Irresistible teens like to satisfy one another

Irresistible teens like to satisfy one another
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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 6 SECRETS Rach told mom she wasn't feeling well, and was skipping dinner and going to bed early. I felt guilty, thinking I pushed her too much at the mall. I checked the webcam; she had left it on, so I at least knew she wasn't mad at me.

With her computer still on her bedside table, I could see her hair splayed across her pillow. Her face was turned away, so I couldn't tell if she was sleeping, or just not moving much. I couldn't stand the thought that I had caused her pain. I went to her door; opening it silently, I crept through, and closed it behind me. Rach was lying in her bed, wearing one of my old t-shirts as a nightgown.

"Rach? Are you O.K.? I asked as loudly as I dared; wanting to keep this visit from our mom. She shifted in bed, and groggily lifted her head. "Hey" she said long and dreamily. Taking that as a sign I was welcome, I went to her, and sat on the edge of her bed, near her feet.

"Mom said you were sick" the concern evident in my voice. "I was just so tired. I've never cum that much, or that hard in my life" she continued dreamily.

Feeling relieved, I put my hand on her calf, the closest part of her body, and, giving it a squeeze, said "I'm glad you're O.K." "You got my message?" she asked, waking up a bit more. "Yep" I chirped, "I'll try to live up to your trust in me." I finished, smiling. She sat up, and pulled down her sheets. "See?" she said lifting up her shirt, clearly happy to have our toy on, and eager for me to appreciate her for it.

"I should have woken you up that way." I kidded, pulling the remote from my pocket, where I had decided it would live forever. "Please no more tonight" she said, exhaustedly flopping backwards, not bothering to pull up her sheets, or pull down her shirt. "My whole body aches like I ran a marathon." "Do you want a massage?" I asked, then added "no funny business, I promise" Showing her the remote returning to my pocket. "That would be wonderful" she said luxuriously stretching.

Swimming being a co-ed sport, I had given, and received many massages from girl teem-mates at meets, so I had developed a pretty good technique. After turning her over, and having her remove her shirt, I gave her a full body, deep tissue massage.

Rach ooed, and groaned, clearly enjoying it. If I spent a little extra time on her butt, no one could blame me. When I was done, she gave me a big hug, and pulled me down to lay with her. "Stay for a while, please" Rach cooed, dragging out the "please" like a kid asking for candy. I spooned her. Rach held my arm to her with both of hers, and nestled back into me, like I was a big teddy bear.

I was proud of myself that I refrained from growing a woody. It was nice to just lay there, skin on skin. With the smell of her hair so sweet, I fell asleep to blissful dreams.

I woke up with a start, panicked that I had overslept. I glanced around the room to find a clock.

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Finally spotting it, I saw it was 5:30am. Practice was starting right now, I thought, starting to freak. I endeavored to sooth my distress, rationalizing that I was way ahead on my attendance quota, and I would do extra running today to make up for it. Gently slipping from Rach's bed, I locked the door just in case mom was collecting for laundry, (the only time she came upstairs) and returned to Rach.

When I woke later, it was to Rach's panicked whisper "Jake…Jake…you're missing practice." "I know" I said yawning "it was worth it." "You aren't going to get in trouble?" she asked doubtfully. "Oh, Coach will ask me why I wasn't there." I said blithely. "Should I tell him?" I asked, smiling at Rach. She punched me lightly in the chest. "Maybe you should" she said smiling back, and laying back down, putting her head where she had just punched me, she laid her leg across mine, and slid it slowly up and down.

"Now don't start something you don't intend to finish" I joked. We laid there a while, quietly. "Jake?" Rach said, breaking the silence; concern in her voice. "I don't know how long we can keep this a secret. I keep wanting to tell someone how happy I am." "Well" I said thinking, "it has to stay a secret from mom and dad.

Is there anyone who you really, really, really trust?" "You" Rach offered. "Well I already know." I said, smiling in spite of myself. "I think I can trust Sharon. Besides, she told me about stuff she did with her cousin." Rach mused. I tried to think of Sharon's cousins.

I had met some at her pool before. The only boy cousin I knew, Timmy, was two years younger than me, making him 12. "Timmy?" I asked skeptically. "No, Denise." Rach answered. "Wow!" blurted from me, remembering Denise. She was older, maybe 18; a tall and skinny blond girl with a tattoo on her hip (I had masturbated to her also). "I need to spend more time over at that pool." I said joking (mostly joking).

She shoved me with her hip, silently telling me to watch it. "I think you should tell her then." I offered. Rach sat up, "Really?" she asked, both incredulous and hopeful. "Well you know about her and Denise. You've got insurance" I said, still trying to imagine Sharon and Denise. "That'd be great" she said, and I realized, Rach wasn't asking for advise, she was asking for consent. It was our secret, and she didn't feel right telling someone without us both agreeing to it.

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"Do you want to tell someone?" she asked, a bit nervous. "Sure" I said, "I'll tell Denise" I added, earning me another push from Rach's hip. "Why did Sharon tell you about Denise?" I added, still picturing them, and eager to for more info to help the images swirling through my brain.

"Oh…Well…She…um" Rach trailed off. I sat up too, my curiosity peaking, and turned to face Rach. I noticed she was looking down at her hands, obviously embarrassed. "Rach?" I said, trying to coax her past her embarrassment.

"She was telling me how much fun it was with a girl, she umm, wanted to, have…fun with me too." Rach said, finishing quickly, still looking down at her hands. "Really? Did you have 'fun'?" I asked, my excitement showing. She looked up at me, and smiling a small smile, nodded her head. "If you tell me about it, I won't have to use one of my slave hours to get it out of you." I said, lecherously.

Rach giggled, embarrassed and maybe a little exited to share it with me. "O.K., Let me see." She said, clearly getting ready for a story. I laid back down, and settled myself for her tale. Rach lay on top of me, straddling my left leg. Setting her hands on my chest, and her chin on her hands, she looked at me, clearly interested in my reactions, and started her story.

"About two years ago, we were in her Jacuzzi. We were both getting off on the jets. Afterwards, Sharon asked if I'd had someone go down on me yet. I told her no, and asked if she had. She said she had had a couple of people do it. I asked how it was. Sharon said that the first time was Tyler Stevens, a boy from our class that she went with for a while.

She said it was weird; he licked her like he was lapping water. She said the second time she got "eaten out' she called it, it was amazing, better than the Jacuzzi. I asked who did it. She said it was a girl. I was surprised. I tried to think of which of our friends did it to her. I asked if it was Karen, or Nicole. I knew they both liked girls. She said no, and I thought she wasn't going to tell me. Then she just kinda blurted out 'Denise'." I shifted a little, giving my cock room to grow, and Rach giggled a little.

"Get to the good stuff" I said impatiently. "O.K. O.K., be patient." She giggled some more, then continued. "So I asked why it was so good. She said it was like Denise knew what she liked. Sharon got up on the edge of the Jacuzzi and showed me her pussy. I'd seen it of course. We'd been swimming naked and using the Jacuzzi together for a while." My cock was at full strength by now, and cramped in my shorts. I reached down with my right hand, and undid my shorts.

My cock sprang free, landing on the side of Rach's left butt cheek. She looked over her shoulder, and giggled "Someone's enjoying my story." "So she was showing me her pussy, and trying to explain. I wasn't getting it. Sharon told me to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi too. I thought she was going to keep explaining, but when I got up on the edge, she got back in, and came over to me. 'Let me show you?' she asked." My dick throbbed and bounced on Rach's ass.

Rach ground her crotch on my hip a little, getting turned on too, either from the story, or from the affect the story was having on me, or both.

Rach continued, slight huskiness creeping into her voice "I wasn't sure what to say. I guess my curiosity won out, cuz I said 'O.K.' It was strange at first. I'd never thought of Sharon that way, but she must have learned a lot from Denise; it felt so good." She had growled "good", through her teeth, and pushed her pussy into my hip bone hard. I put my left hand on her right ass cheek, and squeezed. Through the distraction, Rach continued breathily, "I came really suddenly, and Sharon was so nice, I wasn't nervous about it anymore.

We've done it a bunch since then" Rach finished. I was putting things together in my head. "Didn't you have a sleep-over last year at Sharon's, with Denise?" I asked, retracing my memory. I continued in a rush as my brain caught up "I remember, because mom sent me over to get you the next day, and I had to go around to the front door, because you guys weren't outside.

You wouldn't open the door. And then when you did, they were standing behind you giggling.

I remember that too, because I thought you were all making fun of me." "But you weren't making fun of me" I offered, understanding blossoming. "I interrupted you guys while you were…" I trailed off, hardly believing my reasoning. Rach smiled guiltily and nodded. "You want to know the best part?" she said, leading me. "Sharon had her finger in my pussy while I was talking to you. That's why they were giggling." Rach finished with another hard grind into my hip.

"I can't take much more Rach" I said, "My dick is so hard it's killing me." She reached back, and squeezed it with her left hand. "I wish it was killing me" she said, looking at me seriously. "Really? Do you mean…" I trailed off as Rach nodded. She sat up on her knees, and popping our toy out, discarded it, and straddled me. She leaned forward, putting her hands to either side of my head; her beautiful torso hanging suspended over me. "Can I?" Rach asked hopefully.

"YES!" I answered. "But I need to pull out before I cum." Without answering me, Rach reached between her legs and grabbed me. She backed up, and I felt the warmth, and wetness of her pussy on the head of my cock.

She moved it up and down her pussy, teasing us both. As Rach backed up, I felt my head pushing her apart. Slowly, she pushed back harder; her hand shaking, still holding my cock to her. In an instant, I felt the head of my dick enveloped. It was so much more intense than anything I had experienced; I grabbed the bed, holding myself from floating away.

I looked up at Rachel, my beautiful sister, hovering over me. Her face was a mixture of shock, pleasure and pain. Breathing deeply, she lowered herself slowly onto me.

I felt the tightness of her pussy pressing against my cock; resisting her advance.

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Rach continued slowly lowering herself onto me. Then, with most of my cock wrapped tightly by Rach's amazing pussy, I felt pressure on the end of my dick.

Rach froze, and staying still, quivering slightly. She held herself there, completely filled by me, for a few seconds, and then after one more deep breath she started to move. At first her movements were slow and deliberate.

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An inch up, and back down, and again an inch, and again. Her speed gradually increased, and our eyes locked, as her breathing shortened. Her eyes turned fierce, as she continued to build speed, and gradually, she rose higher, and came down harder. I grabbed her ass, pulling her onto me. Her breath, now gasps, ended with a squeak.

I was not able to last any longer, and warned "Rach I'm gona cum!" She lifted her ass up popping her pussy from around me, and jumped back on the bed, grabbing my cock. Before she could lower her mouth onto me, my first jet of cum sprayed up into her face. Her lips enveloped me, and I bucked my hips into her, sinking deep into her mouth. I came hard into her, grunting with each release.

As my thrusts diminished, and I came back down, all I could think of was that I NEEDED to make her cum too. With adrenaline surging through me, I slid up in her bad, yanking my dick from her hand and mouth. Rach looked at me, a question in her eyes, as I got off the bed.

I grabbed her, and spun her away from me. Seeing her ass in the air propelled me into action. I aimed my dick into her, and thrusting deep, filled her; but that was for me. I knew what she needed.

I angled downward with my dick, aiming for the spongy spot that would make her go insane. It was harder to feel with my dick than my fingers, but I knew when I hit it.

Her back arched, and she grunted, and I knew I was home. I slammed that spot, and her grunts turned into whines. Holding her hips, I pulled her into my thrusts, powering into her. Rach's whines silenced, and I was about to change my aim, when I felt her pussy clamp down, and at the same time, push my dick, as if it was trying to eject me. My hold on her hips kept her up as her legs went straight, her knees coming off the bed.

I held her there, forcing my dick to remain buried as her legs shook violently at my sides. Finally I heard her take deep gasp of air, and her whole body convulsed. I managed to keep hold of her hips, but barely, as every muscle in her body contorted her.


Her flailing ended abruptly and she melted, quivering on the bed, occasional spasms causing her legs to jump feebly. I lay down on top of her prone body, nestling my dick, coated in her cum, between her ass cheeks, and held her there till her spasms ceased. "Was that your first time?" Rach panted. "Uhu" I panted back. "Sorry I came so quick; but it felt so good inside you." "You were great." She dismissed my concern.

"I was worried I wouldn't be able to take you. But I did it." She continued proudly. "That as my first time too." she admitted. "Well you were great too" I said.

Flexing her ass against my dick, she smiled sweetly over her shoulder "Thanks Big Bro." I rolled off of her, and onto my back. Rach put her head back on my chest. We laid there for a while, luxuriating in our shared, post-cum high. Rach fell asleep, but I, wanting to get my run out of the way before the morning cool was replaced by the daytime heat, reluctantly slid out from under my sleeping sister, and snuck to my room to change into my running gear.

As I changed, I left Rach a msg on the computer. "Gone for a long run. Be back by 10:30." I got on my bike, and started the 5 mile bike to the park where I liked to run. When I returned home, Rach was gone.

She had left me a msg. "I told Sharon!!! OMG I was nervous. Had some errands. Be back by 12. LUV U" I sat and stared at her last 2 words.

"She loves me" I thought, overcome with pleasure and undeserved gratitude that I was on the receiving end of this angel's love. I went and took a much needed shower, reveling in my sister's love. Dad was coming back today and I had yet to mow the lawn. Knowing it was worth the work to keep him from harping about it all through dinner; out I went, in shorts and sneakers, the "Rach Remote" in my pocket as always.

As I was tackling the back yard, I saw Sharon peek up over the fence, and wave at me. "Oh God" I thought to myself. She knows. And then I thought "she's probably naked behind that fence". Without any thought of being unfaithful to Rach, (I wasn't sure what our relationship demanded, but it felt like it would be wrong) I tuned off the mower, and walked over to Sharon.

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"Hay Jake" she said tauntingly. "Hi Sharon" I returned. She was standing on the fence rail on her side, putting her above me. Weather because, being my height, I was unused to people looking down on me, or because I felt particularly vulnerable with the situation, I climbed up on the fence rail on our side, bringing me close, and raising me above Sharon. Glancing casually down, I saw that my assumption was correct; she was on her tiptoes, bare ass to the world. I had been naked with her for hours at her pool, but somehow this was different.

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Maybe because Rach wasn't here, she seemed more appealing. I looked more blatantly, feeling no shame; after all, she had looked at my dick just as blatantly at the Jacuzzi. Sharon bounced slightly on her toes, bringing my eyes up to her breasts. They trembled with her motion, her nipples writing in the air. Seeming at least unconcerned, and at most happy, with my unveiled ogling, she said knowingly "I heard you had fun this morning".

Feeling myself laid bare, I attempted to even the score. "Well you've been having fun with Rach for a while. It was my turn." I quipped. That set her aback. The score being evened now, I attempted to turn the conversation more neutral.

"So, do you know where Rach went?" Sharon gigged, and springing off the fence, walked away; her naked but bouncing. She looked over her shoulder, one of Rach's evil grins on her face, and said "you'll see." That teaser kept me preoccupied as I worked to finish the lawn. Sharon was obviously in the know, and seemed excited by it. There was just no figuring it out. I resigned myself to being patient, and waiting till Rach returned.

I finished my work, and was in the kitchen pouring myself some lemonade to cool off, when I heard Rach's jeep pull alongside our house. I poured a second glass, and went out onto the patio in the back yard. "Rach, I'm back here" I yelled, sitting in one of the chairs under the awning. Rach rounded the corner. She was wearing her "Bite Me" shorts (little pink shorts with "Bite Me" in big white letters across her ass), and a tank top that ended 3 or 4 inches from the shorts.

"Wow, you look good enough to eat" I said getting to my feet. She skipped over to me, and dropping her bag, jumped onto me, her legs wrapping around my waist. "So do you, Big Bro" she cooed, and we kissed, me holding her ass to keep her from slipping. As our kiss subsided, I sat down, bringing Rach with me onto my lap. "I brought you lemonade" I said, gesturing to her glass.


"Thanks," she said sweetly, bending to recover her drink. Sitting back up, and looking slightly down at me, she turned more serious. "We need to talk." She pronounced. "That's never good" I responded, feeling a cloud coming. "No, no, it's nothing bad, really!" She interjected, attempting to assuage my evident worry. "I told Sharon about this morning." She said, a bit guiltily. "I know, she told me." I returned, and now it was Rach's turn to look worried.

"You talked? What about?" she asked, concern furrowing her pretty brow. "Just that she heard about last night, and you were out on an errand that 'I'd find out about' when you got home." I offered, seeing her worry fade some, but not completely. "Oh good." She said, clearly gathering herself for something.

"Sharon thinks it's hot, you and me" she started, "but she was bummed, because she wanted to um…get with you." I responded "I'd never do that to you Rach." "I know.

You're sweet." She said quickly, indicating I should shut up and listen. "We came up with a way she could kinda have you" she continued, "but not really" she added, seeing slight alarm on my face. "I picked up this" she said, bending over to retrieve the bag she had brought. She put the bag between us, and opened it for me to look inside.

I peered into the bag. All I could see was 1 good sized plastic carton, the kind of packaging on stuff that makes it impossible to open. I reached in and lifted the package, seeing the nervousness on Rach's face. I read "Dildo Molding Kit, Size Large." Speechless, I looked to Rach, encouraging her to explain.

"See" she said, pointing to the picture of a man holding his dick in one hand, and an exact copy dildo in the other. "This way, she can have part of you" she giggled a little on the word "part", "and you don't have too…" she trailed off, her look of worry returning. I sat there, trying to catch up; to make my brain wrap around the concept. "I guess it's sorta flattering." I finally responded cautiously, seeing Rach's face light up.

"You'll do it then?" Rach piped, bouncing on my lap. "Sure, why not." I conceded. Rach pulled the bag from between us, and pressed herself to me. We made out, Rach grinding her hips into the bulge in the front of my shorts. I slipped my hand in my pocket, and pushed the clit button once. She jumped; a surprised naughty smile lit her face. "You are bad" she scolded. "Can we do it now?" Rach asked, looking at the package.

"O.K." I answered, and hopping off my lap, grabbing the bag in one hand, and my hand, in the other, she led me into the house, and up to the bathroom. She managed to get the package open, and read the instructions, while I sat, seemingly forgotten on the edge of the tub.

Working like a scientist absorbed in her experiment, I watched her ass moving as she worked at the sink. "In about 5 minutes, I'm gona need you." she said preoccupied. "Then I need you right now." I answered her, feeling left out. She turned to me "I'm sorry sweetie, I'm ignoring you aren't I?" she said, coming over to me, and bending at the waist to kiss me.

"I'm just sayin" I muttered between kisses, "if you want somthin to mold, you gota work for it." "Besides, don't you want Sharon to know, every time she uses 'me', you're the one who got me that way?" I chided, when our kiss ended. "I know" she said brightly, and she pulled off her top, and turned her ass to me wiggling it in my face. I bit her butt, not hard, but enough for her to squeal. "I'm just following directions" I joked, and then I slowly pulled down her shorts, gradually revealing her perfect ass.

She continued wiggling as I lowered her shorts. "That better?" she asked, turning to me, her butt continuing to wiggle, as she smiled innocently. It was hard to believe her face and writhing naked body were connected. "Much" I said, my eyes now on her swaying hips. Rach returned to her experiment, but continued to move her ass and hips while she worked. "She is really talented" I thought, following every move of her body. Finally, she turned back to me.

"It's time for your big cock" she said, looking expectantly at my crotch. "It says you need to be wet" she said, coming to me, her hips swaying. "Let me see" she commanded, and I stood, and dropped my shorts, revealing my prized possession.

Rach steered me onto the closed lid of the toilet, and pushed me down.

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Turning her ass to me, she bent over. I could see her pussy and asshole, slick with her juice; the toy still firmly in place over her clit. Her hand reached to remove the toy. I stopped her. "No, leave it" I said, having picked up on just how she planned on getting my dick wet. She looked back at me, smiling evilly, and sank slowly onto me. As she I slid into her, I could feel the egg, pressed up against her little sponge. It gave way to me, and we passed, two strangers in a beautiful night.

She sank all the way, landing softly on my lap, her knees wobbling. "I'm so full" she gasped, as I reached for the pocket of my shorts. I retrieved the remote, as she started to slowly rise.


I held her waist, remote in hand, and let her rise till I felt myself pass the egg again, then I held her there, and turned it on to 2. Rach immediately began to shudder. I pulled her down again, feeling an electric jolt, as the egg rubbed down the underside of my cock. It felt amazing. I quickly pulled her down all the way to sit in my lap, then holding her down, turned both vibes to 3.

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"Oh, god" Rach managed to sputter helplessly, her body shaking. Within seconds Rach screamed, high pitched and earsplitting, and I felt her pussy clamp onto me like a vise. She struggled uselessly to get up, my hold on her, and her flailing legs ensuring she remained. She gasped for air and screamed again, and I felt a gush of liquid flow over my lap, as her pussy throbbed around me. She flailed, uncontrolled, her beautiful, tan, tight body slithering against my sweaty chest.

With a final scream, more feeble than the last, she convulsed uselessly one final time, and then passed out, my hold on her, and my dick, the only thing keeping her from falling to the floor. Knowing she would be O.K., and feeling her pussy continue to rhythmically squeeze my cock, I held her against my chest, my arms wrapped around her, and let her pussy finish.

After another 30 seconds or so, she finally stopped milking me, and I turned off the vibes, and gently lifted her off my cock. Setting her gently on the floor, I dutifully, completed my sister's mad experiment. Placing my rigid and, now thanks to Rach, dripping wet dick onto one side of the mold she had prepared, and sandwiched it with the other side.

Standing at the bathroom sink, my dick encased in the mold, I casually read the instructions. "Must form for 5 minutes. Do not move or become un-erect." Looking at Rach, laying on the floor naked, covered in her own cum from the waist down, I knew I would have no problem following the directions. Finishing with the mold, I extricated myself, and picking up Rachel, climbed in the tub.

I easily arranged her little body in tandem with mine, and ran the bath, filling it with gently warm water, Rach lying back against my chest. She gradually came too. "Stop making me cum so hard" she managed to say after a few minutes. There was no anger in it, it was more like exasperation.

I washed her as she lay there limp, her trust in me somewhat overwhelming. Finally, after 15 minutes or so, she had recovered enough to get, although shakily, to her feet.

I dried off, and helped Rach to dry off, then showed her the mold. "It's beautiful" she commented on seeing the impression I had made. "Will that satisfy Sharon?" I asked wryly over her shoulder. "Oh yea, this will do it" she beamed, sounding sure, and maybe proud. Rach still had to pour the silicon gue into the mold, so I left her to it. I pulled on my shorts, and headed for my room to get a shirt. As I got to my closet, I heard the back door open.

"Kids, I'm home" I heard my father say (he thought that was funny), and I heard the bathroom door close. As I passed the bathroom on my way to greet our father, I whispered "I'll tell him you'll be down in a minute." And then added "no replacing me in there" and hearing her giggle, walked down the stairs to welcome my father home.