Sex from china during night

Sex from china during night
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I see their car pull into the lot. I take one last look around my apartment, straighten a cushion that doesn't need straightening. I listen to them come up the stairs and I open the door before he can knock. I'm so nervous I just stand there.

He raises an eyebrow and I quickly move out of doorway. They walk in and put down their stuff.

He turns to greet me. He hugs me, noticing how tense I am. "Relax" he says. "We won't harm you." I turn to get them drinks.

She settles on the sofa. As I hand her a glass I see a glint in her eyes. This both excites and flusters me. This is the first time she will join a private time with him and I.

Even though I agreed to it, I'm still not sure how I feel. Our relationship is so different than theirs. She is his, I am not. I am really the one that doesn't belong here. How am I expected to act? As his friend? As his slave? He tells me to sit and I quickly join her on the sofa. Then as if he read my mind he says, "For this night you are mine.

You have not been properly trained so I will not be too strict with you. But I know you are a smart girl. Use your common sense and we will be fine." I nod my head. I've come to know a lot of what he expects from his slaves. I believe I can handle this. He continues, "You are also hers for the night. I am granting her a little freedom to enjoy her dominant/sadistic side. I will always be in control and watching out for the safety of you both.

But unless I say otherwise, you will follow her orders also.

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This means that for this evening you will do what we say. We are free to use you as we see fit. Do you agree to this?" I hesitate, I know if I agree I give up my freedom for the night. I look up at him. I see the understanding and kindness in his eyes.

He knows I'm struggling with this. We've played together many times. He knows my limits, he knows my reactions. I trust him completely.


I nod my head, "Yes Master, I agree." As soon as the words leave my mouth his face changes. Gone is the understanding and kindness. Replaced with heat and hardness. "Stand and strip", he says to me. I quickly remove my clothes then stand, fidgeting, unsure what do with my hands. He turns to her and nods. She give me an evil little grin and tell me to turn around and bend over.

I glance once at him, seeing his anticipation, then turn and bend over the sofa, my ass exposed. I hear her moving around and sorting through the toys.

I try to turn and see, but he grabs my hair and pushes my face into the cushion. I feel a soft hand rubbing my ass, then a sharp sting as she hits me with a crop. I cry out and he says, "Start softly, we want her to last all night." "Yes, Master", she says and I can hear the smiles in their voices.

The crop hits again. Softer this time, but still slightly painful. She continues to hit me, alternating ass cheeks, slowly increasing the strength of the hit.

I'm squirming but he holds me in place with his hand still in my hair.

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Her hits get harder and I shift, crying out, pushing away from the sofa. "Stop", he says to her. He stands me up then moves over to his bag, grabs something and comes back. "Hands behind your back", he says to me and I comply.

I feel him putting leather straps on my wrists. When he finishes he bends me over again. I am now bent over the sofa, hands strapped behind my back. My head against the cushion is the only thing supporting me, I have no leverage to move. I sense someone move next to me and shift my eyes to see that she has moved. I feel his hand now, rubbing my ass.

He moves away and I tense with anticipation. I feel the mix of sting and thud as he hits me with the submissive whip. I try to squirm, but can't move without the risk of falling over. As he continues to hit me she moves her hands to my nipples.

Touching, twisting, squeezing, teasing. The pain and pleasure course through me, he can see that I'm close to orgasm and he abruptly stops hitting me and moves her hands from me. I cry out in frustration and drop my knees to the sofa. She laughs and pushes me over so I'm leaning back on the sofa, my hands still secured behind me. She moves her mouth to one nipple and squeezes the other. She bites hard and it's almost too much for me. I hear his voice, "You may not orgasm." What?!?!

I can't orgasm? This isn't how we play! But I'm his tonight, bound by his rules. I must obey. I fight myself, pushing the orgasm away, while she does everything she can to bring it forward.

I open my eyes and see he has undressed. He walks towards us. I'm going to get to taste his cock! I try to lean forward, reaching for him with my mouth. Instead he pushes my head back and reaches for her. She abandons me, eagerly encircling him with her mouth. I can see her tongue moving around tasting him and again I'm reminded that she is his, I'm not.

He enjoys her mouth for a short time, then pulls back. He looks at her and asks "What would you like to do with her next?" "You've told me how good she is with her mouth. I want to see if she's that good with a girl." She stands and undresses.

We move to the bedroom and she lays on the bed her legs hanging off the edge. He unbinds my wrists. "Bend over and lick her pussy. Stay standing." I bend over, smelling the sweet aroma of her. I start softly, light licks and soft kisses.


Touching, feeling, taking it all in and enjoying her. I feel him move behind me, then feel a light spank on my ass. I find her clit and flick and tease it.

Give her long laps with my tongue. He continues to spank me getting harder. I groan into her, increasing the speed and pressure of my tongue. I find her hole and push a finger in, feeling her wetness. I push in two and tongue her clit faster and harder. She moans and I can feel her pushing back at me.

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We all increase the tempo and her breathing gets harder. "Master, may I orgasm" she cries out. "Yes" he says. She lets out a loud cry and I can feel her wetness and taste her orgasm. As she quiets I continue to softly lick and kiss until he pulls me up by my hair. "Good work", he says to me. "You have earned my cock." He leads me by my hair back into the living room. She spreads a blanket on the floor and he lays down.

He tells me to kneel between his legs and I do. "What do you want?", he asks. "Please Master, may I pleasure you with my mouth and tongue. May I touch you and taste you. May I give my mouth to you for your pleasure." "Yes" he says and guides my head down to his cock. I eagerly take him into my mouth. As I start licking and sucking I feel something touch my pussy. I turn and I see her kneeling behind me with a large strap-on attached. She pushes forward and slowly enters me.

I turn back to him and try not to let her distract me from pleasing him. I feel her move in and out of my pussy. Her movement causes me to move back and forth on him in the same rhythm. She is essentially sucking his dick with my mouth. I jump when I feel something cold and wet hit my asshole.

I whip my head around. She is holding a bottle of lube in one hand and another dildo in the other. I realize what's going to happen and start to protest. He grabs my hair and pulls me back to his cock. She presses the dildo against my asshole and the head pops in. I'm trying to cry out to stop this, but he's holding my head to him, his dick deep in my throat. I hear him moan from the pleasure I'm causing him by trying to scream.

She pushes the dildo in further and further until it's fully in. She continues to fuck my pussy while starting to move the dildo in and out of my ass. I've never felt so full before.

A dick in my mouth, pussy and ass. The pain in my ass subsides and is replaced with pleasure. I do the best I can with him. It's hard to concentrate with the fullness I feel everywhere and the pleasure building. I can tell he's getting close though and I increase my efforts.

I want to taste his cum.

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He reaches down and squeezes my nipple and that's all it takes for me. The pleasure explodes. There is nothing I can do to stop it. My body convulses and in the back of my mind I realize he is orgasming also.

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I can taste his cum shooting into my mouth. I think I will volunteer to be their slave every night.