Muscly stud gets cumcovered after wrestling

Muscly stud gets cumcovered after wrestling
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I walked into the bathroom of a McDonalds. It was a hot day and I hadn't bathed in a few days, so I just went in there to wash up a little. I turned on the tap on the sink and splashed water on my face as I heard the door open.

A father walked in with his young son. "What is he doing, daddy?" said the boy. "Don't look at him, just go pee," the father said quickly as he urged the boy towards a urinal on the other side of the room.

I pretended I didn't hear them and rubbed some of the hand soap on my growing stubble before washing it out. I knew the father was watching me as if I were some pedophile about to snatch his kid.

I was used to it though to some degree. Regardless, it's never nice being viewed like that. I dried my face on a paper town and left the bathroom. I exited the McDonalds and returned to the warm outside. It was mid-July and roughly 85ºF outside. I didn't mind the warmth, just the humidity bothered me. I shrugged it off and wandered down the busy road a while. After about 20 minutes of walking, a car pulled up next to me. A women in the passenger seat, probably in her late 20s, rolled down the window.

She called to me. "Sir, are you doing anything today?" she asked. "Nothing important," I answered. "Do you fancy doing a little job for me?" she had a light smirk on her face that she quickly tried to mask. "Sure," I shrugged. I assumed it was some manual labor like mowing a lawn or something.

"Hop in back, we'll take you," she beckoned. I was a little hesitant. I didn't know these people and I didn't want to get caught in a bad situation.

Then again, what did I really have to lose? I opened the back door on the passenger side and got in. The man in the driver's seat turned to me and held out his hand. "Hey, man, my name's Sean, nice to meet you," he said with a smile. "I'm James," I shook his hand.

He turned back towards the road and began to drive, "Want to tell him a little about the job, Emily?" The woman giggled, "I suppose it's only fair. I just wanted to wait until we got back." Sean shrugged, "Either way." "My name is Emily, in case you didn't notice, James," she said, "We wanted a little help putting a few things together and maybe testing them out." "What kind of things?" I asked.

"Just a table and a few other things, nothing too complicated," she chuckled, "we have all the tools necessary so all we need is an extra pair of hands." I simply nodded and watched through the window to where we were going.

We drove about 10 minutes before we pulled into the driveway of a small house in the better part of town. Emily got out, excited and smiled over at me as I exited the car. Now that she was out of the car, I could get a better view of her. She was short, probably about 5 foot tall.

She had short, reddish brown hair that framed her pale face. She was curvy as well. Not chubby by any means, she just had nice curves in the right places. She was bubbly and smiled a lot. "This is going to be so much fun," she exclaimed. Fun? I wasn't sure what she meant. I always thought putting furniture together was tedious and boring.

I just smiled at her and followed as she walked to the door and opened it. The house was nice enough; it was quaint and had everything a young couple would need. It was very tidy as well, which surprised me.

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I always considered younger people to be on the messy side. Then again, that assumption was just based on what I grew up as. Sean walked in behind me and patted me on the back, "alright, so are you ready?" I nodded and he pointed towards a couple boxes in the living round. They were unmarked, so may have gotten this stuff online.

I walked up to the bigger one, wanted to get it out of the way. "Is this one the table?" I asked. "Yes, I believe so," Emily said. She went and got a box cutter while Sean got a tool box from a nearby closet.

Emily sat down next to the box and cut the it open with one swift movement. She began to take the metal legs out and placing them around her. As she sat there, I could see down her shirt. If I had to guess, her boobs must have been D cups. For a moment, I stared, almost hypnotized. She must have noticed because she started giggling.

"See something you like?" she teased. I quickly looked away. "Um. sorry," I murmured. "It's okay, man," Sean said, placing a tool box near me, "she usually takes it as a compliment." He slid the top of the table out of the box. It was wrapped in what looked like leather with some padding. It folded out and was probably around 6 feet long and maybe 2 feet across.


"You screw the legs into these hinges," Emily pointed, "that way when we can fold the legs under if we need to store it." "Don't the legs normally come screwed on if it's like that?" I asked.

She shrugged, "I guess. This was slightly cheaper than the others we saw online. The 'some assembly required' part could be the reason" I proceeded to screw the legs in as instructed with a wrench.

It was an easy task and only took about five minutes to complete. Emily opened the next box and took out the makings of a chair. The chair had D rings on it in various places. It took me by surprise a little. 'Why would a chair have D rings on it?' I wondered.

It didn't really matter. It wasn't really my business, as long as they paid me for helping them. "Would you like something to drink? Maybe some water?" Emily asked with a smile. Not really paying attention, I nodded. She got up and went to the kitchen. She returned after a minute with a glass of water for me. I quickly drank it and started screwing the chair together.

After a couple minutes, I started feeling weird. "Are you okay, man?" Sean asked, "you look a little pale." "Yeah, just a little lightheaded," I said. "Probably from walking around in the heat," Emily said, "you're probably dehydrated.

Want another glass of water?" "Yes, please," I said. She took my glass and headed back into the kitchen while I continued working. She came back after a moment and returned a full glass of water to me. I chugged the whole thing. "Do you need to lay down?" Sean asked. I nodded and tried to get up. I was really off balance. Sean helped me to my feet and moved me onto the nearby couch.

My vision got worse. I laid my head back and blacked out. --- It was dark when I woke up. I felt groggy.

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I knew I was laying down but I was unsure of where I was. I tried to move but the feeling of restraints kept me down. I began to panic as I started to struggle. I heard a chuckle as a singular lightbulb turned on above me. Despite how dim it was, it actually hurt my eyes. A shadow of a head appeared over me. It took my sore eyes a moment to adjust. It was Emily and she had a smirk on her face, only this time, it made her both adorable and terrifying. "Did you have a nice nap, sleepy head?" she teased.

I could only manage a groan. I looked down at my body. I was naked and bound with rope on the table I had recently put together. My eyes wondered to see I was in a makeshift dungeon in a basement, I tried to speak, but there was balled up cloth in my mouth, so everything I said came out muffed.

"Awww poor baby, I thought you wouldn't mind if I had some fun with you," Emily traced her fingers up my flaccid penis, causing it to twitch, "I just wanted a good time, James." She turned around and grabbed one of the short whips that looked like a cat of nine tails and let the ends lightly drag over my cock. I could feel the blood flow to it, despite my reluctance. Believe me, I didn't want this. Any thoughts I had of fucking this chick were more vanilla.

But waking up bound up like this was crazy. Emily saw the reluctance in my eyes and laughed. "I see your body betrays you," she sneered. She licked my cock, causing me to gasp quickly. It's been a long time since I had any sexual stimulation beyond my own hand. Whether I wanted this or not, I knew I wouldn't last long. She licked it again and I was fully erect. My toes curled in anticipation. She giggled and sucked on the head. I moaned. She took as much of my 9 inches as she could but gagged and went back to just sucking the head.

It was throbbing now. Her mouth was so warm and wet. Her tongue would sometimes swirl around the head and it sent shivers up my spine. I could feel the pressure building and I knew I would cum soon. I squirmed in attempts to let her know I was going to cum but she whipped my stomach. "Stay still," she demanded, "you will not cum until I say you can." I moaned loudly in protest but she whipped me again before sucking me again.

I felt her rub my balls gently. I couldn't take it anymore. Blast after blast of cum spurted into her mouth. Annoyed, she took the cloth out of my mouth and spit my cum in my mouth. "I told you not to cum," she hissed, shoving the cloth into my mouth, "you haven't had any in a while, have you?" I shook my head, no. For a second, she looked like she took pity but quickly masking it, rolling her eyes. She looked at my stomach and giggled, rubbing the place she whipped me.

"Perhaps now that you've cum once, you can last longer next time," she chuckled. She got a white cloth and threw it over my crotch. "I'll be back in a little while," she said, "Sean might come down and give you a drink and maybe something to eat." With that, she turned out the light above me and left me in darkness.

--- Sean came down about an hour later with a water bottle and some food. He turned on the light for the entire area instead of the singular, dim light bulb Emily turned on earlier.

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He pulled up a stool next to me and took the cloth from my mouth. "Was she rough with you?" he asked.

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"Kind of; I've never been whipped before," I mumbled, "she got annoyed for struggling and cumming. She whipped me twice." He laughed, "only twice?

Caolor me surprised." He opened the water bottle. "Open your mouth." I was reluctant. The last time I was given water, I was drugged. He saw my worry and reassured me there was nothing in it.

I opened my mouth and he slowly poured some water in my mouth, giving me enough time to swallow before pouring more in. After, he turned his attention to the plate of food he brought. It had crackers with cheese and what looked like sliced kielbasa.

He fed some of it to me. I definitely felt more relaxed after. "Why?" I asked. "Why to what?" Sean looked confused, "Why does she like BDSM or why am I feeding you?" "Well. Both, I guess," I murmured, "and why me?" "I guess it amuses her that she's this cute, tiny thing but she can find ways to dominate people. I'm guessing she chose you because she wanted a random encounter," he shrugged, "Her and I have a fairly open relationship so I don't really mind it.

I'm feeding you because you looked hungry when you came here." I nodded. "Anything else?" he asked. "Nope," I said. "See you later then," he returned upstairs and turned the lights out again.

--- I must have fallen asleep because I was surprised when I felt water pour on my face. I heard Emily laugh. "You're almost cute when you sleep," she sneered, "don't look at me like that, I could have whipped you in the nuts to wake you up." I stared at her, not daring to say a word.

I shivered, feeling the droplets of water trickle down my neck. She seemed amused by that and licked some of the water off my neck, giving me another shiver. She giggled and pinched my nipple while licking me again. I flinched. I wasn't sure if I was aroused or not. I never really enjoyed pain much, nor was I particularly interested in the "alternative" lifestyle.

This was different, though. Between being forced into it and her attractiveness, it interesting to me. I wasn't used to dominate women. Sean was right, I would have never guessed her capable of dominating others because her size and her youth. Emily pinched both of my nipples this time and giggled as I flinched.

She turned and got some clothes pins from behind her. She attached two to each nipple and flicked them. She grabbed a couple more and attached them to my ball sack. It made me cringe and squirm every time she flicked the clothes pin.

"Please stop," I murmured.


She laughed, "Why? Aren't you enjoying yourself?" "N-no," I stammered. "Awwww, poor baby," she teased, "okay, I'll take off these clothes pins for you." She ripped them off my left nipple, causing me to yell in pain. She laughed and did it again to the right, causing me to scream again. Thankfully, she was a little nicer when it came to the ones on my sack. She slowly removed them, seeing me cringe a little again. "Better?" she snickered.


"Not really," I said, "fucking sadist." "Oh, so we have a tough guy here," she laughed, "again, your body betrays you." I looked down and saw I was aroused. Panicked, I looked at her, hoping she wouldn't hurt me more. "Hm, since you decided to be rude, you can get some punishment," she slapped the head of my penis.

"Ah! Fucking bitch!" I exclaimed. "Do you really think you're in the position to be calling me names?" she slapped it again, harder. This time, I whimpered but didn't say a word.

"That's better," she said, flicking it and giggling, "From now on, you will thank me and call me Mistress, understand?" I hesitated for a moment, "yes." "Yes. what?" she glared at me. "Yes, Mistress," I said quickly. "Good boy," she mocked. She wrapped her lips around my cock again and sucked. I silently moaned and flexed my fingers in pleasure. Despite her sadistic tendencies, she was great at oral.

I watched her bob her head and she looked up at me in the eyes as she sucked. She swirled my head with her tongue and came close to deep throating me. I bit my lip and leaned my head back in ecstasy. She stopped briefly to remove her pants and panties. I, then, felt her sit on my waist just over my dick. I felt how wet she was. She rubbed herself on the length of my cock and played with her large tits through her shirt.

"Remember, you're not to cum until I say you're allowed," she murmured, "If you comply, I'll reward you. If you fail, you'll be punished this time." I nodded and enjoyed as she rubbed her clit on my length. Her moans were cute and soft. She pinched my nipples again. My pain only spurred her arousal and she rubbed herself faster. Her quickened breathing and louder moans alerted me that she was close. She gyrated her hips and ground her clit harder into me.

She soon became flushed and her body convulsed. She came hard and scratched my chest. After a moment, her body relaxed and she caught her breath. "Good, you didn't cum as quickly this time," Emily murmured, "Now for your reward." She reached between her legs and lined up my cock with her pussy and slowly let it penetrate her.

She moaned loudly, taking all 9 inches of my cock. She was tight and her walls were like velvet. She started riding it, slowly at first but her pace quickened. I wanted so badly to put my hands on her hips and plow her but I was still bound.

I loved watching her tits bounce as she fucked me.

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Her moans got louder and she began rubbing her clit. This chick really knew how to get herself off and I loved it.

I helped her by holding my hips up so I could get more of myself into her. She seemed to love it. She started rubbing her clit on my pubic hair. Her pussy only got wetter and hotter. She pinched my nipples again, this time a lot harder.

She was close to orgasm. Despite the pain of her pinching me, I was getting close, too. She was so sexy, especially when she was this turned on. She rode me harder and faster, her moans close to screams now and I felt her body begin to convulse, her pussy milking my cock. This, in turn, made me explode inside of her, She didn't seem to mind as she rode out the rest of her orgasm.

She collapsed on me and relaxed for a couple minutes. "You. you are lucky. you're lucky I'm on the pill," she panted, lightly pinching me and giggling, "I told you not to cum until I said so." "Sorry," I said, "you're just so sexy when you get that turned on. Your pussy felt incredible when you came." She giggled, "Are you starting to enjoy yourself?" I nodded, "Oddly enough, yes." She slowly got off me and I watched my cum drip down her legs.

She untied my hands and ankles. She put her panties and pants back on "Your clothes are over there," she pointed at a table, "Come up when your ready." I nodded and she returned upstairs. ----- *If you want more, let me know.*