Amazing chicks have fun on the floor

Amazing chicks have fun on the floor
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My name is Kyle. I live in a moderately large city in the Midwest. I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. Everything about me is average. Average intelligence (B student), average size (5'10", 150 pounds), average athlete (second team in baseball and basketball), average looks (not repulsive, but not a movie star) … just an average guy.


Except for one thing: when God was handing out dicks I must have been close to the head of the line.

I'm somewhere between 9 to 10 inches when hard, which is almost all of the time and I think I'm still growing. So far my above average Johnson has been a well-kept secret. Obviously the guys on the teams have seen it in the shower and might have buzzed it around that I have a pretty good sized pecker, but so far that hasn't helped me with the ladies at all.

My pesky 15 year old sister has tried to peak at me in the bathroom a few times and who knows who she told what she saw. I've had a few girl friends of course, but being only averagely aggressive not much has happened there. So, I spend a fair amount of time watching porn and wacking off. Hey, if you have a world class instrument you should play it as often as you can. And I have to say the old cock is pretty impressive when angry.

Actually, I don't even have to watch porn; just thinking about all of the hot girls in school can get me going. Ah, the girls in school. I have to say we have more than our share of good looking honeys of all sizes and colors. Must be that good Midwestern living, clean air and fresh food. At times that can be a real distraction especially since I really have to concentrate in class just to keep my average grade point level.

So I try to keep the faith and hope that sooner or later there will be a breakthrough on the girl/sex level. We live in a nice neighborhood, not lavish, but definitely in the low end of the upscale housing, if that makes any sense. Most of the houses around here have swimming pools or spas and that's where you can find a lot of the high school kids congregating in the summer, at one house of the other.

It's a flesh feast for my roving eyes and active imagination. It seems like the girls are competing to see who can wear the skimpiest bathing suits and still be seen in public.

So it was one Saturday afternoon when the crew decided to hang around our pool and backyard. We had the usual gang of girls and guys swimming, eating and just lazing around in the sun. Julie Lin showed up and I have to admit I have a giant crush on her. She's a gorgeous Korean-American with long dark hair, almond eyes, honey-colored skin and a nice ripe little body … the complete package and a great personality to boot. She is also the resident school genius, top of the class and smart as hell.

In other words the type of girl with whom I have no chance, but we are friends and liked to hang out. We were lying next to each other on chaise lounges talking desultorily about nothing much at all. Every once in a while I would steal a glance at her tight little ass (she was lying on her stomach). Her bikini bottoms barley concealed her ass cheeks. It was quite a sight and it was having the usual affect on me.

My dick was approaching full arousal and even though my swimsuit was bit baggy things were getting out of hand. Then Julie rolled over an announced she was going to jump in the pool to cool off and why didn't I join her?

OK. This was going to be a challenge. Julie ran ahead of me, jumped into the pool and started doing laps. I sort of lurched along, slightly hunched over and made it into the water without my cock popping out of the top of my shorts. Nobody else was in the pool so we swam together, lap after lap. We are both good swimmers and had a little competition going to see who could finish first. After about 20 laps Julie stopped in the shallow end and lay back on the steps.

"Enough," she said, "I need a breather." I swam over and laid beside her as our breathing return to normal. She slid over closer to me so our bodies were touching. This is different, I thought, and kind of out of character for her. I could feel her thighs alongside mine and I could also see most of her breasts.

Unless I was imagining things her nipples were getting hard and pushing against the light fabric of the swim suit top. I'd lost my erection while swimming the laps, but her proximity brought my cock back to a position of attention, bulging in my swimsuit. I could feel Julie shift slightly on to her side and her hand rested lightly on my thigh.

I was so startled I jumped, splashing the water a bit. She giggled, but didn't move her hand. I gave her a quizzical glance and she stared back intently. Slowly her hand slid up my thigh and began a careful exploration of what was lurking in my swim trunks. Her eyes widened and she leaned close and whispered, "It's true what I've heard.

It's really big!" What could I possibly reply, "Yeah baby it's huge. Want to see it?" However I was so caught by surprise I was reduced to incoherent babbling, stammering something like, "Oh it's no big deal," sounding like a complete dufus. She must have read my mind when she said, "I wish I could see it." Finally, what I'd been waiting for all my short life, I'm with the girl of my wet dreams, she has her hand on my dick and we're in the family pool surrounded by 15-20 classmates.

Shit! Then she whispered, "I'm going into the pool house to use the bathroom.

Everyone would like to be her toy

Follow me in about five minutes." I told you she was smart. This might actually work.


She hopped out of the pool and languidly walked to the pool house, her cute ass swaying side to side and her full breasts bouncing lightly. What a sight.

A few minutes later I followed her, trying to look like everything was normal. In fact I could barely walk. My little sister, in a group of her friends at the other end of the pool, eyed me suspiciously, but there was no turning back now. I went into the pool house, closing the outside door and Julie immediately came out of one of the bathrooms.

I opened the door to the supply room, ushered her inside and closed and locked the door. The smell of pool chemicals was a bit strong, but tolerable. She turned to face me, her eyes wide and tentatively reached out to the front of my swim trunks, gently feeling my erection. I thought, "Well here goes nothing." I pulled my trunks down over my hips and untangled my hard cock from the fabric.

My trunks slithered down around my ankles and there I stood in all my glory at least ten inches of hard flesh proudly standing upright and throbbing like a drum. Julie gasped, a rosy flush tinting her flawless skin, as she reached out with both hands to grip my shaft.

I moaned and leaned back against the wall thinking that this will be over in a minute. She gently slid her hands up and down the shaft and over the light purple head. She leaned in, tilted her head up and kissed me. Her breath was sweet and she smelled of coconut sun screen. I was almost dizzy with excitement. Julie took her hands off my cock and undid her top, freeing her perfect breasts with their turgid brown nipples.

"Go ahead, touch them," she said as she returned to stroking my cock. I reached out and cupped both breasts, feeling their warmth and fullness, gently rubbing her nipples. Julie started breathing heavier and little beads of perspiration beaded her upper lip.

I kissed her again, tasting the salty wetness of her. It was warm in the tiny room, but we didn't seem to care. Julie dropped to her knees in front of me and started licking the head of my cock and down the shaft. She then wrapped her lips around my cock head and took as much of it into her mouth as she could, about four to five inches.

Her mouth is full of sperm and fluids

"Julie," I croaked in a voice I didn't recognize, "I don't think I can take much more of this. This is way too new to me and I'm afraid I'm going to cum." She took her mouth off of my cock to quickly say, "That's OK.

We'll get it hard again. Go for it." Now Julie started to slide her hands up and down the shaft faster and she rapidly sucked my cock, slathering it in warm saliva." I could feel the orgasm coming and warned Julie I was going to shoot. She stopped sucking me and jerked her slippery hands over my cock head a few times. My cum erupted from my prick, shooting over her shoulder and almost reaching the wall opposite us.

It seemed to go on forever, spurt after spurt, now drizzling down the front of her and over her breasts and dripping on to the floor. "Wow," she exclaimed. "I've never seen anything like that before. That was amazing and so hot!" "Yeah", I managed to gurgle, out of breath and panting, "Feels pretty good too." "Now you do me," said Julie.

"That made me so horny I've got to get off and I don't want to do it myself." She pulled off her bikini bottoms, sat down on some spare cushions, spread her legs and beckoned to me with her finger to get my head down there between her thighs. I was only too eager to comply, but warned her I was new at this and she'd have to tell me what to do. "You're a smart boy," she said. "You'll figure it out." Julie pulled my head down into her crotch and I inhaled the musky smell of an aroused woman, mixed with the background smell of chlorine from the pool water.

She was already dripping wet. I don't think she shaved her pussy, but there wasn't much hair so I could easily get at the important stuff. I put my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up and plunged by tongue deep into her cunt. Julie stifled a moan and started grinding her hips into me.

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I found her hard little clit and gently lapped at it. It didn't take long before she was over the edge as wave after wave of her orgasm consumed her. She was thrashing all over the place and I hung on for dear life while trying to keep my tongue working in her cunt.

"Enough, enough," she said in a harsh whisper. "I can't take any more." Julie lay back, still trembling as I sat up from between her thighs. I realized then that we'd been in here a while and wondered if anyone missed us. "Hey," I said, "We'd better get back out there before someone comes looking for us." "Just give me a minute," she laughed.

"I don't think I can stand up yet. Besides, I need to clean up all the cum on me and dry my crotch before I can be seen in public.

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You go ahead and I'll follow soon." "OK. But why me and why now?" "I always thought you were kind of shy and cute and I just had to find out if the rumors were true.

Inquiring minds need to know." "Well, for whatever reason, it was fantastic. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Thank you." "Hey, I liked it too. We'll have to try this again. Soon. Now go." I sauntered out of the pool house as nonchalantly as I could, while checking to see if my swim trunks were pulled all of the way up and on straight.


My sister caught my eye and smiled, giving me a wink. Oh, oh, I thought, this could be trouble. I jumped into the pool, needing to cool off, and kept an eye out for Juile. A few minutes later she came out and jumped in the pool too. For the rest of the afternoon, we chatted infrequently, mingling with other friends, but keeping our distance.

Every once in a while I would catch her staring at me with what I thought was pure lust. Things were looking up.

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This could be a very good summer.