Starr Mamii Getin Drill In Her Phatty

Starr Mamii Getin Drill In Her Phatty
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I glanced at my watch. I noticed it was almost 4:30 in the afternoon. The underground parking garage was filled with cars, but as of now no one else was around.

Most folks were still working inside the building. That was just the way I wanted it. I was leaning against the trunk of my rented car, which had the hood up. There was nothing wrong with the vehicle. It was just a good way to stake out the place. Anyone who happened to notice me would think I was just some unfortunate guy having car trouble, perhaps waiting for a tow truck. Indeed, I was waiting for someone, but not for a tow truck - I was waiting for my target.

One of the nice things about human behavior is that people tend to follow routines. Tiffany's routine was to leave work earlier than others. While most folks in her line of work put in the standard 8 to 5 office hours, it was not unusual for her to leave some 20 to 30 minutes early.

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I knew that because I had worked in the same building on a six month contract, which had ended the previous month. The consulting firm she worked for had hired me to install and upgrade some computer and networking equipment. I took notice of my target the very first day I saw her. Even though, there were a good number of attractive females at the firm. Tiffany stood out from the crowd. She was a gorgeous woman approximately 5'7 " tall, slim build, captivating blue eyes, wavy blonde hair past the shoulder, a shapely ass, and fine looking pair of C breasts.

Just thinking about sucking and squeezing those tasty titties was making me-excited. I dismissed the though quickly. I needed to focus at the task at hand. I looked in the direction of the elevator door, which people took to access this level of the parking garage. If luck was with me she would be exiting those doors, alone, and walk over this way towards her car, which was parked just two spaces away from my own.

Just past four thirty, I heard the elevator doors hiss open and there she was - stunning as ever. She walked in my direction paying little attention to her surroundings. She seemed to be fiddling with her cell phone (another one of her habits). Whether she was driving, working out at the gym, or outside on a smoke break, she would always be talking on the phone or texting away some note.

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I knew that there was no cell signal in the enclosed garage. I figured she must have been reviewing old texts or checking the calendar. She was impeccably dressed. She wore a white blouse, dark colored business skirt, an expensive pair of designer shoes and carried an equally expensive purse. Not that any of that mattered to me, I was not looking for money. As far as those fancy clothes were concerned, all would soon be torn off her body anyway.

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My only interest on this occasion was that beautiful blonde who had been the object of my desires since I first laid eyes on her. I scanned over the immediate area, no one else in sight only my prized target and me.

I opened the trunk of the car and shifted things around in order to make some noise. I did not mind being noticed; in fact, I wanted her to notice me.

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I was dressed in new slacks, fine cotton shirt, and a sports coat. To her I would appear to be an office drone from somewhere in her building having car issues. I did not expect her to recognize me from my time working there since I changed my appearance somewhat by getting a haircut and wearing a pair non-prescription eye glasses.

There was nothing menacing or threatening to create suspicion or fear. As Tiffany approached her car, she put the phone away and started looking for her keys in her purse. I made my move. "Excuse me ma'am. Would you happen to have some jumper cables?" I said. Judging by the expression on her face, she did not want to be bothered. Surely, she must have been eager to get in her car and get to the gym for her daily workout. Another fact, my observations had revealed. It did not matter to me what her response would be, I just needed a reason to approach her.

Once within reach, I dashed at her and pinned her against her car before she could even responds to my question. Whether it was the sudden surprise or plain shock, she did not scream.

Within seconds I pierced her neck with a syringe needle containing a substance that would put her in a nice quiet slumber.

I placed my now sleeping beauty in the trunk of my car. As a precaution, I tied her hands behind her back and taped over her mouth. It was unlikely that the drug would wear off any time soon, but this was not the time to take chances. I looked around once more - no one around.

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The riskiest part was done. I got in the car and drove North West. In these hard economic times many business across the country have fallen on hard times and closed. My city had its fair share of troubles. Many of the warehouses and factories on the North West industrial district now lay vacant. This was most unfortunate for working folks, but very fortunate for me and my task at hand. I previously had worked different assignments in this area.

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I was familiar with the surroundings. I knew which of the abandoned buildings would be suitable to spend some quality time with my guest. I parked my vehicle outside a small office building of an old paper plant that closed more than a year ago. I had previously scouted the location to be certain that it would be a perfectly isolated place. I opened the trunk; my future fuck toy was still passed out. Her body beckoned me. I carried her inside and shut the door behind us.

I placed her on a futon mattress I had brought the night before along with some other items. Just seeing her lay there helpless and prime for fucking aroused me. I needed her awake though. I passed some smelling salts over her nose so that she would wake up.

She opened her eyes, visibly disoriented and confused. She looked at me as she struggled to remember and make sense of the situation. Once she realized she was bound and that she had been abducted, she screamed!

"Wha- what is going on?" she asked. "Who are you!? " What have you done!? "Hello, Tiffany." "Do not worry. I have not done anything to you yet". "How do you know my name!?


" I ignored her question and walked over to a cabinet from which I pulled out a blade. The fun was about to begin. "What are you going to do? No please - don't kill me!" "You don't remember me, do you?" I asked.

"HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!" "Yell all you want baby, there is no one around. There is no one around to help you. You are mine." My lips curled into a wicked smile as I see her lying on the lumpy mattress, bound and vulnerable. Except for her shoes, which must have fallen somewhere along the way, she is -for the moment - still fully dressed. I sat by her side and caress her long blonde hair. "Let me go!

Who the fuck are you? "She continued to scream. I turned her over in the mattress so that she is laying straight and face down. Slowly, I unzip her skirt. I wanted to hear and enjoy her reaction as she realized what was about to happen. "STOP!. . Don't do this!" She tried to kick but the way I had her pinned made it impossible for her to do so.

I laughed at the efforts. I proceed to slide the blade under the fabric of the skirt and with one swift motion, cut and yanked it off her. "NO!! Please Stop." She managed to utter amidst her persistent crying and sobbing. Next, just as swiftly, I cut the blouse off and rip it to shreds.

I just love the sound of tearing clothes off a female body. I turned her over so that she is now facing up. Only her delicate silk panties and bra remain.

Realizing that her screaming demands didn't yield any results, she resorted to softer, kinder pleading. "Don't hurt me. Please, don't hurt me.

Let me go. Keep my money, keep my car keys, just let me go, please." There is, of course, no chance of that happening. I took the blade and cut both the left and right bra straps above the shoulders. One more quick cut through the middle above the chest and viola - it's gone. I marveled at the sight of her big beautiful tits. I ravished those tits with fervor. I sucked, squeezed and pinched to my heart's content. Her soft, pink nipples responded nicely to the attention.

"I could spend all night playing with these!" I exclaimed, but I was eager to move on to other body parts.

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After ripping her panties off, I proceeded to strip off my own clothes. A look of utter horror enveloped Tiffany's face at the sight of my fully erect cock. She knew she was about to be raped and could not do a damn thing about it. Her quiet pleading reverted back to hysterical screaming. "NOOO!!!

DON'T DO THIS TO ME NOOO!!!" "Shut the fuck up bitch! You are going to take this; you are going to enjoy it." Of course, it was my outmost desire that she would not. Stop you beast! Why are you doing? Oh God, why is this happening? Stop!!" With renewed determination attempts to kick me away, but fails.

I grabbed and spread her legs and push my erect hot rod into her succulent fully shaved pussy. "Aaahh, oh so nice, I must complement you on your immaculate grooming, baby. Did you do this just for me?" I taunted her. At this point any reply on her part is drowned out by incessant sobbing. I pound her snatch mercilessly, quickly finding my rhythm.

She was so tight, so delicious. Obviously her good exercise habits kept her body tight and prime for fucking. Her futile protests and crying continued. However, I blocked them out entirely. This was pure ecstasy. I lifted her off the mattress and bent her over a nearby desk so that her perfectly firm ass is fully exposed. Now I had my choice of continuing to pound away at her pussy or penetrating that equally delicious ass.

I went for the pussy for another series of lustful thrusts. "Take this Bitch!!! Take it! I'll bet this is your favorite position - isn't it? - cheap whore. You like to take it like a dog!" She merely cries and sobs as she is powerless to stop the humiliation. "Since you have been very well behaved," I mocked.

"I'm going to give you the chance to taste my cock. This is the moment you've been waiting for, I bet." I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to her knees and proceed to shove my cock between her delicious red lips.

She gags and tries to back away big mistake. "I don't take kindly to rejection, slut." I slapped her across the face. "Suck it bitch, suck it good or I'll cut your fucking throat. " Knowing it was pointless to resist, she complied. "What's the matter slut! You are not sucking on a lollipop here, bitch.

Suck it like you mean it!" I shove my rod deeper and deeper into her mouth. "This feels good. Open your eyes bitch, look at me. I want to see your eyes as you enjoy the taste of my cock. Aahhh, this is fantastic! You really do know how to do this well Tiffany.

I bet you have had a lot experience. " l slide my cock out and lift it in front of her. "Here! Give it a good lick. Lick the entire shaft. Make it real wet. Don't forget the ball sack. Give it some good attention as well." She hesitated for a second but knew than to resist. Her blue eyes seemed to plead for an end to her torment, but that was not to be. "Stand up!" I yanked her to her feet and once again bend her over the desk so that her sweet tight ass is high up in the air.

"For your sake, I hope you lubed my dick well with your tongue." It was time for some ass pounding. She probably did not expect it, because as soon as I pushed my member into her hole. . "AAARRGGG. NO!! STOP PLEASE STOP IT HURTS!!. YOU ARE HURTING ME!!!" What's the matter?

You don't go to the Greek isles with your boyfriends, bitch." It takes some effort but I eventually manage to ram my entire shaft into her really tight ass. Once I loosened it up a bit. I got into a nice rhythm of regular thrusts. It must have hurt her quite a bit to get to his point oh, I really, really hoped it hurt. Just for fun, I slapped and pinched her firm butt cheeks a extra hard a few times.

"Damn, Tiff. You are really tight. Don't tell me your boyfriends never fucked you in the ass before.

Am I really the first guy? " After several more minutes of bliss. I was about to cum. I did not want to cum in her chute, however. I wanted so see my hot jizz all over her face. I laid her on the mattress face up and straddled her chest so I could rub my cock between her large, soft breasts. "I'm about to cum, bitch. No charge for the facial.

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Open your mouth -- yess!" Streams of cum burst out of my cock and poured all over the beauty's chest, neck, cheeks, and mouth. "Yes, Ahhh!

Here, clean me up whore". I shoved my dick in her mouth and forced her to swallow my last few squirts of spunk. She coughed and tried to resist, but another hard slap to the face compelled her to reconsider. Once she had thoroughly cleaned my cock, I stood up.

As I got dressed, I could not help but admire the results of my work. Tiffany's naked, cum covered body lay there motionless.


Her spirit broken, I heard no more shouting and screaming there were just sobs and subdued whimpering. "I have to step out for a couple of hours Tiffany. Tell you what; you stay right where you are. When I get back we'll get to do this all over again. " -- The End --