Blonde qui se fait arracher son collant

Blonde qui se fait arracher son collant
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Monday morning came, I was still lying in my bed about half asleep when Amy, sweet sexy 13 year old Amy came in undressed and leaned over to take my morning hardness into her hot little mouth, sliding her lips up and down my shaft.

I reached over and pulled her hips to my face and shoved my tongue into her hot juicy hole as far as I could, using my lips to munch on her twat. She moaned around my dick, sending a tremor thru my balls as she sucked, raising her mouth off me saying.


"Morning Bill ohhhh that's feel good" shoving her cunt onto my tongue " Damn I need this eat me" I answered by munching harder on her hairless mound pushing my tongue ever farther into her hot juicy little girl pussy, and then rubbed my finger over her tight anus, she quivered and her tight love hole spasmed as she had her first orgasm in two days, filling my mouth with her sweet teenage girl cum.

"Auggggg I'm cum cummmin awwwww eat me eat my pusssssy" She twisted and humped my face almost drowning me. As the last of her sweetness flowed out of her, she raised up turned around grabbed my dick pulling it to her still dripping opening, stuck the head of my cock into her and dropped her hot wet tight pussy onto me filling herself completely.

"Yesssss that's so so so good fuck, you feel good inside mmmee" And began pumping my rock hard dick with her wet pussy. Her heated wet slick cunt stroked my cock like an overdue oil well, pumping for its gold. She bounced up and down so hard her little girl tits looked like two streaks of pinkness shimmering above me, I couldn't make out her face for all the movement and her hair fling about, kind of like a palm tree in a hurricane.

She pumped and pumped me for my seed. As she came again her body went completely violent on top of me moving in ways that didn't seem possible and yet she was.

My balls were filling fast due to the glorious sensation of her mad lovemaking. Her vibrant humping pussy driving my hard love stick insane with pleasure pushing down deep into my balls until they finally screamed 'enough' and began pumping her steaming tight twat full of their even hotter cream. We both screamed in wondrous joy. " I'm cumming cumming take it take all of it ughhhh" "Cummmmmin yessssss feeeel itt cummmin meeee ahhhhhhhhhh" As her tight cunt pumped my balls dry of its heavy load deep into her waiting womb, its sperm in search of an egg to fertilize.

We laid there for a few minutes me still inside her warm wet cum filled pussy and kissed softly before she raised off me bent down and licked my dick and balls clean.


Standing up she dressed leaned over kissed me goodbye. "Gonna go Bill Fuck you later" And with that she was gone as she did every morning before school. I laid there thinking what a great way to wake up each morning, her mouth on my cock, then her tight wet little girl pussy wrapped around my hard dick working its hardness for my baby making juice and then the release of my seed into her womb, in hopes she'll get pregnant. Life is wonderful, here's this sweet little 13 year old wanting me to impregnate her and five of her little girl friends wanting the same.

How come I'm so lucky, here's six beautiful little girls from 11 to 14 years old wanting to become mothers by having my children. And on top of that, the five are virgins, or were, well two still are. Lets see I've deflowered Joanne, Linda, and Susie. That leaves Sandy and Glenda to bed and introduce into the world of womanhood and hopefully soon expectant motherhood.

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Well the day has started and I'll be here alone until school is over, might as well do some work. Don't like much, most likely can finish in a couple of days, but I haven't finished with the girls yet. Not one is pregnant as far as we know and then there's still the other two I haven't had yet, maybe one or both will come by this afternoon I hope so, I'm I the mood for another virgin.

Oh well the plumbing in the other bathroom waits and the new light switches in the front need installing. Just after noon I got in the truck and headed for the parts house for the new fixtures and then bite to eat. Afterwards I drove to the lawyer's office to turn in the receipts and pick up my money, after telling them how it was going and that I'll have it finished in plenty of time to refurnished before the owner returns for Europe.

Making them happy and all.


Back to the house I headed, but stopped at a video place and shopped for some new movies I haven't seen. Bought a portable DVD player that run on 120vac or 12vdc or the detachable battery pack.

Out to the truck and back to the house. I pulled into the garage and into the house I went, upon entering I could hear noises from my bedroom and as I stepped in I saw a most glorious sight four naked little girls engaged in two sixty-nines.

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I could tell almost immediately that Amy was under Linda and they were munching on each other's mound and Joanne was on top of, looked to be Susie hard to tell for this angle, but all four were definitely enjoying themselves, I quickly undressed, sat down and watched, slowly stroked my hardness, what a sight, you could smell the sex in the air and sounds of soft moans and groans and the sloshing of tongues in hot wet pussy holes as they devoured each others twats, damn was it ever erotic to watch.

I couldn't take just watching anymore, so I slipped in behind Joanne grabbed my hard cock and slowly inserted it into her tight wet hot cunt. As I began moving in and out of her slick wet pussy I could feel Susie's tongue on both Joanne's clit and my dick, licking and sucking the juices off my shaft as I withdrew out of Joanne's pussy and out of her hole as I pushed back in, my cock was getting a tongue bath and pussy at the same time and did it ever feel awesome, never had I felt anything even closely to it.

It was so good I knew I would be filling Joanne's womb with my hot seed real soon, too soon for my liking but I wasn't about to stop, I just kept stroking Joanne's love pit with my rock hard dick holding back as hard and long as I could.

Then Joanne went off, her cunt tighten on my cock and exploded in a hot gooey mass of quivering jelly, twitching and shaking on my dick, milking its head for its substance. " I'mmm cummmmmmm awwww cumm ohhhhhh " she moaned. "Fuck I'm cumming take it cummin in in you" I couldn't keep from cumming as I filled her young belly with my hot semen.

"Yesss oh yesss fuck meeee fill my pussy with your cum FUCK Meeeee". And with that dropped her face back into Susie's pussy and groaned deep into her cunt setting her off.

And as she groaned screamed into Joanne's hole the vibrations of her vocal climax on my dick spread thru my balls and I seemed to cum even more and harder into Joanne, flooding Susie's mouth with our mixed cream that Joanne's tight fissure couldn't hold almost drowning Susie. She pushed Joanne off her face and gasped for air then said.

"Are you two trying to drown me, damn I never seen that much juice come out of anyone's pussy" I moved out and off of Joanne surprised, hearing an unfamiliar voice, not Susie's who I thought was under Joanne, a voice I never heard before. Looked down at this new little angel, her sweet face covered with the overflow of Joanne's and my cum cocktail. "And you are?" "Hi I'm Sandy you must be Bill glad to taste you" and licked her lips. I sat down and just looked at her as Joanne rolled off to the side, she was about Susie's size, same hair only a little shorter, her tits were slightly smaller but still very nice, her nipples were two hard buttons sticking out waiting to be suckled, her waist was flat and firm, she had a small patch of jet black hair above her slit, lying there showing just a hint of her pink inner fold, my cock jumped to full attention and twitched with eagerness to get inside her virgin territory.

She looked at my manhood and grinned. "Golly is is that for me" "Yes it is see how happy I am to meet you" "Amy said you were big, and when you stuck your cock in Joanne I thought you had stuck your arm in her, it was so huge, it was so hot to see you fuck her, and damn she really enjoyed it too didn't you girl?" "uhhhh yes why yes I did" "So did I " I said. She sat up and turned around to face me, leaned over to kiss me I thought, but bent down and swallowed my erection whole bathing me with her warm mouth, her hot saliva spilled out onto my public hair, and if possible I got even harder, I felt him quiver inside her wet mouth as she hungrily sucked like a baby on a tit, I was in heaven, I didn't want her to stop, I couldn't stop her, I just sat there with a smile a mile wide on my face as she worked on my cock.

Amy and Linda had finally come back down to earth from their mutual orgasms and were sitting there with Joanne watching us. Then Amy said "Damn girl you're a slut too you're just like Joanne how can you take all of him like that?" "Leave leave her alone Amy she knows what she doing," I said quickly.

"Hell I can see that and I thought she was a virgin," Amy sneered. Sandy lifted her head " I am you bitch it just looked to good not to swallow" And back down on my dick she went. "Now now girls don't fight, you suck and you shut up," I growled at Amy. "Damn that feels good oh baby suck suck meee". Then Amy spoiled it all saying " Hey you're suppose to fuck her not feed her" Sandy raised off me and I groaned "Fuck Amy you you bitch" "I want you inside me now, please if you don't mind" Sandy squeaked out.

"Mind of course I don't mind and I do want you too, now just lay back a enjoy me" She laid down on her back spreading those gorgeous legs of hers opening her treasure for my inspection, as I looked at her tiny pink slit, all I could do was try to catch my breathe before I entered her. I covered her with my body, kissed her hungrily and as our tongues fondled each others, I centered my dick in the opening her hot wet hole.

She was so slick and wet from Joanne's munching I nearly fell into her, even though she was incredible tight, I slipped into her and thru her hymen so quick I didn't even know I was in her until I hit bottom except for the slight bump, kind of like a worn out speed bump in the road as I ripped her virginity into the past, she just moaned "auggggg" And I was fully inside her.

God she was tight and warm, no hot, and so wet. I slowly pulled back till just the head was inside her and shoved back inside, her body sputtered, again and again. I humped her tight little girl cunt, driving myself in her as our arousal grew and grew, she moaned a gut retching noise, as she had her first male induced orgasm, her pussy seemed to suck me deeper into her as she shook thru her climax, bathing my dick with her sweet hot girl cum, I thought she would never quit cumming, however slowly her juices eased off and she began humping her pussy back on to my dick harder and harder, driving my shaft deeper into her, deeper and harder she humped as I pounded into her tight snatch, the warm glow of our mating began slowly increasing inside my balls, building a load of semen for her wanton pussy, closer and closer our climax grew as we pumped and humped.

I think we were trying to fuck each other's brains out. My body was on autopilot as my dick and balls had taken over once again and was pounding her cunt for all he was worth determined to impregnate this lovely little thing the first time inside her. Her pussy tighten up on my staff and I could hear a low moan as she neared her next orgasm, my balls filled rapidly, matching her quaking body.

Then it happened she shot off like a geyser, flooding her chamber with her sweet hot honey coating my pumping dick and balls setting off the fuse inside them. She grabbed me and pulled me deeper into her wrapping her arms and legs around me, squeezing the air out of my lings, as her body shook and jerked as if being electrocuted. Somewhere in the mist all of that heavenly feeling I thought I heard a scream or not, may have been my own inner voice not sure.

However my baby making cream shot up my cock like a rocket, out the end, into her wet tight cunt filling her, with spurt after spurt of white hot cum, my sperm had to be shooting straight into her womb, I was so deep inside her and her pussy was sucking the very life out of my balls inside her. Her spasming was so damn good I came and came and came in her.

I thought I was going to black out before she eased her grip on my chest and air rushed into my lungs allowing me back to earth. And I shot one more load into her overflowing cunt. I just laid on top of her not able to move, still fully inside her as her twitching pussy milked me, trying to get more, but I was done for now.

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All I could do was just stay inside her warmth, loving every second. The university was a beautiful swirl of colors. Then Amy broke the bubble " Damn did you ever see anything so so wild?" "Shit girl are you ok you both ok?" "Bill Bill you ok?" Linda shook me, I think it was Linda. Weekly I mumbled, "Yeah yeah I'm good" But I still stayed inside Sandy, fully erect soaking in her hot juice pot. It was wonderful, it so fucking great I didn't want to remove myself from this outstanding little girl's tight pussy, I couldn't and wasn't going to yet, no way was I going to stop now.

After a moment or two I began moving slowly in and out of her hot wet tight cum stuffed cunt, trying to push my seed deeper into her with each stroke of my hard man flesh. At first she made a half feeble attempt to push me off her, but then her body began responding to my prodding and she began humping her hips to meet my thrusts. "Yessss fuck me damnit fuckk meee," she moaned. And I humped her hot quim a little harder driving my hard cock deep into her, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me harder into her as I pumped her twat faster and harder, harder and faster I pumped her cunt forcing my dick so damn deep, as deep as it could possibly go, over and over pumping her snatch filling her with my cock again and again.

She twitched and humped back under me as I hammered her hole, her hot wet pussy walls gripped me like a velvet vise as her seizures took over and drove her harder and harder into me, and my prick took over pumping into her, we both humped and pumped each other as if tomorrow would never come, driving our climaxes closer and closer high and high, until we both erupted, me into her and her onto me, our cum fighting with each others to see who could out do the other, we filled her, coated me, flooded the bed and I think even the floor.

Our mutual orgasms felt like they must have lasted for hours, even thought they were actually shorter it didn't seem that way to either of us.

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We both screamed. "Cummmmming cumm augggggg cumm awwwwww" "Fuck I'm cummmmmminnng fuck itt it good so goooddd" "Fuck me ughhhh fuck meeeeeee cuuuummmmm in inn meee" "Sooo so good gooddddd cummmmmmm ahhhhhhhh" Our bodies humped and banged into each other knocking us both silly with pleasure, till finally our climaxes eased down and we both slowly returned to normal, gasping for air, I fell off her to the side and stared at the ceiling blankly.

Joanne spoke up "Sandy you ok girl you look well you look huh I'm not sure what you look like" In a soft whisper she said, " I'm good better than good I'm I've been been fucked wondrously incredibility fucked it it was so so damn good ahhhhhhh" Amy snickered, " Welcome to the club we all know that feeling" Linda popped off, " Been there done that and just think there's more to come too" Sandy groaned, " more more don't know if I can stand any more not now anyway" " Bill you ok baby" Joanne asked softly touching my chest gently.

"I'm not sure" I groaned " ask me later ask me what?" I stared into space. "Damn Sandy you bitch I think he's done for well at least for now" Amy growled "and I didn't get any " "I didn't neither " sweet Linda added "oh poo". "I did ha ha" Joanne snickered. Sandy and I just laid there listening to the girls jabber back and forth, as our breathing slowed to normal. She rolled over to me and kissed me lightly. "Thank you Bill that was wonderful I feel stuffed and a tad sore but so damn great, do you do you think we can do it again soon?" "Yes it was good wasn't it your welcome and thank you huh yeah we can but I can't right now give me a few minutes will ya?" Amy hearing Sandy spoke up "Sandy you little slut you want more after want you just had God girl give me a break and give him a break he looks like he needs one, beside its Linda and My turns next." Then Joanne looked at the clock, jumped up " Shit its getting late I've got to go" Amy added " Damn me too and I really wanted some" Grabbing her clothes and began dressing.

Joanne picked up hers and headed to the bathroom. Sandy said weakly, "Can someone give me a hand I need to git also" Linda stuck out her hand "Here" pulled Sandy up and pointed her to the bathroom " good I can stay longer and I've got Bill all to myself" I laid back muttering "Fantastic" The other girls had left the room "Bill honey do you think maybe we could?" " Huh sure why not looks like just you and me Kid" "Yeah" as she laid down next to me and began kissing and licking on me.

I placed my arm around her and began fondling her tits and pinching her nipples lightly as she moaned " ooooooooooh" I rolled her over on top of me and kissed her sweet lips as I rubbed her smooth little ass slowly, feeling her opening her legs and placed her wet hot gash on my cock, moving back and forth slowly causing me to get erect again. When I was hard enough, she slid her little opening to the tip of my dick and lowered her tight wet pussy onto my hard member.

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Sitting up to fully engulf me, she was so hot and wet and her pussy walls gripped me so sweetly I knew I would fill her with my seed, but it would take a while and I needed a short reprieve, so I urged her to take control and fuck me.

As she was rising and falling on my cock moving her hips back and forth fucking her cunt with my dick, Joanne and Sandy came out of the bathroom and kissed us both.

"Damn girl you really wanted to fuck didn't you" Sandy said "Ye Yeah I I wanted it ughhhh" "Looks like you're getting it too" Joanne added " Go girl fuck him good" I reached around Sandy and squeezed her butt " Thank you Sandy " and kissed her "enjoyed having you hurry back now" "Oh Thank You and don't worry I'll be back as soon as I can" She raised up kissed Linda " Fuck him good, damn I wish I could stay, oh well gotta go Bye" And with that Joanne and Sandy left, Amy was already gone leaving just Linda with me inside her " oh you feel so good baby, fuck my dick make me cum inside you" As she humped my shaft " Oh Bill you you feel big inside m me big awwwwwww" Sliding up and down on me pushing me deep inside her.

I laid there watching her hot wet tight pussy working my cock, taking hold of her butt cheeks, I began shoving into her as well, leaned upwards and licked her tits first one then the other before taking into my mouth and biting lightly on each nipple. She moaned "ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Her snatch started vibrating with little spasms that were slowly building as she was getting nearer and closer to her climax, her breathing quicken and her humping grew harder and harder.

I try to match her drive with a pace of my own shoving my prick up into her cunt deeper and harder. She was so hot and wet and her pussy walls clinged to my dick so so firm but so so nice I knew I was going to explode soon. As I humped her cunt her orgasm grew to point of overflow and she flushed her sweet cum out of her depths coating my rod and nuts in hot little girl sauce, setting off a chain reaction in me.

I flooded her inside with my white hot jizm filling her tight snatch with my cream. "Damn I'm cumming cummin in you auggggggg" "Cum baby cum fill my pussy with your juice cummmmmm awwwwww" Shot after shot of my hot sperm I deposited in her, filling her womb with my seed in hopes of getting her pregnant. As we laid there her still on top, her tiny erect nipples poking me in the chest and her wet hot cum filled pussy wrapped snuggly around my slightly soften dick, she purred, she actually purred I swear.

Her cunt muscles slightly twitched, massaging my hardness, as if an attempt to harden me once again. She said " Bill that felt so good thank you" "No thank you baby I enjoyed having you fuck me" She kissed me, looked into my eyes asking "who do you think will be first" "First oh you mean who'll become pregnant first?" I rubbed her ass cheek slowly "Well you got just a good of a chance as anyone sweetie" "Don't know if I want to be first I I'm enjoying our trying too much" "Yeah me too" Then she looked at the clock saying, " Damn its time for me to get going" And with that she slid off me, stood up, picked up her clothes into the bathroom she went.

Shortly out she came fully dressed leaned over and kissed me. "Bye Bill Cya" And then she was gone, leaving me there still recuperating from our afternoon fun. Life is GOOD I thought, the pussy is plentiful, hell it's running amuck, and I like it.