Mature pussy fucked by younger meat

Mature pussy fucked by younger meat
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Over the past six months or so things got stranger and stranger around the house. But, before we go there here is a little about us. My wife Jennifer and I have been married for 15 years. We are both in our early 40s but wear our age well. She is a stunning brunette, 5'7" with a great body and long sexy legs. She has been working real estate out of home for the past 5 years. I'm a broker with a well-established bank in downtown Atlanta doing the 9-5 drag every day. We live in the Atlanta suburb of Buford in a very nice house on Lake Lanier.

We do not want for money or creature comforts but I have notice our sex lives sliding over the past year and especially the last six months. Thinking about things I feel things started to slide when Jen had a new realtor over to help her get set up.

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I came home one evening and found Jen and sally sitting on the deck, the wine was flowing and I overheard then talking about cock size. It was obvious they were both buzzed so I excused myself and left them to their discussion. A week or so later on the weekend I came into Jens office and found her looking at Black guy's cocks.

She laughed and said the Sally was telling her how big Black guy's cocks are and she just got up the nerve to look for herself. I let this roll off my back and forgot about it. A few times when we did make love my wife commented on how small my cock was. What is that all about I thought but I was getting laid for a change so I took the criticism and moved on.

The as I stated the last six months got really weird. There was a week I came home three times to find pizza boxes with half eaten pizza. Once when I was early I saw a car leaving with a pizza sign on it but when I felt the pizza it was cold and I found my wife in the shower. She acted like nothing had happen and got dressed. I asked about the pizza frenzy and she answered that she was just craving pizza. I asked if she was pregnant, she just laughed saying "Pregnant, that that puny cock." There is was again, this time indignant I stormed upstairs.

Then as time progressed my wife seemed to be showing more houses but her sales didn't increase. I also noticed that she began to handle properties in the Bouldercrest area of Atlanta which is a true slum.

Those houses were empty for years and no one in their right mind would buy one but Jen had about 20 listings all through that area. At least twice a week she would leave for an open house. I was really suspicious as she was dressing very provocatively even buying new sexy clothing to wear. Several times she came home after I did and when straight to the shower to get cleaned up. Finely I had had enough and confronted her. Challenging her on the time she was taking trying to sell those houses and the money it was costing us as after two months of not selling one.

And the fact that we had not had sex since she took on the homes in that slum. She shrugged me off and offering no real expiation on her actions.

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We argued for some time before she changed the subject by unzipping my pants and giving me blow job. But even with that she seemed distant. Then last Saturday her left saying she had a rare open house.

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But who goes to an open house dressed like she was? She was wearing a tight pink blouse, and black lace bra that accented her firm breast. A short black skirt with slits up to the waist showing the tops of her black seemed stocking where they met the garters.

And don't forget her new 4" fuck me black pumps. Hell she never even dressed like that for me! After she left I when right to her office and rummaging through her paperwork I found a note pad that had the date and address on Boulderwoods Drive with a notation next to it JT & Friend.

That was it! I was pissed and googled the address. To my shock it came back in the Bouldercrest area. That can't be it but I had to know. The whole time driving there my mind wandered and I was betting myself that she would not be there, this was a waste of time.

She was probably in some swanky hotel with some guy fucking his brains out.

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I pulled onto the road and found run down vacant houses on both sides, only a few with for sale signs. Some were occupied as kids were playing in the roadway and in vacant lots. Then halfway down the street I saw Jen car parked in a driveway. Parking out front I noticed the house was a mess, shingles falling off the roof, siding missing, windows broken, why the hell would she try to sell this, it should be condemned and bulldozed.

But, she must be here, her car is here, so I made my way up the steps to the porch and toward an open door. Standing in the doorway I heard sounds coming from inside. Rhythmic grunting which picked up, slowed down and picked up again. "Jennifer" I yelled as I entered the home rushing in heading towards the sounds. In the hallway I saw Jen's blouse lying on the floor. I was shaken by the site on the clothing and my mind went right to her being raped.

Entering the kitchen where the sounds emanated from I stopped dead in my track as I witnessed Jen bent over and tied to a table, two very well built muscular black men with this pants down. One was behind my wife thrusting his cock into here and the other in front his cock buried in her mouth as she was grunting with every thrust from behind. Not even thinking, I ran toward them tackling the man having his way from behind.

We hit the floor hard and I began to wrestle with him. "GET OFF ME MOTHER FUCKER!" he shouted as he tossed me aside like I was a sack of marshmallows "What the fuck, who the fuck are you." By that time both men were standing over me, their massive cocks hanging out of their pants and one winding up to kick me "Stop, please" Jen yelled "that's my husband". "What the fuck as you doing here little man?" "I, well, I was worried something was wrong." I answered "Something wrong" they burst into laughter.

"Untie me James, I'll explain it to him." Jen asked. James, she called one of then James went through my mind. "Just what the hell is going on here Jen" She then came over to me. "I didn't want you to find out this way, I wanted to tell you many times over the past few months but couldn't bring myself to it." She continued as I was horrified by what she was saying "See I started seeing James and his friends weeks ago.

I can't help myself, I love Black Cock. It started with the pizza delivery kid, but I wanted more. So, I started listing the home here, having open houses it was no time that a black man came in and fucked the shit out of me.

I was hooked and in a few weeks I had a steady thing with James." OMG I was in shock, my wife's a Black Cock whore. "James brings friends with him sometime and they fill me up with their cum and I love every minute of it." "But Jen" I said "what about me. I love you!" "I love you to honey but I need Black cock so bad, it feels so good in my mouth, pussy and ass." "OK that's enough" James interjected "I need to get my nut, bend back over bitch so I can finish fucking you." "Yes, Master" my wife answered as she draped herself over the table.

What did she say, did she just say that still trying to get my mind around all of this. As James buried his cock back into Jen he looked over at the other man. "Marquis, show hubby there why black is best." Marquis looking down at me on the floor "let's go boy, my cock need your mouth" "But, but, Jen, tell them I'm not gay" was my answer.

In between Jen grunting and saying "Ohhh shit James fuck me, harder, your black cock is sooo good" she answered "If you love me do as they say honey. Black cock is the best I love Big Black Cock. Ohhh yeaaaaaa fuck me MASTER!!" "See hubby" Marquis said "Wifee wants you to, so here it comes" grabbing my hair he steered my mouth to his waiting massive cock. I tried to resist 'No, I said No… I never" then the bulbous cock head parted my lips on the way into my mouth.

Again, I tried to back off to no avail as his shaft traveled though my mouth and started down my throat. "That's it boy, take Masters cock" Marquis ordered as he began a slow in and out motion "suck me good if you want to make it home tonight'" In the back ground I could hear Jen "OHHHHHHHhhhhhhh shiittttiiiiittt, I'mm coming, CUM what me Masterrrrrrr" I wanted to see her but my face was buried in Marquis's crotch as he fucked my face harder.

Then with one hard thrust his cock detonated shooting thick cum down my throat filling my mouth and gaging me.

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The thick cum was like cement making it hard for me to breath until the massive piece of meat was removed. I coughed up onto the floor globs of cum as all three of them laughed. "I have never cum that hard in my life" my wife proclaimed as she walked toward me.

"The site of your face being filled by black cock while being fucked by black cock made me explode like never before and I want more" she stopped standing over me and started to squeeze the thick cum from her well fucked pussy " Clean me, suck masters cum form my hole and do it now!" Just then a large amount of cum/pussy juice fell on my face and I started licking and sucking on her pussy as she started to moan.

"Ohhh yeaaaaa baby." Then she turned to Marquis "Master please come fuck me. I want to feel you black cock as my cuck eats me." Without hesitation Marquis buried his cock deep in her, Ohhhhh yessssss, Give it to me Master, fuck your bitch." She groan as his cock slid in and out "Cocky suck my clit, Ohhh Shitttt yeaaasssssss I'm goinggggggggggg." And with that both of them came hard above me and their juices flowed down on my face as I attempted to catch it all.

This lasted about 15 minutes or so then Jen allowed me to stand. She said her good byes to James and Marquis and we left the property and I followed her home.


Once at home not much was said between us even with all that happened. Jen showered at first then me. When I came down stairs Jen was in her office dressed in a skimpy nightie typing on the computer.


"Come here, I want to show you something" on the screen was a website devoted to Cuckoldry. "Read this cuz this is what I want from now on.

If you decide to stay with me you need to know what your place will be.

I love you but I love Black Cock more so accept it or leave." With that she left the room. I began reading all about Cuckoldry and then clicked on and read stories. I must admit I was turned on by watching some of the vids and reading the stories. Jen returned about an hour later and found me stroking while watching a cuck taking a black cock in the ass while his wife degraded him. "That answers that" she said "Not much will change outside our sex life" she explained "We both will keep working.

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I'll only handle a few of the slum properties just so I can find us Black Cock in a pinch. But, most of the time my lovers will come to our home, fuck me and you if they want. Understand cucky?" I lowered my head, "yes mam" I answered. "Good, because I'm starving and want more Black Cock.

Jerome is working tonight so It's pizza time." Thirty minutes later Jen was eating pizza and I had Jerome's big Black Cock in my mouth…&hellip. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Please NOTE - This is a work of adult fiction and the story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

Anyone acting out such scenarios in "real life" can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison system. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and the author does not condone any perceived illegal / immoral behavior in real life.* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^