Taylor Stevens Before and after

Taylor Stevens Before and after
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The Long Absence: Ted's Story Chapter 1 The Arrival Ted sat in the back row of a bus that was taking passengers to a dock. He was excited about this singles cruise he was going on. It would be ten days on a huge cruise ship with nothing but singles who, in his mind, were like him - looking for sex.

He pulled out his cell phone and texted a friend while the bus gradually filled with people. "Dude, I'm here. It's going to be the bomb! So much pussy!" Ted grinning, sent the text. A moment later, his phone vibrated, Ted read the text. "Cool. Do me a favor and don't use the words 'the' and 'bomb' so close to each other. The NSA. Remember?" "Ha. Right. My bad," Ted texted back. It'd been three years since Ted had stepped foot in the United States. Immediately after graduating college he moved to India, working at an outsourced IT job in the training department.

He was one of only a few Americans there. Now, at 25, he was back in his home country, the company was sending him to live and work in New York City. This singles cruise was a nice little present to himself for the couple weeks off of work he was granted during the transition back to the states. He'd read reviews that this particular cruise line supported and encouraged debauchery on board. Ted hadn't seen his family since his college graduation, three years prior, but after he got settled in New York, he'd call his mother, surprising her that he was back in America.

Another moment passed, another text from him friend, "Do me a second favor and don't use the phrase 'my bad.' I'm pretty sure it's outdated." Ted chuckled, sending a final text, "Fine. I'll let you know how much puss I manage to snag while I'm here." "I'm betting zero. But yes, good luck with that, take care man," Was the reply text. Turning his phone off, putting it in his bag, Ted looked around, watching people board the bus.

He saw several nice looking women, none were really amazing though. When a little old lady with white hair and a cane sat in the empty seat next to him, giving him a seductive grin, or at least he thought it was, Ted looked away embarrassed.

"Ok, no worries, there'd be new people arriving on the ship each day. There could already be a ton of hot chicks already on board," He thought to himself, watching the line of people making their way inside. He recalled the ship would be docking each morning to let off and pick up new passengers. That's when he saw her. "Whoa," He thought. She was fairly short, maybe 5'3" or 5'5", had very long brown hair, nearly down to her very lovely ass.

She had on a large beach hat and huge dark sunglasses. She was wearing small, tight, blue jean shorts that showed off her toned legs, a white tank top, and sandals. Her breasts weren't huge, but they were nice. Ted guessed she was in her 30s based on her nice figure alone, but didn't have a very good view of her face.

The distance she was from him, plus the hat and glasses, concealed any facial details. He watched her enter the bus and sit in the very front seat. "I'll find you later," Ted thought, grinning inwardly, thoughts of taking her to his room on the ship running through his mind. "Mmmm," he moaned out loud.

He quickly turned to the old lady sitting next to him, hoping she didn't hear him. She apparently did because she was still smiling at him. "Crap," he thought. Ted nodded politely back and returned his gaze to the window.

The woman he was ogling moved fast, or it seemed she did to Ted. Then he realized, he was in the back of the bus, the woman was in the front, and there was a little old lady sitting next to him. He wanted to tell her to hurry up and get out of his way, but waited, and waited, and waited.

Finally they were able to get out of his seat. "After you, ma'am," Ted gestured the old woman to go ahead of him. "Oh no, you first, I want to enjoy the view," She winked at Ted. "Uh, ok," He smiled awkwardly, grabbed his bag and took his leave. He rolled his eyes when he heard the old lady whistle at him from behind. The hottie he was checking out was nowhere in sight. Ted sighed, got his room assignment and made his way there. His room was on one of the lower decks, close to a large swimming pool.

It was next to the very last room on the floor. After changing into his swim trunks he looked in the mirror of the small bathroom. "Ok, let's do this," He told himself. "Play it cool, don't be a creep, don't be desperate and just let things happen." Ted wondered if he needed to shave, but he loved his dark beard. He glanced at his body, proud of shedding 70 pounds since college graduation.

He wasn't hugely muscular, but he wasn't very flabby anymore. He was finally proud of how he looked. After he made his way to the pool area, Ted counted two women he was interested in talking to and fucking. There was a hot blonde, who looked to be in her early 40s. Then an extremely tall, close to six feet he guessed, dark haired beauty. Her hair was nearly black, her breasts were larger than the woman he saw while on the bus, and she was looking around, almost nervously.

"Hmmm," he wondered out loud, lounging back in the chair. "You should go talk to her," a voice from his right startled him. It was the same little old lady. "Oh, hi," Ted smiled at her. "I may be old but I can be sneaky.

You didn't even see me sit down next to you," She said. "Well, I, uh," Ted chuckled. "You were busy checking out that tall girl. You should go talk to her.

She looks lost or like she's looking for someone. Go ask her if she's alright." Ted looked over to the tall girl, most likely in her 20s, then back at the smiling old woman next to him, "I think I will. But maybe I'd rather sit and talk with you," Ted flirted with her, causing her to laugh, a way of thanking her for her encouragement.

"That'd be nice, but I'm here to enjoy the view. Remember? I'd prefer an older man anyway. You younger guys can't handle me," She explained. Ted attempted to hide his laughter, joking back with her, "You know? You're right. I'm probably not worthy of a goddess like you. I'll just settle for her I guess." He looked in the direction of the girl.

"Have fun, dear," She said, putting on her sunglasses and leaning back on the chair. Ted made his way to the taller woman, thinking about how cool that old lady was, but also noticing how gorgeous the tall girl was as he got closer. "Wow," he said to himself. "Hi," Ted said, standing at the pool's bar where she was. "Hi," She glanced at him, then quickly looked away. "Are you ok? I saw you from over there. You looking for someone?" "Yes I'm looking for someone, someone to avoid," She said.

"Oh, I see. Well we could hang out if you like. I'm Ted," He extended his hand. "Hi. I'm Alice," She quickly took it, shaking it. "So you are trying to avoid someone?" "Yes," She gasped. "There he is too." Ted looked in the direction Alice was looking. He saw a hugely muscular man with his arm around none other than the hot chick Ted saw on the bus. Ted watched the hulk of a man, slide into a hot tub on the other side of the pool. His heart sank when the hot woman, in a small, white bikini, sat on his lap, sipping on her drink.

"I guess she found someone. She's hot as fuck so I'm not surprised it didn't take long," Ted thought to himself. "So you know him?" Ted asked Alice. "Yes. He's a pig. His name is Rodney.

We're both from Miami.

Three raunchy bombshells have some really naughty fun in the basement

I nearly punched a hole in my room's wall when I saw him walking around. I can't believe that piece of garbage is on the SAME cruise I'm on." "Wow, I'm sorry to hear that." "No I'm sorry for unloading like that. I'm just trying to avoid him and," Alice sighed, shaking her head.

"He doesn't see me yet, so maybe we can go to a pool on the other side of the ship?" "Yeah sure, that'd be great," Ted smiled at the green-eyed beauty. As Ted and Alice walked away, the brunette from the bus sat on Rodney's lap, slowly grinding her ass into his erection under the bubbling water. She watched Ted leaving the pool area, a sly grin coming across her face.

Chapter 2 Alice and Holly "So did you two used to date?" Ted asked Alice. They were sitting in a similar hot tub at another pool, sipping on bloody marys.

"No. My sister hangs out with him and tried to set us up, but I can't stand him." "He looks like a body builder. Is he dangerous or does he just have a crappy personality?" Ted asked. "Well, definitely a horrible personality. As far as being dangerous, maybe, I'm not too sure.

He's not the kind of guy I would hang around, if that answers your question." "Yeah, kinda," Ted smiled.

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The traded smiles and changed the subject. They talked for a couple hours about general biographical things their background, work, and so on. Ted thought for a moment, that this girl would be the only one he slept with on this cruise IF it even progressed that far. He was fine with that, since she was absolutely stunning. There as just one problem. The hot blonde from the other pool, who looked to be in her early 40s, joined them in the hot tub.

She smiled, sitting across from them with her own drink. She introduced herself as Holly and took over leading their conversation. Ted didn't mind so much, because Holly, with her long blonde hair, big breasts and amazing body was hot, however, he was enjoying spending time getting to know Alice. They chatted about random things, similar to what he and Alice did earlier. "So what are you two up tonight?" Holly asked, looking directly at Ted. Ted struggled to answer because he felt Holly's foot caress his calf.

He knew it wasn't an accident because she kept at it, plus the look she was giving him was making him hard.

"A three way?" he asked himself, betting his friend would never believe that stroke of luck. "Uh well," Ted said. "Ooh my drink is empty. You two think about it, while I get a refill," Holly said. When she stood, Ted and Alice were able to get a view of her from behind. She was wearing a thong bikini, her ass was nearly bare. It was far more revealing than the red bikini Alice was wearing.

"Wow," Alice and Ted both said, watching Holly walk away. "She seems pretty comfortable with herself," Alice pointed out. "Yeah," Ted agreed, watching Holly's hips sway, wanting to plunge his cock in her. "I'll be back, I need to use the restroom," Alice said. A moment later Holly returned with her refilled drink. "Where'd Alice go?" "She went to the restroom." "I see. You said you're leaving in 10 days?" "Yep, just got here earlier today." "Aww that's a shame.

I leave in five days," Holly said, taking a seat next to Ted in the hot tub. "I was thinking, maybe you and her could hang out tonight? Since she got to you first," Holly suggested, placing her hand on Ted's thigh under the water.

"And then," Holly continued, the older woman slowly dragging her hand up Ted's thigh, "You and I could get to know each other before I leave." "Uh, yeah, I think that'd be great," Ted stuttered, nervousness and excitement bubbling just like the water they sat in. "Good," Holly grinned, her hand under the water, squeezing Ted's erection. "I'll look forward to it." Ted laughed nervously, "Yep, should be fun." "What's your room number?" she asked.

"It is room 29," Ted answered. Holly kissed his cheek and stood, "I'll come find you tomorrow morning then." "Holy shit," Ted thought to himself, watching Holly walk away. "This may be an epic cruise after all." Alice smiled and reentered the pool. She and Ted resumed their conversation, Ted playing it cool, hoping to come across as likeable.

They made plans to meet up for dinner and afterward check out the night club on the upper deck. Ted waited awhile for his erection to diminish. They left the hot tub and played some pool volleyball with other singles a little while before parting ways to get ready for dinner.

As Ted made his way to his room on the other side of the ship, the hot woman from the bus, was sitting next to Rodney in the same hot tub they were in from earlier. They had been making out for awhile, Rodney's finger sliding into her small bikini bottoms, fingering her under the bubbling water.

She opened her eyes, seeing Ted walk to his room in the distance, moaning into Rodney's mouth. When she saw Ted's room was right next to hers, she broke the kiss, looking into Rodney's face.

"We're going to have fun tonight," She said. Rodney nodded and they resumed sucking face. Chapter 3 Rowdy Neighbor That evening after dinner, Alice and Ted checked out the club on the ship.

It wasn't huge and was fairly crowded. There were pools in one side of the club, lit up with various color changing lights. Ted saw couples in there, some were drinking, some were dancing, and some were doing something else. "Just a reminder to the folks enjoying the pool," the DJ said over the loudspeaker, "If you want to get freaky, return to your rooms for that!" Ted chuckled when he saw several folks get out of the pool, presumably to finish up in their rooms.

He saw a few look embarrassed, the woman climbing off the man, trying to pretend nothing was going on. Alice found a corner, always keeping an eye out for Rodney.

She and Ted danced, flirted, and laughed. It was fairly fun, but Ted was hoping something would happen with Alice.

They left a couple hours later, close to midnight, Alice asking him to walk her to her room. Ted saw the little old lady from the bus enter the club as they left, shaking the odd sight of the old lady from his head, he extended his arm to Alice and walked with her. "I had a great time tonight," Alice said, standing in front of her room. "Me too," Ted smiled. "I hope to run into you again here," he added, forgetting all about Holly. "That'd be great," Alice kissed his cheek and went inside. "Don't press my luck, be cool, be calm, don't be a creep," Ted thought watching her door close on him.

"Ok that was good, I did good," Ted thought walking to the other side of the ship. "I'll try to up the ante tomorrow. I'll kiss her. She leaves the day before I do, I have plenty of time to get in her pants." When he rounded the corner he froze. In the distance, at the end of the deck, was the hot brunette from the bus ride.

She was wearing a tiny bikini and was making out with Rodney at a door. Ted kept walking, looking out to the side of the railing at the pool area, seeing a woman sucking a guy off in a lounge chair. He glanced back at the hot brunette, seeing Rodney dip down and pick her up, her legs straddling him. Ted looked away once more, playing it cool. In the sparsely populated pool area he saw another couple on top of each other on another lounge chair kissing passionately.

"What a ship," he thought. Getting closer to his room, his heart nearly stopped when he saw the hot brunette and Rodney enter a room. It was the last room on the deck. It was right next to his. The hot brunette undid her bikini top when Rodney picked her up. She held on to him, while he opened her room door with her key. She saw Ted approaching in the distance. Not taking her eyes off Ted, she whispered in Rodney's ear, "Fuck me." *** Ted was miserable and aroused at the same time.

His neighbor, who he surmised was either Rodney or the hot bus brunette were going at it like animals absolute animals. Grunting, moaning, yelling, banging against the thin wall, slamming the bed, cumming over and over. It went on all night. She sounded incredible. Ted put his ear against the wall, pounding his cock with his fist while he listened to the woman bellow in ecstasy. She had such a sexy voice too.

Ted had no idea what she sounded like when she talked like a normal person, but how she screamed and moaned was certainly sexy. Oh how he wished he was Rodney.


As the night progressed, Ted had jacked off through most of it, edging himself over and over again, but by this point he was miserable, his head hurt and he needed sleep. Finally around 4am they quieted down. Ted dozed off the sleep. Thirty minutes later, they started up again, waking him up. Thirty minutes later, it was quiet. At 6am they started up again. By 7am, Ted was asleep again. He slept till noon. When he woke, he remembered Holly was supposedly going to visit him. He never saw her.

Instead he hung out with Alice. It was more of the same. Talking, playing in the pool with other, less wild people of the cruise. After a day of fun in the sun, he sat with Alice, eating a hamburger at a grill near the pool.

Casually looking around, the hot bus brunette caught his eye. She was leaving the room next to his. She was alone. Ted thought that maybe it was her room after all and not Rodney's. She was wearing a tight cocktail dress. Ted saw her again in the little white dress at the night club a few hours later. "So yeah, I'm just not sure about rushing into things," Alice was telling him while danced. Ted nodded, pretending to pay attention, watching the hot bus brunette, her back to him, dance and make out with Rodney several yards away.

Ted didn't mention Rodney was there, because he wanted to check out the mystery woman. She looked incredible. Ted wished he could get a good view of her face.

"I want to take things slow and get to know someone first. I've made a mistake where I rushed things and it didn't turn out well," Alice went on. "Uh huh," Ted nodded. He wanted something different.

He wanted to fuck - mainly the hot bus brunette. He tried not to moan when he watched Rodney pull her dress up, revealing her naked little ass. Ted watched him grab and massage it, no one else on the crowded floor noticing or caring. "So that's what I'm hoping really. To make a friend first you know?" Alice asked. Ted still wasn't paying attention.

He watched a few people gather around the bus hottie. She had gone to her knees in front of Rodney, her head bobbing back and forth, sucking his cock to the beat of the music, people cheering her on. "What are you looking at?" Alice said, noticing Ted's eyes widened. She turned around and only saw Rodney.

"Oh crap!" Alice pulled Ted out of there, angrily pushing her way through people. She really disliked Rodney. She was disgusted by him; Ted had to calm her down. He was able to convince her to hang out in his room. She thought about it for a moment and agreed. "I'm really sorry that jerk is here," Ted said, handing Alice some water. She sat on his bed, taking the water and thanked him.

"Oh well," She sighed. "I hope I'm not a jerk," Ted joked. Alice caressed his face, "No, you're not a jerk at all." "Think I could get another good night kiss?" "I think so," Alice smiled, leaning to kiss Ted on the mouth.

She gently lapped her tongue at his lips, Ted did the same. They giggled a bit and embraced, kissing each other harder. Ted was playing it safe, not wanting to scare her off, even though he wanted her naked. They kept kissing, Ted letting her control the pace.

Minutes later they were lying on the bed, Ted running his hand over her stomach, kissing her lips and neck. Her hands were running through his hair, holding him in place, getting lost in the moment. Fifteen minutes later, Ted rolled over, Alice came with him, straddling him, kissing him. That's when Ted heard it. "Ahh yess!! Uhn Ahhh!" the hot bus brunette neighbor and Rodney were back at her room next door.

"Just ignore them," Ted suggested, knowing it was impossible, rolling Alice over onto her back. "Yess!! Ahhh!" She cried out after a loud bang against the wall, continuing to disturb Ted and Alice's make-out session.

Ted kept kissing Alice, hoping the neighbors would stop, but knowing they wouldn't. "Rodney! Yes!" the woman screamed, stopping any momentum Ted and Alice had. Alice pushed Ted off her.

"Did she just say," "No! No, I don't know what she said," Ted held out his hands. "That woman called out Rodney's name, she's with him next door," Alice said, growing frustrated.

"I don't know, it's fine, let's keep going," Ted tried to calm her down, watching her grab her purse. "We can go to your room, it's cool." "No," Alice stopped. "Sorry, the mood is gone, knowing that pig is next door. Plus I want to take things slowly, remember?" "Yeah, sure. That's fine," Ted sighed.

"I'm sorry. I'll see you tomorrow," Alice gave a fake smile and kissed Ted's lips before exiting his room. Ted sat on the edge of his bed listening to his rowdy neighbors have sex. Anger and frustration with Alice was slowly replaced, once more, with lust and curiosity of his neighbor.

He loved the way she moaned. As the night went on, Ted wanted her more and more, he wanted to make her moan like that. He wanted a chance at taking her to bed. As he listened to Rodney slam into her, Ted pretended it was himself doing that. He imaged her hot little body writhing in pleasure while his cock was embedded in her.

He left his room and went for a walk. It was around 2am and there were still a few couples in the pool, most likely having sex. Ted made his way back to his room at 3am, thankful his neighbors were quiet. Ted took a long shower, jacking off to relieve tension caused by Alice, the neighbors, and everyone else who was having sex on this cruise.

He pictured his neighbor, the hot bus brunette, naked and riding his cock. He wanted her so bad. He hoped that brute Rodney would leave soon, allowing him a chance to try and bang her. After he ejaculated in the shower, he decided tomorrow that if Rodney was still around, he would find a way to Alice's room, hopefully staying there the entire night.

Chapter 4 The Boiler Room Ted slept late again. "Why don't I just ask if I can move to another room?" he asked himself after using the small bathroom and splashing some water on his face. The truth was, he liked being next to his rowdy neighbor. He loved listening to her have sex. He loved her wanton display of sluttiness. He wanted to have a turn with her; he wanted to make her scream like that.

There was knock at his door, shaking Ted from his thoughts. "It probably won't happen anyway," he thought to himself. "I hope that's Alice to make up for last night." When he opened it he saw a short, curvy, blonde one of the three women he's lusted after on this trip.

"Oh, uh, hi Holly," Ted greeted her. "Hi. Sorry about yesterday, I got a little distracted," She said. "Oh that's fine," Ted replied.

He had forgotten all about Holly saying she would visit him the previous day. "Let's go have some fun!" Holly pulled his arm, dragging him out of his room. Thanks to Holly, Ted had an erection pretty much the entire day. The blonde bombshell constantly flirted, sat on his lap in pools and hot tubs, guided his hands to her ass, and generally made his day miserable, never relieving the blue balls she was giving him.

Holly went to get a refill for her and Ted's drinks, leaving him alone in a hot tub with another couple. There was no relief for Ted. The guy who was sitting across from him was moaning while a girl was submerged under the water, presumably sucking his cock.

Ted closed his eyes, sighing heavily, "I gotta get some pussy," he thought. "Wake up!" Holly joked, handing Ted a drink, straddling him in the tub. "Let's go to the boiler room." "The boiler room?" "Yep, finish your drink and I'll show you." *** "You have any cash on you?" Holly asked. "Yeah, in my bag.

Why?" "See that janitor? Give him $20 or a blow job and he'll let you into the boiler room," Holly explained. "Ah. Well I'll hand him the 20. But why?

What's in the boiler room?" "You'll see," Holly winked, leading the way, Ted's eyes on her thong. After he handed the gentleman a 20 dollar bill, he led them to a lower deck on the ship. A small steel door was opened, the man telling them to watch their step and their head. Ted ducked down and followed Holly into a dark, narrow hallway. There were some steel stairs at the end, leading down into a hot, sauna-like pit. There was machinery, pipes, environmental controls and so on, all dimly lit by a single red light mounted on the side of the wall.

But that wasn't what Ted paid any attention to. As soon as he and Holly made their way down the stairs, Ted heard them. He heard moans, grunts, the sounds of sex echoing off the steel walls in the dark room.

He was entering an orgy. At the bottom of the steps, Ted struggled to see in the dark. He saw naked, sweaty bodies reflecting the dull red light. He guessed there were around 10 or so people, 12 counting Holly and himself. They were all oblivious to what was going on or to Ted and Holly's presence.

He felt like he just walked into some strange erotic movie set, the people lost in a steamy haze of sex. Then he saw her. She was close to Ted, about 10 feet to his right. It was the closest he had ever gotten to the hot bus brunette, his neighbor. Previous encounters were much further away, down the hall, on the other side of a swimming pool and so on. But there in that boiler room she was only 10 feet away having sex with Rodney.

"Holy shit," Ted thought. She was directly under the dim red light. She was the last person Ted saw when he scanned the room from left to right. Rodney was standing up, hands on her ass, and the bus brunette was bouncing up and down on his cock, her legs locked behind Rodney. Ted had a perfect view of her naked body. He watched her run her hand through her long hair, arching her back, her other arm hooked behind Rodney's neck. Her tits were perky, not huge like Holly's, but just perfect in Ted's eyes.

The red shift of the light above her hid the details of her face. Her body was slick with sweat. Ted had no idea how long she'd been down there. But she was a magnificent sight to behold, grinding, bouncing, and fucking.

His mouth dropped open as he watched her, hypnotized once again by her. This time it was visual; he was seeing her have sex in the flesh, not hearing it. "Incredible," Ted thought, not taking his eyes off of her. "Hey! Wake up!" Holly joked, snapping her fingers in front of Ted. "Huh? Oh sorry," Ted glanced at Holly, not noticing she had removed her bikini top.

"You like her?" Holly asked. "Sorta, I mean, I guess. She's my neighbor and has kept me up the past two night having sex with that guy. I can't see her face very well when she leans back like that, but look at her body," Ted rambled, his eyes transfixed on the woman. Holly stepped out of her bikini bottoms, "Mmhmm, Rodney told me she's great." Holly kissed Ted's chest. "Wait, you know him?" Ted turned to Holly, unaware she was now nude.

"Of course. He's my boyfriend." "What? Your boyfriend?" "Well, sorta. He's more like a boy toy. My husband and I have toys we play with on the side," Holly explained. Ted's mouth hung open. "Yep. My husband and I are really open. We also swing with other couples," Holly said. "So you're here with Rodney?" "That's right! This cruise was a present my husband gave me. He knows how much I love to have fun, " Holly winked, pulling Ted in for a hard kiss.

"Speaking of fun, tonight I'll be joining Rodney and his lady friend in her room. I look forward to meeting her. Plus, I'll be glad to put in a good word for you. When Rodney and I leave, she'll be lonely," Holly made a pouty face, her hand squeezing Ted's erection over his shorts. "You'd do that?" "Of course!


Tonight I'll tell her about her hot neighbor, you," Holly pulled Ted in for another kiss. "I'll play match maker." After their kiss ended, Ted's gaze returned to his neighbor still bouncing up and down on a dick.

"Hi Captain!" Holly said, shaking Ted out of his trance. "Holly! Good to see you again," The Captain of this insane ship exclaimed, picking up the nude Holly, kissing her. A mountainous man descended the stairs behind them, joining the Captain and Holly. "Hey this is Fat Rob, he's here to oversee things. He works for the company that owns the cruise line and wants to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

He was responsible for hiring the staff," Ted over heard the Captain explain. "Why do they call you Fat Rob?" Holly asked, Ted still mesmerized by the bus brunette. He heard the sound of a zipper being pulled followed by Holly giggling. "I see!" "Ted. Ted!" Holly snapped her fingers in front of his face. "Huh, what?" "I'm going to hang out with the Captain and Fat Rob a moment, wait here for me?" "Uh yeah, sure," Ted said, watching the mystery woman fuck.

A minute later he heard Holly off in a corner of the dark boiler room enjoying Fat Rob's and the Captain's cock. He wasn't paying attention; he was focused on the bus brunette. Ted watched her cum, nearly ejaculated himself. He was paralyzed, unable to not watch. Rodney sat her down, her back to Ted, they put on their bathing suits, she snuggled into Rodney's huge arm and they left the boiler room.

Ted watched her toned ass flex with each step up the stairs. He forgot all about Holly. Ted waited a moment before leaving, trying to calm himself and his erection down. A few minutes later, he emerged from the darkness, shielding his eyes from the sun, not seeing the woman anywhere.

Ted stood at a rail on the side of the deck. The ship was docked for a few hours to drop off and pick up passengers. He sighed, replaying the image of the goddess in the boiler room. "She's a slut, but she's perfect. I have to have her, if only for one night." Chapter 5 A Note The third night in a row, Ted was wide awake. Not one, but two women were in the room next to his, with Rodney, climaxing loudly. He wondered if Holly would even remember to put in a good word for him to his neighbor.

He assumed she wouldn't. After he left the boiler room earlier that day, Ted wandered aimlessly around the cruise ship. He never saw Alice and didn't try to find her either.

He lay out on the top deck and got some sun. He even ran into the little old lady he first met on the bus. They chatted a bit; she introduced herself as Liz and asked he had any luck with a nice young woman.

Ted told her that was one woman that he was very fond of and hopes to be able to get to know more intimately in the near future. Liz patted his knee and stood to leave. "Did you know there's quite a party going on in the boiler room? I snuck in there a bit last night.

I'm heading there now if you want to join me," The old lady asked. "No! I mean, uh, no thanks. I think I'll relax here a bit," Ted smiled. "Suite yourself, dear. Good luck with the woman you're interested in!" She said, slowly making her way to the bottom deck. Ted nearly burst into laughter when she was out of sight. "Luck," Ted thought, sitting up in his bed, "I'm going to need it." He was listening to the neighbor's bed slam against the wall, imagining Holly sitting on Rodney's face and the hot bus brunette riding his cock, the two women facing each other, kissing passionately.

He took another walk, wondering if he'd run into Alice, briefly entertaining the idea of knocking on her door. Ted decided against it. Alice was gorgeous, but he didn't feel like trying to get her in bed. It was too much work.

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He thought about the bus brunette, picturing her removing her dress, guiding him to his bed. No work would be involved with her. There'd be no hours or days of games, trying to say the right thing at the right time, he wouldn't have to flirt with her, hoping she wanted the same thing. She was a slut, yes, but more than that. She was an Aphrodite, a sex goddess. Ted imagined, when Rodney left, saying hello to her. She'd smile, bring him in for a kiss, and whisper "Let's go to bed." That was his ultimate fantasy.

Ted enjoyed the cool night air a little longer, thinking about it. When he returned to his room shortly after 1am the neighbors were quieter. There weren't loud screams of pleasure, only muffled conversation. He occasionally heard Rodney laugh, but for the most part it was far tamer than he assumed it'd be.

He heard two women talk, unable to make out their words, followed by an occasional soft moan. Ted was able to get more sleep that evening, silently thanking the sex goddess next door for not keeping him up all night as he drifted off to sleep around 2am. He slept as late as possible, waking up around 11 that morning.

He showered, jacked off, and got ready to go to the pool area. Just before Ted left, something on the floor directly in front of the door caught his eye.

It appeared to be a folded piece of paper. Picking it up, Ted saw the hand written note on the opposite side: "Hi there. Sorry about the boiler room yesterday. I got distracted.

Again. Anyway, the good news is that your neighbor is absolutely stunning. AND she wants to meet you. In fact, after we had some fun, we stayed up most of the night talking about you.

She said she thinks you're the hottest guy here and has been too nervous to talk to you. She hoped her little nightly shows with Rodney turned you on. Again, I'm sorry about yesterday, hopefully your neighbor will make up for me not fucking your brains out. I didn't tell her your name, I'll let you do that! I'll be spending my last day with Rodney, so I probably won't see you again. Good luck and take care! xoxoxo, Holly" "Wait a minute," Ted thought. He put the note on his bed and made his way to the small bathroom.

Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he had trouble believing the hot bus brunette found him to be the hottest guy on the ship. He examined his muscles, while fairly toned they were nowhere near the size of Rodney's. He looked at his face, "Nothing special," he thought. "This chick hasn't gotten a good look at my face yet, how can she think I'm hot? Maybe she likes beards and dark hair. Maybe she's into thinner guys, not muscle freaks like Rodney." Another item on Holly's note perplexed Ted.

"Putting on a show for me? That's what she was doing? She was hoping I'd hear her and get turned on and want her? Well, it worked!" Ted thought. "This is crazy," He said aloud, sitting on his bed. Maybe luck was on his side after all; then again maybe Holly was messing with him. Pushing away thoughts of spraying semen all over her his neighbor's flat tummy, Ted grabbed his bag and headed for the pool. *** "Hi Ted," Alice said, standing behind Ted at the pool bar. "Alice. Hey, how are you?" "Good.

Sorry about the other night. I've been going through a lot lately and, well, anyway, my mind isn't here as well as it should be." "I understand. No worries. You want a drink?" Ted asked. "Sure. Maybe we could try for a better day," Alice said. "Yeah that'd be great," Ted smiled, putting his arm around her bikini-clad waist.

They sipped their drinks by the pool and then played volleyball for awhile. Alice loaded up on more drinks, becoming more and more flirtatious with Ted. Ted eased into a hot tub, Alice sitting on his lap, kissing him. "Dinner tonight?" she asked. "Um, sure, that'd be nice," Ted said, not telling Alice he wasn't really into her. She was gorgeous, but Ted's mind was stuck on his neighbor.

"Good," Alice said, giving Ted a sloppy, vodka flavored kiss. The hot bus brunette stood silently 40 yards away, watching Alice kiss the man she desired. She sighed and hung her head low. Alice drank heavily throughout dinner. She and Ted made out all the way back to his room. The hot bus brunette was lying by the pool enjoying the night air.

She watched Ted and Alice stumble to his room a couple decks up. Ted opened his door, letting a drunken Alice in, and turned to look behind him.

In the distance he saw her, lounging and looking in his direction. Ted nodded and gave a slight wave, wondering if the hot bus brunette saw him. She did, offering a subtle wave in return. When Ted's door closed, the woman stood, walking to the pool bar, getting a drink just before it closed. She made her way to the stair case. Just as she turned a corner, she collided with a mountainous man, spilling her drink on her chest.

"I'm sorry, ma'am!" Fat Rob cried. "No, no it's fine," She replied, wiping the drink off the exposed part of her breasts. "Here let me get you a towel. I was on my way to the boiler room and I was in a hurry and I " "The boiler room?" she asked.

"That's correct." "Don't worry about the towel. I'm Nikki," She extended her hand. Fat Rob shook it, introducing himself. "Nice to meet you Nikki," He kissed her hand. Nikki thought about her hot neighbor, no doubt slamming into the woman he was with.

Her lust and desire for Ted not being met, she smiled at Fat Rob. "May I join you?" *** Alice was a total mess. She could barely stand. When she fell against Ted, she clumsily pulled her dress over her shoulder, tearing it slightly.

She didn't seem to notice, continuing to kiss Ted with drunken sloppy kisses. "Alice, maybe we should," Ted said. "Shhh," Alice replied. "Fuck me," pushing him down on the bed. She climbed on top of him, kissing him frantically. As horny as Ted was, he didn't feel right about this.

He wanted Alice sober. "Just wait, hold on," Ted pushed her off him. "What's the problem? What did I do this time?" Alice angrily asked. "No it's not that it's just " "Just what? I can't BELIVE this! I thought you were into me," Alice slurred. "I am, I mean I just would want you to be sober," Ted said, annoyance kicking in.

If she was the hot neighbor, he bet he wouldn't have to deal with a drama-filled drunk. They'd be making sweet love by now, making her cum like she did with Rodney. Instead he was here dealing with Alice. "Look let's just relax ok?" "No! I want sex dammit!" Alice pushed Ted away and stumbled off his bed. "Ok, fine, let me help you to your room at least," Ted said, fearful Alice could fall and hurt herself, his libido all but gone for the night.

"Then sex?" Alice slurred. "Sure," Ted walked with her out the door, his arm around her waist. He had to pull her dress back over a breast, but knowing this cruise, people could walk around naked and it wouldn't be a huge deal. Several minutes later, they finally made it to Alice's room; she fell on her bed, seemingly asleep.

Ted shook his head, thinking he could be with his neighbor. On the walk back to his room, he saw no signs of her. *** In the boiler room Nikki was straddling a standing Fat Rob. He sat her down, spinning her around. In the low lit room she saw other people having sex.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, when Fat Rob entered her from behind. She pretended he was the hot guy in the room next to hers. Chapter 6 They Meet The next day, after sleeping late, Ted took a shower, cursing his poor luck as the water trailed down his chest. "This sucks." He didn't really want to leave his room. He didn't want to run into Alice and deal with that awkwardness. He wanted to see the hot neighbor.

He wanted to talk to her. He just needed an opportunity. Standing at the rail, looking over the pool, Ted spotted her. There was some sort of dance party going on in the area next to the pool. As a result hardly anyone was lounging by or playing in the pool, except the hot bus brunette Nikki.

She was 50 yards away, reclining by the pool, eyes focused on Ted. He could see sunlight shimmering off her sun tan lotion, but once again, no detailed visuals of her face. Ted took a deep breath and started walking. He turned the corner where the stairs were and collided with a tall, dark haired beauty. "Alice!" He smiled, looking over his shoulder at the object of his desire. "Hey. Sorry. You ok?" Alice asked. "Yeah I'm fine. Are you ok?" "Embarrassed but fine," she admitted.

"I just wanted to apologize about last night. I had way too much to drink." "It's ok, it happens to the best of us," Ted looked over his shoulder once more, Nikki was staring at him through her huge, dark sunglasses. "Did you want to go down there?" Alice asked. "Oh, uh, not at the moment. I was going to get some ice," Ted lied. "Alright, well I'll see you later," Alice nodded. Ted watched her walk away, feeling pity over her embarrassment. Ted glanced over his shoulder at his neighbor over by the pool one last time.

She was still staring directly at him. Ted thought he saw her hand slide down her tummy and into her bikini bottoms. He turned to watch her, "Is she really doing that?" he wondered. She was. Staring directly at Ted, she casually played with herself, no one else noticing. Ted turned to make his way down the stairs, but stopped when he saw Fat Rob sit next to her, handing her drink. Gritting his teeth, he marched back to his room, closing the door gently, before pounding his fist into a pillow.

He thought about texting his friend letting him know how horrible this cruise has turned out to be. "Maybe it's not supposed to happen. Maybe this is a sign I should give Alice a chance," Ted thought, running his fingers through his short hair. "Holly never even told me her name." Ted, lying back on his bed, not wanting to go outside and see the hot bus brunette with another guy, stared at the ceiling for several minutes, contemplating his situation.

He decided to go find Alice, comfort her, assure her everything was fine and thus, forget about his neighbor. Several minutes later he heard something. It sounded like paper sliding across the hard floor of his room. He sat up, looking to the door, and sure enough, there was another piece of folded paper.

Ted quickly moved toward it, picking it up to read: "Hi. I'm your neighbor. I feel silly doing this, but I'm on a singles cruise, I'm here to have fun. So, pushing fear aside, I really want to meet you. I'm going shopping in town during today's dock time. I'd like to meet you for dinner tonight. If you are interested, meet me at the pool outside our deck at 8pm. I look forward to getting to know you, Have a great day, -N" Ted burst into laughter.

"No way!" "Forget Alice!" He thought. "This has been a rollercoaster. I want to meet her, I want to talk to her, and I want to fuck her all night. It's going to happen." He couldn't concentrate on anything the rest of the day. He opted to try out the small fitness center on board the ship. Exercising helped clear his mind. When he was done, he headed back to his room and showered.

Ted felt great. He felt like the hottest woman on the ship would be his tonight. He, again, told himself it's going to happen. He imagined making her cum better than Rodney. He imagined getting her contact information and continuing their relationship after the cruise. The sex goddess would be all his! His naivety, overconfidence and knack for making assumptions would be his downfall. It was 8pm, Ted stood by the pool, wearing a nice dress shirt and khakis. He was looking to the gradually darkening sky, breathing slowly, calming his nerves.

This was it. He heard high heel shoes approaching from behind. "Play it cool," he thought. The sound got closer and closer, it was her, he felt it. "Yes," he told himself, not turning around, his hands shaking. Then she spoke, his heart stopped. Nikki, the hot bus brunette neighbor, cleared her throat. She was at arm's length from Ted, "Hi, sorry I'm a couple minutes late." "Her voice," Ted's eyes shot open, still not turning around to face her.

"Hello? " She lightly touched his back. "Hi." Ted wanted this to be a nightmare. He hoped he was asleep in his room on this horrible, insane cruise ship. He slowly turned around to face the woman whose voice he knew. Their eyes locked, their mouths dropped open, they stared at each other's face, finally getting a good look at each other.

Ted gulped, his breathing and heart rate through the roof. The woman's eyes darted from side-to-side, their faces draining of blood, neither unable to speak due to shock and monumental embarrassment. Ted cleared his throat, his blue eyes meeting her light-brown ones once again, managing to whisper, "mom?" Nikki lowered her eyes, nodding, glancing back to her son, "Ted." Chapter 7 Awkward He felt like vomiting. Ted sat on the edge of a lounge chair.

Nikki, his mother, doing the same across from him. He glanced at her every few seconds, still unable to believe his horrible luck. He fantasized about her, he jacked off to her, and he saw her have sex in the boiler room, wishing and hoping it was him bouncing her up and down on his cock. "Ted," his mom whispered. He held up his hand to quiet her. He didn't want to talk.

He wanted to run. Rubbing his temples, he thought about things. It's been three years since he's seen his mother. At his college graduation, she was 50 pounds overweight, had shorter, blonde dyed hair, glasses, and absolutely zero sexy attributes. The words "sexy" and "mom" were as opposite as hot and cold in his mind. Yet here she was on this same singles cruise. His mother was thin, in great shape, her hair was long and brown, her natural color, she was wearing sexy, revealing bikinis, she looked incredibly hot.

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She looked like she was in her mid 30s ten years younger. And she was apparently sexually active. Ted pictured her arching her back in the low lit boiler room. The phrase "sex goddess" popped into his mind. Ted stood, "I'm leaving." "No wait! Ted!" Nikki stood, chasing after him. "Just leave me alone," He shook her off, disgusted with the both of them, marching off to his room.

"Ted, get back here! Now!" His mother ordered him. Ted stopped, rolled his eyes, and turned around to face her. "Just stop. Come here, let's talk," Nikki told him, motioning him to join her. "I got nothing to say to you, mom. This is a nightmare," Ted said, sitting on a chair. "You think I'm enjoying this? Here I am, enjoying my single life, having a great time on this cruise, and I see the most attractive man I've ever seen and it's my son?" Nikki snapped at him.

In the three years since Ted's college graduation, he lost 70 pounds, gained a nicely tanned skin tone, cut his nappy, unkempt hair, and grew a very nice beard.

He, too, ditched his glasses in favor of contacts just like Nikki had. They sat in silence for several minute, avoiding eye contact. "I feel like an idiot," Nikki broke the silence. "No, mom, I'm the idiot," Ted said. "I should've recognized your gait. I was too busy staring at," Nikki paused. "Your butt, I suppose." "Ugh, mom," Ted winced. "Well I saw you checking me out too," his mother reminded him.

"Yeah, I was. Are we done now?" Ted stood. "No, sit. Just sit awhile. I have no idea what to say or do. I've never been in this situation," his mother said. "Me neither. I guess saying sorry would be the first thing I'd do," Ted said. "So. I'm sorry about all of this. Alright?" His mother reached to pat his knee, Ted flinching and moving it before she could, "Ted, please. I'm sorry too. Forgive me?" Ted shook his head, calming himself, "Yeah.

It's ok. Let's just forget it. It happened, it was a mistake, we didn't recognize each other. We're idiots. Let's just move on." Nikki chuckled a bit, "I agree." They glanced at one another, offering weak smiles. "Well do you still want to have dinner with me?" his mother smiled. "I haven't seen my jerk of a son since he left the country, I'd love to spend time with him," she joked. "Heh, yeah. Well, I guess," Ted replied, his mother's orgasmic exhibition replaying in his ears.

"Just give me a minute?" "Sure sweetie," His mother said, standing, running her fingers over his shoulder. "I'll be in my room, freshening up.

Knock on my door when you're ready." Ted nodded, watching her walk away, his eyes on her ass. "No," he thought, turning around. He stood, looking over the pool area, thinking back to when he first saw her on the bus, then in her bikini by the pool. She was gorgeous. She was perfect.

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He wanted her so badly then. But now, Ted shook his head once again, feeling like an idiot. Nikki slammed her room door shut, her heart was racing.

"Holy shit," she said. "it's just him, it's just Ted. Same eyes, same nose, same," she paused, taking a deep breath, "same lips." "Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous," Nikki said, pulling her flowery sundress up, looking to her pussy. She wasn't wearing underwear. She plopped on the bed, bring her fingers to her engorged clit.

"No," she stopped herself. "No, it's wrong. It's Ted." She stood, straightening out her dress, collecting her composure, pushing the taboo and erotic thoughts aside.

"It's Ted." A few minutes later, Ted knocked on her door. His mother opened it, giving him a polite smile, "Ready?" Ted nodded.

Nikki locked her door and took his arm. Ted, again flinched, "Hey," Nikki said, "relax ok? It's just me, just forget about everything, let's catch up. I missed my son." "Ok," Ted nodded, letting his mother take his arm, escorted her to dinner, telling himself not to think about the mystery hot bus brunette his mother. They made their way to the restaurant on board the ship, Nikki still not wearing underwear.

Chapter 8 Dinner "So that's when they decided to send me back to the states," Ted was explaining his job situation over dinner. "After this little cruise I bought myself, I was going to surprise you and let you know I was in America again." "That's sweet of you, Ted," Nikki smiled, placing her hand on her son's. He looked at it, not flinching, slowly accepting her as his mother once again.

The awkwardness was still between them but slowly going away. "Gosh," Nikki said, looking sweetly at his face. "What?" "You really do look amazing, Ted. I love the beard. Plus, I'm very proud of your weight loss," his mother complimented him. Ted paused, studying her slimmed face, lack of double-chin, and beautiful long locks of hair. Pushing thoughts her moaning, mouth open, arching her back, riding a cock, out of his mind.

"So do you. I mean the weight loss and all. You look like you're in great shape. Sorry." "No, don't be, you're just giving a woman a compliment. Holly told me my neighbor," Nikki paused. "What? What'd she tell you?" "Nothing. It's too naughty," Nikki chuckled. "Ah, I see," Ted smiled, assuming Holly told his mother he thought she was hot. "Let's get out of here," Nikki said. Mother and son walked along the deck, arm in arm, the breeze blowing through her sundress.

They passed a couple having sex in a hot tub, Nikki giving her son a grin, "Looks like they're having fun." Ted chuckled, pushing thoughts of him and Nikki in the hot tub out of his mind, "Yeah.

This is a crazy ship." "Mmmm, indeed it is," Nikki answered, causing Ted to raise an eyebrow. He remembered that Nikki, his mother, knew firsthand how wild it was on the ship. He knew through dieting and exercise how she lost the weight.

One thing he didn't understand was how she turned into a slutty sexpot. He had so many questions. Ted walked her to her door, accepting that his neighbor wasn't going to be putting out for him, like he originally thought before finding out who she really was. They hugged at her door, her arms high above her, around his neck. The cool breeze caused her skirt to fly upward, exposing some of her bare ass.

"Mmm, Ted. I missed you," Nikki said. Ted closed his eyes holding her little body against him. For a moment he pretended she wasn't his mother. It felt so good to hold her. "You're so small!" Ted said, his hands on her waist. "So are you!" his mother replied, running her hands over his arms. They stared into each other's eyes a few seconds before Ted's awkwardness kicked in.

"Alright, well, I'll see you tomorrow I guess," Ted said. "Yes. Good night Ted," Nikki rose on her tip toes, giving Ted a slow kiss on the lips. He smiled, watching her enter her room, "Wow," he whispered, entering his own.

"Ok, get it together. It's my mom," Ted thought, sitting on the bed. The sexiest, hottest woman on the ship was his mother. When that thought entered his brain, he found himself getting hard. "No, no, stop!" he scolded his penis.

He took off his shirt and pants and put on some pajama pants. Ted climbed into bed; hoping sleep would find him quickly. Just as he was about to doze off, he heard a soft moan coming from his mother's room next door.

It sounded different than her show with Rodney. Ted got out of bed, placing his ear against the wall, he heard another moan. His mother was masturbating. "Yes," Ted whispered. "Rub that clit, finger your sweet pussy.

You need sex don't you?" he asked, listening to his hot neighbor moan, ignoring the fact she was his mother. Ted fished his cock out, stroking his erection while he listened to her pleasure herself. Just before he was going cum, Nikki went quiet. He heard her door open and close. "Crap!" he rushed away from the wall to look out the tiny peephole on the door.

"Are you going to boiler room, you naughty woman?" Nikki wasn't. Instead Ted saw her stand in front of his door, adjusting her hair. She knocked three times. Ted counted to ten, pretending his was in his bed, and opened the door. "Mom. Hey. What's up?" Nikki was smiling at him, wearing the same dress from dinner. "Hi sweetie, I figured we could hang out some more tonight.

I really missed you. Now that I know you're next door, I'd like to spend as much time with you as possible. It's that alright?

Are you tired?" "Oh, uh, a little, but please come in," Ted smiled, stepping out of the way for his mother to enter, smelling her perfume when she walked by. "I was just lying down a bit. Want to join me?" he asked his sexy neighbor. "Of course!" Nikki said crawling into Ted's bed. Ted joined her, extended his arm, and pulled her in close against his body. Nikki ran her hand up and down Ted's bare chest. "You didn't change into pajamas?" Ted asked.

"Well, actually, mommy didn't bring any pajamas. Or underwear. Or clothes other than what I wore when I arrived," Nikki said, biting her bottom lip. "I brought one dress, and I bought this dress today." Ted cleared his throat, "I see. Well. Ok then." Nikki giggled, "I see you blushing." "I have so many questions, mom," Ted replied. Nikki kissed his cheek, resting her head on his shoulder, "I know.

I just want to relax here with you right now. We have plenty of time to talk later." After another sensual goodnight kiss, Ted found himself holding his mother against him, drifting off to sleep, feeling great with her in his arms. He woke an hour later. He used the bathroom. Before turning out the light something caught his eye. He saw his mother, laying on her tummy, her skirt riding up her thigh. Part of her ass was exposed. Ted stared at it, visualizing it sliding up and down a cock, at first Rodney's, then his own.

He quietly moved closer to it. He slowly pulled her skirt up further, revealing the entire thing in all its glory. After admiring it for a moment, Ted bent down, forgetting she was his mother, and breathed in her scent. He wanted to take her ass, to kiss it, to lick it, to make it his. "I still want this," he whispered, his face inches from her toned, sexy ass.

Ted sighed, standing straight, shaking his head, remembering who this woman was. After turning the bathroom light off, he climbed back in bed, rolling on his side, facing away from Nikki, putting his perverse thoughts aside. Nikki licked her lips and grinned mischievously. She woke up when Ted got up to use the bathroom. Chapter 9 Explanations That same ass was a couple feet in front of his face the next day in a hot tub.

Nikki was wearing her thong bikini and she stood in the middle of the tub, her back to Ted, talking to another woman who had asked for directions for the fitness center. "No problem, take care," Nikki waved goodbye to the woman and backed into Ted. She stumbled and fell into his lap. "Mom," Ted grunted when she landed on his crotch. "Oops, sorry," Nikki said.

She remained on his lap, turning to the side, putting her arm around him. "So did you sleep well?" "Yeah I did actually. Better than some of the previous nights here," Ted shot her a look then rolled his eyes. "Oh that," Nikki looked away embarrassed. "I think you have some explaining to do. Then again, I don't even want to know," Ted said.

"No, no, I think you deserve to know. Come on, the things you've heard and, well, seen of me. You deserve to know." "I guess," Ted shrugged. "Miss Nikki! Good morning," Fat Rob said, walking by the hot tub, wearing a Hawaiian-styled shirt. "Fat Rob, hi!" Nikki stood, giving Fat Rob a huge hug. They chatted for a moment. "Uh huh, yeah I'm having a great time," Nikki told him.

Ted rolled his eyes again, turning to his right, seeing his mother's ass right in his face again. Ted lowered his head, "This is a nightmare," he thought before his eyes found her supple cheeks again. "Aww, that's sweet of you," Nikki replied to something Fat Rob said, Ted wasn't sure. "Are you and him hanging out today?" Fat Rob asked.

"Yes, this is, uh this is Ted," Nikki introduced him without mentioning Ted was her son. "We go way back. So it was a nice coincidence to run into him here." "Ah I see," Fat Rob gave a sly grin. "Well you two enjoy your time together, maybe reconnect in bed. I know I'd like to have another go at you." "Stop it!" Nikki swatted playfully at his arm.

Fat Rob nodded to Ted and left. "Wow. Really? Him too?" Ted asked when his mother sat on his lap again. Nikki nodded, biting her lower lip, "Your mother has been busy on this ship." "Why don't you go hang out with him?" Ted asked. "I mean, if you want to have fun and all." "Because," Nikki gave him a peck on the mouth, "I'm here with you. And you are the only man I want to spend time with." "Gee thanks," Ted said, leaning back to look at the white puffy clouds. The thought of spending the rest of his cruise with her, know what he knew about her, knowing what he couldn't have, feeling like a fool, wasn't the most fun idea.

"Actually, you're the ONLY man I've wanted to spend time with," Nikki admitted. "What do you mean?" "Remember? I thought, and think, you're the best looking guy here. I got the courage to meet up with you last night, to get to know each other and well, who knows after that. Then I found out who you were," his mother explained.

"Yeah but you never even got a good look at my face mom," Ted asked, looking into Nikki's eyes. She shrugged, "Call it genetic attraction. I don't know." She grabbed his face, holding it still, "What I do know is that you and I are going to have a great time for the rest of this cruise. You are still the only guy I want to hang out with." She gave him another peck on the lips, "So glad to have run into you.

Even if the circumstances were a little odd." "A little odd? Mom, seriously?" "Yeah, odd." "Like I said, you've got some explaining to do," Ted said. "Yep and I will. First we need alcohol. I'll be right back," Nikki hopped off his leg, jogged over to the pool bar, Ted watching her ass jiggle a little with each impact. All drinks and meals were included in the price of the cruise, so Nikki loaded up with and made her way back to her son.

Sitting on his lap, they downed their cranberry vodka drinks Nikki got for them. She got refills and continued sipping until it was gone. "Ok, where shall I begin?" Nikki asked out loud, swinging her legs around to straddle her son in the hot tub. Ted was feeling slightly buzzed, but also enjoying this gorgeous woman straddling him. He couldn't help feeling blood flow to his cock. "Start from when I graduated college. You looked nothing like this back then," Ted said, extending his arms to his sides, resting them on the edge of the tub.

"Great idea, sweetie," Nikki gave him another peck on the lips. "Now then, let's see, when did your mother start getting naughty?" she asked herself, Ted rolling his eyes again. "Are you sure you can handle this? I'm not going to talk to you like you're my son. I mean I didn't even tell Fat Rob you were my son, because that'd be a little weird for him to see a mom sitting on her son like this, wearing hardly anything, and I mean," "Mom, I get it.

It's fine. Yes I can handle it, I'm a grownup. We both are. Please continue," Ted said. "Good. It's all really cliché actually," Nikki said, running her fingers through Ted's trim beard. "After the divorce I gained a ton of weight. I struggled to lose it. I hated it. Then you graduated college. You worked so hard and did so well that you had an incredible job waiting for you.

Right after you graduated you started working over there. I was so impressed and proud of you. A little angry that you didn't come home to visit, but very proud," Nikki playfully tickled his sides under the water. "Mom," Ted flinched. "Anyway, I was so impressed with you and what you had accomplished; I decided to make changes of my own. I became a fitness guru of sorts. I totally changed the way I ate and I exercised every other day. I shed the weight." Ted watched her talk, genuinely proud and honored that she chose him as inspiration for her own change.

He patted her thigh under the water, leaving his hand there while Nikki continued. "I also decided I was sick of wearing glasses, so I got contacts. I see you've done the same," She grinned, kissing his cheek. "Anyway, I let my hair grow out, I dyed it back to my natural brown color and here I am," She finished.

"Here you are," Ted said. "Yes, I'm here with you on this cruise, on your lap, happy and thrilled that you are back in the states," Nikki added. Ted rubbed her thigh some more, "You explained your physical transformation." Ted took another gulp of the vodka drink his mother got, "But you didn't explain everything." "Oh right," Nikki giggled. "Mom," Ted smiled.

"What in the world has gotten into you on this ship?" "Well, dicks mainly," Nikki joked, giving her son a wink. "Oh geez, mom," Ted groaned.

"Sorry, you walked right into that one. I know what you mean though," Nikki said. She took another large gulp of her drink and continued.

"Well as you know," She looked over his chest, arms, and face, "when body fat is lost, it uncovers the sexiness underneath." Ted blushed, quickly glancing at Nikki's breasts, "Yeah." "As a result, my sex life became quite active.

Again, I know its cliché, but it's the truth. I dated more and had sex more. I wasn't involved in a committed relationship with anyone; I preferred making friends who I occasionally slept with. I went out dancing, I socialized, it was great. No one got hurt. It was all in good fun." "Then this cruise?" Ted asked. "Like you, it was a present to myself," Nikki replied.

Ted stopped rubbing her thigh, thinking about the past few days. "Mom, it's just," "What all did you see, exactly? I want to know. Tell me," Nikki grinned. "I can't." "Yes you can.

We're both adults. Just tell me." Ted sighed, "I saw you in the night club. You were on your knees in front of Rodney. I'm assuming you were, uh," "Sucking his dick? Yes, I was. What else?" Ted paused; hearing her speak this way was having a physical effect on him, mainly in his penis.

"Uh well, I heard you two next door a few nights. You and that guy were," "Fucking? Yes, we were. What else?" Ted had trouble breathing, he cleared his throat, "Um, uh, well and then," he took a deep breath, licking his lips.

"Then I saw you in, I saw you in the," "The boiler room? Yes, I've been there a few times. Anything else?" "I mean I saw you in there. Naked. You know. Doing it." "Doing what, sweetie?" Nikki playfully asked. "Repairing the water heater?" Ted shook his head, catching on to her games, "I saw you having sex. The red light on the wall.

You were under it, you were going at it too." "Yeah? Did you like it?" she asked. Ted gulped, he was rock hard now. "Well, I mean, I didn't know it was you. So, uh, I guess yeah." Nikki smiled, feeling his erection against her bikini bottoms, "I believe you." She kissed his cheek, stood, getting another drink.

Chapter 10 Insanity "This is crazy, this is crazy," Ted thought to himself, calming his erection, hoping it would subside. "She's mom." He couldn't get the sights and sounds of her out of his head, no matter how hard he tried. He watched her walk back to the hot tub, another drink in hand, practically salivating.

"Here you go, sweetie. Last one for a while," Nikki handed him another drink to slowly sip on. She resumed straddling him, feeling his erection once more. "Why that guy? Rodney. Why that other big dude," Ted said, slightly slurring. "Well, as I said, I'm sexually active. The weight loss, the changes, everything, caused a sexual awakening of sorts. I came here to have fun, no regret sex. Then I saw you. I don't care how confident or how high my self-esteem has become, sometimes, when you see someone so attractive, shyness kicks in.

I saw Rodney next. He's a big guy, but not gorgeous. We had fun. I saw my room was next to yours, I felt like playing. I felt like putting on a show for my mystery neighbor," Nikki smiled.

"You certainly did." "Yep. But you liked it, didn't you?" Nikki asked. "Mom," Ted paused. "Yes l did. You sounded incredibly sexy. I can't believe I just said that." "Hey it's ok.

I turned you on, I didn't know you were you, but still," Nikki smiled. "I just can't believe it. Seeing you at the club, the boiler room, listening to you, it's just insane," Ted admitted. "Then to find out it's your dear old mom acting wild and crazy," Nikki said. "It's even crazier. I'm sorry mom. I'm still having trouble with all of this." "It's a hard pill to swallow." "I wanted to, you know, me and you," Ted looked away.

"You were hoping you and your neighbor would hook up. Have sex?" his mother finished his thought. Ted nodded, "Yeah. Then I found out it was you all along." "It was very strange, embarrassing, and wrong.

But, I can't deny the attraction," Nikki said. "Huh?" "Haven't you been paying attention, sweetie? I still think you are the hottest guy here. Finding out who you were didn't change it." Ted stared into her eyes for a moment, a small smile appearing on his face, "I feel the same way about you. I saw you on the bus when we first arrived and I thought 'wow.' You were the best looking woman I saw." "You're using past tense, Ted," his mother jabbed his side.

Ted placed his hand back on her thigh, "You are. You are the best looking woman here." Nikki paused a moment, caressing her son's face, "Did I scar you permanently?" "Yes.

Yes you did. I can't unsee or unhear any of that." Nikki laughed, throwing her arms around his neck, holding him tight, his erection still at full strength. She held him for a few moments. She sighed heavily, closing her eyes, smiling, her hips just barely grinded against his cock under the water. Nikki did it again, "Mmmm, this is nice isn't it?" "Huh?" She rose up, caressing his face, "This. Just sitting here with you." "Yeah, it is," Ted answered.

He ran his hand up and down her tummy, stopping short of her bikini top. "You read my mind," She grinned. "What?" "Now that my tummy is flat, I love to have belly rubs," Nikki answered. "Alright," Ted said, continuing to slowly move his hand up and down her toned stomach.

Each time his hand would go down into the water, Nikki would very subtlety grind her hips into him, against his erection. "Mmmm, Ted," Nikki moaned, arching her neck, her head back, her eyes closed. Ted kept slowly rubbing her flat stomach while his mother kept slowly grinding against him.

"Yes," Ted thought. "Let me cum from this. Keep going." Nikki moaned again. "Beautiful," Ted said out loud watching her. "Hmm? Say something, sweetie?" his mother asked, coming out of her trance, stopping her slow grinds against him.

"Oh, uh, nothing," Ted said, removing his hand from her stomach. "Do you have any more questions for me?" she asked, smiling into his eyes. "Probably. But I can't think straight now.

" "Feel free to ask me anything. I'm going to dry off and get some sun," Nikki kissed his cheek, climbing out of the hot tub, her breasts grazing his face when she got up from straddling him.

Ted watched the bikini clad woman lay on her towel on nearby lounge chair. It reminded Ted of something. He forgot to tell her he thought he saw her masturbating while watching him speak with Alice outside his room. He wondered about Alice, hoping she was ok. As he watched his mother recline in the chair, their eyes meeting again, smiling, waving, his concern for Alice disappeared.

Ted joined her in the chair to her left after his erection finally subsided. They discussed their plans for the evening, dinner and dancing. Nikki told him it'd be a great mother-son bonding experience.

Chapter 11 Date Night The rest of the day was fairly calm for Ted. They parted ways to get ready for dinner. Ted knocked on her door when he was ready. "Hi! Come in. Ready for our date?" Nikki ushered her son in. She was wearing the same dress, cleaned, she wore the night the he saw her with Rodney in the club. It was short and tight. "So this is it, eh?" Ted asked, looking around her room, studying her bed the bed of the woman he only knew as the hot bus brunette.

"That's right. This is where your momma played," Nikki answered, putting in an earring. "Well, at least you had fun," Ted said, annoyed at his own bad luck.

"We'll both have fun tonight. Come on, let's go!" Nikki grabbed his arm, pulling him out of her room. Ted didn't bother questioning that comment; he shrugged it off, following his mother to dinner. They chatted about family, events from Ted's hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, about Nikki's job, and so on. It was all very standard mom and son dinner topics. When the meal was over and they left, Ted knew something was happening, based on the way Nikki grabbed his hand, swinging it playfully, her fingers intertwined with his.

He had seen it before. She held Rodney's hand that first night, leading him to her room. They entered the same night club on the top deck. Ted wondered if his mother would perform lewd acts that night, perhaps even on him.

He answer came when she dragged him to a corner and danced with him in fairly non-sexual way. "Having fun?" She pulled Ted in close, speaking into his ear over the loud music. Ted grabbed her waist, holding her against him, "Yeah I guess." "You guess? That doesn't sound good," his mother replied.

"We'll have to change that," She turned around, grinding her butt against Ted's crotch. "Better?" she asked loudly over her shoulder, Ted chuckled. Nikki quickly pulled up her dress, revealing her bare ass for a few seconds, "How's that?" "Ha. Yeah that's nice," Ted laughed. "I see you aren't wearing underwear, mom." Nikki turned around, her arms around his neck again, "I told you I didn't pack any.

Rodney didn't either actually." "Ugh, mom, come on," Ted said. "You know I'm just teasing you. Maybe I like getting a rise out of you," his mother said, glancing down to his crotch. "Part of your sexual awakening?" "Maybe," Nikki kissed his cheek, then his lips. "Speaking of sex.

I've admitted and you've seen I'm active. What about you? Have you gotten lucky here?" Ted shook his, "I don't want to talk about it." Nikki frowned, pushing her son against the wall in the corner, stopping their dancing, her hands on his chest.

"Why? Tell me about it." "I haven't had much luck on this cruise." "I thought you were hanging out with that tall dark-haired chick," Nikki asked.

"Yeah, but nothing happened. We kissed some, it was great, but nothing ever happened. Then, when I thought something would, she was way too drunk.


I couldn't go through with it. I guess I have a conscience." "Oh Ted, that's so sweet of you," Nikki hugged her son in the corner. "I'm so proud of you," she caressed his face. "Beautiful inside and out." "Thanks," Ted blushed. "I love you. I just realized I hadn't told you yet. Forgive me?" "It's fine mom. We've been a little out of it on this strange situation. I love you too." "What about the blonde woman, Holly. She told me, before I knew it was you, how awesome you were," Nikki said.

"Nothing happened with her either. She actually took me to the boiler room. That's when I saw you. But she saw that huge Fat Rob guy, and the Captain of the ship down there. Needless to say, she was a little, uh, distracted," Ted explained. Nikki hugged her son, resting her head against his chest. Any motherly feelings he had toward Nikki in that hug was squashed with what she said next.

"You know, if you and I were in the boiler room, I wouldn't," she paused, smiling at her son. "Wouldn't what?" "I wouldn't get distracted," Nikki winked. "I see, well, uh thanks. I think." They continued dancing in the corner, though mostly smiling at each other.

"So what all did you and Holly talk about?" Ted asked. "Oh you know, girly stuff," his mother answered. "Like what?" "We wondered how big you cock was, we wondered how good you were in bed, we wondered if you were a great kisser, things like that," Nikki answered, matter-of-factly.

"Wow." "Yep, just girl talk." "I think Holly kissed me in the boiler room. I, too, was a little distracted by watching an incredibly hot woman have sex," Ted said. "Oh yeah? She didn't mention that. Hmm," Nikki paused, then grabbed Ted's face pulling him in for a hard kiss. "Not bad." "Not bad?" Ted played along.

"Can you do better?" Nikki asked. "Yes," Ted grabbed her face, forgetting who she was, kissing her passionately, feeling her throat vibrate from her moans. He nibbled on her bottom lip, his tongue grazing it. She opened her mouth, forgetting who he was, letting his tongue enter it and meet her own. When the kiss ended, they were out of breath, staring into each other's eyes.

Nikki smiled, brought him in for another kiss, and whispered, "Let's go to bed." Taking her hand, being led through the crowd, they exited the club. Outside in a nearby hot tub, they saw an intoxicated Alice. "Ahh! Yes! Fuck me!" Alice screamed bouncing up and down on Fat Rob, their drinks over turned, spilling, confirming Ted was going to bed with the right woman. Nikki and Ted shared a look, a soft smile, and continued to Ted's room, holding hands. Chapter 12 Ted's Room As soon as Ted managed to get his door open, Nikki pushed him hard into his room.

She grabbed his face kissing harder than before. "Mmmph, mom," Ted pushed her away. "Wait." "I want you so bad!" Nikki lunged at him again, pulling him in for another kiss.

She pushed him on his bed, climbed on top, and resumed her assault. "Wait, mom! Wait!" Ted managed to push her off him. "Maybe we shouldn't do this," Ted said, coming to his senses, remembering who Nikki was. Nikki said nothing, standing in front of him. Her eyes never left his. She slowly pulled her dress up and over her head, tossing it to the floor, standing nude before Ted. He gulped, looking over her naked body. "Ok maybe we should." Nikki jumped on her son, straddling him, kissing him, licking at his mouth and tongue.

"I want you inside me," She slid off him, going to her knees, undoing his pants, tugging at them. "I wanted it since I first saw you. I don't care who you are anymore," his mother said, tugging at his boxers. "Oh baby. Oh sweetie, look at you," Nikki said after pulling his boxers down, seeing his fully erect cock. "All for me?" "It's been like that for you this whole crazy cruise," Ted answered.

Nikki wasted no time, devouring Ted's cockhead, slurping and sucking on it. "Mmm, delicious. So good," she said, in between licks and sucks. "Just like I knew it would be." Ted was focusing on not ejaculating while he unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off, watching Nikki go to work on his cock. Nikki watched him, moaning as she worked. Climbing back on him, she grabbed the base of his cock, slowly guiding it to her.

"This is all mine now. We don't have to tell anyone. It can be our little secret." Ted kissed her, "I won't tell anyone." "Here were go, sweetie," Nikki said, guiding his impressive cock into her hungry depths.

"Mmmmm, Ted." "So good, yes," Ted panted, when he felt himself all the way in to the hilt, resting against her cervix. "Ready?" Nikki asked, running her fingers through his hair. Ted looked at the hot bus brunette, the sex goddess neighbor, his mother and nodded. "Good," She kissed him tenderly. "Now fuck me." Ted kissed her back, rolled her onto her back, pinned her hands down and took her. Grinding and rolling his hips into her, deeper and deeper, he took her.

"Ahhh Ted, Ted" Nikki cried. He kept going, holding her down, making her his just like he had wanted to all week. Those guys had her too, yes, but this was different. As Ted continued, driven by her moans and whimpers, watching her face contort with pleasure, he knew those men weren't real. She was masturbating, using a real penis instead of dildo.

But this, this was two people mating, making love, fucking, due to their uncontrollable attraction programmed by their DNA, built into their genetics.

He kissed her, released her hands, letting her free. She held him tightly, her legs locked around his pistoning ass. "Oh Ted! Ted!" his mother cried. He kept going, wanting to make her scream like Rodney. "Good?" he asked. "Yes! Yes! Don't stop!" "Never!" He felt her body tense below his, then she arched her back, her tits pressing upward to his chest. "Ahhh Ted!" she was cumming, Nikki's pussy spasming, convulsing around his continuously impaling cock.

"Ughh, Ahh!" She cried out, unable to speak from orgasm's effect. Ted noticed something, something different. Stopping his thrusts, he had to ask. "You, you sound different. Why?" Ted asked his mother, out of breath. "Really? You're going to ask that now, you doofus? I was faking with Rodney. It was a show for you," Nikki said, kissing his lips. "Well that explains it," Ted said.

"Yes, now cum in me, fill me up sweetie. I need it," Nikki kissed him again, urging him on. Ted complied, sitting up bringing her with him. He sat on his knees, her legs wrapped around him and began pumping upward into her, bouncing her on his cock, watching her tits bounce with them. "Ted! Ted! Harder!" she cried. He obliged, gritting his teeth, gripping her waist, slamming her up and down on his cock as hard as he could.

"Cum in me!" Then he felt it. He felt her pussy tightening again and he felt his balls contract, preparing to deliver his seed.

He slammed her down on the bed, thrusting away, bringing her another orgasm. Right as his semen erupted from his cock, Nikki cried out again, saying his name, another orgasm coursing through her. "Ted!" "Ahhh" Ted moaned, his mouth trembling, his cock injecting semen into his neighbor. They looked into each other's eyes, watching each other climax.

When it was done, Ted collapsed out of breath on top of her. Nikki smiled, holding him close, closing her eyes. She had done it, she had won the man she wanted most, her performances and shows worked. The fact he was her son, was an added, perverse bonus one that didn't bother her anymore. Apparently, it didn't bother Ted either. He rose up on his elbows, looking down into her face, smiling weakly. "Well? You ok?" "I'm better than ok. Are you?" "I'm great," He replied, a goofy look on his face.

Nikki laughed, bringing him in for another kiss. "I don't think I have the same stamina as Rodney," Ted said. "You think that matters to me? You could last 30 seconds or have a small cock, and it wouldn't matter. Because you're you. Your mine." "But," Ted was having trouble accepting this sex goddess would really be into him. "But nothing. Rest and when you're ready, we'll have another round, my perfect, gorgeous son." Chapter 13 More Fun They slept close to noon the next day, having stayed up most of the night having sex.

After lunch, they returned to Ted's room. They entered in a flurry of kisses, tearing each other's bathing suits off. Ted pushed Nikki onto his bed, flipped her over, and guided himself in from behind, moaning soulfully when his cockhead came to rest against her cervix. Ted ran his hands slowly over his mother's hips, waist, up her back, finally gripping her long hair.

He pulled her back hard against his body, "You're mine now." "I always have been. Now, it's just in a different way," She told her son, Ted pulling her long hair harder. "Are you my slut?" "Forever." "I want you to show me how slutty you've become," Ted said, thrusting into her as hard as he could, her ass rippling from his hips slamming into it.

"Cum in me first, Ted," She ordered. Ted pulled her head back further, licking her neck, squeezing her tits with his free hand. "Ahhh," he moaned in her ear, tweaking a nipple, filling her womb with his seed. Ted collapsed on the bed, his mother straddling him, offering him a breast to suck.

"We're going to have a wonderful day," she told him. *** A few hours later Ted was in a hot tub, his mother submerged under the bubbling water, sucking his cock while he sipped a drink.

Next, she emerged and straddled him again, Ted looking on while she climaxed loudly. Other's watched too, including the two other couples in the tub. Fat Rob walked by, "Hi Miss Nikki, I see you and your friend are having fun." Nikki, not saying a word, got off Ted, grabbed Fat Rob and pulled him into the hot tub.

"Oh shit!" he laughed. Proving just how much of a slut for Ted she was, she mounted Fat Rob, guiding his fat cock in her, looking over her shoulder, bouncing up and down on it. Ted got a devilish grin, "You are a slut." Her debauchery didn't end there.

At dinner, after an afternoon of sex in Ted's room, Nikki went to her knees, crawled under their table and sucked Ted's cock while he ate.

They went dancing next. Ted had her pinned against the wall in the corner, her legs wrapped around him, fucking her. A few people noticed, cheering them on, but most were too busy dancing or participating in their own little sexual adventures. That night, close to midnight, they embraced, Ted kissing and licking every inch of her body, his tongue swirling around inside her. They made love instead of having sex. It was tender, sweet, passionate. He truly missed her in his three year absence, but also now, loved her in a far different way.

The next morning after making love in the shower, Ted wrapped the towel around his waist and got ready for their last full day there. He heard a knock at the door. He was surprised to see Alice standing there, a somewhat sad expression on her face.

Ted felt bad for her, but was so very happy he ended up with the woman he was supposed to be with on this trip. "Alice. Hi, how are you?" "Hi Ted.

Today is my last day here. I'm leaving during the ship's dock time. I just wanted to say goodbye and I'm sorry for being crazy, drunk, dramatic, and everything." "Oh. It's fine, it really is.

It sounds like this cruise hasn't been very enjoyable for you. I'm sorry about that. But it was very nice meeting you," Ted said. His mother appeared by his side, completely naked, smiling at Alice. "Uh, this is uh," "Hi. I'm Ted's mother, Nikki," She answered, extending to shake a shocked Alice's hand. Alice remained still, not sure what to do. Nikki shrugged, pulled Ted's towel away from his waist, revealing his naked body.

She went to her knees and started sucking him to full strength while Alice looked on. "We're just going to go now. Have a safe trip home Alice. Take care," Ted awkwardly back away and shut his door. Alice stood there a moment her mouth hanging open.

"I can't believe you did that!" Ted said, lying back on the bed, watching Nikki service his cock. Popping it out of her mouth, she shrugged, "I'm thirsty." Ted watched her do what she does best, suck cock, thinking of another way to see just how slutty his slut is.

He had the perfect idea. "Mom," He said, Nikki looking up, drool spilling out of her mouth. "I want to take you to the boiler room." Chapter 14 The Ritual "I've never been so horny," Nikki told her son, making their way down the dark corridor, the steps just ahead of them. They paused before they descended and removed their bathing suites. "Let's go," Ted extended his arm, escorting his mother down into the dimly lit, hot boiler room.

At the bottom of the stairs mom and son looked on, slightly confused, but certainly aroused. The boiler room was more crowded than ever before, close to 30 people tightly covering the floor, lining the wall, having sex. Nikki and Ted held hands, carefully stepping over the sweaty bodies of people lost in hedonistic bliss.

They were moaning, breathing heavily, ignoring Ted and his mother. Standing in the middle of the room, smiling at each other, they shared a kiss. "I love you mom." "I love you son," Nikki replied. Unbeknownst to them a nearby man heard their exchange, he and his lover sat up, wrapping their arms around Nikki. She looked at them, slightly startled, and let them gently guide her to the floor. Others saw this and did the same to Ted.

"Mom!" He laughed, being pulled down into the orgy of people. "I'll find you sweetie!" Nikki assured him. No other words were spoken as Nikki and Ted were passed around, gently pushed and pulled by various people, kissed, licked, sucked by the people there. They finally arrived back to the middle of the room, standing on their knees, kissing each other. "Mom," Ted whispered. "Make love to me," she replied.

Ted guided her to the sticky floor, climbed on top, kissing her, penetrating her, making her his once more. Several minutes passed, mom and son didn't notice they were being watched. Couples were holding hands, watching the two lovers mate.

One girl smiled, resting her head on her man's shoulder. Another guy was casually stroking his cock watching them, while another guy was having his cock stroked by his partner. After making Nikki cum, Ted sat on his knees, holding her legs apart, slowly thrusting in and out of her. That's when he noticed the onlookers. They were smiling, nodding, touching themselves, 30 or so people tightly circled around them. Ted saw the 15 men around them masturbating in varying ferocities. He saw one man appear to be close to climax.

He looked to his moaning goddess of a mother, then back at the man, "Spray her" he told him. The man shot him a look, Ted nodded, and the man moved closer, jacking his cock as hard as he could.

He moaned when it erupted, his warm semen landing on Nikki's chest. Ted kept fucking her, looking to another man, "Go." The man repeated the act, spraying his semen on Nikki's tummy, causing her to moan, her hands roaming through her long hair. The other men got the idea, all moving close to Nikki, jacking off, some of them assisted by their lady friends. One by one, over a dozen men, ejaculated on Ted's slut, covering her chest and tummy with cum.

When they were done, they backed away, leaving Ted to finish. He pulled out and began stroking his cock, wanting to add to their collection on her stomach. "No," his mother stopped him. "My face," she added, going to her knees in front of him. Ted obliged, pumping his cock until it exploded, spurting semen all over her gorgeous face.

When he was done moaning, the women in the room, continuing this impromptu ritual-like orgy, went to their knees. They licked and cleaned his cock. They also licked Nikki's body clean, lapping up every single drop of semen from her. When they were done, a woman took Ted's hand; another took Nikki's and joined them together, the two lovers standing in the middle of the room once more.

They kissed one last time before exiting the boiler room. Ted couldn't explain it, he had no idea what it represented, but perhaps it meant something. Perhaps it meant that his mother, as slutty as she was, covered in cum, was now his in every way.

Ted's semen landing on her face was him marking her. They put on their bathing suites, held hands, and walked back to Ted's room to make love in the shower. Chapter 15 Leaving Ted held his mother's hand on the back seat of the shuttle bus the next day.

They were exhausted, staying up all night, making love. She rested her head on his shoulder, smiling softly. "Ah I see you found a lovely young woman," Liz, the old lady Ted met on his first day joked, taking a seat across the aisle.

"Yep, I sure did. She's was the second best looking woman on that ship. After you, of course," Ted flirted. Liz laughed. A younger man, who looked to be in his late forties took a seat next to her, their arms entwined. "I found a nice young one too. He can actually keep up with me!" The four of them traded laughs as the bus departed, taking the tired passengers to the nearby airport.

Ted kissed Nikki's head, wondering when he'd be seeing his mother again. Ted was in the men's restroom at the airport.

Nikki was sitting on the toilet, sucking his cock. Ted's cell phone vibrated, letting him know he received a text. He saw it was from his friend. "How was the trip? Score some pussy?" the text read. Ted paused, looking at his mother, listening to her slurp and suck on his cockhead, loving every second of it. Ted replied to his friend. "Nah, you were right. I didn't get lucky." He turned off his phone, smiling as he watched his secret lover, his mother, swallow his seed a few minutes later.

They kissed again before Nikki's flight boarded. Ted's flight taking him to New York, his mother's to Atlanta, then to Charleston, South Carolina.

"Ok you have a safe flight. Call me when you get settled in," Nikki told her son. "I will mom," he replied, seeing her eyes getting teary. "I guess I'll see you Thanksgiving? It was going to be a surprise but I saw you here so," Ted trailed off. "Yeah, that'd be great son. Thanksgiving," Nikki kissed him again on the mouth.

"I don't really want to wait that long." "Me neither," she replied. Her flight was boarding. "I better go." "I love you.

I love you so much," Ted said once more, a tear crawling down his mother's face. "Oh Ted," she held his face. "Please be careful up there, and please," she wiped more tears. "Please try to visit me in Charleston." "I'll try to before Thanksgiving. I promise," "I love you," she said one last time, ending their embrace, getting in line to board her flight. Ted watched her board, trying his best not to shed a tear. *** It was mid-September, two months after his cruise.

Ted missed his mother dearly, growing tired of the phone sex, wanting to touch her, taste her in person instead. Things were going good with his job, he was glad to be back in America, but he needed his mother, his personal slutty sex goddess. He dreaded the lonely weekend ahead of him. There was a knock at his apartment door. Peeping through the peep hole he saw the building's door man. He opened the door, saying hello, when he saw her appear from behind him.

Nikki was complete naked, smiling at her son. "Thank you, sir," Nikki gave the door man a hug and peck on the cheek, seeing him off. "What are you doing here?" Ted excitedly asked. "No talking," Nikki pulled a large suitcase in behind her, entering his apartment. "Mom," Ted said. "I said no talking," She guided him to his couch, flinging the large suite case next to him. "Listen to me," Nikki commanded. "You will ask your employer on Monday to allow you to work remotely from home.

Your new home will be in Charleston with me. If your employer doesn't comply, you will turn in a notice and come live with me.

Do you understand?" "Uh, well," "Do you understand, young man?" Nikki asked, standing nude before him, her hands on her hips. "Yes! I'll do it, mom." "Good. Now then let's begin," Nikki unzipped the suitcase and pulled out a collar.

"Begin? Begin what?" "You are in for one hell of a weekend, son," His mother said, holding the collar for him to see. "You want to put that on me?" Ted asked. "No," Nikki went to her knees, giving Ted the collar and a seductive look. "Put it on me." Ted was speechless. He couldn't wait to move in with his mother.

The End.