Tight Hole Filled Wet Pussy Stuffed With Big Black Cock

Tight Hole Filled  Wet Pussy Stuffed With Big Black Cock
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My first sexual experience wasn't all that sexual; it really wasn't my experience either. I was just a witness to something. I was a good kid… thirteen at oldest. Just started a new school. I didn't want to go to this school that much, though. I was used to my friends at my old school.

This was also a private school so uniforms, Prayer before class, the whole nine yards. In the first few weeks I made a few friends, but I wasn't "good friends" with anyone. In an effort to do something about this I volunteered for the fall festival. Everyone else seemed to be enthusiastic about it. The festival came and I did my part.

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The last night the festival ran, all the 7th and 8th grade boys were to break down the stands and move all the picnic tables back into place. I got stuck (no pun intended) pulling all the gum off the bottom of the tables and the stapled table clothes off the top. (I told you they weren't good friends). Way at the edge of the park shortly before dark, 20 tables with table clothes stapled on surrounding, I was stuck under a table, pulling off gum.

I wasn't quite sure what to do when I heard people approaching so I just kept quiet. There were two people, two girls to be exact, probably in their early twenties, maybe late teens.

I hear one say to the other "hurry up!" Two legs appear in front of my table. "I am!" The bottom of a skirt hung just below the table. I was amazed at how long those legs were.

The bottom of the skirt disappeared suddenly&hellip. A pair of dark panties slid down to the knees. She squats down but not all the way; her head, still above the table. I couldn't believe she didn't see me. It was the first time I saw a woman's vagina in the flesh.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Not shaved, but trimmed nicely. I got hard instantly. It then occurs to me that she is going to pee. I see the stream start to come out and it hits the ground hard. She must have been pushing as to hurry things along. Her pubic hair was moistening and the little light that is available is glinting off it here and there. She stops and I hear a zipper. She reaches down and wipes the dew off and discards the tissue right there.

She stands up and pulls her panties back into place just as her friend says "ya done yet?" She says yes and they both hurry off. The time from when I first heard them to the time they hurried off was probably less than a minute. I was in shock… and very hard. I jerked off there while thinking about what I just saw.

I came quickly. Several years have passed since then. I'm now 24 and have been dating a very hot woman for about 3 years. We have a good sex life. We have sex about 4 times a week, schedule permitting. We don't do anything very kinky save for a few toys and we watch movies together. When she isn't around and I'm horney I usually turn to some kind of porn site that has to do with pissing.

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A few days a go I got caught. "How come every time I type in "www.hot…" so I can get to my hotmail account I see a bunch of sites show up like "hotpee" and "hotpissingaction"? I froze with no idea what to say. I had forgotten to clear the history and cookies.

My secret had been discovered. "…Uhhhm. I…I&hellip." was about all I could muster. She stepped towards me. I wasn't sure what her body language was saying.

I was sure she had figured me out and I was pretty sure she would be disgusted by it.


I took a deep breath "Are you ok with this or should I just leave now?" I queried as I started to head to get my stuff and leave. "I love you… and though I've never thought of this as sexual before if this is what you want to try I'm willing to explore it&hellip.


but not to quickly. I'm still kinda weirded out" "Are you sure?" in an unsure surprise. "If I don't feel right about it at any point I'll tell you and I'll trust that you'll stop." "All I want to do is watch you pee," I said in almost a fit of excitement that I wasn't getting dumped AND might get a chance to explore a fantasy of mine. Maybe I shouldn't have blurted it out but her response was reassuring yet still somewhat shy.

"How about next time we have sex, or are about to, I'll let you into the bathroom for my pre-sex I pee so you can watch. I think I wouldn't feel too strange about that." We sat there and discussed how this was to be done exactly because she told me she usually sits down. Its kind of hard to see in this position, so I asked her if she would mind getting in the bathtub and spreading so I could see. She was hesitant to piss in the tub but after much coaxing she agreed.

That night we are sitting on the couch watching a movie. I lean over and kiss her cheek. She smiles and turns to me. Our lips meet. Her soft lips taste faintly of her lip-gloss that she put on a while ago. We kiss for a while before I start to unbutton her shirt. Her hand finds its way to my nipple the same time that I reach hers through her bra.

We continue to kiss and otherwise just make out, her hand on my chest and my hand on her breast. I lean way into her and she starts to lean back. We never break kiss. We continue to fondle each other and I begin to press against her and I make sure she can feel I'm getting hard. She reaches down and unzips my pants.

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I feel her soft hand, slightly cool, grace the shaft of my cock. I undo her pants and I take them off along with her panties. I put my hand on her belly and rub my way down. I reach down and touch her clitoris in passing. My fingers spread her lips ever so slightly and I can feel she is wet. Her wetness is very slick and almost sticky. She pulls my hand away and stands up. I just look at her as she tells me to follow her. Both of us pant less; we make our way to the bathroom. I watch her butt as she walks; her open button down shirt flowing as she moves.

She steps into the tub and squats down. My erection is sticking strait out. I'm so hard it almost hurts. Her legs spread and she spreads her lips some. I sit on the toilet next to the tub. I'm close enough that I can see and touch her. I can see she is pushing and nothing is coming out yet. Her vaginal mussels are visibly straining. I'm lightly stroking my cock. A little bit of piss trickles out. Pause. Then, a little more. Then a lot more. She is pushing a little and her pee is reaching halfway down the tub.

I reach down and rub her clitoris. She lets out a soft moan. On the down stroke of her clitoris the tips of my fingers hit the stream and it sprays on her legs some. I keep rubbing, her pee getting on my hand and arm and her legs. She finishes peeing, and removes my hand from her vagina. She stands up and removes her shirt and bra. And tells me to climb in.

I comply. "That was… wow," I whisper in amazement. "I know," she agrees.

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"I want to see you pee now." "That's fair," I respond as I turn away to pee into the tub. She stops me and says "towards me." I turn to face her, maybe a foot or so away, my cock bridging about half of the gap between us.

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I begin to push. It takes some effort for me but I begin to pee. My stream hits her right on her trimmed pubic hair and soaks it all. She reaches down and begins to stoke me as I pee.


We both kind of moan and laugh in excitement. I finish quickly though because I didn't have to pee previously. She presses into me and we kiss. Our legs are wet and slippery from all the splatter. She steps out of the tub and takes a step to the counter. She hops up and sits on the counter, legs spread.

I walk up between her legs and let my penis gently touch her wet outer lips. We kiss. My hand reaches for her breast. Her hand is guiding my cock into her pussy. She is warm and soft and wet. The legs dripping with urine wrap around my body. I thrust in as deep as I can go. Her eyes close and her nipples start to become erect. She has one hand on my chest and the other on my arm.

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Her legs pull me into her. Her wet pubic hair is getting mine wet too. The air is cooler and that makes the wetness of our bodies that much more noticeable. We pick up the pace and she is unable to keep quiet. Her constant moans are only interrupted by her taking a breath in. I can feel my orgasm building and I start to take longer, deeper strokes.

This sets her off. Her stomach muscles tense and I can feel her pussy rhythmically pulsing around my cock.

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My penis starts to spasm in time with her contractions. She pulls me in as close as she can and holds on with arms and legs as I cum inside of her. I look her in the eyes, my cock still in her. We both smile. I pull out and my cum drips out. With her fingers she scoops up a little and places it in her mouth and giggles a bit more.

"We should try more some time," she says.