Cock sucking and ass fucking for slutty milf

Cock sucking and ass fucking for slutty milf
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Secret Orgasms By Blueheatt ……My name is Cristal, or Cris for short. I loved to get my daddy to chase me. I secretly got a sexual thrill when he grabbed me. I would do anything to get him to chase me. &hellip.When he caught me, he always held me from behind, holding his arms around my tummy tight.

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I could feel his cock against my butt crack slightly and his face against mine …he didn't know it&hellip. &hellip. but I had an orgasm when he did this. &hellip.One wonderful morning, something happened that changed my sex life. I went in mom and dad's bedroom and crawled in bed between them.

Mom was drunk from the night before, as usual. She slept to the far right. Daddy to the far left. I got a roomy middle place.

I turned my back to my daddy and scooted my butt close to him. He was on his back, he turned and faced me from behind. I was trying to get him to give me an orgasm. My heart was beating fast as the risk I was taking that mom might wake up for some reason. I thought about my final goal of his arm over me and his hand on my tummy. I only pictured in my mind what it was going to feel like.

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I would scoot back against him tighter and pull his arm around me&hellip. &hellip. I then felt an orgasm jolt my pussy&hellip. … I was just 'thinking' about it when I got the wonderful orgasm. I lost my breath and felt the usual weakness in my legs. I couldn't hardly believe what had just happened by just thinking about my daddy holding me. --------- &hellip.No other boyfriends or guys in school had this effect on me.

I had them do the same thing, hold me from behind, even naked&hellip. but no orgasm&hellip.but just thinking about my daddy doing it, I would orgasm.

--------- &hellip.I was grown now. &hellip.It still worked for me. I first realized I was different from the other girls when we got into masturbation. When we spent the night with each other we would finger ourselves to orgasm. I had to fake it, because all I had to do was just 'think' of my daddy putting his arms around me, and tickling me. I would have a wonderful orgasm instantly.

This was my personal secret and I never told anyone.

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I didn't want to be thought of as 'weirdo' by my friends. &hellip.I think maybe daddy might have caught on later. He would make me wait, stall and tease me that he was 'going' to chase me around the house.

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I would get hot and out of breath waiting for him to chase and tickle me so I could get an orgasm. &hellip.Mom had left and now it was just daddy and I. In my eyes he was the most handsome man ever. His beautiful blue eyes, smooth skin with nice muscles, wavy blondish hair made me hot. &hellip.This increased and I wanted to have him feel me up and me feel him.

I started getting bolder. &hellip.One morning he was in the bathroom shaving with the door open. I went in with my long sheer nightgown and went to pee as he shaved. I had never done this before. I had no bra or panties on. I smiled at him.

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He smiled back. I had hiked up my nightgown so he could see my small patch of pubic hair.

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He noticed, which pleased me. I felt my titties and said how they were big now. He noticed that too. Then I got a thrill. He had just a towel around his waist and I saw a tent start up from his cock. I felt my titties more, and then rubbed my pubic hair some. His tent got bigger and stuck out more.

I wanted to feel it so bad, but was afraid to. I finished peeing and stood up to wipe myself. I spread my legs wide, lifted up my nightgown and wiped my pussy, over and over.

He noticed of course. My wiping was causing me to wipe over my clit real good. A few more wipes and I could have orgasmed as he watched me and I watched him. His tent was big now. He smiled and said: "You better take off running Cris, I really going to get you this time." I almost orgasmed when he said that. I took off running down the hall, giggling all the way with him chasing me.

I went in on his big bed and stood up on his bed to taunt him. I said: "I'm faster now daddy, you can't catch me!" My heart was beating fast as he stalking me around the bed. I already felt my pre-orgasm tingles in my pussy. He closed his bedroom door, trapping me inside. He said in his deep voice: "Now your really gonna get it. Running from me means 'torture tickles' for you." The thought of that made my pussy contract for the first time, and I felt a hot flash burst through my body.

His tent was huge now under that towel. I thought&hellip.I hope something hot is going to happen this time. I danced on his bed and jumped around to dodge his reaches for me.

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He was closing in on me. I felt like I had to pee, I was so excited. Even my nipples tingled. Here I was, a grown woman, in a thin night gown on, with my smiling daddy eyes looking at me with lust, I hoped. My heart beat fast and I felt warm all over. ----- Daddy (John) thought&hellip. A man can only take so much of a beautiful girl, teasing, flaunting, and a little touching on him.

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Was this the time I was going to go for it? I wondered myself. Did I ever think about having sex with my own daughter?…oh yes&hellip.lot's of times secretly… I wanked gloriously fucking her to suppress any 'over the line' feelings I might have that would get me in trouble. I stalled the feelings, but they never went away. They only grew a little stronger each time.

She had a killer body, sweet face and liked to flaunt it in front of me all the time. I looked at her body shape through her thin night gown. &hellip.She stood with her legs wide apart. I could see her dark patch of pubic hair looking so hot. I knew she was having sex with guys. I hoped that would change her and she would turn her attention to some boyfriend&hellip.It didn't.

I overheard her tell her girlfriend she wanted to have sex with me. Now I was looking at that body of hers, tempting me to catch and tickle her, which she dearly loved me to do.

&hellip. It was strange, I would put my arms around her and tickle her. Her legs would go weak and she would always loose her breath. &hellip. I always wondered if she got some special feeling from me doing that. Her mom would orgasm real easy just by thinking about having hot sex. She told me her legs went weak and she too would lose her breath. Was Cris having an orgasm?…I think I'll just ask her sometime&hellip.

Cris&hellip. &hellip.Daddy went over and opened his bedroom door and said: "I'm going to count to three, and then I'm coming after you." I wanted him to get me on his bed and tickle me. I said: "No&'ll have to come and get me right here." Dad&hellip. &hellip.She going to push it this time& this is it. I'm going for it. I've wanted her for a long time now, she's so hot looking, so now is the time…&hellip.I smiled and closed the bedroom door as she held her hands over her pussy and giggled.

I think she knew this was it. I stood up on the bed and slowly creped toward her. She coward down protecting herself from the impending tickling. As she giggled I grabbed her from behind. My arms went around her middle and held her tight. Her legs went weak and she gasp for breath. I didn't need to ask&hellip. she just had an orgasm. I could feel it as I held her warm body. &hellip.I slowly laid her down on the bed.

Instead of tickling, I began to kiss her around her face. I thought she might pass out from her hyper breathing. I rolled her over on top of me. We had done this once before, but when she started rubbing her pussy on my cock, I rolled her off and spatted her ass out of my bedroom. This time her tits were moving up and down on my chest and my boner was between her legs.

As she gathered her breath, her legs parted more and let my boner rest tight against her pussy. She twitched her pussy slightly. Her eyes closed as she seemed to go into a trance at first. I think she just savored this first time feeling of my boner between her legs and against her pussy.

I was really feeling her ass for the first time in a sexual way& smooth and warm as my hands glided over her body even further. &hellip.Now she got enough air to start kissing me back. Her tongue traced my lips and darted in my mouth.

She was working her pussy just slightly up and down on my boner. &hellip.I wondered just how much like her mom she was. I touched, kissed and licked all the spots her mom had liked. Two more orgasms I knew for sure as I could feel them with her. Her body would buck and she would moan softly. I rolled her over on her back. Her legs quickly wrapped around my body. She started taking her night gown off and pulled at my robe to remove it. She wanted us naked. &hellip.Her pussy was wonderfully wet and squirmed around on my cock.

I scooted down slightly as we kissed and gasp for breath. My cock head now waited at the lips of her soft pussy. Our bodies just inched together as my cock slowly slipped in. Our fingers met at her clit. We both massaged it together, and we began to fuck.

It was over the top for both of us. My cock never felt so good as it did right now. Her other hand felt my warm body and pulled slightly on me with each stroke of my cock. How can I describe heaven with her. A thousand great feelings all going on at the same time. It reminded me of the first time her mom and I had sex. Something way beyond the special scale happened that night&hellip. &hellip.We just let our bodies take over from us and move together.

Exciting, smooth, hot, warm, and pure euphoria taking place.


We blended into one body&hellip. Cris thought&hellip. &hellip.'finally!'…was the one word that ran thru my fuzzy thinking.

This tip of his cock touched the bottom of my pussy with each stroke. Our fingers worked together as they stroked my sensitive clit. It was like one big orgasm staying in the 'on' position, with something bigger building and on the way. All I can remember was us yelling as I felt the hot flow of his cum injected at my cervix. I felt hot cum fill my pussy in a steady flow of it.

I had lost my mind with euphoric pleasure. Our fingers pressed on my clit as we came together to the climax of all climaxes. My head moved from side to side begging for air. I couldn't take the high and began to black out. He held me so tight as his cock just kept pumping in more hot cum. He shook and moaned as his body slowly went weaker and weaker. We blended together in our minds and bodies&hellip.all went quiet finally as his cock and my pussy twitched in the aftermath… ------- &hellip.I now had a new way to 'think' an orgasm.

&hellip.If you see a girl staring into space with a smile on her face. If you see her stiffin her legs and then see them tremble a little, then go weak. &hellip.If you see her gasp for breath and close her eyes with a bigger smile&hellip. …pay no attention…it's just me&hellip.