Tetuda tocandoce para para el novio

Tetuda tocandoce para para el novio
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: White Slavery or is it really Part 4 Although Sam liked this sort of bisexual thing her interest had been developing more towards dominating other women, especially after seeing the way the black matronly security guard had relished in the treatment of her, and Adanna.

For Sam this was becoming one of her new found interests and in direct contrast to her desire to be submissive to men. She stood there patiently with her hands up against the wall and allowed these women to fondle and enjoy her body however they wished, making no attempt what so ever to move or protest! This older gal sensing that Sam, who had been watching other women being sexually abused was now very wet, seemed to have an interest in abusing other women.

She was quite intuitive and had seen the lustful look of longing in Sam's eyes as she watched these beautiful women dominate touch, fondle and abuse one another!. The women after investigating Sam's dark womanly charms had, one by one returned to their booths and to the women they had been attending leaving her, and Trina alone together.

Trina in a switch moment, not something she had allowed herself to experience since she was a young girl, asked if Sam would like to tie her up?., and do the same things that had just been done to her? Sam was not bashful and eagerly excepted Trina's offer, to instruct her in some of the finer points of female dominance. Adanna's mother had called this establishment and had left word that she would not, be able to pick the girls up after all.

This was due to some pressing trust business and had told the sales girls, that when they were done with them, to just put them in a cab and send them back to the Hotel!. To the gals in the store, the words "done with them", had quite a different meaning than that of her mothers!. Adanna now in the salon was standing there nude, in only her high heels, and still having difficulty walking or even standing in them. She was a little surprised to see that all the sales girls were now nude and wearing only devilish type masks over there eyes!, and was wondering?.

At first Trina told Sam, that she must look the part. Suggesting that all she really needed to start with, was a pair of very of high heel calf length red leather boots, a tight laced up corset that left her breasts bottom and genitals exposed, followed by a mask that matched, along with the will to dominate!


She, then rummaged around in this booth for all those items,and helped Sam dress. As Trina laced up the corset having Sam let her breath out as she tightened the laces this had pushed her breasts up quite promanantly.

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She was practicing walking in these boots and immediately felt quite comfortable wearing them along with this very revealing outfit. In a short period of time, was walking in these very high heeled boots as if she had done so all her life. The last thing that Trina had given her was this mask explaining that those being abused should not be able to see their tormentors expression.

Trina was a big woman she had jet black hair and very full red lips, was well over 6' tall and weighed around a 160# lbs. She had a full beautiful figure, the ideal shape with large breasts and very big nipples that were pierced with some fairly good sized chrome rings, a small waist and a big round bottom that blended perfectly into her long shapely thighs and legs.

Her pelvic area was even more exquisite as there was no hair at all, and no evidence that there had ever been any. She also had a rather large meaty clitoris that was also pierced with the same kind of chrome ring, identical to those in her nipples. She had, like few women the most incredible labia lips that most women would die for, and on top of this she had very soft creamy vampire like white skin. This would suggest that she had never been out in the sun. Her breasts ass thighs and pubic mound would noticeably undulate very sensually with her every movement.

She was an incredible piece of woman flesh and just to watch her walk or move would make any man hard and any woman flush with wanting, not to mention the fact that she could easily put a curve in the straightest, of straight women! If anyone had the ability to put together a beautiful erotic specimen of a wonder woman, Trina would be it. Trina however had never allowed anyone to place her in a submissive roll, since she had been a teenager for her this was a first since then.

She did however think it was worth the effort so Sam could have this feeling of Dominating a woman like her. Trina did have hidden fantasy's of being dominated by a beautiful black woman, and with this opportunity now unfolding as she imagined, was becoming randy and very wet in anticipation as to just how this submissive bondage play might work out?. This is what Sam, had to work with, and in her new outfit commanded Trina to remove what little she was still wearing, leaving her totally nude.

Sam then placed a blindfold on her followed by just cuffing her wrists behind her back, she thought about making this first experience more intricate. Especially with all the devices she had at her disposal, but realized that simple for her, might be a better choice thus starting out as a quick turn on for both, not knowing where it might all end up.

She could save the more complex and detailed things she knew little about for later, and after she had learned a lot more. She took only one other thing and that was a small whip about 4 ' long, it was suppose to be used to train animals but was used here for a slightly different purpose.

It could be effortlessly swung so as to ensure a very quick and painful response from the slave type victim being trained or dominated!.

Sam then placed a leather slave collar on Trina followed by snapping a leash onto the D ring, and then forcefully pulled her out of the booth and lead her around the big room pausing a reasonable amount of time at each of the other booths.

The younger sales girls had never seen Trina in this new subservient roll and were quite surprised by this new very young black woman commanding her to bend over,and spread her legs and bend over so that she could be pinched pulled on paddled, or what ever they wished to do to her. If Trina did not respond quickly enough Sam would let her have it with a stinging lash from this painful nasty whip!. These girls at first, were reluctant to take advantage of this opportunity as Trina had been very mean demanding and abusive to most of them at one time or another.

But with Sam now firmly in control and the girls being true dominates, they quickly realized that they could do whatever they wanted and with no repercussions. Several of them started snapping big lead weights on to the chrome rings that were attached to her nipples and clit, with her bent over like she was, this painfully stretched her clit and nipples was a form of torture, as more and more heavy lead weights were attached stretching her nipples an clitoris to a point far beyond any former abuse she had ever endured!.

She had started meekly protesting what was happening to her, but each complaint was quickly followed by a painful stinging lash to either her bottom or her breasts. The girls were quite taken by this formerly big dominate woman that was now being totally subdued and cooing to Sam that she would do what ever she was told!. Sam quickly discovered that with Trina's clit really stretched she could get the most delightful agonizing squeal out of her by using her whip on Trina's well stretched clitoris!.

One of the girls suggested after they were done with her, that she should be lead outside, and paraded up an down the the back alley naked bound and blindfolded behind the store! They had done similar things to several of their charges in the past and had humiliated them with great success and that the leash should be attached to her clit ring when she took her out! The thinking was that perhaps a number of erotic perverse and sadistic opportunities might present themselves and would ensure more brutal abuse to Trina's beautiful naked and helpless body.

It was just starting to get dark as the girls unhooked the heavy lead weights that had been painfully trying to stretch her nipples away from the rest of her breasts they were now very red, and she was experiencing severe pain where the nipples and breast came together. As she was lead out the back door her beautiful body was now showing numerous deep red welts where the whip had left its mark along with a very red bottom, the heavy lead weight was left on her clit until she was outside in the back alley.

For Trina as the weigh was removed her clit and the feeling quickly went from pain to pleasure, this was almost immediately followed by the leash being reattached to the chrome ring that pierced it. Sam pulled on it quite hard as Trina was forcefully led off down the alley. The first stop was at the back door of a Chinese restaurant on the other side of the alley. The cook, just happened to be standing there whipping his hands on his apron and was quite surprised to see Trina led by quite naked and helpless!.

He and several of his waiters had been insulted and treated quite poorly and very demeaning by her on a number of occasions when she and some of the other girls had dined there.

Sam had suggested to him he could now, do whatever he wanted to her!


This was an opportunity he thought, as his eyes lighted up that would never come his way. This little round face China man asked Sam to have Trina bend over and he would be right back, he quickly scurried off only to return a few moments later with four of the five waiters she had verbally insulted by questioning their man hood!.

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Two of them held her arms and elbows as her wrists were still cuffed behind her back, while the other two knelt down on their knees and grabbed her ankles holding them very tight!. This little round faced China man had brought several wooden paddles, the type that were normally used for tenderizing meat. These paddles were going to be used to insure that Trina's bare bottom would be tenderized in a similar way and receive a very thorough and humiliating paddling for her uncalled for and disgraceful insulting act that these men had suffered, and that she had even perpetuated several times!.

Sam patiently stood there in front of her, occasionally tugging on the leash that was still attached to Trina's clit while this little man eagerly started sadistically paddling her beautiful big round white bottom, Whack, Whack, Whack!

It did not take long before this big beautiful Domineering woman was crying like a baby, and begging for him to stop, this only made him smile as he increased his speed, this was quite and interesting to watch! He had a paddle in both hands and was very expertly paddling her in a crossing manor much like a prizefighter would do to a punching bag.

Whack! Whack!, Whack! OMG! Trina was slobbering as she continued to beg this little China man to stop! After he had satisfied his perverted lust of paddling her, she was still sobbing and begging for him to quit not realizing he had!.

He then noticed that the inside of her thighs were very wet and her cunt had opened right up from this sadistic paddling as if her pussy was asking for more abuse!. For Trina this this was a very natural occurrence especially after being spanked and bent over, her body would relax and easily allow her cunt to voluntarily open in anticipation of intercourse!. The problem for her as a big woman was that in order for her to really enjoy sexual intercourse it required a man with a larger than normal cockthis revelation quickly resulted in this stocky little man unzipping his pants and produced exactly what was needed a penis much larger than what one would expect from a man of his size.

He quickly and quite easily thrust it all the way!. Trina hardly groaned as this man proceeded to hump pump and ram her with the same expert abandon as he had done with the paddles. It had been a long time since she had experienced intercourse with a real cock and although somewhat satisfying even this was leaving her wanting.

After he had gotten off several times he walked around to her front and forced his dick deep into her mouth past her red painted lips telling her in broken english to suck him dry!. This was followed by the waiters that had been holding her, taking their turns with her wide open dripping pussy!. All of these oriental waiters were hung every bit as well as the stocky little cook, and one after the other did so until they too were all spent and could no longer get it up.

The stocky little round faced China man had been pulling her mouth down harder and harder onto his cock as he face fucked her and was holding it there using big hand fulls of her long black beautiful hair to keep her on his dick while he came again in her mouth.

She was gagging as he held her face against his cock, and let his cum load run out around her red lips and drip onto the ground. To Sam's amazement after these men were done ravishing Trina he, the little China man had very politely bowed and told her in his best English, thank you very much and that she, Samanya could expect the best Chinese dinner at this establishment anytime, and at no cost what so ever to her!

Trina with cum on her face and more dripping out of her open pussy was now jerked up onto her feet by Sam and led farther down the the alley. As she did were approached by a gang of tough looking youths who had been attracted by all the commotion.

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They had been watching the proceedings from a distance and had wanted to try there hand at satisfying and abusing this big beautiful black haired woman. Several of them had been eying Sam, thinking that this beautiful young black woman in her skimpy outfit would be an easy mark!

She expertly stopped their advances with a few quick snapping lashes from this nasty whip! This was to the most aggressive of the bunch, and in places that encouraged them to channel there interest elsewhere towards Trina.

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This forcefully reminded them that she, was in charge! Trina's blindfold was removed and she was then uncuffed and hung up by her wrists to an over hanging water pipe and a dozen or so of these young toughs proceeded to fondle and fuck her.

One in the front and another in her rear, while the others fascinated by her large chrome rings groped, and pulled on them one at a time pulling and stretching her big sore white breasts painfully out to either side or what ever part of her naked body they could get there hands on.

The first two emptied themselves into her and the next would take there place Trina was not at all impressed by their performance and encouraged them, by saying come on boys, don't any of you have a big cock! Saying, is that all the better you can do? She effortlessly accommodated all of them in less than twenty minutes.

These young men walked off down the alley muttering to themselves with limp little pricks and shattered egos.

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Trina commented to Sam that the five China men had easily done better and were much more manly and satisfying than the these eight horny young boys. Hinting that maybe she should be taken back to the Chinese Restaurant!.

Sam ignored this comment and after releasing her from the water pipe and leading her farther down the alley and noticed the back door of a small auto repair shop open sensed another opportunity to see Trina abused. The mechanics had been busy and at first had not noticed the two women. When the first mechanic saw this naked woman being led into the back of there garage on a leash by this beautiful scantly clad almost nude young black woman, he whistled very loudly this immediately got the attention of the rest of the mechanics.

They had dropped their tools and were now crowding around Trina, asking Sam what, had brought this wonderful gift to them and how could they ever repay her for this treat!. Sam said not to worry, as all they had to do was make her beg for mercy!. One of the big burly dark skinned and very hairy mechanic that was obviously of Greek decent had asked Sam if this was the same woman, the one that worked at and ran the exotic clothing store and hair salon on the corner, Sam said yes, asking why?.

This big man said that he had helped her some time ago when the Mercedes she was driving had broken down. She in return had not paid him for his services and had called him a poor and dirty excuse of a mechanic, and an even worse example of a man, and that she would never let him touch her Mercedes again.

This was due to the fact that he had left a few greasy finger prints on her car. He swore to all his mechanic buddies that if he ever got his hands on her again she would regret it!. He could not believe his new found good fortune. He then asked Sam to lead Trina over to one of the hoists that was already up in the air with a car on it, and had Sam help him attach her wrists up to the hoist. After this was done he raised the hoist up a little farther so that Trina's toes even in 5" heels were just barely touching the floor.

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He then told his men to squeeze, grope fondle and fuck her as hard and brutal as they could! As they did, one after another they had purposely left very dark greasy hand and finger prints all over her white breasts bottom thighs and pussy!. These men were all very well hung and did as they were told.

After they had all satisfied themselves numerous times. Trina had enjoyed them all as they had filled and stretched her pussy slightly bigger than that of the China men. But she started to tremble as this big burly man wheeled over an old Sun scope, electronic tune up machine. He had cleverly modified it so that the coil testing part would produce multiple high voltage electric shocks and could be adjusted to different levels of electrical intensity.

Taking the two leads with large alligator clips attached and painfully clamped them on, one at a time to the fleshy parts Trina's nipples next to the chrome rings! The third one was attached to the coil tester of the old sun scope and was vishously clamped on the very end of her large clitoris!.

She screamed out as the sharp teeth bit into her sensitive flesh! He had an enormous Greek Rod that was fast comming to attention and went around behind her, and without any type of lube rammed this big Greek cock up and into her asshole! The size of it and the brutality of this sudden act caught Trina by surprise! She screamed in pain, then one of his mechanic buddies turned the coil testing part of the machine on and mistakenly to full blast!

The results of this was a very painful contracting and releasing of her asshole sphincter muscle and love tunnel!

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Her breasts thighs and buttocks would jiggle flail around violently and contract even more violently each time the electrical current was applied!. Even though the big Greek was getting shocked each time as well as she, it did not bother him one bit!.

This only made him thrust deeper and deeper into her. The pain for Trina was almost unbearable, this so used and drained her that after a while she was just hanging there by her wrists along with being impaled by his dick in her asshole! Her toes, were nowhere near the ground, this was followed by her first begging, and then screaming for him to stop. The problem was, she was only able to beg and scream between these shocking applications.

Finally after some time he gleefully got off and pulled out with cum dripping from her asshole and left her hanging! He was not sure, she had felt the full force of the machine. So he went over and made sure the clamp and the sharp teeth of the clamp was biting deep into her clitoris! Then he turned the switch off and on several times and dial up as far as it would go, twisting the knob several times to the stop, making certain that the machine was to the highest possible setting and had given its all.

The results of this made her sequel groan and jerk all at the same time almost like a rag doll puppet and as if she really was being electrocuted!. The alligator clips were finally removed from her privates and by then she was so used that she just hung there.blubbering incoherently!. Trina was then unhooked from the hoist and promptly collapsed on the floor, several of the mechanics pulled her up onto her feet and were helping her along to the back door of the garage, and into the alley.

This big burley Greek mechanic was very satisfied with himself having a big smirk on his face, and that he had made this big Domineering Bitch of a Woman beg for them to stop!. But this begging had done little in slowing them down or keeping them from using her in this most brutal and sadistic way.

Sam just let Trina lean against the wall in the alley for almost 10 minutes with her legs trembling uncontrollably until her composure had somewhat returned. Her body was still jerking and every few seconds it would involuntarily tense up and spasm as if the electro coil machine was still hooked to her goodies and doing its thing!. Trina could not stop these convulsions, as every few moments her breasts were tossed up and out to each side rather violently and her pubic muscle's would convulse, shake role and ripple uncontrollably.

This was very erotic and stimulating to watch as Sam led her back down the alley. As Sam was leading her along they passed two homeless men who had been going in the opposite direction, both were dirty and unkempt. However both had acquired gigantic hard on's after Sam had offered Trina to them! These men had genuine smiles of thanks and gratitude on there faces as Trina was forced down on her knees still occasionally shuddering in the middle of the alley, and they proceeded to take turns first face fucking the crap out of her, and then fucking her in her sore ass hole and gaping pussy!

Their life on the street had not diminished their interest and ability in sex at all, and they had no trouble at all, sticking their very hard cocks, one in her mouth and the other in her pussy!. Trina had never in her life had this many large male cocks in her, in such a short period of time, and was starting to enjoy this new found feeling of humiliation and sexual satisfaction. After about twenty minutes they had satisfied themselves several times and had stuffed their dripping cocks into there dirty pants, again thanking Sam over and over for this unexpected and pleasurable sexual encounter.

Continued in Part 5