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New job, new start; not for Fiona 2 : More from Fiona's journal: "I left for work on Monday morning feeling very nervous because I knew that on Monday mornings was the hour long business meeting. As well as the three directors being there with me the managers of each department would be there which means Steve will be in attendance." Fiona had just came in from work on Monday evening around about two hours late and handed her journal over immediately before getting undressed and sitting beside me on the couch to play with my cock as I read her entry.

This was to become our routine after each working day; if Fiona didn't hand me the journal straight away then in meant there had been no meetings with Steve and no journal entry. I carried on reading her words which I'll recite for you as she stroked my limp cock.

Fiona had entered the meeting room and instantly locked eyes with a smirking Steve Lomax sat opposite the only empty seat round the conference table. Fiona noted that she was very embarrassed and looked down at the floor whilst taking her seat once settled Steve engaged her.

"Is everything ok Fiona you look a little flustered in the cheeks?" She could feel the other managers and the director's eyes burning into her, as if waiting for her response so that the meeting could start.

"No I'm fine Steve just a little rushed this morning" He smiled at her and said nothing else.

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Midway through the meeting whilst the coffee was being bought in Steve caught Fiona's eye and simulated with his hands for her to open a button on her blouse. Fiona had shaken her head at first but he slide a Polaroid from inside his jacket so that only Fiona could see; he looked at her and smiled but the smile soon became a horrible smirk as he watched her fingers pop the button open.

It wasn't so bad she'd thought only a little bit of extra cleavage was on show if you looked closely. During the last half an hour Fiona did notice that the other men had noticed the extra button being undone as she caught all of them having a quick glance before quickly turning away. This only made her think that the men were probably looking at her breasts anyway only she'd had no reason to notice before.

This made her feel a little more uneasy about the position she was in. As the meeting conclude and everyone began to leave Steve shouted over.

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"Fiona I think you've dropped something near your seat" She walked back over and beside her seat were her white French knickers that he'd confiscated on Friday evening. She scooped them up and stuffed them in her bag.

And she felt sure no one else would of seen as she was right at the end of the table furthest from the door and most people had left by then.

As she left Mr.


Tebbutt pulled her by the arm and closed the door as Steve shuffled out. Her stomach knotted again only this time more violently. "Is everything ok Fiona? You don't seem yourself today; you know my office is always open of your struggling in anyway" "I know thank you Mr. Tebbutt but I'm fine just a little rushed this morning that's all" "Ok Fiona but the offer is always open".

As he pulled the door open Fiona noticed how Mr. Tebbutt took in a good eyeful through the opening in her blouse, and she wondered whether he wanted her to come to his office for a chat or did the dirty old bastard have other things on his mind also. She dismissed this as just him being a normal bloke and that he was too old and nice to be up to anything untoward.

Unlike Steve the fucking bastard he'd made Fiona so angry that she stormed to her office and punched his extension number into her phone. "You fucking bastard what the fuck do you think you're playing at?" "Who do you think you're talking to Fiona? Big mistake whore" and the phone slammed down.

Shit she thought to herself and instantly regretted her actions; she had to be a lot more careful than that as the dirt Steve had on her was unbelievable. She punched his number into the phone again.

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"Steve Lomax" "Steve I'm sorry I'm really sorry I shouldn't have spoken to you in that way." he cut her off mid sentence. Again she punched his number in the phone only more franticly this time. "Steve Lomax" "Steve please I'm really sorry." again he slammed down the phone. She left her desk and headed for the door in a very hurried manner. She wanted to get to his office as quickly as possible but could hardly go running about the warehouse at mid morning like a desperate woman.

She walked briskly and avoided any people who may stop for a chat. She burst into Steve's office eight minutes after leaving her own. Steve looked up and went straight back to his conversation with Neal Daniels one of the other managers.

He left Fiona stood there for a full twenty minutes as he chatted about football or going out, on three occasions Neal stopped him and asked Steve if he wanted to deal with me first and each time his response was the same. "No that can wait" She felt massively humiliated in front of Neal who looked at her and raised his eyebrows as if to say sorry! What Neal didn't realise at that point is that Steve was in a way demonstrating to Fiona that she was nothing to him and would not dictate things to him.

Hopefully Neal wouldn't pick up on the lack of respect shown by Steve towards a senior member of staff or the lack of authority that Fiona had over Steve. It wouldn't be hard for someone to put two and two together and realise there was issues between them. Neal eventually left saying bye to Fiona and left with a puzzled look on his face. "Steve I'm really sorry I shouldn't have spoken to you like that, don't do anything silly with the photos will you?

Please?" he spun his chair round and flung his feet up on the desk and looked at her for a moment. "As this is your first show of total disrespect for me and your situation you'll incur a slight punishment. If you reach three shows of disrespect Fiona the pictures go live". "Ok thank you Steve" she turned to leave the office. "Fiona" she stopped and faced him a foot from the door.

"Leave your bra you can come and collect it at five o clock on the dot". "But." "You don't want to incur a second strike do you Fiona and another punishment?" "No" "Well leave your fucking bra behind then you stupid whore". She removed her blouse then her bra which asked her place in the top draw of his filling cabinet in the corner of the room.

He watched her bare boobs wobble all the way across the office and all the way back to where she'd left her blouse on the floor. "Leave as many buttons open as before Fiona then fuck off. I'll see you at five." The amount of buttons that she had open on her blouse wasn't the major problem for Fiona as only a bit of bare flesh was visible, the problem she had was getting from Steve's office all the way back to hers without anybody seeing her.

Her main reason for this was that her blouse was tight round her 38ee's and her nipples were clearly identifiable, she was just glad that today she'd wore a dark blue top else her dark areola would also be visible. She made it to the stairwell and began descending it but slowed down after three steps as her huge breasts bounced uncontrollably without her bra and her nipples rubbed against the soft material.

See went down two flights then the door opened at the bottom and Steve's team leader; Adam Gorski rushed through the door and started taking the steps two at a time in a real hurry; he barely looked at Fiona as he steamed by and she was mightily relieved.


That relief instantly turned to despair as the door at the bottom flew open again and Mr. Symons followed by Mr. Butterworth stepped into the stairwell.

"Ladies first" Mr. Symons said ever the gent. At first Fiona didn't move and said no you come but Mr. Symons was adamant that ladies should go first, Fiona should really have not expected anything else from her polite boss in his sixties and she could hardly get into an argument with him over who had right of way on the stairs.

She walked down the stairs as slow as possible keeping her shoulder and top half as stiff as possible. But still her big boobs moved around a lot more than she would have hoped; she only glanced up once as she didn't want to make eye contact but she could see them both staring hard at her wobbling chest.

Once at the bottom Mr. Butterworth the youngest of the directors at fifty five and the most arrogant stopped her. "Is everything ok now Fiona, Gary said you seemed a little flustered this morning after the meeting?" after he'd asked his question in his usual patronising manner his eyes dropped straight to Fiona's breasts and he made no attempt to hide the fact as he continued to ogle them as Fiona responded to him, making her feel so undervalued like she was so far beneath him that he felt he was within his rights to openly ogle her.

Fiona also realised she was in no position to be kicking up a fuss as she stood braless before two directors with nipples clearly poking their way through her blouse. "No Mr.

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Butterworth I'm fine just a little rushed this morning that's all" "I can see" said Mr. Symons as he started to climb the steps behind Mr.

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Butterworth. He couldn't see Fiona's crimson face as she'd left the stairwell and rushed back to her office stopping for nobody else. For the rest of the day she didn't leave her office not even for lunch; she couldn't face going to the canteen area on the bottom floor, even if it was for office staff only and barely busy. She decided to just load up on coffee and stay out the way until she was due back in Steve's office at five o clock.

Fiona decided she'd set off for Steve's office at around twenty to five in the hope that she'd avoid the departing workers and once over at Steve's footwear section she planned to wait in the ladies loo's in his area until just before five.

A knock on the door just as she was picking up her bag halted her early exit as Nina, one of the footwear clerks came inside and said she need a problem sorting asap so that an important order could be fulfilled tonight. Fiona clearly wrote down that she tried to see if the problem could wait until tomorrow but Nina was adamant that it could not as the order was for a very very important customer. She sorted the problem a quick as possible but still didn't leave her office until ten minutes past five meaning by the time she reached Steve's office it was nearly five twenty.

She knew she was in big trouble as Steve had already given her a punishment earlier today for what he deemed was a show of disrespect; turning up twenty minutes late only six hours later was going to be seen as disregard for Steve's punishments as well. Fiona had knocked on Steve's door this time where as on previous occasions she'd burst in, Steve didn't answer after two knocks so she stepped inside. Steve was sat behind his desk looking really pissed off.

"You must want these pictures sending round the warehouse Fiona because you're either more fucking stupid than I thought or even worse you think I'm fucking stupid. Now I hope it isn't the latter Fiona because that will be very silly of you, so explain yourself". "Nina came to my office with a really big problem meaning your order for Marks & Spencer couldn't be fulfilled tonight so I had to sort it out and it made me late.

I'm really sorry". Fiona noticed his mood soften a little as what she'd explained meant that his department wouldn't have failed on a big order. He picked up his phone and hit a speed dial button; Fiona presumed it would be Nina's his senior clerk for the footwear contracts. "Nina it's Steve, did Fiona sort that problem so the Spencer order was complete?.hum mm ok no probs Nina that's great we'll speak tomorrow." He pushed back and smiled "That just saved your bacon Fiona, but you should have phoned me to tell me you were going to be late which to me shows a lack of respect.

If for a legitimate work related reason Fiona your cannot meet my times you should know that it's respectful to call in advance, I'm not totally unreasonable Fiona if you have work to do then that's understandable. I'll let you off a punishment this time but heed my advice Fiona" "I will do Steve thank you".

Fiona wrote in her journal that there was an uncomfortable two minutes silence as Steve just looked at her. And she wondered whether Steve was planning more photos. "Come on Fiona let's call it a night I'll walk to your car with you" Fiona thought about asking for one of the two bras Steve had in the draw of his cabinet but quickly decided it would probably be a bad idea considering she'd pushed her luck twice today.

She followed Steve from his office at five thirty thinking he was walking her to the car park. "How wrong was I" Fiona had written in her journal. Her journey to the car park wasn't as straight forward as she'd first hoped and imagined.

Half way across the mezzanine floor Steve stopped Fiona and told her to expose her breasts. Fiona hesitated at first but Steve's glare told her he was serious. Fiona knew there were close circuit cameras all around the warehouse in strategic positions; she tried to scan around for one but had no idea what they even looked like or even where she should look, she just hoped that she wasn't in view of any of them.

Once her big breasts were exposed Steve whipped his camera from his back pocket and began snapping away. More photos to add to the dirt Steve had on Fiona. He took several snaps of her then motioned for her to follow him again but told her to leave the blouse undone.

She couldn't believe what Steve was making her do especially with the cameras about. Fiona was also aware that the night shift were due to clock on at six o clock which happened to be in twenty five minutes time. She followed Steve again heading towards the staircase in the corner when he stopped her again by some boxes near a machine. The next line in her journal was underlined as if to emphasise the fact. "Shocked and astounded at Steve's next demand" "Take one leg out of your trousers put your leg up on the boxes and pull your panties aside Fiona" "I looked at Steve almost pleading with my eyes but again his cold hard glare told me I was wasting my time I had no other choice but to expose myself for him" Once her leg was free from the left side of her suit trousers she lifted her leg onto the top box almost putting her in a right angled stance; her trousers crumpled around her right leg that was planted on the floor in her flat shoes.

She reached around behind herself with her left arm and used her right arm to hold the machine for support. She used only her forefinger and thumb to pick the thin black straps of her thong from between her bum cheeks and pull it out hooking it under her left bum cheek. Her cunt was now totally exposed and pulled open as well by her awkward stance; she could feel her lips were slightly pulled apart and hanging down.

She could also feel a cool draft blowing across her exposed sensitive flesh. CLICK.CLICK.CLICK the snaps continued from a variety of angles and distances until Steve was happy with the footage he'd obtained. He then told her to dress but leave her breasts exposed. He took a couple of photos of her topless on the top step then took a video of her walking down a flight as her 38ee's provided the entertainment.

Again on the last flight he told Fiona to stop. "Trousers of like before then sit down and spread your legs" her trouser leg slipped easily over her flat shoe and she sat back on the cold metal steps her bare bum cheeks on the fifth step up her back against step six.

Fiona splayed her legs as Steve had requested and within the confines of a stair case she had to dangle the leg with the trousers hanging from it over the hand rail. "Pull them sexy knickers aside now" using her right hand this time she picked the black material up from her trimmed pubic area and pulled it to the right hand side and held it in place.

"Fucking beautiful".

Steve said as he again took a range of photos from different angles and distances of her spread fuck hole. As requested by me Fiona was totally honest in her journal and proved it with her next sentence.

"Even though I was being thoroughly used and humiliated with the possibility of being caught again my aching pussy was showing signs of betrayal.


Heat and moisture became ever present the longer my hole stayed exposed in the dusty stairwell" As she sat up to pull on her trousers Fiona had looked right up and spotted what she had wanted to avoid, a small dome camera in the middle of the ceiling looking down the middle of the three flight stairwell.

All she could do was hope it didn't always work or the cameras were not constantly under observation; either way it was too late now she thought. Steve told her to do her blouse up but to leave the first three buttons open; this meant her blouse gapped open a lot and her breasts were quite visible.

Anyone she may encounter now would certainly get an eyeful of bare flesh and would find it impossible not to notice her hard nipples now poking hard against the blouse.

She walked side by side with Steve until they reached the side exit that office staff, managers and directors normally used and Fiona turned to head that way but was pulled back the opposite way by Steve who had other ideas and headed for the exit through the security office. Night shift were beginning to spill in and head to their relevant work sections and fortunately none of them came in their direction.

They went down the left hand corridor and into the security room that staff were forced to pass through as they left via this entrance, Fiona became nervous as it was the first time she had left by the security office as it wasn't a requirement for office staff or higher level employees. Gerald and Trevor both looked up and seemed surprised to see Steve and Fiona but the first thing that grabbed her attention was that both were not paying any attention to the cameras behind them.

It was clear from where Gerald and Trevor were looking that its was Fiona's nipples that had caught their attention.

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"Another boring day at the cameras chaps" Steve had said sticking his camera in the tray to be checked for company markings. "As always Steve them cameras aren't worth looking at mate no one nicks from here the security is too good hey Trev" and Gerald chuckled getting up to search Steve with the wand, after Gerald had given him the once over with that he walked through to Trevor who gave him a quick pat down search. "Come on then Fiona lets be having ya" Gerald jokingly said rubbing his hands together.

But Fiona detected a hint of menace behind his jokey exterior as his eyes never left her chest as she walked toward him. "Unfortunately for Trevor he can't give you the pat down search as we can't touch the ladies in case of allegations" he said looking into Fiona's eyes. "But I can give you the quick once over with this just to make sure you aren't hiding any treasure". Her stomach knotted again as he winked at her before moving the wand across the front of her body.

He seemed to take twice as long as he did with Steve who was stood in the opposite corner with Trevor watching. Gerald had started the wand at her neck height and moved down her body in a side to side action; Fiona looked down as the wand passed over the open gape of her blouse then down and across her visible nipples. Gerald kept a steady hand as he slowly moved past her nipples within centimetres of her sensitive knobs once passed her chest he seemed to speed up the process and soon she was free to leave.

The whole episode had made her feel so humiliated and wondering what Gerald and Trevor would be talking about when she left.

They walked side by side again down the car park until they reached Fiona's car in which she proceeded to unlock and jump in the driver's seat Steve hovered next to her door and held it open stopping her closing it. "Steve had one final request to finish of his fun" He told Fiona to open her blouse again so he could get a couple of snaps of her sitting in the car park exposed once he'd again got some snaps he told her to wait there until he'd got his car and flashed her out.

She was told to then drive out of the car park with her tits exposed. "Again I carried out Steve's humiliating request but as I drove home I couldn't help feel the wetness between my legs" After finishing reading her entry I couldn't help myself and buried my cock in her wet cunt, a wet cunt bought on by the blackmailing bastard Steve Lomax.

The blackmail continues.