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Harry P.O.V. I stood there as I watched Ron and Hermione leave in the carriages for Christmas Break. Yet again I wasn't leaving for break and this time I would be the only one in Gryffindor tower staying at Hogwarts. Once the last carriage left I pulled my cloak around me and walked back into the castle heading back to Gryffindor tower. As I walked I kept having a sense of being watched. I started to walk faster but the feeling still followed and only got stronger.

As I was turning the corner of the hall the Fat Ladies portrait stood I heard it. Turning around I came face to face with Malfoy Sr. and Snape. Both had wands pointing at me. I tried to pull out my wand when I realized I didn't have it. Malfoy Sr. looked towards Snape and smirked. "Well, look here, Severus. A lost little boy. What do you think we should do?" Malfoy Sr.

said. "Well, Lucius, I think we should return him to where he belongs, shouldn't we?" Snape sneered. "Why, yes, Severus I believe your right. Incarcerous!" Malfoy Sr. said as ropes shot out of his wand and tied my arms behind my back hands palms touching, and elbows pulled tight.

My ankles were tied together, so were my knees and thighs. My ankles were then pulled up to connecting to my wrists so I was in a strict hog tie. A last piece of rope was used to gag me. "Stupefy!" was the last thing I heard before my world went black. ***Time Skip*** Harry P.O.V.

I don't know how long I was out of it when I started to wake up. The first thing I noticed was I couldn't see. I tried to move my hands to remove whatever was taking my sight and realized my hands were bound above my head. The burn I felt in my shoulders told me they had been in that position for hours.


I then felt that my legs were spread apart to where I was practically standing on my big toes alone. It wasn't till I felt the wind blow that I realized I was also naked. I could feel something was in my ass. I tried to push it out but it wouldn't move.

Lastly, I discovered I was gagged with a ring that was holding my mouth open and drool was running down my front.


I spent awhile trying to loosen the ropes. I gave up soon after when I realized I couldn't loosen them at all. I stayed in the position for hours trying to figure out why I was here and what Malfoy Sr. and Snape were going to do with me.

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I don't know how long I was in that position when I heard a door and felt a breeze on my body. "Well, look here, Severus, our new pet is awake," I heard Malfoy Sr. say as hands ran up and down in my chest. "Yes, Lucius I can tell.

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Should we play with our new pet?" Snape replied as a second set of hands grabbed my penis and twisted whatever was in my ass.

"I agree. Now, listen pet. We have a few rules. You will follow the rules we give or will be severely punished: 1. You will always call me Lord and Severus will be Sir. 2.

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You will never speak unless spoken too. 3. You will leave any and all objects on your body that we put there or inside it.

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4. You will never refer to yourself as Me, I, or anything similar. You will call yourself Boy or Pet. 5. You will never touch yourself in anyway not specified by myself or Lucius. 6. You will never refuse our touch or those of people we allow to touch you. Are our rules understood?" Malfoy Sr. said. I nodded my head crying knowing I couldn't speak and wouldn't be able to escape.

"That's a good, Pet. After all there isn't much you can do," Sir said as I felt the set of hands on my-I penis and ass. "You see we have planned this for months.

Our Lord wants you alive but made into a slave. He gave you to us.

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We gladly accepted you knowing we could break you. Plus after I learned an interesting little tidbit from Poppy, our minds were made up. You see we discovered that not only were you still a virgin in every sense of the word you are also a male carrier. A male able to conceive a child from any powerful wizard who fucks you." I started crying.

How could Madam Pomfrey do this to me. I thought that Madam Pomfrey liked him and didn't want to cause him any harm. But now he knew the truth she was another person to see him as a tool.

"Now, we are going to take you down from the ceiling.

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If you try to run we will make you feel pain like never before, got it!" Snape said grabbing my face. I quickly nodded out of fear of what would happen.


I first felt the chains keeping my feet spread apart released followed by the chains holding me to the ceiling. I was grabbed and pulled over to a concrete slab. Sir pushed me on top of it. Once I was laying down on my back Sir and Master started strapping me down with chains.

My arms were pulled taunt to the corners of the table. My head was dangling over the side of the table. A potion was poured into my mouth. Next I felt a potion being rubbed onto my body. The object in my ass was removed only to be replace with a long tube. I felt the tube go all the way up into my intestines. I lied there scared to even think about what was happening to me.

"Well, Boy, it's time to start our little ritual. I will be nice enough to explain what we are doing to you. The potion we poured into your mouth is called Vestibulum Volutpat. It means Sexual Submission. It will tell your mind that you will never disobey the people whose blood was used.

Our rules will be your life and if you disobey the potion will make you punish yourself or come to us for punishment," Master said. "Next, the potion we rubbed onto your body is called Concupiscentia. It means Sexual Desire. You will always be horny when you are around the ones whose blood is in the potion. Lastly, the tube we have inserted into your anus is a simple enema tube. We do not like dirty slaves inside our out.

We will be putting a cleaning solution into you followed by a potion called Graviditate. It will make getting you pregnant a lot easier, next a potion called Nullam Factorem, which means Female Maker.

It will give you certain parts a man doesn't have.

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A pair of breasts and a vagina. You will maintain all of your current parts. After, this day you will no longer be Harry Potter, but our slave."

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