Green eye teen blowjob Pale Cutie Banging on the Border

Green eye teen blowjob Pale Cutie Banging on the Border
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my sexual story. It may have some rough sex and should not be read by people not into that type of sex. This story is not for everyone, pain, humiliation and other sex acts used to degrade a person it not for everyone. If this turns you on I'm happy but please don't try any of this on unwilling partners. DO NOT do this to someone you don't know; always have their full permission.

My boyfriend had said he had a special treat for me.

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He wanted me to look sexy and be ready for him to pick me on at nine. He said he had a big surprise for me, one that I would really enjoy.

After my shower, I began to dress excited about what the surprise he had planned for me would be, I knew it would have something to do with sex. We loved playing sexy games and trying to act out his and my fantasies. Tonight it would be one of his; last week it had been one of mine. I got so excited wondering what it would be this time that by the time I was dressed my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet with anticipation. I lingered over the thought of putting on a pair of sexy panties.

My pussy was so wet that it would drip on my skirt so I pulled out a sexy white pair and slipped them on. The rest of my outfit was simple a push up lace bra and a short, white dress, with thigh high stockings and slim white high heels. I looked good in the mirror, sexy but overly so. I was ready and my boyfriend was on time, he looked me over and liked what he saw.

"Good you look nice, just the way I wanted you to look, classy and kind of virginal at the same time." "Tonight's your fantasy night, so which one are we doing." I asked. "Sorry, but not tonight, we are going to a party for a friend of mine. We can do mine tomorrow if that's OK with you." He told me. "Sure tomorrow will be fine." Nick was driving around the older part of the city.

"Do you know where you're going?" "My friend gave me directions, I think it's the next block." He pulled over to an old apartment building, "Yea that's the number, he lives on the top floor, let go up and see." We walked into the building, got to the top floor, and found that we were in the wrong place.

Nick checked the address; it was Haywood court, we were on Haywood Street. The guy on the top floor didn't know were Haywood Court was. We headed back to the car, but when we got to the ground floor there was a group of black guys standing there. They were blocking the door. Nick tried to reach the door, they asked what was his hurry, and he told them we were late for a party.

Most of them were looking me over; I felt a chill as they leered at me. A big guy stood in front of Nick and said, "A party, we could have a nice party right here. Why don't you and the lady come to my place, we can party there." Nick told him no thanks; we were late and had to go.

Two guys grabbed Nick and two grabbed me, "Stay, we want to party, if you don't want to that's fine but the lady is going to party with us." We were ushered into his apartment, Nick was pushed into a chair, and suddenly the men tied him to it.

I was pushed into the center of the room. All the men but the big one sat around the room, he stood in front of me and smiled. "Be nice to us and you get to take your friend and go home after the party, if not, well lets not talk about that." I was shaking with fear, this man looked very mean and I believed his warning about if I wasn't nice to them.

"I'll be nice, what would you like me to do?" "Start by giving us a show, strip, do it slow let us enjoy it." I began to sway my hips in a slow dance. Then slowly undid my dress, one button at a time until it was open, then I dropped it to the floor. Standing there only in my bra and panties in front of those guys, I felt nude, and vulnerable. Let's see your tits one called out I removed my bra. They looked me over and told me to make my nipples hard, I held my tits, and gently rubbed my nipples making them stand for them.

They loved that, and despite my fear, I was damn horny, my pussy was wet. The big guy came over rubbed my tits, ass, and then my pussy. He commented on how wet I was and asked if I was ready to really party with them. I told him I didn't know what he meant. He rubbed my pussy harder, almost pushing his finger into me through my panties. His other hand held the back of my neck keeping me from moving back away from him.

"I think you know what we want, so be a good girl and tell us, what you want." Fear knotted my stomach, but his finger did other things to my pussy and my will. "I'd like a cock where you have your finger," I hear myself saying. I had said it softly and only he heard me. He pushed a little harder and said, "That's nice but I think you need to tell my friends that and invite them to share the fun." God my pussy wanted it, bad but I kept my mouth closed. Inviting him to fuck me was enough, after all, there were six of them and I had never had a black cock in me before, one would be sufficient to satisfy my pussy.

He moved his hand up to my tit, grabbing my hard nipple he began to squeeze it. At first, it felt nice then as he tightened his grip it began to hurt. I told him to let go; he squeezed tighter and began to twist it. My knees felt weak, my stomach was tight, and my poor nipple hurt like hell.

"Tell my friends what you're going to give them, or should I continue." I didn't want too but the pain was terrible, I needed relief from it, and so in a clear loud voice I said, "My pussy needs cock, all of you can fuck me." He released my nipple, the pain increased as blood rushed back into it so did its size, it puffed up much bigger then normal.

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"That's nice that you want all of us to fuck you but then why do you still have panties on," he asked. I reached down to remove them, he stopped me, "Here let me help, make your pussy available for me and my friends, and he ruthlessly ripped my panties off. "Spread your legs," he ordered. I thought about not doing as he said but the throbbing pain at my nipple reminded me of his cruelty so I opened my legs. "Nice panties, I guess you would like them back," he asked. They were ripped but I told him, yes.


I felt his fingers push into my pussy not just his fingers but my panties were being pushed into it also. He used his fingers to stuff my panties into my pussy.


"Now you have your panties back, they can stay in your pussy while we fuck you," he told me. I hadn't even had time to think or cry out, he pulled his fingers out, but my pussy still felt full, full of silk, and lace. On top of pushing my panties inside of me, he said they all planned to fuck me, with them inside me. "That should make you happy, our sperm won't get passed them so you won't get pregnant from us." He released my neck and ordered me to walk around, showing the guys what they were about to fuck.

I could feel the lace of my panties rubbing the inner walls of my pussy as I walked around the room. That feeling plus the looks the guys were giving me was getting me hot for cock. Without thinking, I was really showing off my pussy to these men waiting for them to fuck me. "You want that pussy fucked don't you. Lie down and open your legs wide for me, show us you want our cocks." I quickly did as he told me, opening my legs wide for him and his friends.


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She's hot for black cock." One of them said. The big guy got between my open legs, and watched me squirmed as he pushed his cock into me. "Oh God it feels so big," I cried. He wasn't so big but my panties held back my juices and I was very dry, making him feel big. He was unsympathetic to my cries, as he continued fucking me.

Not gently but like a mad man, the sensation I was getting was more like rape then pleasure. He was fucking me hard giving me pain with each stoke of his cock. I screamed at him, as the head of his cock pushed my panties even deeper into me. Tears stung my eyes as his cock kept pounding into me. I had fantasized about a gangbang but not like this, him using me the way he was hurt and soon his friends would be doing the same thing to me.

"She's a hot fuck and nice and tight." He told the others. His actions speeded up, my heart was racing and I welcomed the thought that soon he would shoot his cum into me, I wanted, no needed it so I wouldn't be so dry for the next guy. He kept using his cock like a ramrod, banging my dry pussy hard with each stroke, then to my relief I felt his cum filling my pussy, which did reduce the friction when the next guy fucked me.

He used me like the first, rough and hard but now that my pussy was wet, it felt much better. The sensation of being nothing more then a female with a pussy for them to use became physical arousing to me. I felt a climax building and even with the panties push way up in me I climaxed. I climaxed for the other four as they used me for their pleasure not caring about me personally. I was being invaded by hard black cocks and surprisingly my pussy and body reacted to it in a pleasing way.

My moans had gotten louder as each one used me, and my hips bucked helping them fuck me harder. Finally, the sixth guy was done fucking me, I felt that I had given them what they wanted and now it would be time to go home.

I began to shiver as I watched six more men come into the room. The big guy came over to me, bent down and I whispered to him, "Please, enough, please, please no more," I begged him.

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"If you don't want them to fuck you that's Ok," he said. Both his hands moved to my nipples, as his fingers grew tight around them I said, "They can fuck me, please don't hurt me again." He twisted both nipples, I started to scream, "That's it bitch, scream, scream out telling them how bad you want them to fuck you." The pain was terrible I knew to make it stop I would have to please this barbaric man.

He smiled at me and said, "Remember, ask or I will help you to ask." Looking at the new men I said, "Come here, and fuck me. Fuck me, cum in me, use my pussy," he released my nipples. I had asked for more and he told me that I would get even more later tonight.

"Fuck her hard, boys she likes it that way, don't you?" "Yes, fuck me hard," I groaned. The first men got between my legs and started fucking me, as I had asked, hard. He or someone else asked, "Wouldn't you like a nice cock in your ass too.

You can have all the black cocks you want." "You can fuck me anyway you want," I said. Soon hard cocks slid into me, my pussy and ass were getting well used. Lucky for me, I was so wet with spent cum, including what had dripped down my ass making that an easy entry also. While they fucked me, a few of the first six had me suck their cocks so they could fuck me again. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I watched the men leave the room more came in. I heard myself asking to be fucked repeatedly that night.

I don't know how many times I was fucked or by how many men, it went on and on for hours. My pussy, ass, and mouth had cocks using them all night long.

I was completely wiped out before the night was over. My legs stayed open and my pussy was used until the early hours of the morning. I had lost track of time and men all I knew was my pussy was being filled over and over so was my ass.

I think I passed out; a bright light forced me to open my eyes. It was sunlight coming in the window, dawn had arrived, and my night was over. I was on the floor, legs open and Nick was still tied in the chair, and no one else was around. I sat up; cum dripped out of my pussy. I stood up and it flowed down my legs. After untying Nick, I put my bra and dress on, then remember where my panties were.

I pushed two fingers up my pussy but couldn't feel my panties; maybe they had been removed during the night. Nick opened the door and the big man walked in. "Leaving so soon, did you find your panties?" he asked. "Yes, we are leaving and no I didn't find my panties, thank you," I said. The big guy pushed me back, told me to get on the floor, and spread my legs.

I thought he was going to fuck me again and I pulled up my dress and got on the floor. He showed me his hand; it was big like the rest of him. "I can get your panties or you can ask your boyfriend to get them, its your choice," he told me.

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I just looked at him dumbfounded. He put his finger on my belly button, they should be somewhere about here I think, now who would you like to get them, he again asked. I looked at his big hand and turn to Nick, "Please get my panties, Nick," I said. Nick pushed two fingers into my used pussy, and said he couldn't feel them. I forced my legs open more, and told him he would have to reach in farther to get them.

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The big guy told him to wait a minute and called in his friends to watch. With everyone watching, I asked Nick to push his hand inside me and retrieve my panties.

He worked four fingers into me, and then his thumb pushed passed my pussy lips. He pushed harder and soon his wrist disappeared into my wet pussy.

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I could feel his hand deep inside me, he said he had them and started to pull his hand out. The feeling of his hand and the panties moving inside me sent a surge all through my body, I moaned loudly as his hand started to move out of me. My cries caused Nick to rhythmically move his hand and the panties in and out of me.

Pumping his hand in and out like a giant hard cock made my whole body shake in the throes of a giant orgasm.

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I used my hips to buck up and down as he fist fucked me. I exploded like a volcano with the best climax of the night. When his hand slid out he was holding my panties, I almost asked him to push them back in and have the big guy get them, but reframed from doing that.

Now I needed time to recover; my body was completely drained of energy after that climax. The big guy and his friends had enjoyed the show, they told me to come back anytime I wanted to party again.

When enough of my energy returned for me to get up, we left. After being fucked all night, you would think that all I wanted was to get home and have a nice hot bath. My first thought was to ask Nick, "I was, gangbanged, tortured, treated like a whore, had black cocks and got fist fucked, all in one night, so tell me, which one of those was the fantasy you were fulfilling." He look worried, "I know your pissed but I didn't plan this as a fantasy, I swear." "You agree the ones I named are fantasies of yours, so pick which one this fulfilled," I demanded.

He looked at me, "Honestly, I guess in away this night did all of them." "No pick one," I demanded from him. He thought for a minute, "I guess the gangbang fantasy, you certainly got gangbanged tonight but honestly I didn't plan this." "I believe you, but if this fulfilled your gangbang fantasy then that means that you still have four other fantasies to fulfill.

I think we can get them fulfilled if we come back here again, not to mention fulfilling some of my fantasies. I think you should remember this address for your next fantasy night, don't you?" I sweetly told Nick.

Nick wrote down the correct address, this one on Haywood Street.