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Delicious lady gets her gash pounded at last
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Stewardess Cindy Ch 3 Humour & Satire Original story by Frankel "Do you want to see a magic trick?" asked the passenger seated in the last row of first class. Cindy had finally finished serving the meals. There weren't many passengers on the flight so she was a little ahead of schedule.

She could afford to take a little time out. "Sure," she said smiling. "I love magic tricks. The pilot does them all the time.

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He once made my shirt disappear. It was a bit annoying though, because he didn't know where it went and I had to work without a top! Not even a bra!" "Well," said the man. "No danger of that this time. All you have to do is lean in close to me." It wasn't easy to do because there were two other passengers between her and the man.

She had to bend right over so her bum was in front of the man in the aisle and her breasts dangled over the crotch of the man in the middle. "What do I have to do?" she asked. "Nothing," he said. "Just hold still." He held up a coin. "You see this coin?" he asked. "Of course," she said. "Silly, that isn't magic." "Watch this," he said.

He put the coin down the front of her shirt. "Where is the coin?" he asked. Though she couldn't feel it, Cindy was sure he had dropped it between her breasts. "In my shirt," she said. "Wrong," he said. He put his hand up to her ear and when he took it back there was the coin! Cindy squealled with delight. "How did you do that?" she asked.

"Do it again." She felt a little sorry for the other two guys. Her bottom and breasts were obviously in their way, as both had there hands on them as if trying to push them away. She just had to see this trick again though. "OK, said the man.

"One more time." He dropped the coin back down her top and then reached up to her ear. He searched around for a moment, but didn't seem to be able to find it. He tried the other ear but no luck. "Where is it?" said Cindy, a little concerned. "I don't know," he said. He put his fingers in her mouth and looked inside before trying her ears again. "Damn," he said.

"It's gone. Shit! That coin is slightly poisonous. We have to find it before it is absorbed into your body!" "Maybe it's still down my shirt," she said. She was scared now. She had heard poison could be bad for you. "I'll have a look," said the man in the middle row. He quickly unbuttoned her shirt and her large breasts rolled out and smacked against his crotch.

Cindy really appreciated how much care he took as he felt all over her breasts. He massaged and rubbed them all over, even pinching her nipples to make sure it wasn't there. "I can't see it," said the man. "Keep trying," said Cindy. "It must be somewhere down there!" "I'll try your skirt," said the man at the aisle. He unzipped her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. "I'll help," said a man from another row. He stood up and pulled her panties down.

The man at the window pushed her head down so she was fully bent over and started searching through her hair. The man from the other row then spread apart the cheeks of her bottom and used his fingers to search around.

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"I think I see it," he said. "But it has fallen way inside a hole in her bottom!" "Please get it out!" cried Cindy. "Don't worry," he said. "I have a pole that will do the trick." Cindy felt some liquid being applied to her bottom and then felt something hard being pushed up the hole she usually used to poop.

It hurt Cindy badly. She looked around and saw the man had his penis in her bottom. She felt pain as he pushed it further and further in. "My goodness," she thought. "How did it get there?" The man began to thrust in and out as if trying to force the coin further into her body. "No!" she cried. "We need to get it out, not further in." "It is OK," said the man sitting in the aisle seat. "If he knocks it forward I should be able to get it." He stuck two fingers into her vagina and began feeling around inside her.

This time it felt good and Cindy sighed a little. But then he put 3, 4 fingers, and finally his entire fist in there. Cindy felt as if she were being torn in two as the hand and penis pushed and prodded harder and harder inside of her.

"I think I can feel it," said the man in the middle. "I'll try and knock it forward to her mouth." He took his cock out and placed it between her tits, which rocked in time with the thrusts from the man with his penis in her bottom. The man in the middle pushed her breasts together and began rubbing them over his cock. Cindy opened her mouth, breathless from the pounding her body was taking. "I see it," said the man in the window.

"I think I can get it out with my pole." He took out his cock and pushed her open mouth down on it. "Oh, no," he cried. "Now it is in my penis! Please, you have to help me! See if you can suck it out!" Cindy felt desperate. It was bad enough her nearly being poisoned, but if something happened to a passenger all because she wanted to see a magic trick, she would never forgive herself.

She sucked desperately on the penis as the man placed his hands on her head and forced her to take it harder and faster. All the other men continued to pound her with their cocks and fists.

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She was glad they did because she was scared she might swallow the coin again. The man in the aisle began bucking his hips desperately. Cindy was worried the poison might have been starting to affect him, as he seemed to be taking on a more aggressive tone. She had heard personality changes can occur in some people when poisoned.

"That's right," he said. "Suck that dick, bitch. Take it down your throat, you cocksucking stewardess." She felt him tense up and he forced her head down until his penis was in the back of her throat.

Suddenly, sticky white liquid erupted in her mouth. He held her down until she had no choice but to swallow. Suddenly the man in her bottom took it out and spun her around, forcing the others to let go as she knelt in front of him.

He blasted the white liquid over her face and into her hair. She was panting on her knees when the other two men rose and stood on either side of her.

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Both pushed their penises into her mouth and shot stream after stream of sticky liquid down her throat.

"Wait a minute," said the man in the aisle. He slid over to Cindy and put his hand behind her ear. "Here it is," he said producing the coin. "It was here the whole time!" "Oh, thank God," said Cindy. She stood up and looked around for her clothes but they were gone. All of them! All she had on was her necklace. "No!" she cried. "This is just like when the captain did his magic trick!" She ran down the aisle. She could hear men offering to show her a card trick but she knew that would have to wait.

She had to see the captain, he would know what to do. She buzzed the cockpit door and, in a moment the co-pilot, Davies, appeared.

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He looked her up and down. "My God!" he thought. "Has she ever made it through a flight fully clothed?" "It's happened again," Cindy said.

"More magic?" asked the captain. "Yes," she said. "Cindy," he said. "You've still got some of that special sauce on your face.

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Does that remind you of anything?" "No," said Cindy, wiping the liquid off her face with her fingers and swallowing it. "Remember how we found your clothes last time?" "That's right," she said.

"I had to pull on the magic levers!" She was delighted to have remembered. It had been a bit hard to do but she had knelt in front of the captain and tugged on his penis, which is also a magic lever. At first it hadn't worked but when she used her mouth as well there had been a sudden flash of the white goo out of his penis. It had landed in her eyes and she couldn't see for a bit. Once she had cleaned them, there were her clothes. "Yay," she said and bounced up and down.

Her breasts kept bouncing for a moment when she stopped and she noticed the captain and co-pilot staring at them transfixed. "Poor guys," she thought. "It must be so complicated to fly a plane. Sometimes their minds work so hard they just stand and stare!" "Can we try and see if it works again?" said Cindy. "We can try," said the captain. "But remember it will be harder this time. It wasn't my magic trick that made the clothes disappear. I think we might need to use the co-pilot's lever as well." "OK, said Cindy.

She dropped to her knees as the pilots pulled out their magic levers. She decided to just start sucking this time. It seemed to work better and she was in a hurry. She took the lever deep into her mouth. She sucked hard as she pulled her head back up, and then used her tongue to lick all over the shaft of the lever on the way back down.

The first time she had done this it had taken a while to make the magic work but with practise she had learnt how to make it happen quicker.


She moaned around the lever like she loved it and took it deep down to the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on it for a few minutes, then turned and took the co-pilot's lever.

She took it straight down the back of her throat and left it there, feeling the co-pilot pushing her head down. "He knows how to make the magic," she thought. "Better let him control my movements." The co-pilot held her head in place and roughly pushed his lever in and out of her mouth until the captain took hold of her hair and dragged her to his lever.

Cindy darted from lever to lever as the pilots pushed her head between them. At last they pushed her between them and their magic levers shot their warm liquid over her eyes. She wiped her eyes clean and licked the liquid from her fingers. She looked around and was disappointed to find her clothes had still not appeared.

"Damn," said the captain. "That must be strong magic." "What can we do?" Cindy said. "I'll tell you what," said the captain. "I'll go and see if they turned up back there somewhere. Maybe they appeared where you last had them." "Of course," said Cindy. The captain was so clever. He went out of the cockpit and came back a minute later with her skirt and panties. "No trace of your top," said the captain. "But at least we have something." "Oh thank you, thank you," she said.

She took the skirt and panties and hurriedly put them on. "Don't thank me," said the captain.


"There is a brave young man out there who found them. They had re-appeared on the wing. He courageously went out there and recovered them for you." "Oh, my," said Cindy. "How brave. It would be cold and windy out there." "Yes, you owe him dearly," said the captain. "Unfortunately the change in air pressure from outside to in has the caused that old problem again." "You mean his testicles might explode," she said.

"I have to save him." Cindy ran outside and saw the man at once. His penis stood out hard in front of him. She dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth, determined to save the life of this young hero.

She heard the other passengers cheer as she sucked up and down his dangerously hard penis. He groaned and grew harder still and Cindy felt for sure she was too late this time. He thrust back and forth in her mouth, saliva coating his penis as she licked it with her tongue.

She tickled her fingers against his testicles trying to encourage the liquid out and relieve the pressure. He started to spasm and Cindy feared his cock would explode in her mouth.

She gasped for breath and then sighed with relief as the hot liquid spurted down her throat. Cindy swallowed quickly but the man withdrew his cock too soon and cum erupted into her eyes. Again she cleaned them and looked in amazement as the man produced her missing top. Cindy cleaned the sticky liquid from whichever part of her body she could find it on and put her shirt back on.

The men in first class begged her to leave the buttons undone. She had no idea why, but they all seemed so urgent in their request that she thought it safer to comply.

Maybe they knew something she didn't. "Passengers, please be advised that we will shortly be commencing our final descent," came the captain's voice over the intercom. "Please fasten your seatbelts." "How long until we land?" an old man asked Cindy. "About twenty minutes," she said.

"Time for a card trick?" he asked.