Sporty sweetheart ladyboy loves hot cum

Sporty sweetheart ladyboy loves hot cum
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Jack sat in the living room in his favorite recliner. He sat watching the football game well drinking a beer. Normally this would have been an ideal monday night except for the fact that he was completly depressed. He stared at the screen with tears rolling down his eyes. He decided to watch the game to try to cheer himself up. It would be just like the old days with his wife Helen making dinner in the kitchen and his daughter Ashley studying quietly upstairs.

He sighed he had the americian dream then it was all stolen from him one fateful night. More tears glistened in his eyes as he thought of the night that his world was turned upside down and changed his life forever. (Jack was sweating, panting, his body getting hotter by the mintute. His wife Helen under him moaning with pleasure as he fucked her slowly. He felt her face she was the most beautiful women in the world to him.

Her long brunette hair with her deep green eyes that always made him think of a beautiful medow in a distant valley somewhere. He gyrated his hips foward, pushing his cock deeper into her and watching the smile develop on her face. She grabbed his shoulder "Oh baby I'm close finish me off please." Jack nodded and began thrusting deeper and harding with every move. Helen moaned and screamed loudly finally not able to take much more.

She let out a deafining scream, her eyes rolled up towards her forehead and her legs spasamed as she squirted all over the bed. Jack rolled off her and lied on the other side of the bed. Both of them panted and Helen laughed a little. "Oh I hope Ashley didn't hear us." Jack just smiled and rubbed her hair "She should be long asleep by now." Helen smiled and gently moved her hands up and down Jacks penis.

Jack smiled and gently moved his hands down her body to her big belly and felt a kick. "Looks like number two is coming along nicely.

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I hope he is a football player I'd love to teach him to play." Helen laughed "Just you wait till he's old enough to stand first." Jack frowned "Guess I'll have to take back those toldler shoulder pads." Jenny laughed and punched him in the arm gently.

"Umm hun I feel like some chocolate ice cream do we have any?" Jack simply shook his head. "Do you want me to get you some baby?" She simply shook her head "No I'll get it you deserve to relax after that show." Helen got up and put on her cloaths.

"Now don't you go anywhere when I get back I want to eat my ice cream out of a 10 inch cone so have it ready." she said with a wink then walked out the door. Jack smiled and rested his head drifting off into a small sleep so he was well rested.

He was woken up later by a knock at the door. He put on some pants and went to the door. "Need help with the ice." He stopped himself when the person at the door was not his wife but a male police officer. "Are you Mr. Williams?" the policemen asked. "Yes" Jack said with fear in his voice. The policemen looked at him with pity "Sir I hate to have to tell you this but your wife is dead. She was at the grocery store when she was shot by a man who was robbing the register." The rest of the conversation was washed from his memory all that matters was that his wife was dead.) That was almost a year ago but no matter what he did he could never get over his wife's death.

She was the world to him and now him and their unborn son were gone from this world forever. His friends tried to cheer him up suggesting he go find some nice new girl and that chicks love a guy with a sad past. Jack had never even considered another lover infact he hasn't masterbated or even been aroused sence it happened.

His wife was so beautiful to him that other weman just couldn't cut it anymore. He was so alone, so sad. Suddenly the door opened and Jack turned. His eyes appeared to decive him for he thought he saw Helen walk in but as his eyes adjusted he discovered it was just Ashley coming home from school.

He looked and waved "Hi honey how was school?" She sighed "Oh it was fine just boring. Play practice went late thats why it took me so long to get home." Jack was confused "Play practice what play practice?" He didn't remember her being in a play infact he hadn't payed her much thought latly. "So whats your play about?" She shrugged "Oh it's just a traditional teen problem play. I'm a girl in love with her boyfriend played by Jason." Jack became more concerned.

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"Who is Jason?" Her face grew angry "Umm hello my boyfriend you've only met him like 15 times." Jack racked his brain he did remember meeting a boy. He remembered him tall, dark hair, always seemed to be distracted or out of it. "And how old is this Jason?" She continued to be angry "He is 17 dad." The word rang through his ears over and over 17. He didn't like the idea of a horny 17 year old all over his 14 year old little girl, she was all he had left.

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"Ashley I forbid you from seeing him outside of school." She stood up in protest. "No you never minded him over before when we would practice in our room." It was Jack's turn to be angry "What do you mean by practice?" She smiled a no good smile "We make out in my room and he is good." Jack couldn't believe his ears his little girl was already making out. "You little slut you think that fucking every guy is going to make your mother happy?" As soon as he finished he knew he had gone too far.

Ashley cried and stormed off to her room slamming the door behind her. Jack sat watching the game feeling terrible for what he said. Finally he decided to apoligise. He went over to his daughters room and gave a small knock.

"Can I come in?" There was a soft "yes" from the other side. He opened the door slowly and found her crouched on the bed, her eyes red from crying and holing a picture of her mother.

Jack rubbed her back "Honey I'm so sorry I didn't mean that I just worry about you is all." Ashley sniffed and spoke without facing him. "I'm sorry too it's just you havn't paid any attention to me in so long I wanted you to care." He looked at her with shock.

"So you havn't had sex?" She looked at him with shock. "I never said I did but I have made out with Jason. I'm not sure I like him much anymore he is always smoking weed and dosn't care about me much. I want a strong caring man, someone like you." Jack smiled and rubbed her back some more.

"You will meet someone someday you just need to give it time." She smiled at him and gave him a big hug. His attention darted to the picture on the bed behind her. It was Helen smiling back at him.

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Jack smiled and Ashley leaned back from the hug. His eyes widened as he saw the picture and Ashley in the same look. How much they looked alike same brunette hair, same green eyes and the same sweet smile. Oh how much he missed her.

Ashley looked at him solemly. "It's you I'm worried about dad you have not even dated a women since mom died." He looked down "My heart will always belong to your mother I'll never find another like her." Ashley touched his face "I know you will you just need to look." and she kissed him. Her kiss was so warm and inviting just like her mothers. He held her in his arms and it was like he was a teenager all over again kissing his young girlfriend Helen.

Something happened then that had not happened for almost a year, Jack got an erection. The hard penis rubbed against his daughters bare belly and her eyes widened with shock. Realising what happened he pulled away and turned towards the back wall. "Ashley I'm so sorry that just hasnt happened in a while." She shook her head "It's ok it's only natural i dont mind." There was a long silence broke by Ashley.

"Daddy can I see it?" Jack turned to her and her face was beat red from blushing. "But why baby?" She blushed heavyier "I've never seen one for real and I just thought I could see yours you saw me naked when I was a baby so it's not bad or anything." Jack nodded and undid his pants. He unleashed his 10 inch member and Ashley just stared at it. "Wow it's so big can touch it?" Jack shurgged and said ok. Ashley gently reached out and put her hands around his penis and began going up and down. "Wow it's so hard and firm like a rod." She continued to stroke it going a bit faster and tightning her grip.

"Easy honey or you will make daddy cum." Ashley got a small devient smile and began jacking him off fast and hard. "Baby what are you doing stop!" Ashley shook her head "No daddy you need this. You have held it back too long." She went faster and faster and Jack began to sweat. It had been so long since he had felt the pleasure of having his manhood handled he lost himself to the estacy of it. He looked at his little girl handing his cock like a pro and she had never even tried before.

He moaned and knew he was at the breaking point. Ashley just looked at him with an innocent little girl smile and whispered "let it go." Her sweet smile did the trick and he let out a yell of esctacy as he shot a years worth of cum everywhere.

He stared at his daughter and she had cum on her face near her mouth. "Oh sweetie let me get that for you." But before he could reach her she licked it up. "Umm daddy you taste so good I want more." Before he even had time to react his daughter was all over his penis sucking up all the cum.

Every moral part of his mind told him this was wrong, this was his daughter, but it had felt so good and had been so long. She stared to suck on his cock going back and forth along his shaft. Her tight lips were like a mini pussy going along on his cock. She got it half way in when she gaged and pull it out of her mouth. "I'm so sorry daddy it's just too big." Jack rubbed her back slowly."It's ok no one can take it all the first time.

One day you will meet a guy who is the perfect size for you." She looked at him with love and passion. "I don't want someone else I just want you daddy I love you." Jack stood up "No baby you dont want me like that, you love me like a father not a lover," Ashley grabbed his hand "No daddy I want you. Sometimes at night I get wet and all I can think about is you. You took care of me even after mom died you still took care of me.

I wanna repay you."Jack looked at her, this was his little girl but as he looked all he could see was his young wife. He wanted her in the worst way, in the best way.

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He loved her, she was all that he had. "Ok baby I'll do it." Ashley lit up like it was christmas morning, "Oh please fuck me and make me moan like you used to mommy." Jack laughed "Your not quite ready yet, you need to warm up first." Jack knelt down on the bed and held his little girl tight.

He pulled her in and softly kissed her. The two kissed and he began frenching her. Their tounges wrestled and she let his dominate hers.

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He lied her on the bed and began undoing her top. He pulled it back to exspose her little naked breasts. He felt them gently they were small but very perky. He kissed down her neck and chest and began sucking on her breasts slowly. She moaned with pleasure softly and began twirling his hair. He kissed down her belly and undid her shorts pulling them down.

Her panties had a little wet spot on them so he pulled them down to see how she was doing. He stuck a finger in and she gave a little yelp. She was not ready for him just yet. He leaned down and licked her clit. She gave a half yelp and half moan and more pussy juice came out. He smiled and began licking her pussy lips well massaging her clit.

He body clenchtched at the new sensation and she grabbed the covers tight. "Oh daddy that feels so good please more." He continued to lick her pussy lips. She tasted like anything he had ever tasted. Like liliacs and spring grass. He stuck his tounge deep inside of her and he eyes darted in to her head like her mothers used to. He pussy juiced more and more and he stuck a couple of hingers in without a yelp from her.

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He fingered her for a while causeing moans of estacy from her. He slowly sliped a third finger in and it slid right in she was ready. He knelt in front of her and got a good long look.

He saw her sweet young naked body and soaking wet pussy.He looked at her sweet face that had a look of innocence and lust and love all at the same time, She no longer was his wife to him she was his daughter and yet he wanted her more than ever now. He leaned down and kissed her one last time before spreading her legs and positioning himself. "Now this is going to hurt at first and if you need to scream do so it will help." She smiled up at him "I love you so much daddy." He looked down at her with a smile "I love you to baby." He placed the tip of his penis against her pussy lips and he heard her make a small sound like a child about to ride a roller coaster.


He let out a small breath there would be no turning back even if he wanted to. He stuck his penis in quickly. Ashley's eyes burst open and she let out a ear shattering scream. "Oh daddy it hurts." He smiled and put his hand on her shoulders. "It's ok baby the worst parts over the pain will go away." She lied back down and he gently fucked his daughter. Her face clenched in pain but slowly she got more comfortible and started to move with the rymthme.


He moved a little faster and she let out several moans of plasure. Her pussy practly sucked him in with every push welcoming his manhood into her womenhood. It was like her body wanted him inside of it. Her vagina was so tight much tighter then her mothers ever was.

He felt so wrong he was making love to his little girl but the feeling felt so good he could not stop. Ashley moaned with pleasure arching her back and pulling into him. She whispered in his ear "Take me hard." Honouring his daughters request he had her hold on to her to him tight. He pushed her back against the bed and started going fast. She screamed in pain and pleasure and wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her harder then he ever dared to do with his wife.

Amunst her screams were yells of "oh fuck" and "fuck yeah". Jack had never heard his daughter speak that way but he liked it. She was becoming a women right in front of his eyes and he was happy that he was the one doing it, almost as though it was always meant to be. Her stuttered moans turned into strained words. "Ohhhh.daddy.I'm.almost.almost there.oh god." He know she was ready so he have her several pumps well holding on tight. He felt her body contract on to his like a snake and she let out a scream so loud that it was a wonder the whole town didn't hear.

He felt cum on his cock and it slip in a few inches more. Ashley fell onto the bed looking like a girl who was hit by a car. She panted trying to catch her breath. Jack saw her mouth open and close and it gave him an idea. He began wacking his cock rapidly. "Open up hiney and your gonna get a big suprise. She did as she was told and opened right in front of his cock.

He moaned and shot his load right down her throat and instintually she swollowed it all. He fell right next to her and the two lied in silence for a few mintutes. Several thoughts entered his mind "Shes my girl and I fucked her." "I broke the law." Almost as though she could read his mind she spoke to him "I won't tell anyone this is our little secret." He smiled and felt her face, she was so beautiful, so perfect. She smiled back and climbed on top of him and pushed her pussy back on his cock.

He held her tight into a hug and they simply enjoyed a beautiful moment between father and daughter.