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Hot Blooded Stroking Shemale Whore
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Many thanks to jellybelly2 for all the hard work in editing and improving this story from a previous version. I heard Dorothy's scream from my back yard. It was so loud that it felt like she was screaming into my ear. My body bounced in the air, and my eyes opened wide. I had been dozing in my lounge chair in the shade of a tree. It was a warm day, but there was a cool breeze. That and a cold beer had combined to put me into a bedroom with mirrors everywhere and a blonde with huge breasts who was licking slowly down my chest, heading toward paydirt.

But now the blonde was gone, and I looked around nervously when I heard Dorothy's second scream. This one ended in a loud sob. I jumped up and ran through my house, out the front door, across the street and up the steps to her porch. I looked down to see her lying at my feet. Her beautiful chest was rising and falling as she gasped for air between sobs.

"What happened, Dorothy," I yelled. "Should I call 911?" She looked up at me, and I saw her makeup smeared across her face and tears streaming from her eyes. Then she put her head back down and continued sobbing. That's when I saw her head was lying on Loverboy, and she had her arms around his neck. The big schnauzer was squirming beneath her and whimpering in pain. I squatted down to get a closer look. "What's wrong with Loverboy?" I asked.

Dorothy lifted her head and between sobs blurted out, "It's that bastard, Jerry." Then she buried her face in Loverboy's side again.


"Wait a minute," I said. "Calm down. You aren't doing Loverboy any good by being hysterical. Tell me what happened." I liked Dorothy. She was a college student renting the house across the street with three other girls. All four of them were hot, but even though I had only graduated two years ago, they treated me like an older brother. As I got to know them, I found out they were serious students who also liked to have a good time.

On weekdays, they burned the candles late studying, but on weekends, their house seemed to be full of boys every hour of the day and night. Dorothy was the animal lover of the four. She was a vegetarian, and she adored her large schnauzer. I often saw her walking around the neighborhood with the dog or jogging with him in the park. She treated him like one of her girlfriends. But Loverboy was all male. Lots of people had told her to have him fixed, but she wouldn't do it, because she thought it was cruel to mutilate her best friend.

The trouble was, Loverboy had a strong sex drive, and it was always embarrassing her. Anyone who got near him was in danger of being humped until she pulled him off. Loverboy wasn't his original name, but the first time someone called him that, the name stuck. Dorothy even went as far as finding a doggie bordello for him. It was a breeding operation on the east side of town, and the owners bred Loverboy or at least allowed him to enjoy their bitches for a few hours whenever she saved up enough money to take him there.

That didn't satisfy Loverboy for long, and within a few days, he was humping furniture and people's legs again. The roommates and boys who came to the house learned to put up with him.

"You're right, Ben," said Dorothy, sitting up and facing me. "This isn't helping." She took her arms from around Loverboy's head and put one hand on his heaving side, where she patted and stroked him as she spoke.

"I want to kill Jerry," she said emphatically. "Slow down," I said. "Tell me exactly what happened." Jerry lived by himself in the bungalow next to the girls, and I didn't like him.

I didn't care that he was a weird dude and kept mostly to himself. But he seemed to enjoy making trouble for people. The parties at the girls' house were never really loud, and some nights I even got aroused imagining what was going on in the silent house at 2 a.m. when all the cars were parked on the street. But they were too loud for Jerry, who called the cops and complained several times.

When the cops showed up and saw there was nothing wrong, they were angry, and now they didn't respond to his calls anymore. If Jerry saw someone hosing down a driveway and it wasn't on a permitted day, he'd call the authorities. Every time he had a chance to stick it to someone, he seemed delighted to take that chance. I stayed as far away from him as possible. "I was about to take Loverboy for a walk, but as I was putting on his leash, Jerry walked by and Loverboy bolted," said Dorothy.

"He was feeling frisky and ran over to Jerry and started humping his leg." She began sobbing again, and couldn't go on for a few seconds. "Right in front of my eyes, I saw Jerry kick his leg out and send Loverboy flying.

But then he went after him and kicked him viciously between his legs. I was in shock and just stood there as Loverboy screamed. Then Jerry walked up to him and kicked him in the balls again and calmly went into his house. I wanted to run after him and tear him to pieces, but I had to take care of Loverboy." The tears began to flow again. "What a sadistic bastard!" I said angrily. I got up and walked over to Jerry's front door and rang the bell.

In a couple of seconds, he opened the door and looked at me. "What do you want?" he said calmly with a smirk on his face. "I want you to apologize to Dorothy for what you did, you asshole," I said, "and if I ever hear about you going anywhere near that dog again, I'm going to smash your face in." He wasn't bothered in the slightest by my threat. Without raising his voice or wiping the smirk off his face, he said, "You don't have to worry about me. I didn't go near that dog today.

He came to me for some training, which I was glad to give him. I don't think he'll do that again, but tell Dorothy that if he does, I'm ready to train him some more. That dog is a public nuisance." I stood there fuming, trying to come up with something to scare him or at least get him angry, but I couldn't think of anything.

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Finally, I said, "You're going to be sorry for this someday," and turned around and walked away. I felt stupid a second after I made my vague threat. I walked fast because I didn't want to hear his putdown, but he just laughed and closed the door. When I got back to Dorothy, she was pretty much recovered. One of her roommates had come home and was comforting her. Even Loverboy seemed to have perked up and was licking her hand. I was still steaming as I headed back to my house, and I knew I wouldn't be able to relax in my backyard anymore that day because I'd keep thinking about Jerry and how ineffectual I had been.

A few days later, I was over at the girls' house after I came home from work, having a beer and talking with two of them, not Dorothy, when we all saw Jerry walking past their house. "There goes an evil man," said one of them. "He should be punished for his evil." "You're right," said the other roommate, "but how?" "I don't know. I wish I could think of something that wasn't illegal, or at least wouldn't get us in trouble." That's where the conversation about Jerry ended, but their words were enough to get my mind going.

I think of myself as a good guy, but sometimes I surprise myself by fantasizing some pretty horrible things to do to people who jerk me around. Of course, I'd be in prison if I ever followed through on any of my fantasies.

This time, I let my imagination run wild for a few days and wrote down everything I could think of. I discarded the violent ideas first and then the ones that would result in heavy fines or picking up trash on the highway in an orange jumpsuit.

There were a few left that I tweaked this way and that but never enough to satisfy me. I felt frustrated, and then a bolt of inspiration hit me. It was the perfect punishment for Jerry. It absolutely fit the crime, and it would teach him a lesson. I even worked out a way to prevent him from getting back at us. Yes, us, because I would need help to carry this off. I didn't want to get too many people involved.

The four girls across the street would be enough. I wondered how they would react to my crazy idea. The next afternoon, I saw Dorothy walking Loverboy when I came home. I went over to her and said, "You're not going to believe this, but I think I've found a way to punish Jerry and make sure he never bothers any of you, or Loverboy, again." She was excited at my words.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I need to tell all four of you at the same time," I said. "I know all of you are all over the place with classes and jobs, but this is something that would have to be planned out and done together.

If your roommates are as interested as you and I are, let me know and I'll come over and talk to all of you." I got a call from her that night. "Can you come over tomorrow night at 7?" she asked. "We'll all be here." "I'll see you then," I said. The next night I gave them the gist of my idea. "I hope all of you are OK with me talking graphically about sex," I said when we were sitting around the kitchen table. They all looked at each other and at me.

"If not, I can't go on," I said. "It's OK," said Dorothy after getting nods from the other three, "but you're sounding pretty strange." "By the time I'm through, you'll think I'm pretty sick," I replied, "because my plan is all about Loverboy's gonads. Loverboy doesn't understand revenge like we humans do.

But he does get worked up over one thing." The girls giggled. "My idea is that since Jerry kicked Loverboy in the gonads, wouldn't it be fitting if Loverboy's gonads were his punishment? What I want to do is let Loverboy screw Jerry in the ass." I stopped there and waited for a response. The girls seemed to be stunned and didn't know what to say. Dorothy broke the silence. "That would be amazing," she said, "but how in the world?" "That's where we have to use our brains," I said.

"I have a few ideas, and I bet the four of you can come up with a lot more. We don't want to rush into this, and we're not going to do it unless we all agree on a plan that we think will work." "But isn't that illegal?" said one of the roommates. "He could put us in jail." "You're right," I said.

"I thought of that. That would be the biggest chance we would take. My idea is to record everything on video. After we're done, we'll give Jerry a copy and tell him that if he presses charges, his date with Loverboy will be all over the world within minutes.

When we explain to the judge why we did it, I don't think we'll get more than probation and a few months of community service. But he'll be humiliated for the rest of his life. "What do you think, girls? Do you think he won't care that everyone in town will watch that video?

I really don't know the guy." "I don't know him much either," said one of the roommates, "but from the few times I've dealt with him, I think he really thinks he's hot stuff and better than everybody else.

I'm sure he'd die rather than be embarrassed like that." The other girls all agreed vehemently. They were starting to get excited about my idea. Dorothy got out a piece of paper and a pencil, and we started working on the plan. It took us three long sessions and lots of beer and laughter to finish the plan.

By the time we were done a week later, the four of us had become as thick as thieves. The night of the plot, it was warm and humid, and the girls and I were dressed casually. They were a lot more casual than I was. We all wore shorts, but their shorts were so short and tight that their cheeks were almost more out than in. It was the same up front. They are all stacked and were wearing halter tops that they were almost falling out of. I don't know if this was by chance, but they looked so similar that their getups seemed like some kind of uniform, like they were cocktail waitresses at a strip club.

It started off with Dorothy jiggling out her front door with a piece of computer paper and walking to Jerry's front door. She pulled a small roll of duct tape out of her pocket and firmly taped the paper to his door.

Then she rang the bell and slowly walked back to her house with much swaying of her caboose. When Jerry opened the door, the first thing he saw was her amazing round shimmying butt as she walked away. Then he noticed the paper on the door. It was a dark night, but there was enough moonlight for me to watch him from my window as he read the three words printed on it in large letters: "Beware of asshole." I saw him rip it off his door and set off after Dorothy, who walked into her house and shut the door.

He must have been steaming, but he pretended to be calm as he marched up to the girls' door and rang the bell.

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I quietly left my house, crossed the street and watched him from behind a tree in their front yard. Dorothy answered the door and opened it wide. "Why hello, Jerry," she said in an exaggeratedly friendly way.

I heard her trying to hide the excitement in her voice, but he was so angry that I don't think he noticed. I saw that she was standing just inside the threshold but was pushing her chest forward so that her breasts were nearly out of her halter top. It didn't seem to faze Jerry. In his usual nasty voice, he said, "You are in big trouble. Do you know what the penalty is for vandalism?" He was about to continue, but Dorothy raised her hand and gently pressed two of her fingers against his lips.

I was impressed with how cool she was. "Shhhh," she said. "Why don't you come in and we can talk about it?" For a moment, Jerry was stunned by her fingers on his lips and didn't get what she was saying. But then he lifted his right arm and swatted her hand away from his face. His voice was a little louder now as he started to reply. "Not on your life," he said and then he stopped as he realized the other three girls had come around the sides of the house and were now standing behind him with arms out, pushing him and moving quickly toward the doorway.

Dorothy got out of the way, and I heard his voice sputter as he disappeared into the house. The door was still wide open, and I walked inside and closed it behind me. When I got to the family room, he was on the floor with one roommate sitting on his stomach and another sitting on his face. I wondered what the view was like through the skimpy shorts.

Dorothy was almost squealing with excitement as she turned to me. "See, Ben, I told you we didn't need your help to invite him to our party," she said. "You were right, Dorothy," I said. "It looks like you've got everything under control." One of the roommates had left and now returned holding a ball gag.

She and Dorothy got on each side of his head and gave a signal to the girl sitting on his face. As she got up, Dorothy quickly pushed the ball into his gasping mouth, while her roommate pulled the band over his head and tightened it. We heard the loud sound of him sucking in air through the small hole in the middle of the ball. We had decided that Dorothy was going to be the spokesman for the evening. She had worked on what she was going to say and was holding a printout.

But she soon put it aside, because she knew exactly what she wanted to say and how she wanted to sound. It was her idea to be playful instead of angry. "Jerry," she said. "We invited you tonight to a special party.

I know you are probably worried right now, but all we're going to do is have some fun, play some games and enjoy ourselves. We're not sadistic monsters like some people we know. We're just college girls who like to have fun. We don't do drugs and not much alcohol.

Which leaves just one thing. "We like to dress sexy and act sexy and have great sex. It helps us deal with the stress of school and makes us feel positive and good about everything. We were thinking that maybe you're not as friendly and positive as we are because we never invited you to any of our parties and you haven't been getting enough sex. So we decided to have a special party for you tonight. Everyone who lives here is invited, and also Ben from across the street." As she spoke, Jerry got his breath back and was now trying to say something, but only muffled sounds came through the gag.

"It sounds like you are excited about the party," Dorothy said, "so let's get started. But before we do, you have to tell us something. We'd like to take the gag off of you, because we know that it's hard to breathe through that little hole. So if you promise not to make any noise, we'll take it off.

What do you say?" One of the girls pulled the ball a little bit away from his mouth. "Help!" he screamed, and she let the ball snap back into his mouth. "Well, I guess we have your answer," said Dorothy. "But think about it. We don't want to have one of those loud parties that you don't like. If you change your mind about not making noise, you can let us know by slapping the floor or anything that's nearby three times with your hand, and we'll take the gag off.

Of course, we don't mean you should slap us." She and the other girls giggled. "OK, now I think we'll need your help for a moment Ben," she said. "Let's bring Jerry over here. She pointed to the hassock. It was my hassock that I had brought over, and it was on ball-bearing rollers that I had cleaned and oiled well so that if I just flicked the hassock with my finger, it would quickly roll across the hardwood floor.

I helped the girls lift Jerry and carry him to the hassock.

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He struggled a little, but he saw it was useless, so he decided to just be dead weight. We lay him face down across the hassock. It rolled so much that we had to work hard. Finally, we got him in position, and two of the girls and I held him steady while Dorothy wrapped two sheets around him and the hassock several times. After she tucked the ends of the sheets in under him, he was held tight, but she also wrapped a rope around him and tied it.

Then she took his hands in hers and pulled them forward as she sat down in front of him and the rest of us stood up. He tried to resist, and she let go of his hands. Although he was held tight at his chest by the sheets wrapped around him, his knees and feet were on the floor, and as he squirmed, the hassock began rolling. When he realized that he could move around by crawling, he lifted his head and looked around while sucking in air through the hole in the gag. He grabbed the hassock with his hands and aimed it at the entrance to the kitchen and started quickly rolling it in that direction.

One of the girls got up and blocked his way. He quickly changed direction and aimed at another exit from the room, and another girl got in his way. There was only one more way out, and when he tried that and was blocked again, he began rolling frantically in one direction and then another. Watching him, everyone began laughing. Finally, Dorothy went over and stopped his rolling with one hand.

His head dropped down over the edge of the hassock and we saw his shoulders shake. When she lifted his head, we saw tears of frustration in his eyes. "That was great, Jerry," said Dorothy. "You've already figured out your moves for our game.

Just a couple more things, and then we'll be ready. First, let's get you more comfortable with some pillows." She nodded to one of the roommates who came to the hassock and stuffed a few foam pillows under his chest and stomach. They lifted the front of his body up, so that he was facing forward instead of falling over the edge. He was able to put his face down into one of the pillows, or turn it sideways and rest on the pillow.

Or he could lift his face slightly to look ahead. At the moment, he head was lifted and looking at Dorothy. She leaned forward and pulled her halter top away from her breasts and they fell right before his eyes. "As you can see Jerry," she said, "we've all slipped into something more comfortable for the party, so you can do the same thing." She tucked her breasts back into the halter top and joined the other girls behind him who were unbuckling his belt, unzipping him and pulling his pants down as he tried to kick them and roll away from them.

They took off his shoes and soon his pants and underwear were flying across the room.

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He was buck naked from the waist down now. His shirt and socks were still on. One of the girls reached to where his penis was dangling and grasped it. He tried to avoid her and roll away, but she held him firmly and began moving her fist up and down it. "Wow!" said Dorothy. "You've got a big package. I thought you were probably tiny and that's why you weren't having any fun.

But obviously that's not your problem. We should have invited you over long before this." The girls giggled, and Jerry squirmed. "Now we just need to make a couple of adjustments and we're ready to start our party game," Dorothy said. Two of the girls busied themselves around his knees and thighs with some sashes and belts and one of them left the room and came back to get something and brought it to Dorothy.

When they moved away from him, I saw what they had done. They had pulled his legs wide apart, so his butt cheeks were spread wide. His asshole was now clearly visible in the middle of his hairy crack. Sashes around his thighs that were tied under the hassock kept his legs apart. He could still move them, but he couldn't bring them together. His knees were still on the floor, but he now had kneepads over them to protect them. His arms were still free. He grabbed the hassock with his hands and began rolling again.

The girls and I watched him roll around and try to get away from them for a few minutes before stopping him. "We're almost done," said Dorothy. "The last thing is this blanket to keep you warm." She held up a hide with fur on one side.

"I borrowed it from a dog breeder. It's made from the skins of several bitches who were killed in accidents, and it's perfumed with secretions taken from other bitches when they were in heat.

The breeder uses it to arouse male dogs when he wants them to mate." She threw the hide over him. It covered part of his back. She used a few large safety pins to attach it to his shirt.

His eyes opened wide, and suddenly there was a loud sound like three thunderclaps in the quiet room. He was slapping the hassock.

"That's great, Jerry," said Dorothy. "I'm glad you've decided to enjoy the party without that uncomfortable gag. Remember now. Keep your voice low." When his gag was removed, he took a few deep breaths and then started talking in a low voice. Every few seconds, it got louder and more shrill, but then he quieted down again, took a few breaths and kept talking. We all listened to him.


"Please, Dorothy, don't do this. I won't tell anyone about this. I won't report any vandalism. I promise. I'll even sign something if you want.

I won't ever report your noisy parties again. I'll leave you all alone. I'll sign a paper. I can give you some money, too. Please don't do this." He went on and on in that vein, repeating himself, sometimes adding new things as he thought of them and repeating them.

The girls listened to him quietly for a while, and then Dorothy put two fingers to his lips and said, "Hush now, Jerry. Don't be afraid. We're all going to have a good time, and I promise you that you are going to have a great orgasm. One of my boyfriends at school showed me something, and I guarantee it will drive you wild." She turned to one of her roommates and said, "Do you have the lube?" She poured a generous portion into her hands and reached under him.

One hand went around his limply hanging member and the other around his testicles. The girls and I watched her as the two hands started moving in different directions, pulling, stroking and manipulating.

The hassock began moving in little jerks, forward, backward, side to side. Jerry was looking straight ahead. His eyes were wild, and he began to breathe heavily. I looked at Dorothy. She was breathing heavily, too, and her face was getting red. I looked around and saw the other girls looking and sounding just like her. When Jerry's pelvis began thrusting against Dorothy's hands, she quickly stopped and pulled them away. A small groan came from him, as Dorothy said, "Don't worry, Jerry.

This is what I learned. I need to get you all worked up and then stop and wait until you're limp again. Then I have to repeat and repeat until I see that you are ready for a giant orgasm.

And that's when I'm going to make you explode. I need some more lube here." She got her lube and started again. This time the hand manipulating his testicles pulled them back and let them go and then went between his cheeks that were pulled apart. She put a finger into his asshole, and the hassock jumped into the air with his reaction. "More lube," she said, and pulled out the finger, getting another jerking reaction. She had a roommate squirt a little lube at his ass and then pushed it in with two fingers.

Meanwhile her other hand was pumping his penis. When Jerry began thrusting into her hand again, she pulled her fingers out and let go of his penis.

A louder moan came from Jerry, and he said, "When you stop, my balls hurt." "I'm glad you told me that, Jerry," said Dorothy. "That means we're almost there. You're a sexy guy. It takes a lot more time to stimulate most of my boyfriends." When his member went limp, she started pumping it again and, at the same time, she pushed more lube into his anus. When she stopped this time, Jerry winced in pain. "That should do it," she said.

"Now you're ready for the real thing." "Now, listen, Jerry. Remember when I said, all the people who live here were invited to our party. Well, we can't forget Loverboy, can we? "Some people aren't nice to him, but we all love him. I haven't taken him to the breeder to have a play date with the bitches for two weeks now, and he's really frustrated.

We'd like to make sure he has a good time at the party and gets a good orgasm, just like you're going to get. "So we've set up a little game.

When I bring him in here, he's going to smell the bitch hide on your back and go crazy. He'll jump on top of you and start pumping as fast as he can. "Have you ever seen the tool of a large schnauzer? Loverboy is at least 10 inches long when he's aroused, and attached to the 10 inches is a ball which is called a knot that's about three inches in diameter, about the size of my fist. "For Loverboy, there's no such thing as foreplay As soon as he's hard, he's moving back and forth so fast that you can barely see his thing unless you film it in slow motion, which we are going to do.

It's as fast as a hummingbird, but with a lot more power. "That's why I stuck a lot of lube inside you. If he gets his thing into you, it will be all the way in and out before you can even take a breath.

"At least that's what he does with bitches. I've never seen him mate with a man, so I'm curious to see what happens. With the bitches, he goes at full speed trying to drive that big knot in so he can spurt. The lubricant will help you to handle the knot, so it won't tear you open and make you bleed. At least, that's what we hope.

"If he gets the knot in, you'll be attached for half an hour, even after he spurts. That's the most interesting part, because now it's like he's two different dogs. One part of him is stuck inside you and can't get out, and the other part is looking around because he's finished and has a short attention span.

I've seen him turn around with his knot inside a bitch and move his legs over her until he's facing the opposite direction from her. Sometimes he gets so interested in something else that he'll start moving toward it, dragging the whining bitch behind him with his knot. "If he gets into you and knots with you, we're going to play some more games and see if we can get him to pull you and the hassock around the house with his knot.

You'll need to move backwards quickly when he starts walking to keep the knot from hurting your rear.

If he pulls hard enough to pull it out, your anus will definitely tear open, and we'll have to bring you to the emergency room for stitches. So be prepared to move backward fast. "After he's soft and his thing falls out of you, we'll clean you up and get you home. We have a party favor for you, but we won't have it ready for a few days.

It's the video that we're making of our game. "Did you notice all the lights and the cameras in this room.

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We have been recording everything already from lots of angles. Did you know that Ben is a cameraman for a TV news show and has access to professional equipment? He's even volunteered for a really slimy assignment. "He's going to crawl under you with his bodycam and record close up as Loverboy tries to consummate with you.

That's going to be hard because you'll be moving, Loverboy will be moving and the lubricant will be leaking. "If you've been listening closely, you've been hearing me say one word a lot, the word 'if.' Because even though we would love for Loverboy and you to both get satisfaction tonight, we're not certain it will happen because it depends on how you play the game.

Here's how the game works. "You are attached to the hassock and can roll anywhere you want. Loverboy will try to hold you still and stick his high-speed battering ram into you. It's like a game of dodge ball. You need to dodge him. We've decided that the game will last for 15 minutes.

If you can dodge him that long, you win and Loverboy has to be frustrated for a few more days until I can get him to the breeder. We'll still enjoy watching you in action.

"If Loverboy can get into you, well, I've already told you what will happen. One last thing. I don't know if you've noticed, but we've brought every flat screen TV in the house here, and they're all on stands on the floor so you can see them.

Ben brought a couple also, so we've got six altogether. Whatever direction you go, you'll be able to see at least one. "Look at the one front of you now. See Ben crawling under you. See how clear your asshole looks. You can even see the shiny lubricant inside you. In a second, you'll see a blinding flash of 10-inch dog penis start poking at your ass.

"You can watch the monitors to see which way it goes and figure out how to dodge it. It may sting a little if it rams into your cheeks or your balls, but that will be nothing compared to what you'll feel if Loverboy manages to get it into you.

And don't forget, if he succeeds, that huge knot is waiting to open you up wider than you can believe. "Oh good. Hi, Loverboy. Welcome to the party. Yes, my good boy, you're all excited.

See the bitch we have for you. Her name is Jerry, and she's ready, but I'm not going to help you. You have to take charge, big boy, and show her who's the Loverboy." When Loverboy pounced, Jerry didn't wait. The hassock was moving quickly in every direction. I did my best to move with it, and as the lubricant started leaking out of him, it was actually easier because my back was sliding on a carpet of grease.

"Five minutes," I heard Dorothy say. Jerry was like a wild man. As Loverboy moved left and right to reach his hole, he managed to jerk and twist and roll just enough so Loverboy was either stabbing into thin air or into one of Jerry's cheeks. "Ten minutes," said Dorothy, and then she said, "Oh, Jerry. I almost forgot that huge orgasm I promised you." She came to where the hassock was, now in a corner of the room.

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I don't think Jerry saw her because he was concentrating on the monitor to dodge Loverboy. When she touched him, he shrieked and tried to jerk away. But she grasped his penis and started working on it with one hand while her other hand massaged and pulled at his testicles. She didn't try to hold him still, so now all four of us were sliding around in the grease: me with my camera underneath him, Jerry and the hassock, Loverboy and Dorothy.

"Can someone bring another camera down here," Dorothy said. "I want Ben to concentrate on Loverboy's penis, but I also want a video of Jerry coming." In a second, one of her roommates was sliding around the floor next to me aiming a camera at Dorothy's hands working on Jerry's package. I glanced in that direction for a second, and I saw that she already had him at full mast and her hands were moving fast.

Then I focused on what was happening at Jerry's rear. He was still moving, but his movements were less fluid and more jerky. He was breathing hard and trying to concentrate on the TV monitor, but I saw him blink his eyes and shake his head every once in a while.

He was having trouble focusing on Loverboy's dangerous cylinder as Dorothy worked him. He started talking to himself, but spoke only one word, "No." He was speaking faster and faster and his movements were more and more out of control. "No, no, no, no, no, nooooooooooooo." The last long no was followed by a scream as I saw Loverboy's long tool bury itself in his ass, pull out quickly and slam back in again, over and over. It was moving so fast, it was like a blur, but I was prepared and had been shooting slo-mo as soon as I got under Jerry.

Dorothy stood up. As I was getting all the action of Loverboy slamming in and out of Jerry, I heard her talking above me. "That a boy, Loverboy. Are you happy now? Yes, this is the bad man who hurt you, but now he's a good little bitch for you. Yes, boy, enjoy him. He already had his fun.

You should have seen his sperm gushing into my hands. I don't think he'll ever forget that orgasm. He stopped moving to enjoy it a split second too long, didn't he, boy? That was long enough for you.

You knew what to do. Now it's your turn to have fun. "I don't think I've ever seen you move this fast. I can't wait to see you get your knot into Jerry and start dragging him around. This is the best party we've ever had in this house. Wow! Look at you!" As she talked, her breathing got faster. She started panting -- as if she herself was a bitch in heat -- and I heard panting from her roommates, who were gathered around Loverboy, Jerry and me.

Jerry had started saying "No" again when he first felt Loverboy's knot pushing at his anus. In a minute, there was a squishy sound and more lubricant came down on me as I saw the knot go in and heard Jerry scream. I crawled out from under him and began shooting the dog and the man knotted together. As I quickly glanced around the room, I saw the four girls entranced by the scene.

They were all red faced as they called to Loverboy and he moved a leg over Jerry so he was facing away him and toward the girls. When he saw the snacks they were holding, he began dragging Jerry and the hassock behind him with his knot while he ran around the room after the girls.

Everything proceeded as Dorothy had described it. There was a lot of screaming each time Loverboy jerked Jerry in a different direction. Even after Loverboy's tool finally fell out, Jerry couldn't stop sobbing as the girls cleaned him up, dressed him and walked him home. I saw him wince with pain at every step he took.

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In a few minutes, they were back, and we all looked at each other. I was smiling, and so were they. Their smiles were lurid and lascivious. They looked hotter than ever, and they were all staring at me and taking deep breaths. After a minute, Dorothy stood up and got between me and the other three. "Sorry, girls," she said.

"He's my friend. You'll have to make some calls." I heard them sighing behind me as she took my hand and led me to her bedroom.