Female agent riding cock during sex casting

Female agent riding cock during sex casting
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Chris has gone to summer camp his whole life. He loved spending his summers at camp Dean. It was a beautiful summer camp with all the classics like canoes, hiking trails, and camp fires. The best part however was the girls. Chris and his friends would always stare at the girls at the beach. Their fine teen bodies would turn the guys on. Some of them had beautiful bodies, others, not so much. Camp Dean was a large camp though and there were always tons of girls to stare at.

What ever mood Chris was in, there was a girl for him to look at. If he wanted toned yet supple tits and a huge firm ass he would look at Madi.

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If he wanted a thin petite type girl he would look at Lindsay. He was pretty good friends with both of them but when they went to the lake it was hard for him not to pop a boner when he was around them. One day around 1 o clock, after lunch, most people were heading down to the lake including all of Chris's friends.

Today however Chris had an idea. He told his friends that he was going to see them later. As they left Chris began walking into the woods. Looking around him Chris continued further into the woods where he was soon far away from the camp, but the beach was still visible.

Checking one more time to make sure he wasn't followed he looked around him. After being sure there was no one around he pulled his dick out of his shorts and began stroking it while watching the girls down on the beach.

His hand moved up and down his shaft as he watched the girls running and swimming on the beach. He could see Madi laying on her stomach on the dock. Her dark black hair covered her back and her tits were pressed out against the dock. Chris started stroking harder looking at Madi's ass. He imagined just spreading her cheeks and taking nice lick of her pussy. Chris kept stroking more and more looking for his friend Lindsay, but she was no where to be seen.

He wanted to see her tight little body so badly. He imagined plowing the smaller girl. Chris was an above average guy when it came to sheer size and he had a larger than average cock. Chris knew this and for some reason the idea of fucking and destroying a more petite girl just got him going. He kept thinking about destroying Lindsay. He imagined forcing his larger cock into her extremely tight little pussy, picking her up, and having his way with her.

He could just pick her up and bounce her on his cock. He would suck on her little titties and pull her dark brown hair.

He imagined sneaking into the woods with her and fucking her. Lost in his thought Chris forgets about the beach until he looks down and sees Lindsay there.

She finally showed up! Chris watches her stroking faster than ever as she takes her clothes off and is left in her bikini.

Chris looks over to Madi who is laying alone on a secluded part of the beach now. She is once again on the stomach tanning, but this time she has pushed her bottom bathing suit into her but crack making it look like a thong.

Her huge tight ass cheeks were out and free. At this site Chris looses it an starts cumming hard. He looks back to Lindsay to check out her tight body and sees her staring right at Chris. Not just in his direction but right at him.

At the point Chris can't stop so he just keeps stroking and cumming. He finishes and watches as Lindsay makes her way off the beach. "Ohh shit" Chris thought. Practically running Chris finds his way through the woods to the camp. He needs to make an excuse, an alibi.

He enters the camp and makes his way to his cabin. It is one of 7 that surround a small field. His is on the opposite side to where he is standing.

He sees no one around. Every one is out at the beach or playing sports. Chris makes his way to his cabin and he sits on his bunk. He starts to think about what to use as an excuse. If Lindsay asks where he was or brings it up Chris needs to tell her something believable. Chris starts pacing around the cabin thinking, and looking out the screen window he sees Lindsay crossing the field coming for his cabin.

"Aww shittt" Christ thought. He couldn't hide anymore so he dove on to his bunk and pretended to be asleep. Maybe she would buy it. He lays as still as possible. Trying to simulate sleep. Soon he hears footsteps on the stairs and the screen door to the cabin opens. The steps approach him and he tries so hard to look asleep. What happens next however Chris never expected.

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Lindsay pulled down his shorts and grasped his cock. Chris could feel Lindsay's small hand wrap around his semi hard cock, and she slowly began to stroke it. Chris couldn't believe this was happening. Should I wake up? He thought to himself. But if i wake up she might stop. So Chris laid there his cock harder than ever.

This is so fucking hot! Lindsay's fucking stroking me off! Chris was loving every moment of Lindsay's handjob. He heard her spit on his cock and could feel her hot spit cover his cock as her hand started gliding over the tip of his cock.


She started stroking faster and faster and spit some more to provide lube. Her hand glided up and down Chris's cock Slick slick slick slick. Then Lindsay said in a low voice "This should wake you up".

And with that, Chris felt Lindsay wrap her warm mouth around the tip of his cock and then felt as she tried to push her self down onto his large member. Chris let out a moan, opened his eyes and sat partially up.

Lindsay pulled her head off his cock and sat up smiling. "Holy shit!" Chris yelled trying to act suprised. "Hey there Chris" Lindsay said with a giggle and a smile. "What the fuck are you doing?" Chris said.

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"I was thinking the same thing when I saw you jerking off in the woods. I have to be honest that turned me on so much, and when you ran off I knew that you saw me watching you. So I came to have some fun. We have known each other for a while now and were both horney so lets fool around Chris" Lindsay said as she slowly took off her shirt.


"Holy shit. You sure Lindsay?" Chris said as he reach up to grab on off her boobs. "Im sure!

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Everyone is out right now were all alone! This will be fun." Lindsay said as she reached back and put her hair up into a pony tail. After that she pulled her bikini top of and Chris got a full view of her tits. They were small but still perky and squeezable. He leaned in and kissed them and sucked on her nipples. He then started kissing up Lindsay's neck until their lips met and they fell back onto the bunk. They made out passionately. They swapped spit as their tongues danced and Lindsay reached down and grabbed Chris's cock again.

She continued stroking it and Chris reached down and helped pull off her bikini bottom. Once it was off Chris could feel the heat coming from Lindsay's pussy on his leg. He reached down and slid a finger into her soaking wet slit. Up and down spreading Lindsay's wetness. Lindsay let out little moans as Chris's fingers continued to work her pussy. He found her clit and started to circle it with his hand.


"Ohh fuck yes, right there Chris" Lindsay said. "Awww fuck yes keep going!!" Chris kept rubbing her clit and Lindsay reached climax. She tightened up and squirted a small amount of fluid onto Chris's legs. "Holllyy fuck." Lindsay said while coming down from her orgasm. "Ive been holding that in all week fuck. I need that cock in me now" Lindsay demanded.

The teen lovers switched positions so now Lindsay was on her back. With a quick look over his shoulder ,Chris checked to make sure no one was coming. The coast was clear so he looked down to this beautiful teen in front off him.

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His summer camp crush Lindsay was bare naked below him. Sweating, smiling, and ready for his cock. He spit on his fingers and spread it onto his cock and bent down and put his cock at the entrance of Lindsay's cunt. Chris couldnt believe this. He slowly pushed forward and watched as his larger than average cock worked its way into his crush's pussy.

He looked to Lindsay's and watched as her expressions switched between pain and pure pleasure. "Go slow baby" Lindsay said as she reached up and grabbed Chris's hips. Chris kept pushing forward until he bottomed out. Lindsay let out a small scream as the tip of Chris's cock reached the end of her vagina. "Ohh fuck its so big Chris!" Lindsay said. The smell of summer sweat, sex, and pure lust filled the cabin and it turned on the young lovers even more.

Chris started thrusting on a steady rhythm, and Lindsay loved getting fucked. Lindsay's tight hot pussy felt amazing as it squeezed Chris's huge dick. Chris leaned down and their chests touched. For a few minutes they made love. Chris slowly thrust into Lindsay, and she clawed at his back. They kissed each others necks and ears. After a few minutes though the mood began to change. Chris leaned back up and looked down at his cock as it disappeared inside his friends pussy.

He started fucking her faster and faster and soon his balls were slapping her ass. Lindsay looked directly into Chris's eyes and reached over with her hand. She grabbed his wrist and moved it so he was grabbing her throat. Then she said in the most sultry voice, "fuck me like a slut" With that Chris lost it. This is what he dreamed about. Destroying this tight little teen. He grabbed her throat gently and began to really pound into her pussy. His cock stretched out her cunt and Lindsay threw her head back and moaned.

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"Ohh yes Chris! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me like a whore!" Lindsay yelled. Chris started grunting as he fucked her even harder. He felt Lindsay cum as her cunt squeezed his cock and Lindsay screamed.

With that he pulled his cock out and stroked it furiously cumming all over Lindsay's belly. "Ohhh yes give me all you cum!" Lindsay said as ropes of hot jizz covered her tight toned body. Chris collapsed on top of Lindsay. "That was amazing" They both said at the same time. There was no time to recover though, people would be returning soon so the lovers got up and got dressed.

They made plans to meet later and Chris kissed Lindsay as she left. "This will be a fun week" Lindsay said as she walked out the door.