Two White Chicks Share Black Stud

Two White Chicks Share Black Stud
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NOTE: If only a camera like this really existed I could make a fortune from those tabloids. Nudie Camera Dad had bought me a very expensive camera for my sixteenth birthday.

He knew how much I liked photography and that I was in the photo club at school. I was even on the Yearbook Staff. It was one of the latest digital cameras on the market and used multi-millions of pixels.

It even used real interchangeable lenses and he got a couple of them to start me out with. I took pictures of my beautiful mother and of my even more beautiful sister Genevieve. At seventeen years old Genevieve was the most beautiful girl in our school and everybody knew it. She had been in many beauty pageants and had won them. In fact Genevieve had won every beauty pageant that she had ever been in.

Genevieve was tall, thin, and very curvaceous. She had the figure of a full statuesque woman. The best part was that she loved to have me take pictures of her so I took a lot of them. She checked them out in my viewfinder with me too. Later that evening I downloaded them and she selected two that she wanted copies of for her portfolio. The next day in school the bad ass football center tackled me up against my locker knocking the breath out of me.

I had been afraid that he might have broken my new camera. When I checked it out it looked okay but I clicked off a couple of pictures of him down the hallway telling his buddies how he had pounded me. Sure pick on the little guy. His parents must be so proud of him.

Throughout the day I took pictures of most of my teachers and of the girls choir. After school I took pictures of the girls track team. My new telephoto lens would let me catch them from far away.

That was great because I was so far away that they didn't actually know that I was taking their picture as if I was just a few feet away from them.

When I got home I downloaded the pictures and looked at them. Oh my God! None of the girls had any clothes on. No one of the people in any of the pictures was dressed. Everyone was nude, everyone. I went right down stairs and snapped a few pictures of mom in the kitchen. When I checked the review in my camera they were okay.

I was so relieved. Then I went up to my room and downloaded them into my computer. Once again the clothes had disappeared and mom was standing there in the kitchen totally naked. What in the world was happening? I went to my bedroom window that overlooks the street in front of our house.

I took pictures of every girl that I saw on the street even the ones on bicycles and in cars. When I looked in my review they were all dressed but when I downloaded them into my computer their clothes had disappeared. The girls on bicycles were leaned over and their tits were hanging down very nicely. The girls in cars were naked from what I could see which was mostly their breasts.

I noticed that I got a hard-on. Then mom called me down to dinner. I looked at mom in an entirely different way now.

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Hell I even looked at my sister Genevieve in a different way too. Right after dinner I told mom that I wanted to go out and take some more pictures.

It was okay with both of my parents. Then Genevieve asked if she could go to the shopping mall. Mom said that she would take her after they had done the dishes and that I was welcome to tag along with them if I wanted too.

Yes, I thought that would work out perfectly. So I went up to my room, changed batteries in my camera, and put my stuff in my backpack. I carried my camera and took a few shots of mom and Genevieve in the kitchen. But time I got some nice side and front shots too. All the way to the shopping mall I kept taking pictures of every girl that I saw that wasn't in a car. Of course a few girls that were in cars that I could see well enough I took pictures of too.

When we got to the mall I pointed out a place where I wanted mom to park her van. Genevieve bitched about it because it was so far away from the entrance and that she would have to walk, but mom did as I asked.

I stayed in the van while they walked in. I had picked that spot because it aimed the rear of mom's van right at the main entrance to the shopping mall. Mom's windows were tinted pretty dark and I got in the rear facing seats in the back and started taking pictures. I got mom and Genevieve walking away hand in hand.

I then I lifted my feet up to the windowsill and positioned the long lens on my knees and started taking pictures of every girl that came out of the mall entrance. I didn't care if they were young or old, fat or skinny, black or white. I just took pictures and more than one of each if I could.


By the time mom and Genevieve came out I had taken nearly a thousand pictures with Genevieve being my main target as she walked toward me. At home I rushed to my bedroom to see the results while Genevieve rushed to her bedroom to change into her new outfit.

She had said that she wanted me to take pictures of her later and I had said okay. Every single girl that I had photographed at the mall was naked. There were some really great pictures too. I caught some cute Oriental girls with their black hair covered pussies and their adorable little titties. I caught a lot of women with shaved pussies too. But Genevieve walking at me was the best yet. I didn't know that she shaved her pussy hair into a cute little heart.

I also noticed that as she had walked away that Tommy had written 'I love you' on her left ass cheek and had even signed it 'love Tommy.' Genevieve's new outfit was a pair of skintight blue jeans that looked like they were painted on her. She had on a blue jean vest too with no shirt and no bra.

She was sexy as hell. I got hard and she just smiled. That was all she ever did when she made me hard. This time I knew that the clothes would disappear so I tried to imagine the picture differently this time. I was looking for some erotic sexual pictures of her.

After taking a bunch I got her up against the wall squatting down low with her knees spread wide. In that position I knew that I would see her breasts and she would have her pussy opened up for me.

I took several pictures of her like that and some were very close shots of her too. She wanted to come up and see them so that she could get one or two for her portfolio. I couldn't let that happen but how could I stop her? So reluctantly I let her follow me up to my bedroom. Then I closed the door and locked it. She knew that something was up.

Then I told her that my camera removed her clothes and that I could see her completely naked. Obviously she laughed and called me a liar. So I told her that her pussy hair was shaved in the shape of a heart and that Tommy had written I love you on her left ass cheek. She got mad at me so I showed her the pictures that I had just taken of her in my camera with her dressed and then I downloaded them to my computer.

When I pulled them up there was a tight shot of her pussy and of her left ass cheek. She freaked out. Just to get her mind off herself I showed her the pictures that I had taken of the big fat football center with his tiny little pecker and she laughed. Then I showed her the rose that mom had tattooed on her bare pussy mound. Rose was mom's first name. Then I showed her many of the women that I took coming out of the mall. Genevieve was impressed and smiling now, but why. Genevieve got a evil expression on her face.

She was no longer mad at me. She wanted me to take pictures of every one of her girlfriends in school so that she could see them.

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She was up to something! She wanted mostly ass pictures but she also wanted to be able to identify them too. When I asked her why she told me that she suspected her boyfriend of cheating on her with at least two of her girlfriends. It seems that he always fucks Genevieve doggy style and that he always signs her ass with a permanent magic marker afterwards.

She said that was his way of marking his territory. She wanted me to help her get the proof that he was cheating on her. When I asked her about the pictures that I had taken of her she just smiled and told me to send them to Playboy. That thought had already crossed my mind. I was glad that my sister had taken it all so well. I hadn't expected that at all. I wondered if she had posed nude before. Oh well! At the end of school the next day I caught Genevieve and her beautiful girlfriends all together.

I asked for a group picture and Genevieve helped to talk them into cooperating. I took several front shots of the girls.

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When I was done it was Genevieve that suggested that I take pictures of them from behind too and of course they all turned around for me. That was exactly what Genevieve had wanted to happen. Genevieve rushed home with me to see the downloads. There were three girls with I love you and signed by Tommy. Of course Genevieve was one of those girls and the two that she had suspected were the other two girls. Now what? The next day Genevieve had gotten herself and the two girls in question invited to model in a fashion show in a couple of weeks and she had gotten me a photography permit to take pictures there too.

She told me that I would be in the holding area.


That was after the girls were in their dresses and before they went out on stage. There I could get each girl alone against a wall.

It would look as if they had actually posed nude for me on purpose. Genevieve said that I could take pictures of all the girls but that she especially wanted pictures of those two girls in as many provocative poses as possible. She was looking for blackmail material. When the day of the fashion show arrived all three girls were very excited about getting some real runway experience. They met at our house and Genevieve asked me to start taking pictures.

Of course she knew what would come out or rather what wouldn't come out like their clothes.

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With all three of them on her bed Genevieve kissed each girl on the lips and got them to kiss her nipples through her dress. She buried her face in their crotches and they did the same to her. Then Genevieve got on her knees, lifted her ass up, and had them kiss her ass cheeks. I was all smiles because I knew that the pictures would look fantastic. At the fashion show they were there two hours early as required. I was assigned a chair to sit in and told that I was not to enter the dressing room under any circumstance.

However Genevieve got the other two girls to come out to me after their hair and makeup was complete. They were just wearing their bras and panties. It was very nice. I got hard of course and my sister just smiled. Genevieve was beautiful as always. She was wearing a pretty lacy pink bra and matching panties. When she turned around the panties were a skimpy pair of G-strings. Stacey her seventeen-year-old girlfriend was wearing a black strapless bra and panties. Her panties were also G-string.

Nikki her eighteen-year-old girlfriend was wearing a push-up bra that gave her some terrific cleavage. She too was wearing a G-string.

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Genevieve was very cleaver as she got the girls to place just their index fingers on their nipples, lift their middle fingers to me for pictures, and then to slip their fingers down into their panties to finger their clits for me. It was totally unbelievable. I could hardly believe it when Genevieve slipped her finger down the front of Stacey's panties and played with her clit as she kissed her on the lips.

Stacey returned the favor by fingering my sister's clit too. Then Stacey did the same thing to Nikki who in turn did the same thing to Stacey and Genevieve. It was fantastic to watch three beautiful girls finger each other's clits right there in front of me.

The other two girls could not believe it when Genevieve let me finger her clit for a picture. I could hardly believe it myself either.

This was a part of my sister that I had never seen before and I liked it. Then she had me cup her pussy and insert my middle finger up into her wet fuck hole. The other two girls went crazy seeing Genevieve let her brother finger fuck her like that. When she had enough she told the other girls to let me do it to them too. I couldn't believe it when Genevieve picked up my camera and got pictures of me fingering their clits and finger fucking them right there in the waiting area where anyone could have seen us.

Genevieve made sure that I gave each girl an orgasm to get them excited before the show. They sure were excited and so was I. However I could get off so easily.


When the show finally got started I saw some the prettiest girls in our town in some of the prettiest dresses. Each one was more than happy to pose for me as she awaited her turn to walk down the runway.

They would change costumes and get back in line to go again. Stacey and Nikki always did something sexy for me. The other girls noticed and started to do sexy things for me too.

By the end of the showcase practically every model had done something special for the camera and I had gotten to finger about half of their pussies too. On the way home the three girls just raved about their first experience as models. Genevieve talked the other two into spending the night with her so that they could keep talking.

They liked the idea. Later that evening my sister got Stacey and Nikki under the sheet with her and as far as I knew they were all naked. Knowing that the sheet would disappear Genevieve got both girls to eat her out under the covers. I could hardly believe it. I wanted to see the action so badly that my cock hurt. Of course after they had eaten my sister they wanted Genevieve to eat them too and she did even knowing that I was taking pictures of her.

Finally it was Stacey and Nikki that were locked into a very steamy sixty-nine under the covers. Genevieve then said that I could fuck her if the other girls would let me fuck them too. They only agreed just so that they could watch me fuck my sister but they agreed. They also agreed that we didn't need that stupid sheet over us anymore either. So I fucked my sister in the missionary position.

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She was on her back and I was between her legs. I was a virgin and she knew it but the other girls didn't. Genevieve helped me get my cock in her pussy and she let me do pushups on her body.

I had fantasized about that many times but doing it for real was something else. Her wet warm pussy was so nice wrapped around my cock. It was much better than my hand too. I pushed my cock into her repeatedly. It was a wonderful feeling that I wanted to go on forever but I had had a hard-on from the time I had gotten up. I filled her with cum all to quickly.

When I pulled my cock out of my sister's wonderful pussy Stacey replaced it with her tongue. Wow! Stacey was eating my cum from my sister's pussy. Wow! In a very short time I was hard again and ready for action. Stacey was on her knees in front of my still eating my cum so I slipped my cock into her pussy from behind.

I could now see how Tommy liked this position with all of them. As I fucked Stacey I could see her ass cheeks ripple as I slammed into them sending shock waves out in every direction. It reminded me of throwing a rock into a pond. It was great besides I could reach down and play with her swinging tits. I liked that position. Then I finally I cum in Stacey's pussy too. That time it was Nikki's turn to replace my cock with her tongue. It took longer for me to get hard and by that time the girls were finished with each other.

Nikki then pushed me onto the bed on my back and climbed on top. I loved her bigger breasts and way they shook as she fucked herself on my cock. I couldn't take my eyes off from them. Then Nikki turned around to face my feet. That gave me an excellent view of my cock in her pussy with her outer lips stretched tightly around my shaft.

Then there was her asshole to look at. I had never seen one before let along this close up. It was brown and puckered but it was drawing me to it. Now I wanted anal sex more that ever before. That though got me too excited and I cum in her. When Nikki got up I could see a big white mess of cum all over her opening and some of it dripped out of her and landed on my cock.

Since Genevieve was behind the camera it was Stacey that went to Nikki's crotch and I got out of the way. This was certainly much better than seeing it through that damn sheet that's for sure. Genevieve gave me my camera back and let me get some good pictures of the two girls together while she sucked my cock clean. The next morning when I checked on them the three girls were naked in bed and fooling around like the close girlfriends that they were.

Genevieve said that they had talked things out and that they we all done with Tommy. I was glad that they had worked things out. The good news was that the three girls liked sharing me and wanted to continue doing so. That was fine with me. Since Genevieve was over her revenge idea I needed to figure out to do next my nudie camera.

I figured that I could get rich taking pictures of celebrities with their clothes on and then selling the naked copies to the tabloids.

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