Meine Freundin gefesselt und hemmungslos gefickt

Meine Freundin gefesselt und hemmungslos gefickt
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The mall near my house is a good cruising spot for guys.

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Several of the men's rooms have glory holes cut into the partitions and a few of them you can actually lock from the door from the inside. In both cases, the chance of getting caught giving a guy head are pretty slim. I love that mall. I didn't have to work today and it was raining outside so I decided to go to the mall and see if I could find any action but I guess the rain had kept everyone home and after about two hours of cruising with no luck I decided to head back home.

As I made my way through the last store to my car in the parking lot I saw a guy that made me decide to give it one last try. He was a tall black guy, about six foot four, with dread locks and dark brown skin wearing a pair of Sperry boat shoes, cargo shorts and a Tommy Bahama t-shirt. He was lean, but muscular, and I couldn't help but imagine how big his cock was.

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And I wanted to suck it. Bad. I followed him around the mall from store to store, trying to make eye contact with him and get him to follow me into one of the restrooms but it didn't work and after he made his last purchase and left the mall I disappointedly headed out to my car.

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I was about to unlock my door and get in when a gray BMW pulled up behind me, stopped and lowered the passenger side window. It was him! "Why you following me around the mall?" he asked.

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"I wasn't following you." I lied. "Yes you were." he replied "Now, what you need?" "I have no idea what you're talking about." I lied again "I wasn't following you." "That's too bad." he said as he began to drive off "You got a nice ass." "Wait." I blurted. He stopped his car and approached his passenger door. "Ok, I was following you." I admitted.

"I know you were." he smiled as he pulled his the right leg of his shorts up, exposing the monster I knew was in there "This what you were looking for?" "Oh, hell yeah." I sighed.

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"Get in" he said to me as he unlocked the passenger side door. I eagerly jumped into the passenger seat and bent over his lap to take his cock in my mouth. "Whoa, bro" he said, stopping me "Lets go to my place. It's a hell of a lot safer than this mall." I was thrilled he didn't live far from the mall, I was so hungry for the big cock I was stroking on the ride. He hade a beautiful home and I happily followed him up the stairs to his bedroom. It was a large, spacious room with two fully mirrored walls and a full mirror ceiling.

A room made for sex, I thought. We quickly undressed and posed in front of one of the mirrored walls for a moment. Such a sexy contrast.

Me with my white skin, shaved head, muscular build and tattooed chest and arms and him standing about six inches taller than me, smooth brown skin, dreads and muscular but lean body.

I kissed my way down his body, dropping to my knees in front of him and looked in the mirror as I wrapped my hand around his big, thick cock and guided through my lips. The contrast of that black cock and my white mouth got to be too much for me, I closed my eyes and began working furiously over that beautiful cock. I felt his hand run over my bald head and down my back.

He was leaning over me now and his hand reached my ass, squeezing each cheek. "Mmmm, that's nice" he moaned. I arched my back to give him better access as his fingers split my cheeks and his middle finger began pressing against my asshole.

Continuing to suck his magnificent cock I stood up and the tip of his finger slid inside me and I moaned as I took his cock out of my mouth and began sucking his balls. He pulled me up, turned me to face the mirror and moved behind me.


I put my hands on the wall as he spread my ass cheeks with his hands and pushed his huge cock between them. His cock slid across my ass, between my legs and against my sac. I began to wiggle my ass as the head of his cock pressed against my hole before he wrapped his arms around me and turned us to his king sized bed. He laid me down and positioned me the way he wanted, placing a pillow under my hips, he reached into a nightstand beside the bed and produced a bottle of lube.

He then poured the lube on his his hands and his cock.


He placed my right leg over his left shoulder and pushed the lubed fingers of his right hand into me as he stroked his meat with his left. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure as he finger fucked me until i felt him shift his position. On his knees between my legs, he put his hands under my knees and pushed them towards my shoulder, raising my ass in the air, I felt his cock brushing against my asshole and opened my eyes, looking up into the mirror I watched as the head of his cock pressed its way into me and that monsterous shaft slowly disappeared inside me.

"Oh my God." I moaned at the wonderful feeling and beautiful sight of his cock entering me, filling me. "Nice, ain' it?" he asked.

"God yes." I sighed in response. I kept watching that massive dick sliding slowly, sexily, in and out of my asshole as he gradually built up the pace of his thrusts. He let my knees fall onto his shoulders and placed his hands on the mattress, cutting me off from the view of his cock pumping inside me, but giving me a feeling of being completely over powered.

Helpless to the attack of this big black monster cock fucking my ass. Louder and louder he grunted as harder and harder he pounded into my ass.

"Oh, yeah, white boy." he moaned "God damn I love that white ass." "Fuck yeah." I screamed back to him "Give me that big, black cock. Give it to me." He really fucking me now, and i was loving it.

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Thrusting my ass to meet his strokes, both of us sweating and groaning. Then he stopped and pulled it out of me. I was afraid he had pulled out to cum on me but instead he quickly turned me over onto my knees and directed me to face the foot of the bed, towards the mirrored wall. He moved in behind me and jammed his baseball bat cock back inside me, fucking me doggie style while we watched ourselves fuck the way only men know how until he jammed his cock inside me so hard he fell forward, me flat on my stomach and him flat on top of me grinding that cock inside me.

He pushed his arms under mine and hooked his hands behind my head in a full nelson, pressing my face into the bed. "This what you were looking for white boy?" he asked harshly as he drove his muscle inside me "This big black cock pounding that ass? That what you wanted?" "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." I yelled, my voice muffled by the mattress "Fuck me." Then, in one quick motion he rolled us over to our sides, around the bed and then onto his back still holding the full nelson hold on me and started fucking me from underneath and again I was able to watch his cock plowing into me in the mirrored ceiling above us until a few thrusts later he slowed his pumping and released me from his grip.

"Ride this big dick white boy." he moaned.

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I propped myself with my hands behind me and began working my ass up and down that wonderful thick, long shaft before I realized I was facing the wall we were just fucking in front of and saw that the mirror gave me the best view yet of his cock disappearing into my ass. It was beautiful to see his stiff rod sliding into me until his shaved nuts were all I could see and then reappear it all of its huge, black glory.

"Turn around, white boy." he ordered. I did as he requested turning to ride him face to face.

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I reached behind me, grabbed his long, thick cock and guided it once again up inside me. He began thrusting his hips hard off the bed and I jammed my ass down on his rod.

"That's it white boy. Ride that dick." he said as I reached behind me and began tickling his coconut sized nuts, bouncing on his cock like it was a pogo stick until he rolled us back over into the missionary position we started in, complete with his hands behind my knees, pushing them up to my shoulders. I watched in the ceiling as he punished my ass with long but furious strokes into my ass. "This what you were looking for white boy?" he asked again as his mammoth cock continued its assault inside me.

"Give me that dick. Fuck me." I challenged him as he drove his cock into me one last time, letting out a gutteral "Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!" as his cock pumped his seed inside me. Still holding my knees up he backed his still stiff monster out of me. In the mirror I could see his load coating his shaft and cock head, I could see and feel it being pulled out of me and running out of my ass. He scooped it upped before it ran out of my ass and brought it too my lips. I eagerly lapped it up off of his fingers and then turned to suck and lick the rest off of his beautiful cock.

And I kept sucking it. He started to get soft, but I didn't let him. He laid on his back and I moved between his legs. On my knees I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue. I could feel more of his load seeping out of my ass as I sucked his dick until he shot another load into my mouth, coating my throat, tongue and lips with its sweet, salty, sticky goodness. "Is that what YOU were looking for black boy." I smiled as I got dressed and walked back to my car. Leaving him in a crumbled heap on his bed.