Slutty Vanessa gets slammed by two rods

Slutty Vanessa gets slammed by two rods
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Blow Job Tuesday I parked my car and started to walk across campus dressed like he told me-short skirt, top, heels and no bra or panties. I felt self conscious as I could feel my breasts moving under the top and how naked I felt with no panties on but looking around no one was really paying attention.

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I got to my office and he was still in class. I knew he had a class in the afternoon so he would play with me in the office. I noticed a new lock on the inside of the door and wondered who had installed that.


He came in shortly thereafter, locked the door from the inside, and came right to me and kissed me feeling my tits and said I see you followed directions. I said I sure did as he kissed me again this time sliding his hands under my short skirt and feeling my ass.

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I knew we only had about an hour as he sat in my office chair and told me to stand in front of him. He told me he fucked this girl he as been fucking on weekends but she wasn't as good a fuck as me. He said how nice it was to own my tits, cunt and ass. I smiled and answered they are all yours. He asked if I was going to be his fuck toy again Thursday and I said of course, I am your fuck toy. I told him I was self conscious walking to the office dressed as he wanted and he said that it was just the beginning of what he would want.

I smiled.

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He told me to pull up the front of my skirt and show him my shaved cunt. As I did that of course I had to look him in the eyes as he stared at me and then told me to tuck the hem into the waistband to keep my cunt visible to him.

Then I was to unbutton the top and he told me to open up the shirt to show him my tits and I followed directions. He asked me how I felt and I answered a little slutty as he took my clothing off in the motel. He smiled and said good, you are now my slut fuck toy.

Using words like cunt, tits and slut were new to me but I liked it and he knew it. He told me to turn around and pull the back my skirt up and show him my ass and as I did he told me something was missing.

I was puzzled and turned around exposing my cunt again as the skirt was tucked in the waistband. He said my ass didn't have his hand prints on it and he had to do something about that. He told me to lie across his lap and he was going to fix that problem and as I did he told me to pull up my skirt to expose my ass to him and to spread my legs.

As I did that I felt his fingers slide in my pussy.


Every guy I have ever been with loved to finger fuck me and he was no different. Then he spanked me until my ass was the color red he wanted. I knew it was red as I could feel the heat with every slap. I stood up and he took pictures of my ass, then of me facing him with my pussy and breasts exposed. He smiled and said my slut fuck toy, today will from now on be known as blow job Tuesday. He told me to come closer and sit on his lap and as I did he kissed my nipples and his fingers found their way into my wet pussy.

I love your tits and cunt, fuck toy.

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When you give me the blow job you will keep your eyes open, looking at me knowing it is my cock in your mouth and I will tell you when I am cumming and you will pull me out, stick your tongue out so I can watch my cum shoot in your mouth, when all the cum is n your mouth I will take a picture of it then you will swallow it, not wasting a drop. And then of course finally cleaning my cock making sure you got every last drop of cum I smiled and said of course. He told me to take off my heels and drop my skirt I looked around and he said he installed a new inside lock and it was safe.

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I let the skirt drop to the floor and stood there barefooted and stood there with just the top on. Take off the top and I did as he stared at me loving every minute of it (but then I loved it too). Then he said to get on my knees and I should know what to do when I am on my knees and of course I did and I certainly knew what to do as he stood up in front of me.

I opened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, brushing his hard cock ever so slightly. The pulled down the zipper and slid his jeans down to his ankles. I touched his cock through his underwear and reached inside touching that wonderful cock. I taking down his underwear his cock was standing straight up with pre cum glistening on the head. I started like I always do with a kiss to his cock then went down to suck his balls and licked my way back to the top all the while looking in his eyes.

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I got his cock nice and wet and started to take it deep in my mouth each time taking it a little deeper until I surprised him and took him down my throat and licking his balls. I am great at blow jobs and I knew it! I pulled out to breathe and went right back deep throating him.

He is the same size as my husband so I knew I would have no trouble with his cock. I could feel his orgasm was close and I played with the back of his cock head with my lips and tongue until I heard him say I'm cumming and I pulled him out so he could watch his cum shoot in my mouth as I was watching his eyes.

I held his cock jerking him off into my mouth feeling the very warm huge amount cum on my tongue until he was finished. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he took a picture of his cum huge load in my mouth and then he told me to swallow it and I did with pleasure.

He tasted great as some guys I've had didn't taste so good but his cum was wonderful.

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I pulled on his cock getting the last few drops out and swallowed that, then cleaned his cock with my tongue. He sat in the chair and I crawled to him between his legs as he wanted his cock in my mouth until it got totally soft.

I moaned on his cock and he really enjoyed that. He then told me to sit on my desk, a desk my husband also uses those few days he was in the office and he put my legs over his shoulders and ate me and I came almost immediately. I was so wet cumming like that and he loves my taste and licked all the juices he could. He stood up got dressed and told me to put on my top.

I did and he kissed me and told me he now owned my mouth and now I was complete- he owned every part of me that was important to him and all those parts would always be available to him. I said yes, I will always satisfy you.


I was told to put the skirt back on and I stood there dressed looking at him. He kissed me and said that Thursday would be a great day at the motel as he loved having 3 hours to play with me, his slut fuck toy.

He asked me how submissive I am and I told him no marks (cause of my husband) but I did like the pain/pleasure of sex, and that the only thing my husband did was tie me up and I enjoyed that. He knew about the pain/pleasure from his work on my favorite nipple when he ate my cunt. He said he would bring some stuff, new stuff, not previously used by him with anyone elsev for Thursday and I said thank you I appreciate that.

He handed me a bag from Victoria's secret and told me to open it. Inside were a black very lacy bra and a thong. He asked if I ever wore a thong and I answered never. He smiled as this now was going to be one more thing just between us. He said he didn't care what I wore over his present to the motel.

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He kissed me and said he would see me Thursday and to be ready for another great 3 hours of him enjoying my body. I loved blow job Tuesday!