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Ziemlich multi orgasmic squirting blonde fickt schwarz
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The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Three: The Bitter Drink Monday, July 28th, 2014 The Ghost of Paris Caissa County, ID "We would have," Marissa shouted, standing naked next to her twin sister. "We want to be with the Ghost. We left our families behind for him.

We knew what we was signin' up for." I stared out at all these women. I had molested them all, reveling in my powers and their pretty bodies. I never thought I would stir up such loyalty and love. I had only been after pleasure. I was a horndog that needed to fuck, and I hadn't cared about the women I molested.

But they cared about me. They worshiped me. They were willing to die with me. It touched my heart. I stared out at all of them assembled in the basement. How had I stirred such loyalty in them? Was it my wish? Did they crave the pleasure of my touch this much? Or was it genuine? I think it was genuine. I could see it in their eyes.

I had never loved anyone before. I had always just thought of myself, but how could I not return these women's feelings. What a shame it was all about to end. The Theocracy was knocking on the doors. The same bastards that killed me the first time were fixing to do it all over again. We were going to hell.

At least the company would be pleasant. I seized the plastic cup full of the cyanide-laced Kool Aid.

I didn't hesitate. I brought the cup to my lips. I was invisible. The cup seemed to float before me. I tilted it back, draining every drop of the sugary, cloying drink. A bitter taste lingered in my mouth. The other women of the Cult drained their cups. My harem. As the poison burned through my body and I collapsed to the ground, I knew I loved these women.

I never thought I had the capability to love. But maybe they had rubbed off on me. When I stood in that field, waiting for the sun to rise to make my deal with Lucifer, this is not how I imagined it would have ended.

Deidre Cheshire—the woman that had organized the cult and had been the hot librarian I loved to fuck while she helped her patrons—sank down next to me. She rested her head on my chest as darkness swam before my vision.

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"I love you," she whispered, her voice thick. "I love you, Scotty Adams." I was sure it would be the last time I would hear my real name spoken.

"Well, sweetness, I reckon I love you and all them purtee, young thangs." The last thing I saw before I died was her smile. And then I was falling, falling, falling into darkness.

But I didn't appear in Lucifer's fires or Astarte's starlight. I was severed free of both my Pacts by these amazing women. Instead, I appeared in a sickly, twisted forest, the trees skeletal, their bark stripped away by the burning wind. I remembered this wind. It had roasted my body, but did not consume me. Now it just tickled. Women and girls appeared around me, chains flickering into being, wrapped tight about their throats and leading back to me.

All my favorites were here. The Boon High cheer squad, the Lionesses, appeared in a gaggle before they spread out, looking around with a wary gaze. Heather, my favorite bedmate, and our daughter flashed in. Carla, the ghost hunter, appeared beside Mindy Taylor, the first girl I had fucked as the Ghost.

I looked around at my women, my loyal worshipers, and declared, "I reckon we're gonna carve out our kingdom right here!" Marissa nodded. "We're gonna carve out eternity." Marissa tugged on the vast well of power that brimmed inside me, and a green sword appeared in her hand.

"I told you I was prepared," Deidre smiled. Yes, she was. Demon's cackled about us, scampering through the twisted brush. Some of the women gasped, clutching each other in panic. I wasn't afraid. I didn't have this level of power when I was here last time. I had the pooled power of all of us, plus all the energy Deidre had siphoned off to prepare for our arrival.

She always knew death was the end of the Cult. And the beginning. "Come on, Lionesses!" shouted LaTonya, the team's captain, a green sword flashing into her ebony hands. "Let's show these demons who owns these woods." "Right, baby girl?" blonde Ursula laughed, looking at our daughter. "Right, Momma," Gabriella added. Three of my daughters were born to the Lionesses, and they had all been inducted into the squad.

Remelda stood beside her mother LaTonya, and Kelly and our daughter Zelda exchanged flashing smiles. "I always did like the woods," I told my followers. "I reckon we can make a nice cabin here. Once we deal with the local varmints." A sword appeared in my hand, shining green. It felt right. I imagined I knew how to use it. That seemed to work. I strode forward as the howling demons raced through the tree tops. Ape-demons, twisted into bestial monsters with almost human faces. They probably were humans once, driven mad by one of the Greater Demon's torments.

The ape-demons fell from the trees, hooting and snarling. Their arms had grown long and spindly, black, wiry hair sprouting in tufts about their bodies. I stood in the center of the cheerleaders.

The twins, Rhonda May and Marissa, their auburn hair flying wild, rushed to join us. Marybeth swung first. Her wife, the busty and blonde Ursula, was at her side, swinging at a second ape. Their swords hacked, slicing through the demons as they let out boisterous cries. The Ape-Demons screamed in pain as they were hacked to pieces. But they didn't die. Nothing does in Hell. One ape-demon writhed on the ground, screaming in pain as it tried to swipe at Marybeth's feet.

Gabriella's sword flashed, saving the black-haired girl's life. "Thanks, baby doll," Marybeth laughed, swinging her sword into the face of another demon. I was invisible. To the demons, it must seem like my sword floated and attacked like it had a mind of its own. I strode into the demons, my strikes more powerful than my women. When I swung, it bowled over multiple monsters, sending the demons flying like pins.

"Keep it up, sweet thangs!" I called. "You're the fuckin' Lionesses! Ain't no demon gonna defeat you." "Lionesses!" roared the cheerleaders, their swords falling faster, their faces wild in exultation. More and more dismembered ape-demons were strewn across the twisted, forest floor, crawling away in a panic. The violence was exciting. I throbbed with need. The cheerleader's faces were flushed, their nipples hard, and their cooches perfumed the air with their excited scents.

There was energy in causing pain. Power found in agony. "Ghost!" Deidre shouted from behind. "Help! Help!" Mindy shrieked. I turned. Some of the ape-demons had flanked us. Mindy lay on the ground, one atop her.

Hairy, spindly hands spreaded her legs open. He was trying to rape my cooch. Anger flashed through me. I had to save her. The world blurred as I raced to her rescue. I stood over her. My sword flashed, cutting the ape-demon in half. I kicked it off of her. "That's my cunt!" I snarled, my sword swinging at a second demon. "Thank you, thank you," Mindy sobbed, crawling behind me. "I'm your cunt, Ghost. Just yours." "Abso-damn-fuckin'-lutely," I snarled. How dare these fucking beasts try to touch what was mine.

I didn't go through all this shit just so I could have my women despoiled. "These are my cunts, demons!" I roared. "Mine!" The force of my voice lashed out, slamming into the ape-demons. The ape-demons froze, their mindless rage stilled by my power. They had no wills of their own, just bestial appetites. I filled that will, giving them purpose once again.

Not to all of them, but a lot, maybe a hundred or so. The more I seized the harder it grew to dominate the rest. My women gasped in surprise as the ape-demons attacking them turned on their fellows. "What did you do?" Deidre asked. "I reckon I tamed them," I laughed. "Would you look at that. My own army of monkey-demons. I sure as shit never thought I'd see that." It turned the tide. The ape-demons I hadn't dominated squealed in terror, fleeing before the organized army of my mindless horde.

My harem cheered in relief. Mindy threw her arms about my body, her lips kissing at my mouth. My cock swelled. "Ain't you a hot thang," I purred as she rubbed her dark-red nipples against my chest. I could see them mashing on my invisible body. Her cunt was dripping wet, pressed against my thigh. "Hmm, you just as hot as the day I fucked your purtee cooch in the changin' room." "I'm boilin' hot, Ghost," she laughed. This searing wind was growing annoying. With an instinctive thought, I changed the landscape.

The sickly forest was depressing. The ground rippled out from my feet. The trees grew into tall oaks, the ground soft loam. A babbling brook meandered through the forest glade. The bubble of change had it's limit, the skeletal forest rearing around us, but inside, it was like the forest I used to go squirrel hunting in as a kid.

Just beautiful. "We're gonna build one helluva cabin," I laughed, pulling Mindy down to the soft loam. "But first, I reckon you ladies need a good fuckin'." "Oh, yes," Mindy moaned as my hard pecker slammed into her dripping cooch.

She was as tight and hot in hell as she was in life. "Fuck me, Ghost! I love it when you're in me! I feel so complete." "You have one sweet cunt!" I panted, my hips plunging away. The other women of the harem crowded about. I rose, hooking Mindy's legs over my invisible shoulders as I pounded her. My pecker stretched the lips of her cooch open, her pink flesh rippling about my unseen shaft. Her round tits bounced, the dark-red nipples hard and waving. Her youthful face, framed by honey-brown hair, tossed back and forth.

"Yes, yes! Fuck me, Ghost! I love your cock!" I looked around at my other women. "Carla, why don't you sit your fine cooch on Mindy's face and let me suck on them fine-assed titties!" "Oh, you have the best ideas," the busty redhead said, walking over, her titties shaking. Milk beaded the tips. I loved drinking milk from the seven women that bore me children, and I was thrilled to see they still lactated in Hell.

Carla straddled Mindy, rubbing her hot cooch on the young woman's face. Mindy moaned, slurping happily away at Carla's tasty cunt. I lowered my lips, latching onto Carla's milk-heavy breast, sucking hard, creamy milk flooding my mouth. I loved it. I would have eternity to suckle and enjoy my women.

My hips thrust harder, Mindy's cunt rippling about my pecker. The little whore was cumming. I suckled harder, letting the creamy milk wash down my lips and into my stomach.

Her milk was sweet and delicious. I wanted to drown in it. "Oh, that's it, drink Mommy's milk," purred Carla. "I love suckling my Ghost." "Oh, Momma, you have the best milk," giggled our daughter Annabeth.

"Momma's got a free tit." Our daughter knelt next to me, her cheek rubbing on mine as we sucked on her mother's tit's. My cock throbbed, and I erupted into Mindy's cooch. I moaned about Carla's tit, sucking harder, swirling the creamy milk about in my mouth as I basted Mindy's cunt with load after load.

And my cock was still hard. "Gonna fuck your sweet cooch, baby doll," I told my daughter Annabeth, ripping my cock from Mindy's pussy. I slapped my daughter on the ass. "Do it!" gasped Carla. "Shove your cock in her tight pussy. She loves it." "I do, Momma," purred Annabeth, her innocent face dripping with her mother's milk. "Fuck my cunt, Daddy.

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I love your dick." I smacked her bubbly ass before driving my pecker into the steamy depths of the young woman's cunt. She gasped, her cooch tightening down on me. It was so wrong to fuck my daughter. I loved it. I wish I had more daughters to fuck. I know I did, up in the real world, but not all the women I molested joined the Cult. Not by a long shot. But the seven daughters I had would keep me satisfied. And their mothers, and all the other women.

I had endless combinations of depravity to enjoy. I pounded my daughter's cooch as she suckled hard at Carla's breast. Mindy kept feasting on Carla's cunt while Deidre buried her face between Mindy's thigh to devour the creampie I left in the girl's cooch.

"Oh, fuck, Mindy!" gasped Carla. "Oh, yes! Keep licking my pussy! Oh, you wonderful little slut! Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum! Oh, shit!" Carla ran her hands through Annabeth's auburn hair as her body shook. Mindy's mouth drank down all of Carla's juices, slurping loud as she savored the pussy cream. Carla fell back, her tit popping out of her daughter's lips. "Oh, Momma, was that a good cum?" Annabeth asked, pushing her hips back into my thrusts.

"It was the best, baby girl," moaned Carla. Mindy reached up, seizing Annabeth's face, and pulling the young woman down. Their lips met, and Annabeth tasted her mother's cunt on Mindy's lips. My balls tightened as they slapped into Annabeth. I fucked her faster, savoring the depravity. "Gonna cum in your fine cooch, sweetness," I panted. She moaned into Mindy's lips. Her cunt went wild about my cock, her tight tunnel milking my pecker. She was eager for my cum.

I groaned, burying into her, and whooped loud as I unloaded a flood into my daughter's fine cooch. "Take it, baby girl!" I shuddered as the last drops flooded out. "Oh, fuck! You have one fine cunt." "Umm, thank you, Daddy," Annabeth moaned as I pulled out of her.

Her fresh-fucked cooch gaped open, dripping juices down to her ass. "Who wants to lick me clean?" Dr. Savitri responded, her cinnamon face burying into my daughters pale flesh, licking hard. I gave the doctor a smack on the ass. That had been a fun day when I molested all of her patients at her gynecology practice.

She wiggled back. Her cinnamon cheeks beckoned. I grinned, spreading her cheeks apart. My pecker was dripping with my daughter's juices, and the Doctor's cornhole just begged to be violated. I knew she wouldn't mind.

Not when she was sucking my cum out of my daughter's cooch. "I'm gonna love cornholin' you, cunt," I groaned, rubbing the head of my pecker on her asshole. "Oh, do it, Ghost," she moaned, shaking her ass. "I love your cock no matter where you fuck me." "Cause you're a complete whore, sweetness?" I asked, pushing my pecker into her tight hole. "I am," she moaned, shuddering as I speared into her. I loved watching her asshole spread wider and wider as my invisible cock reamed her.

I stared down into her pink bowels, my cock ramming all the way inside her velvety depths. I shuddered, loving the feel of it. "You gonna fuck her cornhole good, Ghost?" Rhonda May asked, pressing against my body, rubbing her fine titties on my chest. Her twin pressed up on the other side.

They only way you could tell Rhonda May and Marrisa apart was their auburn hair and their tattoos. Marissa had her hair in a French braid, while Rhonda May's hair fell loose down her back. They both had a rose tattooed on their breast, the thorny vines curling around their tits. Marissa's was on her left tit, Rhonda May her right. "Fuck the slutty doctor," purred Marissa, her hot cooch pressing on my hip.

The little slut writhed, grinding on me as I plowed into the doctor's hot cornhole. "Oh, yes! Pound her dirty ass," moaned Rhonda May. "Yes, fuck my asshole, Ghost!" panted Dr.

Savitri, her lips stained with my daughter's juices. "Don't stop licking me," moaned Annabeth. "I'm so close to cumming again. I love to cum!" "You're a healthy, young woman," the doctor purred. "Your body was made to cum over and over." The doctor's sweet ass tightened on my pecker as she buried her face back into Annabeth's cooch. The twins clung to me, humping harder, matching the rhythm of my hips.

I had two hot cunts sliding up and down my hips while their sweet lips nuzzled at my throat. I was the king of this forest. And my queens were such a horny bunch. My balls slapped into the doctor's dripping cooch. Her ass massaged my pecker with hot velvet. Annabeth moaned and gasped, shuddering as she came on the doctor's hungry lips.

My daughter's back arched, pushing her cooch into the doctor's lips. "Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Dr. Savitri! I loved it! You made me cum so hard!" "You're welcome, cutie," panted the doctor, licking her lips. "Oh, yes! It's my turn to cum. Keep fucking me, Ghost! Oh, yes!" "Do it, whore!" Rhonda May moaned, fucking her pussy harder on my hips.

"Oh, yes! Cum, cum, cum!" Savitri's ass rippled about my cock. She threw her head back, shuddering and moaning. I loved the feel of her cumming ass. Her moans were so sweet, her cinnamon face contorted into bliss.

The twins shuddered against me, their pussy squirting hot juices down my sides. "So hot," moaned Marissa. "That was so hot!" I needed to cum. "Twins, you're gonna suck my cock clean of her ass and get a big, ol' facial." "Yes!" hissed Rhonda May, falling to her knees. Her twin was right behind her, both girls lowering their faces. I pulled out of the doctor's ass. The twin's lips licked up and down my dirty shaft, savoring the sour flavor of Savirti's ass.

I ran my hands through their auburn hair. "That's it, cunts," I moaned. "Worship my cock. I know you just love to defile yourself. Fuckin' A, I reckon you are the filthiest pair of twins that ever lived." "I reckon we are," giggled Marissa. "Give us a big, ol' facial. I want to lick your cream from my sister's face." "Lean together," I groaned, my cock throbbing with the need to erupt.

The twins pressed their cheeks together, lips open, their blue eyes staring eagerly up at me. I fisted my cock, shuddering as the pressure built. I whooped as my invisible cum splashed across their faces. I couldn't see it, but they felt it, closing their eyes and shuddering for joy as I basted them.

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Then they turned and licked each other's faces, moaning as they enjoyed my salty cum. Being dead and in Hell was turning out to be quite enjoyable. I turned around, surveying the lesbo orgy my harem indulged in and grinned.


Who should I fuck next? I would enjoy everyone of them today. And then we could figure out what to do next. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ursula Ayers-Sargent The Abyss I crept through the edge of the Bony Forest. It may not have been the most original name for the terrifying, skeletal forest we had appeared in, but the Ghost may not be the most creative person. His talents lay in other directions. My wife, Marybeth, and my daughter crept with me.

It was fun being invisible. It was the Ghost's power, and he could share it with us. We were naked, leaving behind our cheerleading uniforms as we scouted. We had to make sure there were no growing threats on the boarders of our realm. In the last few months—well, I think we had been in Hell for a few months, time was weird here—the Ghost had expanded dominion over the Bony Forest. We had driven out all the ape-demons not under the Ghost's control.

Beyond the forest was a blasted, sulfur plain. Vast hordes of demons, many looking like twisted lions, marched across it, dragging hosts of chained, tormented humans. Something was happening that may threaten our new home. One of the greater demons—perhaps Lucifer, Dagon, or Astarte—were gathering their minions.

Were they planning on attacking us or one of their rivals? "We should capture one of the stragglers," Marybeth whispered. "That sound's dangerous," Gabriella added. "I know," Marybeth giggled. "Look, that one demon dragging the chained women. We could take him, free the women, and retreat back into the woods without the rest of the horde knowin'." "I don't know," I whispered. Marybeth's hand found my body, giving me a squeeze.

"We're doin' it. Back me up." "Marybeth," I hissed as the brush rustled and she moved out onto the plain. "Gosh, darn it." "Momma?" Gabriella whispered. "Okay, baby girl, let's go save Momma-Marybeth from herself." The demon was a tall, spindly thing, his body almost bony, his skin stretched taut.

The women would be his harem. They all looked miserable, trudging behind, their bodies cut by the small, cruel horns and hooks that protruded from the demon's body. I carefully studied the ground, watching the minute poofs of dust raised by Marybeth's passing. She circled to the right, so I led my daughter to the left, my heart thudding in my chest.

I flexed my fingers, ready to summon my green sword. "Lioness!" Marybeth screeched, her green sword flashing into being. The demon let out a roar of surprise as she darted in. He swatted with a long arm, his clawed fingers hissing at Marybeth's invisible body. My wife lifted her sword, catching the hand. But the demon's strength threw her back.

I tracked her progress by the sword. She flipped once in the air and landed in a poof of yellow dust.

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She bellowed, charging back in. My daughter and I were behind the demon, creeping closer as Marybeth provided the distraction. "Do you know who I am?" bellowed the demon.

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"Nope," Marybeth laughed. "I am Horemheb! Lord of Flesh and Master of Carnage." Marybeth snorted in laughter. "You have six women. You're not lord of much." "And who do you serve?" roared Horemheb.

"Which Master will I steal you from?" "The Ghost of Paris!" Marybeth roared, dodging his next swing. Gabriella and I stood right behind his feet. "Now," I whispered. My sword flashed into being a heartbeat before my daughter summoned hers. We both swung, our blades slicing through Horemheb's knees, hacking his legs apart.

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He bellowed in pain, slamming to the ground. His claws gripped the sulfurous plain, pulling himself along the yellow dust. "Cunts!" he snarled, glaring over his shoulder at us, his horned face contorting in pain.

"That's my wife and step-daughter!" Marybeth screamed, her sword severing through the Demon's right arm. "We're the Ghost's cunts," I laughed, cutting his other arm off, leaving him to writhe like a worm. I dropped my invisibility, looking at the cowering, chained women and their wounded bodies. They hadn't been in hell for longer than a decade or two, still possessing their personalities.

Hope dawned in their eyes when they looked at my youthful, naked body. "You're freeing us?" one woman asked, her eyes growing moist with tears.

She reached out with ebony hands to grab me. "From Horemheb," I smiled. "You're going to serve a new master." The hope died in her eyes. "Oh, don't be like that. I reckon he's better than most in Hell." Part of me wanted to let them go. But they would be power for the Ghost. They'd be slaves, their bodies given to the ape-demons to satisfy their bestial urges.

It sucked, but at least the Ghost would keep them from being tortured. Besides, a bunch of the captured women had come to enjoy the thick cocks and hungry passion of the ape-demons. I seized their chain, ripping them from Horemheb. "You serve the Ghost of Paris now." I staggered as the power flowed through me and back to the Ghost. The chains vanished. They weren't needed, the women had to obey.

Horemheb was just an asshole that liked to drag his women behind him. "Okay, ladies," Marybeth clapped. "We're hauling dumbass here back to the Ghost. So each of you grab a severed stump and let's get to draggin'." "He's gonna suffer," I promised them.

"You can inflict any harms you want." Hungry glee spread on their lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ghost of Paris I gazed down at the writhing demon Marybeth and Ursula brought back.

The women they claimed for me were dispersed to one of the outlying cabins. My women had been busy. They built our cabin within a week. Focusing your desires accomplished a lot in Hell. Other cabins were erected for the other servants.

A few men that served as guards, and women rescued from the harems of demons. When men arrived in Hell, they were yoked into armies to fight other demons, often getting mutilated within a few years. Their dismembered bodies were left strewn across the plains to suffer in eternity.

The women, however, spent decades serving in one demon or another's harem, cruelly used by their masters until they were driven mad and became demons themselves.

We had rescued a few women, taking them as slaves. They had to pleasure the ape-demons, but I kept those beasts from hurting them. Many of the women enjoyed it. A few were given to the men that served me, becoming wives and concubines, the men forming their own mini-harems. "If you don't want my women to cut your flesh off bit by bit, I'd start talkin'," I said to the limbless demon.

"They can be mighty cruel." "Yes, we can," purred Deidre. She lounged beside me dressed in transparent silks, highlighting her delightful curves. She was the chief concubine. Not necessarily my favorite, but the one that was best at organizing all my heifers.

"The Lionesses have sharp claws, and they're eager to try them out." The cheerleaders all wickedly giggled. Hell was changing them. Changing all of us. Cruelty to others came easier and easier. When we first arrived, none of these cheerleaders would have been eager to torture this demon. Part of me was eager.

There was power to be garnered in torture. Lust generated it's own energy, and I preferred that, but we could glut on the power this demon held, slowly bleeding it out of him over the next century while he howled and screamed. "If you cooperate and swear loyalty to me," I continued. "Well, I reckon we won't need them knives, now will we?" "No, great lord," groveled the demon, his body writhing on the floor. "Oh, no," Latonya sighed. "Don't be so eager to miss out on our pain." "Please, spare me from your servant's wrath, Great Lord," Horemheb pleaded.

"I will serve. I will be loyal." "Then tell me what I want to know. I got the patience of a coonhound lookin' at a the Christmas turkey. I'm just lickin' my chops." "I serve Astarte. She's gathering her forces. Something is about to happen. All the Great Powers are marshaling their armies." "Why? Are they movin' against me?" "No, Great Lord. You and your beautiful servants have passed unnoticed to my Mistress.

She has her eyes fixed up there." "Up where?" I frowned. "The real world. They're planning on escaping the Abyss. To conquer the world." I laughed hard. "Good riddance.

Let those varmints be Mark's problem. The bastard deserves it for spoilin' all our fun. Right, ladies?" "Absolutely," Mindy said, lounging on a pillow nearby, her half-naked body glistening with oils. "We weren't harmin' no one." "You could join up, Great Lord," Horemheb added. "Astarte would welcome your forces. You could win your freedom from the Abyss and rule territory under her heavenly beauty." "Naw," I shrugged. "I like it here.

Got me my women.


What more do I need?" "Power, Lord. You could always use more power." "Well, Horemheb, you answered freely. Do I have your oath of fealty, or do I get to let my sweet Lionesses sharpen their claws on your hide?" "You have it, Lord. I'm yours!" A chain snapped between us; his power swelled through me. I healed his wounds, his arms and legs sprouting again. He rose, a smile crossing his demonic face.

"Thank you, Great Lord." "And don't be thinkin' you got your women back," the Ghost added. "You want a harem, you got to prove yourself.

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And get rid of those silly hooks covering your body. You were a fuckin' man once, try and remember that." "I.yes, Lord Ghost," he breathed. His body rippled and a dusky-skinned man, like an Egyptian, stood before me. "Thank you for your mercy, Lord." I shrugged. I needed every soldier and soul to protect my women. "You can leave." "Well handled," Deidre purred in my ear. "We should be ready," the Ghost said. "If'n he was tellin' the truth, there is 'bout to be one helluva change comin' to hell." "I have a few ideas," Deidre smiled.

"Why don't you gather the Cult, and we'll retire to the bedroom for a few days to explore all of my ideas." My cock hardened.

"Sweetness, you always have the best ideas." To be continued.