Femdom wife tied up husband

Femdom wife tied up husband
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My cousin Jack lived next door to me.

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I was 16 he was 18. He and I have always been close, up until that day.

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He called and said "Hey Craig start the game", meaning xbox so i did. And I set up Madden like always and then he came over and after 3 games he stood up.

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"I'm going pee." he said before going out of my room. I was getting sorta uncomfortable on the floor so i sat on my bed and went to set up the fourth game.

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"New rule whoever wins this game can get the other to do whatever they want for an hour." he said coming back into the room. "Were here alone right?" he asked i nodded "Yeah jen is at a friends house, and mom is working til 1 in the morning." I had a plan i knew i'd get him to run down the street naked if i won, to embarrass him, he and i always did stuff like that to each other.


We played and it was a close game he was winning by three. I was about to kick a field goal and tie it when i went to kick it and he put his hand on my thigh and shocked me and messed my kick up.

The game was over, he won. He smiled a kind of smile I haven't seen before. "Good, your gonna help me out." I looked at him confused until he stood up and started unzipping his pants. He was a big jock, played football, lifted weights, etc. I was a bookworm nerd but nobody dare call me that with Jack as my cousin. I looked grossed out, "What the hell are you nuts?!" i growled standing up.

He shoved me back on the bed as he stepped out of his jeans his dick poking through his striped boxers. "Your gay?" i asked shocked. "No just bored, and decided your a pussy bitch, so now I'm gonna treat you like one. And you lost so you are mine" He always called me names but it wasn't an insult it was joking but this time I saw something dark inside him and it scared me deeply.

I had no clue what to do, he snapped his fingers and pointed at his dick. "Your going to learn to suck cock, crawl to my dick and put your mouth on it now." I didn't move and he got mad "Bitch i'm not playing" I jumped as he yelled and was horrified of what he'd do if i didn't obey. He was violent but never to me. But if I didn't listen to him, maybe he would.

So i crawled over my knees trembling as i got to him. I put my head nead his dick looking at it. It was huge, atleast 7'.

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"You like that dont ya baby" he said laughing as he grabbed the back of my head. "Open up slut" he growled shoving my head on his cock.

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i gagged after about getting 5' down my throat. "Mmm good girl keep sucking" i growled hated when he called me a girl just because i liked having long hair. I tried to relax my throat and keep sucking and he shoved my head further on his cock and started to deepthroat.

"MM yeah ohhh fuck your good" after about 5 minutes more i heard him growl "Swallow all of it slut" I was confused until i felt squirting in my throat realizing it was his cock i swallowed all the cum that i felt flood my throat. He pushed me on the floor off his cock. "MMm your going to be so much fun today." he laughed as he stood up. "Your my little whore now baby." He left the room again as i tried to understand what the hell was going on.

I stood up the weird horrible taste still in my mouth when he shouted. "CRAIG Come here" i jumped and followed the voice and found him in moms room. I got nervous "We can't." "Shut up" he barked. He walked to her dresser. "Get undressed now" I was so confused, scared, embarassed. He hasn't seen me naked, i couldn't do this.

I saw him glaring at me and then got in my face. "Bitch do I have to tell you again" I shook my head and lifted my shirt up and over my head.

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I then unbuckled my jeans and he yanked the belt my jeans falling to the floor. He licked his lips as I stepped out of my jeans and I removed my nfl boxers.

We walked behind me and i felt his tongue on my neck which made me want to gag. "mmm baby soon you'll beg me to take you" he laughed as he rubbed my shoulders and then i felt him put something on me and i was confused til i looked down and saw a bra. "WHAT THE HELL" i yelled out. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back. "Shut up you are going to do whatever i say and wear what i say slut, or else." I sighed my face getting red.

He threw me a black sleeveless short dress. "your mother must be a real slut, Im finding lots of goodies." he laughed. He handed me a white silk thong.

"Put the thong on first." he ordered. I hated every bit of this but knew i had no choice. Once i put the dress on he looked at me like a dog eyes a bone.

I never felt so scared. He walked around me and rubbed his cock. "mmm daddy likes' he growled. I started getting more and more scared as he rubbed my ass. He pushed me hard onto the bed. He crawled on top of me and grabbed my wrists and forced them over my head.


He looked into my eyes and smiled "i'm going to love this" he laughed sinisterly before getting up and grabbing my arm. He led me back into my room and went behind me againa nd started kissing and licking my neck.

I felt a sharp pain as he bit my neck. I jumped which made him laugh again. "Take the dress off slut." I sighed and slid the dress off and felt him slap me hard across the face. "You will say yes daddy when i give you an order because today bitch I am your daddy." he snarled." I never met my daddy so calling him daddy hurt.


I nodded "Yes daddy." He moaned "mmm good girl." To him I wasn't his cousin, I wasn't a guy, I was nothing but his bitch, who he was going to rape.

He rubbed my cock and i jumped again as he moaned in my ear. "Your such a dirty slut, you want this don't you." he said putting my hand around his cock. I shook my head "Stop Jack ok its not funny any." before i could finish he hit me hard in the back sending me falling to my bed in agony.

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He slapped my ass hard before i felt him taking the thong off. "Now slut since you wanted to argue, now i'm just going to fuck you and not let you get it lubed first." I felt his boxers fall to the floor and got very nervous as I tried to speak as i felt him practically on top of me and his cock rubbing against my ass.

"Slut you better relax that pussy or this is really going to hurt." he hissed. I did my best to relax, but the next thing I knew i felt a sharp mind numbing pain rip through me as he sunk his dick completely inside me. I screamed but his hand over my mouth muffled it. He growled with every thrust. He pulled out completely and sank back in and moaned. "mmm good slut, nice tight pussy. Come on baby take daddy's cock." he growled thrusting in and out and I felt nothing but pain as i yelped and whimpered with every pound.

I tried to speak but nothing came out. He just kept violently fucking me as i felt dripping and i hoped he was cumming but i realized it was my blood. He started slapping my ass with his hand with every thrust.

He started fucking me harder and harder. "mmm take it slut you fucking dirty whore you needed this" he growled as he hammered my ass like there was no tomorrow. I then felt him relax and my ass filled with his cum.

After about 5 minutes he pulled his cock out of me. "mmm that was amazing." he said sitting on the bed, me leaning over the bed still not moving. He then took a needle out of his jeans pocked and laughed "mmm this stuff was amazing," he said putting it back in as he was getting dressed.

I realized he was on drugs, and whatever drugs he was using turned him from my protective cousin to my sex crazed abusive."daddy". When he left I cleaned up and was horrified when i realized, i was hard as a rock. What was wrong with me did I enjoy it?

was I raped? I was so confused, but he didn't care. He came over many times after that sometimes he was clean other times he was on drugs, and i always knew when he was on something because i became his whore, but that's stories for another time.