Dicker schwanz in enger fotze

Dicker schwanz in enger fotze
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 06 "That was fun last night." Charlotte said to me as soon as I woke up. "Have you got lots of other toys in that drawer?" "Yes I have, I haven't had the chance to try a lot of them yet but you're welcome to have a look and experiment. Hey, what time is it?" "9:15 why?" "Shit, you have an appointment to get rid of this lot at 10 o'clock." I said giving a gentle tug on her pubic hair.

You get in the shower while I phone James then I'll join you. We can grab an apple or a banana on the way out." "What shall I wear G." "Just a dress or a skirt and top, skip the underwear." Twenty minutes later 2 x 18 year-old girls were walking out to the car.

As we walked I told Charlotte to watch me getting into the car then to do what I had done.

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James had a big grin on his face when he got into the driver's seat. "Where to girls?" I told him and we were waking into the place exactly at 10 o'clock. As we were waiting Charlotte whispered, "What's it like G? What do I have to do?" "Just relax and bend your legs whichever way the woman tell you to." "Will you be with me?" "I'm sure that I can be.

Tell you what, how about I ask if James can come and watch." "What! No. That would be so humiliating. Please don't invite him." But I did; when we were driving there I'd told him to go straight to the car park and then to come in with us.

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When I asked and the receptionist said that both James and I could go in with Charlotte, James got a big smile on his face and Charlotte's face went red. The woman who was to do the procedure gave us all a funny look but I guess that the customer always gets what they want; especially when it's me paying well daddy. Poor Charlotte was shaking as we walked into that room but she didn't object when the woman told her that she'd have to take all her clothes off.

Soon she was up on the table and getting shaved.

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James and I watched Charlotte go from a nervous wreck to a relaxed girl and then an aroused girl. Judging by the juices that were leaking out of her pussy and her breathing, I was surprised that we didn't see her cum. Finally over, we left and walked back to the car. "I've never felt so naked, and the fresh air is tickling me." Charlotte said. "Nice isn't it?" "Yes; yes it is." "So you're going to stop wearing knickers then?" "Maybe, it is nice like this." Back in the car James asked where he was to take us.

I told him that I was due another lesson and that the woods would be good. This time though, I got Charlotte to get naked in the car and 2 naked girls followed James into the woods and poor James had to satisfy 2 horny teenage girls. Luckily, my lessons in deep throating; and Charlotte's starter lesson managed to keep him hard until we were both satisfied.

James was a little disappointed when Charlotte told him that he wasn't taking her virginity, that someone else had done that the day before. Back in the car, Charlotte started to get dressed but I told her not to, reminding her that the tinted windows meant that no one could see us.

Either she was starting to like being naked or she believed that the tinted windows really would stop people from seeing in. Whichever it was neither James nor I were complaining. When James dropped us off I told him that we'd need him again at 7 o'clock. He promised to be there. "Where are we going this evening?" Charlotte asked. "It's a surprise. I'm going to have a lot of fun and you might be able to join in. I don't know exactly what is going to happen, just that I'll be a very satisfied girl at the end of it.

Whatever it is, if you can't join in, or don't want to, you will at least be able to watch." "Mysterious." Charlotte said. "So what now? I fancy a swim; see if my lack of hair feels any different." "It will do, well mine did, but let's raid the fridge first I'm starving." We did, and we did. As we entered the pool area I was a little disappointed that Tommy wasn't there.

We both dived in and swam to the other end of the pool where we stopped and just stood there. "So?" I asked. "Yes, the water tickles my pussy." "I've got something else for you to try, something that I discovered last summer but I'd forgotten about it until just now. Follow me." I swam over to one side to where the jet of water that fills and circulates the water is located. It's just below the surface and when you put your hand in the jet it pushes your hand right back. "Hold the side with your hands; lay back and work your legs up between your arms.

Try to get them out of the water and onto the side." Charlotte managed to do that then I continued, "Right, now shuffle yourself along to your right.

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You'll know when to stop." Charlotte gave me a puzzled look but did as I said. About a minute later she stopped and said, "Oh my gawd, that's awesome. Can I stay here for the rest of the day? Oh, that's so nice. Will it fill my pussy?" "Doubt it; unless your hole is already open. Then it might. I haven't opened my hole when I'm like that. But tell you what, I've just thought of something that will." I got out of the water and went to where the pool cleaner keeps the hosepipe and pulled some of it off the reel.

Then I turned the tap on. Squeezing the end of the hose so that a little jet came out, I squirted the water at Charlotte then turned the jet of water on my pussy.

"Oh that's nice" I said then held the end of the hose to my vagina and pushed a couple of centimetres inside. "Oh my, that's different." I continued as the water filled me up. When the pain got too much for me I pulled the hose out and the water that was inside me came rushing out. "Wow, you've got to try this Char." I said as I looked over to her.

She was still in the same place and still obviously getting her pussy pounded with the big jet of water. "Not going to get any sense out of her for a while." I thought; then pushed the end of the hose back into my hole. I let it rush out again then had another idea. I sat down facing Charlotte and spread my legs very wide and filled my insides again.

This time when I pulled the hose out I tried to hold the water inside me and then let it out in short bursts. The water flew out and went right over to near Charlotte. Not wanting to spoil her pleasure, I waited until her orgasm came and go then tried again. This time really trying to squeeze it out. It worked and some of it landed on Charlotte. "What the f&hellip." Charlotte said then looked up and over to me.


The water was limply coming out of the end of the hose so she continued, "How did you do that?" I put the end of the hose back inside my hole, waited a few seconds, pulled the hose out, clenched my vaginal muscles then squeezed.

I got Charlotte right in the face. "You've got to try this Char." "Wow, okay, give me a sec to get my breath back." I continued to have fun and pleasure my pussy until Charlotte arrived next to me. "You have a go Char." Charlotte took the hose off me and stuck the end in her vagina, "Oooh; see what you mean G." "Do it again." Not that she needed to be told.

"Let's see who can squirt it the furthest, sit next to me Char." She did and we took it in turns to fill our pussies and squirt as far as we could. We were just about to stop and declare Charlotte as the winner when charlotte screamed.


I looked over to the door and saw Tommy walking in. "Oh sorry ladies, I didn't mean to startle you; what are you doing?" Charlotte had the hosepipe in her hand so I said, "Show him Char." "No, you show him G." "Pussy." I replied and grabbed the hosepipe and stuck the end up my hole. Ten seconds later I removed the hosepipe, clamped my pussy muscles then let rip. "Bloody hell!" Tommy said. I gave the hosepipe to Charlotte and said. "Your turn." Charlotte took the hosepipe and did it the same as I watched Tommy.

"Your turn Tommy." I jokingly said. "Yeah right." "No, I mean stick that pole of yours up Charlotte's pussy." "I think that I can manage that." "Not with your clothes on you can't. Get 'em off." What followed was a repeat of the previous day except that Charlotte got her pussy eaten by Tommy as well.

We decided to eat early that evening and chose a Pizza. Charlotte was happy to answer the door on her own. When we were done I phoned James and told him to pick us up in an hour. I hadn't really told Charlotte where we were going, or why, and she was a little puzzled when I got out one of my old school uniforms to put on, and a white bra and a pair of those horrible, industrial school knickers that we had to wear. "What shall I wear?" She asked. "I think that it's some sort of fancy dress do, the organiser wanted me to go in this school uniform; I've got another school skirt that you can borrow, I know that it will be short on you but who cares, we're not going to get detention." "I've brought a white blouse and some knickers and a bra that will do, have you got another school tie G" "Sure; it feels funny going back to these school clothes." "Yeah; so it's a fancy dress party then." "Yes, and I've been promised that it will be a very 'entertaining' evening." I must admit that I wasn't too happy having to put knickers or a harness on but Celeste had promised me a pleasurable time and I have no reason to NOT believe her.

James was a bit puzzled when he arrived to collect us as well. I gave him the piece of paper with the address on it and he studied it for a few seconds then said, "I think that this is a pub, is that right?" "I have no idea." I replied. "I guess that we'll find out when we get there." "And what's with the school uniform?

It's not a school reunion is it?" "Not that I know of." On the way there I asked James if he knew anywhere that we could go and get naked in front of strangers. "Aren't your jaunts in the woods dogging and your trips to the dress shop enough for you?" "No not really." "You're going to Ibiza this weekend Georgia, a place where girls your age go around wearing virtually nothing all the time." "I hope that's right but daddy will be there." "Good point; let me make a few phone calls and I'll get back to you." We soon arrived at the address and James was right, it is a pub, a big one.

"Can you come in with us please James?" I asked. "Sure, stay in the car whilst I park it." Fortunately the pub has a big car park and we were soon walking through the pub door. Miranda was at the bar getting some drinks and when she saw us she offered to get us a drink. As she was waiting to get served she turned to Charlotte and said, "So your Charlotte, Georgia didn't tell me that you were so beautiful. Did she tell you what she's going to do tonight?" "I couldn't because I don't exactly know Miranda." I interjected.

"Well, all you need to know is that you will get LOTS of pleasure. Isn't that enough?" "I guess so." I replied. "So if it's enough for Georgia, is it enough for you? Would you like to have some of that pleasure Charlotte?" "Go on Char, James is here, he'll make sure that no harm comes to use; won't you James?" "Of course, that's what your father is paying me for." There was a few seconds silence then Charlotte replied, "Will I have to take my clothes off?" "No, but you will have to be tied to a table." "Oh," Charlotte replied.

"But will anyone hurt me?" "Definitely not." Miranda managed to give her order then so Charlotte had a while to decide. "Yes." Charlotte said just as Miranda got her change. "Good, you won't regret it. Come on ladies, let's go upstairs." Miranda led us upstairs and passed a large man guarding a door.

It's a big room that's obviously used for functions. At the end opposite the door is a long bar that has beer pumps at one end. I guessed that the other end was used for a buffet but there was no food there. There were tables around the other sides of the room and about 40 or 50 people (mixed ages and sex) sat at them, all talking and drinking.

I saw Celeste and she waved at me.


"I'll just sit at a table in the corner Georgia." James said. "Okay girls, you are the stars tonight but we're not quite ready for you yet. Have a seat and enjoy your drink. I'll come for you when we're ready." Charlotte and I went to a vacant table, sat down and drank half our wine. Looking around, neither of us could work out what was going to happen. "Don't worry Char, Celeste says that we'll enjoy it and I trust her." Five minutes later Miranda came over to us.

"Are you ready girls? If you need to go to the toilet now would be a good time, you won't get the chance for a while." We finished our wine, stood up and followed her to the bar. "Okay girls, we only want you to do one thing tonight, except have fun that is, and that's to climb up onto the bar. When you lie down someone will put some rope on you to stop you moving about. It's nothing to worry about. Remember, no one will hurt you." Charlotte and I looked at each other and I shrugged my shoulders then jumped up onto the bar.

"Can you lay head to head please girls?" We did. "Can you slide down a bit so that there's a gap between you both please Georgia?" I did. The next thing that happened was that a man and a woman came and tied our ankles and wrists to something on the sides of the bar and tied a rope over our waists and just above and below our tits.

Our legs were pulled apart as our ankles were tied. Finally, a blindfold was put over our eyes and a gag was tied around our heads. Then Miranda made an announcement to the whole room, "Ladies and gentlemen, our volunteers are now ready. As usual, there's no need to rush, they are not going anywhere for the next 3 hours." I don't know what Charlotte was thinking, but I was both nervous and excited. I just knew that I was going to get sexually turned on but I hadn't a clue how. Nothing happened for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a couple of minutes, then someone came to me and gently touched my face; like they were blind and were trying to work out what I looked like.

The hand moved down my body, checking out both my clothed breasts as they went. A finger lightly drew a circle over my covered pubes then went down my right leg, lightly touching me as it went.

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Then the hand disappeared. Over the next, no idea how long, numerous hands did the same sort of thing. The touch of the different hands on my skin told me that they were from different people, some were rough, some were gentle, some pressed on me and some very lightly touched. Slowly, I was getting turned on by the touching, especially those on my covered tits and pubes and my bare calves. The hands started touching my lips (mouth) and I automatically opened my mouth to accept the fingers that went inside.

My thick school skirt had filled the gap between my legs and the hands started touching my inner thighs, albeit over the skirt. Then there was a pause during which I heard a few gasps from the audience, and from Charlotte. Then I found out why, my school blouse and school skirt were cut off me and removed from under the ropes. I heard more gasps. For the next goodness know how long, the hands started caressing my body again, now over my exposed flesh, bra and industrial school knickers.

I was getting seriously turned on by then. One after another, more hands caressed my body and I was getting seriously turned on. Then there was another hands free pause, then more gasps and applause.

Again I soon found out why as my bra and knickers were cut away and removed. I was naked (except for the blindfold), and longing for more hands to caress me. When they did, they went straight to my tits and teased my nipples.

I realised that there were 2 people teasing my nipples, one hand was rough and the other smooth and gentle. My pussy and clit craved attention but the hands just caressed all around my pussy without touching it.

These people really know how drive a girl crazy. This went on for what seemed like years until I heard Charlotte orgasm. Well I just heard her because that triggered applause from our audience. They were soon at it again as I reached the point of no return and my body jerked about as much as the ropes would let it.

Those orgasms triggered a change of actions from the hands. They started getting more positive, more aggressive even. My tits got squeezed and my nipples got pulled and twisted, and my pussy got invaded. I was being finger fucked, fast and furiously.

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Another orgasm built, erupted and passed, then another, then another. Hands changed and styles changed but the assault on my tits and pussy was never ending. The orgasms came faster and faster until it seemed like I was permanently up there.

Finally it stopped and I was allowed to rest. I should have realised that it wasn't over because the ropes and gag and blindfold were left in place but I didn't. I was just starting to think that I could go home to my bed and rest when it started again. My tits and pussy were attacked again as the next round of the 'battle' started. I was quickly taken to my peak and kept there until finally my body gave up and I blacked-out.

When I came round the ropes and gag and blindfold were gone. So were nearly all the people. Celeste was stood there looking down at me with a smile on her face. "Charlotte." I said, "Is she?" "She's fine, sit up and look." I did and saw her sat further along the bar.

She looked exhausted but she managed to smile at me. Miranda came over and gave me a drink which I downed in one, then coughed. It was a very strong G&T. Well done Georgia, you lasted longer than a lot of girls do. Did you enjoy yourself? I laughed the replied, "What do you think?" "Good, perhaps you would like to come again sometime?" "Tomorrow?" I replied. "I like you." Miranda said, "Celeste will let you know when." With that she turned and left.

"Are you ready to get to your feet Georgia?" Celeste asked. I slid forwards then jumped down. My legs started to buckle but recovered and I stood un-aided the walked over to Charlotte. James was in front of her holding a drink for her. "You okay Char?" I asked. "Better than okay; just knackered." "Me too.

Ready to leave?" "I need some clothes, mine got cut off me." "Mine too. I guess that we'll be going home like this." "Fuck it, I don't care." Charlotte replied. "Can you lift me down please James?" James did then held her waist for a few seconds as her legs got used to taking her weight. We started, slowly walking out or the room, both Charlotte and I holding onto one of James' arms.

Celeste was still there watching us and as we passed her I said, "Can we come and see you tomorrow; I have to replace some of Charlotte's clothes." "Of course; sleep well girls." Amazingly, neither Charlotte nor I went to sleep in the car and James offered to help us to my room. We declined the offer and started walking to the house.

As we slowly climbed up the stairs I said, "Shower then bed." We both walked straight into the shower which refreshed us but we went straight to the bed and I was asleep in seconds.