Anne Lee Face Fuck On The Couch

Anne Lee Face Fuck On The Couch
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I entered through the heavy wooden doors and was blinded by the contrast of the gloomy drinking lounge, which was emphasized by the neon glow of beer signs and jukebox in the corner.

Terry was sitting at the small table in the back of the lounge, with a clear view of the front door. As soon as he saw me, he got up, threw a couple of banknotes on the table and walked towards me. "You're fucking late, Evie!" he hissed, and for a moment catching me off guard. He grabbed my forearm, pulling me towards the exit.

"Hey!" I squeaked. "What's your problem?" Without an answer, he continued towards the door, dragging me after him. "I wanted a drink first," I said, hoping to figure out what was wrong before we got to the car. "No drinking right now," he said as we stepped out of the pub. "Henry has been waiting for over an hour now and you are fucking late!" "So?" I cringed. "He always waits for me, it's a part of the appeal." I said sulkily.

"One of these days he'll get sick and tired of your shit, lovey. I don't know what he sees in you in the first place." He measured me with his watery blue eyes. "Why do you always have to look like a bleedin' slob, anyway?" I couldn't remember the last time I've seen Terry this pissed off. Sure, all of my clothes were one or two sizes too big, but I didn't want to restrain my body after it was aching, following an hour or two of heavy physical strain.

With Henry I always earned my money fair and square; one puts a lot into it and one gets a heck of a lot out of it. Money, that is. We reached Terry's car and ever so gentleman-like he opened the passenger door for me. As we pulled off onto the Mile End Street I took a closer look of his face. He was unshaven; his eyes were bloodshot and underneath, dark bags seemed to stretch down to the middle of his face.

"What's wrong, Terry?" I asked jadedly. "Gina is gone." He sighed heavily. "And Nicole." Okay, now I could understand somewhat. The best two were gone. The two who didn't mind taking anything and everything up their cunts, arses and mouths. The two who didn't mind being taken to the self-made emergency room after being flogged half to death by sick old perverts who had no other means of venting.

"What happened?" I asked. "Don't worry about that right now, alright?" he said and sighed heavily. The old Terry smile crept on his face. "I still have you, and all is right with the world." I shrugged. "Why is he calling me today? He is the weekend guy, like a clockwork." "He's not alone this time." That was a shock.

"He's got his missus with him." I gasped. "I don't do that, Terry! You know I don't." Terry ignored my protests. "Sometimes I just wished he had a good old wank like all the normal people." I said and Terry brought the car to a screeching halt; whether it was due to a shock over my words or simply to stop in front of the red light, I couldn't say for certain.


He looked at me thoughtfully. "I didn't hear that, Evie. And I'd better never hear it again!" "Yeah, alright," I agreed. Of course it was stupid to wish it, let alone say it out loud.

The amount of money that I made from one 'session' with Henry easily beat my mother's one-month income as a cashier at the local Salisbury's. I had nothing to complain about.

"He didn't explain in great detail, but I think he wants you to work on her. He wants you, Evie. Besides," he shifted on the driver's seat, "You are the only one I can entrust this to." We were turning into the atrium parking lot of the bookstore that served as a front for Terry's illegal business.

He stopped the car and turned to me. There was a charming smile dancing on his ugly face: "Alright?" "Yeah," I replied. He bent towards me and his broad grin forced me to crack a smile back at him. "Yes, Terrence, al-bloody-right!" "There's a good girl," he said and jumped out of a car. We walked through the bookstore to the back, slipped through the curtains, down the claustrophobically narrow corridor to the staircase, entering the almost invisible gray metal door on the other side, usually unnoticed by the people who were not aware it was actually there.

We entered into another corridor, this one wider with whitewashed walls, dotted by a string of metal doors painted electric blue. He told me once that he liked the tranquility of Greek islands and had tried to recreate the colour scheme of the houses portrayed on postcards.

However, I do believe that nobody noticed his effort beyond a frown and amazement over the absurdity of it all. "Go change, he can't see you like this." He said and I continued down the corridor to the last door on the right.

When I entered, the changing room was almost empty. Hillary was there, a bird I never got along with, who envied my capability of never having to do things she had to. Another girl that I had never seen before stood next to Hillary, looking too young to be allowed in a place like Terry's little love dungeon. Hillary was a tall, very pretty brunette, who made all customers want to push things insider her meaty, puckered mouth. Dressed in a schoolgirl's uniform was practically an oxymoron, as she could barely read and was stupid as a doorknob.

The gray plaid mini skirt was so short that each movement clearly exposed the snow-white knickers, which were undoubtedly someone's request. She rolled her eyes. "You're late," she said and tsk-ed. "Piss off Hillary," I said and she tsk-ed again. "He almost had me do her, I think." She said and rolling her eyes dramatically.

I guess her dramatic gesturing and facial expressions must have been appealing to men, too. I decided I didn't need the aggro and ignored her. "Hi, I'm Evie," I turned towards the new girl. "Oh, this is Tania, she'll be with Henry while you're doing his missus." She said with an ugly grin. Nobody was ever with Henry but me. She was well aware of that. I knew, that as much as she enjoyed the fact that he finally picked someone over me, she wanted to be that one.

It was still a loss to her. "Alright, Tania?" I said, ignoring Hillary and walking over to the new girl, gently squeezing her shoulder. Tania was a short and skinny girl. Dirty blond hair was cut into a bob, big green eyes bulging out of her mouse-like, quite unattractive face. She was also dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, with gray mini skirt, white shirt, wine red tie and matching red jacket. Her small feet rested in knee-high gray stockings and sturdy, black, flat shoes.

I couldn't decide whether she was dressed so because she came straight from school or if this was a wish of a customer. "Yeah," she said. "I don't know what to do all that well yet." I could understand that, I would be horrified if someone told me what Henry was used to if it was my first time. Just as I was about to offer her some advice Terry walked into the changing room and closed the door. 'I told you to bleedin' change, Evie!" he said, looking at all three of us in rapid succession.

"What are you waiting for Hill? Yours is waiting for you, too." Hillary sniffed and demonstratively walked out, running her fingers through her hair.

"Here comes Mama!" she turned at the door, grinned at toward us but at no one in particular, and then she was gone. "Evie!" hollered Terry and I hurriedly pulled off my jacket.

"Alright, then. Alright," I said and unzipped my jeans. "Here's the deal," he said, leaning against the gigantic closet that stood by the door. "You," he nodded towards me as I took off my jeans and knickers, now standing half-naked in front of their prodding eyes, having been way past any kind of embarrassment any longer, "will go into the big room and work on the missus." I nodded, reaching into the bag that was stashed in the corner, no doubt by Terry, pulling out a pair of crotchless pants, very predictably made out of black leather.

"And you," he turned towards Tania who cringed back somewhat, "will go into the little room and watch with him. You'll do anything he wants you to, but there's not much that can be done, you know that.

The room is too small, there's only chairs." Tania nodded and I frowned. There was plenty he could have done, why was Terry lying? I swaped the baggy sweater for a black leather bra and turned to Tania, "Help me with this, luv!" She walked over, and I could feel her hands trembling as she tried to zip me up. "How long have you been here?" I asked, my eyes flinging between her and Terry.


"She's been here long enough, Evie. Would you hurry the heck on? Please!" He pushed himself away from the closet, turned and opened it, taking out a small black bag and bringing it over to the desk with the mirror that served as a make-up corner. Opening the bag and turning it upside down, he tossed a collection of dildos and butt plugs onto the desk.

I looked at Tania and saw her eyes widening slightly. Just like me, she must have noticed that they were all bigger than your general sized sex toys used for private pleasure.

"You'll be okay, Tania. He'll be concentrating on Evie and the missus.

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You'll just probably have to take a couple of those up your arse and wank him off or something." Tania nodded, swallowing hard. Terry carefully returned all the toys into the bag. I stepped closer to him and hissed in his ear, hoping Tania would not hear me: "You better pay her good!" "Almost done, then?" Terry ignored me and started walking to the door. I reached into the bag on the floor one more time and pulled out a black wig. "Evie, first go into the little room and talk to him.

Make sure you stand behind him; he doesn't want to see you. Understand?" I nodded and rolled my hair into a bun, covering it with the wig.

I looked at myself in the mirror. What a transformation. From a red-hair girl-next-door to a raven haired 'mistress', just as Henry liked it. "I'll tell him you'll be ready in five, shall I?" he asked and I nodded, reaching for my make up bag. As soon as he closed the door behind him, I extracted a tube of "Pleasure Enhancer". It is an ointment, which deadens the feeling when applied.

Recommended by a friend of mine who worked the streets, I bought it just to show how much I appreciated his concern. I never needed to use it. I unscrewed the top and offered it to Tania. "Quick, put some of that up your arse," I said.

She shook her head not understanding for a moment. "Put it in, luv. It won't hurt as much, just do it." I pushed her away from me.

I started applying heavy black eye liner that made my dark eyes look much lighter than they really were. I stole a glance in the mirror at Tania, who had trouble with inserting the ointment. She kept looking at the tube and then at me, as if waiting for further instructions. "Oh, for fuck's sake," I said impatiently and walked over to her. "Let me help you," I turned her around, gently pushed her forward so that she bent over, pulled her white knickers lower down the legs and squeezed a small blob onto my finger.

Her skin bumped up, probably with embarrassment. I stretched her butt cheeks with one hand and placed my oily finger on her arsehole. "Ready?" I asked and her head bobbed in consent. She gasped as I pushed in, and I thought of how much fun good old Henry is in for.

I pushed my finger deeper into her arse, working it against the walls of her insides, trying to cover as much as I could. At the same time, I saw the little pink bud in the middle of her shaven pussy. Very cute, it made me giggle quietly.

Lusting over a child practically, that was the first. I pulled my finger out and repeated the entire process one more time. Finally I straightened up, pulled up her knickers and slapped her playfully on her butt. "We can't put any more in or he'll know. You can't tell nobody about this, understand?" Tania nodded in understanding and agreement. "Thank you, Evie," she said and stood there, placing the palms of her hands over her bottom.

I wiped my finger off on the little hand towel that was lying in front of the mirror. "Is that what he likes?" she asked so softly that at first I didn't quite understand what she meant. "You know," she looked as if she was ready to cry. "Up the bum?" "Sweetheart," I said, trying hard not to upset her more than she already was.

"You'll be alright, I promise. And, he'll pay you good, trust me." She nodded thoughtfully, biting her lower lip. "Hillary said…" she started and I shook my head.

"Listen to me!" I said with as much sincerity as I could, "You can't believe what girls tell you. Especially the bad things." She nodded. "It's a very competitive place here, and everybody is afraid for the little status that they have." I noticed that if her eyes were not quite so frog-like, they would have been very pretty.

"Hillary," I said, "and others," I added quickly, "are very jealous. Just do the best you can, and you'll be fine." I felt sorry for her, but work was work and I didn't want Terry running in again, screaming his head off. I finished with eyeliner, added some cherry red lipstick and straightened up my wig. Not great, but it'll have to do.

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I sat down on a chair and pulled up the black leather boots with four-inch heels that always killed my back. Almost six foot tall already, the boots made me look like a giant. An Amazon, Henry called me once.

"Come on, then," I said, taking a hold of Tania's hand and grabbing the goody bag that Terry left out for us. As we were walking out into the corridor, I realized what an odd pair Tania and I must have made walking hand in hand an accidental witness might have taught we were our way to trick-and-treat.

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We stopped two doors further down the corridor and I squeezed her hand lightly. "Ready?" I asked and she nodded. "You'll be alright, luv," I said, bent down and kissed her on the mouth.

Her lips were deliciously soft, she kept them closed, and I got an urge to pry them open with my tongue. Then the urge was gone; I straightened up and winked at her. I buzzed the bell, waited a couple of seconds and entered. Waiting on an answer would be in vain, as the rooms were all soundproof. The buzzer was to tell Henry I was walking in and if he didn't want to see me, he'd better sit on a chair facing away from the door.

We stepped into a very small, almost lightless room. The only glow was coming in from the attached room that was seen through huge window, which connected the two. It was a one-way mirror, this side a window, a mirror in the other room. I saw that only one light bulb was on and therefore, both rooms were almost completely dark.

Only the silhouettes were visible. Two chairs were positioned in front of the window; one was occupied by a small, balding man, whom I have known so well. Henry. Up-and-coming artist, who struck it rich in his late 40's. Now, he had enough money to play out all the demons from his horrific childhood. And play them out he did. I walked over to the chair Henry sat on and stood behind it. He didn't turn around. I placed my booted leg on the other chair next to him and he looked at it, and then looked away.

I followed his gaze in the other room, where a woman sat on the chair, facing the mirror. It was too dark to make out her features, but I could tell she was very small framed. I let my voice drop, trying to make it sound as sexy as I could. "What do you want me to do?" I asked. "Punish her," he said. He was not a scared little schoolboy that he normally was with me. He sat up straight, his voice strong yet soft; his shoulders were pulled back, his hands resting on his thighs.

"Make her sorry for what she has done. " I didn't need to ask what she has done, chances were she shagged one of his young models. "Make her sorry for what she is not doing." Again, I didn't ask, she probably didn't want to shag her husband, or suck his dick, or take him up her little arse. Maybe she just burnt his dinner. I almost chuckled, but got control of myself before it was actually out. "Alright," I said. "Make her come," he said. "I'll pay you good. Make her come." Henry, you stupid arse, I thought, but didn't say it.

"Make her come and then break her down. Punish her," he gasped and breathed heavily, "make her bleed and scream." I nodded, knowing that he can see my silhouette in the window. "What do you…" I started asking but he interrupted: "Everything that is used on me is to be used on her. She has a general idea of what is in store for her. She's a whore just like you." I winced. "Except, she won't do the things whores do.

You need to teach her to obey! Don't muck about, Evie! I want her broken and bleeding." I nodded again.


"This is Tania," I said and gently pushed the girl forward. She walked around the chair and stood in front of him. "And here is your goody bag." I held the bag over his shoulder. He reached for it without looking and put it in his lap. Then, he tapped the chair next to him in an inviting motion. "Come sit down, luv," he said to Tania without as much as sparing her a quick glance. His eyes were glued to the little woman on the other side of the window.

"She asked for a marriage counselor, and this is it." he snickered. "Don't worry, she won't make no trouble," he added. "What's her name?" I asked and the answer came before I even finished the question. "Cunt!" There was nothing more to say, I turned around, took a couple of steps and reached for the door.

As I was opening it, I stole a glance at the odd couple that I left behind; Tania was now sitting next to Henry, also staring at the woman in the other room, his hand resting on her skinny thigh. I walked to the door of the room where I would be spending the next hour. Stepping in, I flicked the light switch on.

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The room lit up in a softly dim light, coming from the strategically placed bulbs in all four corners of the room. The room was very Spartan. A big and old steel bed stood against the far wall, covered only with a striped gray mattress with no sheets, creaking at the mere site of it. There was a chair that the woman was sitting on, a recliner in the corner, a wooden pony in the other corner and a huge antique closet by the entrance. The only color in the room was gray, different shades of it making it looking very drab and depressing.

The woman in the chair jumped and turned towards me as I let the door slam close. She was a tiny brunette with big brown eyes, looking almost plain.

I took slow and deliberate steps towards her, each time pausing slightly when my heel hit the floor. The closer I got, the more I realized that she was not just a plain Jane. She must have been in her late 30's, her face saggy with worry, but God, was she beautiful.

Her brown hair fell to her shoulders in soft curls, small heart-shaped mouth trembling slightly, face free of make-up. She was dressed in a sleeveless red dress that was too light for the autumn chill. As I approached her, she cringed away from me. I had a right mind to turn around and walk out.

There were hidden cameras in the room, as well as microphones that picked up almost every sound and I had to be very careful to complete the tasks I was given to Henry's satisfaction. I walked around the chair, and stood behind the woman, just as I had stood behind Henry a few moments before.

I was hit by a clean smell of herbal soap. I put my hand on top of her head and turned it towards the mirror in front of her. She looked at me now, in the mirror, visibly trembling. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through the soft silky hair.

With both hands I pulled her hair back into a ponytail, bent over her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. She pulled away slightly and very softly; I said, "Don't." As if understanding the undertone, she did not cringe away from my next kiss onto her neck. I walked around the chair, one of my hands still holding the hair, bent down and grabbed the side of the chair, turning it sideways, so that Henry had a clear view of both of us.

She grabbed the sides of the chair tightly when being spun around. I let go of her hair and knelt in front of her, spreading her legs and squeezing in between. Cupping her face with my hands, I leaned forward as if to kiss her. My face was so close to hers that I could note a faint smell of peppermint toothpaste that she must have used before coming here. "Kiss me," I whispered. She remained still and I could see her eyes welling up with tears. A few seconds passed and I waited.

She didn't kiss me; a tear slipped down her left cheek. I leaned back, and still cupping her left cheek with my hand, withdrew the other hand and slapped the other cheek hard. Her head would have spun but for me holding it. She gasped and more tears slid down her cheeks. She grabbed my arm and I brushed it off.

Again I leaned over almost touching her and said softly, but audibly: "Don't touch me, kiss me." This time, she closed her eyes and ever so slowly, pressed her lips against mine. I closed my eyes, too, and kissed her back. It was a lover's kiss, soft and beautiful. I felt a tingle ripple through my body, like small disturbance on the perfectly still surface of water when a pebble is thrown in.

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My lips sucked onto hers, as if I was a man kissing this beautiful woman, my tongue gently prying her lips open and slipping inside her mouth. To my surprise, her tongue brushed against mine, not by an accident, but with deliberate caressing strokes. I sucked onto it, and then brushed my tongue against her small teeth, pulling it out of her mouth and licking her upper and then lower lip as if licking off the lipstick that wasn't there.

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I leaned back and looked at her red-flushed face. "Good," I whispered and stroked her beautiful face where just moments later I landed a stinging slap. I kissed her cheek, kissed the top of her nose, kissed her lips again wanting badly to slip my tongue in, but didn't. I grabbed her hair gently, pulling it into a ponytail again, and kissed my way to the right side of her face, which was out of Henry's view. I sucked on the earlobe and very quietly whispered in her ear: "Do as I say and it will be over quicker." I kissed her mouth again and leaned back.

She was looking straight into my eyes and I lifted my eyebrow and very slightly tilted my head towards the mirror, trying to see if she understood.

She breathed heavily, but blinked twice in response, and I hoped to God that Henry didn't catch this little exchange. I stood up and circled the chair with deliberate slow, heel pounding steps. "Rules!" I yelled and the woman jumped slightly. "When I tell you to do something," I stepped in front of her and with a speed of lightning my hand reached out and slapped the side of her face. "You do it!" This time, she almost fell off the chair from the force of the blow.

"Yes!" she gasped and I smiled wickedly. I walked another circle around the chair and stopped in front of her. "And if I don't say you can speak," another slap landed on her cheek, now visibly reddening, "You don't!" She gasped again, holding tight onto the sides of the chair and just nodded.

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"Good," I said softly and looked at the mirror. Henry must be really pleased with his wife's quick learning, I thought. I grabbed her forearm and pulled her roughly off the chair, easily standing some six inches taller than her. She was like a child next to me. I sat down on a chair, leaned back and spread my legs so that in case she missed the fact that my pants were crotchless, she had a full view of my exposed pussy now.

"Come here," I said and she stepped closer. I reached out and pulled her all the way in front of me, her legs touching the chair.

I slipped my hands under the dress and ran my fingers up her inner thighs, stopping at the touch of her knickers.

She wore no nylons. I turned the palm of my right hand up and placed it on her crotch, making her step apart. I pushed up against her crotch and she gasped. I kept looking into her eyes, smiling, with what I was hoping was wickedly enough for Henry. It didn't take much massaging of her pussy through the knickers for her already heavy breathing to became even heavier and I could feel a slight push of her pelvis against my hand.

I slipped my hands back down her thighs, grabbed the hem of her dress and with all the force that I could muster ripped the dress, exposing her bare front, clad only in soft purple laced bra and matching knickers. She gasped at the brutality of the act and I stood up, pushing the dress off her body. I wanted to take off my boots, I wanted to be closer to her, have my lips closer to hers, but of course, there was Henry to consider and he would not be pleased with it.

I was surprised at the fullness of the breasts on her small body; from what I could tell, they looked real. I took her by the hand and led her to the chair that reclined back and had a very narrow seat, which would give me an easy access to her privates.

It also sported leg straps, making it look like a custom-made gynecological exam table. I pushed her into the chair and kicked the lever on the side, making the chair slide back, the woman now on her back in a half lying position.

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I kicked the other lever and the chair lifted off the floor very high, stopping just below the level of my boobs. This was the position that the camera could catch at a very easy angle, and Henry would have a good view of the action.

I pushed her feet into the straps and she started whimpering quietly.