. You know that some of a potion's potency is lost whrn taken via mouth, if you inject wolfsbane potion mixed with Phoenix tears directly into the bloodstreem it could stop the transformations or even cure it maybe just maybe I will need to talk to Snape about this see what he thinks.Ther also might be a old book in one of my other valuts.

Naville and the other Longbottems left to visit Dumbledore the others went to Headqurters. There was a order meeting that night so everyone was confined to their rooms. Harry sat reading the first year Anchent Runes book then he moved on to Arithmancy he read that to it was still just seven o'clock Harry then move onto the more advanced forms of Anchent Runes and arithmancy. Harry completed those by nine o'clock when Mrs.Weasley called them to Dinner they ate with several people from the Order when the floo flaired up Frank and Alice followed by Naville came tumbleing through.

Everyone greated them the three of them telling them to pull up a chair, grab a bite. Naville sat by Harry and said well I have to go shopping for a wand tomarrow the wand I was useing is actuallt my dads Harry looked at him i have to go to Diagon Alley tomarrow and I know just the place to go Naville.

Just Tonks and Sirius will have to come with us as guards and maybe Mad eye. I also have to pay a visit to Gringotts to get more bank drafts. Mum and dad are coming too they want to visit a hair stylest and get new clothes. As a matter of fact Ginny, Sue Hermione your coming too your getting coustem wands, the girls looked excited about this.

Harry checked his watch 9:59 it read well it's time for bed i am heading up. Harry closed the door went and sat in his chair and began the process of organizing his mind. Tonks came in and shifted into her base form she taped on Harry shoulders he opend his eyes to a sight a very naked tonks. Hello Nymp Harry leand in and kissed her soundly he ran his hands up and down her back to her bum Tonks was enjoying the attention she was getting Harry pulled down his paints and boxers Nymp grabed his manhood and started stroking Harry moand into her mouth nymp unlocked their lips only to take Harry's cock into it Harry grunted then put his hands in her hair tring to foce his penis down her throat Nymp sucked him off for ten more minutes the removed her mouth, "take my bum Harry" she asked and he was more than happy too.

Harry woke up the next day with only tonks in bed with him he wonderd were the others were, he decided to lay in bed pratcing Occlumency. Nymp stired and woke him from his trance, Hey luv good morinig. Tonks kissed him soundly "thats for last night" thanks but one woul like to inquire were the others are my Nymp.

Tonks said " I asked for some privet time but your Hermione's tonight. A owl flew through the open window Harry detached it and broke the Gringotts seal unfolded the leter and read. Dear Lord Potter We would like to reminde you that your parents will will be read today at 4:00pm we also have a list of all your holdings and total amounts inside your valts we regret to tell you that it cant be mailed for various reasons we look foward to meeting with you Your in Bussniss Ragnok Gringotts Branch Manager Harry smacked his head "I forgot all about that well we will just have to add it to the list".

Harry smacked Tonks' bum when she got up," dont start sonthig you cant finish young man oh i am sure i can finish it my Lady, Harry said in a sudutive tone then show me what you have got little boy Nymp said playfuly which coused Harry to force her against the wall and thrust into her.after the two of them had finished showering and dressing the rest of his Laddies enterd except Susan who as Harry is told went home for the night.

Opon arriving in the kitchen Mrs. Weasley hed already set it and everyone else was eating. His group joined them Harry have you come up with a code name for yourself yet? asked Sirius. No i havent but i am working on it Harry said, the fire flaired green an Amelia tumbled in followed by Susan. Susan imedatly came up to Harry and snoged him sinceless Amelia said Harry i would like at see you today at the ministery it is a matter of great importance Harry nodded it will have to be after the meeting she sliped a note inside his robes when no one was looking.

Well i am going to use the loo and i will be off. in the bathroom harry unfolded the letter and read Bring the cloak i gave you. Harry set the paper on fire the vanished the ashes. Sirius and Tonks were waiting for him when he exited the loo. Time to pick up your girlfriend? Yes it is Padfoot. Kimberly was waiting for him looking excited.

Well we have a small change of plans Kim the others are going to meet us in Diagon Alley and were are attending my parents will reading. She nodded but her smile never falterd Harry hailed the knight bus and gave stan the money for the trip. after entering the Leakey Caulderon Harry meet the rest of his group plus Naville they set out to buy custem wands for the lot of them. The man behinde the counter looked shocked to see such a large group in his shop at one time.

Naville ended up choosing a elm wood with Griffrn's feather suspended in mimbulus mimbletonia stink sap which the wizard said was a good chanelar for magic. Ginny chose rosewood with cores of ashwinders venom and cerbus heartstring very powerful he said.Hermione got hornbeam with horntail scale powederd aracomantula eyes suspended in dragons blood great for defencive spell work and warding but still packs a punch. Susan felt out Ash and oak woods with chrushed unicorn horn suspended in Phoenix tears and mantacore venom a wand suited for Healing and defending but could cause alot of damage in the right hands.

Tonks chose sandwood with cores of sphinx tail hair suspended in shapeshifter blood. Kimberly chose willow with a earth dragons scale chimara heartstring suspended in Basilisk venom.The aged wandmaker said the total comes to 173,354 galleons and the wands will be done by 5:00 Harry wrote a bank draft out for him and singed it hand handed it over and said we have a will reading to attedn but we will be here.

Harry and his group of friends reutrned to diagon alley and saked Kim did you get a letter "yes McGonagall sent me one" she pulled it out Harry looked at it he said ok lets get your robes Harry and Kim enterd madame Malkins and said we need four sets of Hogwarts robes, six causal robes, and two sets of dress robes please.

the woman nodded and got to work ten minutes later they had the order filled they then went and got her a caulderon and potion ingerdents. then they stopped and got her all the text books ,first throught fifth year then harry bought her a broom to try out.

After that Harry took her and bought her Jewlery, when she left he bought a engagment ring for Hermione and Tonks.

Harry met all his Ladies in frount of a resturant and entered the group was greated by a waiter Harry gave his order and asked for pumkin jucie to drink everyone around table placed thier order and tonks ordered a bottle of mead for herself. They all ate Hermione and Ginny telling stories about Harry's adventures at school.

Harry looked at his watch and saw it was 3:45 Harry paied the bill and left arm in arm and are with kim and susan. Ariving at Gringotts He was ushered into a vewing room and sat down several people enterd and sat down and then someone the could not believe came through the door Lucius, Narcissa, and Draco came through the door Harry jumped up and said you are not welcome here nor were you invited so get out.

Draco sneered and said i would like to see you make us Potter. Reaver can you remove the death eater scum please? cirtenly Lord Potter. Wait Sirius said i got somthing to day to my dear cousin I Sirius Black Lord of the Anchent and most nable house Of Black Banish Narcissa Malfoy for my house along with Her son Draco and Bellatrix Lestrange, I renestate Anodormeda Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks, and Droena Potter into my family. Narcissa looked like Sirius just killed her Lucius looked enraged and yelled you cant do that.

I just did oh now remove all except Narcissa i wont to talk to her later, but take her into a different room to await me. Anodormeda thanked Sirius profucly so did Tonks.

Reaver removed Draco and Lucius then got a diffrent guard to stand watch over Narcissa. Ok everyone is here lets start. We James and Lily Potter being of sound mind and body hereby declair this our last will and testment we leave 250,000 galleons to Remus Lupin that he cant give back.

to Sirius Black, Godfather duties to Harry James Potter Harry is not to go to his aunt or uncles for any reason.

Anodormeda Tonks we leave 250,000 galleons to you tak care of little nympe for us. to Albus Dumbledore we leave you a copy of Book #45,278 form the Potter Failt valt and 50,000 galleons for Hogwarts repair fund and 200,000 galleons for yourself. To Peter Pettagrew 30 sickles. To Minivera McGonagall we leave 250,000 galleons and please dont let Harry get into to much mischef at school.

To Molly and Auther we leave 150,000 Galleons, take care of your family.To Albus Dumbledore you get a copy of your favriot book from the Potter family valt.

To Harry James Potter we leave everything else all the Potter propertys and stock and the valt.We love you Harry kick old Snake face in the arse for us.

Good bye. Prongs and Tigerlily out. Harry had tears in his eyes when the reading was over he smiled and then said thank you Reaver. Lets go wait in the lobby for Sirius guys, I need to ask who Dorena is.

Soaked babe is nailed well

Sirius entered the room and found Narcissa crying on on the couch he asked now i saw the signal what do you want to talk about? Did you look at the Marrige contracts Mother prepared for Bella and me.

No i did not Cissy well i sugest you do brfor sending me back to Lucius because if you do i wont be alive much longer. Sirius nodded and asked Rever get another guard in here and get me the origenal marrage conrtacts please. The goblin nodded the sent in a guard about twenty minutes later he came back with a thick document Sirius red throught Cissa's and was appauled she basicaly made you a slave to him.

I cant believe aunt Alma woud do this to her own daughter. He picked up Bella's and read it, this changes things more than you know Cissa.I Lord Black invoke clause three of the marrage and find Lucius Malfoy and Raldouphs Lestrange gulty of breaking said contract and devorce Narcissa Black from Lucius and Bellatrix from Raldouphs effective imeadetly Cissa i will set a home up for you and see what i can do for Bella.

But you and her will have to make the unbreakable vow to never help or serve the dark lord again or any of his srevents now i am going home and will call a emergancy session of the Wizengamont tomarrow to see about getting Bella a retrail.

You can stay at Black Castle in scotland or i believe Albus could let you stay at the school in a teacher's room the castle has hundereds of those. Cissa nodded i think i will. Sirius was pelted with questions as soon as he got to the lobby what's this about the marrage contracts? Who is Dorena Potter? Why did you talk to that women? ENOUGH Cissa signaled me that she needed to talk and she told me to go over her and Bella Marrage contracts.

I did and found several discrepencys. Cissa was little more than a servent and poor bella was a slave linked mentally to her husband she had to do what he said even if she did not wanrt to she had no choice in murdering and maiming people she had to sperd her legs to anyone Roldalphus told her to do. It was like she was under a permanate Imperious curse.

but now i have Disolved the contracts and they both are free and if bella did not kill or torcher anyone under her own free will she can be let go but if she or Cissa wants to have a place to stay they both have to make the unbreakable vow to never serve Voldemort again. If they even raise their wand to anyone in anything but self defence or attacking Death Eaters they will be in trouble.

But first we have to get her a retrial which she will be questioned under vertiserm. The other nodded even Naville who had cause to hate her than anyboty else. And Dorena Potter was your Grandmother Harry. On the way out Harry picked up the ledger copy of all his assets from Griphook and decided he would go through it later.

Harry and the others left Gringotts and returned to Knockturn Alley picked up the wand then left Harry and Tonks Flooed to the Ministery while Sirius took the others home.

The atrium was deserted Harry was doned in his cloak and Tonks was beside him with a copy of Bella's marrage contract. They meet Madam Bones in her office Tonks explaind about the contract and let her read it she pailed and ran over to the fire place and called in Rufas. He read the contract and said well we will have to give her a retrial i will go personaly with a team of eight and escort her here.

Mix a sleeping draft with her food so she cant escape and for Merlins sake make sure she eats it. The Auror nodded and left. Now Harry letts visit the Department of Mysterys, auror Tonks stay here. A aged man was waiting for them at the door welcome to the department of mysterys Lord Potter the wizard said i am Alge Chroker head Unspeakable code name Gamble, lets take a walk inside. He opened the door inside was a circle room with alot of doors when the entry door closed the room begain spining fast Alge said Hall of Prophsey's the room stoped sipinig and a door opened they enterd it and Harry saw row after row of glowing orbs.

Alge led him to row 97 and to a orb the read S.P.T to A.P.W.B.D. the dark lord and Harry Potter? Pick it up Harry He did and said activate. A horse voice rasped QUOTE HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches.Born to those who have thrice defied him,born as the seventh month dies.and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have Power the Dark Lord knows not.and eather must die at the hand of the otheer for neather can live while the other survives.the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh mounth dies." END QUOTE Harry stood stuned this is why his mother and father were killed.

This is why his family was ripped away from him. This is why Voldemort wants him dead. Amelia and Alge looked shocked Harrys mind was going a mile a minute.

The only person who he knew of with intinals that long was Dumbledore. let me guess Dumbledore was the person that heard the prophsey.

How did you know? alge asked Who else has intinals that long. Alge laughed at that yes i dont know anyone that dose, eather. Ok now that you have heard it lets be on the safe side and destory the blasted thing. Harry grined an threw the orb dow and watched it shater into a million pices. Is their a way to make a fake prophsry orb?

Harry asked Alge yes it is not that difficult its just like the pensive think what you memory want to put inside it and place your wand tip with the memory next to the orb and it should transfer over. Harry put thr first two lines of thr real prophsey and then put a nice supries for Voldemort he laughed when he placed the orb on the shelf old snake face is going to be pissed when he watches that.while we are hear leta go to the training room and see how powerful your spells are.

When the door sut the room begain spining again and the unspeakable said training room the door opend they entered and Harry saw that the room was set up like a muggle target range activate level one trianing targets appered and alge said well kid have at them Harry unleashed a barrage of spells with his holly wand hitting most targets with a mix of stuners, reducters,percing,and ribbon severing charms.

Alge looked at the scores. power/hit ratio. target one 75/89 target two 77/87 target three 79/88 target four 70/87 target five 71/87 Alge was stuned he could not believe a fifteen year old could have so much power in his spells.

He then watch as Harry pulled out another wand and said again activate. Harry again let loose a bearage of curses a few he hand not heard of one was a pale gray that made a targets midrif explode another that was a light blue and caused the targets arms to fall off and the last target was hit by a deep brown curse that took off its head and caused the body to imploed and turned the bones flying out into deadly waepons.The rest of the targets were hit by the standerd percing hex and a very powerful flame charm Alge checked the scores target one 98/97 target two 97/99 target three 95/98 target four 94/95 target five 99/99 Bloody hell Potter your second wand.

bloody hell Amelia checked the score and mutterd damn he's right. Your first wand is syfening off abot 20% of your power and were in the hell did you learn those curses you used some of the were borderline dark.

Well my mums journal had some intresting spells in it, I can only speculate that she made them herself oh and the gray one was a modification on the entrail expelling curse but insted of expelling the it turns them into a bomb which still expells their innards but they dont stay alive for hours screaming in agony. Amelia was shocked that the boy was so powerful. Were did you get the second wand?

It's a custem wand and i got it made in knockturn Alley not far from were i got attacked. Ok let me modify your badge and have you thought up a code name?

Yes Charlemagne apptley named Lord Potter or should i say Charlemagne. his badge now had bars on it the red was at seven abd the blus was at six. Ok Charle lets work on defence, what is the best defence against a curse or spell? Well i would have to say dont be there especally if it's one you dont know. Correct the what it next if it is a unforgivable doge but if it is a spell you know and know you can block it a shiled charm is a good way to block it you could also counjor marble to use as a shiled or raise a object infron of a spell.

Good but now lets work on shileds. Harry raised a shiled and Gamble shoot off spells at him tring to beak it after five minutes he succeded Harry quickly yelled out Protego Horriblus and Alge was suprised when he saw that the shiled actualy formed, he knew that it would take an hour to break the shiled so the said ok Charle stank down.

He did so ans said there is a shiled spell in my mother journal that i want to try out it was desinged to block unforgivables, and i am just curious. Harry begain the chant and a minute later a dome formed around him ok Gamble let it rip. he started by casting the imperious curse which was deflected, he then cast the Cruciatus curse on the shild only to have it deflected Alge was stuned Avada Kedavera the green spell hit the sheld and was too deflected he again cast it but this time it riped through and splaterd aginst the cilling causing it to shake Amelia was stuned that the shiled stood against the torcher curse and fainted when the killing curse splatterd aginst it harmlessly.

Ok potter top marks in defence he said and the green bar rose to the top. When Harry finally returned to Grimmauld place with Tonks. Sirius was waiting for them hey pup did you have a blast? If you only knew Padfoot. Ok tell Albus that i need to talk to him asap tell him it's about the guard duty you all have been pulling. Harry went into the kinchen and filled his plate then had seconds.

Hermione was upstairs in the bra and knickers she han bought the other day waiting for Harry when he truged in and seen her he smiled and disrobed he gently ran his hand down her side stoping to cup a feel of her bum. Harry then kissed her Hermione opend her mouth to accept his tounge Harry then unclasped her bra.that night Hermione and Harry made love untill the wee hours of the morning before falling asleep.

the next day Harry woke up with Hermione draped over him he smiled and then started stroking her hair she woke up to that emmm i could get use to this lets get a bath dear could you wash my hair? Yes love i can.after the relaxing shower Harry said well i guss its time to write a letter to Mr. Delacour. Hedwig flew throught the window. Hey girl i was wondering were you had got off to, i flew form the castle as soon as i fealt you left Master, i'm glad you finaly unlocked your talent. Well i have a letter that needs delevering but you can rest a bit first, just tell me whrn your ready.Hedwig nipped his ear and flew to her pirch and tucked her wing under her arm and fell asleep.

Harry pulled out the fifth year Arithmancy book and started reading after he finished it he went downstairs into the kitchen and found himself a breakfast while he was eating the fire place flaired green and Bill steped out he looked alittle tired he sat down and asked were is mum?

upstairs why? Well I will be in France for a few days Fleur's sister is sick and the Healers dont know whats wrong with her Harry went riddiged what asked Bill. Harry transformed into his Phoenix form and Fire slided to the little girl he met a year ago when he arrived he noticed Fleur standin by her prarenst with tears on her face Mr.Delacour was holding onto his wife who was sobbing when they noticed him their eye's widend Harry quickly revirted to his human self, Arry? Fleur asked.

Yes Fleur why are heere well it's complicated Harry turned to Gabrielle and saw that she had changed"hey she looked like a nine year old a year ago what happend?" she went throught purbity, veela looke younger zan their age unzill they hit purbity.

But Arry why are you here well about a week ago i found out about my family's end of the line clause. The Delacour's flinched is that why she is sick if we dont you know she will eather die or go insane then die i just found out who was affected days ago ,i would have came and checked on her but the past few days have been crazy.

Madam Delacour looked at him and said please help her Arry well give you privicy they all turned and left. Harry sat by Gabbi;s bed holding her hand a few minutes later she stired and opend her eyes. Arry that you? Yes Gabbi it is thank you for coming to see me.

Your welcome Harry leand in and kissed her forhead, Thats not a proper greating Harry, this is she grabed his head and crushed his lips to hers she moand when Harry lost control and ran his hand down to her kinckers and took them off She removed her gown and Harry unbuckled his paints. Gabrielle positioned her sex right above his took his head into herself then wisperd i have been saving myself for you and dropped Magic swerled around them and bound them together.

Harry thrust wildly into her while she scremed out in pleasure, Gabbi keep bouncing on his cock even after he poped her charry the magic that swirled around them started to dissapate and Harry felt his new lovers mucles cleanch when she orgadmed and it drove him over the edge he came yelling oh Gabbi.

when they had gotten dressed Gabbi kissed Harry once more and asked Harry will i get pregnat now he nodded and Gabbi seemed to glow while smiling they both walked to th palor where her family awated Bill was their with them talking. When they saw Gabrielle they ran up and huged her tight Madam Delacour loked at Harry and said thank you in french .Gabrielle did you bond with him?

She nodded, well at least it with who you wanted honey her father said but then we will have to plan the weding do you care were you have it Arry? No mam we could have it here in the summer.

Thats good but Harry she has to stay with you now to finish the bond it will be complete in a few weeks that means she will have to transfer to Ogwartts. Yes she will we will send a letter to her headmisteris about the transfer.Ok let's go pack some of your clothes Gabbi we will have to buy your scjool robes soon to but i have more than enough gold to do that. Bill went with Harry and Gabrielle to pack when they arrived Bill waved his wand at Gabbi's room and alll of her personal items flew into her trunk and aranged themselves Here Gabbi read this harry said as he pulled out the parer with the address to Grimauld Place ok lets go Bill pulled out a rope and said grab on, phoenix flash he said and Harry felt a jerk fom behind his navile and then then they all were on the sprawled out on the basement floor of Grimmauld place.

Arriving in the kitchen Harry was attacked by worried witches CALM DOWN LADIES i am soory i left like that because Gabrielle was sick and i had to go to her she will be joining us at Hogwarts too so tomarrow more shopping but right now let's go read some of the books i picked up fom my family valt Hermione egeraly shook her head. Auror Tonks come to my home please i have to speek to you about a mission Amelia said as soon as her head poped out of the fire Tonks nodded and joged to the fire place threw a pinch of floo powder and said Bones Manor.

Harry and the rest whent upstairs to Harry's room Harry read all of mother's journals on arithmancy then started on her anchent ruins when he had finished those he looked at his watch 5:25 he sighed and got up to use the loo Kimberly was in their finishing up Harry walked up behind her and wraped his arms around her then started kissing her neck.

Kim sighed then turned around and kissed Harry full on Harry cuped her breast while he other cuped her bum, he then let her hands roam he reached under her skirt and pulled down her knickers and started kissing her flower.

Kim wraped her legs around his head Harry then started licking and sucking on the clit while fingering her Kim squelled in pleasure the started bucking Harry could not take it anymore he unwraped her legs, stood her up then bent her over the tolite. Harry droped his trousers then slid his nine incher home Kim grunted the started pushind back wanting all of him inside Harry picked up pace thrusting deeper and deeper into Kim when finaly he bottemed out she screached in orgasem Harry then started pumping gaster tring to prolong hers until witha grunt he came deep inside her.

when they came out Susan and Ginny were masterbating Hermione was eating Gabbi's pussy Harry got hard instantly he smiled and walked over to the bed. After reciving her mission Tonks flooed back to Grimauld Place and Mrs.

Weasley was stiring a cauldron and asked Tonks can you go tell the others that dinner will be done in about seven minutesshe nodded. When she opend the door a sight greeted her Harry was pounding Susan's bum while she ate Ginny out Hermione was grunting while Gabrielle ate her out. The smell of sex and the arousing scean coused Tonks to forget about supper she disrobed and got out a toy she had been saving for this. Harry looked at Tonks and saw that she had pulled out a dildo then she put it aginst her crotch and it conected to her kind of like a strap on without the straps.

Tonks walked up behinde Gabbi and asked my i. Gabbi turned ans loked at tonks and nodded her head Tonks thrust into her slowly and started picking up hour later they all lay exausted Dobby harry panted the elf poped in yes Mr.

Harry Potter sir. bring or food up here and seal the door. They ate on Harry's bed then had doby take the dishes down stiars. they all cuddled under the covers and fell asleep together. Ginny was having a good dream but somthig was causing her to get wet and the dream was not erotic she woke up and saw Harry between her leg licking and sucking on her pussy she moand and wraped her legs around his head and thrust aginst him she could feal herself build up and she came screaming Harry gave her three more rappid orgasems before he stoped.

He leaned up and kissed her Morning love he said. Did you enjoy it Ginny nodded her head ok i will remember that.

Me and Gabbi are going to get a shower but tonight you are all mine. Ginny could not wait. Gabbi washed Harry's back and Harry washed her hair he pushed her aginst the wall when all the sudds were off and picke the petite girl up he placed his penis aginst her entrance and thrust in Gabbi moaned fealling harry slide inside her she bucked up the slided down on him Harry grabed her bum and started thrusting fast into her Gabbi squelled out in pleasure mixed with pain as he ravished her tiny vagina Harry then roughly shoved his smallest finger into her rectum and that caused Gabbi to loose control she shreeked out Harry felt her walls tighten and her raored as he came with her Mon Cheri you did everything i wanted you to do that was better than last night Gabbi kissed Harry and the got out.Harry took his time drying her off then she did the same to him.

It was 7:00 when they all decinded for breakfast. When tey had finished the fire flaired and Dumbledore exited He handed over two letters one to Tonks and the other to Gabbi these are the supplies you need to join us and the tution has been payed now harry you needed to talk to me yes letg go to the drawing room.when they had arrived Harry cast privicy wards and a inpenratuble charm on the door.

Well sir it is about the Prophsey you tried to keep hidden from me oh yea i know what it says and that it was told to you. And i know about Voldemorts Horcruxes Harry felt presher aginst his barriers GET OUT OF MY MIND ALBUS. Dumbledore loked shocked. Those are some impressive shileds Harry. Yea i am not done with them yet. Were are you getting all this information about Occlumency tis a baned subject. My family valut Profeser there was hunderds of books in there and many on the subject.well Severus will be supprised.

Well i also have what i suspect to be a Horcrux Harry pulled out the locket that had a ordnate S on it Dumbledore pulled out his wand and cast several detection spells on it. Yes Harry it is we will have to destory it immedatly and the only safe way is Basilisk venom which the sword of Gryffindor is impregnated with.

Harry i did not tell you of the prophsey brcause you already had too much weight on your sholders as it is i was going to tell you next year but it seems my plan has failed. Harry and Dumbledore talked a little more. Professor I have had a lot of rings made for the muggle born students I was hopeing us could make them into a portkey to take them to saftey incase of attack because when he comes out of hiding he will try to kill some of them if not all in one fail swoop and he will never expect them to have a portkey.

Dumbledore smiled and said " Thats may be a excellent idea Harry but to were? "Hogwarts would be the best bet, but the wards are below strength during the summer for some unknown reason. Sirius castle it is going to have about a hunderd bedrooms and we could seat the bigger ones up with mutipule beds kind of like a dormatory. Hang on Dobby. The elf cracked in bring me the ledger thats on my desk please.

the elf nodded and diaapperated. Dobby returned with the ledger and handed it to Harry and Dobby dring us some tea and biscuits the elf nodded Harry opended the thick book and read PROPERTYS _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Potter Manor with 900 acers of land estamated worth 6,900,000 Galleons Potter Castle with 1264 acers of land eatamated worth 9,000,000 Galleons Godric's Hollow with 500 acers of land estamated worth 70,000,000 Galleons 17 Holladay home's in America with 3058 acers of land in varuous states worth 19,000,000 Galleons 7 Holladay home's in europe with 258 acers of land worth 6,000,000 Galleons Green's Island of the cost of France totals to 6720 acers of land worth with various shops and busnesses 90,000,000 Galleons 2534 acers of land in asia worth 1,936,034 Galleons Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry worth 1,356,000,000 Galleons Slytherin Castle in Norway with 300 acers worth 30,000,030 Galleons Hufflepuff's Glen in France worth 700,000 Galleons Ravenclaw's Forest worth 3,000,000 Galleons Gryffindor's Castle with 450 acers worth 49,000,000 Galleons _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GALLEONS IN VALTS Crouch 4,004,968 Galleons 2,000,000 Sickles 730,0897 Knuts 4,930,345 Galleons in artifacts Straight 6,045,647 Galleons 4,948,000 Sickles 1,043,567 Knuts 7,000,485 Galleons in artifacts White 40,304,046 Galleons 6,036,048 Sickles 1,934,356 Knuts 30,000,000 Galleons in artifacts Potter 503,620,080 Galleons 5,540,000 Sickles 2,407,934 Knuts 2,000,000,000 Galleons in artifacts Ravenclaw 3,000,000,000 Galleons 30,000,000 Galleons in artifacts Hufflepuff 2,000,000,000 Galleons 18,000,000 Galleons in artifacts Slytherin 4,000,000,000 Galleons 20,000,000 Galleons in artifacts Gryffindor 7,000,000,000 Galleons 500,000,000 Galleons in artifacts Ames 10,000,000,000 Galleons Priceless artifacts _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stocks from vairius companys Muggle and Magical _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well Professor I believe I could get the company that Sirius has making his castle and have them bulid a extra house on the poroperty so anyone could come and stay.

I could commisen Bill to help put up wards and take a look in the founders valts and see what wards cover Hogwarts and try to replicate them so we know the people are protected. Well Harry i would run the plan by Sirius and see what he thinks about it. after having Dobby pop Sirius into the room Harry explaind the plan. I dont know pup it wouls suck to invite a death eater into the castle.

Sirius the Dark Mark emits some kind of signal and if we had someone with a mark to study we could make a Marraders map for our castle that shows anyone with the mark as well as everyone else. Sirius looked thoughtful then smiled that would work Harry and it's a brilliant idea but i daught Sinivelus would help us. Oh well all i have to do is get near him and cast a spell at it and i will know the signature to put down on the map. And i will update the Maruarders map to show the dark mark too with the persons name that carries it to.That way if any Death eater breaches the wards we will know.

Professor i will have the muggle borns ring to you first day back and i will have more made for the others but he will expect port keys in wizard houses so he will put up anti Portkey wards. also it might be prudent to have them all activate at once so they dont learn that they have port keys like if ones activated the others glow then they have ten minutes to get ready and then they activate taking them to saftey.

It can be done Harry but it will take about two months to do. Ok when they are done give them to the heads of their housed and heve them distribute them descreatly so no death nibbler supporters here or know. I will talk to them a few days before leaving and explain to them again what they are for and tell them to always a duffle bag ready just in case.

Dumbledore nodded and said Ok Harry thats what we will do. But right now our time is up. I sugest you uget ready you return to Hogwarts in two days and you still got to take Miss Delacour shopping. Harry picked up Gabbi, Sirius and Tonks and said it's time to get Gabbi's robes and books.

Harry and Gabbi returned three hours later with her school books, robes with warming charms and Her new wand a mahogany/yew mix with Veela hair, dementor cloak thred,and Unicorn hair supended in dragons blood.

Tonks also picked up school robes books and other items she smiled and winked at him. When they arrived at Grimauld place Sirius went off to the kitchen and the tiro went upstairs. Tonks are you going to tell me why you bought all that school stuff? That is my assingment Harry to guard you and to spy on the toad. So you are going through school again yea i am i start out as a fifth year, i was home schooled untill now and Gabbi and Kim wont be the only ones being sorted.

After packing Harry sorted out his mind then encased his bubbles in Hogwarts moved them to the room of requirment he set dragons garding the entrance put trolls on about every floor along with Shinxes blast end skewarts unicorms arcomantula several cerbuses out side and a few Gryffens outside Harry them put several every day memories in the library a few fake bubbals in Gryffindor tower some in the great hall a few trap ones in classrooms.

He was smileing as he fnished Kim was reading the fourth year textbooks and was half through with thoose Ginny was polishing her Firebolt Hermione was reading a Occlumency text book. Susan was revewing Hermione's notes for history of magic and charms. Harry said Hermione could i barrow all of your anchent runes and arithmancy notes.

She nodded and handed him a comopsiston book with year three and four on it and another with year five. Harry read through them all with ease and then got Hermione to quiz him on them, he got every question right Harry then read one thousand magical herbs and fungi then read potion brewing for begainers and was astounded that he learned more than snape ever tought him in two hours than in five years.

Harry read more of the books he got from his valt on defence spells and counter curses. Mrs. Weasley called them down at six for dinner. While eating Harry asked Sirius could you and Tonks escort me to Gringotts tomarrow to look in some valts please?

Sure pup and remus will go with us to i believe. An owl flew through the window and landed in frount of Sirius. He untied the string and the owl took off Sirius opended the letter and read Dear Lord Black and Lord Potter The retrial of Bellatrix Black will be tomarrow at four thirty in the evening Lord Black is rewuired to attend but will not be ellagable to vote Have a good evening Sencirly Amelia Bones Director of the DMLE Well put it on out list to do Hermione could Gabbi barrow a set of wizengamot robe for tomarrow?

Yea Harry she can. The floo flaired up and Hestia Jones stumbled through damn i am getting as bad as Tonks he heard he say. Ah Hestia join us th young witch nodded and sat across from Harry. After eating Harry said Hestia could i talk to you privatly? the witch nodded and Harry led her to the Drawling room. Harry explaind to her about the clause and what would happen if it was ingnored She got tears in her eyes but Harry i dont love you i love someone else she said.

I knidly figured it but it eather deathinsanity or a child. The witch nodded and striped naked Harry flowed he lead thirty minutes later Harry lay painting Damn your a good lay Hestia panted you did everything i wanted you to and more. They got dressed I am sorry you got draged into this Hestia and if you need anythingjust say the word even it is money just ask.

The witch smiled and kissed Harry's cheek. Just one question. Who is the lucky bloke? George Weasley. Gred? Have you told him? No I havent yet well what are you waiting for? For him to get out of school. Ok Hestia but remember if you need anything at all just say so. Harry tromped to his room and opend the door and saw that all the other girls were gone and only Kim was there wering only set of sexy black knickers and bra, Harry smiled and shut the door.

Harry awoke and found Kim's arms wraped around him and her sunggled into his side Harry sorted out his memory's from yesterday and placed them in the proper spots.

He stroked Kim's hair until she woke up. She kissed him good morning and then Harry flowed her into the loo in the shower Harry enterd her from behind Kim just braced herself against the wall and thrust back Harry keep this up then he pushed a finger in her rectun and Kim went wild bucking back as hard as she could Harry added another finger and it caued Kim to cum.

Harry withdrew form the cunt and pushed his penis aginst her rosebud and applied presure until his head was in then he stoped until she nodded her head then he thrusted as deep as he could causing kim to shreek in pain Harry did not know what made him do it but he just keep on getting rough with her Kim was squelling and shreeking until she had another orgasem wjich caused her splicher to close around his cock and that sent Harry overboard he came yelling inchoherently and then withdrew kim sat down on the bath edge and said thank you Harry that was the best.

What Harry asked you wanted me to be rough with you? Yes i did not know it at first but it just came to me. Harry pounderd this but gave up well lets dry off and get dessed ah harry need some help walking here. Harry carryed Kim to the bed ans layed her down then wandlessly summed his custem wand.

Harry cast a healing charm he found in his mothers journal. Kim stood up and kissed him. The students studyed until one then got ready for the Wizengamot meeting Sirius, Tonks and Remus all were waiting for them They flooed to the Leaky Caulderon hen made their way to Madam Milkins and got a set of Wizengamot robes for Kim then Harry went to Gringotts Sir I would Like to see my valuts and i would like griphook to take me. The goblin nodded right away Lord Potter. They arrived at Valt #5 and Harry opend it inside was moutains of Gold, Silver and Bronze suit's of armor and books written by Helga herself Harry took copies of the books written by her some by Gryffindor ,ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Harry noticed several portraites one being huge he walked up to it Lady Hufflepuff Harry bowed Hello Heir how are you on this fine day? Good my Lady one question why is their not a portrait of you at Hogwarts? My heir did not put it their insted they left it here. Well my lady i will correct the mistake. Harry shrunk it and put it in a trunk near the door then shrunk the trunk. In Ravenclaw's Valt Harry found more books he got copies of them and stories them in the trunk He found Lady Ravenclaws portrait shrunk it and stored it in the trunk also.

In Slytherins Valt Harry found Books Slytherin wrote on potion making and several on the Dark Arts he packed them all. In Gryfindor's Valt Harry found the sheath for the sword of Gryfindor several goblin made tiara's Harry took a few of them he also noticed Gryffindor's portrait hanging on the wall he shrunk it and added it to the collection of tresures he had collected.

Harry added more founder written books to the trunk before leaving the valt Valt #1 was huge Harry imedatly noticed a staff lying on a pedistal He picked it up and felt nothing he placed it back again and walked around the valt Harry saw a book shelf and they all were written by Merlin he did not tought htem but made copies of them and decided that they would be put under the best wards he could make and buy. Harry found a tome that read Here lies Arthur King of the Britons welider of Excalabor.

He left the valt in a daze Harry we have to be at the ministery in fourty five minutes. Old Court room ten.

Harry walked in and said I claim the seats to house White and House Ames the ring reflected the coat of arms and He said Kimberly Anderson will be proxy for house White and Gabrielle Delacour will be proxy for house Potter Harry sat in the seat for house Ames. Settle down everyone we are comviend today because of a retrial of Belatrix Black formaly Lestrange. Gaurd's bring her in. Belatrix came in being drug by Dementors he was sat in the chair and the chains bound her administer the Veritaserum.

Three drops were given to her. What is your name? Bellatrix Black. Did you willingly serve the Dark Lord? No, in my marrage contract Lestrange snuck a clause in that bound my mind to his i had to do everything he asked even screw that deplorable creacher wormtail or if he orderd it the Dark Lord himself.

And even Lucius Malfoy. Their was a uproar at that. Did you ever willingly take the Dark Mark? No. Did you torture the Longbottems or anyone else willingly? No i was always under My husbands control untill about two days ago when the connection broke. Lets delibrate. The councle went into a chamber. Well we cant let her go the press would eat us alive said Fudge.

Oh it alright to leave someone innocent in prison but let a gulity out because he could pay his way Harry said the woman was obviously controled or do we need to question her husband to. How about this we let her go but she has to swear an unbreakabule vow not to serve any Dark Lord again or become one and she can only use her Magic for the light from now on and she can only use Dark spells in emergancies or against Dark Wizards. Fudge looked dumstruck several people were muttering all in favor for sending the woman back to prison rais your hand.

Several people raised their hands all in favor for going with letting her go under the circemstances that she make a unbreakable vow? all of Harry's people raised their hands even Naville. Motion carryed. Bellatrix Lestrange you will be released when you swear a Unbreakable Vow never to serve Any Dark Lord again, and that you never will become a Dark Lord and that you will never use Dark Magic on innocent people and you will only use Dark Magic against Dark Wizards or Creachers.

I will gladly swear to it she said. After the vow was made Harry saw Rita Skeeter and several other reporters slip out of the court room. Bellatrix Black you are hearby released from coustdy the head of your family will take responability of you and you will be rewarded 500,000 Galleons for every year of will be deposited into the Black family valt.

Harry stood up and went to Sirius who was hugging Bella. Siriussaid Bella you are going to have to make a vow to Dumbledore to get his protection youu know. She nodded yes. Bella i know of a potion book that i recently aquired that had a intresting title Countering Macical poisens and dark creacher effects.

It might have a potion that will restore your rightful apperince. Naville walk up next to him Bella droped to her knees and asked Can you forgive me? Naville nodded i might. one day. When Harry got home he went to the basement and opend the book he then got started making the potion. Two hour later the potion was done Harry put a status charm on it and went to find Sirius. Harry found him feeding buckbeak come with me padfoot. Sirius saw the potion smiled well here gos nothing Sirius drank a cup we will see in the morning harry put the statis back on, Harry fliped to the section on werewolves the potion was complicated and would take two months to make but it was a possible cure for lycanthrope.

Harry immedately got started. He finished the first step before midnight he then put a status charm on it and packed it. Harry went to his room and said accio all Harry's missing posessions several books zoomed out from under the bed a few quils followed. Harry layed out a set of school robes for tomarrow and set down on the bed and went over Hermione's notes again then.

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When done Harry put them in Hermione's trunk. Harry went downstairs and ate left overs from he dinner he missed when he returned upstairs all his laddies even Alicia who apperantly joined the Order they all laid there cuddling into the night not one of them made a sexual move they were just enjoing eachother company.

Mrs. Weasley woke them up at 7:00 in the morning breakfast is ready dears thanks Mrs. Weasley we will be down in a minute. Harry and Ginny got a shower together Harry dried her hair for her and then dressed in school robes they decended to the breakfast table Harry ate holding Ginny's hand. When everyone had eaten they brought there trunks downstairs and of course Ron had left some packing late. Harry pulled his holly wand out said Accio Ron's unpacked Posesions most of his books, notes and quills flew down the staira and Harry directed them to Ron's trunk.

Ok we can leave now Tonks decinded the stairs now looking like a fifteen year old with d cup breasts long slender legs and her hair was a arburn color Harry smiled ok lets go. Sirius came down the stairs looking better than ever "Harry the potion worked" Harry smiled good the caulduron is in the basement under status just remove it and give it to Bella before bed.

Harry shrunk all their trunks and their respective owners pocketed them. Outside Harry summend the night bus Harry paied for everyone including Sirius and Remus who were guarding them. The Bus took them up to the gates which were open. Harry walked into the Entrance Hall and Professer McGonagall was waiting for them Mr. Potter come with me. Harry and his Ladies followed her to her office. Sit down please, Harry pulled out his wand and counjerd chairs for everyone.

Now we have to sort everyone new and sence Miss Anderson is a special case she will be allowed some leeway. Proffesor I have already read every text up to the end of fourth year and the first terim of the fifth year.


i believe i could pass the test for the first three years or at least the written part anyway i havent been able to use magic yet but now that i am here Hermione and Harry will help me with it. McGonagall smiled ok we will see in a week. Kim nodded.

Professer i want to see about dropping Divination and taking up Arithmancy and Anchent Runes i have read my Mom's journals, Hermiones notes, and all the books up to sixth year. In two weeks? No more like five days McGonagall wrote somthing down and said translate please. It says The Toad has been deffeted for now" the Professer actually smiled and said "You truly are the son of Lilly and James i will write to Professer's Sinstra and James and ask them.

Ok the sorting will take place at Dinner. Oh Professer could i get moved to the married quaters? Why? McGonagall asked Well i am suprised you dont know. Ginny and I were married two days after we left McGonagall looked at the ring and mutterd somthing about Potters and red heads. Harry and his Ladies were escorted to a portrate near the library.

Ok the passward is what ever you want and the painting will not let anyone you deem undersiable in. Harry decided the passward would be "Harry's Ladies" and any Slytherin execpt Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis are undersiables and keep account of anyone who come in alone that is not one of us the painting nodded then opend up. Inside was a modest living room with plush couches and armchairs attached to it was a half bath, through the hall was a huge bed rwo writing deskes and the ajoining bathroom had a huge poollike tub a shower with mutipule heads two tolites and two sinks.

Harry and Ginny put there trunks at the foot of the bed, Kim put hers in a corner so did Tonks and Susan, Hermione shoved hers in a closet Harry checked his watch 4:49 Dinner would not start for another fourty minutes. Harry organized his mind again and pulled a founders ward book and started to read he found that Bloodstones absorbed magic and used it to fual the wards. Twenty minutes later Harry knew the location of the ward stones and a way to bring them to full power if need be. he stood up took a minute to reorganize his mind then walked arm and arm with Ginny and Kim down the great hall.

McGonagall was waiting Ok miss Anderson, Delacour,and you too miss Knocks wait hear. Harry smiled and walked off to get a good set in the frount. when everyone was seated Dumbledore stood and said " We are Privilaged to see somthing that has not happend in over a hunderd years we have three new students joining us today they of course will be sorted now. The hat was on the stool, McGonagall said Kimberly Anderson. Gryffindor. Gabrielle Delacour.Gryffindor . Emily Knocks. Ravenclaw the Gryffindor table was in a uproar the ladies took up seats around Harry even Emily (Tonks).

Draco Stood up and said I claim that Veela under clause six of the halfbreed act of 1977. Harry jumped up and said I think not Malfoy she is already taken she has a bondmate and if you try to push this i will dual you for family honor and it is one won't loose Malfoy, and i am sure that you know by now what happens to those who threaten my friends or Godfather. Hem-hem 30 points from Gryffindor for that vulger display Mr.

Potter. Actually Deloris Mr. Potter was defending his bond mate and it was not vulger spoke Professor Dumbledore. Ah but under educational decree #. Professor Umbridge the edicational decree's were revoked a week ago there now is no High Inquistor or educational decree's. The toad got red faced and stormed off. Malfoy looked shocked Harry feinted turning his back and was rewarded with Kim yelling look out, Harry wandlessly cast a shiled charm and a slashing curse splashed against it Malfoy found himself under a full body bind placed by Professer Flitwick 100 points from Slytherin for attacking a fellow student said Professor Dumbledore and a weeks detention along with it.

Harry sat back down and started eating when it was over Harry started walking back to his private room when he was ambushed by a enraged Cho. Harry quickly cast a silencing charm around them. HOW COULD YOU AFTER WHAT WE SHARED WHY POTTER WHY? Harry calmly explained to her what happend and the end of the line clause. Cho looked blank and then started crying Harry pulled her up into a hug and patted her on the back and said i am sorry Cho. Who are the girls you have to sleep with?

Harry pulled out the paper and gave it to cho Ginny Weasley.x.m Susan Bones.x Daphne Greengrass. Nymphadora Tonks.x Hermione Granger. x Luna Lovegood. Padma Patail. Gabrielle Delacour. x b Katie Bell. Hestia Jones. x Alexia Smith. Tracy Davis. Alicia Spinet. x Kimberly Anderson x Shelly Sinstria Wow I don't know if i should call you a lucky bloke or feel sorry for you.

Cho the grabed him and pushed him into a broom closet across the hall when inside she put a locking charm on the door she slid off her knickers and said take me Harry.

Harry wasted no time doing just that. Harry walked back up to his room said the password and walked inside, all his Ladies were their waiting for him. Harry told them what happened with Cho. just then the painting spoke "you have a visiter" Harry opened thr door and found Ron and Naville outside Harry invited them in they all sat up talking until it was near cerfew and they left Harry and the girls and cuddled up and the bed and fell asleep.

In the morning Harry filled the bath and he and all his laddies took one toghther. After drying off Harry and they all got dressed and went down to the great hall. McGonagall was waiting for them Ok miss Delacour what extra subjects do you wish to take? Anchent Runes and Care of Magical Creatures, Ok your schedule is a exact match to Mrs.

Potters just follow her if you will. Gabbi nodded miss Anderson you will be praticing Magic with Professor Dumbledore today and taking written exams in the evening I will escort you to his office after breakfast Kim nodded and you Mr. Potter Professers Sinstra and James have said that if you pass all the Exams you missed they will except you into their classes the exams will be conducted buring your free periods after breakfast and just before lunch.

Harry nodded and could not wait for the challenge. And you miss Knocks are taking the same classes as Mr. Potter correct? Yes mam. Professer McGonagall nodded and gave her a schedule. The Athithmancy tests were not challenging at all and he finished with ten minutes to spare on each test the Professor said " your score will be sent to you at dinner. Harry nodded then left. He endured DADA then Potions which Snape vanished because he believed Harry cheated on because it was perfect.

Harry the went to Charms where he, Hermione,and Tonks completed the assiment first. Then came Harry Anchent Runes teats the third year was a breeze he had it finished in ten minutes but the fourth was a little more challenging but he still finished in fifteen minutes. The Professor said your results will be sent to you a dinner. Harry left and walked down to lunch. After eating Harry, Hermione, Tonks, Ron and Naville walked down to CoMC Hagrid had perked up a breakfast when he had heard that their was no more High Inquesitor he took them into the forest to introduce themto the centairs.After leaving Hagrids they made their way to the Greenhouses for Herbology.

The group arrived at dinner Kim was their looking sumg. Harry I think I passed all the tests Harry smilled well so do I lets wait and see. A owl flew to Harry and Kim each. RESULTS FOR HARRY JAMES POTTER Arithmancy Third year test 100% O Fouth year test 99% O Anchent Runes Third year test 100% O Fourth year test 97% O RESULTS FOR KIMBERLY ELAINA ANDERSON DADA year one 100% O year two 100 % O year three 100 % O+ year four 110 % O+ Charms year one 110% O year two 120 % O+ year three 125 % O+ year four 119% O+ Herbology year one 99% O year two 97 % O year three 98 % O year four 95% O+ Tranefiguration year one 89% EE year two 93 % O year three 93 % O year four 95 % O History of Magic year one 86 % EE year two 89 % EE+ year three 89 % EE+ year four 79 % A Potions year one 90 % O year two 95% O year three 100% O year four 99% O CoMC-------------------------------------------------------------- year three 110 % O+ year four 93% O Arithmancy ----------------------------------------------------------- year three 87% EE year four 83 % EE Anchent Runes --------------------------------------------------------- year three 85% EE year four 87 % EE Harr huged her I am so proud of you Hermione joind in when she saw the scores, McGonagall came down well Professor Dumbledore told me off your insentance to test today well it looks like you passed and you will now join your friends in the fifth year classes.

Kim smiled and said thank you Professer. Harry decided to set the date to the next D.A meeting to tomarrow night. Oh Professor could Fred George and I get our brooms back? I will see wht I can do Mr. Potter was her curt answer. The group went to sleep in high spirts that night.

Malfoy ready the others we attack Azkaban tomarrow night and release the faithful followers dont tell Severus this we still dont know were his loyatys lye oh and we will have to retrive the prophecy soon I will send the boy a vision that we have the pethetic blood traitor then you and the other will await untill he removes it.

Malfoy bow and said yes my Lord go now. Oh and Lucius if you fail me again the consequencis will be most sevear. "Crucio" Malfoy screemed in torment until Voldemort lifted to curse now send in Yaxley. When the Death Eater came in Voldemort said assume the position the man imeadetly spred his leg bent over and droped his trousers Voldmort smiled and came up behind him thats when Harry woke up.

Harry closed his mind and sorted out this thoughts he looked at this watch 5:42 Harry got up anyway and used the loo. Harry set on a couch in the living area and read a Dark Arts book from Slytherin's valt he found counter curses for previously incurable curses like the magic destoryer a curse that painfuly destroys your magical core and make the victum implode after two hours another for the entrail expelling curse and a simple spell to counter the entrail knoting curse.

Harry decided to get a shower and found Tonks already in there he came up behind her and wraped his arms around her her felf his stiffness against her leg and made a cooing sound Harry turnd her around and picked her up and moaned when he enterd her Harry leanthed his cock and dove it home Tonks drug her nails across his back.

Harry leand foward and took a tit into his mouth sandstarted sucking and nibbling on it tonks grunted when she felt it then a idea came to him he roughly suck his finger into her arse and it caused her to screech in orgasem the felling of her mucles clenching him dove harry ovetboard with her Harry lowerd her to the floor then turned off the water.

Harry and Tonks found all the other ladies in the tub swiming around Harry smiled and waved Ginny over and wisperd go knickerless at lunch she blushed red and nodded. Double Potion's drug by but snape actually accepted his phile and said we start on monday Potter. Doubble Transfiguration flew by and Harry did not have homework for once after eating quickly Harry grabed Ginny and took her to a loo and locked the door he bent her over the toilet and moaned when he saw she actually listend to him Harry enderd her as soon as he dropped his slacks tring to get a quickie Harry thruck a finger into her bum and used the other to flick her clit Ginny came in under a minute but Harry keep on pounding away untill Ginny's fifth orgasem become too much for him and he grunted spilling his seed deep inside her.

Harry checked the marurders map and saw Malfoy lurking outside with Umbridge Harry through the invisabilty cloak over Ginny and went outside. Where is she Potter i saw you and the blood traitor whore go in there.

Harry said she is not here and if you call my wife a whore again Malfoy a dual will be the least of your problems do you understand me? the pure energy redeating off Harry made him nod.

Harry left Umbridge red faced form not finding anything and Harry walk off to his first Arithmancy class. To say the least the class was intristing but Anchent Ruins was the best by far Harry had to partner with Daphne Greengrass who was a little less cold to him than any other man, Greengrass was suprised by Harry's knowledge on Ruins after thirty minutes of translating Harry was done while Daphne was strugling a little, Harry help her and was rewarded with a smile and two words " thanks Potter".

Harry went down to Dinner and saw that Daphne was missing. He pulled out the map and saw she was walking from the library but he also saw that Draco, Pancy, Crabbe, Goyle was moving to intersept her Harry quicly ran into the hall were he transformed into his phoenix form and fire slid to her when he got there Draco had knocked her down thats for kicking me Goyle disrobe her Crabbe you get the trash first Crabbe nodded stupidly Harry shreeked and dove at them talons riped into flesh of draco's arm his beak pecked into Goyle arm Harry landed on Daphne and fire slide her into his room.

when he got there she was stiring Harry cryed on the scrach she had on her face and the tear woke her up she stired at him for a minute and said hello Harry squaked and transformed Daphne gasped and said you saved me again Potter and how the hell are you a bloody Phoenix animagus ? I dont know Harry answered, but it seems to me that your not safe in your own house.

At that Daphne started laughing the first night the seniors put us through "initation" they would choose whoever tey wanted and made us suck their cocks the one that tried to get me was in for a nasty suprise i cursed it off after that everyone left me alone except Malfoy.

I honestly dont know what to do anymore none of them will leave me alone and Snape wont do anything about it she said as she started to cry Harry huged her and told her it will be alright i will see what i can do Daphne tried to kiss him but Harry stoped her if by saying "if you do that we wont stop at just a kiss" what?

the Potter end of the line clause i was never tought to control it Daphne gasped my name came up? Yes yours and Tracy's did. Daphne stood shocked for a second then said "is this a joke Potter?" Harry pulled out the paper and showed it to her.


Daphne looked shocked then said well my parents will want to work out a formal arragment before anything happens with us i will send them a owl, but me nor Tracy will stay another night in the Slytherin dorms. Harry nodded and said then lets go get her.

"Open" Harry hissed in parclemouth the door to the Slytherin commen room. "Bind me enemies Hogwarts" their were several starteld voices Draco and most of the commen room were bound by large snakes. Ah another speaker and why are you in Gryffindor? "Greeting ancester and i am in Gryffindor because I chose to be. I could have been in any house but i met this misreable git harry hissed pointing at Malfoy, and your other decindent Tom Riddle who killed my parents and has tried to kill me on more than once.

Tom? that arrogant prick that tried to access my personal quaters in the chamber? the one in the same but he goes by a different name now Voldemort. And I am sorry but I had to kill your basilisk. Tom was useing it to kill students in my second year. Salazar looked shocked.

Do you have another portriat in the castle? Yes through the statue head in My chamber. Ok snakes listein up if I find out you have been forcing any male or female to have eny kind of sex against their will I wont turn blind eye like some people if you do i will ban you from the grounds and if the offence is great enough i as Lord of Hogwarts will duel you, Sal make sure that no harm comes to the students of this dormitory.

Bind the perpitrator and send word to me. Do you understand what i am saying. All heads nodded. And if any of you feel unsafe here just come to me and I will see what i can do. Several younger students rushed up to him. Ok little ones I will talk to professor Dumbledore personaly. Daph get anything you want and Tracy when you get up their.

Ten minutes later Daphne came down from her room along with Tracy. Alright little ones i will get your trunks Accio all the students trunks and stolen items zoomed down to the respective owner.

Harry told the first and what few second years that were with him to wait in the great hall. Harry got to the gargoyle and it leped asside for him. Harry knocked on the door and was asked to enter Dumbledore was behind his desk ah Harry to what do I owe this pleasure?

Well sir i have ten first and second year Slytherin students who dont feel safe in their dormitory I said that I would see what i could do for them. Harry you should talk to Professor Snape about this, Sir i believe students have complained to him before but i would get more help from a suit of armor Professor. Do you know what they do the first years on their first night in that dorm? No I dont Harry. The seventh years force the first years to have oral sex with them. Albus had heard many forms of inaition but what he heard from Harry was not only sick but cruel.

I will send them to a guest quaters i will recurit Professors McGonagall, and Flitwick to help. Harry and Dumbledore talked little more until the fire flaired green and Snape steped out he seen Harry and imedeatly said "Headmaster i demand that boys imeadate explusion for attacking my students and forcing his way into the Slytherin commen room".

Actually professor i had the password and I did not raise a wand on them, the protrate of Salazar bound all my enemies for me, so I could get Daphne and Tracy's stuff out of their.

The other students were just becuase i am not cruel. And the next time Malfoy and his goons try to rape enyone they will not only suffer a few scraches from my Phoenix, Snape and Dumbledore both tried legilimency against him, Harry barley repailed it.

both were supried when it failed, then Snape looked pissed and Dumbledore amused. Dont try to get into my mind again eather of you. Harry turned to leave.Oh and Professor their might be a attack on Azkaban tonight and Snape he still dose not trust you.

Harry left the office and Dumbledore fire called Amelia to withdraw all Aurors from the island. Over a Hunderd miles away Voldemort stood infrount of his assimbled Death Eaters, No fireing of the mark and kill all whitnesses we cant have no one at the Ministery knows until i want them to and we leave in a hour prepare. Harry walked up to the Slytherins that opted to leave ok we will have a place for you, just then Professer McGonagall walked up "follow me" the childern walked with her.

Harry, Daphne and Tracy walked to Harry's Private room when Harry and the others walked inside He noticed another hall had formed Harry led them down the Hall and saw a set of twin beds two desks and another door that lead to the loo.

Harry left the girls to unpack and went to his room to begin his homework. At 6:00 on the dot Harry and the ladies acompanied by Daphne and Tracy went to the room of Requirment and entared Most of the people were their and a few were shocked that Slytherins found the meeting place a few raised their wands and some figuared they were cool because Harry brought them. Harry explained it to them and the only one with problems was Ron but he abaited when Naville told him to shut up.

Harry summed a dummy and cast the entailn expelling curse at it, enards floped out. People shreeked at the fact that Harry would use a dark curse. "Ok i know that curse was dark but it was for educational purposes only. Now this curse previously had no counter curse but Harry waved his wand in a complecated pattern and the wound was healed people gasped, Did you invent it? several people asked. No but i rediscoverd it and i am going to send several copies to St.

Mungos soon so they can save lives I also discoverd a counter curse to heal the magic destroyer Daphne gasped and said imposable the only book that has that information lies in. Harry cut her off with a sharp glance. Harry showed them how to repair injeries for ten minutes before moving on. Ok do you know why it is a bad idea to stun in a large scale battle? Harry asked. Of course Harmione answered, his or her comrads could revive them. Exactly Mione thats why we move to the percing curse good to shater shelds and put your opponets down.

Harry let them pratice that for a hour. Ok now the slashing curse used to take off limbs in battle is also effective when you are missing a arm or leg your pretty much worried about stoping the bleeding.Oh before you all go dose anyone hear have a relitive that is a potion master or mistress? Hanna Abbot raised her hand and said my mum is one. Harry smiled great do you think she will help me harvest the basilisk? Hanna nodded and said i will write to her about it. Harry thanked Hanna and let them go in twos and threes then left with his ladies.

Harry finished his homework nude and crawled in bed then sungled up to Susan Harry pulled her knickers down and thrust in to her then started with slow strokes just savoring the feeling eventually Susan rolled to were she was in the revirse cowgirl and started bouncing Harry helped by grabing her wide hips and pulling down hard until Sue screemed in orgasem.

Harry pulled out and shoved his prick into her arse. The forceful entry caused Sue to cum again. Harry keep thrusting until he felt himself spill this seed into her arse they lay there naked with the other getting eachother off untill sleep claimed them. Harry woke Gabrielle up and took her into the shower with him Harry washed her back for her then her hair Gabbi got on her knees in front of him and took his tool into her mouth abd started bobbing her head Harry grabed her head and forced it down her throat untill he pulled out.

Harry picked her up and shoved his dick into her pussy then started thrusting Gabbi wraped her legs around him and started grinding Harry was on the brink when Harry latched on to her small bouncing breast and shoved a finger into her rectum Gabbi Yelled out HHHAAAARYYYYYYYYY I LOOOVVEE YYYOOUU while cuming.

when they exited Daphne and Tracy were entering and saw Harry naked with Gabrielle EEEPPP Daphne yellped and ran back into her room Tracy just smiled and said "damn Potter i never thought you were well endowed.

Harry screwed up his eyes and his dick grew longer. Or a metamorph to boot. Well just so you know I like them long with plenty of girth. Harry walked up to Tonks, no knickers today at lunch luv she smiled and winked.

Harry walked to breakfast with Tonks and Hermione at his side Harry immedatly feelt several curses bounce off his shiled Dumbledore used the cannon blast charm and said all who just attacked Mr.

Potter looses twenty points and will spend a mounths detention with Mr. Filtch and dont think you will get away with it i know everyone who fried a spell. You are also baned from going to the Ball i was just about to anounce.

Alright everyone on the 14th of febuary we will host a Valentine's Ball everyone is invited several people gasped and everyone was murmering. Harry smilled and asked Ladies will you all go with me? Yes Harry they all said. How about you Daphne, Tracy they nodded. Ron looked at Lavender and asked Lav will you go to the ball with me?

Lavender nodded excitadly. Harry asked "DO you have better dress robes?

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Ron nodded yea Gred and Forge bought them for me. Just then the mail arrived a owl landed in frount of Hermione, Ron, Fred and George. A parcle landed infrount of Harry. Tonks cast several detection charms and nodded. Harry opened and found the rings he had orderd for the muggle born students. Harry shrunk them and put it in his pocket. Daphne have you sent a letter to your father? Yes Harry I borrowed your owl last night to sen it I believe father will be drawing up a contract as we speek.The daily prophet landed in the potatos Hermione grabed it and gasped.

"Harry you were right Azkaban was attacked" Harry read the artical Well several Death Eaters were being haled at the Ministery for questioning when the island was attacked the escaped convicts consist of Raldouphs Lestrange, Peter Petigrew, Augustas Rookwood, and Alec Roiser.

Harry sighed at keast he did not get all of his followers out. In double Arithmancy they worked on spell chaining Harry demonstrated a few his mother created, The teacher tried to give him top marks but he refused to take cridet for his mothers work. After class Harry walked Tracy abd Daphne to charms then he ran down to transfigeration he made it with a minute to spare.

Harry compleated the assingment faster than Hermione then sat reading up on spells commenly used in O.W.L s. Harry watched the map closely as he walked to double DADA in class Umbridge fronted her athority by giving Harry detention for nothing Tonks raged at her and she said "you can join him too.

Mr.Potter i will see you at 7:00 and Miss Knocks at 7:30. Harry went to lunch sullen when it came time to shag tonks Harry was rough but she did not mind, she had a goffy grin on her face the rest of the day. After dinner Harry truged up to the toads office the blood quill was waiting for him Harry picked it up and started writing Tonks found him like that thirty minutes later a quill was waiting for her.

Ok Miss knocks I want you to write I will respect my Professors at all times untill i tell you to stop Tonks nodded and mutterd incarcerous ropes bound the toad she screeched how dare you Tonks revirted to her usual form and flashed her badge and said Madam Umbridge you are underarrest for voilation of bill # 354ac Blood quills are not to be used outside of contract singing I will take you in for questoning and in this case Veritaserum will be involved because it involes minors other than Lord Potter.

Harry walked back to his room with a smile on his face hopefully the toad would be sacked. He told everone what happend they all cheered. Harry smiled and set the next D.A. meeting in two days time. Harry pulled out a defence book and started reading. He noted several spells worth teaching. Such as the flame whip almost considerd dark but usefull against inferi.

The bludgening hex usefull for destorying shilds, and the configro jinx. Harry pulled out a book he got in the Gryffindor valt on light magic and found a cured called the enflamed nerve curselight equilevent to the crucirtus curse and the counter curse to remove the imperious curse.

Saterday passed in almost in a bore. Harry sat in doing homework Shaging Hermione and Gabbi. He recived a letter from Hannah's mother and she would br there tomarrow to help harvest the basilisk.

Harry pulled out the Marrauders map and located someone unexpected. Bellatrix Black was in a room on the seventh floor with Narcissa Malfoy Harry rememberd that she had a dark mark. Harry grabed a pensieve and marched up he met Naville enroute and got Naville to follow him when thery arrived Harry knocked.

Narcissa answered and looked supried to see them but invided them in anyway. Bellatrix came out to another room and greated Naville first and then Harry. She looked loads better her hair was shinny and her breast perker Naville could not take his eyes off her.

" Bella I know it is a difficult subject for you but could you share a few memories with me. Bella nodded yes Harry anything you want Harry said I need to view the memory of you reciveing th dark mark Bella palled and pulled out her wand.

she put it to her temple and pulled out the specific memory and put it in the pencieve Harry enterd and watched Tom hiss a spell in parcletounge the mark branded on her skin.

Harry pulled out smileing. He said Bella i can remove that for you Harry said pointing to the mark. Bella looked hopefull and thrust out her left hand Harry chanted in parcletounge Bella screamed but the mark slowley vanished.

Bella cried tears off joy and huged Harry. She turned to Naville and huged him too. Without meaning to Naville kissed her.

Bella gasped and pulled back looking shocked then forcfully kissed him back. Narcissa looked shocked at first the smiled. Naville pulled back and said " Bells we should talk privetly". The witch nodded and pulled Naville to her room and closed the door.

Naville sat next to Bella they talked a little about themselves and old friends before Naville kissed her again. Bella moaned and grabed his crotch Naville pulled back and wisperd "you are the most beautifull witch i have seen. Bella blushed at that she pulled him back into a kiss. This time Naville's hand roamed up and down her back but coming to rest on her bum he squeezed it alittle.

Bella had enough teasing and pulled a cord on her robes. they fell off revelling ber ample breasts and a clean shaven snach Naville stared dumfounded at the naked beauty infrount of him. Are you a virgin? she asked. Naville nodded. Ok well we will just have to change that. she pulled off his trousers and boxers. Oh MERLIN IT'S HUGE she yelled Naville's cock stood a foot out and was at least a inch and a half in gerth. Bella took it in to her mouth and started sucking. After a minute Naville came in her mouth.

His face grew red but bella just swallowed his load and winked he stood up and said ok what next? I want to return the favor Naville said. Bellatrix smilled and laid down she spreed her legs Naville tentively licked her slit Bella moand at the felling. Naville grew bolder he added a finger into the mix licking her clit while pumping his finger in and out Naville nibbled on her clit and Bella went over board she shreeked so loud Naville would not be supprised if hogsmead herd it.

Bella lay painting after a minute she fealt Naville's head enter her pussy she spreed her legs wider and thrust up. Naville could not believe the pleasure he was getting Bell had fliped over to were she was on top.

She bounced on his cock she could not take all at first but after a while she was craming the whole thing in her pussy.

Naville reached up and tweeked her nipple Bella moand again eventually Naville rolled her over and really started pounding it. He was determand to make her orgasem before he did Bella was in heaven as Naville made love to her. She had never felt like this and it all very soon overcame her she screamed out her orgasem and her clamping muscles pulled Naville with her she came again at the felling of naville's seed splashing in her womb.

Narcissa chuckled when she herd her sister cry out. Harry did to. I guess we wont see them for a while Harry said winking. Yea I guess not they talked a bit but eventuly "Harry my sister is not the only one that needs relief" Narcissa said spreeding her legs to show off her furry snach Harry said mam I already have several wemon to please Narcissa looked castfellen but one more wont kill me Harry told her as he bent his head down.

Ten minutes of pussy eating Harry finally shoved his cock into her he pounded her pussy for five more minutes before pulling out she assumed the doggie stye posestion. Herry lenghtend his cock and wideind his girth.

He slowly enterd so she could get use to the new size she moaned at his new length Harry grabed a hand full of hair and really got to shaging her. Naville and Bella found them that way three minutes later Harry came roaring Narcissa was cross eyed when she turned around she smiled and said thanks Harry. Harry and Naville left the room in a daze. He arrived back in his quaters to find hos ladies pacing they bombarded his with questions Harry held his hand up for silence and pulled out the list and showed them it and shure enough Narcissa Black was written on it with a x by he name.

She opted like Hestia but still wants to have intercorse ocasionaly. Why did you go alone? asked Hermione. I did not Naville went with me.

They nodded well lets go to dinner. After dinner Harry shaged Kim rough the way she liked it, of course harry had to cast healing charms after but kim did not care. Harry snugled close to Ginny and fell asleep. Harry filled the huge tub in the morning and woke his ladies up they all bathe together in the dence bubbles Tracy and daphne even joined them when they sae the bubbles but they both made Harry turn around. At breakfast Hedwig returned with a marrige contract Harry immedatly took it to professor Dumbledore to read through Dumbledore took the contract and said we will decuss this in my office at two pm.

Harry nodded and finished eating. At nine he and Hannah met her mother at the gates Harry cast the counter curse to the imperious cruse. Hannah verified it was her mother. Harry took her to the entrance and hised open when the hole appered he said stairs the stairs came out of the wall.

They steped on them decende, the stairs started moving down. Harry led them through the cave in and through the second door into the chamber. Lights Harry hissed fires sprang up the baslilsk lay in the same spot harry slew it Vera wissled you killed this?

Yea Fawkes blnded it but i drove the sword of Gryfindor into it's brain it still got me though he said showing her the scar on his arm. I say you were damn lucky to have a pheniox nearby. Oh well lets get to work. Two hours later the Basilisk was in boxes under perserving charms Harry handed her a bag of galleons and the potion book.

Vera gasped at the book A founder wrote this? It's priceless and your giving it to me. Harry nodded well their is somthing i want to check. speek to me Slytherin of the Hogwarts four. the statue's mouth opened and a bridge rose up Harry climbed inside Salazar smiled down at him Hello again Harry i see you have finally come.

Well the password is friends forever Harry hissed it and the portrate opend. The decore was stylsh alot of green and silver Harry found a bedroom that had a huge bed in it. Harry back tracked then found a potion room withseveral ingreadents that any potion master or wand maker would kill for Nundu heartstrings, pheniox blood, unicorn blood willingly given,and wind wyrm's liver.

Harry also found severl bottles of wine, firewiskey, and oak matured mead all aged over a thousand years he boxed them up and took them with him. Harry also found a giant vault that housed even more gold then the valt in Gringotts Harry baged some loosejewls up. He found a small library with more founder written books he grabed more books. Harry also found a breeding room inside were eggs labled Basilisk, Ashwinder, and several other spices On a whim he picked up a basilisk egg. It glowed white and hatched.

MASSTER it hissed curling around his arm I am your other familair Harry did not look the snake in the eye Harry retreted to Sal's portrate. Sal a basilisk egg just hatched for me. He smiled well thats good news. How?

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Harry demanded it kills by looking at people. Sal satred you mean to tell me you did not cover this in CoMC. Cover what asked Harry. Basilisks have a film that they use to cover ther eyes it stops them from killing instantly or petrafying anyone but your attackers. She is a valibule asset and she will only follow your orders.

Harry nodded then said and she will protect the school from the Aracomantulas that nest in the forest. Sal looked down and said alot's sure changed in 1000 years. Sabra protect your eyes Harry hissed to her yes master she hissed back Harry gave Vera a bottle of the wine he found and the bag of jewls. She looked at him. There for Hannah's school tuition I know it's expensive to raise a child and even worse to raise one alone Vera thanked him and said your mother and father would be proud.

Also if you need any Basilisk venom i got near about an endless suply now that i have Sabra. They exited the chamber Harry noticed he had only thirty minutes to get to dumbledore's office Harry bid Vera bye and set off at a run. The gargoyle spraing out of Harry's way he took the stairs two at a time. Harry knocked on the door. Enter Harry.Harry pushed the door open Professer Dumbledore stood behinde his desk looking over the contract. Ah Harry your a little late but thats to be expected.

Well my boy I have finished reading over this and have found that your getting a good deal they only want a 50,000 galleon bride price you recive a modest dowery but they want your help in reclaiming their set in the wizengamot. Harry Licius Malfoy had there set taken because they were neutral in the last war, several high ranking Ministery members thought theyy were dark so they labled them dark.

This is a very good deal for you there is not tampering with the contract and no hidden clauses and your Marrage will take place on the easter hollidays you can work out the time and place. Harry nodded and aske for a quill Dumbledore took out a blood quill Harry signed his name quickly then asked sir dose Daphne have to sign it?

No Harry she dose not Harry nodded oh and Harry the contract also states that if you want you could consumate your relationship early on. Harry turnd red then said thanks Professer. Oh Professer there is another basilisk in Hogwarts, Dumbledore paled, what?

he asked well sir it my familair it wont hurt other students and will protect the school from aracomantulas that live in the forest. Dumbledore nodded. She also will keep Professor snape happy with a supply of venom for potions, plus she will only follow my commands.

She want kill enyone exept a death eater any student tat attacks me at most will be petrifed. Well Professor it seems to me that you need a drink.

Harry pulled out the crate of achohal and unshrunk it. Well sir i have wine fyre whiske and Oak Matured Mead all aged 1000 years. The aged Headmaster choose Mead Harry porred him a glass and the headmaster a glass Albus downed his right away Harry took a sip and quickly finshed the rest. Harry that was extreamly good mead, were did you get it? In the inner chamber sir Old Sal had a quaters down there along wit a potions lad vault and library.

Dumbledore nodded and said Harry I am terabley sorry but my next appontment is due we will talk later about a few things. Harry went looking for Daphne he found her sitting under a tree outside with Tracy. Hi Harry they called out he sat down "Daphne" Harry said "your parents sent over the contract this morning. Harry handed the contract to her she read through it she laghed when she finished, they asked for 50,000 galleons and you paid it?

Yes Harry said to me thats nothing Daph hell i gave 200,000 to the Weasleys for Ginny. Ath that Daphne was shocked Damn potter you dont really care about money. Nope family is more importante also i recomend that you take the Slytherin last name. Daphne smiled and leand in then gently kissed him. Harryy locked his hands behind her hair and fell on top of her Harry worked his hands under her skirt and pulled down her knickers Harry released his manhood and shrunk it to seven inches.

He placed it at her entrance and thrust in breaking Daphne's cherry. She shreeked in pain but did not stop thrusting up at him. Harry took it as a hint and compleatly sheathed his cock in her spazmaing cunt. By this time Tracy was fingering herself watching Harry pound Daphne. Harry lifted Daph's blouse and pulled asside her bra to reville her breast Harry latches on to them still thrusting Daphne moans eventually she is pushed over the edge and shreeks in orgasem magic pulls Harry over with her, Harry emptyed him balls into the sexy Slytherin Harry looks at Tracy.

Tracy is looking back with pleading eyes Harry nodds. Tracy pounces on him as soon as Daphne hops off Harry lengthed his cock when he rememberd she licked them big.

She posesend her self and droped on his cock. Twenty minutes later there both walking to the castle with there arms around each other. Harry met Susan in the great hall then led them into the Hall for Dinner. Harry led them to the Hufflepuff table and sat down Susan sat next to Hannah Harry ended up between Daphne and Tracy.

After dinner Harry and His ladies returned to there room. Harry red some more books before getting up and walking to the room of requirement. Inside everone was gatherd inside. Ok people were are studing the Patrounes Charm there was excited muttering.

Ok you need to thank of a happy memory to work the charm. Harry pulled out his holly wand and said Expecto Patroanem The sivery stag burst from his wand and pranced around the room. Now this is beyond N.E.W.T. level and is extremaly advanced. Ok Ginny you try. After two hours only Kim, Ginny, And Hermione mannaged to make their Patrounes have a vage shape. A few were not useing a happy enough memory and Harry corrected them. Right before leaving Hermione finally produced a courpal kizzle. We will continue this next time guys and remember a Happy memory.

Make one if you have to. Cho hung back, Harry she said could you help me with a problem she asked. Sure harry replied she striped down amd said pound it now. Hermione looked shocked as did Ginny but they all nodded there consent Harry smiled and walked up behind her. Harry shaged everyone but Gabbi and Tonks before passing out. Harry woke up at six he took a shower with Gabbi then comed her hair for her.

Harry sat down at the Gryffindor table He held Tonks hand while they ate. The entire group walked down to CoMC. Hagrid showed them how to take care of fire slamaners which parts of are used in potions.

Harry, Hermione,Tonks,Tracy and Daphne broke off and went to double Arithmancy. Lunch was ate at the Ravenclaw table Harry sat beside Luna and Padma. After potions Snape said 8:00 Potter and dont be late. Harry ate dinner in a rush then sorted his memories. Harry arrived in the dungens at eight promptly. Snape talked little about Occlumency beforetring to batter his defences it barley coused Harry to sweat Snape tried again and again Harry finally decided to have some fun.

He let snape throught the front gate but Snape quickly ran into Harry's trap in the from of a mine feld Snape had to retret. Snape looked lived, were did you learn Occlumency Potter? Tell me. I read books Professer and if this was the way you intended to teach me I will find someone else to help me insted of just letting you battering at my defences tring to rape my mind.

Good day Professor. Harry was walking back when he found Luna stumbling aroun Herry knew immedatly what was wrong. He ran up to her and grabed her. He arrived in the room of requirment and this time it had a bed. Harry placed Luna on it. Thanks Harry, "are we going to shag now? Harry looked stund.

Ginny told me about my name I just waited for you to say somthing. Cuting it close are we? Yes Luna sorry.Quite alright Harry now shut up I am randy. Harry striped Lunna the himself. Harry gently kissed her lips.

Luna got forceful She rolled on top and aligned her snatch with his tool then droped down on it. Harry felt her Hymen tear but Luna did not notice she just keep bouncing Harry tweeked her pert little breasts Lunna went wild bucking and screeching Harry just held on for the ride. eventually Lunna prgasemd and of course Harry followed.

They dressed Harry took her to his Room and the other girls welcomed her. Harry and Gabbi made love that night it was soft and slow. Harry emptyed his mind before drifting off to sleep.

Harry recived a letter form Sirius at breakfast. Dear Harry The castle is comming on nicley you would not believe how good they are doing. Umbridge's trial will be Tomarrow at seven o'clock Talk to Albus about coming. Oh and the story just happend to leak to the Prophet I expect the toad will no longer be able to teach. Oh Moony's finally got a girlfriend can you believe it?

And I have got a date with the Lovley Vera Abbot tomarrow Tanks for helping her out Fudge got her fired for supporting Albus. And Harry BE Alert there are rumors that several seventh year students have been marked so watch your self. Bella wrote me and told me about how you can remove the mark, just dont let it become commen knowledge ok.

Anyway I have got to help Mooney I seems that he dose not know how to buy new clothes see Ya pup Love your Godfather Sirius Orion Black Harry smiled guys we have to attend a wizengamot session tonight the ladies nodded we wont be able to vote but we can observe. Harry walked to Transfiguration with Ron, Hermione and Kim. After that Charms Harry walked to history of magic and promptly fell asleep Hermione woke him up when class was done.Harry ate a big lunch and drunk coffee with his lunch.

Harry went to Double Defence and found Professor Dumbledore waiting. Ok Class we are going to pratice the stunning hex. Ok now lets move onto the inpendementa charm which slows down enemys. Ok now the pertego charm. Harry and the other people in the D.A. passed with flying colors.

Severus bring her in. Deloris Umbridge walked in then bowed to Voldemort. Well Deloris you failed me what do you have to say? The toadlike woman grovald at his feet untill CURCIO she screemed in agony until AVADA KEDAVRA. Severus remove the trash and reward yourself with one of the prisioners. AVERY. The man ran up to his lord. It's Almost time tell Lucius to prepare. I will be sending to dream if i still can, Severus says that his occulmancy shilds are formidable.

Tell the others to depart in a hour i will send the image in three. Just you wait Potter we will have you and the lovley prophsey said the snakelike man as he grabed his cock and started stroking it.