Enchanting tight teenie gets her narrow snatch and small asshole drilled

Enchanting tight teenie gets her narrow snatch and small asshole drilled
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As I step off the bus and go to get my bags, expecting Romeo to be there to pick me up, I bend over to pick up my last bag and throw it over my shoulder, I feel someone standing right behind me. Not paying a whole lot of attention as there are a lot of people getting off at this stop, he reaches for my bag, thinking it is Romeo lending a helping hand, I step back and set my other bags back down and turn to him "Hi Baby" with my arms reaching to give him a hug and kiss hello.to my surprise it isn't Romeo who reached for my bag .

I am so surprised all I can do is whisper your name. "Ron"? "Hey sexy." Not feeling so sexy at the moment after the long bus ride and in need of a shower and change of clothes, my hand goes up and touches your cheek not believeing that here you are, standing in front of me.

I have fantasized about this for months.

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Tears form in my eyes as you smile and pull me into your arms. Reaching up to wrap my arms around your neck, as you stand several inches over my 5' 7", you bend slightly and wrap your arms around me and lift me off the ground, holding me tightly.

"I can't believe that you're here." Setting my feet back on the ground but not letting go of me, my arms around you and my head against your chest.

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My mind goes back to when we first met and the way you made me feel, the way you touched me and set my body on fire, how every time I think of you I start to shake with desire for your touch. How I long to feel your arms around me, your hands running all over my body, your lips against mine. I look up at you and you can see in my eyes, where my mind has gone.

Leaning down to me you kiss me so softly, several sweet kisses, then you lick my lips with the tip of your tongue, my lips open invitingly.

Our tongues meet in such a passionate kiss, it sets my whole body on fire, I lean against you for support and I know that I can't go without feeling your touch against my skin.


Moaning as I pull away from you I beg you to take me home. You gather my bags and carry them to your jeep, following you I stand next to the passenger door as I wait for you to finish putting my bags in the back and come to unlock my door. My hands are shaking as you close the back and come stand beside me, I lean against the jeep putting mt head back and closing my eyes, as you unlock the door.

I feel the heat from your body long before you even touch me as you lean against me for another kiss before I slide into the seat.

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Putting my hands flat against your chest, I can feel your heartbeat beneath my finger tips as our kiss deepens, your heart starts to beat faster as I run my hands up to grab at your shoulders, you pull your lips from mine and kiss your way down my jawline to my neck, just below my ear, softly you suck on that very sensitive part of my neck and then take my ear lobe between your teeth and gently bite me.

Not knowing how much more of this I can take before I beg you to take me right there in the parking lot, you pull away from me, open the door and help me into the passenger seat, closing the door you walk around the jeep and get in next to me. Leaning my head against the seat I close my eyes trying to gather my senses, I hear you put the key in the ignition and put the car into gear and feel it back up and turn to leave the bus station. I open my eyes and look over at you, still in disbelief that you are really here, I take my hand and run it across your thigh resting my fingers against the inside of your thigh, making small circlular motions on that spot.

With every change of your foot from the gas to the brake, the back of my hand brushes against you and several times I hear you groan as it happens.

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The 30 minute drive seems to take forever to get to my house, as you pull into the driveway and turn off the jeep, I reach to open my door and get out, reaching for my hand and leaning into me for a kiss, stopping me. You open your door and get out, walking around you open my door take my hand and help me out, closing the door behind me. "Are we going to get my bags?" I ask. "No, I have another surprise for you. Come with me." I follow you to the front door and into the house. You set down the keys and take my hand "Close your eyes.", I follow you to the bedroom where you leave the door open, knowing there is not another person around.

You slide my coat down my shoulders, off my arms, leaving it it a pile at my feet. Turning me slightly you come to stand behind me and take the clipout of my hair, letting it fall around my shoulders to hang down my back. I smell vanilla in the air, feeling your lips against my neck I lean back against you. "Open your eyes." As I open them I see candles burning everywhere, rose petals scattered over the bed cover with a trail leading to the bathroom.

I cross to the bathroom and walk into paradise with a steaming hot bath waiting, more candles burning, vanilla scented bath oils and more rose petals in the bath tub. Urgine me to get in you take my shirt off, unsnap my bra and slide it down my shoulders, I lean against the sink as you take first my shoes then socks, and finally my pants, kissing your way down my body as you slide them down to may ankles then off my feet. Kissing your way back up you stop to suckle each nipple and run your hands over every inch of my body.


Still leaning against the sink as you come to full height, I pull your mouth to mine and beg you to join me in the bath, as our tongues dance and play you slide your hand between my thighs and search with your fingers for my softness, finding it and feeling my warmth you groan into my mouth, you slide your finger into my wetness so easily, I dig my nails into your shoulders as I grind against your finger sliding into me over and over. Sensing that my body is going to explode you pull your finger out of me and urge me into the bathtub.

As I get in and sink down so that just my head is above water you start to undress, keeping your pants on but undone until the very last, slowly sliding them down your hips, your full erection standing proud, begging for attention.

You slip into the water with your legs on either side of me as I lean forward making room for you behind me against the back of the tub, it is big enough to accommodate both of us without losing any of the water. The water has already started to relax my muscles, tense from the long bus ride, you bring your hands up and start to massage my shoulders and I rest my head against your chest as you continue to work your hand down my sides and use your thumbs to work my back.

Lifting me in the water you slide your legs under me and bring your knees up so I am resting against your hips, your erection resting against my ass as you start to massage my thighs, kissing my back, shoulders and my neck.

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You reach for a bottle sitting on the side of the tub and pour some of the contents into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together lathering them up and run them over my body washing my body so softly and touching every place your hands can reach.

Cupping handfuls of water to rinse me, I stand up to get out of the bath and you stand and reach for a towel to lay on the floor, stepping out of the tub you take my hand and help me step out, lift me into your arms and take me to the bed, still wet, you lay me down and use your tongue to dry the last of the water droplets still against my skin. Licking up the inside of my thighs, you part them and softly blow the curls that cover my womanhood, using your hands you push my legs further apart to open me to your eager lips and tongue.

You flick my clit with the tip of your tongue.I grab handfulls of the bed cover arching my back. Running your tongue the length of my slit, your fingers following the path of your tongue, stopping only long enough to dip into my wet hole. Rubbing your wet finger back and forth across my clit, your tongue licking and circling around it over and over again.

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Your finger sliding in and out of me. Feeling my body once again ready to explode, you slide up the length of me, kissing every inch stopping to suck on my nipples and cup my breasts with your hands, feeling the weight of them in your hands.

Kissing your way to my neck and lips, your body pressing against mine, I feel your hard cock pressed against the entrance to my tight wet pussy. Using your fingertips to push my hair back from my face, whispering to you, "Make love to me Ron." I beg you.as your lips crush mine and our tongues touch you slide into me with ease, stretching around you taking every inch of you into me, "You feel so good." You slide out and bury yourself deep into me again, over and over.

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Feeling my body tighten around you, I run my nails across your back, and my body begins to shake from an earth shattering orgasm, you capture my lips with yours and put your hands on my shoulders as you start to pump into me harder and faster, mounting your own orgasm. With one final thrust you spill into me, burying your face between my neck and shoulder.

Catching your breath and feeling your heart beat slow to normal, you lift yourself off me and lie down next to me and ask, "Did you enjoy your surprises?" As I reach up and kiss you, I curl into your arms, "Oh yes!!!" You pull me closer to you and pull the blankets around us as we lay talking for a bit until we can't keep our hands off each other again.