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Loira puta vadia dan ccedil_ando
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I shiver realizing that I'd turned the fan on instead of the lights off, there was hardly a need for fans here, but we had it. I go lay down on the couch, Cheza is there, having beat me to the covers I cuttle next to her.

She hadn't had school this day, 'cause it was a blizzard today, the worst this year, I was off from college for a few days & was visiting for a few days, mostly so I could watch my sis. I never knew why but snow reminds me of fresh delicious coconut flakes, I had them as a boy, I would pay the $10 I have just to have a coconut right now. Our parents had gone out of town to help my Grammy, she shouldn't have to be w/out company in a blizzard like this, it was only a month from now that Gramps died & I think that is why mom & dad feel so obligated to making the trip over there.

They might not be back until the storm dies down, but that could be days. They know me & Cheza would be safe, though. We had been through worse & had strict orders not to leave the house, & my mom went so far as to make me swear that I wouldn't leave Cheza by herself, not for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I decided it would be good if we watched some movies.

I put in Cheza's favorite, Beauty & the Beast, she is old enough to watch grown-up movies, but has never got tired of the ones she watched as a child, I could care less 'cause I'm listening to my Ipod & going to sleep. So the movie starts & I can't help but notice how warm she is. She lays her head on my shoulder & I smell her hair, it's so clean & sort as I rub my hand through it & rest it behind her ear.

I slide my hand down her neck, her eyes remind me of the moon, glowing as she watches the movie. Her skin is like a velvety caramel, I close my eyes, but just then I forget I'd downloaded some porn onto the Ipod & I had it playing, she is startled by the loud fucking going on, & I scramble for the off button.

She looks at me kind of funny & I realize she is smiling, I'm nearly as startled by her reaction as I'm startled by the porn playing, this is totally unexpected, but I'm transfixed on her gaze, & further more her eyes begin to hypnotize me, I can't help but stare into their dark cores, I forget myself now & don't care that the porn is still playing. Then I snap out of it, I quickly fumble w/ the Ipod, desperately trying to turn it off.

There! I finally get it off, I suddenly fill hands on mine as I look back at my sister she begins to whine. I take off the Ipod. Reuben!! Why did you turn that off, I've never heard those noises before, I don't know why, but those noises make my mouth wet, & get me excited. She exclaims.

I realize my parents never told her how the whole sex thing works, they had pulled her out of sex ed. 'cause they did such a shitty job w/me & created more problems than they had fixed, but never could find the right words to tell her. Sure she was 19, but there seemed to me that most of the few girls at her school were virgins & hardly knew much on sex, so they were shy to bring up such things.

Even the guys were shy regarding that stuff. The only thing she knew was that once a month her cunt would get bloody, but that was the only thing my parents would give help with.

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I on the other hand had been a porn junkie for years. Then it hits me like a slap to the face, she enjoyed that. I'm speechless, my little sister loved it, I stare at her & realize she is messing w/ my Ipod.

What the fuck are you doing!!! I shout, as she turns it back on. I want to listen to it, Reuben. No way! I squeal. Please . she whispers I can't help but feel sorry for screaming at her, so I uneasily hand it over to her. Her mouth starts to open as it begins to play, she then smiles at me!

I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to try & take it back when I see how happy it's making her. I've never seen her this enthusiastic, I suddenly realize my cock gets a tickle & then I realize this is turning me on, I'm so shocked as my cock starts to harden.

Then I look at her, she is still looking at me, & then I try to get up to turn the lights on, but she won't let go of me! I reach for the remote & turn the T.V. off. Let go!!! I scream, she let's go. I run over to turn on the lights. There! I think to myself as I turn them on. But she is laying down on the couch w/her mouth wide open, I look down to see her hands massaging her shoulders. I run over to her it liquefies me, to see she doesn't even care I'm watching her is dazzling.

I grab the Ipod, she doesn't even see me do it! I reach for the volume button in a hurry, Shit! I blatantly turned the volume up to the highest setting, quickly going for the other button, to decrease the volume. It is like a fucking hurricane now as it is filling the whole house w/the noise.


There! I shout as I hit the mute button. I'm breathing heavily now as I fall to the floor. Holy fuck that was loud, I say to myself. I sigh. Then turn to see my sister completely frozen.

I flinch at the site, & I push myself off the floor & onto my knees, looking at my sis. I begin to shake her. Cheza!!! I scream. She looks up at me w/a smile on her face. Let's do that more often she said, she hugs me & gives me a kiss. I'm so shaken, but just laugh, as I thank God she's OK.

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You had me worried sick, Cheza!! I cry.


I'm sorry Reuben, will you forgive me? She says Of course, how could I not forgive my sister. I'm just so happy you're OK. I love you Reuben. I love you too Cheza. Oh, & Cheza . Yes Reuben. Don't tell mom or dad that this happened, OK?

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OK. I get back on the couch, but then I catch her looking down. Her mouth drops. Then I look down, seeing that I've gotten a massive hard-on. I cover it w/my hand. Out of nowhere comes her hands & she presses them down on mine. I see her looking at me w/ a smile. Reuben, I'm not so innocent you know. I know how it works, fucking. She smiles. Huh? I say in shock. I know how much you like it, you've been looking at porn for years, I know. Mom & dad don't, but I do.

My mouth drops I've done more than you think, I've never fucked, but I got my tongue web removed & can touch my nose w/ my tongue. She slips her tongue out of her mouth & does it!! I had to pay for it, but I didn't have enough money, so me & the doctor had to work it out, she closes her eyes & laps her tongue on her bottom lip.

I was so shocked; I couldn't believe that she was saying this to me. I've missed you, Reuben, you never being here 'cause of college & I don't like being the only one living here, except for mom & dad. I'm lonely, Reuben. I want to do something for you. She looks down. I look down as she begins to uncover my hands. No, you're my sis, Cheza; I can't!!! Let me suck your cock Reuben, I don't care that I'm your sister, I don't care that you're my brother. She stares into my eyes w/ that look she gave me earlier, I couldn't take my eyes off her.

I began to doubt myself, what if she was right, why shouldn't I let her! It would be so sweet to let her do her thing. I don't care she's my sister, if she wants to suck cock let her suck cock!! Besides my cock is probably more than she can handle, it's 5 inches when not hard & 8 when it is hard! I was lucky to have such a big cock, so why not let her suck it. OK Thank you Reuben! I won't let you down. Only for a few minutes, though. I don't think she was listening. In a second she was in position, I felt her unzipping me.

I unbuckled my pants & pulled them down, followed by my boxers. Please, don't use your teeth Cheza Don't worry Reuben. She just sat there looking at my cock, it was uncomfortable, but I could feel my cock grow as she worshipped it. Where is your cock the most sensitive Reuben? It is very sensitive where the head & the shaft join, Oh! Get the underbelly, Cheza Mmm, looks like this is going to be more fun than you thought Reuben.

My mouth drops as she extends her tongue, it is so long!! She gently licks the underbelly of my cock w/ the tip of her tongue. It makes my cock bob up & down, it feels so good!

That feels so good! Cheza. I know Reuben; I'm going to wrap your whole head in my tongue. I would never think she could do that but sure enough; she fit the whole thing in there!! Her tongue coated my cock's head in lots of spit. This mixed w/ her tongue gave my cock the impression that it was being massaged w/ silk feathers! Try taking the head into your mouth Cheza.

I'm getting there Reuben, let me savor your cock, first. Damn, she is doing a great job, I thought to myself. Fuck, I'm not going to make her stop! She slowly slid the head into her mouth, & then took it out! She was teasing me! I felt her kiss it, it felt so good. Then she stuck it back in her mouth, but this time half way, then she started sucking it w/ her lips.

I feel her tongue lapping on my shaft. I realize her tongue is still outside of her mouth.

She then spits my cock out, & takes it in w./ her tongue. It feels so good as she swashes my head in her mouth, lightly, beating it w/ her tongue. She looks like she's loving every second of it too. Just then her tongue juts out of her mouth & she begins to move my cock down her throat. It is breath-taking to watch her, she manages to fit the WHOLE thing down her throat, & she even keeps sucking on it when it descends into the deep of her throat.

Then she releases me & slowly, yet still clinching my cock w/ her lips she begins to try & swallow it! Her throat contracts & my cock is being completely massaged, every possible spot is getting constantly rubbed by her throat.

I start to feel my balls tighten & my eyes widen, she seems to know this 'cause she brings my cock out of her throat & begins the process of swashing it once more, & I feel my cock explode w/ creamy goodness as loads of cum shoot into her mouth. She starts licking at my cock's underbelly, & gets out one more before opening her mouth & letting my cock drop.

I look at her, her mouth is still open & I see she has a mouthful of cum slowly dripping out of her mouth. She then takes my cock & wipes the cum w/ it & swallows it! She swallows it, & sucks the extra off my cock & then swallow that too!! I'm stunned, she just gave me the best bj I'd ever had!

Wasn't that fun Reuben?! Cheza, I can't think of when I've had more fun than I've had right now! She then trades looks to my cock & begins licking it, quickly yet precise. Want some more? I ask her playfully. She looks at me & then gets up & sits beside me w / smile on her face she snuggles w/ me.

I love you Reuben. I love you too Cheza. Let's do something tomorrow. I look down at her, but realize she has gone to sleep. I just close my eyes & wait for morning. I wake to the sound of running water & realize I've slept for 10 hours, I get up & see my pants down. I go to the closest window, & look to see if the storm cleared up, it was still bad!! I realize that I could either fuck my sister some more or let it go. I liked it so much, & she did too, why not? I took a shower & then put some clothes on, I chose not to put pants on, no sooner did I put my boxers on when Cheza opens the door & hops over & gives me a hug.

She kisses me & then turns to leave. Why don't we stay in mom' & dad's room for now Reuben. I don't see a problem w/ it Cheza. I heard her laugh & then she disappeared, off to the room no doubt. I quickly brushed my teeth & went to find her. I saw she hadn't even bothered to put pants on, when I found her in mom' & dad's room, too.

What do you want to do today, Cheza? Reuben, I want to fuck you . Is that so, Cheza.


I want to fuck you so much Reuben. Let's go for it Cheza. She only smiled & began undressing, I did the same. I met a beautiful Cheza when I got my shirt off, she had a great body, it was perfect & it was just waiting for me. I didn't waste time, I began kissing her neck, she fell back on her back just one more second & I would be as hard as a rock. She began rubbing my back, my cock was hard now. She sat up & began to lick my cock. Reuben, I want fuck you, so lay down & I'll be on top.

I lay myself down, & help Cheza get on top. She doesn't way much, certainly more light than I thought. She lets herself go down on my cock very slowly. My cock was like a magnet & I didn't have to stick it in her cunt w/ my hands. She was easy to fuck, I didn't have much to resist my thrusts, so I began going as fast I could. Fuck me Reuben! I could see she was enjoying this more than the bj she gave me.

I was close to orgasm, I put more power & thought into it, I exploded, I could hear my cock pumping her full of cum, I was going to stop when I cummed, but she had other plans. When I stopped she pushed my cock still deeper, & looked at the ceiling. Don't stop fucking me Reuben! I'm so close to orgasm! I did a quick thrust up & we were off!! Shit I was getting her even higher, I don't know if it was me or if she was putting more into it, but I didn't stop.

She soon fell down on my cock & my cock dove deep inside her cunt. She let herself go to me & I fucked her still deeper. Reuben that was so good!! Cheza that was the best I've ever had!

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I'm glad you like it want to do it some more?! Fuck yeah!! The end lol D: