Nina Hartley and Jada Stevens

Nina Hartley and Jada Stevens
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Another little re-tell of our morning routine. Let me know if you like it and you want to read more :) Enjoy! Kitty. xxx My eyes snap open and I gasp.


Just as you push your cock deep into me from behind. This is why You tell me I must sleep naked. So you can always get inside me as easily as possible.


I'm taking in shallow breaths and trying to focus because no matter how many times you've taken me I always need a minute to adjust to you in that first minute that you enter me. You're waiting. You have infinite patience for me on mornings like this because you know if you hurt me first thing I'll hurt too much all day to play any more.

I love when you're rough but you know I'm still sore from last night when bent me over in front of the mirror. You lift my leg over yours and slowly pull out. Your other hand is in my hair. Pulling it slightly. I'm being pulled in every direction and then you slide all the way back in pushing. And that push/pull drag on my pussy has me saying your name.

"Oh god, yes Sir, please. Deeper." My pussy is aching in that perfect way that makes me tighten up for you. You suck in a breath and dig your fingers into my hips. "I couldn't wait for you to wake up princess" you whisper into my ear just before you bite down. I want you to leave bite marks all over me.

I feel frenzied in moments like this. You've picked up your pace and the sensations are becoming too much for my sleep addled brain.

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Your words, your cock pounding into me, the sharp bite of your teeth on that juncture between my neck and my shoulder blade, your fingers bruising my hips and the sting of my scalp as you pull my hair a little harder.

"Squeeze my cock. That's it. I love being in your tight little pussy." "Yes. yes sir. God, fuck yes" I'm moaning now because you're building me up and up and up. You put my hands onto my tits "tease your nipples, Make them hard" I need to feel just a little more pain so I pinch them harder than I normally would. The sting makes me clench and my nipples are so hard i can feel the pinch all the way to my swollen clit.

It's throbbing. I'm getting so close and you know it. "Don't cum Katarina. You know the rule" "yes Sir. Yes I know. Oh fuck. Yes I know" I want to cum so bad. I'm panting and you're slamming into me. I can feel every inch stretching me and you're hitting every spot inside me that needs attention. I'm scared if you press and rub on my gspot i'll cum right away. "Sooo wet princess, so tight. Do you know you were wet before you even woke up? I love that you're always so ready for master.

Are you close? I know you are. I know by the way you're clenching around my cock. Do you want to cum for me?" I nod and moan and mumble incoherently that "yes please I want. I need. let me cum. Please may I cum sir?" And then you reach down and as you hit that place right in the very depts of me you pinch and roll my clit between your thumb and forefinger and you growl "cum for your master. Cum on my cock" You know I need to hear you say it before I can get there and the growl in your voice sends shivers racing up my spine.

I'm moaning and cumming so hard it hurts. I'm gushing all over your hard cock and My clit is throbbing and twitching. "OH FUCK!! Don't stop Sir please, fuck please don't stop! keep fucking me! Harder! Please Sir!


Harder with your cock!!" Your voice and your body and what you're doing is so good I don't care that i'm screaming for you not to stop or that i'm begging for your cock. You bite down again and cum deep inside of me. Filling me up. And I cum again. Tears rolling down my cheeks and my clit is throbbing so much i know i'll feel it for hours. You slow down and ease out of me. "Time to clean up princess.

On your knees." This is what I crave. I'm on my knees and sucking and licking you up as soon as you said "time" The taste of us mixed on your cock, my cum and yours makes my pussy contract and my nipples harden again. "Mmmmm good girl. That's it. Clean it all up. Suck me just like that. Use that clever tongue. Clean your masters cock" You're rubbing your hand over my ass and petting me. Circling my asshole. The memories of having the princess plug in it the night before makes goosebumps appear all over me.

That and your cock in my mouth are making me drip. "God, you taste so good. I can't get enough. I love your cock Sir" I smile as I take the last drop off you. You're grinning down at me.

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"There's plenty more to come princess. Do you think you can take one more for your master? Would you like to cum hard again?" Your finger is moving from my ass to my pussy and back making my hole wet. You dip a finger in and hiss. My ass is tight. Always so tight for you. "Will you cum for me with my cock in your mouth?" I nod and hum around the head of your hardening cock.

I'm getting so excitied at the thought of choking on it soon. You push your finger in to the knuckle and my clit throbs. God I love it when you play with my ass. I take your cock deeper. You're rock hard now. You hit the back of my throat and i start to gag.

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I love when you make me gag. I keep your cock in the back of my throat and swallow around the head of it.

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I can taste your salty creamy cum still and it's making me moan. "one more finger princess? Hmm??" I nod again. The only time i don't have to use my words is when your cock is in my throat.

My eyes are watering and you add another finger into my tight little ass. You're working them, scissoring them into me and moving your hips so your cock is going down deeper into my throat. All the same maddening rhythm. I'm rocking on my knees my tits swinging so that my nipples rub against the hairs on your thighs.

The feeling is making me want to cum hard again. My nipples are achingly hard. I could cum just from how good and hard they feel. Every nerve in me is on end. You pull out of my mouth and i'm gasping for air. You grip that hard perfect cock i love so much and say that words i long for "beg princess" And i do. gladly. "Please Sir, please. fuck my ass, put your cock deep in my ass.

I need it. I need it in there please? Please?" Your fingers are still sawing into me. "Head down, ass up princess" I do as I'm told.

I know to put my hands above my head to hold onto the headboard and not to touch myself at all. I don't need to be restrained. I'm well trained by now. You take your fingers out and instantly i can feel the head of your cock at my entrance. I lean back trying to force you in and you slap my ass cheek hard. I love the sting and I moan which I know will get me more spankings. "Patience little girl" you slap my other ass cheek harder then across the back of my thighs. Oh god i love your hands on me.

That sting of your palm It thrills me. I need that pain.

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Even the best trained little girls lose themselves when their masters cock is about to fuck them hard. "Yes sir, Sorry I know better.

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Thank you for reminding me" You put your cock head back at my ass and press forward "SIR!!! YES!!" That feeling when you break through never fails to make me scream. I love how it hurts, how it's stretched to capacity and i love how it feel so naughty. The pleasure is so intense.

"Fuck princess my little girls ass is so tight!" You don't take your time. You can't. It all feels so good to you too. I hear you spit and feel it land as you pull out and spread it around my ass. You're going to give it to me hard and i want it so bad. "Oh Sir, fuck me deep in my ass, it's yours.

take it" And then you're pounding me and i'm moaning and wailing and begging for it harder. "Deeper! I want every inch! I love your cock Sir. I love your cock in my ass!" I'm holding back my orgasm and i know when i cum it will be everywhere.

I always squirt when you take me like this. "Are you ready princess?" "I'm so ready Sir I'm so ready to cum for you" "now, cum for your master!" You reach around and give my clit one hard pinch and i gush all over your hand. I'm screaming and shaking and cuming so hard i know my ass must feel like a vice on your cock because you empty your cum deep in my ass. I love it so much, that feeling of you filling me with hot creamy cum and i'm still cuming when you pull out and stand in front of me.

I know what to do and through my aftershocks and while my cum is dripping down my thighs i lick your cock clean. You reach down my back and press my princess plug into my ass again just as i finish cleaing you up. "Mmmmmm master. that was. mmmmm" I feel my ass adjusting to the plug. It's keeping your cum deep in there for me. " Perfect princess. show master, turn around." I turn and look at you over my shoulder while i wiggle my ass so you can see the clear crystal plug "Delicious!

Now Panties on. I want my cum from your pretty pussy in them. No touching today until I come home from work.

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Katarina. Listening?" I look up "yes Sir." "That's my princess. Your list of today's rules are by the bed.

Be a good girl and keep your plug in and we will play lots tonight. Ok? Some new surprise for tonight." I'm tingling. I know you've bought a new paddle. "Yes Sir I'll be good" You stand up and leave the room. I start to count down the minutes until you come home again and my pussy starts to ache. Another long day ahead.