Dude banging tranny by the pool

Dude banging tranny by the pool
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4 Susan stood in the doorway looking at Michael's young body lying on the bed. She knew that the events of yesterday and today were to-tally absurd.

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Yet she had to admit the sight of her son's young virile body lying naked on his bed made her pussy stir.

She and Harold had drifted so far apart in the last few years that he really was not an issue. The only thing was the problems he could cause if he ever found out about Michael and her. No one would ever un-derstand the situation, she was not sure that even she did. All Su-san knew was that Michael had totally satisfied her in a way that Harold had not even cared to try in the last several years. Michael rolled over on his back and Susan smiled as his cock and balls came into view.

She thought of how fantastic she felt when Michael had filled her pussy earlier in the day.


Thinking about that, she could feel her nipples stir. Susan had been pre-occupied with the per-plexing problem of her situation all day. She was no closer to a solution that would help than when she started thinking about it. she did know that Michael had started them on a course that she could not easily stop. She could not stop thinking of his firm young body, the way his cock felt probing her mouth.

She had never realized, or ever tasted how salty a man's cum was until her son had exploded into her mouth. She had always associated taking a man's cock into her mouth as something dirty and disgusting. She knew that she would suck Michael's cock again soon, taking her time and enjoying it.

Susan changed from her clothes into her robe and walked back to Michael's room. She was still a little unsure of her feelings, after all this was her son. Looking at his sleeping form soon removed any slight reservations that she had. Taking off her robe, Susan slowly lowered herself onto Michael's bed.

She took her time enjoying looking at Michael's cock and balls. Susan gently slid her hand under Michael's flaccid cock and massaged his balls. Slowly the sensation roused Michael. He lay there and watched as Susan played with his balls and moved her head closer to his cock. She stroked the head of his cock with her hot tongue. Her hot breath sending bolts of lightning through Michael's well-used shaft. Slowly Susan sucked his cock into her mouth nibbling on its head and slowly taking the whole shaft into her mouth.

Michael could feel his cock starting to stir in the heat of his mothers mouth. Susan started sliding her mouth up and down on the slowly hardening shaft. She loved the feeling of it growing in her mouth.

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She could feel it start to press against the back of her throat when she sucked it back in. Soon it would be too big to get it all in her mouth at once. Susan could feel Michael sliding his hand over her leg, working it between her thighs and slowly towards her steaming mound. Susan could never remember being this excited before.

Michael separated Susan's cunt lips with his finger. He could see drops of her juice clinging to her downy cunt hairs. Sliding his finger into her cunt he said "welcome home mom." He then shoved two fingers as deep into Susan's cunt as his hand would allow.

Susan gasped and started sucking harder on his now rock hard shaft. Michael continued finger fucking Susan while he watched her tits swaying in rhythm with her sucking. With his free hand he grabbed one of her huge soft globes and started squeezing it softy at first then harder and harder.

Susan loved all the sensations that Michael's ministrations were causing her. Even the slight pain when he pinched her sensitive nipples a little too hard was exciting. She continued massaging his balls while she was sucking his cock.

Michael let go of Susan's tit and pulled her leg over his head. Pulling his fingers out of her dripping cunt, he pulled her down on his face.

He inhaled deeply her pungent female muskiness and plunged his tongue deep in her darkness. Susan felt like a bolt of lightning had struck her cunt.

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Michael's tongue rasped over her super sensitive clit sending flash after delicious flash of sensations through her body. The faster she worked on his shaft the faster Michael licked her clit sending both of them towards an explosive climax. Susan could feel the head of Michael's cock swelling even more she knew that he would soon explode in her mouth. Michael suddenly pushed his hips forward, forcing the tip of his cock partly into Susan's throat. She started to gag as Michael exploded. The sudden shower of cum made her start trying to swallow, and Michael's cock slid even farther down her throat.

The feeling was so different that she was no longer gagging, but grabbed his hips and forced the rest of his cock into her mouth and throat. Susan started to cum when Michael's cock started to spurt its hot load into her mouth.

When his cock started sliding into her throat Michael tried to stop. He was afraid that he would hurt Susan. He had heard that some women could swallow a cock into their throat but he thought it was impossible. When Susan pulled him all the way into her throat Michael almost screamed with pleasure.


Instead he sucked Susan's clit into his mouth and tongue lashed it as she ground her cunt against his face. The force of Susan's orgasm took Michael completely by surprise. When his cock quit pumping cum into Susan's mouth, she pulled her face away from his groin and just lay on him for a minute. She had a hard time realizing that she had just had her sons cock deep in her throat. She could still feel the heat of his eruption in her throat. Susan would never have believed that such a thing was possible before.

Michael rolled Susan off of him and moved so that his juice covered face was looking at hers. "I never knew that was possible before, it felt better than anything I have ever done." Susan looked at Michael's smiling face and said "that will always be something special between us.


I have never had that happen before either, but I will try it again." Susan then kissed him tasting her juices in his mouth and letting them mix with the lingering taste of Michaels cum. Susan suggested that they rinse off and have supper.

Michael agreed, saying that he had already had dessert. During dinner Susan asked Michael what he would like to do during summer break. When Michael started to smile, Susan smiling herself said "other than that." Michael thought for a moment and said "let's go up to the cabin, we haven't gone there for years. The woods and lake will be perfect this time of year. There also will be no one around to bother us. Susan agreed, the cabin was in the foothills only 2 hours from home. It had not been used in a few years but should be easy to clean up.

We could leave tomorrow afternoon. That would give us time to go shopping for food and supplies. After dinner Susan cleared the table of dishes.

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Michael started getting together the things they would need for a few days at the cabin. Shortly after 11 PM Susan told Michael she was going to bed. Michael told her he was almost finished and would be up shortly. Michael put together the last things. He included his cameras and plenty of film. Michael turned out the lights and went upstairs. He went in his room and undressed. After sitting there for a minute he walked to Susan's room and slid into bed beside her.

Susan was already asleep, obviously wore out by the last two days activities. Michael was almost glad, he was very tired himself.

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However this did not stop him from rolling next to Susan and cupping one of her tits in his hand. In response to this, Susan pushed her ass back into his groin.

Michael smiled and fell asleep happy. When Michael woke in the morning, Susan lay face down beside him sleeping peacefully. Michael felt like a new man after a nights rest. Pulling back the covers Michael looked at the soft graceful curve of Susan's ass and legs. He could not resist running his hand over the soft cheeks and hips. Susan stirred but did not wake up. Michael slowly ran his hand into the valley between her legs and teased her pussy lips with his finger.

Susan still sleeping slid her legs further apart allowing Michael access to her moistening cunt.

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Michael started to slide his finger into Susan's hot slit. Susan groaned with pleasure and started moving her hips in a circular motion. Michael shoved his finger all the way into Susan and let it soak in her heat for a moment.

He pulled it out and started rubbing her clit. Susan slid her legs further apart and Michael could see her juices flowing around his finger and droplets making wet spots on the sheets.

Michael could not take any more. He climbed between Susan's legs and guided his cock into the entrance of her hot quivering cunt. Michael rammed his cock deep into Susan bringing her completely awake in an instant. He could feel her cunt grasp his cock firmly with its hot wetness Susan shoved back fully seating his cock inside her, her velvety softness squeezing him, pulsating around his length.

"What a perfect way to wake up" she gasped as Michael plunged into her depths again. Michael could feel Susan's cunt starting to spasm on his rigid pole. Reaching under her he grabbed her tits and pulled hard holding her tightly on his cock while she thrashed and ground her hips against him. Susan reached back and grabbed Michael's balls gently squeezing them as she came. Michael's cock exploded inside her.

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He was unable to stand the combination of Susan's soft hand on his balls and her velvety soft cunt squeezing his cock. They both sank down onto the bed unable to talk for the moment.