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Please review. There are several parts to this story, but without feedback, I will just assume there is no interest. Amanda Carr was biting her nails, a nervous habit, as she used her foot to rock the car seat holding her infant son, Christopher.

The Reagan Arms apartment complex office was warmer than it really should have been, and her little boy was on the verge of being both hungry and fussy. To top it off, the apartment manager had asked her to wait while he wrapped up a few things regarding new residents a good 15 to 20 minutes ago, and she was still waiting. If he doesn't hurry up, I'll have to come back, she thought to herself. While she was holding off her son's crying for now, soon he'd be hungry and wailing in spite of her best efforts.

After all, he was only 3 months old and had been getting over a cold—he's perfectly entitled to being a little cranky and his well-being is more important than waiting all afternoon for Terry, she kept telling herself. In truth, Terry Allen made Amanda Carr uneasy. It wasn't that he was unappealing to look at. Her last apartment manager, Mr. Sweeney as he'd preferred to be addressed, was a short and round unsightly man who made it a point to always brushed against her any opportunity he could get.

Terry was the opposite. He was black, very dark, and tall. She guessed about 6'2 or 6'3 and well built, an obvious gym fiend. She thought he was at least in his middle 30's. At their first meeting, when Amanda had been interested in renting from him, he had explained to her that she would get a discount rate at the gym across the street, which he also frequented. "I'm trying to level out on weight," he'd explained. "Protein to get me to 245 lbs., working out to ensure it doesn't turn into fat," he had said.

On the surface, he seemed friendly and polite by listing off the perks of living at Reagan, despite it's downtown and somewhat scummy location, including nearby eateries, grocery stores, and the like—hell, he was almost gentlemanly compared to the type of man that typically lived and worked around this part of town.

There was just something unsettling about him, however, that she couldn't quite put her finger on. Perhaps it was the way he looked her in the eyes when he spoke; a direct and intent gaze that made her feel insecure, for lack of a better word.

Or maybe it was that, with most men, she could get a read on them, and Terry was off limits. Needless to say, she typically made it a point to avoid him and any awkward conversation, as in the beginning of her time at Reagan two years ago, she wanted to avoid any awkward conversations should he press her for a date.

Amanda herself was quite the looker, and always had been. She was naturally blessed with a tall and thin frame. Perhaps if she had more money and better connections, she could have even made it as a model. At 5'9, she was taller than most women and could easily pull off a tight, form fitting pair of skinny jeans. In fact, today she wore a pair that hit low on her hips and the black shade did wonders for accenting her new post-pregnancy curves.

A 24" waist made the svelte 21 year old a knockout as it drew more attention to her 35" hips and round, heavy now size 34 C natural breasts that were full of milk. Although her pregnancy had been good to her, in part due to her healthy eating and the other part due to staying as active as she could possibly be without hurting her son, she still felt insecure now that she was curvier and womanlier in shape. Before the baby, most men tried to put the moves on her, and on a good day she couldn't blame them, not even Terry.

Her chestnut brown hair fell just at her breasts and had natural loose, sexy waves from the jaw down. She was naturally pale, with an alabaster flawless complexion complimented by bright green eyes, long and dark lashes, rosy cheeks, and pouty, full lips.

Nowadays, however, she doubted even Allen would be pressing her for anything except for her overdue rent money. While the rent wasn't awful at $400 a month, it had been tough to come up with the money since giving birth to Christopher. Her boyfriend had long since split, not wanting the obligations of a child to take care of, and had yet to send a dime of child support, so it was up to Amanda to provide for not only herself, but a child as well.

Her parents had been troubled all her life, and at eighteen she had left home. Last she had heard, her father was back in jail on drug charges (and it didn't look like he'd be out anytime soon), and her mother was still screwing a man who was well known to be a drug dealer.

As an only child whose parents were a mess, she had no one else to turn to for help. Luckily, she had qualified for certain government assistance programs, as much as she had hoped she could make it on her own, and the cost of baby necessities was reduced, though not nearly enough.

Diapers were still expensive, and she already worked 40 hours a week in a lowly retail position that, luckily, gave her just enough commission to earn above the minimum wage. While she did her best to save up before the baby came, and made it a point to return to work earlier than suggested in order to make ends meet, when her young son became sick and could not be taken to the daycare, Amanda had no choice but to use almost a week's worth of sick days in order to stay home and care for him.

In doing so, she had missed out on a profitable week at work—there had been a great sale going on, which meant more people were out buying, and to a commissioned sales associate at a high end department store like hers, it meant more money on next week's paycheck. As she sat there in the office, surrounded by outdated magazines and uncomfortable, practically broken down furniture and thought about how hard she was struggling financially, Terry's booming voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Amanda," was all he said when he stepped out of his office and crossed his arms, leaning against the frame of the door. "I had a feeling I'd be seeing you in here sometime this week. You get the notice that I left on your door?" he asked. "I… yes," she answered. "I left one in your mailbox last week, too," Terry reminded.

"I know, Terry. I've just been so busy between work and caring for the baby, and Christopher got sick, but wasn't responding to the antibiotics the doctor gave him, so we've had to try more, and he's barely sleeping, and…" the young woman rambled, stopping herself short the second she realized she was doing so.

"I meant to call." "Yeah, well," the man shrugged, giving the new mother a once over that made her lower her eyes and pretend she hadn't noticed.

"Come on into my office so we can talk in private." With a nod, Amanda stood up and quickly, but subtly, tried to adjust her top. Since her pregnancy, she'd gone up a full cup size. It had been a financial hassle to purchase two new pairs of pants to accommodate her newfound curves, and in no way was she able to find extra money for tops, so she had to make do with what she already owned.

Needless to say, while her tops fit, they were snug at her hips and she almost always looked as her breasts were squished in them. "I can't stay long, the baby will need to eat soon," she told the man, feeling his eyes on her as she leaned over to pick up the baby's carrier. "You can use the kitchen here to warm up his bottle, if you'd like.

Nancy isn't back from lunch yet, so there's no one to bother you. Here, I'll take him," Terry offered, stepping out of the door frame to assist Amanda.

He grabbed hold of the bottom of the carrier securely before using his other hand to take the handle, his own hand covering hers until she pulled away quickly. "Thank you," she murmured. "He, ah, well I haven't… I didn't bring a bottle with me. I planned on taking him back to my apartment so he could nurse," she explained, cheeks turning her naturally luminously pale skin a pale yet rosy shade of pink.

"That would explain the change of figure, then," Terry smiled at her, not even being subtle as to his staring at her breasts. "Motherhood looks good on you, Amanda." She cleared her throat. "I… could we talk about my rent? Please?" she requested, walking ahead of Terry into his office and making sure that the door was open enough for him to bring in the baby.

Terry laughed lightly and sat the baby down in his car seat next to the chair meant for renters and prospective ones. "We certainly can. That's the nature of your visit, is it not?" he asked her as he closed the office door to give them some privacy should anyone else come into the waiting area.

"Yes." "Well, then, let me just see what's going on here," he told her, moving to the file cabinets and opening the one that was labeled A-C. "Carr, Carr, Carr," he said her name in repetition as he shuffled through the current and past tenant files.

"Ah, Amanda Carr. Here we go," he licked his bottom lip absently as he pulled out her file and sat down behind his desk. You know my name, Terry, just hurry up already, Amanda wanted to snap. "I know I'm behind on paying my rent," she substituted instead. "And now there is a fee?" Terry grabbed a calculator out of the top drawer of his desk, quickly punching in a few numbers before looking up at the woman.

"Your rent was $400, due on the first of the month," he stated. "Neither I nor the office secretary was informed you'd be late, and you didn't leave a message on the after hours machine either explaining you would be, so you were penalized, yes." The uneasy feeling in Amanda's stomach grew. She couldn't afford her rent, let alone late fees. "How much are the late fees?" "Well, as per your rental agreement, for every day you are late on making your rent payment, you'll be charged an additional $10.

You're currently at…" he paused, punching in some numbers on the calculator once more.


"$170. You owe an extra $170 in late fees, Amanda. Tomorrow that will be $180, and so on. And you need to consider, next month's rent is coming up as well." Before Amanda had a chance to object, or even break down in tears over her money woes, her baby started to fuss. "Oh, sweetie, I know," she tried to soothe, leaning down to unbuckle him from the seat and then lift him up into her arms. "Shh. Be good for me," she whispered with a kiss pressed to his forehead.

Terry watched her with intent and leaned back in his office chair. The baby nuzzled against his mother's cheek when she kissed his forehead and was now rooting against her hand.

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He was hungry. "Why don't you feed him?" he suggested, the boldness causing Amanda's head to shoot up and her eyes to widen. "Terry!" she said with clear offense. "I already told you, I don't have a bottle on me. I don't mean to rush you, but the quicker you can make this and tell me what my options are, the less of a chance there is that he'll start crying." "Oh, come on, Amanda.

The boy's hungry. He needs to eat. You don't want to deny your growing child adequate nutrition, do you?" he queried, the grin on his face making it obvious he was interested in watching the woman feed her child. Amanda looked at the man like he had suddenly grown two heads.

"You have got to be kidding me. What do I need to do to set up a payment plan with you on my back rent and late fees, Terry?" "It's just you and me, Amanda. I'll lock the door, you can take off your shirt and feed your son," Terry ignored her previous question as the baby began to cry. "I will not breastfeed my son in front of you!" she snapped, her voice still low enough that no one outside of the office would have heard her anyway.

Amanda couldn't believe Terry's nerve. Here she was, struggling to make ends meet with a child who she was still sure didn't feel his best, and he wanted to watch her breastfeed?

What kind of sick perv are you? She wondered silently to herself. "Calm down, Amanda," Terry rolled his eyes. "There's not a damn thing to be ashamed of. It's perfectly natural for a mother to nurse her child. It's not like I've never seen it happen before. I'm just looking out for your son's best interests." "My son's best interests?" she scoffed.

"You see me, what, a couple times a year, Terry? It's not his interests you have in mind. And quite frankly, I'm disgusted you'd even make the suggestion to a woman you hardly know," she shook her head and stood up, the baby now full on upset and trying his best to find Amanda's nipple despite her bra and shirt being between them.

"Sit down, Amanda," Terry told her in a calm, yet threatening tone. She didn't. Instead, Amanda leaned down and placed Christopher gently back into his car seat. She was sure Terry wasn't a threat, even when he stood up and told her to sit down once again. "I'm leaving," she said simply.

Before Amanda had the baby strapped in, Terry grabbed her roughly by her wrists and pulled her up. "I told you to sit down, Amanda," he said menacingly.

Amanda struggled, trying to pull her hands away, but she was no match for the man. "Terry, stop," she mumbled. "Let me go. I need to go, the baby is crying. You don't want someone to hear—" "Then I strongly suggest that you take your top off and give him what he wants, or I will make sure that no matter how much money you come up with, you'll still find yourself facing an eviction," he threatened, the smile on his lips making the young woman fearful.

"Please, Terry," she quietly begged, hardly able to hear over the loud crying of her son now. Tears came to her own eyes as Terry gripped her wrists hard, and she was scared that if he so much as snapped one or both back, she'd have broken bones. She could feel her breasts ache, and she knew that her son's crying was causing them to leak. "Please let me go home." Terry leaned down close to Amanda's ear and pushed her hair back with the tip of his nose. "If you stay in this office and shut the fuck up, and stop being such a rude little bitch who turns down every nice offer I extend to you, I won't add on anymore late fees until you can come up with the money," he offered, breath warm against her ear as he pressed his body up against hers.

Amanda whimpered and tried to take a step back, but Terry pulled her flush against him once more. "I…" she whispered, mentally trying to decide what to do. If she left now, she didn't doubt that Terry would make it impossible for her to come up with the large sum of money that would be owed; after all, he was the manager and did as he pleased. But the offer?

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She felt dirty even thinking about it, but as her baby continued to wail on in hunger, she felt she had no choice. "All I have to do is feed him?" she asked quietly, voice barely above a whisper. Terry smiled, pleased with her choice. "Yes, all you have to do is let me watch you nurse and I'll stop all upcoming late charges," he promised, letting go of her wrists and moving to cup her face. "You're so fucking beautiful, Amanda.

You really don't know how much. I feel a little bad for you, having to raise a kid on your own, but that's what you get for spreading your legs. Might as well resolve to putting this sexy little body of yours to good use." Tears began to fall down Amanda's cheeks, and she trembled. "Terry," she pleaded once more, but he didn't listen. Instead, he moved his hands lower on her body. First they trailed down her neck, where his thumbs pressed roughly against her throat—she almost thought he was going to choke her.

"You give me what I want, I'll help you out," he told her. Terry then took the opportunity to cup Amanda's tits, uncaring towards the woman's quiet crying that had started. "Do they hurt?" he asked curiously. "I use to screw a woman who said her tits would ache whenever her baby cried for her." "They hurt," Amanda confirmed. "Please stop touching me." Terry laughed.

"Don't be stupid, Amanda," he warned.

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He squeezed her breasts through the thin material of her t-shirt and bra and smiled, feeling himself growing harder. "Lucky baby," he murmured, roughly kneading the round orbs as Amanda cried harder. "Your boyfriend must have a field day with you." Amanda closed her eyes and did her best to pretend she was somewhere else when she felt Terry's lips on her neck and hands at her hips, slowly raising her t-shirt up and taking the chance to feel her smooth skin.

"He left me," she muttered. "Shame. I caught a few glimpses of you while you were pregnant. I would have gladly filled up that young, hot cunt if you'd just asked," he grinned, pulling the shirt off the young woman's body and leaving Amanda in just a dainty pink, soft cup nursing bra that offered no support (not that she needs it, Terry noted to himself since her breasts were so full yet perky on their own) and low waist, black skinny jeans.

Amanda quivered as he lowered his head and placed his lips at the fullness of her boobs, teeth gently biting down over her flesh while his hands slid around to her back and unhooked her bra, tossing it to the side where her shirt already lay on the floor. "You were cute before, but now," he smirked as he trailed off. "You better feed your little one before I take advantage of what his mother's got to offer." Amanda took that as an opportunity to draw away from Terry, her body shaking as she felt completely exposed and taken advantage of.

She watched as he walked to the door and locked it. She was trapped. It was too late to go back now. Christopher wriggled in his seat, and she swallowed. Maybe it won't take him long to be full, she thought hopefully while Terry lifted him up and suggested she sit down. When she did so, the baby was placed in her arms and Terry took a seat in the chair beside Amanda, rather than back behind his own desk at his own chair.

Placing his hand on her, he gently rubbed her knee. "Feed him, Amanda. You promised," he prodded. Amanda was so nervous and upset that she had trouble staying still. Her body shook as she cried, feeling degraded, and she was even more upset that she felt helpless against soothing her baby, though he was in no real harm. Terry scooted his chair closer, and she gulped. Watching, she felt sick as this man—a man she hardly knew at all—gently assisted her infant son in his effortless rooting.

Terry lifted the boy up higher, where Amanda's pert nipple could easily be found, and smiled when he latched on eagerly, his cries dying down as he got a taste of his mother's milk.

"Your breasts look so heavy and full, Amanda," Terry said quietly, rubbing the tit that was being suckled on. "You must pump so that he can eat while you're at work and he's at daycare. Have you pumped today?" When she didn't answer, he raised his hand to her throat. "I strongly suggest you answer my question, you little slut, or your baby boy won't have a mother capable of feeding him.

If you don't think I don't have contacts in this part of town that would gladly chop your tits off, you're a fool," he sharply threatened. "N--- n--- no," she whispered. "It's my day off from work. I haven't done it yet, I didn't need to after I fed him earlier," she blurted out. "Hmm," Terry mumbled thoughtfully as he watched.

It was clear that the infant had been overdue for his feeding, brought on by the delayed wait time Terry had made them endure and the argument and persistence he had to go through just to get Amanda to submit. For Terry, there was nothing sexier than a woman feeding a child. Often times, he got hard just thinking about it.

Now, he felt like he could explode. Amanda was so sexy. She was young, just barely old enough to enter a bar, and her body was exquisite, especially those tits. He wondered if she had been fucked since giving birth, but figured she hadn't; chicks whose boyfriends left them knocked up tend to harbor ill feelings towards men, he'd often times found. If my buddies could only get a glimpse of this slut, he thought, smiling to himself as an idea crossed his mind.

While Terry had a full-time job and a decent enough income, he had grown up in the projects, not far from Reagan Arms, where he currently worked as well as lived. He'd been smart enough to stay out of trouble from a young age. Well, he'd been smart enough to not get caught, anyway. Whenever he forced a girl to screw him, he made sure he used a condom as well as blackmailing her; just by simply knowing her name and address, he could ensure the bitch wouldn't rat him out as long as he threatened to slit hers and her family's throats.

As you can imagine, his friends weren't much better on the character spectrum. Often, they'd find one girl—a white one, if they were really lucky—and pass her around between them. If the girl happened to be a girlfriend of one of them, they'd refuse to use condoms on her whenever they had sex, often resulting in a knocked up whore.

The unfortunate part, though, was that the girls they got to pick from were… average, at best.


Amanda… Well, Amanda was divine. Terry knew his boys would be more than happy to fill her womb up with another baby. She was broke, and had no one to turn to from what he could tell. She would be perfect. Young, fertile, and lactating as it was. However, he knew he'd be stupid to fill her in on his little plan right now.

Instead, he decided he'd just get the ball rolling. "Amanda, I have another offer for you." She had stopped crying once the baby had gotten into the rhythm of sucking her milk from her breast, the action relaxing her as much as she wished it hadn't. Amanda looked up from where her eyes had been fixated on her son to look at Terry. "No more offers," she whispered hoarsely. "Are you sure? This one would save you close to $200. I know that would be a load off your chest," he smiled, licking his lips at her naked torso.

"What do you want?" she asked quietly, knowing that if it didn't involve sex she would be a fool not to take the offer he was about to lay out for her. Terry reached out and cupped her free tit, kneading the flesh so painfully she winced as he squeezed and her breast became red from the rush of blood.

"Let me suck your tit," he simply suggested.

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"Your baby will be done soon, and this poor one right here needs to be relieved." "Terry, that is…" "I didn't ask you what it was, slut," he snarled quietly. "I told you what letting me suck on your tits could do for you. I'll clear off your late fees, and you won't owe me anything other than last month's rent. The extra fees will just… disappear." He pinched down on her nipple, laughing when she squirmed as he became determined to make her leak for him. "Come on, Amanda.

Don't think I don't know how much of a slut you are. Did you let your boyfriend cum in you with the intention of knocking you up, or was your baby an accident?" he asked curiously. Amanda was quiet, and crying softly again while avoiding his gaze. "I bet he was an accident. I bet you used the pill, but you're such a cum loving whore that you didn't make your weak boyfriend use a condom.

You wanted to feel him cum in your tight pussy, didn't you?" he mocked her, finally getting what he wanted when milk trickled out from her tit. "Now look at you.

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You're nothing more than a fucking cow made for milking, aren't you?" "Stop it," Amanda cried quietly, clutching her child to her securely when he let go of her nipple and curled up to her contently.

"Put the baby back in his carrier, Amanda." "No, no, no," she shook her head. "I am leaving, Terry. I'll pay you the rest of what I owe on late fees plus the rent somehow… just please let me leave." "I think we both know I'm not gonna do that," he shrugged.

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"There's a knife in my desk. I don't want to have to force you and hurt you, Amanda, so I strongly suggest you do as I ask," he told her simply.

Terry had nothing against holding a knife to a woman's throat to get her to give it up; he'd done it enough times before that Amanda would be no problem at all. "And you wouldn't want me to have to hurt your innocent baby," he added with a mockingly innocent smile. That threat was enough to make Amanda listen.

Carefully, she stood up and placed Christopher back down into his carrier, making sure he was securely strapped in. She pulled down the cover that protected his eyes and skin from the sun halfway and angled him away from where Terry sat. "I'm sorry, baby," she whispered, kissing his forehead before she stood back up. "Aren't you just mother of the fucking year?" Terry teased, reaching out and grabbing Amanda by her arm, forcefully yanking her over to where he sat.

"Straddle my lap," he commanded. Amanda did as asked, silently praying to a god she didn't believe in that this whole ordeal would be over soon, and she could take Christopher back to their apartment and cry in peace.

She just wanted to be alone now, but instead was sitting on this man's lap and being treated like an animal. Terry slid his hands behind her neck and pulled her forward, mashing his lips on hers. Amanda cried out to object, but he only slid his tongue in her mouth, sloppily kissing her as his hands held her firm against his erection. She wanted to vomit when he removed his mouth and kissed down her neck, making a trail to her breasts and moving his hands up to her breasts.

"I bet you're really enjoying this, slut," he whispered, a pleased smile on his lips as his fingers took hold of a jutting nipple that was leaking her mother's milk already. He pinched it harshly, over and over again, happy when he elicited more droplets.

He knew the milk would flow easily once he got his lips on her. Cupping both hands with a firm grip, he moved her tits up and down, creating a bounce that would mimic the way her boobs would move if she were being fucked. Without warning, he squeezed a breast insensitively and leaned in, taking her hard nipple in his mouth with the the same amount of eagerness as a hungry child. Amanda squealed lightly; her breasts were sore, nipples sensitive, and she was used to nursing an infant who had done enough damage to her nipples as it was.

"You're being rough. It hurts me so much," she told him, a begging tone in her voice. She felt him chuckle against her breast and knew he didn't care. Terry had no regard for how uncomfortable she was, and Amanda became even more aware of this as she felt his teeth bite down gently on her hard nipple. The pain on Amanda's face made it obvious that she wasn't enjoying her ordeal.

"You taste so sweet," he said, grinding his hard cock against her covered center. Terry drank from her for what seemed like hours, alternating between breasts to make sure that he was nice and filled, and that she felt empty.

In reality, her body reacted just as it would for her son, and her sweet mother's milk flowed into the man's mouth with no problem at all. "You're going to suck me off," he mumbled against her mounds. "No! That wasn't—" Amanda began to object before hands quickly rose to her throat.

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"Tonight, you stupid fucking whore. You're going to suck my cock tonight, once I wrap things up here. You've got me so hard, and I know you aren't going to oblige nicely, but I don't have any more time to waste with you. So if you want anything we agreed upon today to count, you'll answer the door when I knock tonight. Do you understand me?" he made his threat with an unnerved tone—Terry knew his secretary would be back soon, and more tenants would require his attention.

Keeping Amanda here too long, no matter how badly he wanted to fuck her, was not wise. What was worse was the raging hard on he'd still have by having to send her away. She nodded, but Terry didn't notice as he suckled a tit once more, playing with it with his fingers as well.

"Answer me," he growled, pushing her back and off of him. Amanda hit the desk harder than he intended before she went down, and he could only smile at the leaking breast milk coming from her. "I understand," she mumbled. Holding out a hand, which she grudgingly took, Terry pulled her to her feet and nodded at her bra and top. "Good. Doesn't matter anyway, 'cause I have a key," he threatened. "Get dressed and get out." She was quick to do as he asked, mainly because she was desperate to leave.

At lightning speed, Amanda was snapping her bra and pulling her t-shirt back on before she gathered her baby and Terry got the door.

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"I'll see you tonight, for dinner," he whispered before opening the door and letting Amanda have temporary freedom.