Jugendliche analysiert assfucked und doppelt auf einem Fall gebohrt

Jugendliche analysiert assfucked und doppelt auf einem Fall gebohrt
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The Chauffeur (#29) Selling the Horse Tracks By PABLO DIABLO Copyright 2019 CHAPTER 1 After we finished dinner, a sleepy BJ staggered out to the kitchen. Sharon got up and went over to her, taking her by the hand and getting her a plate of food. I got up from my seat and went over to her, she was fine, just tired as it had been quite the day. "Are you OK?" I ask. "OH, I'm fine. You really know how to wear a gal out don't you, boss," She says smiling.

Everyone chuckles a bit. John gets up and walks over to her introducing himself. "Hello, I'm John. That beautiful woman over there is my fiancée, Diane. I hear that you got stolen away from the car dealership by David," He says to her.

"Um, yes. He pissed my ex-boyfriend and now boss off and took me with him and Sharon to this huge mansion. I've never seen anything so big in my life," She says to John. He just smiles.

He takes her hand and walks her around the kitchen and TV room introducing her to everyone. When he gets to Marcus, she stops John and says, "David said that I'm supposed to meet you. He says that he thinks we would be good together, but I don't really know what that means, do you?" she asks. "Yeah, he thinks that you and I would have something in common. He's good at seeing people and judging them. That's why everyone thinks so highly of him.

He's really a kind of genius, but what do I know, I'm just his student," Marcus says to her with a smile. As John went back to introductions, I hear a knock on the front door. Jennifer heads to the door, opening it and there stands Dr. Ronda. "I'm here to see Dakota.

David asked me to stop by," she says. Jennifer invites Dr. Ronda into the house. "Where's Dakota?" she asks. "Already gone to bed, I think," she tells Dr. Ronda. Jennifer takes her down the hallway to Dakota's room. She gently knocks on the door. "Come In," Dakota says. Dr. Ronda opens the door.

Dakota's face drops. "Hi Dakota, what's going on. You have David worried," She says to Dakota. "I felt nauseated this morning, well lunchtime actually. And now, I'm not hungry, so I just came to bed. It's nothing to worry about," she says. "Well, let me look. He's worried and now I am as well, you not eating is not normal," Ronda tells Dakota. Dakota sits up on her bed. Ronda sits down next to her and pulls out her stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, ear thermometer, and the pulse ox finger gadget.

As Ronda takes her vitals, she asks questions, "Have you been nauseated all the time, or was today the first really big amount of severe indigestion?" She asks. "Well, today is really the first day of a big upset tummy. I didn't want to worry David, but he called you anyways," she says. "Have you been taking the prenatal vitamins?" "Yes, usually at night before bed," she tells Ronda.

"How much water are you drinking?" "Maybe two or three bottles a day," she says. "Darling, that's nowhere near enough, I need you to drink a minimum of 8 bottles a day, please, water only helps you and the baby," she explains.

"OK, I'll do that," "When you're not feeling indigestion, how's your appetite?" "Um, usually OK. Occasionally I'm hungry but otherwise normal," She says. "How much fruits and veggies are you eating?" "Not that much. Some, occasionally, but you know how it is here, we don't have lots of salad or veggies.

Fruit disappears before I get to it, so not so much on the fruit and only occasionally on the veggies," she says to Ronda. "Ok, my dear here's my diagnosis, you need to up your water intake to at least 8 bottles of water a day, room temperature is better than cold, but you need more water. Tell whoever is buying the food here that salads need to be available to you at every lunch and every dinner.

LOTS of fruit, bananas, peaches, plums, apples, oranges, pears, grapes. Anything that is a fruit and doesn't make you want to hurl after eating them. Stay away from spicy foods as they will kick you as you've never been kicked before.

I will recommend you take a multivitamin drink, such as Ensure to up your vitamin intake, helping both you and the baby," Ronda explains. "Do you have any questions for me?" Ronda asks.

"No, not really. How long is it safe to have sex? You know how things are around here, I know that David worries about stuff like that," she asks. "Well, some women can have sex right up until they give birth. So far, I don't see any reason for you to stop.

However, if you see spotting or feel any pain whatsoever, you need to stop and come see me right away," she explains. "OK, thanks Doc," Dakota leans forward and hugs Dr. Ronda. "Oh, by the way, there's a new gal in the house. Daddy stole her away from the Mercedes dealership. He bought Jill a brand-new Mercedes E300, blue her favorite color," Dakota tells Ronda. "Nice, beautiful car. I saw it out in the courtyard, but there is another one, a red one. Who does that belong to?" Ronda asks.

"Sharon. Daddy promised to buy her a new car when he hired her away from the Kraft people," she explained. "WOW, and she gets a new Mercedes?" "Well, I can't complain. When Daddy bought Tina and me a new car, we both got brand new BMWs.

Daddy only buys the best for his gals," Dakota says with pride. "Where is Daddy now?" Ronda asks. "Um, I would guess in the kitchen," she explains. "OK darling, get some rest, but please remember what I said. More fruits, more veggies and lots more water, oh and a bottle of Ensure daily," Ronda says to Dakota before hugging her and leaving the bedroom.

Ronda heads towards the kitchen. There she finds David. She goes over and kisses him, passionately. Jill swats Ronda on the ass, making Ronda jump a bit in surprise. "Have a plate of food," Bobby tells Ronda.

"You don't know me, I'm Bobby and my friend and chef is Sammy. Jill and David hired us a couple of days ago and now we are full-time chefs here. Please take this plate of food, you're so skinny," Bobby says in a flirtatious manner.

"David, I just checked Dakota. Here's what I see. She needs to drink a whole bunch more water. Currently, she's drinking only two bottles of water, she needs to be drinking a minimum of 8 bottles a day. She also needs to have lots of fruits and veggies available to her. Please tell whoever is buying the food, to have lots more salads available for her to eat and have lots and lots of fruit," Ronda explains to me.

"Well, one of the guys who now is in charge of buying food is the guy serving you a plate of food, tell him," I say to her. "What about Diane, have you checked her lately?" I ask. "No, I didn't even know she was here. Where is she? I'll go check her now," Ronda says to me. "Stay where you are and eat dinner, you can check her out after dinner, OK?" I ask.

"Um, OK, this looks and smells delicious," Ronda says. Bobby smiles. Jill gets up and heads to the TV room. She returns with Diane. Ronda stops eating, but I urge her to continue eating, Diane is not going anywhere. Diane agrees. John brings BJ back into the house. He had her outside at the pool, visiting with the twins and Belinda. Allison was apparently working in the studio.

I decide to get up and go check on Allison. I get to the studio and just walk in knocking as I enter. I see Allison trying to get an actress to follow instructions. I see the guy I don't like Dominick. He sees me and steps away from the actress asking Allison for a bathroom break.

"Allison, may I talk with you for a moment?" I ask. "OK, take a few minutes break. We'll set up again shortly," she tells the actress. Allison comes over to me and kisses me. "Are you checking on me?" She asks.

"Of course, I need to make sure my favorite sub is OK. How are things going? You sound frustrated," I say to her. "Well, Dominick is being, well a bit difficult, he doesn't want to follow direction and this bimbo is dumber than a box of rocks.

They are both just frustrating me to no end," she says. "Then send them home," I tell her. "I've got a rent payment due, I need to make some money, or my landlord will be unhappy with me," she says to me in a serious manner. "I'll talk to him.

He knows you are working hard, so he's not going to make your life difficult. Just keep up the hard work, but if they are not doing things your way, you are the one in charge, get them to do what you want, or send them home," I tell her. "Are you sure the landlord won't be mad at me?" she says in a serious manner.

"I'm sure. I personally know the guy," I say to her smiling. This makes her smile as well. "OK, you're right. I've tried to work with them long enough, time to send them home. There's no shortage of people who want to work in this town," she tells me. She announces to Dominick and the starlet that she is calling it a night and will call them when she wants to use them again.

They both smile and head out together, hand in hand. I kiss Allison. "I have a new gal inside, her name is BJ, now before you jump to any conclusions the letters stand for Brandi Johansson, but she goes by BJ. I stole her from the local Mercedes dealership. She's beautiful, definitely more natural beauty than either of the twins," I say to her. "WOW, that's big words. She must be a real beauty then," Allison says. "Hey, put your stuff down for the night, come to have dinner. Bobby made chicken in a homemade alfredo sauce over egg noodles, it's delicious," I tell her.

She puts her arms around me and kisses me again. "Don't put your collar on tonight, you just be Allison," I tell her. We turn out the lights to the studio and walk hand in hand to the main house. One of the CG boys opens the door. We go in and he goes out with the other CG boy. They head over to the twin's house.

They knock as Allison and I go inside the main house. Everyone greets Allison. John introduces Allison to BJ. They hug and Allison gives her a peck on the cheek. BJ smiles, clearly still not sure what to do or say. Mom comes over and hugs Allison before handing her an empty plate for Bobby to fill with chicken Alfredo. She sits at the table where one of the CG boys was sitting before heading over to see the twins.

"Sharon are we set up for tomorrow in the big conference room? Will we have juice, water, coffee, and pastries?" I ask. "Yes boss, we have it all set up," Sharon replies. "Jill, what amount do you think it will take for us to part with all the tracks?" I ask her. "I was thinking if we can get 800 million, we should take it. I would also have them handle all the legalities with the various states to obtain licensing. If we're lucky, we can ask for a quick close on the deal, but we shouldn't announce it to the press until your interview with Jim Cramer," Jill tells me.

All of it sounds perfect, clearly, Jill has thought this out and checked her financials. "How has the stock done yesterday and today?" I ask. John surprisingly responds, "Yesterday we were down about $3.00 on moderate trading, today we went back up $2.85 on heavy trading," he tells me.

Again, I'm really impressed that he knew this information. "John, I want you to join Jill, Dakota, and myself tomorrow with the Racetrack buyers' group. You need to wear your suit and bring a legal pad and a pen.

You won't be allowed to say anything, but I want you to watch the group and make a note to Jill or me if you see something that we don't see," I tell John.

Everyone is looking at him. A couple of the ladies get up an congratulate him with a hug and a friendly kiss. Diane comes over to him and kisses him as a fiancée should. He puts his arms around her and hugs her tightly. Everyone is enjoying the meal. Sammy brings this huge triple layer cake into the kitchen.

He says it's his 'strawberry banana crème cake'. I see everyone line up for a slice of it throwing their empty entrée plates in the trash and getting new ones.

Sammy is smiling as he is cutting slice after slice of this cake. It smells delicious. I hear a splash out back. I don't need to even look, I know that the CG boys are swimming with the twins. I ask Allison about Belinda. "Hey, what's up with Belinda? I haven't seen her much in the past couple of days," I say to her.

"Oh, she's seeing some new guy from work. I kind of know him, he's nice. So far, she seems to be happy," Allison tells me. "Well, that's good for her then," I say. "BJ, will you be setting up the blue-tooth in both cars tomorrow?" I ask. "Absolutely Boss," she says.

"You don't need to keep calling me boss. David will do just fine," I tell her. "OR DADDY!" three of the ladies all say simultaneously laughing as they finish saying it. I notice that Dr. Ronda hasn't said anything, but she keeps a watchful eye on me. I get up and hold a hand out for her. She takes a final bite of her cake slice before taking my hand. She stands up, kisses me and tosses her plate in the trash. She thanks both Sammy and Bobby for such a delicious meal. She takes a few minutes to check on Diane.

All seems normal, she too needs to up her water intake. I lead Ronda down the hallway, Jill follows close behind. When we get to our bedroom, Ronda again gasps seeing the immense size of the room. "David, this is still the largest bedroom that I've ever seen, oh hell what am I saying, I've never even heard of a master bedroom this large," Ronda tells me. "OH, by the way, you have a past due bill with me," she says with a big smile as she puts her arms around my neck.

Jill steps up behind her and puts her arms around both of us. "I guess it's time to pay up," I say to her smiling before I lean in and kiss her. From behind, Jill is unbuttoning Ronda's blouse.

It falls to the floor. She undoes the bra letting it fall to the floor as well. Ronda begins kissing my neck working her way up to my lips. When our lips meet her tongue snakes its way into my mouth. All the while that we are kissing, Jill is getting Ronda naked. In just a few moments, Ronda is completely naked. Jill then moves around us to start making me naked as well. I break from the kiss with Ronda. I raise my hands up over my head so my tee shirt can come off me.

Ronda lifts my shirt over my head. Jill is dropping my shorts. Soon, only Jill has clothes on. Ronda and I begin to focus on her, removing her garments. In just a few moments all three of us are naked. We walk Ronda over to one of the play beds, we all climb on laughing and giggling as we intertwine our bodies.

I put my head between the legs of Ronda. I begin licking and sucking on her womanhood. She takes a hold of my head and presses my face even tighter into her lady parts. Jill and Ronda start making out like a couple of teenagers in the back seat of Daddy's car. Although I'm working on orally pleasing Ronda, peering over her neatly trimmed pussy at Jill and Ronda making out is erotic.

It doesn't take all that long for Ronda to reach her first orgasm. Her pussy splashes my face and her body tenses up as Jill keeps kissing her. I hear Ronda tell Jill, "Gawd, I've missed both of you," in a low tone. "We've missed you to Ronda, you've been working way too much. We would like for you to stop by here much more frequently," Jill tells Ronda. I stop licking Ronda for just a moment to add, "I agree with Jill," going back to licking and sucking on her delicious pussy.

As I keep licking and sucking on Ronda, I feel her body tense up yet again as another orgasm rolls through her, "OH GAWD, I LOVE BOTH OF YOU, I HAVE MISSED THIS, FUCK MEEEEEEE!" Ronda says loudly. I move up and put my manhood between her legs. As I line myself up with her love hole, I gently slide in giving her body a moment to adjust.


She is so tight. Even though she's already cum twice her pussy is so very tight. I push a bit further into her. Jill and Ronda keep up their make-out session.

I see Ronda reach between Jill's legs and start to finger her. Jill just moans into Ronda's mouth. After several minutes, I am finally fully into Ronda. I begin my slow rhythmic fucking of her womanhood. Several thrusts later, she is splashing my cock once again with another orgasm. "FUCK ME DAVID, THIS FEELS SO GOOD," she tells me as the orgasm rolls through her body.

Jill rolls on top of Ronda. As they get into their own rhythm, I move my hard cock from Ronda and put it into Jill. I feel Jill so wet already. I guess the touch and feel of her dear friend makes her wet. I push my manhood deep into her. I begin to rhythmically fuck her now.

As I thrust in, she moans into Ronda's mouth some more. I sense that Jill is nearing an orgasm as well.

Having not cum myself, I feel that impending twinge. I'm not pulling out of Jill, she's getting whatever my body must give her. I thrust into her as deeply as I can get. She moans loudly and announces that she is cumming. Hearing her beautiful voice make this announcement gets me to that happy place as well. I say to her, "OH FUCK ME JILL, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I JUST LOVE FUCKING YOU," I say loudly. I see Ronda smile and go back to kissing Jill.

As we continue to make each other reach their orgasmic peak, I feel another pair of hands on me. I look over my shoulder and see our new gal, BJ.

She is standing at the edge of the bed being a voyeur. Ronda reaches out to her and pulls her into the bed with the three of us. I uncouple my manhood from Jill. BJ moves down to my still hard cock and begins licking and sucking the cum off my manhood. This causes both Jill and Ronda to tell BJ how erotic that looks with my hard cock dripping with cum in her mouth. BJ reaches up under me and begins to play with my balls.

I thrust myself deeper into her mouth. I hear her begin to gag a bit as my cock reaches her uvula. Her eyes grow large as I am gently thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Jill slides down and puts her face between BJ's legs. There she begins licking and sucking on BJs labia and clit, which in turn makes her cum quickly.

I remove my cock from BJs mouth only to move it down to her pussy. Jill moves out of the way as I lift her legs up over my shoulders to allow my still hard cock to penetrate her womanhood as deeply as it can get. Ronda moves over and plants herself onto BJs face. Apparently, BJ hasn't had much experience with tasting another woman's love juice. Ronda begins to rock her pelvis back and forth on BJ, who in turn keeps trying to lick and suck her clit.

Jill gets up and walks to the other side of the play bed. She reaches into the nightstand that is next to the head of the bed and pulls out a long slender purple dildo. She licks the phallic device up and down coating it with a generous amount of saliva before she pushes Ronda forward and begins to slowly insert the purple pleasure wand into her ass. Ronda moans with complete acceptance. As I am fucking BJ, and Ronda is riding BJ's face, Jill is thrusting the rubber play toy into Ronda's ass repeatedly.


Ronda is the first one to reach that loud pinnacle. "OH GAWD DAVID, YOU AND JILL MAKE ME CUM SO MUCH, FUCK ME, I'M CUMMING AGAIN…" Ronda announces as her pussy is continually dripping its juices into BJs open mouth. I ask BJ, "Are you ready to cum for me yet?" "Oh, gawd yes, yes, yes! This is so wonderful. I haven't cum this hard in such a long while," she says as I feel her body splash my cock, balls, and pelvis with her woman juice.

Jill leans down and says in her ear, "Wait until John gets ahold of you with his horse-sized cock. That boy can fuck, trust me," she says smiling as BJ is trying to keep her eyes from rolling to the back of her head.

"He can what?? OH, MY GAWD DAVID, I'M CUMMING AGAIN," BJ says as her body spasms and she puts her arms around my neck pulling my face down to hers for a long passionate kiss.

Jill thrusts the purple toy as deep into Ronda as she can get it. Ronda just begs Jill to stop, which Jill does not. She keeps thrusting the purple monster in and out of her anal cavity. Suddenly, I hear voices. I look over at the door and see Amy and Sharon standing in the doorway with John and Marcus.

Jill walks over to the boys and pulls John by his cock over to BJ. She leans down and says in BJs ear," Wait until you feel this massive thing fill you up," smiling as she tells her. I move from between BJs legs only to have John gently put his massive manhood in BJ. Her eyes immediately roll to the back of her head.

She begins cumming almost as soon as he is fully inside of her. He starts the see-saw mothing of her pussy being stretched out as it has never been so stretched before. Sharon and Amy pull me off the one play bed and motioned me over to the other one. Amy puts her back against the wall, spreading her legs and directing Sharon to put her tongue into her womanhood, which she readily does.

I step in behind Sharon and gently thrust my still hard cock into her. She accepts it and begins to moan into Amy's tight sweet tasting pussy. I thrust into her repeatedly as Sharon laps Amy's womanhood. Amy is rolling through several small orgasms before one large orgasm rolls through her. "OH, MY GAWD DAVID, YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD, SO GAWD DAMN HARD. YOU MAY BE MY BOSS, BUT I'M YOUR WILLING SLUT," she announces to the room.

I see BJ look over at Sharon before her eyes roll to the back of her head from John continually thrusting his cock into her small tight pussy. BJ cums again and again, "OH GAWD DAMN, THIS BOY CAN FUCK," she announces to the room, making all of us smile or giggle. John finally reaches his own orgasm, "FUCK ME, OH HOLY HELL, NEW GIRL YOU FEEL SO FUCKING TIGHT AND WONDERFUL," John says to her as he shoots all he has into her tight little pussy.

Marcus isn't far behind, shooting his load into BJ's accepting mouth. I see her try to gulp down as much of Marcus' seed as she can swallow. Amy leaves my bed and heads over to the other play bed planting herself on top of BJ, letting John move his cock from the new playgirl to Amy. He begins to thrust his cock into her hard and fast. He knows she likes his large cock to push as deep into her as possible. As John is thrusting in and out of her, she is crying from orgasm after orgasm ravaging her body repeatedly.

"OH, FUCK ME JOHN, HOW DOES DIANE TAKE THIS THING. YOU'RE STRETCHING ME OUT AND MAKING ME CUM AS HARD AS DADDY DOES," she tells John. I just smile, he sure is using his fuck stick better and better each time he fucks. John announces another orgasm, this time into Amy, "OH FUCK ME AMY, YOUR PUSSY IS SO GAWD DAMN TIGHT, IT FEELS SO FUCKING WONDERFUL," he tells her making her smile. As we all begin to settle down and return to normal, Amy takes BJ's hand and leads her over to me.

"BJ, are you having a good time?" I ask. She climbs into the bed with me and curls up on my chest gently stroking my cock. "Boss, I don't know about Sharon, but you can have me anytime you or anyone else wants me," she says. Sharon comes over to my play bed and gets in telling BJ that this is only the beginning.

There are lots more orgasms awaiting her. She just begins to purr into my ear as she is running her fingers through my chest hair. As she falls asleep, Sharon gets up taking my hand to lead me into the bathroom. Once inside, she asks, "Daddy, will you shave me at some point. I think someone else shaving your pussy is very erotic and no one has done that to me in such a long time," She says with her heart in her eyes.

"Of course, darling. You know that I'll do virtually anything you ask of me," I tell her as I pull her into a deep passionate kiss. We continue our kiss for quite the while before we step into the hot shower and rinse the sex off us Sharon begins to wash my hair, which feels magnificent.

I just lean forward and let her hands work their magic. As we finish up with the shower, I step out and Sharon begins to dry me, spending some time on my cock and balls.

She plays with them and puts them in her mouth. I moan as she flicks her tongue around and around the head of my cock. I shoot yet another load of man juice into her accepting mouth. She cleans my cock up and finishes drying me. We step back out into the bedroom only to find all the play partners quietly sleeping. Sharon climbs into bed with her new assistant, putting her arms around her and intertwining her legs with the legs of BJ. I climb into bed.

Jill comes into the room, giggling about all the women that I laid waste to with my sexual prowess.

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I just smile, kiss her and we cuddle up and drift off to sleep. CHAPTER 2 When I woke, Jill and the new gal were all snuggled up to me in my bed. Even as sleeping beauty, BJ is stunning. Her young body that we used repeatedly was quite the spectacle. I kissed both of my sleeping partners and got out of bed. I headed back into the bathroom to shower yet again. Almost as if on cue, my darling Dakota appeared naked, as usual, opening the shower door and letting herself in.

Just seeing Dakota makes me hard almost instantly. She comes over to me and wraps her lithe little body around my own. She whispers in my ear how much she loves me. We embrace and begin to kiss each other repeatedly. "How was the new girl Daddy?

She sounded like you all had your way with her, which I was so jealous of. Dr. Ronda told me that I must drink a whole lot more water, to protect our baby. Daddy, I'm so excited that I have our baby inside of me. I never thought that I would trust anyone enough to have their baby. Oh Daddy, how did I get so lucky? I want your wonderful cock inside of me as often as I can get it. You fill me up with that wonderful, delicious cock of yours.

You know that I will do ANYTHING that you ask of me, no matter what it is or where you want me to do it," Dakota says to me in a heartfelt manner.

"Dakota, I love you. I am fucking in love with you," I say to her as she strokes my cock back to hardness. I turn her around and begin to insert my manhood into her tight wet pussy. She pushes her hips back at me allowing myself to get as deep into her as I possibly can. We find a rhythm fucking in the shower. We continue to declare our love for each other.

"Dakota, please promise me that you will be careful with our baby. We have some pretty aggressive sexual partners and I don't want you nor our baby to be hurt, do you understand me?" I ask of her. "Yes, Daddy. When do we get to fuck in Jill's new car?" She asks me.

"Did you ask Jill?" "Yes, of course, I did. She told me to just drag you out to the car and fuck your brains out, she approves," Dakota says smiling to me. "Well, I'm sure she has plans to fuck some of the boys in the car as well," I say to her. "No, don't think that Daddy, she's trying to be the perfect wife for you. She's not letting anyone other than you cum in her. She wants your baby Want to know a new secret?" She asks me. "Of course, my dear," I say to her. "I know of at least two others who also want to have your baby," she says to me.

"REALLY?" "Yep, care to guess who?" she says. "Hmm, if I was to guess I would say Amy for one, and I would take a wild ass guess and say, Belinda," I tell her. "Well, you're close. You're right on with Amy. She loves how you make her feel, how you are always telling her nice things.

But, no, not Belinda. Oh, she might want you to, but she hasn't said anything to anyone. No, that's strike one Daddy," she says giggling. "Hmm, this one is a hard one. It can't be Jennifer nor Paula as they both always tell me that they are too old," I say. "Well, neither of them is too old to have another child. But they aren't it either," Dakota tells me. "It can't be the new girl BJ," I say trying to eliminate people. "Nope, not the new girl," "I'm at a loss then who?" I ask.

"Allison," she tells me. I'm completely floored. "But she already told me that she doesn't want a baby which is why she's on birth control," I tell her. "But Daddy, what is the ultimate form of submission but to allow yourself to get pregnant by your Master. We had this discussion last night while you played with Dr. Ronda, who if you ask me, she's considering you as well.

She really seems to be having a whole emotional thing going on with you each time she gets her hands on you," Dakota explains. "Really? Allison? I have teased Ronda about us having a baby before, but she said she doesn't want to interfere with her work right now. But Allison? Are you sure or are you just pulling my leg?" I say to her.

"I had not thought about it, but as usual, you are right. Having a baby by your Master is the ultimate submission. Oddly enough, the two you mention Amy and Allison are both submissives to me," I say to her. "You know, you might also get the opportunity to get that girl we met at the porn shop, what was her name, oh yeah, Sandra. If she returns, you might want to check with her, but I'm not sure she will be returning. I think you spooked her when she was here last time." Dakota says to me.

"Daddy, when are we going to open the Red Door room? I remember what is in there and am wetting my panties watching you dominate our little submissives. I think that YOU are ready to open that door. I'll be right by your side, helping you with the submissives. You are my Daddy and you know that I will always submit to you wherever and whenever you want me to," Dakota tells me. "I've been thinking about that Red Door room. I think that you and I need to go up there and look at it before we bring the submissives to the room," I tell her.

"Oh Daddy, what wicked things will you do to me in there?" She asks me, making my cock hard. She begins to stroke me. "Darling, bring me, Amy. I want to make sure she is willing to get pregnant by me. Bringing a baby into this world is something that I don't want her to have inside of her without me hearing from her mouth that she does want me to get her pregnant," I say to Dakota. "Yes Daddy, I'll go get her," Dakota says before leaving the bedroom.

It doesn't take long before Dakota has Amy in front of me. "Kneel before your Master," Dakota orders. "My darling Anabelle, my little Dakota tells me that you are willing to have your body be my ultimate submissive.

That you want your master's baby. You are willing to completely submit to me with your body by me impregnating you at my will," I say to her in a direct manner. "OH, Master, I'm willing to completely submit to you. I want to have your baby. I am willing to completely submit my body, my mind, and every part of me to carry your baby, and only your baby, I love you so much Master, please take me and make me have your baby," Anabelle says shedding her clothes and kneeling at my feet.

"Get up, bend over this play bed. Hold yourself open for your master's dick. I'm going to put it deep into you, you will submit to me your every part of your body with my baby. Do you understand Anabelle?" I say to her before I put my hard cock into her tight little pussy. I hold my cock out and direct Dakota, "Get this baby maker wet for Anabelle," Dakota puts her entire mouth around my cock making it as wet as she can get it.

I withdraw if from Dakota's beautiful mouth and roughly push my cock into Amy. I begin to fuck her with reckless abandon. She begins moaning loudly as soon as I'm deep into her.

"OH, MASTER PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR BABY. I SO WANT TO BE A MOTHER TO YOUR CHILD," she says to me through her moans of orgasms. I continue to fuck her as hard as I can. I reach Sasha-mode quite quickly. Anabelle is spraying my cock and balls with her woman juice. I remove my cock from her pussy to have Dakota lick her cum off my cock before I put it back into Anabelle. "Cum for your Master Anabelle.

Show your Master that you really want to carry his baby," I say to her as I'm roughly fucking her sweet little pussy. "OH, GAWD MASTER, I'M CUMMING OVER AND OVER JUST FOR YOU," Anabelle says loudly. "Do you feel my cock getting larger inside of you?" I ask knowing that my orgasm is moments away.

"OH, GAWD YES, PLEASE FILL MY LITTLE PUSSY WITH YOUR BABY JUICE, PLEASE MASTER, I BEG OF YOU," she tells me as yet another orgasm rolls through her body. "Fuck her hard Master," Dakota says to me. I thrust harder and harder into her to finally reach my own orgasm, "HERE I CUM MY LITTLE SLUT, YOU WILL SUBMIT YOUR BODY TO ME. YOU WILL CARRY MY BABY, AND YOU WILL DO IT WITHOUT HESITATION," I say to her as I shoot rope after rope of my cum deep into her pussy. I reach down and grab a handful of her hair, "Beg me for more of my cum," I tell her.

"OH, GAWD MASTER, I'LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ME TO DO. I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY, ONLY YOUR BABY," she says to me. "Anabelle, as a sign of your full-time submission to me, you will wear your collar all the time. You will shed your clothes whenever I am near. No other man's cock will be inside of you unless I say it is OK.

Do you understand these new rules, Anabelle? OH, and one more thing, you will give any guy who asks a blowjob and swallow everything he shoots into your mouth, without question," I tell her. She bows her head and kneels at my feet. I reach down and lift her chin to look at me. I whisper into her ear, "The same rules apply as before, say your safe word and everything comes to a stop.

This is about love and you being totally submissive to me by allowing your body to carry my baby. That my dear is the ultimate submission. Have you been on birth control pills?" I ask. "Yes Master, I have," she says in a submissive tone.

"Then they will stop now. Please go bring me your bottle," I say to her. She stands up and heads out of my room. She returns a couple of minutes later with a medicine bottle in her hands. She willingly hands them to me. I set them on my nightstand. I tell her that from now on she will have her collar on full time. She will continue to handle the duties of the house as she has been, but now she is to allow me to fuck her anytime and anywhere I choose as her Master.

She readily agrees, saying Thank you before she leaves my bedroom. I look at my clock and see that I need to get dressed. I hear a commotion out in the hallway. Jill comes into the room wondering out loud when I was going to be done fucking all the gals. I look over at the sleep bed and BJ is gone. I never saw her get up and leave, but she is gone from our bed. Jill moves me out of her way so she can brush her hair and put on makeup. I get off the second play bed and go dress for the big meeting.

"Remember darling, 800 million for all the tracks, nothing less," she says to me. I walk back over to her and kiss her before going back to dressing for the meeting. I see John walk by our door already dressed in his blue suit. He has this bright red tie which I'll change but other than that he looks stunning. I decide to put on my grey suit with the dark maroon tie and light pink shirt. My shoes and belt are still shined up from the last time I wore them.

"John, where's Sharon?" I ask. "Oh, she left about 15 minutes ago in her new car," John tells me. In my head, that means John, Dakota, Jill and I are going to the Hawk in Jill's new car. It only takes about 15 minutes and Jill and Dakota are both ready. They are stunning and they both smell so darn good that I must be careful, or I'll be sporting a hard-on all day.

Not that they would mind, but it might be embarrassing if the investment group saw me with a hard-on. As we are all assembled, we head out to Jill's car. John and Dakota get in the back seat. Jill takes the driver's seat and of course, by process of elimination I get the front passenger seat. Jill starts the car and off we go. She races through our little subdivision street heading out towards the interstate.

According to the GPS the trip is only supposed to take 45 minutes, but as she speeds up on the interstate, the time factor keeps dropping. Jill parks on the second floor of the parking garage so we may walk across into the building and up to the top floor, our floor.

CHAPTER 3 When the elevator dinged for the top floor, we all got off. There stood my darling, Sharon, ready to take us to the large conference room. Inside the room, everything that I had asked for was displayed there.

John asked me if he's allowed to have a doughnut. I told him, of course, he may have a doughnut, but please be careful and not drop anything on the suit. He takes several napkins and sets the pastry down on the conference table before grabbing a little jug of white milk. Sharon leans into my ear whispering, "I love my new car. You are such a great boss, wait until I get my hands on you again tonight," she says. "That sounds wonderful," I say back. I hear the elevator bell ring.

Sharon leaves the room and comes back several minutes later with 8 people. Two women, one Caucasian, and one Asian. The men where mostly white but there was one black man in the mix. Introductions are made and we offered them seats. "Well, you asked for this meeting, please feel free to begin," I tell them. "Mr. Greene, as you know, we would like to buy your horse tracks. We're prepared to make an offer right now," the apparent leader tells us. Oddly, John makes a note saying that the Asian woman is clearly the leader of the group, she's just not their spokesperson.

I am truly happy that John has seen this. "Well, are you looking to buy one track, two tracks, or maybe all of the tracks," I ask remembering what Jill had already said to me a couple of times, nothing less than 800 million for the whole package. "We would like to buy all of your tracks," their spokesperson says. "Well, let's hear your initial offer," I say. "We have been going back and forth but we are offering 1.9 Billion dollars," He says glancing at the Asian woman.

"I don't know, that seems a bit low. How about this, we'll take an even 2 Billion dollars, however, you handle all the paperwork to do the deal. This stays silent until I choose to announce the deal, and we will give you several accounts for you to deposit the monies into. There will be no check having to be transferred," I say to them. They accept the counteroffer, we all shake hands. The meeting is over. "Does my lady out front know how to get ahold of you?" I ask.

"We're not sure. I will leave her all our contact information. We thank you, this went much easier than we anticipated." And with that, they all got up and left. I put my finger to my lips signaling that I didn't want any noise at all until they were all gone. John got up and peeked out of the door to the conference room when the elevator was shut, he ran around the room like a madman. Jill smiled, Dakota smiled, and John was out of his mind.

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"David, how did you know that they would take your counter offer?" John asks. "Simple negotiations never ever take the opening offer. Look, we were only wanting to get 800 million from them. They offered way more, we countered with a small increase with them carrying the load of all the government paperwork and transfer of property rights.

What I was worried about was them remaining silent until I said so. I figure we'll announce this deal on Jim Cramer's show. That should make for a huge hit," I tell everyone. "I'm going to go see our new girl and Sharon, anyone care to come with me?" I ask knowing that John will be my shadow. We leave the conference room. I stop at Sharon's desk, "Darling, where's your new assistant?" I ask. "Hey now, we're at work," she says to me smiling.

"She's over there," pointing to a desk about 15 feet away but no one is currently at. "Oh, she went to the ladies' room. I think she's nervous about you being here," Sharon says to me. "Sharon, my darling, can we set me up a computer here in that office you gave me.

I hate having to lug my laptop around all the time," I say to her. "Of course, boss," Sharon says to me. "I would also like three displays. A large one in the center with two slightly smaller ones on each side. I would also like a decent speaker system along with a pair of Dr.

Dre's headphones." I tell her. "Anything you want, boss," She says in a very seductive manner. I hear the elevator bell ring and see our newest little sexy gal get off the elevator and cautiously walk towards Sharon and the gang.

"Good Morning Brandi, how are you feeling so far today?" I ask. "Um, boss, you've got me nervous. Last night was unbelievably wonderful. I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to be doing today," she tells me. "Pretty much anything that Sharon asks you to do. She is your boss," I say to her smiling. "Um, I never asked you this yesterday, were you living with Mr. Rollo?" I ask.

"Yeah, how did you know? He was waiting for me when I got home with Sharon to change clothes. He saw Sharon and left. We never even spoke this morning," she tells me. "What's your living arrangement? I assume you rent?" I say to her. "Yeah, I have three more months on the lease. But for a fee of $500 I can end the contract anytime I want, but I have nowhere to go," she tells me.

"Great, you can move into the Chateau," I tell her. $500 is nothing, let's get her out of that contract and thus move her so Mr. Rollo can't intimidate her. I ask Sharon to find some furniture movers, find a storage place and let's get BJ out of her apartment. Sharon agrees. She leans into me and says, "Boss, I think you really opened her eyes by just having great sex with her. You aren't demanding anything from her, which is what she told me on the way to work this morning.

Her ex always wanted her to bring home friends for him to play with," Sharon explains to me. "Let's get her moved into the Chateau. Let's also call Mark Newberg, we might be having some of the people from the auditing place in Montana wanting to move here.

Do we have Mark setup here somewhere?" I ask. "Well, we gave him a desk on the opposite corner, but he hasn't been in yet," she tells me. "Please find him and let's get him into working from here," I tell her. "Where is Jennifer and Diane set up?" I ask. She points to a couple of desks, in the distance I see Diane. I pull John aside and send him over to her. He practically runs over to her. I see her beautiful smile as he approaches.

They hug then kiss. I see Jennifer stand up from her desk behind Diane. John is pointing towards me. Jennifer starts walking my way. When she gets close to me, she says, "So I hear you really got the better end of the deal, or at least that's what my son says," Jennifer tells me. "You son did a marvelous job," I tell her. She smiles from ear to ear. John has really matured in virtually every manner. "We got a bit more than we were expecting.

I'll tell you when you get home tonight," I say to her. "David, I've been thinking, do you really want me to be at the house all the time?

I've been holding on to my place waiting for you to tell me to go home, that you're tired of me," Jennifer tells me. "Darling, I won't be getting tired of you any time soon. Let's put your house on the market and move you in fulltime at the Chateau, what do you think about that Sindee?" I say to her. "OH, Master, if that's what you want, you know I'm yours anytime you want me," she says licking her lips. "Good, then call Mark Newberg and let's get your house on the market," I say to her before I lean in and kiss her.

She responds, but she clearly wants to do more, but we are open in the office where everyone can see us. I tell her that we are leaving, and I expect to see her at the house tonight She promises she will be there. "Dakota, please call either Sammy or Bobby for me," I ask her.

She rings up Sammy. "Sammy, hello, it's David Greene. Please get lots of fixings to make lots of salads and we need a bunch of fruit along with several cases of bottled water," I tell him. "I'll take care of it. Should I use the credit card that Amy has, or should I put it on my own personal credit card?" He asks. "Use Amy's card, hell, take her with you," I tell him. We end the call and hang up. I make the decision that I think we should celebrate a bit.

I invite Jennifer, Diane, Sharon, and BJ along. Sharon's car will have Jennifer, Diane, and BJ and of course, Jill's car will have the four of us.

I'm feeling like a good steak, so I suggest Longhorn's Steakhouse. We all get into the elevator and head to the second floor to make the crossover to the parking garage. Once we were all buckled in, Jill and Sharon took off out of the parking garage as if they were Grand Prix drivers.

They wove in and out of traffic before they stopped at Longhorn's Steakhouse. The ladies park their cars and we all go inside. Jill and Dakota both take one of my hands. John puts his arm around Diane as we all head inside. They seat us at a large round table that seats 10. I see two of my employees having lunch, Kim and Kay.

I walk over to them and ask that they join us for lunch. They accept and move from their booth to our big table. I introduce them to everyone. "Kim and Kay, I want to introduce you to everyone," I say to them.

"David, why did you stick us somewhere other than what you offered us. We wouldn't have taken the job if you were honest with us from the start. You lead us to believe that you were hiring us to work with you and your wife," Kay says with some anger in her voice.

"Ladies, I'm sorry, but I didn't realize that HR sent you somewhere other than where I hired you for. Which one of you is the financial one?" I ask. "That would be me," says Kay. "Jill here's your new assistant," I tell her "Hello, I'm Jill. I'm the Director of Financial Affairs," Jill says to Kay. "That leaves you with me. If memory serves me, you have a business degree, right?" I ask. "Yes, sir.

I have a bachelor's degree in business management," Kim says. "Kim, tomorrow I have a project for you to begin. I want you to give me your position about what businesses we should keep and which ones we should sell off, but let me tell you, we sold the horse tracks today&hellip. all of them," I tell Kim.

"Well, that's good. I hope you got at least 500 million," Kim says to me. "We got a bit more than that," I say to her. "John, as quietly as you can, please tell Kim the deal we made today for all the horse tracks?" John writes the amount on a napkin, pushes it across the table.

Kim looks at it, then Kay. "Sir, are you kidding us? You got someone to pay THAT much for some horse tracks?" Kay says. "Yes, we did," I answer. John takes the napkin and puts it into a glass of water, so no one can read it. As our waitress stops by, I order appetizers for the whole table. I order two orders of cheesy shrimp, an antenna of onion rings, and a mess of firecracker shrimp.

The waitress also takes our drink order. "Ladies, I want you working out of the Hawk. Sharon will give you directions. You don't need to be at your desk before 9am." I tell them. "Sir, the Hawk? What is that?" Kim asks. "Oh, I'm sorry. It is our building that is downtown. It was formerly known as the Kraft building, but since we bought it, we now refer to it as The Hawk," I tell her.

Jill pipes up, "Kay, tomorrow we are going to start collecting financials of all the brands, all the divisions, and all the units. We need to start preparing for the upcoming tax season," Kay just nods. Our appetizers arrive at the table and the waitress begins to take our lunch order. Sharon and Jill as well as Dakota and Diane all order salads.

Kim and Kay order grilled chicken with seasoned vegetables and a house salad to begin. John and I order a steak. I order a Ribeye and John orders a porterhouse, both medium rare, both with a baked potato and house salads to begin. I change my potato order to a sweet potato with extra butter and cinnamon sugar. Everyone digs into the appetizers. I take one whole cheesy shrimp and refuse to share it.

I get poked in the ribs by Jill and Dakota. Everyone else just laughs at their silliness. "What shall we do today since we accomplished what we set out to do?" I ask the table. Silence. "Anyone have any ideas?" I ask again. Kim speaks up, "How about bowling?" "Bowling?" Dakota asks. "Yeah, bowling. They have pool tables, dart boards, and of course bowling," Kim adds. I look around the table, no one is objecting so bowling it is!

Dakota is already using her phone to find where the nearest bowling alley is located. She texts the information over to Sharon and Jill. Diane asks, "Do we still have to wear the goofy shoes?" Everyone giggles knowing that we still must wear those shoes.

We finish up lunch, although I still didn't share my cheesy shrimp. In my head, I hoped that Kim and Kay were less angry with me. It was my fault really, I made them a promise when I hired them and did not follow through. I wonder to myself, am I putting too much on Dakota? Does she need an assistant? I'll just have to think about that a bit.

As the waitress was taking away empty plates, I asked for the bill only to find that my boy John has already taken care of it, using the credit card that I gave him. We all get up and head out to the cars. Kim and Kay have a nice car, small but nice. They ride in a Toyota Corolla, much newer than the one I used to drive when I first started with Happy, Happee Limo.

As we load into the cars that brought us to lunch, I make sure everyone knows where we are heading. Kay tells us that we just need to follow them, they know where they are headed. While we are making the drive to the bowling alley, I call HR. I speak with a rather unhappy individual letting her know that I have taken Kim and Kay with me and that she should let their respective boss' know. I also let this 'lady' know that they will be working directly with Jill and me from now on. I got a big sigh as if I'm somehow ruining her day.

I thank her for her assistance, as sarcastically as possible, thinking to myself that we really need to look over the players in our HR department. Sharon and Jill are weaving their way through mid-day traffic. Kim and Kay seem to be catching all green lights as we must run a couple of yellow lights. When we pull into the bowling alley parking lot, there are only three cars. We park close to the front door.

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As we all get out, I see our new pair pull bowling ball bags out of the trunk of the Corolla. We've been sandbagged. CHAPTER 4 As we all go laughing and being loud, it is if the place is getting ready for a funeral. There is no one inside.

I lean over to Jill and ask, "How does this place stay in business? There's no one here," Jill just shrugs her shoulders as we all walk up to the main desk. "Hello everyone, I'm Morty. How can I help you?" The dorky looking guy says to us. I was almost expecting him to pick his nose while he talked to us.

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This boy reminded me of that guy, Dolph from the porn shop. They could be cousins, it wouldn't be that big of a leap. "Hey there, we need two lanes and a bunch of shoes," I tell Morty. At first, he wants to assign us lanes 1 & 2, but Kim asks for lanes in the middle of the place, she suggests lanes 19&20. He reluctantly assigns them to us. I think to myself, what the hell is he holding them for? But then my mind drifted over to my recent visit at a Pinetree where Jill and I were not enough 'somebodies' to get the good rooms.

I ask Dakota to put that Dallas location on my radar for me to follow up. She didn't have her assistant's notebook with her, she left it in the car. She picked up a sheet of scoring paper and wrote some notes for herself and folded it up and put it in her purse. As I looked everyone over, this just might be the best-looking bowling group in the history of bowling. Men were in suit pants and women in dresses. Kim takes over asking everyone their shoe size.

Only John surprises her with his shoe size. "Really? You wear a size 13?" Kim asks. "Yes Ma'am," he tells her. I see Diane smiling. She just wants to tell Kim that yes, John is that well-endowed, but she just smiles and giggles to herself. After everyone gets their shoes and makes the change only to hand their own shoes up to Morty, the ladies go look for bowling balls to fit their hands.

As for Kim and Kay, they open their bowling ball bags. They each have a shiny colored bowling ball. Kim's is nice emerald green and Kay's is a beautiful cobalt blue. They each have their own shoes as well, no 'house' shoes for them.

Kim puts on a wrist brace and Kay pulls out a rosin bag and sets it by the air vent of the ball return. In my head, I felt as if this was going to be an epic beating by Kim and Kay, but this was designed to be a fun outing so that's what we'll make it.

After several minutes Jennifer is the first to return with a bowling ball, it's hot pink. John tries to put his fingers in the holes and can't do that.

He also comments on how light the ball is. "John, not everyone is a beast like you. These are ladies," I say to him chuckling. He gets the joke and heads off to look for a ball for himself. "Boss, aren't you going to get a bowling ball?" Kay asks. "Um, yeah, I was just waiting for the ladies to all pick theirs. Someone has to watch their purses," I tell her. "Look around, we're the only ones here, except for Morty.

The purses are just fine," Kay says to me. I get up and go to the first rack of bowling balls. I try several, but none of the finger holes matchup with my hand, so I move on to the next rack of balls.

I see three of the ladies walking back with a bowling ball each. When they get to the alley, Kim and Kay make sure that they have gotten ones that fit their hands. John walks by me with a plain black ball. He's all smiles. I ask where Diane is, he points back down to a ball rack near the other end of the lanes. I suggest to him to put his ball at our assigned alley and go down there to help her. Which he does. I see BJ standing at a rack of balls looking puzzled. "BJ, what's the problem?" I ask.

"I've never played this game before; how do I choose a ball?" She says in a rather defeated tone. I tell her to just stand there and I will get her some help. I hurry back to our assigned lanes and ask Kim to help BJ pick out a ball as she has never played this game.

Kim leaves and heads over to BJ. They chat for a couple of minutes, Kim has her trying a few balls then they move to a different rack. I try several more balls. I find one, but it isn't a 16-pound ball it's only 15 pounds, but the finger holes fit me rather well. I bring the new-found ball back to our group area and put the ball in the ball return. Everyone now has their own ball. BJ is all smiles when she returns with the most hideous lime green ball, but it's light and it fits her fingers.

John asks, "Do we get practice rolls?" Kim says that we should all take two practice shots on each lane. I see our boy Morty watching us carefully as if we're going to steal either the balls or the shoes. I just chuckle to myself. Jill really likes Kay's blue bowling ball making a comment about how that matches her car. I just shake my head, woman logic I think to myself.

As each one of the ladies takes their practice shots, Kim sits down next to me. "What's up?" I ask her. "Kay's making me apologize for my outburst at lunch," she says. "There's no need to apologize for anything. I didn't follow up with HR and you ended up…I'm not sure where you ended up," I tell her.

"Kay ended up at one of the district offices for the Pinetree, I ended up at one of the district offices for the restaurant group," she tells me. I just shake my head. I should have followed up much sooner. I just let things get away from me.

"Well, tomorrow both of you will go to the Hawk building. I've already called HR and told them I'm taking the both of you and that you won't be returning to your currently assigned jobs. I got a real snooty lady, which reminds me that I need to maybe pay her visit," I say out loud.

"Hey, Jennifer, how is it going on moving all the district offices to the Hawk?" I ask as she returns from her practice rolls. "Well, I've moved a couple of them, but I'm meeting some resistance. They don't want to make the move," she tells me. "Resistance? Do they not understand that in a few days they won't have an office to go to except the Hawk?" "They seem to think that you're bluffing," She tells me.

"OK, how about this then, Monday, lock all the district offices that are giving you trouble. Have the locksmith guy show up on Sunday and make the lock changes. They'll all be calling Sharon, but this will send the message," I tell Jennifer. Sharon hears her name and begins to listen. "Boss, I heard my name.

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What are you planning?" Sharon asks. "A couple of the district offices that we are trying to move to the Hawk think they can make their own rules and cost us money. I'm changing the locks on Sunday and they will all be calling you on Monday. We need to print out some sort of sign to let them know that the district office is now closed and to contact you and BJ." I tell her. She nervously exhales, knowing the potential storm that might be coming her way.

"Are you sure you want to do that boss?" Sharon asks. "We're going to spend the rest of this week telling them that on Monday that district office will be no longer available. They need to move their desk over to the Hawk or risk not being able to get their stuff on Monday," I tell her. I stop to chuckle to myself as I see poor BJ drop the ball, not once, not twice, but three times.

Clearly, she has never bowled before. Kay goes up and tries to give her some pointers. BJ is listening and trying to do what Kay just told her to do.

The next three hours was a delight. We all had fun. Dakota shocked Kim and Kay by flashing me that she had no panties on before she took her roll. Neither Kim nor Kay said anything, but when Dakota flipped the back of her dress to show me her naked ass, everyone except them laughed. Jill went and sat down next to her new assistant. They began talking. When Dakota showed me her ass, Jill laughed and just said, "Oh, that's just Dakota being Dakota," trying to stem off a bunch of questions.

All in all, we had a delightful time. As I expected Kim and Kay each rolled over 200, the next closest to them was John at 145. I followed him at 139. And pretty much no one else even broke 100. John, however, did want to challenge me to a game of darts. It was obvious that he wanted to talk to me about something, but didn't want everyone else to hear the conversation.

"John, do you play cricket?" I ask. "You mean the British game?" he replies. "No, darts silly," I reply. "Um, I haven't I usually play 301," He tells me. I would rather play cricket. I think that 301 is much too easy and cricket takes just a smidge more skill. We get up, telling the ladies that we are going to go throw some darts. As we are walking towards the game room, I hear a couple of the ladies make mention that they would like to shoot some pool.

John and I pick through their crappy assortment of darts. I ask John if he has smaller bills so we can get some quarters, he just heads over to Morty getting quarters for his $5 bill. He comes back and puts in enough to bring up two players for cricket. I look at the board, it is littered with broken dart tips throughout. Clearly, no one ever takes a pair of needle-nosed plyers to remove all the broken tips. This could be something that our boy Morty could be doing rather than eating French fries at the desk and flirting with the gal in the snack bar.

However, Dakota saw that they had French fries, the crinkle cut type, her favorite. She placed 4 French fry orders. When they were ready, she brought one order over to John and I and took the rest over to the ladies. In my head, it was good to see Dakota smiling and eating, albeit fries and not veggies or fruit but still, she was eating. I also notice that she had a bottle of water, not coke or diet coke.

Although she never asked, she slathered our fries with ketchup. I thought about how she took care of me when Jill was in the hospital.

I remember her stuffing my face with fries covered with ketchup. I chuckled to myself remembering the old ladies that were 'horrified' about Dakota and I playing around. John and I began throwing darts, this was not a skill he was good at, fucking yes, throwing darts, not so much. "John, I sense you wanted to talk to me about something away from everyone," I say to him. "Yeah, well actually two things," he replies.

"Shoot," "OK, first can we talk about that deal again? I'm still not sure how you knew they would take your counteroffer," he says. "It has to do more with NOT taking their offer. If I took their initial offer, then they would have a position of leverage over us. They could find a way somewhere down the road to change the deal on us. Heck, even now we don't have anything signed and until all the lawyers have all the paperwork signed by both parties, they still could potentially come back to us with another counteroffer, but they won't.

They had a top price in mind, just as we had a bottom price in mind. They didn't pay their top price, we didn't have to accept our bottom price. We left some money on the table, that's for sure, but not too much. They walk away being happy that we accepted a lower amount than what they were willing to pay. We're happy because we got substantially more than we anticipated.

That's the true art of negotiation," I explain to John. He throws his three darts, hitting nothing of any value. I throw my three only hitting a single 19. "I sense there is something else on your mind," I say to John. "Well, I find myself having these feelings when other guys try to get with Diane. I mean, with you I know its just a physical act and it's fine with me if you and she get intimate. However, when she gets approached by saying Marcus, I find myself getting jealous.

I don't know why, Marcus is a cool dude, but seeing him getting with Diane, I just get annoyed. I'm trying my best to squash those feelings," John says to me. "Don't squash them, it will eat you alive. Do you remember the other day when you and Marcus were on either end of Jill?" I ask John. "Yeah, but then she pulled in the new gal BJ and we both got to play with her as well," he says. "Then tell me how do you think Diane would have felt seeing you with either Jill or the new gal BJ?" I ask.

"I ask her all the time, but she just tells me 'it's OK'," he replies. "What do you think John? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, she is telling you that it's OK, but she is having the same feelings?" I ask.

"Then why doesn't she say something?" he replies. "Ah my grasshopper, now you are only beginning to understand the female mind. They are beautifully complex creatures. If I may suggest something, have a long and frank discussion with her about your feelings, her feelings, and where you both are headed.

Maybe you need some ground rules that the two of you will only play when you're in the same room. Remember, she's a bit hormonal being pregnant, it comes with the territory," I suggest to him. "So, you're saying that I may have to give up playing?" He asks. "What's more important to you Diane, or having a few minutes of sex with another gal? I know that you already know the answer to that question," I say to him.

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"Then what is the answer?" John asks again. "Talk to her. Want to know why Jill and I work so well? I mean I got Dakota pregnant on purpose with Jill's blessing. Why? Because we don't have any secrets. We tell each other everything not most things, but everything," I explain to him. He throws his darts again, and again he doesn't hit any of the points. I throw my darts one bullseye, two in the 20 to close out the 20's. "So, you're telling me that Diane and I need to have a very truthful discussion," He says.

"Absolutely!" "When should I have this discussion?" He asks. "How about when we get home tonight, take her outside after dinner and sit poolside with both of you dangling your feet in the pool and have this discussion.

You will feel so much better when it's done," I say to him. "OK, I'll plan to do that then," John says as he throws his darts again, and again he hits no points. "Hey, did you eat all the fries?" I ask smiling. John smiles as well. I knew leaving food by him is taking a big risk. We spend a few more minutes ending up with the dart game. I gather everyone. Kim and Kay told me that they have had a good time. I tell them we'll see them tomorrow. They pick up their bowling bags and head out.

I head over to Morty, he's busy on his cell phone playing some game or texting someone. He gives me a total, I ask if I can put it on my credit card. "Um, yeah, but people usually don't pay that way here," he tells me.

I pull out my Visa and have him charge the whole thing to it. When I sign the receipt, I take my copy and put my credit card away. We all head out to the cars. I glance at the clock and see it is 5:15pm. I am dreading traffic on the go home ride. Sharon comes up behind me asking if I will change cars and ride with her. I agree, but unfortunately, this kicks BJ out of the car, but she doesn't seem to mind since she gets to ride with Dakota, John, and Jill. Sharon is being all handsy on the walk to her new car.

"Diane, why do you go exchange places with the new girl BJ so you can ride home with John?" I suggest to her. She bounds over to Jill's car and talks to BJ who comes back to Sharon's car a bit puzzled as to why she's getting bounced around.

I tell her not to read anything into it, I was just suggesting that Diane ride with her fiancée back to the Chateau. She smiled and accepted my explanation.

"Um, boss why does your assistant not wear panties?" is the first thing out of BJ's mouth once we are all in Sharon's car. "She doesn't like to wear panties, plus she makes it a big joke her showing me her cute backside," I say.

Sharon chuckles as does Jennifer. Jennifer adds, "Thank goodness she kept her dress on the whole time," causing BJs eyes to get rather large by that statement. Clearly, she's not completely understanding the dynamics of our playgroup.

Sharon leans over and kisses me passionately before putting the car in drive and heading us home. I offer my skills as a chauffeur to Sharon, who declines smiling. "No darling, you'll get your opportunity to drive but a car isn't what I'm talking about," she says giggling the whole time.

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